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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 9, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> give me another chance to talk about snow. >> yes. >> our roadways are looking g lots of construction. difference noise accidents. we saw so many accidents. notch that. >> nice quiet morning, enjoy it while we have it. conditions as you mentioned will be much different this time, tomorrow morning with likely some snow coming down across much of the area but temperatures right now, not conn dues turf snow. nice and mild. 50 degrees in philadelphia we are at 50 in the lehigh valley fifty in trenton. temperatures consistent across the area. still a bit of the breeze after a windy day yesterday, wind speed up around 10 to 15 miles an hour and we will hang on to that breeze through the day-to-day. storm scan three showing us a bunch of nothing, nice and quiet conditions, cloud to the south and another round of sunshine in store for first half of the day. 51 degrees bringing sunshine in the 9:00 o'clock hour. nice to get outside by midday, 58 degrees, windy cloud increasing in the 5:00 o'clock
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hour. we are up to 61. colder air arrives tonight and will set us up for wintry mix developing overnight tonight and continuing into our friday morning. we will talk about that. plus an arctic cold, stretch, kicks in as we head in the upcoming weekend and will last for several days and then we are in the clear for that storm system we were watching on sunday but another guy to watch out as we head into next week, for the potential of the snow system as we head into next tuesday, meisha, so we will talk about that coming up >> can't wait. sound like a great conversation, lauren, thanks very much. good morning. happy gateway. we are looking at boulevard pushing in the southbound direction, looking great. looking quiet. just as it should. we will start to see that change in the 5:00 o'clock hour. boulevard looks great. on the schuylkill as well. then we have this spring house , roberts road is blocked right now at bethlehem pike so we will have to use an alternate around norristown road is your best bet. i'll confirm when that clears up but that is still out there we are dealing with construction this morning.
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this construction particularly , in delaware is on route 141, so 295 north at 95, 295 split that has just been cleared. for those who heard me 10 minutes ago, good news that construction has cleared. we do still have construction on the northeast extension southbound between lehigh valley and quakertown, left lane blocked in that area and we have some more, still lingering out there, new jersey turnpike north bound at route 322, right lane is block , that will be lingering until 6:00 a.m. right before 6:00 a.m. when turnpike will get busy. i will let you know when that clears but just a head up. just a reminder delaware river bridge is closed until at lee april. we will deal with these alternates, for the next, i would say, little bit, and we know that these get very busy. we will talk about that in the next 10 minutes. jim and rahel, back over to you. we are following breaking news out of salem county where police say a driver slammed a car full of people in the house overnight. >> that driver then got out and took off running. "eyewitness news" reporter
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trang do is live in penns grove where a manhunt is underway, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. police are still looking for that man who ran off abandoning his car and four passengers inside that car. thankfully in one inside the house or car was seriously hurt but take a look at damage done here, police say he went through that first fence you see here, he drove through yard, went through second fence and then hit this side of the home. now this happened just after 1:00 a.m. neare line ande union streets in penns grove. police say an officer was attempting to pull over a driver but driver refused to stop. he then who control around a curve, jumped the curve, crashed in the two fence as he hit the home. then took off in foot. couple in the 70's lives in the home. their son says they are both okay. he had a message for driver and anyone else who tried to do anything. >> there is no need to run.
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just pull over, they are lucky they didn't get killed. >> reporter: there were four passengers in the car in addition to the driver, three were women, one was a man, all but one woman refused treatment. she was taken to a local hospital for a minor injuries, now we saw the car, pretty much totaled but son tells us that the house is structurally sound so they are allowed to stay there we are live, i'm trang do, cbs-3 "eyewitness news", jim and rahel back to you. thanks, trang. the search is on for missing elderly man from montgomery county. >> have you seen him? eighty-four year-old roy camp meyer left his home in montgomery township yesterday and may have traveled west. he was driving his car, 2013 burgundy subaru was spotted last night on hershey park drive, in dauphin county. car has a pennsylvania tag, gr p-5625, and if you see this gentlemen, please call nine is 11. a tragic accident in bucks county a five-year old boy
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struck and killed by a pickup truck. it happened yesterday afternoon at bellair trailer park in morrisville. police say after the boy was struck people began attacking the pick up driver that forced the driver to leave the scene but he did stop a short distance away to call for help child was pronounced dead at the hospital. driver is said to be cooperating. police officer is forced to open fire killing a dog in southwest philadelphia, this happened last night at 6500 block of buse avenue. police say officer and dhs employee were trying to remove two children from the home when a german shepherd attacked the officer. that officer has been treated and released from the hospital a 20 year-old man is in critical condition after he was shot three times during a robbery in frankford. chopper three over 2,000 block of bridge street around 8:30 last night where police say gunman got away with a hundred dollars. victim was rushed to aria torresdale hospital with the gunshot wound to the head, shoulder, back, so far police have not made any arrest.
