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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 8, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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you how much snow we can expect and just how cold it will get, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. but we're going to fix porch and have it up and running for st. patrick's day. driving straight into history surveillance video captures moment a pickup truck slams into a local land make, that stood for more than a century. the "eyewitness news" exclusive. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. one tough tavern to withstand that impact. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live in yardley bucks county to show us the damage, cleve. >> reporter: jessica and ukee, this tavern has been through a lot in history and then tuesday night, this is a crash that could be heard for several blocks but this is just a small scratch, compared to the scope of history. looking at the damage to their
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building and then reviewing video of the crash, owners of the continental tavern in yardley reached a conclusion. >> i would say the porch won confrontation. >> reporter: yardley police say 10:50 tuesday night a drunk driver who control and slammed in the tavern. they say he had alcohol in the truck. security shows that as staff and customers ran outside to check out the huge thud, the driver a 21 year-old from lancaster county put truck in reverse. >> i cannot speculate what is inside of his head but it would appear he was attempting to leave the scene. >> reporter: kelly credits her staff of getting the man to stay. >> calming driver down, give him a seat, and waited for police to arrive. >> reporter: impact split a triple two by 12 beam but historically just a scratch for this tough tavern if this building could talk stories will tell. >> reporter: the foundation dates back before revolutionly war, later became a hotel with secret basement and tunnel used to hide runaways slaves.
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>> quaker founded underground railroad in the late 1790's, early 1800's so it is logical that this would have been a active weigh station on the underground railroad. >> reporter: code propriety for says while doing restorations they discovered more than 10,000 bottles of whiskey which dates back to prohibition. >> so good chance that the continental tavern at one time served as a speakeasy. >> reporter: this porch was added eight years ago to restore original appearance. collision and all the tavern endures. >> i'm surprised it didn't do more damage. >> reporter: owners say if this had been summer there may have been a lot of people on the porch and this could have been a very harmful accident in that regard. only one injury to the driver in this case. police say it was minor injuries. they say that the tavern, is okay to operate now. they have had inspector out and plan to have repairs done by st. patrick's day. live from yardley cleve bryan,
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cbs-3 "eyewitness news". reading police office shore fatally shot a man responding to a domestic dispute last month will not face any charges. berks county district attorney announce that had decision today. according to the district attorney six two-year old michael stout was shot dead by police after he pointed a saw ed off shotgun at a neighbor and his family during a barbecue in the family's backyard. when police arrived police say stout pointed his gun at them. while district attorney acknowledges this is a tragic situation he did deem the shooting justified. >> it is very unfortunate that a life was who but we commend the actions of the officer involved. >> district attorney says it is important for authorities to be extremely transparent when it comes to any officer involved shootings. peco is still working to restore power following this fire at a north philadelphia substation. >> more than a thousand homes and businesses remain in the dark and generators have been brought into supply power. residents in that area who
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still have no electricity after yesterday's fire say that the whole thing has been a big inconvenience. >> fire. looking around to see if i can get some food and somewhere to get warm. it is cold. we have no blankets. it is cold up in that joint. >> reporter: peco is working to determine the cause of the fire. people in our area and globe are celebrating international women's day but in the you had this day of action took on a additional meaning. hundreds of women marched in washington d.c. for is what being called a day without a woman protest. participant wore red and took day off from work if they could to highlight the economic impact of women. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos joins us from logan square where a local gathering is underway, greg, good evening. >> reporter: ukee, good evening to you as well. about 200 people gathered here at logan square for this woman 's rights rally. the square is clear. that is because this group is now marching through center city.
