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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 11, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EST

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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. a hockeyball between high school students. fists fly on the ice. hear from the young athletes who suffered the worse injuries. brace yourselves as you step out the door this morning, a deep freeze is setting in for our weekends and we're watching the threat after nor'easter next week. bitter cold, but a sure sign of spring inside the pennsylvania convention center. we're live with what you can expect to see on opening day of the philadelphia flower show. >> today is saturday, march 11. good morning, i'm jan carabeo. a cold and windy start out there today. so let's get right over to meteorologist, justin drabick with the forecast this saturday morning, justin, tell me how many days until spring? it can't come soon enough.
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>> going toward spring but back with the temperatures, crazy, today we struggle to get to freezing, 20 degrees below average, we usually see 50 this time of year. then talking late season snowstorm. >> little depressing. >> we'll get through it, though, spring has to arrive, but certainly not any time soon. looks like we're locked into the cold pattern for the next couple of days. snow lovers what you wanted back in the middle of winter but just didn't have it. quiet this morning, no problems headed outside, unlike yesterday, we had the snow falling. but center city right now mostly clear, see clouds builds in later this morning, into the afternoon. 21 degrees though. airport northwest winds at 14, feeling like 8 degrees. temperature spreading from the single digits into the mountains, the mid 20's near the coast, 24 degrees in wildwood, inbetween the suburbs, pretty cold upper teens, willow grove, 16 pottstown, 16 in doylestown. there are the winds speeds out of the northwest ten to 15 miles per hour, increase little bit this morning, and gust think afternoon, we have to focus on the windchills
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again, just like last weekends, single digit right now what it real feels like on exposed skin. minus 12 mount pocono, little bet they are afternoon. sunshine today, notice most during the morning hours, into the afternoon few clouds start to build in, windy day, high near 32 for philadelphia, 33 at the shore, poconos, struggle to get to the high of 20 degrees. signs of spring though, remember tonight, make sure you turn the clocks ahead one hour before go to sleep. daylight saving time begins tomorrow. sunset tomorrow night coming in at 7:04. i'll let you know when things finally warm up. more on that potential nor'easter coming up in a few minutes. >> justin, thank you. >> new this morning, a 13 year old boy has been shot in a chinese restaurant, happened late last night goldfish near 20th street and hunting park avenue in philadelphia's nicetown neighborhood. police say the teen was talking with friends inside when a man walk up to him, shot him in the head, ran
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away. now in critical condition, police are checking surveillance video. >> a single car crash in montgomery county has seriously injured four people, this crash happened on black rock road in second avenue in upper providence, after 2:00 this morning, the cause of the accident is now under investigation. and investigators are trying to determine what caused a fatal head-on crash in camden county, a truck and suv collided along route 30, near capitol avenue, in oakland last night. one person died, four others were hurt, no word on their conditions this morning. >> fight broke out at the end after high school soccer game now the center of a police investigation. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff talked to one of the victims and found out what students and parents are saying about the fight. >> you would be hard pressed to finds any local hockey fan who hasn't seen the disturbing footage. >> wow like that actually happens. >> bad, people in the stands cheering on the players to go after us.
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>> in a profanity video shared on social media, four hockey players from ridley township are seen swinging after central bucks west high school opponents out scored them seven to one in the final period of thursday's flyers cup playoff game. >> i ran down to the ice, and i didn't recognize him at first. >> central bucks player sean suffered broken nose, eye socket, laceration that required five stitches. he believes the attack was premeditated. >> i overheard couple of kids on their team saying that you won't play your next game. >> took a guy out, hold him out, started beating on him. >> the president of ridley hockey released a statement to "eyewitness news," saying, in part, we are discusted and appalled at the decisions of our players, and in no way
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condone their actions. >> fights were braking out in the stands as well as on the actual ice. >> this ridley high school student says that while classmate reaction has been mixed? -- >> you can see, it is not a look for a sport. it is unnecessary at the high school level. >> it is unclear what disciplinary action could be taken, as the ridley hockey program is not directly affiliated with the high school. reporting in ridley township, alexandria hoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> well the villanova wildcats advance to the biggies title game after a close one against seton hall. josh heart scored 19 points including the game winning basket with 99.6 seconds left in the game. suspense lasted up until the buzzer, age he will delgato leading rebounds err mess add shot from point blank range with one second left. villanova wins this 155 to -- 56 to 63. face drayton the title this evening evening.
