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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 10, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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discouraging see kid even thinking about doing this to another teen. >> battered and bruised the 6:00 o'clock and here's is what happening. that teenager is recovering after getting beaten up during a hockey brawl. why some say this scene on the ice could have been prevented. police are looking into that fight, good evening everyone aim ukee washington. aim nicole brewer. jessica's off today. that brawl happened during a tournament hockey game between two local high schools. >> "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan joins us from hatfield township police department where an investigation into the fight, is underway, cleve. >> reporter: good evening, ukee and nicole. hatfield township police were called out to the ice arena last night for that fight that left several players, from the central bucks west high school hockey team, injured, including one senior defenseman who had to go to the emergency room with multiple fractures to his face >> it was just, heart wrench ing, heart breaking, you just never think you will see your son like that. >> reporter: mother as
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reaction after seeing her son 's face pummeled when a high school hockey game turned into a all out brawl. >> i ran down to the ice and to be honest, i didn't recognize him at first. that is how bolterd up he was. >> reporter: shawn phillips suffered a broken know, eye socket and laceration that required five stitches. it happened been in the final period of the flyers coupe playoff period between high school central bucks west and ridley. phillips say it was a premeditated attack. >> i overheard a couple of the kid on their team saying that a couple minutes or whatever, you will not play your next game. >> reporter: bucks goalie says coming out of the break he saw the whole thing unfold. >> dropping puck and they went right after him, they picked a guy out, singled him out and just started beating on him. >> reporter: this video captured chaos. have you seen video. >> yeah. >> what do you think seeing that video. >> it is disturbing. just sad. especially people in the stand
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cheering on their players to go after us. >> reporter: president for ridley hockey mike doland released a statement saying in part we are disgusted and appalled with the decisions of our players and in no way conn down their actions. we whole heartly apologize to central bucks west hockey players, coaching staff and parents for thins dent. bob and susan phillips want the hockey team, players and league held accountable. >> they stood there and squared off with our guys, i mean, that is goon hockey in my eyes and for high school, that is not something that should be. >> these are hockey clubs, that are not actually run by the high schools, and we don't have any word from them if there will be any sort of discipline for students. we reached out to the flyers, they said they would not comment on this ongoing investigation. so far, no charges. live from hatfield township i'm cleve bryan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you for that. from spring like temperatures to wintry conditions our region was hit with snow throughout the day. let's show you scene in
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northeast philadelphia just a short time ago. snow squall moved through the region causing a disruption to traffic. now, here's the scene, earlier today in bucks county in quakertown much of the snow accumulated on grass areas and at some point during the day snowfall caused poor driving conditions. and, snow fell throughout much of the lehigh valley today, "eyewitness news" in allentown where the snow was accumulating on trees, and even a few of the cars. we're in the done with the snow just yet, meteorologist kate bilo is keeping an eye on snow squals that are blowing through the area, i guess right now, kate. >> that is right, blowing is the right word because they come in quick, they move out quickly and when on top of you they can produce low visibility, strong wind and heavy snow, at lee for a short period of time, very heavy bursts of snow moving through lehigh valley, portions of south jersey as well seeing a snow squall or two. heaviest over burlington county moving in coastal ocean county right around little egg harbor and mulika you can see intense snowfall rates with this squall as it pushes
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toward shore points. a few more up in the lehigh valley snarling traffic along 78, 309, right along northeast extension of the turnpike as well, as these snow squals move through. they are quick hitting but be safe if you are outside traveling this evening, these will be around at least through 8:00 o'clock. reduced visibility, gusty wind and temperatures near freezing it is not fun to travel. leave space between yourself and car in front of you outside on the road tonight. recapping snow totals we had half a foot in lake harmony, and exton three and a half. we came in right at that one in mark in philadelphia snow did come down heavily in spots , and show you couple eyewitness cam photos from abington, chris ashworth sent this on twitter and see how heavy the snow was as it blanketed tree branches and i have to show you this one of my boys, they built a snow man all by themselves today and they are proud of it. we had enough snow to pack it in and make that snow man, you may have another chance next week. we will have more on potential nor'easter coming up in a bit,