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a few hundred gathered at logan square wednesday afternoon, rally with toy commemorate women's rights, this international women's day >> equal rights for women, equal pay for woman. this is just so much. >> reporter: this rally not only way many women celebrated the day, throughout philadelphia. >> i have a in the box. >> reporter: marty lieberman spent the day working at mack mart her center city restaurant. >> it has had challenges but worth it. >> reporter: it has been a difficult road, her store opened nine months ago after years operating a food truck. >> being that most of my collogues and the other food truck owners were men, also that i'm so young it didn't help and i did with my sister as well. we definitely had our challenges but there are people that are going to give you a little challenge because you are a woman. >> reporter: throughout the city some woman called off work while others like this
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group of teachers from ha brown elementary school took time to speak out about the lack of the teachers contract in a field dominated by woman. >> we need to prove we are a big part of the economy and we are a big part of our nation. so i'm glad we can stand together today and speak on behalf of them. >> show me what democracy looks like. >> ending their day here, celebrating the progress and standing in solidarity, with what they believe need to happen next. >> i did this back in the 60's >> reporter: organizers tell me they plan to finish this march at william way lbgt center at locust and 13th streets. there they will have extra speakers and dialogue. we are live in center city, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". on this international women's day group of woman attended a round table discussion on how to succeed in a variety of rolls. >> as you grow young ladies, dot hard work, there is no
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substitute for hard work and your teachers cannot do hard work for you your parents cannot do hard work for you. >> "eyewitness news" at city hall where council would man blondeel reynold brown hosted a discussion about how woman can pursue technology, energy, trade careers. local female leaders shared their stories on how they broke through in non- traditional industries. police in north philadelphia are investigating a possible suicide attempt involving a mother and her two-year old child who both fell from the second story window. police say it happened in the 2,000 block of diamond street around 10:30 this morning. it is unclear if the mother threw the child out the window or if she jumped with the child in her arms. both were rushed to the hospital and mother is in stable condition. that child is in critical condition. philadelphia police are searching for two suspects caught on surveillance video. police say they broke into inspire brews on north third street early saturday morning. the suspects made off with
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$189 from the cash register, and then fled the scene. if you have any information, cat police. it is a taste of spring. today mayor jim kenney announced dates for tenth annual philadelphia spring clean up, it will be saturday april 8th. >> we clean up a place like hunting park, clean up our rec center, playground, people respect it, tend to respect it more then when is there short dumping and stuff going on and bad behavior going on. it bee gets bad behavior and the dumping and stuff. >> mayor kenney made the announcement at hunting park recreation center. mayor urged resident and organizations to sign up and volunteer to clean up, their neighborhood. well, don't think too much about spring cleaning for now, we are in for a clear, cold evening, and even a little snow beyond tonight. meteorologist kate bilo is kate?e on the sky deck with right, daylight savis
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it is much colder as we head in the weekend and we may start weekend off on friday with some snow. here's a look outside right now, it is a blustery evening on the sky deck, in problems on storm scan three locally as we widen out you can see snow over dakotas and northern plains, that is clip their will start to come through here late tomorrow night. so temperatures in the meantime, pretty mild at 61 in philadelphia, 58 in wilmington and 60 in lancaster but it has been a very windy day, peak wind gusts over 50 miles an hour down the shore, 48 miles an hour in wilmington and we had a peak wind gust of 41 miles an hour at the airport. blustery tomorrow but still mild and then everything changes friday, coming up timing on that snow and just how much could fall, for now back inside to you. >> kate, thank you. in celebration of the national breakfast week, the school district of philadelphia is highlighting an elementary school in kensington for its successful breakfast program. "eyewitness news" at ha brown elementary school, while mayor jim kenney and school district
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administrators were there for a little vice it this morning. students are served breakfast in their classroom daily at this school and something william hite says is vital to succeed full learning. >> children are eating breakfast it is the most important meal of the day particularly for young learners that is really important that we provide that in school. >> ha brown elementary is one of the 40 district schools that serve breakfast to more than 70 percent of their students. >> breakfast was best meal of the day. just ahead tonight. >> new developments at a lancaster county restaurants where parents of the two children say they were sickened by tainted apple juice during special occasions and also coming up, class with k-9s, why reading is good for kid and dogs, don. less than 24 hours eagles can dive in the free agent market. we will talk about their wish list. plus tony romo done in big d find out where cowboys qb could head next later in