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chopper three over the scene of the deadly shooting in north philadelphia. police say a man was shot four times in the head around 7:00 last night on the 300 west westmore land street. he was pronounced dead at the scene. investigators have not figured out motive for the shooting and police have made no arrests either. 1,000 homes and businesses remain in the dark this morning, two days after that large fire at that peco substation in north philadelphia officials ran into trouble last night trying to restore power to remaining customers. to make matters worse some customers who did have their power restored, who it again. peco hopes to have all power restored sometime this morning flames tore through that substation on the 2600 block of west westmoreland street tuesday afternoon. no official word on what sparked the blaze. philadelphia police released video of an unusual home invasion burglary caught on tape in south philadelphia. video shows two men and woman forcing their way in the home in the 900 block of washington avenue february 25th. they come out with an oxygen
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tank and drive away in the nissan altima. if you recognize these suspect you are asked to call police. man from north jersey ace accused of sexually assaulting a 14 year-old girl from berks count that i he met in an on line chat room. police say there may be more victims. this is suspect 46 year-old anthony luciano of summit, new jersey. authorities say he made on line contact with the girl, back in, 2010. he is accused of sexually assaulting her at her home in berks county, he is being held in the montgomery county prison. now, a bus driver blamed for a deadly school bus crash in tennessee will face homicide charges. a grand jury jed indicted the driver for a crash that kill six children. walker was speeding when he who control of the bus and then slammed in the tree. children killed were between the age of six and 10. thirty-one other students were injured in the crash. happening today, jury selection begins in chester county for trial of the man accused in a deadly ambush in the state police barracks in
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the poconos. three three-year old self described survivallist was captured after 48 days on the run, eric frein. frein shot and killed corporal brian dickson and critically injured trooper alex douglass in 2014. chester county jurors will be taken to pike county for trial next month. well, wild fire continue to burn scorching hundreds of square miles in the heart land as reid menion reports the devastating fire set a new record in kansas. >> we're not out of the wood just yet but still dry conditions, a lot of wind. >> reporter: sam brownback emphasizing challenges faces officials battling wild fire that set a new record for the state. a blaze is scorching upward of 500,000 acres making it most widespread single fire in state history. smoke from the flames, visible from space. the blaze, killing an untold amount of live stock. >> we're just estimate ago this we have who over 500 cows
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>> reporter: loss of the cattle potentially numbering in the thousands, fire ravag ing kansas are driven by a perfect storm of low humidity and high wind. last years wet summer yielding grass now dry after a dry winter, turning plains in the tinder box just waiting for a spark. >> high wind, dry conditions, and tall grass, fueling blazes as well in other heart land state including oklahoma. >> grass, across the landscape ace above normal with the dry conditions, lack of precipitation, long with the strong wind. >> reporter: wind driven flames ravaging colorado destroying property and forcing residents from their homes. >> it is in the something that is just over in two weeks time period, it will be a long road >> reporter: reid menion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". scary start to the bige tournament for one team when their plane skid off a runway, hear from the coach coming up next. also a headrest qued in the nick of time see frantic moments that happened before this new jersey transit train, slid through an intersection. plus more on those wicked
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wind from the midwest, to the northe we will show you damage left behind from gusts so strong they blew over a big rig. >> incredible. >> ♪ >> sing at the top of your lungs this thursday, almost friday, so we are moving in the right direction. >> ed sheeran will be sing nothing philadelphia soon he announced his north american tour yesterday that includes a stop of the well on july 11th, ticket go on sale friday the 17th at 10:00 a.m. we will be right back.