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ukee. crewness olde city are covering a construction site where dozens of coffins were discovered. we were first to tell you about the discovery yesterday. now researchers are analyzing human remains found. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live at rutgers camden where he got a exclusive tour of the forensic lab, david. >> reporter: this was quite a story they reese mains were supposed to be removed from olde city by 1860 to another part of philadelphia, someone obviously didn't do their job, now folks here at rutgers are picking up the slack and they expect to be doing so for the next few weeks, at least. these phones are -- bones are at lee 200 years old and in a locked lab in rutgers camden. despite cold snap and morning snow dusting archaeologist where is back as sun rose, digging up more from the mid 1700's. >> weather will get war next week so we want to make sure that we, see while it is still
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workable that we are trying to finish up this project. >> reporter: kimberly moran is forensic archaeologist with rutgers university and met us at snowy site of the first baptist church burial ground. so far her collogues have uncovered three dones wooden coffins and hundreds of remains but snow slowed things down. >> some work is just not possible, it is just too muddy , some removal of the coffins we cannot subject it to these sorts of conditions. >> reporter: in many cases the coffins are in such bad shape that crews are recovering only skeletons. we cannot show you on television but many skeletons are in near perfect condition, one hat a full head of hair, moran calls the preservation remarkable. across the river in camden, moran took us to the forensic lab on the rutgers campus, bones and other small artifacts line table, this metal nameplate was discovered on one of the coffins. the crews hope to find out what it says. >> normally i'm dealing with murder investigations, dealing with people that have been dead for at most a couple of
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years and to get to work with bones a couple century as oldies really exciting. >> reporter: it is also possible i'm told that there could be more coffins in the ground but they have not been discovered yet. crew is here at rutgers university in camden they plan to discover the age, the race, and the sex of these people that passed away, almost 300 years ago. they believe the earliest could have been 1707. reporting live tonight, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you. search is on for cause of the house fire, that killed one person, and in schuylkill township chester county. fire started on the 500 block of valley forge road around 9:00 this morning. smoke, flames, badly damaged the house, authorities have not yet identified the victim. four other residents were not injured. disturbing allegations lawsuit accused a northeast philadelphia motel of providing rooms to human traffickers. today lawyers filed the lawsuit on behalf of a 17 year-old girl, it names the
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roosevelt inn, its manager, and the motel's owner. the victim says when she was 14 she was enslaved and forced to perform sex acts with men and motel provided rooms, to her traffickers. we talked to the motel manager and he denied thalgation. >> i don't know anything, no. >> you have to be blind, deaf, dumb not to know that 100 men are showing up over a period of a couple of days. >> the lawsuit is the first under pennsylvania's 2014 human trafficking law that allows victims of sex traffickers to sue hotels and motels where abuse occurs. former head of the philadelphia parking authority is cashing in again after leaving his job in the middle of sexual harassment scandal. vince finnerty will receive 10 years of health care coverage from the p pa based on his 300 unused sick days. that is on top of the five years of health care offered to p pa retirees hoff worked
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there for at rea decade. finnerty resigned last september after two women accused him of sexually harassing him. he collect more than $227,000 for unused time off, in addition to his city pension. hundreds of employees, at delaware county memorial hospital are back on the job, today, all of the hospitals 370 nurses and technicians went on strike sunday morning due to what they are calling quote unfair labor practices. the strike was supposed to last just two days but temporary workers that filled in for strikers had five day contracts. the hospital's owner says that it will continue contract negotiations, with the union on tuesday. new eagles are officially in the nest, bird just introduced their latest free agent additions, including two new receivers for carson wentz sports director don bell joins us from the novacare complex with what the players are saying about their new teammates, db? >> reporter: a lot of optimism in the air here at novacare complex, tonight meet and
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greet we met three new bird here today, we have some new details, by the way, within the last hour regarding alshon jeffery's contract it bonnies year deal worth 14 million. we report that had yesterday. we are finding out now that 8 million of it or so is guarantied, and the other six, or thereabouts, are based on incentive. it is not quite the cap hit we thought it would be. meanwhile torey smith coming from the 49ers. he has a three-year deal worth 15 million. he is excited, and looking forward to regain form that made him super bowl champion with the baltimore ravens. we met offensive guard by the name of chance warmack, this is a fun kid, we will love talking to him and these guys really talk about coming here because they liked the group and maturity of the carson wentz. >> sky limit with him. me and him text back and forth we said, my job toys help him, win the mvp, which is what i