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tomorrow night we will find out which one of your favorite teams is going to the ncaa men's basketball tournament. it is selection sunday. watch it here on cbs-3 starting at 5:30 p.m. mother nature may addition agree, but spring is in full bloom here in philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter anita, live at pennsylvania convention center this morning where the philadelphia flower show is opening this morning. hi, anita. >> hi, there, jan. one of my favorite events to cover each year, this philadelphia flower show, if you've never been to holland, the good news holland is coming to you. >> this year's theme for the philadelphia flower show is holland flowering the world. there are 30,000 tulips alone here in the entranceway of the pennsylvania convention center. see one of my favorite parts here, this is colored canopy of 6,000 flowers, fresh cut and dried, and all different colors, it is beautiful here. joining me now is alex joffe of the pennsylvania
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horticultural society. allen, this is all about holland's beauty, ingenuity. how did you come up with the scene this year? >> sort of no brainer for us, holland is one of the countries that's known for its horticulture, so the hotter culturing society with planned, and so is holland. thing about doing this for couple of years now. so over the past year working with the dutch government, dutch designers. >> wow. >> to bring a taste of the netherlands to philadelphia. >> here it is, absolutely stunning. i'm amazed, i basically want to sleep under this canopy here. >> a lot of people want to, yes. >> absolutely. so we have echo dome over here. we have tons of different exhibits. what else can people find here today? >> finds a lot of wonderful experiences at the shore this year. we have a market where people can buy products, imported and domestic, related to the netherlands, wonderful food of course, and wonderful gifts in the marketplace. >> some guda cheese?
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>> yes, and delicious, you know, dutch beers are here. but if you're new attraction, and after you walk around through the exhibit you can go and get refreshments, get pam heard, get a massage, make some pope or i, have aroma therapy, create essential oils, lot of wonderful experiences at the show this year. >> sounds amazing, i might head over there. but where are the proceeding. >> proceeds for the show go to the pennsylvania horticultural society. they help us do what we do year around, which is, making a difference in the landscape and changing people's lives. we do that in a number of different ways, we create community gardens and support them to raise food for those people that don't have access to healthy food. we plant trees all over the region, to approve the environment, beautify our wonderful public spaces along the parkway, gateways for the city, and we clean up the vacant lots, take care of them, and help revive
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neighborhoods. >> thank you so much, allen. you heard it here. you can check it out yourself, for members the doors will open at 8:00, for non-members the doors open at 11:00. >> anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> anita, sure is gorgeous down there. thank you. and just reminder, the philadelphia flower show opens today and runs through march 19th at the pennsylvania convention center. >> well president trump is marking his 50th day in office with a positive jobs report. and the president is continuing to press for the republicans new healthcare plan. cbs news correspondent weijia jiang reports. >> president trump hosed gop lawmakers working to replace obamacare. >> and the plan empowers individual americans to buy the health insurance that is right for them, not the plan forced on them by government. >> on thursday evening, he invited group of republicans, many of whom oppose his ban to the white house basement, for bowling, and pizza. >> i think he is making fools
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of his own people, quite frankly. you don't agree philosophically in what the legislation is, let's go bowling at the white house, okay? come on. >> but the big story of the day at the white house was a very positive jobs report. nearly a quarter million jobs were create in the february. and the unemployment rate dropped to 4.7%. how much, just year ago, candidate trump blasted the obama administration's numbers. >> don't believe those phony numbers when you hear 4.9 and 5% unemployment. the numbers probably 28, 29, as high as 35, in fact, i even heard recently 42%. >> friday white house spokesman sean spicer saying a different tune. >> may have been phony in the past, it is very real now. >> friday also marks six days since the president accused former president obama of wiretapping trump tower during the 2016 campaign. >> when reporters asked him
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about it, the president did not respond. >> weijia jiang, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news." and in a routine move during a change of administration, president trump and u.s. attorney general, jeff sessions, asked for the resignations of 46us attorneys who were appointed during prior presidential administrations, they include new jersey's paul fishman and delaware's carl oberly. that will statement fishman says it has been the greatest professional experience that i can possibly imagine to have served in this office for the past seven and a half years. i've to having spent so much of my career working to protect the interests of the people of new jersey, i can think of no greater form of pun service. still ahead here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news," we spring forward tonight. that means losing a hour of sleep this weekend. up next, right here on "eyewitness news," this morning, the new research that says many of us aren't getting enough sleep as it is. plus changes to airport pat-downs, security officials
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say it is all to keep travelers safe. why some are saying the pat down's go too far. and an interview interrupted. children surprise their father during a live appearance on tv. we're right back to show you who else was spotted on camera. you don't want to miss
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>> back now on "eyewitness news," video posted to social media shows emergency crews responding to a dangerous incident at boston's logan airport friday night.
