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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 10, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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from spring-like temperatures to winter, mother nature reminded us that it is not quite springtime yet, bringing snow throughout the region to take. what a difference a day makes? good afternoon i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer, kate bilo is with us and possibly track something more snow, is that right kate. >> that is right, nicole and ukee. we have a line of scattered snow squals moving through the region and that will snarl traffic even more the second round of to take's commute. we had heavy smalling faux for tail end of the morning's commute and heavy snow has moved out. we have pockets of snow squall s and showers right now, pushing into center city philadelphia you can see this is just moving into west philadelphia, at the moment, right along, the schuylkill expressway, the vine street expressway, long i-95 as well as through delaware county. we are seeing these squals. they can cut visibility very, very quickly. you're traveling along, sun's out across region and then one of these squalls comes up on you or you come into it and visibility is cut down.
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wind pick up. it is very hard to see. take it slow, never know when you run into these, very fast moving, they are in and out within a mather of minutes but again they will be around through remainder of this evening. once sun goes down and we will lose heating of the day, warmth of the day we will see squalls tart to diminishing as well. again reduced visibility, gusty wind, temperatures hanging right around freezing. earlier today here is our snow totals, lake harmony got to the 6 inches mark, three to six. horsham 4 inches. exton three and a half. i set over under in philadelphia at an inch and we hit it right on the mark, 1 inch at airport today. temperatures right now in the wake of the morning's snow still not that bad, it is late tonight that the coldest air is going to move in and bitter cold really settles in for weekend, coming um i'll tell what you our feels like temperatures in the single digits and talk about another potential threat, or heavier snow, next week, nicole, back over to you. >> kate, thank you. region was reminded even though it is march, not quite, springtime yet.
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this was view from our parkway central library camera in center city around noon time. snow is falling rapidly, making it close to white out conditions, and, it looks like four legged friend enjoyed fresh snow today, dogs and their owners having some fun in the dog park near art museum. we will have more on how region reacted to the snowy conditions, in the next, few minutes. tracking any snow in the forecast anytime in your fingertips down load cbs philly weather app available on itunes and google play. forensic experts are analyzing historic remains that have been discovered at an olde city construction site we were first to show you yesterday when workers found dozens of coffins in a former parking lot near second and arch streets. they were part of the burial ground, established in 1707, crews will now hand bodies over to forensic scientists at university of rutgers camden. we will have more ahead in a live report at 5:30. human trafficking, growing crime affecting woman and children in increasing numbers
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happening right here in our area. but lawyers in philadelphia hope to send a chilling message to the hotel industry, with a lawsuit. "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves joins us from northeast philadelphia with more on this story, alycia. >> reporter: ukee, lawyers involved are calling this a landmark case, saying it is the first civil suit in the commonwealth that goes after a business that potentially profited off of, or turned a blind eye, to human traffic king. for the first time, since the state's human trafficking law has been enacted, lawyers in center city are using it in an attempt to hold this northeast philadelphia motel, responsible for the sexual exploitation of a philadelphia teenager. >> this child was forced into sex slavery. paid to do things with men, double, triple, quadruple her age. >> reporter: lawyers alleged employees at roosevelt inn knew a 14 year-old girl was being held here against her
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will for two years n that time she allegedly was forced to have sex with more than a thousand men, for as little as $50. >> she's devastate by what has happened to her. she's just, trying to piece her life back together. >> reporter: girl, now 17, wants this hotel to pay for what happened to her, under the 2014 law she's suing roosevelt inn's owners, larger management company that runs it, and even the motel manager , and when we tried to talk to him about the lawsuit. >> i will have no comment. >> reporter: he didn't want to say much but denied allegations. >> i didn't see anything, no. >> you have to be blind, deaf, dumb not to know that a 100 men are showing up over a period of a couple of days. >> you have a cleaning crew that comes into the room, and often times find boxes or way cans full of used condoms. this is as open and obvious as
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it gets. >> reporter: lawyers are seeking at lee $50,000 in damaging but hoping for much more to send that chilling message adding human traffic king like this happens every day, whether it is, little motels on the outskirts of the city or high end motel ness center city. reporting live from northeast philadelphia alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it is also reaching new heights in new jersey. task force there is working to combat the problem and get victims out of harms way. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan will have much more on that at 5:30. pennsylvania mother accused of killing her adopted daughter pleaded not guilty in the teen's death. sarah packer appeared in the bucks county courtroom for her formal arraignment. authorities say the 41 year-old woman and her boyfriend jacob sullivan, killed 14 year-old grace pack inner july. sullivan will be formally arraigned on murder and related charges on march 31st. the couple could face the death penalty, if convicted.