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truly believe. sky's limit for him. he is a great quarterback. >> he has potential to get it done. to be able to play a guy and grow with him and help him in other ways i'm looking forward to it. >> this is a great team, great organization, they are on the rise. i feel like we can make some things happen here. i really mean that. that is what the organization and that is what the team in terms of the owe even if and defense, the personnel, everything clicking on all cylinders and i want to be part of that. >> al shon jeffery says he has been texting carson wentz and told carson he wanted to maim him an mvp. carson said i'm not worried about mvp, i want to win a championship. those guys are already building up a good rapport. that is situation here at know of care complex, i'm don bell, and ukee, we will see you later in sports. >> i like what i'm hearing, thanks, sir. john bon jovi is known forgiving back and now that the new jersey rocker is at it again. >> see how he is lending a
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hand to someone who has helped his band over the years. a missed opportunity to witness history why people planning to go to president trump's inauguration just received their invitations. what would make these people wait outside in the cold, today, how about free food, we will let you know where you can still go tonight , to grab a bite, for free. it is march madness, one day after the temperature hit the 60's, it is a frigid friday, and kate lets you know how long the chilly weather sticks around and tracking threat for more snow, coming up next week. we will be right
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as president trump enters the halfway point of his first 100 days in office a local man find out he had an opportunity to be there, on day one. john mcdevitt with our sister station kyw news radio has
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story about the inauguration invitation, that arrived too late. >> reporter: when mail carrier delivered mail to the rosemont home of retired radio traffic reporter john brown earlier this week, one piece was from washington d.c. >> it was, for the inauguration, it was, for the president and the vice-president, and they would like to have my presence, blah , blah, blah and i'm thinking just a little too late. >> reporter: invitation to the presidential inauguration on january 20th. >> i took a picture, put it on facebook and then all of a sudden we have people saying i got mine yesterday, i got mine a week ago and then everybody is telling me that they got their invitation. >> reporter: problem says there were 40 of his facebook friend also trump campaign supporters who got their invitations recently. >> i donated a couple of times , you know, once you donate once, you know, you start getting e-mails all the time but i did donate a couple
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times. it was ant lot of money. >> reporter: inauguration obviously over so john put it in the recycling bin and wheeled it to the curve. >> i just don't keep that stuff. >> reporter: there was no response from the press office or direct tweet to supporters just getting their invitations delaware county republican office was not aware of the late mailing. john mcdevitt for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". john bon jovi stepping up to help a musician recover from the medical crisis. he offered to match donations raised through go fund me page for joe doros he is a designer who has toured with bon jovi, fleet wood mack and others. he is recovering from the stroke and other complications after spinal surgery. the site has raised $56,000 so far. a new restaurant opened today offering free entrees and making a big donation to support the arts. >> folks lined up even in this blustery weather as mediterranean grill a new spot on market street.
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you can get a free entree until 9:00 tonight. restaurant is also giving back , 100 percent of today's sales will go to the capa foundation for supporting the philadelphia high school of creative and performing arts. >> win, win. >> yes, it is. >> but say wind. >> yes, or win. >> that is right, winter. winter ace back. >> yes, it is. >> it started with the snow and now here to stay for the next several days. as we head into next week we have another threat for snow and this one could be a much bigger system then the one we had this morning. mainly because temperatures will be colder and it is also a completely different type of storm, a coastal low as opposed to clipper with extra energy off the coast. lets look at is what happening outside, we will go outside to bethlehem where road are wet, that was great news about today's storm it made everything look beautiful but road really faired well. almost as though we had some snow melt, already down on the roads thanks to the warmth we have had, but you can see snow on the round, and there was over 4-inch that he is fell across lehigh valley today.
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storm scan three still shows scattered snow squals moving through much of the state of parks steady snow is over portions of coastal ocean county, down through mystic island toward atlantic city, slowing down traffic here on the atlantic city expressway and garden state parkway as well as traveling through, or headed that way. watch out for some slow downs, with that intense squall. good news is through the next couple hours you can see how these squals will die by 9:00 we may have a few scattered snow showers up the coast, by 11:00 skies are clear and it is clear, sunny but very cold tomorrow, our feels like temperature when you wake up tomorrow, well, here's midnight down to the single digits. by the time we wake up tomorrow morning mostly feeling like single digits once again at 7:00 a.m. at height of the afternoon no berth than the teens and lower 20's. temperatures, sub freezing, that is cold in and of itself but with the wind it will feel like around 20 degrees tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. overnight low tonight is 18, that is a full, 50 degrees colder then it was at 4:00 o'clock yesterday.