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updating to a story we first brought you monday, lancaster county restaurant where two children were allegedly sickened after drinking tainted apple juice has been closed for building code violations. department of agriculture closed star buffet yesterday, on friday, parents of 10 year-old richie and his sister say they were sickened after drinking juice at the restaurant during a birthday party. two children are recovering. police are investigating. wait as day of reading, fun for some camden county school children today. >> as john mcdevitt of kyw news radio shows us the
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students hoff special need curled up with a good book, and fury friend, at a shelter in blackwood. >> reporter: students from brookfield schools age 10 to 17, saw dogs at camden count and mal shelter. they serve kid with special need. the read to go rescued program is twofold, it helps improve children's reading skills by reading out loud to a non- judgmental four legged audience and attention shown for pooches helped to socialize them and make them more adoptable. fifteen year-old ann ramirez says he used to be, laughed at when reading out loud but not anymore. >> i never had a program like this that would help me, you know, boost my reading skills. my personally i never really liked to read until i came to this school and joined this program and helped younger kid start to read. >> our dogs learn to remain calm and enjoy presence of a person, and we also see some of our dogs that are very shy, fearful, tend to be more social and transition to be
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great dogs in loving homes. >> reporter: other than reading there are other lessons learned too just 12 year-old darren bogger. >> i understand what the dogs are feeling. so i really get a good understanding how hard it is for a dog, cat or anything to be in a kennel and not have a real home. >> once upon a time there were dogs, who taught kid, how to read. imagine that. john mcdevitt, kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". ah, buddy yo. love it. >> good dog. >> love it. >> indeed. >> kate joins with us our forecast and this is all over the game. >> it is a ducey. >> little bit of everything in the forecast and not necessarily anything people will like. we don't have any sunny 70- degree days. february seemed to have been moth for that. now we're in march and march is off to a cold, volatile start. stormy weather pattern, of
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cold and uncertainty heading our way over next five to seven days. lets look outside, it is a beautiful looking night, a lot of light in the sky, still at 6:17. keep in mind, daylight savings time this is 7:17 looks like next week. so these days are getting longer at lee evening hours are, and we will take longer to get light in the morning but trade off for longer days in the afternoon, and eat dinner when it is still light out in spots. storm scan three looking good for us right now, but big changes are on the way and we have to watch this little little clipper out of the northern plains and streaking through great lakes tomorrow and get here late tomorrow night and that will bring us a good chance to see some snow. question is, how much is able to accumulate in light of how warm it has been. it will be grass a accumulation not a big deal on the road but could impact a friday morning commute. in the meantime still looking really nice in kutztown where it is 56 right now, wind north /northwest at only 5 miles an hour. all across the area, sustained
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wind still 20 miles an hour in philadelphia, down from 28 a couple hours ago. it is getting better. 18 miles an hour wind in allentown. sixteen in reading and lancaster. wind will be strong through tonight and into tomorrow as well. tomorrow afternoon once again we may see wind gusts in the 30 to pennsylvania miles an hour range. even though it is a mild day it will feel cooler thanks to the gusty wind. wind slack even up on friday but that is when our next system arrives. once it departs friday evening the wind will pick backup. lets talk about that system. gets in here overnight tomorrow night. tomorrow afternoon at 5:00 looking fine. friday 2:00 a.m. we will see snow break out in the lehigh valley and poconos, start as snow ape stay snow up that way starts to push southward by seven or 8:00 a.m. we will see snow mixing with rain over spreading the entire area, first part of the morning, on friday looks messy, heading in to 9:00 a.m. just down the shore and lightens up by late morning. while we don't expect this to necessarily stick to the road, it is going to cause low
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visibility problems on friday morning. so snow arrives overnight and early morning hours, the heaviest will be poconos and lehigh valley where some spots could see two or 3 inches. the road are warm and should respond well but grass accumulations encoding around the city possible with the system and it could slow down friday morning on your way to work or school. overnight clear, chilly, blustery, 41. tomorrow windy mild day at 61. but then bottom falls out. after that snow event friday morning the weekend is frigid. thirty-three saturday. thirty-seven sunday, good news is sunday storm will miss us to the south, bad news there is another storm chance next week by tuesday and that could be another snow maker. >> okay. >> we will be ready. thanks, kate. >> don's up next with sports. >> one of our rivals is getting better, right now. why eagles fans should be jealous of the new york giants how big blue added one of the best in the business, plus one player that the bird would love to have in the necessity, player that the bird would love to have in the necessity, that is next in
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this march score the perfect basket. buy 8 participating products in one transaction and get a fandango movie ticket.