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jury selection resumes next week in the eric frein murder trial, frein is accused of killing a pennsylvania state trooper and wounding another at blooming grove barracks in pike county in 2014. due to the media coverage the case received, jurors are being picked from chester county, jury selection began yesterday, trial is expected to last, more than a month. now on to the eagles, they have helped their owe even if yesterday by signing two new wide receivers that can help carson wentz. >> sports director don bell joins us from the novacare complex where bird brass and new players spoke today, don. >> reporter: yeah, players spoke today and hard for me to speak right now because i think something is happening with the weather. okay. here's the deal. they have two new wide receivers and one of them is a big time play maker, we're talking about alshon jeffery they signed him to a one year, $14 million deal, he comes over from the chicago bears, and fan basis really excited about this guy. they are also pumped up by a
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guy name torey smith, less so but he is fast, can stretch field and should pose a threat both guys have contracts that will allow eagles to get away from them within a year, and of course, people are wondering are these guys just band-aid, temporary fixes. the general manager says not so much. >> a band-aid is a guy in the twilight of his career and doesn't have a lot of time left and probably not someone that you would want to extending forward but in terms of what we got here, you know, we have guys in their 20's, mid to late 20's which is always stuff that we talked about and guys that we have an opportunity if they do a good job to keep here. >> fans, of course, hope that is the situation that things will turnout well and they will get to stay here long term. that is story here from the novacare complex, now back to the warm, cozy studio, i'm don bell. >> did that wind just blow your light out, something
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happened. >> my light just flew off over there, it is taken a turn, guys he is struggling. >> work with kate later on. following a day of 07- degree temperatures much of the region spent their morning watching snowfall from the sky >> "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh spent the day in berks county. >> reporter: if you thought winter was over. >> something definitely wrong with the weather. >> reporter: you are not alone >> a few weeks ago it was like 70, like i wore shirts one day to school and now it is snowing. >> reporter: first official day of spring is just around the corner but instead of grassy sports fields we are seeing inches of snow on the ground. >> on friday morning winter wonder land coated areas across our region including berks, lehigh counties, creating a messy, morning commute. >> it was snowing but people still don't slow down. >> reporter: penndot spokesmen tells "eyewitness news" that 221 trucks mobilize add cross the state to clear snow and
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salt road ways. in the meantime in emmaus. >> we are trying to make massive snowballs. >> reporter: siblings matthew and morerick were also hard at work. >> i like how you can use your creativity to make whatever you want out of snow. >> reporter: making best out of what mother nature is serving up. anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> you have to roll role with it. >> make the best of it. coming up a stunning statement by the pope, what the pontiff is considering about priests, that will mark a historic change, that is in our next half an hour. spring, forward meaning losing an hour of sleep, new research say many are not getting enough sleep as it is and effects are life threatening. a cereals box is missing something, why did cheerios take the bum many bee off honey nut cheerios box, the important cause when we come right back. live look at our camera in bethlehem northampton county, snowing right new but is there a threat oven more, we will have kate's forecast,
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well, as we spring, forward this weekend many of us will lose an hour of sleep. but feeling a little bit sleep deprived is nothing new for many people. jim donovan takes a look at a new survey from career builder which find mess american workers are not getting enough shut eye. >> reporter: john handford head to work most days feeling a little tired. >> would i say i get six hours if i'm lucky. >> reporter: adults are supposed to get eight hours of sleep each night but new survey by career builder find one in five workers actually reach that goal. that means millions are working on too little sleep, and most say it has an impact on their job. in the survey people say that being tired make them less productive and less motivated and it effects their memory and makes them crabby. >> you feel like the whole day is going by and you just, you cannot wait to get some sleep that night. >> reporter: many people can't escape work. 65 percent of people say they dream about work, one in 10
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say it happens often. >> i will have nightmare that i forgot a deadline or i have something that was due. >> reporter: half of those surveyed say thinking about work keeps them up at night. study also found that one in five workers have called out sick, just so that they can catch up on sleep. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. i can see you getting crabby. >> my gosh, you have no idea. some of the most famous dog breed are in danger of disappearing. >> dog breeding experts in england say lifestyle and cultural changes are phasing out iconic dogs that includes the welsh corgy, they say people are opting for smaller breed for several reasons. >> you don't have as houses as big, yard as big, it is a little bit easier. it is very difficult with a bigger breed. >> people are inn flued by what they see, more and more often then seeing celebrities with particular breed of dogs.