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it isn't just about vision, it's about care. nobody cares for eyes more than pearle.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. university of michigan wolverines are expected to play in the big 10 tornment to day after a frightening start to their run. team's plane tried to take off yesterday in high wind near ann arbor but avoided take i have in the last minutes and slid off runway. plane sustained damage. wolverines coach says team members have a few bumps and bruces but no serious injuries
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>> everybody is safe, and everybody, you know, we have a few people banged up, a few cuts, a few bruces but other than that everybody is healthy >> team plays fighting illinois in the big 10 torn ment to day at noon in washington d.c. a pair of good smart tans are called angels after rescuing an elderly woman from on coming train. moment was captured by a cell phone camera. the 89 year-old woman was crossing train trackness saddle brooke, new jersey yesterday when barriers came down around her. >> yes,. >> two passerby pulled her to safety as train came barreling pennsylvania her, just in the nick of time. an ambulance was called but woman refused treatment. >> incredible. >> speaking of incredible, it was scary sight on a highway in ohio as strong wind knocked a huge truck on the side. >> tractor trailer tip over, this happened in northwest, ohio, high wind across the
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region toppled trucks just like this one and led to widespread power outages. more wind causing more damage for western new york, hit with strong wind yesterday too. powerful gusts blew down trees , wires crushing houses and leaving 100,000 homes and businesses in the rochester area without power. residents say that these are the strongest wind gusts the region has seen in years. well, also, you have to wait a little bit longer to enjoy cherry blossoms in washington d.c. this year. peak blooming was initially expected between march 14th and 17th but national park service has announced they are pushing those dates back, slightly to between march 19th and 22nd, colder than average temperatures forecast for this weekend are to blame. >> i think every plant and tree out there is confused right now but that is my own personal opinion. >> we had a record warm february in philadelphia, our warmest ever dating back to the 1800s and new we are dealing with an arctic blast. thanks, mother nature. it is a season of transition
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and we are going to see a big transition and that starts tonight but for right now, take in the 50's, but they are not back for a while. temperatures mild on this thursday morning. 50 degrees in philadelphia 51 in reading. fifty-one in ac. storm scan three is quiet for now just a few cloud, passing through delaware otherwise clear sky conditions, we have a storm system moving in tonight and will bring us snow fall chance but for today mostly sunny, breezy, mild, very nice day in store. sunrise 6:22. our high of 61 degrees. for tonight, yes, true areas of snow developing maybe some rain mix nothing initially, overnight low dropping down to 36 degrees and we have a winter weather advice rid for tonight, through friday morning for northwestern suburbs, berks county, lehigh valley and poconos work this snowfall potential so as we head throughout the day, not too shabby, clear sky conditions, cloud deck increases in the evening hours , temperatures still mild but then around midnight that cold air starts to move in.
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seeing precipitation breaking out to the north of the city where we will see this commence first. that snowfall persisting, berks county, lehigh valley, poconos in the early morning hours and starting to move southbound in the i-95 corridor at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. snowfall across a big portion of the delaware valley and then eventually making its way down the shore for second half of the morning, we could see some rainfall to start initially but models indicat ing this will be mainly snowfall for large portion of the area and tapering off midday. even in the afternoon hours we are strong northwesterly wind, we could see a few snow showers and squals lingering and late tomorrow night check that out some teens and 20's to look forward too as far as snowfall accumulation. ground's warm but this will come down quickly in a short amount of time. we could pick up an inch along i-95 corridor, two to 3 inches lehigh valley, berks county and some models giving us a five, 6 inches of snow in the higher elevations of the poconos could pick up a dusting along our shore points
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throughout the day tomorrow. watching out for that snowfall , cold temperatures, high of only 42 degrees and then even colder for upcoming weekend, highs only near freezing, meisha on saturday, a high of 33 degrees as we quote unquote spring it forward. >> yeah, look at that 60's to 30's. all right, lauren, thanks very much. good morning. we are looking outside at the blue route. headlights in the north bound direction, just pennsylvania macdade boulevard. you can see what you are working with there. if you decide to go in the northbound direction southbound side, would i say it is looking pretty relative. anywhere on the blue route we are looking pretty typical, turf say in the world of, traffic, typical is not a bad thing at all, then we have a split, this is the schuylkill, headlights moving in the eastbound direction, this is at montgomery, an big e there for you and i-95 headlights are moving in the southbound direction and that is at betsy ross. you can see what you are working with in both areas, schuylkill looking good, west and eastbound does not matter, i-95 south is where i'm
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keeping any eye and looking good there as well. north bound side got busy yesterday but we are not seeing that today. just a head up, looking outside there looking okay. also some construction here it is actually sewer installation in ardmore route 30 lancaster avenue between ardmore avenue and rittenhouse place is closed for 24 hours, so 6:30 p.m. today until 5:30 p.m. tomorrow. your alternate is montgomery avenue. those in and around that area you will want to use that alternate. that is out there for about 24 hours until tomorrow, just a head up, on. that also we have got construction on the new jersey turnpike take a look, new jersey turnpike north bound at route 322, right lane is block , that is blocked until around 6:00 a.m. that is just about the time it starts to get busy. i will let you know when that clears. right now it is still out there and it will get busy around that area today. northeast extension north, or southbound rather between lehigh valley and quakertown for those waking up in that construction that construction project is just been cleared a lot of this construction that we were seeing overnight, or morning construction is now actually starting to move out of our way which is good news.