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officials say a worker was injured when a de-icing truck collided with an iraq airlines plane. passengers on board that plane watched it all happen. >> the wing clipped the guy de-icing the plane, and the host got wrapped up in his legs, and pulled him off. >> the dude in the basket there, you know, he was dangling, dangling, it was un believable. >> now no one on board that plane was hurt. but the passengers were taken off the flight and sent back to the terminal. >> now to some news about changes at airport security lines. the tsa has created one standards cards eyes procedure for those opting out of using the body scanners or if they set off a de tech tore. the change comes after a report found major security lapses all around the country. as nicole brewer reports, some travelers say the pat-downs go too far. >> reporter: at times air
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travel can be a hassle. >> tsa check point, take off your shoes, your belt, pull all metal items off. >> it can get back up. >> have to have a lot of patience these days. >> most passengers agree also the greater good. but not everyone on board with the newly launch more comprehensive tsa screening procedure. >> make sure we're safe. but also they don't realize what they are doing. it can be inapropriate touching. >> tsa will use more rigorous universal pat down procedure instead of allowing employees to choose from variety of screening options. >> as in the past it will be performed by agent of the same gender and include selves tip areas such as breasts, groin and the buttocks. >> got three daughters and a wife and, you know, the thought of one of them being rigorously patted down is not very comfort too long me. >> change follows report that criticized parts of the tsa screening process for failing to detect handguns and other weapons. >> i'm sorry, but i would
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rather be safe. i don't see any harm in it. >> that is a trade off to the safety, you know, but there are some boundaries as far as, you know, just basic human rights, you know, places that you shouldn't be touched and things of that nature. >> if you you are select today receive a pat-down or opt into the procedure you have a right question to request public or private area for the screening, you may also have a witness present. nicole brewer, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." turning now to the eyewitness weather forecast, justin, not only is it cold out there today, but also looking forward to another possible snowstorm? >> note snowstorm it, happens. march we think about big one, 1993 super storm. that will line up on the same day. >> no kidding. >> same time period. looks like decent nor'easter potential for our region. so we have to watch. still a lot of things as far as the tracking the time willing, and what exactly we do see for the threat. but will stay cold. average high 50, 51, won't even see the 50's probably at
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least a week and a half at this point, maybe longer, have to depends, see how the pattern sets up. poconos are loving this. taking advantage of the colds arctic air in place, big boulder cranking out the snow, with this forecast, coming up, no problem staying open until april if they want to. with ideal snow making conditions and the potential for some more natural snow. so here are the headlines, looking on tap on the menu, extended arctic blast, talking highs stuck in the three's, pretty much for the next seven days or so. like i said, not even close to 50 degrees for awhile. so feels like the middle of winter, january, actually much colder, running good 20 degrees below average, and we have to watch the potential nor'easter threat for next week specially monday night into tuesday at this point. so here is the set up. just like last weekends, if you remember, saturday, we had the jet stream dropping to the south, still a lot of cold air in canada, deep snow pack, able to seep southward, that's a trough, dip in the jet stream stay in place over the jet stream the next few days. colds air isn't going anywhere. that's why.
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time it out with the nor'easter potential, easy chance to see snow for part of the region. nineteen in cherry hill, 23 in the capitol city of delaware at this hour. swedesboro coming in at 20 degrees. so cold everywhere. look at that, teens now showing up 16 degrees, 18 malvern, gets cooler the further north you g mount pocono checking in at 7 degrees, half the battle. we have the winds can be kicking up, windchill values are feeling like the single digits in lot of locations, 8 degrees in philadelphia, eight in wilmington, minus 12 mount pocono. apparently full on winter weather gear. by mid-morning still running single digits, mid teens for the windchill values, by the afternoon, things started leveling offer into the low 20's, so nonetheless just down right cold day, probably want to be inside, and then evening, headed outside once again, windchills dropping into the teens. tomorrow morning, little better. because the winds backs off little bit. still scold. windchills hanging out mid 20's through the afternoon hours. here's what's happening.