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>> some owners with at risk breed are looking for solutions like creating dog dna banks or, financial incentives for breeding. she's got pipes. we're talking about a young woman with gold. >> musically gift wood man has been wowing people with her voice range just a few floors beneath our station and tonight, we are taking you her around town to show off what she can do meet would the man who keeps the gym clean and her dreams, alive. >> the way your body, flew into it, i just, i mean i am moved to tears. >> thank you so much. i am glad i could make that happen. >> reporter: her voice and her story will blow you away, is what next for our friend, tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. remind me of evelyn champagne king, back in the day, philly international. she was working over there and gamble and huff discovered her she was singing around the office. hey, you are pretty good.
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>> yes. >> never know who is listening , that is right. >> isn't that the truth. can't wait to hear that store tonight. >> don bell might be floating over the girard point bridge. >> don bell looked like that little girl holding on to the door handle last night. it is messy. we saw squalls, we saw alycia get hit by one, don moving through by one and just month pushing into south jersey. we have squalls all across the area this evening. you saw how intense they can get outside, wind pick up, you go from sunshine to white out conditions in a matter of minutes if not second and then it clears out. again we're seeing it. i'll tell you i saw here that it was white out conditions i ran out to take a picture. by the time i got out through could not tell it had blown through and that is how quickly they will hit and move out. here's a look outside out to the poconos where they are experience something snow squals as well, carbon county, actually over achieve inner our snow make tore day much as predicted we saw anywhere from four to 6 inches of snow, 4.8
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in mount pocono. 6 inches in lake harmony and still, some snow coming down and folks enjoying it out on the slopes, this evening at jack frost big boulder. storm scan three showing those snow squalls, so steady, snow that came through where you saw that white, purple blanket ing the area, that is over. now we have intense pockets. very similar to what we see in the summertime when we see thunderstorms bubble up they are not every where but any spot that find themselves under one will get heavy precipitation and very strong, gusty wind, convective snow here. you can see this line pushing along new jersey turnpike right now into portions of northern burlington county, mercer county as well, northern gloucester county and as we track this moving at 45 miles an hour to the south ande. again like a thunderstorm. within the next couple minutes gloucester getting hit hard by heavy snow, white out conditions, washington township by 5:28. and by 6:02 the squall makes to it stafford. we have a few more coming in behind that. here is current look at broad
5:18 pm
headville where it is snowing actively once again. only 25 degrees there wind at 15 miles an hour and notice big fat flakes coming down as squall pushes through pocono region. these will continue through the next couple of hours, once sun goes down we will see them fizzle but even around eight or 9:00 there could still be a line of dangerous squals. if you have friday night plans thinking road are better, snow is over, you start to head out on the schuylkill or anywhere across south jersey, delaware watch out for those squals. tomorrow lots of sunshine but sunnies not going to help us warm up very much. tomorrow morning, 3:00 a.m. will feel like single digits, feeling sub zero in the poconos, tomorrow, even at height of the afternoon, even with full march sun, it is only going to feel like 20 degrees thanks to the cold and those strong, gusty wind. strong sunday morning we will feel like teens and sunday afternoon no better than 23 degrees. bitterly cold weekend. we thought last weekend was cold, this weekend is shaping up to be worse.
