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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 7, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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chaos. thousands left without power and traffic comes to a grinding halt. the search is on for what sparked the flames. a serial child rapist. meteorologist kate bilo is tracking train. you can even get an early wake-up call with. r. i'm jessica dean, i'm nicole brewer. in his was the scene this afternoon from chopper 3. crews had to deal with intense flames at the substation in north philadelphia. the fire knocked out fire to thousands and rendered traffic lights useless >> alexandria hoff is live. alex? >> reporter: we have learn that day still about 8,000 people are without power but that is down
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from about 36,000 earlier this afternoon. it was a domino effect. the enormous fire in sub is station followed by mass power outages. and finally darkness. >> it's about 2:30. >> reporter: they've been without power over six hours >> reporter: the fire broke out on the 2600 block at 1:50 p.m. heavy smoke caused the evacuation and residents are asked to shelter in place. fire officials had to wait more than three hours for power to be shut off. >> the wires were still energized. we're going to end up putting the fire out the old-fashioned
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way with water. >> reporter: that was able to happen before 5:00 and shortly after fire was extinguished. businesses and traffic lights near the scene suffered. chopper 3 was at west hunting park avenue. the now scorched peco substation. >> they're working around the clock. >> reporter: exact cause of the fire has not yet been determined. no injuries reported. alexandria hoff, cbs3 "eyewitness news" new tonight, a shooting and car accident in east germantown. police say two shots were feared in a cherokee striking the
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passenger. the driver lost control. the people were taken to the hospital in stable condition. the passenger and the jeep shot in the head is in extremely critical condition. a serial child rapist sentenced. he found targeted 12 victims over and 18-month period. david spunt is live in media with more on the suspect and his criminal past. david? >> reporter: authorities say this child predator is behind bars and will be for some time over the next few years. at least 13 and a half years behind bars, authorities say that he corrupted 12 minors under the age of 18 and there could be more victims. >> 20-year-old is behind bars after pleading guilty to raping multiple young teenager girls
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>> delaware county wants his on television. he said he raped girls sum as young as 12 >> we have evidence he slipped her a date raped drugs. >> corruption of both boys and girls, he said he would lure the young kids from the park and have parties with these four mug shots illustrate a criminal past which includes the rape charges and other drug offenses. >> she calls the crime sickening. she has a son who plays in the same park >> that's never pen a part of
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this town. >> reporter: she begs parents to treat this as a awake he wake-up call. investigators are looking for more victims, they say it's extremely possible in this case. any information give to media police department a call or the attorney general's office. media delaware county, david spunt investigators are asking for the public's help in their search for a suspect they say is attacking women at apartment complexes in new castle county. they say he kidnapped women on february 13th and on february 19th. the victims were sexual assaulted and forced to withdrawal money. the suspect tried to abduct a woman in newark. former marine helped her escape. >> the woman came down and knocked down my door crying
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saying a gentleman tried to rob her. police is stepping up patrols and property checks. authorities in say they broken up a sophisticated drug trafficking operation. 49 suspects are under arrest including the drug ring's alleged master mind. in any kept the running on drug related charges. they seized 40 guns several cars and drugs including crystal meth. is your tv watching you. the wikileaks claims smart phones and tvs are among the cia weapons for surveillance. wikileaks claims the stolen data came from a former us government hacker or contractor. code named volt seven.
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it can take over internet connected start tvs and the ability to hack smart phones, they allow the cia to minority the isis critics have been wondered why aps haven't been disabled but analysts have the ability to exploit them. u.s. intelligence officials accused wikileaks of being a propaganda after it released damaging e-mails stolen through russian cyber attacks. candidate donald trump praised the o. but the latest disclosure threaten u.s. existence capabilities. they say it has nor information. former cia act, director talked
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to cbs3 news reporter jeff pie gaze. >> this is cia edward snowden in terms of what it will tell the adversaries and will have to essentially start over in building tools to get information from our adversaries just like we did with snowden. >> no suggestion in the documents these tools were used against americas. congress is gearing up to battle over the republican plan to repeal and place the affordable care act. the proposal offers tax credits to help low and middle income americans buy insurance. keeps protections for those with preexisting conditions and children can remain on the
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parents plan till 26 >> this will be a plan where you can choose your doctor and plan. this is a tax cut for the wealth. leaving subsidies. that sounds like obamacare light to me. >> republicans indicated this is the only the first step and more legislature action would be required to allow things like selling insurance across state lines. the house intelligence committee announced hearings on russian interference in the presidential election and intelligence leaks will take place march 20th. james comey will be among those testifying. lawmakers will investigate his claims he ordered wiretapping during the presidential election. more information of a jewish cemetery in philadelphia is up
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to $74,000. anyone with information is asked to contact north decrease. virtue is using. historical data from past 911 calls. factoring time of day and considering current weather and traffic issues. virtue. dispatcher at a centralized location making sure crews are positioned in burlington and camden county. >> we had an area that appeared to be purple on that screen. likelihood of a call. within moments. a 911 call came in. they were able to respond in less than two minutes >> it updates every den minutes. at 11:00 the sportswear
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giant is set to release. have you seen this photo, at nearly naked and pregnant see i can't remember are a. it's not just celebrities who are into this photo shoot >> a local company may have found its most valuable employee. we're tracking showers through overnight. moving through now. a steadier batch may have tlurnd with it. then turns windy colder and chance for snow
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to more companies, in more locations, than fios. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ four people were killed when a freight train hit a bus. the bus got stuck on the tracks and when the passengers started to exit. the railroad crossing had signs warning of its ground clearance. wild fires now killed six
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people out west. four were ranchers in the pan handle. they died trying to save cattle. powerful wind gustses are savannahing the complains. forecasters say weather conditions should improve a bit for firefighters battling fires. animals are getting homes and programs. making use of working cats from the pennsylvania spca they do something that comes natural. most of those cats came out of hoarding situations where there were too many, they're not well socialeds, but not used to living on the streets. the cats should be able to live independently and get used to
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having people around >> visit nicky is going start. the company developed the cover called the nike after muslim athletes complained. the design process took 13 months. the product will be availability in 2018. another celebrity pregnancy photo is getting a lot of attention. sierra. her husband russell wilson. this isn't the first big name celebrity to post pregnancy photos to social media. >> that photo broke an instagram program. every day women are embracing their bodies. >> come about a month
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beyonce got tongues whacking. >> i don't feel why a woman would feel a need. >> 25 years ago. demi moore naked bellies would consider shocking or indecent >> there's definitely a desire to feel beautiful and to feel comfortable in their skin. >> she specialized and celebrities helped create a booming business. a two-hour session costs area from 150 to $200. she ceases clients transform.
