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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  March 10, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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so you can do whatever's important to you. if you have a question about whether refinancing is right for you, ask me. sincerely, robert kennedy, fellow grad and fellow citizen. citizens bank education refinance loan. call... to see how much you could save now. well, as the snow blows, through the philadelphia area today we're seeing white out conditions in center city. check out this snow that blew through spring garden part of the town just a short time ago we are tracking what remains of the system on storm scan three this noon as it blows through the area pretty rapidly. not only is it snowing and cold outside but windy too. good afternoon i'm rahel solomon.
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i'm jim donovan. even though we are 10 days away from the first day of spring it felt like spring yesterday, and mother nature is reminding us it is still very much winter. >> indeed "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live with a look at conditions there. good afternoon, anita what are you seeing. >> reporter: good afternoon jim and ra hell. i wish i was seeing these spring conditions that we saw yesterday but we are seeing snow, coming down, steadily, take a look at roadways here in quakertown. this is exit right off of the northe extension, and as you can see roadways are pretty clear, drivers are passing by pretty easily right now. now in this video we shot a few minutes ago you can see much of the accumulation is actually on the grass areas where we're seeing several inches of parked cars, as we were driving up here road conditions themselves were not too bad, although, visibility was poor at times and that is the concern, and, some potential, and, snowfall, and, area, and, drivers making their way to work this morning
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. and, it noise that the bad >> it is not too bad. the road are pretty slow, too. >> reporter: and, back out here live here you can see some of the truck is here, penndot tells me that they have 221 plow trucks, out right now, in the state, 76 of them are here in, bucks county , but of course we will keep a eye on the road conditions and bring you latest on line and on air at "eyewitness news" at 5:00 and 6:00. live from quakertown anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". developing at this noon series of crash's expected several lanes of the northeast extension of the pennsylvania turnpike near quakertown. police tell us as many as 15 vehicles are involved in separate crashes on the northbound side. no injuries fortunately have been reported at this time but we will monitor situation and bring you updates as more information becomes available. things are settling down in the lehigh valley after a morning of snowfall, allentown started to get a wintry mix around 6:00 as you can see not much was sticking to the road but as morning continues, snow
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turned into slush. and it is chester county road were mostly wet during the morning commute, precipitation started out as rain in west chester but as you can see drivers still taking their time, probably, good thing. in ardmore snowflakes, hit the station of the regional rail line, but maybe just around the corner for spring but commuters were definitely wearing hooded coats and boots we have been watching the snow, as it continues to fall throughout the city, right new but where is this storm headed meteorologist lauren casey joins us with the latest forecast, lauren. >> reporter: yes, snow falling across the good portion of the area with the heaviest snow making its way across south jersey and shore points and snow is coming down, down the shore, right now, we will see, too often our live neighborhood network camera at margate there is ocean, there is sand, and there is some snow, starting to lay, on the sand, and snow falling in the scene there storm scan three is showing us heaviest band of the snowfall indicated by those darker purple colors. so stretching from ocean
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county down into burlington county, also atlantic county within this band, snow falling rates of one to 2 inches per hour, that is heavy snowfall, also seeing that across portions of central delaware where snow is coming down heavily from smyrna to dover. i-95 corridor intensity let up but we are seeing snow coming down. looking up toward lehigh valley and poconos, it is starting to taper off now for you but down the shore yeah, we had rain to start, wintry mix and now transition go to all snow, in cape may county. there is that letting up, snowfall of the snow to the far north and west, poconos just a couple flurries flying now and after allentown picking up close to 5 inches of snow, it is starting to taper off as well, sailorsberg monroe county 6 inches of snow king of prussia montgomery county three and a half, chester county picking up close to 4 inches of snowfall and delaware county and wayne over 3 inches of snow what to expect this afternoon that widespread snow will come to an end from west toe over the
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next couple of hours but then we will see snow squalls re develop in the afternoon with some gusty wind, and temperatures near 32 degrees. that means tough conditions, still, as we look ahead to our evening commute. all right, lauren, thank you. in other news this noon republican plans to repeal and replace affordable care act has cleared two house committees and could be up for a vote in the full house in the next few weeks. today president is meeting with the group of g.o.p. committee members and white house to drum up support for the legislation. vice-president pence is meeting with anti abortion groups, to reassure them that the bill will defund planned parenthood, democrats say that will hurt woman. >> women lose access to comprehensive health coverage, when the republicans defund planned parenthood. >> we have promised that we would repeal and replace obama care with a patient centered health care system that reduce s costs and we're one step closer to keeping our promise. >> senate approval of the g.o.p. health care plan may prove tougher for the white