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overnight clear, frigid, 18 degrees, keep in mind at this time yesterday, it was about 68 degrees, overnight, 18, that is a 50-degree drop in less than 36 hours, for your saturday, sunny, windy, bitterly cold, our high, only 31, that is almost 20 degrees below average with wind gusting to 30 miles an hour and feel no better than teens and 20's all day. we do set these clocks ahead, that is one bright spot but we will lose that hour of sleep this weekend, that means sunsets at 7:04 p.m. on sunday which goodies news but sunday, 33 degrees, weekend you don't mind losing an hour of because it will be a cold, miserable weekend, monday still cold, and then monday night into tuesday is our next threat and this could a major nor'easter for the area next half an hour we will break down some info we have, a lot of uncertainty but things are starting to come together a bit. >> all right. >> thanks, kate. >> well, kate is telling us winter is sticking around we are getting ready for a taste of spring. >> our victoria woodill has
5:20 pm
interactive activities at this years flower show and will take us behind the scenes and show us much more in the next half an hour, leslie. well, you think march mad ness starts after selection sunday, think again, nova nation has landed here in new york city for bige tournament, coming up we will check with the fans and the leader of villanova josh
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villanova is starting its march to phoenix, the bige tournament is underway in madison square garden right now. wildcats won big yesterday but they are not getting a head of themselves. one game at a time is what they say. our leslie van arsdal is live in new york with more on that, hi there, leslie. >> hey, i'll tell you you can feel excitement building right here, right now, players are on the court, warming up, nova and seton hall, this is semi final round of the big east tournament and people were so excited about this villanova team last year but most people i talked to think they are
5:24 pm
even better, if that is possible, this year. >> arcidiacono. >> reporter: it will be re match of the big east tournament final, pirates won 69-67 but fans do not see that happening again. >> they can do it. it is just, a matter of time, and what goes on, you know, how it happens, or how they are, but they, they can do it. they can do it. they really can't. >> i have a good feeling about this tournament. >> let's just take the bige tournament one by one at a time. >> i don't think we have to prove anything. last year doesn't noon nothing to us. last few games that we played, we played them last few games we played them we won. it doesn't mean anything. >> it is brand new. >> yes. >> okay. so what is the big key to nova 's dominance. coming up at 6:00 i will go one on one with coach jay wright, and, give us an insight into what make this
5:25 pm
team tic, back to you. >> a lot going on in that court right now. >> i know. >> god bless america, by trombone player. >> very nice. ugly end to a hockey game involving some high school students. >> fists fly leaving two players hurt on the ice, including one with the broken eye socket. this one could involve more than just a trip to the penalty box, now that police are investigating. coming up at 6:00 hear from one of those injured players about what sparked that brawl. still ahead tonight, is what next for dozens of graves uncovered in olde city, we are back on the scene today. cleve. a dirty little secret at new jersey shore i'm cleve bryan, coming up how fbi is helping dozens of victims of human sex trafficking. and in what would be a major shift in church policy pope francis is considering the idea of some married priests. we will explain in our next half an
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they found coffins dating back to early 1700s. forensic experts are now starting to analyze those remains. news continues at 5:30, hi everyone i'm ukee washington. 's nicole brewer. david spunt is live in camden where scientists are handling history, david. >> reporter: nicole and ukee, i have literally just finished a exclusive tour of the forensic lab here at rutgers university in camden where they are handling those bones, remains, and coffins, they expect to be doing this over the next few weeks. the morning snow did not stop the digging at former parking lot site at 218 arch street. so far crews have dug up 38 coffinness good condition, and i used the word so far, because they expect to see more. there are hundreds of remains, outside, without coffins, discovered at site of the
5:30 pm
