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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 10, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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brutal fight breaks out at the end of a high school hockey game. hear from the young athlete. a voice worth waiting for this young woman reveals her hidden talent to "eyewitness news." price less reaction from people across the city >> a snow with day turns into a bitter night and the cold will linger, the wind will make it feel colder, good evening i think >> i'm nicole brewer. snow squalls made it difficult to get around. >> meteorologist kate bilo was tracking the blast and more snow could be on the way >> as we head to next week, we're tracking an even more powerful storm that could bring heavy snow to the area. here's a look at what fell. lake harmny came in with six inches of snow. burlington county two and a half
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inches and we hit the one inch mark exactly in philadelphia. the good news about today's to storm it didn't to stick to the roads and the warmer march sun made for melting. but watch for black ice and slick spots on walkways or sidewalks. still scattered snow showers. down into new jersey, just a few flakes moving through. nothing like the dangerous squalls we saw earlier but the winds picking up and now the cold is settling in. it's 23 in allentown. 24 in reading. it's only 30 in philadelphia. and these temperatures will continue to drop pretty steadily overnight. we're about 20 to 25 degrees colder now than we were at this time last night. by the time we wake up, it is going to feel like the single digits. i'll tell you how cold we can expect it to be this weekend. what the coldest part of the weekend will be and a major nor'easter could impact us next week. what does it mean for our area? the latest details coming up. >> we'll see you in a bit. police are investigating a
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deadly accident in oakland camden county. two vehicles collided head on on route 30. one person killed. four others injured. no word on their conditions. battered and bruised. police are investigating a hockey brawl involving local students, we're hearing from one of the two players injured. alexandria hoff is in ridley township with what students and parents are saying about the fight. alex? >> reporter: we've been here in ridley talking to residents and students all evening. there were a few people who told us they saw this as nothing more than kids playing dirty on the ice but a vast majority saw it as an uncalled for assault. >> you'd be hard pressed to find any local hockey fan who hasn't seen the disturbing footage >> wow, like that actually happened. >> it's sad. people in the stands cheering on the players to go after us >> in a profanity video shared on social media, four hockey
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players with ridley township are seen swinging at their opponents who out scored them 7-1 in the final period in the playoff game >> i around down to the ice and to be honest i didn't recognize him at first. >> reporter: shawn phillips suffered a broken nose, eye socket and laceration that required five stitches. he believes the attack was premeditated >> i overheard kids on the team saying that couple minutes you're not going to play your next team >> they singled him out and just started beating oh on him >> the president of ridley hockey released the statement to "eyewitness news" saying in part we're disgusted and appalled with the decision the of our manipulation and in no way condone at the actions we wholeheartedly apologize on the coaching staff and parents for this incidents >> fights were breaking out in
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the stands as well. >> this high school said while classmate reaction has been mixed >> you can see it's not the best look for a sport. it's unnecessary in the high school level. >> reporter: it's unclear what disciplinary action could be taken as the ridley hockey program is not directly affiliate wanted i the high school. live in ridley township, alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thanks. disturbing allegations, a lawsuit accuses a northeast philadelphia motel of providing rooms to human traffickers. lawyers filed the lawsuit on behalf of 17-year-old girl. names the roosevelt in and the owner. the victim said at 14 she was end slaved and forced to provide sex acts with men. we talked to the motel manager and he denied the allegations. >> i didn't see anything wrong.