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house at lee eight senate republicans expressed concern with the bill. striking employees at delaware county memorial hospital are back to work all of the hospitals 370 nurses and technicians went on strike sunday morning due to what they are calling unfair labor practices. well, strike was supposed to last just two days but temporary workers who filled in for strikers had five day contracts. the hospital's owner says it will continue contract negotiations with the union, on tuesday. and police are searching forearmed suspect who stole sea food from the philadelphia market n this surveillance video from last sunday do you see man in his toyota colla enter the market on washington avenue. after a struggle with security he reveals a gun and then takes off. suspect is described 5-foot six and driving a car with plates from an unknown state ending in 3751. relief for some 42,000 commuters who use the delaware river turnpike bridge, the bridge is opened after seven weeks of detours. crews worked around the clock and finish repairs ahead of
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schedule. chopper three was over the bridge this morning as first drivers made their way across. span connects the pennsylvania and new jersey turnpike and it closed january 20th after a, found a crack in the steel trust. in the westbound lanes. and very heavy southbound. >> very much so. and winter outside but it is definitely, green inside convention certainty. final touches are in place. >> holland's flowering the world opens up this weekend but "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao gives us a sneak peak today. >> reporter: as soon as you stepped foot inside you are transported. they have 30,000 tulips alone. then overhead canopy of flowers, 4,000 pieces of string, this is the 2017 philadelphia flower show. >> ♪ >> reporter: windmills, bikes, and wooden shoes, this years flower show celebrates the beauty and ingenuity of the dutch culture a lot of the thinking in holland is around using small spaces, so they're
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physician in how they approach their gardens. >> reporter: over last two weeks 3,000 volunteers have helped transform the pennsylvania convention center into a snapshot right out of the travel brochure. this one an artistic interpretation. >> representing the house of orange, founding family of holland. >> reporter: bill schaefer of the schaefer designs is one of the 45 main exhibitors this year. >> over 250 bikes, and below that we have over 200 wheels creating this sculptures and others below holding over 15,000 stems of all orange flowers. >> reporter: bill has created pieces for the philadelphia flower show for more than a decade, but he and his wife, christened got married at the show five years ago. >> we're over achievers and we are bringing in a lot of people to help to get a really cool experience. >> ♪ >> reporter: this morning judging started and for next nine days a taste of holland right here in the delaware valley. >> this she will officially open to the public tomorrow morning and runs through march .
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jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". very relaxing. you're going tomorrow. >> i am, my mom and i. coming up on "eyewitness news". >> shortage of clergy around the world may lead to big changes, in the catholic church what the pope is now considering. and folks at pj wheelihans in cherry hill are helping us help children in need. how their shamrock sales are helping the kid and family at ronald mcdonald house, that is coming up next.
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well, pope frances is indicated, catholic church. >> the pope says he is opened to allowing married men to become priests, he feels that this could help for a shortage of clergy worldwide and now currently church allows married priest whose convert to catholicism to continue serving as priest bus does not allow married catholic men to take fully order. still ahead on "eyewitness news" shamrock sales have begun for a great cause. >> folks at pj wheels hans in cherry hill are hard at work helping our annual ronald mc donald charities tell-a-thon lauren, we have already seen snow, this morning. >> yeah, absolutely, and upcoming weekend no snow in the forecast, but it is going to be arctic cold, old man winter will prevail for both saturday and sunday, sub freezing high temperatures tomorrow, of course, daylight savings time, don't forget to spring, forward and bitter cold sunday morning with wind
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chills values down in the single digits across a large portion of the delaware valley , we will talk about that plus track latest of the
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our annual ronald mcdonald house charities tell-a-thon is over two weeks away. >> we will raise money for a wonderful charity that provides a loving home away for home for sick children and their families. >> you can help support these families today and enjoy great meal at the same time. folks at pj wheels hans in cherry hill are selling paper shamrocks this year. this is video from last year's sale. money from the shamrocks sale will be donated to our tell -a-thon and pj's hopes to raise $100,000 to help spread the word. folks from our sister station sports radio 94 wip are broadcasting live from pj's. >> they have been going at it since 10:00 a.m. and stay at it until two, joining us live to talk bit is sports radio hoe john richie, hi there, jon >> hey, is what up. >> so, thanks for being with us. how are sales going so far.