first baptist church burial ground in philadelphia someone was supposed to move remains to another cemetery, by 1860 but that never happened. and construction went on. people passed by, not knowing about the cemetery. >> this isn't something that happens every day fortunately, and is there so much that we can learn from these individual, aim just so glad we have been given to learn and excavate them as well as we can given the circumstances >> reporter: coming up at 6:00 e you inside that lab for an exclusive tour of exactly how folks are dealing with this archaeologists, are busy at work and i will show you other artifacts ukee and nicole discovered and how those archaeologists and forensic experts plan to identify, the remains, after all, as you mentioned, early 1700ness these cases. we will see you tonight at 6:00. live david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you, david. in the newscast, philadelphia lawyers are
5:31 pm
helping victims of human trafficking sue those who profit from the crimes. now new jersey is fighting this growing trend, with a special task force, made up of local police agencies and fbi. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan has details. >> missing kid report and we will work it back from there. >> reporter: it may surprise you knowing ins and out of the atlantic city prostitution scene has become a priority to the fbi. >> our investigations are very focused. >> reporter: new jersey's child exploitation task force spearheaded by fbi atlantic city office looks to arrest child sex traffickers. atlantic city area they 25 to 50 boys and girls a year. >> las vegas, new york and few other cities like atlantic city where we have domestic trafficking of children here. >> reporter: as much as young as 12 year-old they can be forced to perform dozen of sexual acts acts a night. >> people called, they go to the room, deal is done.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: in december they arrested a previously incarcerated pimp at night nights inn. this week authorities brought an indictment on charges of, sex trafficking a minor. all it takes is for a young person caught up in human traffic go to perform one sexual acts and they are trap. but there is hope, ways people in the community can help identify and get help for these victims. >> people coming and going would be a huge thing. men coming and going, scantly dressed young ladies, hanging about. >> reporter: local shelters, state agencies and non-profit organizations provide victim support. >> we have people that we meet three years later, they are married or they have kid and they have a good job, very proud of themselves and they will let us know that. >> reporter: road to recovery can start with a anonymous tip if you suspect human traffic, call 800 call fbi. in atlantic city, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". president trump says jobs
5:33 pm
report may have been phony in the pennsylvania but very real now. economy added 235,000 jobs in february, the first full month of his presidency. and the unemployment rate is down, 4.7 percent. now this comes as the president is working to get congress behind a republican plan to repeal and replace the affordable health care act. president trump sat down with house republicans, who are working to push new health care legislation through congress. >> we're working together. we have some great results. we have tremendous spirit. i think it is something that will just happen very shortly. >> reporter: moderate republicans are concerned, millions of americans will lose health insurance, and have to pay more under the g.o.p. plan and conservatives say the bill doesn't do enough to trim back the federal government's roll. >> sometimes when you have push back on one side and the other side, from a political spectrum, you might have found the sweet spot. >> reporter: president trump cannot afford many republican defectses so white house is hosting lawmakers and others
5:34 pm
to ensure that the deal gets done, including some invitations for bowling, pizza and theater. >> he is in the deal making mode does that mean bowling at the white house in return for support for legislation? i mean i find the charm offensive. >> reporter: but on health care it is not democrats trump administration is trying to wo o. >> thank you all. >> reporter: friday vice-president mike pence met with conservative leaders who opposed abortion, white house says it is committed to stripping all federal fund from planned parenthood. on saturday, the vice-president head to kentucky, to promote new health care plan, president trump will be working at the white house. trump supporters hugs a trump protesters, he sucker punched at the a campaign rally in north carolina last march. john mcgraw and jones had lunch together this week. prosecutors charged mcgraw with assault, and judge sentenced him to probation, but mcgraw and jones discussed what happened, and how to move forward.