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>> you have to be blind, deaf and dumb not to know that 100 men are showing up over a period of a couple of days. >> the lawsuit is the first under pennsylvania's 2014 human trafficking law. it allows victims of sex traffickers to sue hotels and motels for abuse kers crews in old city are undercovering a construction site where dozens of coffins were discovered. "eyewitness news" told you about this yesterday. researchers from rutgers are analyzing the remains. at least three dozen wooden coffins and hundreds of remains were found at the the site of the first adapt church burial ground but the weather slowed the team down >> some of the work is just not possible. too muddy. some of the removal of the coffins >> archeologists hope to identify the ace, age, race and gender. once the tests are completed
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they will be buried. president trump is marking his 50th day in office. the economy added 235,000 jobs in february. the first full month of his presidency. and the employment rate is down to 4.7%. this comes as the president is working to get congress behind a republican plan to repeal and replace the affordable care act. he met with republican lawmakers at the white house today. in a routine move during a change of administration, president trump asked for the resignations of 46 u.s. attorneys who were appointed during prior presidential administrations. they include new jersey's paul fishman and delawarely. fishman said it has been the gre greatest experience i could have imagined. having spent so much of my career working to protect the
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interest of the people of new jersey. i can't think of a greater form of public service. the villanova wildcats know how to keep fans on the edge of their seat >> they went head-to-head with seton hall >> this went down to the wire >> were you have those games back and forth they go in the final seconds. nearly a year ago to the day, the wildcats had their hearts broken in the big east title game. seton hall. the two meet again at the garden in nyc. they swept the pirates. nova trailed by one with 15 seconds left. kris jenkins, no good but there is josh hart. put back and the game high 19 points be nova up by two, pirates looking to tie. angel down low and in close and cannot get it to go. villanova advancing to the title game with a 55-53 win. they will play i believe it's
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create en in the championship game tomorrow afternoon. >> that was close. he was right there. >> my goodness. >> going to be kicking himself. >> the madness. let the madness begin for fans of college basketball. >> all the games are going on. it can be kind of difficult to focus. one expert says managers should actually embrace the next month. >> if it weren't in march madness before, villanova's epic win may have done the trick. >> everybody is excited. >> trying to watch as many as i can >> with the wildcats defending the title, many will find a way, even while at work. >> running into the conference room >> back in the old days, i used to put a little tv in my drawer. >> there's a lot of bathroom
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breaks. >> reporter: according to website wallet hub, it could cost companies 4 billion dollars in lot of productivity. which is why a lot of bosses say they want no part of it >> make it work and have more fun >> that's what we have vacation for. >> everyone is in on it >> look at the best places to work, places where people have fun >> dr. bill becker is a business professor specializes in workplace emotion and turn over, he says companies can benefit by celebrating the big dance. he says it can provide did incentives. >> if we can get the projects done thursday morning, let's get together and watch as a motivating tool in way to connect with employees. >> doing that shows the employees that the employer kind of interested in the well-being. everyone wants to party and march madness is fun
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>> it's a great opportunity to kind of accept that, embrace it and get used to those times when you do need those times. >> there you go. many agree happy employees make for more positive and happy work environments and in the end it can boost the company's performance. >> in 31 careers. >> putting it out there >> that's pretty good. >> countdown to the big tournament is on. selection sunday is this sunday and you can watch it here on cbs3 starting at 5:30 p.m. >> i feel a challenge, by the way. >> it's on. there are hidden talents all around us. >> sometimes you just need to listen. this woman's voice and her story is certainly worth waiting for. straight ahead at 11:00. we took her all over town to
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show off her amazing talent and wait until you see the reaction. a missed opportunity why some just received their invitation to the presidential inauguration. interview interrupted. a serious conversation turns adorable. what happened after this dad's kids crashed his moment on live tv a winter blast is blackning the region. a live look at downtown bethlehem. how cold will it
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residents got invitation to attend the presidential inauguration in washington, dc. the problem is the inauguration was january 20th. brown says there were about 40 of his facebook friends also trump campaign supporters who got invitations recently. >> took a picture of it put it on facebook and all of a sudden you have people saying, i got mine yesterday. i got mean a week ago. all of a sudden everybody is telling you they got their invitation. >> there was no response from the white house press office or direct tweet to president trump
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as to why supporters were getting their invitations. video of a bbc news live interview goes viral when it takes an unexpected turn. >> what lit mean for the wider region? >> at first robert kelly tries to move his daughter out of the view of the camera when another baby, this one in a walker comes into the room. suddenly a woman appears dragging the children out. trying to close the door. as he continues on with the interview. she's reaching, closing. that was wild. >> keep the kids out of the room. >> recently "eyewitness news" journalist dennis richardson was packing up his gear when he heard what he calls the voice of an angel coming from a nearby hallway >> dennis was moved by this woman's voice he asked if she would share it. she agreed and as you're about
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to see the reaction was amazing. ♪ >> i love different types of music and they all ignite a certain type of emotion. right now, i'm working on the weekends at a gym connected to the studio. i'm sweeping the floors, wiping up the equipment, picking up the trash. i got to start prospecting for colleges, i decided that's something i wanted to do. that's when i officially started getting vocal training. ♪ when you're talking about
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anything different language for that matter. there's a lot that goes into it. ♪ the when i sing music is just beautiful. ♪ coming up to me, am i doing anything with my voice >> it's wonderful to hear your voice echoing and the way you controlled it. i'm moved to tears. >> thank you so much. i'm glad i could make that happen. >> i want to be able to make my
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own decisions about music. when it's time to write. it's something that washes over me like a wave. >> that's awesome. to you hear that? ♪ >> i don't know who you are. my god. something good is going to come out of that. >> it happens. i believe that anyone else can do this, anyone can do this. ♪
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>> i remember the name. sell lee na has five more classes left. she also wants to have a diverse skill set. many thanks to dennis for putting that together and to have the ear >> to see the people's reaction. >> there's something powerful about the voice and that connection. >> need that day today. such a nice thing to hear when you're busy going about your day >> kate got the forecast and you're looking down the road. quite a bit now the weekend is pretty quiet. it's going to be brutally cold but quiet. next week, not so quiet. we're in line for a potentially major snowstorm. this will come starting late monday but it's really tuesday that we're focusing on. tuesday morning through the midday and afternoon hours would be the height of the storm.