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not much. cold flow coming in out of the northwest, lake effect snow showers, central bucks and pennsylvania, have sunshine today, few clouds build up for the afternoon, system to the south and west, that passes by to the south. through the weekends. so no threat of any precipitation today or tomorrow. here is the set up. yesterday's storm moving across northern atlantic ocean, high pressure builds back in for later today into tomorrow. that locks in dry, pushing the storm system to the south. then we watch the next disturbance come in off the pass i can i can sunday, by moon day afternoon central us, tries to develop a coastal storm. that's likely on the carolinas, later monday night into tuesday. so tuesday threat, likely we will see some heavy snow for parts of the area where that's still the question. all about the track. again, this storm hasn't formed yet, right now, so virtual storm. but even mention any numbers as far as snowfall amount, also going to be watching the potential for rain-snow line. could be sleet/rain mixed in, but nonetheless, high winds
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expected with any time you get coastal storm. today though windy, cold, partly sunny, 32 degrees, high temperature tonight very cold again at 20. extended forecast, like january, nothing but 30's. we have the snow threat on tuesday. and stays cold all the way through next friday, jan. >> unfortunately. thank you, justin. as we spring forward this weekend, many of us will lose an hour of sleep. but feeling a little sleep deprived is nothing new for many people, myself included. jim donovan takes a look at a new survey from career builder, which finds most american workers are not getting enough shut eye. >> john hand forward heads to work most days feeling a little tired. >> i would say six hours of sleep if i'm luck. >> i adults supposed to get eight hours of sleep each night. new survey by career builder finds one in five workers actually reaches that goal. that means, millions are working on too little sleep, and most say it has an impact on their jobs. in the survey, people say, being tired makes them less
5:22 am
pro deck tough, less motivated, also affect their memory and makes them crab. >> i do you feel like the whole days going by, and you just can't wait to get to sleep that night. >> many people can't escape work even when they're sleeping. 56% of people say they dream about work, one in ten says it happens often. >> i'll have nightmares that i forgot a deadline, or i have something that was due. >> and half of those surveyed say thinking about work keeps them up at night. >> now the study also found one in five workers have called out sick, just so they could catch up on sleep. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> well, this one is hilarious. video of a bbc news live interview goes viral when it takes an unexpected turn. >> and what will it mean for the wider region? >> so at first robert kelly tries to move his daughter out of the way out of the view that far camera, when another baby comes rolling in, one in a walker, that baby just
5:23 am
barges into the room, and then suddenly you see a woman appears dragging the kids out, closing the door, as the man continues on with the interview. i had tears welling in my eyes yesterday when i saw this one. you never know what's going to happen on live tv specially when children are involved. all right, still ahead, taking you behind the scenes of what's new in theatres this weekends. >> i'm kevin frazier, coming up, mysterious islands where they encounter legendary
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whom i wood favorite april is back on the big screen this weekend. entertainment tonight kevin frazier takes us behind the
5:26 am
scenes of kofg skull island. >> this week, king kong is back when group of explorers led by ted, john toy island home, they discover that he's not the only monster living on kong skull island. >> is that a monkey? >> oh, he is more than a monkey. that's legendary king kong back in action in kong skull island. the movie stars tom head he will stone, samuel l. jackson ... group of explorers who discover the remote island and the strange creatures that inhabit it. >> and this kofg is bigger and badder than ever, which can be trick toy con vein when you're just an actor looking up at an april that isn't there. >> it is pure acting. you just have to stand there and imagine that you're looking at something that isn't actually there. like pick the tallest tree, and then you just literally
5:27 am
part of your imagination. >> then you just have to imagine that giant press historic april is standing in the way. >> king around here. >> but it wasn't all work for the cast. they shot in exotic locations like australia, hawaii, viet nam, with three tour guides and facing fears in the process. >> holding baby cue old a's, giant snakes. >> yes, we held giant snakes. >> she over came her fears of koala's. >> no, i was not afraid of koala's, i was a little bit afraid of snakes. did i overcome it. >> for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier, now, back to you in the studio. >> still ahead on the next half hour here on "eyewitness news," new technology is changing the way some paramedics responds to emergencies, in south jersey. we will show you how it works. >> and keeping our eyes on the weather. after a storm yesterday, we are in store for a bitter cold weekend. and next week, could bring even more snow.
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we are back in a moment.
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>> live in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> hundreds of, hundreds years olds, i'm david spunt, the local lab where archeologists are finds being more. >> waking to up bitter cold weather, ran could usher in more snow next week.