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up to $10 total value. only at my giant. for years she was public enemy number one and cowboys will cut tony romo tomorrow. rumor has it that john elway and the broncos, they are very interested. and nfl free agency begins at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. eagles desperate to add a top notch cornerback, highs ton's aj foyer is best on the market but at 26 years old, he is in position to hall in big time money. something the eagles at this point they kind of don't have. meanwhile, former 49ers wide out torey smith is a free agent after being cut by san francisco. his production has declined over the last four years, but he still is perceived as a deep threat and eagles are reportedly interested. speaking of wide receivers, the rich, just get richer, new york giants adding brandon
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marshall, they have a two year , 12 million-dollar deal in place, marshall has been a top target in the league for years, eight seasons with a thousand yards receiving. team him up with odell beckham junior and sterling shepherd and the eagles, berth find some help in the secondary. all right. temple, hosting their pre day to day on north broad street. scouts from all over the nfl to check out these guys, rush er hason reddick and dion dawkins drawing a lot of attention. we will see where they go come draft day here in philadelphia switching gears, st. johns and georgetown tonight at seven, normally, we don't care , but the reason we do is because villanova plays winner tomorrow in the quarter finals of the bige tournament. mens basketball just snuck in the first ever ivy league tournament with a last minute win over harvard. they are only four teams in the tournament, and the good
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news is that the palestra, their home gym, is hosting the event. first year ivy league tournament, it is definitely an interesting experience for everyone here because no one has had anything like this. i feel like i'm in the same boat that way but being freshman and first year to play in the season and then play in the powe season we will do everything we can to treat this weekend like it just another game but it is steaks that are a little bit higher. >> win two games and they are in the tournament. suns/wizard last night. check out phoenix mascot diving on the court, during the game. someone threw something on the court and the gorilla right there wanted to save the players by sliding out and grabbing that thing before anyone could notice. >> that is loyalty right there >> he has skills. >> at lettism. >> yes. >> good to see. >> glad the tournament in the ivy league that is great, conference winner used to go. >> that is right.
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>> let the madness begin, thanks sir. combination that is guarantied to be fun. >> globetrotters, legos and kid all straight
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and, recipe in court. >> and today two medication of the team, and west philadelphia native swish young, visited the soon to
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open, lego land, discovery certainty. over at plymouth meeting mall. swish, and sues, and some children had a competition to create the best globetrotter theme lego creation. >> they have been every where. >> they have. >> yes. >> city hall. >> legos. >> ambassadors of the world, and they travel every where, they play, they just, oh, man, the kid love these guys. >> love their basketball. >> way back in the day. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on our sister station wpsg the cw philly and we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next "cbs evening news" , tonight former cia director and defense secretary leon paneta talks about the cia leaked documents, president trump's wiretapping allegations and the danger north korea posts ahead. here now is scott pelley in new york take care, we will see i tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the president's wiretap claim: still no proof but many questions. >> is the president the target of a counterintelligence investigation. >> pelley: tonight the battle begins over the republican health care plan. >> this is a conservative wish list. >> this is a bad joke. no wonder you've been hiding this dog in the cave with an armed guard until monday night. >> pelley: tragedy on the tracks. the search for ways to make things safer. and a pint-sizeed woman makes a stand for >> we live in a climate that says women are devalued, and


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