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>> oh, it is wonderful, you know, last year i was informed that for the ronald mcdonald house they have raised $75,000 the goal, to up that this year , it is a wonderful cause, all for the kid, everything goes to that direction, and it is great to be part of that. >> well, jon tell us what it is like to support the ronald mcdonald house personally. >> well, it means a lot to me, you snow, kid who have those need, sick children, i have three children myself. i cannot fathom what those families are going through, the ronald mcdonald house makes it possible for them to get at tension that they need to make sure those kid have the best chance, the best chances possible, to be happy and healthy. >> and john, we appreciate you helping us out with this worthy cause but we do want to talk about a little bit of big eagles news yesterday. >> yeah, i was thrilled. i had no idea that howie roseman would be able to pull
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this off, considering the limited cap space that they had, and heading in to free agency. so the signing of the guard chance warmack, and, alshon jeffery to one year deals they are proven deals for guys that do need to prove it. let's be honest. i love the fact that these guys have huge upside and they will probably play very well, knowing that there is a big payday at the end. they improved their team and bringing in torey smith in to be another speed wide receiver for carson wentz. they have immediately gotten better at a time that i could not have, there is no way, that i thought howie roseman could pull off what he did. >> well, jon, baseball season almost here. phils in clearwater for spring training. any predictions for upcoming season. >> well, i predict, improvement, but a lot of youth and i predict jp crawford is going to finally have a chance to show us what
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he has got, we know he is one of the highest rated short stops prospects out there, and i can't wait to see him improve this team. i think the phillies are, on the up and up. >> yes, thank you, jon, we appreciate it taking time today. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. sports director don bell will be here at 1:30 so head down to pj's the one in cherry hill or listen to him on 94 wip. other areas of the country are also dealing with some wintry weather, needless to say today has not been a beach day in sandwich, massachusetts coastal towns in the state like this one are expected to get between four and 6 inches of powder today. well, in that case. >> yes. >> i mean here in philadelphia it is not as bad as that. >> not as bad as that to the north and west we have picked up four to 6 inches of snowfall. busy day in the weather department. i broke a nail. >> oh, no. >> yes. but we are still dealing with snow coming down across the
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area, heavy in some spots and the commute is going to be tough, throughout the day-to-day getting a live look at center city philadelphia still some flakes flying there , visibility reduced and, the temperatures are sitting right at freezing mark. now the wind are starting to pick up northerly wind at 17 miles an hour, making it feel like 21. remember, yesterday, sunshine and 60's, yes, that is gone. snowfall totals some more for you allentown latest total now up about five and a half inches, gilbertsville picking up about four, 4.1 inches, sellersville, 3 inches there, west chester close to 3 inches and in mount laurel, to and a half inch. hi, mom, you've got some snow. snow continues to fall on storm scan three. heaviest indicated by purple returns there indicating parts of the south jersey and moving its way toward shore points. ocean county seeing some heavier snow coming down right now stretching back into far southern burlington county and atlantic county and in parts of the delaware seeing very heavy snowfall, huge flakes, dover, river view, harrington
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as well greatly reduced visability. we started off in cape may count ace rain and wintry mix and now flakes are flying for you as well from sea isle city in to cape may. i-95, the snow is still falling less than intense but we will start to wrap up over next hour or two as that snow is snow wrapping up, in portions of the lehigh valley, berks county and poconos, after picking up those snowfall to totals on the order of the four or five or 6 . visibility reduced in the poconos looking better in allentown right now, visibility still reduced on i-95 to near zero visibility in, wildwood right now with heavy snow coming down, winter weather advisory has been extended by national weather service until 3:00 o'clock today for a large portion of the area, final snowfall totals, about three to six, far north and west, one to three for much of the area, and then coating to an inch, maybe two for our shore points and down in portions of central delaware as we will see some snow, squals, re developing as we head in the afternoon, wind which temperatures right around that freezing mark so anything that