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and it's looking more and more likely that at least part of the area if not the entire area could see major snowfall in some spots possibly upwards of a foot. it's a little too early to talk about amounts. every model is coming in with more and more consistency but this is going to be a major nor'easter. for us, and much of the northeast next week. let's start talking about the near, we'll talk about that in a moment. let's show you a live look. you can see the roads clear. there will be slick spots and icy spots on the sidewalks. anything that was wet or slushy will refreeze please be safe when you head outside. don't want to slip and fall. you can see stormscan 3 we got a few to scattered snow showers r moving through. bethlehem looking quiet. stormscan 3 show as few. you can see over south jersey couple bans mainly flurries none of the dangerous snow squalls we saw earlier. it will be a quiet night. right now, feels no better than the teens outside and starting
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to feel like single digitses. when we wake up it will feel like the single digits pretty much everywhere. with winds gusting to 2530's. it will feel like the low 20's, just as cold if not colder as last weekend. that's going to help feed into the next system. you can see it's a drop of 50 over 36 hours, it was 68 at 4:00. expected to be 18 at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. the cold settles in for the weekend. we watch the fresh injection of arctic air right here you see this cold that's what our next storm will tap into as it moves up the coast tuesday. it's a pretty complex scenario as we get into tuesday. one piece of energy dives south. and another piece forms along the company. . then we watch these two phase together. the question, what we need to be watching for, where does that
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phase happen and where does the track of the logo? if it's further inland there can be mixing issue towards the city. if it's further out to sea, we talk about heavy snow, i was but it could be every time along the coast. depends on the track. as of now, heavy snow, six to 12 plus is likely for at least part of our area if not the whole thing. the track will determine the location of the heaviest snow. we are watching for the threat for mixing issues. precipitation type issues will there be rain mixing in? sleet? common nor'easter threats like strong gusty winds and coastal erosions. that's tuesday to mark on your calendars if you have plans tuesday, definitely want to think about starting to make some adjustments to those. you can see how cold it will be through next week and we will keep you posted. >> thank you, kate. don >> hello and welcome, time to meet alshon jeffrey.
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details on his one-year contract. and you got to have heart. josh hart led
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villanova wildcats will play in the big east title game. recapping one of the top stories, two minutes left. jalen brunson had 13 points, cats gaining the lead. trail by one with 15 seconds. that's josh hart with a rebound. he had a game high 19 and nova up by two. pirates angel down low making the move. no. in the wildcats winning 55-53. take on
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>> i caught up with josh after the game >> it's about detail. it's about, you know, the world, and that's got to take time. you know, it's the business. >> how good does this one feel >> it feels amazing to be able to play tomorrow, live on for another day. it's always amazing. it's a tough team like that. setan hall came in early and we challenge each other. and to battle like that. it's amazing. hoping we can do it. >> reporter: it wasn't pretty but a win is a win. villanova gave it everything they have and that's what villanova basketball is about. up next the big east final back here tomorrow. reporting from madison square
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garden, lesley van arsdale. alshon jeffrey soft-spoken but admits that the changes once he puts the pads on. the eagles introducing big target wide receiver, it has been widely reported he signed a one year $14 million deal. according to reports the contract is worth nine and a half guaranteed with 4.5 in incentives. either way he believes philly is it is the place to be. >> i think this was best opportunity for me >> for us we thought it was great opportunity to get a player who's extremely talented and has something to prove. and wanted to be here. he is in the prime of his career. player. there we go. >> appreciate it. where you will
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♪ judging by the weather. spring pay seem far away, but in one part, spring is already sprung. >> the philadelphia flower show opens tomorrow at the pennsylvania convention center. this year is holland, the philadelphia flower show runs through march 19
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it's the late stow with stephen colbert followed by the late late show with james cordon. for kate, don, jessica, i'm ukee washington >> i'm nicole brewer, we've always on at >> have a great weekend. good night family and sleep well.
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