5:35 pm
they say racial under tones surrounding the incident re main. >> are you a racist. >> no, not at all. >> are you a racist. >> hell, no, he knows i'm not and he knows i'm not. that is all i care about. >> i get to know the other side and figure it out. >> i wish somehow jones and i could go to white churches and black churches, to talk to them. >> mcgraw says he and jones were both caught up in political mess. south korea is in political turmoil today their highest court voted unominous ly to up hold impeachment of the nation's president. park geun-hye became first president to be impeached. prosecutors indicted geun-hye on bribery charges. she's accused of helping a friend extort money from business leaders there will be new elections, in 60 days. but gun battles rage on between iraqi forces and isis,
5:36 pm
in mosul. from behind, the gates of war, there is hope. photo journalist found children caught in the cross fire, giving the peace sign, they were not injured, offensive to drive isis out of the western part of the mosul, began more than two weeks ago. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight he waged war on slavery, one of the most brave women in history, and now is there a place dedicated to telling the story of harriet tubman and the underground railroad. i'll give you a look inside in less than 10 minutes. it is funniest video of the day man's tv interview as rye, his kid interrupt and all the while his frantic wife, we will have it for you, kate? well, weekend is upon us but not a whole lieutenant of time to get outside and enjoy weather, it will be a bitterly cold weekend some freezing highs on saturday, and that is not war of it with the wind, it will feel like the teens all day. it is daylight savings time beginning this weekend so set those clocks ahead, giving you an extra hour of daylight
5:37 pm
sunday you'll lose an her of sleep, so to speak and bitter cold sunday morning and feelings like temperatures in the single digits. bundle up, throw an ex
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playing that as a kid, it is national mario day, so very appropriate here not only is mario the most famous video game character in history but the day happens to coincide with his name, abbreviated date mar 10, it looks like, mario, i got you. >> do you follow. >> i got you. >> day of nintendo nostalgia is time to pay tribute to mario including his early appearance in donkey kong. >> does lou we go i get any love. >> yes, no love. >> i guess not. >> it is ball mario. >> it is a shame. >> i spent many hours in the bean bag chair. >> i can remember it too. >> yes. >> good time, i'm telling you. >> video of the day, man gets his shot in the live interview >> his big moment. >> but children has other ideas. >> viral video you have to see , in about two minutes. it i
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well, this weekend is grand opening of the new visitors center honoring harriet tubman located in the same area of maryland where tubman was born a slave and where she later returned to help free others, along the underground railroad. >> dozens of harriet tub man family members attend an emotional opening ceremony. >> i'm harriet bringing family back together. >> reporter: ribbon cutting for new underground railroad visitors center. >> thinks in honor of her, and of her service, recognizing what she did. >> reporter: center sits on hand tubman knew as a child and navigated as an adult. >> i want them to feel it, see it, experience it. >> reporter: tubman was born in some slavery 5 miles from here and fled into freedom at 27. she repeatedly risked her life returning to help free other slaves using a network of
5:46 pm
pathways and safe houses. the underground railroad. >> this is about slavery in dorchester county. >> reporter: exhibit tells story. >> this is a section that strikes me most. >> reporter: when tub man became first woman to leave union troops on an armed raid. >> they freed 720, 800 people, one of the largest events in the you had history. >> reporter: kate clifford lar son was project historian. >> we had a mission, it was to tell the truth. >> reporter: how tubman endured brutality of her bandage and waged her own war against slavery. >> she lived it, endured it, she came out of it. >> reporter: still continues to inspire people, around the world. an exhibit for all to see. if you go admission to the harriet tub man underground railroad visitors center is free. pope francis has shared an opinion that could shake up the catholic church. the pope says that he is opened, to allowing all ready married men to be priests. he sees this as one way to
5:47 pm
reverse shortage of clergy worldwide. currently the church allows married priests who convert to catholicism to continue to serve as priests but does not allow married catholic men to take holy order. single priests would still not be able to marry. video of a bbc news interview goes viral when it takes an unexpect turn. >> few unscheduled gets briefly interrupted the live interview. >> what will it mean for the wider region, i think one of your children just walked in. >> at first robert kelly tried to move his daughter out of view of the camera when another baby. walker comes in the room. suddenly man's wife a weird, dragged the children out, and end up closing the door and my man, continued on with the interview. >> that was something. >> that is going around today. >> wow, look at her sliding in >> my goodness.