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thirty-six hours. we had 50-degree drop and temperatures are not going backup anytime soon, tomorrow 's high only 31, sunny , windy, bitterly cold. that cold will continue, and you can see another big push of cold air, monday into tuesday, and that is what our next potential storm will draw off of, and as it head our way headed in the end of next week we will start to see maryland racial, finally by friday, but here's our next snow threat. two pieces of energy will come together or phase off the coast heading in to next tuesday. question is when does that phase happen and where will actual track of the storm be. system will be dependent on the exact track. as of right now here's what we know, we have any to tuesday, two pieces of energy phasing, heavy snow is likely for at lee part of our area if not our entire area but the track of that low will determine location of heaviest snow. if the track is furthere it is heavy snow threat for coast. if it is inland it could could be a rain/snow situation. if the track is perfect for
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nor'easter it could mean heavy snow for all of us. it is just too soon to say. we will watch this through weekend very closely. stay tuned for updates, and really cold next week as well. >> all right, we are ready, thanks, kate. >> don bell joins with us a look what is coming up in sports. >> db? >> guys, pay back on the mind for villanova wildcats they will get set to take on set on hall tonight in the bige tournament championship, semi finals a preview from the garden coming up next in
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i'm don bell and welcome back to the novacare complex, earlier in the show we told butt eagles, now it is time to talk college hoops, a massive game tonight, up in madison square garden, leslie van arsdal has more. >> reporter: this is semi final round of the big east tournament you can see guys warming upright behind me, set on hall againstville know of, they who to this team in the final round of the big
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east tournament last year so villanova is out for revenge. i caught up with coach jay wright to talk about the keys to this teams success and why this tournament is such a big deal. >> seton hall team has given us trouble. for years. they just are a good match up for us. we expect a tough game. >> reporter: why is this so important for you guys. >> you know what, if you are a north east kid and all of the kid from our program are, just playing in madison square garden there is a history of the big east tournament, they have all watched it growing up , we all have and when you get here and to be part of it and feel this vibe, there is nothing like it. >> reporter: i'll tell you these guys are calm, cool, and very, very confident, which is just how jay wants them. reporting from madison square garden, leslie van arsdal for "eyewitness sports". leslie, thank you. we will go from the bige to the ivy league, all right. ivy league will now have a
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tournament championship. they are doing it this year for the first time ever in the conferences history, and penn is in this thing. they are in the final four of this conference championship and tomorrow they will take on rival princeton, and game is at the palestra. that is a semi final round, of this tournament. some people are upset because they, say hey, this game is in their backyard in their home court and they say listen, it is not that much of a advantage. >> kid are on break, in the like we will have 7,000 penn fans here. it is a great venue for college basketball. great way to celebrate our league. i think all of those things are what we look at, and obviously if it wasn't a great venue, i don't think anybody would consider to it put it on someone's home court. >> so penn, princeton, tomorrow at 1:30. that is story from the novacare complex i'm don bell back to you guys in the studio >> wall to wall hoops, love it
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, thanks, d. when we come back sneak peak is what coming up tonight on t
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"eyewitness news" returns at 10 on our sister station wp sg the cw philly and we will be back here at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", tonight the event of the u.s. travel ban on can inadequacies, jericka duncan reports on the hundreds of refugees illegally crossing
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the northern border seeking >> pelley: a strong jobs report. and the trump white house makes quick work of taking credit for the numbers. >> they may have been phony in the past, but it's very real now. >> pelley: also tonight, the marine corps common dant asks victims of the nude photo scandal to come forward. >> i'm going to ask them to trust us. >> pelley: former n.f.l. players accuse team doctors of violating federal drug laws to keep the players on the field. and steve hartman, at this school-- >> how you doing? >> pelley: the most valuable lessop of the day is taught at lunch. >> meeting somebody who actually cares and listens to what you have to say rll


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