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is fallen in on those untreated surfaces will re freeze and stay frozen overnight tonight, 23 degrees, mostly clear, windy, so future weather will paint us a picture that widespread snowfall coming to an end from west toe over the next several hours but these are snow, squals, and they move in quick , they greatly reduce visability and in a matter of minutes. watch out for that. 5:00 o'clock hour snow squalls moving through so that will be a contender for our evening commute as well and once we head into the far evening hours around eight or 9:00 o'clock we will see activity wind down. but wind, they are ramping up, 15 to 20 miles an hour with higher gusts, wind gusts up to 33 miles an hour right now in millville and windy conditions will take us in the rest of the day and tonight, temperatures, at midnight, we were at 48 degrees in philadelphia it is now 32 degrees. thirty-three in allentown. thirty-two in trenton. down the shore temperatures falling off near that freezing mark. watch out for icy conditions on the roadways, 38 degrees, we have all right hit that and we are going down. as we head in the day tomorrow
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high temperatures won't even surpass the freezing mark so we can continue to deal with very slick conditions on the road, all throughout our saturday, cold, blustery, only 33, on sunday, and arctic stretch continues, yeah, into next week and then of course is there rumbling already about it, a potential, snowstorm as we head into next tuesday. >> skip ahead to wednesday. >> yes. >> thanks, lauren. well, you may remember the sea turtle in thailand that swallowed a almost thousand coins thrown in her pool, but we are happy to report that four days after an operation to remove change from her stomach she's recovering well. twenty-five year-old turtle was lowered in the large plastic tank and very quickly began swimming as best as she could in the restricted space. >> poor thing. >> yes. >> throwing coins in the tank she thinks it is food. >> they run slowly, tortoise and hair but they swim quickly >> how about that. >> and they eat coins. >> we will be right back after this break.
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stay with us.
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for the first year with a two-year agreement. it's the only internet with equal upload and download speeds. cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of the download speeds. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years. get the best. go to well, coming up later on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 spring, forward means losing an hour of sleep this weekend. new research says many of us are not getting enough sleep as it is. oh, boy i stand than one. effects are widespread. i will tell you more at 5:00. history unearthed in olde city, workers uncover century 's old coffins in the construction site. you saw it here first at noon yesterday, and then later on
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"eyewitness news" at 6:00 we will take you inside lab where workers will try to identify those anxious remains. well, listen up gamers it is time to one up and celebrate. >> ♪ >> sound so familiar, right? today is national mario day and in the only is mario the most famous video game character in history but today coincide was his name, brief eighthed date which was march 10th, it is n-a-r10 which looks like the name mario. >> um-hmm. >> day innend in owe, is time to pay tribute to mario and, including his early appearance , on donkey kong. >> never played it. never played it. >> hey i'm from the days of palm. that is "eyewitness news" at noon aim jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. thanks for watching. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. we are always on line cbs >> young and restless is next. st
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>> michael: something smells good. >> lauren: hey! >> michael: ouch! >> lauren: it's for scott. >> michael: all of it? lauren, have you seen how much food you made? >> lauren: my son slept in a bed last night. he's here. he's home. there's no more guns and masks and someone threatening to let him die. he's... he's down the hall, and he's gonna come in, and he's gonna see food and coffee and -- >> michael: and he'll know that he's safe and loved. >> lauren: oh, maybe i should put it back in the oven. what do you think? >> michael: [ chuckles ] >> lauren: it's gonna be fine. won't it? >> michael: the breakfast and everything else. [


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