5:48 pm
>> my goodness. >> he was cool. >> you know, well yeah, it happens. >> beside from the stiff arm to the kid. >> you really don't know what you would do. you were trying to do something and inevitably they interrupt and you are just like yeah, it happens to me, when i'm on the phone doing a forecast for wip radio, sister stations at my house on a friday morning, mom, mom, i'm trying to talk. >> beautiful weather. >> yes. >> walk in the room. >> i'm herey love that. walking in to work on a friday >> yes, i like that. >> yeah. >> that was great. >> we have quite the day-to-day. >> yes, we did. >> heavy snow, now we have snow squals, now on deck before this blast ovulate winter is through with us. >> it is a rough seven day forecast, i'll not lie. we have most active pattern we have had all winter in place, for the next five to seven
5:49 pm
days, and then things do look better into the middle of the movement will you bets look outside right now and take you out to a live look at parkway central library camera. we can see that one pesky cloud came along and block out our sunset view tonight but lies better then dit a half an hour ago in center city fail when we had a potent snow squall moving through and now everything is quieter but there are still those scattered squals all across the area, this evening. so again, they are fast moving and hit in five minutes in and out but in that five minutes visibility will drop drastic ally and snow can come down quite heavily. checking out our eyewitness weather watchers they are taking snow measurements and send nothing photos temperatures in the 30's right around freezing outside right now, snow amounts from our weather watchers chuck in bedminster, 4 inches there. richboro 3.5. bucks county did the best here landingberg got 3 inches. lynn in cherry hill got 3 inches. richboro measurement at 3
5:50 pm
inches. steve johnson in west chester at 3 inches as well. gary in sewell, new jersey, two and a half inches of snow. mostly in that one to three range but as you head up in the north and western suburbs we see three to six in many locations. taking a look at our weather watcher photos here you can see heavy snow greg mccoy sent this in. big, fat puffy snowflakes hitting ground, temperatures marginal. temperatures above freezing through the storm and that is that heavy wet snow, snowflakes band together and make those big puffy snowflakes we see, beautiful looking shot out there another one from greg showing those big snowflakes. white out conditions here from jenny janssen and see this from phil, showing snow coming down heavily earlier this morning. now everything is quieter, let look at storm scan three. we have scattered squals and in and around through remainder of this evening. they are coming from the great lakes as those wind pick up and these are really moving through much of the state of pennsylvania. it is not one big heavy snow
5:51 pm
shield like this morning but rather more pop up showers, thunderstorm type snow squals very similar to the pattern we will get in the thunderstorms when we have pop up afternoon storms and it is snow instead of rain. heaviest over burlington, gloucester counties, winslow, moving in southern burlington count that i will slow you down in some spots here this evening and they are popping up here and there and in the meantime lot rehoboth beach, a beautiful evening there, we have got clear skies, no snow in that area, mostly rain for you but temperature wise we're only in the lower 30's and temperatures on their way down , once we go below freezing we may not get back above freezing until sunday afternoon at best. we are dropping 50 degrees in 36 hours. yesterday at 4:00 it was 68. by 4:00 tomorrow morning 18, a 50-degree drop and it will wake up, tomorrow morning to wind chills, sub zero in the poconos, zero to five until the lehigh valley, berks county, five to 10 tomorrow morning in the city and 10 to 15 in south jersey and
5:52 pm
delaware. overnight low dropping down to a low of 18 feeling like single digits. tomorrow, sunny, windy, butler cold, highs below freezing and it will be a very, very chilly start to your day and entire, really entirety of the day on saturday. then we will watch this next system break this down more at 6:00 but here's tuesday with the potential nor'easter off the coast, chance for heavy snow, high wind, track, impact , still to be determined , all based on the track of that low. you can see tuesday good chance for nor'easter with temperatures in the 30's and they will stay in the 30's through thursday. ukee and nicole, back over to you. as we deal with snow, squals, threat of snow next week, we need some sign that spring is coming. so after a short break we will give you a sneak peak inside the philadelphia flower show, that should, should get you dreaming of warm weather. we need
5:53 pm
♪ their lives are beautiful, let's keep it that way. if you suspect child abuse, report it. for more information on reporting child abuse or neglect go to paid for with pennsylvania taxpayer dollars.