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then we have got this township line road between greenwood avenue and washington lane. this is closed between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. your alternate church road. lots of construction today, rahel, over to you. berks county district attorney john adams say reading police officer acted in self-defense when he shot and killed a residents who refused to put down a sawed off shotgun. adams say that 61 year-old michael stout was heavily intoxicated when refusing officer command to drop the weapon which was later found to be unloaded. and the press of atlantic city three teenagers were charged with creating false public alarm at the high school in gala way township after pictures of students and weapons surface odd on social media k-9 dogs were called in abe after a two hour school wide lock down no weapons were found. from the intelligencer get ready for detours, mile long
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stretch of 313 between blue school road and bedminster pike in bedminster and hilltown will be closed for nine weeks starting on monday, this is as a result of the state replacing a culvert at morris run. traffic will be diverted through a 5-mile detour. and that is a look for newspaper headlines around the delaware valley. a sign's tack crippling pennsylvania senate democrats, continues. we will tell you why lawmakers say it is taking longer to recover from. plus bentley unveils its version of the electric car, wait until you hear the price tags, meisha will want to buy one. regardless. >> oh, yeah. >> we will be right
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with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. it's perfect for our family.
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welcome back. we are glad you are waking up with us here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> here's don bell with your morning's sports. >> nfl free agency will be in full swing today starting at 4 c p.m. when teams can officially sign players on the open market. be sure to tune in right here "eyewitness news" at five and 6:00 for very latest on the eagles. now let's talk hoops, bige tournament st. johns and georgetown facing off darren williams, all alone for the slam. he had 10 points. then tyrick owens off inbound pass, nice play. st. johns wins 74-73. because now they will take on nova today at noon. also tonight, sixers at portland and the flyers visiting toronto. that is all for sports. i'm don bell. have a great day. coming up next on "eyewitness news" apple respond to news that the cia
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can hack the iphone. >> find out what the tech company says you should do to protect your phone, trang. manhunt underway after driver plowness to a house i'm trang do live from salem county, and what the homeowners are doing this morning. and then find out what led a new york city would i man to design and give out this award , lauren. it is thursday, we are so close to the weekend but it is going to be a cold one, arctic air blasting in, high temperatures in the 30's for both saturday and sunday. of course, daylight savings time, we will lose an her of sleep but again an her of sunlight by sunday evening and then that storm system we were watching for sunday looks like it will stay to the south. so a snow free sunday in store but another system to watch for next tuesday. we will talk about that coming
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the bottom is about to drop, we will be feeling bitter cold this weekend but before that we may even see some snow. i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim done virginia. had lauren and meisha will be here in a moment but first here's what you need to necessity to start your day in the morning minute. police pieced together details of the bizarre crash in south jersey.
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>> police are still looking for that driver who crashed into this house, a couple in their 70's lives in the home. >> they are lucky they didn't get killed. and, the search is on for missing elderly man last seen leaving his home in montgomery county. wild fires ravage heart land. >> we are not out of the wood just yet. >> high wind fan the flames. and blow across midwest, knocking semis on their side, and sending roofs flying. you don't want to call out what -- >> they call it a royal with cheese. >> hold on to your butts. >> james corden and samuel l jackson acting out scenes from jackson's film career, snakes t


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