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>> my god is that me? it's important they can see themselves >> more and more women are posting picks to social media. others prefer to keep it private. either way there's a defendant shift towards the individual's decision to bear the bump or cover it. share it with the world or keep it to yourself. . >> really? a big shift. accepting someone's decision regardless. really quickly want to thank the photography who done some of the photos for sharing some maternity shots. people feel strongly and on both sides about how the
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body should be displayed. >> we're headed back down even snow to kick start. friday you can wake up to snow actively falling across the area and it could lead to slow friday morning without a ton of accumulation. let's start off with the. no snow. temperatures around 60. not a lot of of her stuff. you can see from philadelphia towards vinyl. 59 land. more where that's coming from. moving through western pennsylvania. you can see in line of showers and possibly a they don't remember crossing i 80. this will cross early tomorrow morning and could bring us the risk for a rumble of thunder or two. the cold is look locked up. it's going to coincide with the
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rival of a clipper. 60 degrees tonight is mild but wet. here comes the line around 4:00, 5:00. gloomy start to the morning. temperatures in the 60's but it will be windy. could be 30 or 35 miles per hour special in the afternoon. there's into 42. we tap into the cold air, warmer to the south you can see as the clipper streaks across the area, it will produce snow. 2:00 a.m. lehigh valley and the poconos: this is mainly outlet of here looks like by mid morning friday. could leave behind accumulation. the ground is very warm after days of warm weather, not expecting much. you can see in his particular model predicting about one to
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three inches of snow. steadier amounts in central pennsylvania. then we watch the second system. storm we've been watching. looks as though it's going to stay south. it pushes the low to the south, the question is how far. as of now looks like a myth. as of now, friday looks like much better to see snow than sunday. overnight showers thunder, cloudy and mild, 51. tomorrow is warm again, clouds to sun. it's another warm day. friday we flip the scrip and snow and rain for friday. weekend, spring forward. and saturday and sunday.
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>> we got this information, philadelphia for girls will be closed due to the power outage we told you about. lesley van arsdale is up next with sports. >> the nfl teams can start talking to free agents. flyers critical three-game road trip. buffalo. we'll show you that
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♪ it isn't just about vision, it's about care. nobody cares for eyes more than pearle. the orange and black three points of the playoff. in buffalo. game tied up.
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jake vorachek. goes off so jordan. into the go ahead. flyers take a 3-2 lead. captain knocking onned runningback. it's 4-2. didn't need any help. back of the net. flyers naching season high to beat the 6-3. the eagles need a number one receiver but have under under $8 and a half million to spend. they need a quarterback. now. he was a third round pick in 2013 out of south florida. championship season underway after going 28 and three.
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the villanova wildcats had their eyes on the conference championship. the cats are heading to new york in the beg east tournament. last career the cats lost to seton hall in the championship game. they know they're going to have to step up the game. >> the guys know they know that we got beat last year. we know we gotting to up there and play our best >> it's going to be the same outcome. >> phillies pitcher came to clearwater. pitched four seasons before a bad shoulder forced him to retire. he wants to share his knowledge. help become more mentally focused. >> just a great opportunity to get out here and be around the
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guys and especially with young players, it's exciting for a guy like myself to come in and watch and if i can share ache. >> pretty sure he's the one. >> up next. why
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walking theed blue carpet here in philadelphia. the sixers replace the traditional red car's with blue. sixers players coaches and alum alumni. robert covington and guard were among the attendance. using the power of basketball. >> get ready for frigid. it's going to feel like winter but. the sunset time sunday after
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7:00 but there is a system to a watch
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stephen colbert svelte by followed by james cordon. i'm jessica dean. i'm nicole brewer. we're always on for you at have a great night and we'll see you tomorrow.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> if you're traveling soon, don't be surprised if you notice airport screeners giving you a more rigorous pat-down. the t.s.a. is implementing more thorough searches. according to reports, the contact may feel a bit more intimate than before. >> excuse me, sir. would you mind stepping over here. >> is everything okay? >> oh, yeah, i just saw you standing by the metal detector and wanted to get to know you better. has anybody ever told you, you have beautiful eyes. they don't seem like the eyes of a terrorist, do they? >> no, i left my briefcase and computer-- >> shhh! where you headed? oh, let mees


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