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5:56 pm
snow squals and flurries are happening in parts of our region but spring flowers are beginning to budd at the philadelphia flower show. >> thank goodness. the flower show is opening up tomorrow and our own vittoria woodill has a sneak peak of this years holland: flowering the world. >> reporter: flower show is back and blooming bigger and better then ever with the few interactive exhibits that truly showcase the beauty of nature. >> larry, when you think of this do you like this one. >> reporter: flowers crown making is one of them, but then there are butterflies, there are 1,000 of them, from all over the world, and they are ready to fly all over you. >> oh, you have them all over you. oh, how do you feel, do you love it? >> um-hmm. >> reporter: what does it feel like. >> what is the best part of butter flies. >> how pretty they are. >> reporter: aren't they
5:57 pm
gorgeous. >> yes. oh, my gosh, now we're twin ning. >> i will try to catch some and catch up to you. i have to get more than about 12, i will try my best. >> it it is so pretty. >> reporter: many butterflies are as big as show flowers themselves. wow, you have the most beautiful accessory on your face. it is so pretty. >> um-hmm, i wish i could see. >> reporter: don't you just feel prettier then holding a butterfly. >> i feel wonderful. so pretty. >> don't worry, he caught it. >> reporter: catch their beauty quick, flower show end on the 19th. >> there we go. showing off for the camera. flower show has so much to offer you would never expect, would i never expect this. >> reporter: should we name
5:58 pm
her? what flowers are blue eye iris >> the iris the butterfly. >> reporter: yeah, i feel like we need that had with all of this weather action we just needed, spring will come, and new butterflies are actually being hatched daily at the flower show. butterflies hatch from a crystal us a light stage made from hardened protein so they have built a room, where the butterflies are born, at the flower show. >> really. >> i'll be talking like this the rest of the day. >> very suiting. >> yes, nice. >> there is also i guess some information about the show. >> and also, the philadelphia flower show opens up to the public tomorrow at is is 11:00 a convention center. for more information visits our web site at cbs >> oh, tori i love you. >> flower power. >> were you in your moment. >> yes, thanks. >> be sure to share with kate.
5:59 pm
>> i will. >> that is okay. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00, how does free food sound, we will let you know where to grab a bite for free tonight. >> also, temperatures flare in the hockey game involving high schoolers but story does not end on the ice, why this could turn into a criminal case. kate? well, morning heavy snow has moved out, now we're tracking scattered snow squals this evening plus a major drop in temperature and when a powerful nor'easter could impact our area. hundreds of remains, hundreds of years old, i'm david spunt i'll show you local lab where archaeologists are working to find out more. >> reporter: missing out on history big mystery after some presidential inaugurations tickets just showed up in the mail, this week.
6:00 pm
discouraging see kid even thinking about doing this to another teen. >> battered and bruised the 6:00 o'clock and here's is what happening. that teenager is recovering after getting beaten up during a hockey brawl. why some say this scene on the ice could have been prevented. police are looking into that fight, good evening everyone aim ukee washington. aim nicole brewer. jessica's off today. that brawl happened during a tournament hockey game between two local high schools. >> "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan joins us from hatfield township police department where an investigation into the fight, is underway, cleve. >> reporter: good evening, ukee and nicole. hatfield township police were called out to the ice arena last night for that fight that left several players, from the central bucks west high school hockey team, injured, including one senior defenseman who had to go to the emergency room with multiple fractures to his face >> it was just, heart wrench ing, heart breaking, you just never think you will see your son like that.


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