5:31 am
windmills, good a, bikes, i'm anita oh, at the philadelphia flower show. we're taking you to holland next. >> sure is beautiful. good morning, i'm jan carabeo. let's get straight over to meteorologist, justin drabick, with the eyewitness forecast, saturday morning, justin, being kind to you, not sending you out on the skydeck because it is freezing and winds. >> i appreciate that. thank you so much producers for hooking me up today. but yes, it is staying cold. talking about mid winter conditions for several days. not just a day or two. and we're locked in the cold pattern. yep, still talking about the threat for some snow. could happen. it is march, still average two, 3 inches of snow for the month, but we could easily beat that number with pretty strong storm. see how things play out. still a lot of things undetermined at this point. we know the colds air is locked in place throughout the weekends, at least this weekend it is staying nice and driment waking up, two; the actual number in philadelphia, 17 in allentown, trenton
5:32 am
seven, up in mount pocono, mid teens doylestown, 16 degrees in quakertown, 19 in mt. holly. now we have the winds to deal with now, as well, so headed outside walking the dog, getting the morning bike ride, that jog, yes, throw on the winter weather gear, 14-mile per hour sustained winds in philadelphia makes it feel like eight on exposed skin, 12 in wildwood at this hour. minus 12 up in the poconos, cranking out the snow. so they have keep plans this weekend you will be dealing with colds and windy conditions. storm system will pass to the south tomorrow maybe bring in few clouds, that's about it, today single digit windchills this morning, will feel like the teens, about 20 this afternoon with the gusts to up about 35 miles per hour, but our temperatures today, about 20 degrees below average. we should be in the lower 50's, will struggle to make it to the low 30's, remember tonight, standard time comes to ends, daylight saving time begins at 2:00 a.m. turn the clocks ahead one hour before you go to bed. sunsets tomorrow night, 7:04. colds weekends, 32 today for
5:33 am
the high, 36 tomorrow. talk about more about that potential snow for next week coming up in eyewitness wet near few minutes, back to you. >> thank you, crews in olds city are covering a construction site, where dozens of coffins were discovered this week. "eyewitness news" was the first to tell you about the discovery on thursday. now, researchers are analyzing the human remains that were found. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt takes us on an exclusive tour of the rutgers camden forensic lab. >> these bones are at least 200 years old. and now, they're in a locked lab at rutgers in camden. despite the colds snap, and morning snow, archeologists back as the sun roast, digging up more coffins from the mid 1700s. >> apparently the wet letter get even worse next week, we really want to make sure that, you know, while it is still workable, that we're trying to finish up this progging. >> kimberly moran the forensic archeology, and met us at the snowy site of the first baptist church burial grounds.
5:34 am
so far her colleagues have uncovered at least three dozen wooden coffins, and hundreds of remains, but the snow slowed things down. >> some of the work is just not possible. it is just too muddy. some of the removal of the coffins, we can't do, we can't really subject it to these sorts every conditions. >> in many cases the coffins are in such bad shape that crews are recovering only skeletons. we can't show you on television. but many of the skeletons are in near perfect condition. one had a full head of hair. moran calls the preservation remarkable. across the river in camden, moran took us to the forensics labs on the rutgers campus, bones and other small artifact line tables, this metal name plate was discovered on one of the coffins. crews hope to be able to find out what it says. >> normally i'm dealing with murder investigations, i'm dealing with people that have only been dead for at lows couple of years. and to get to work with bones that will couple of centuries olds is really really exciting. >> the work on the campus of rutgers university in camden
5:35 am
continues, analysts hope to identify the age, the race, and the sex of some of those remains. reporting at rutgers university, david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> disturbing allegations now, a law student accuses northeast philadelphia motel of providing rooms to human traffickers. lawyers filed the lawsuit on behalf of the 17 year old girl, it names the roosevelt inn, its manager, patel, and the motel's owner, victim said when she was just 14 years old she was enslaved and forced to perform secretaries acts with men and the motel provided rooms for her traffickers. woe talked to the motel manager, he denied the allegations. >> you have to be blind, deaf and dumb not to know that a hundred men are showing up over appeared of a couple of days. >> now the lawsuit is the first under pennsylvania's
5:36 am
2014 human traffi trafficking l, allows victims of sex traffickers to sue hotels and mo tells where abuse occurs. >> a pennsylvania mother pleaded not gold medalist i in the killing of her adopted teenage daughter. sarah packer appeared in bucks county courtroom for her formal arraignment. authorities say packer and her boyfriend, jacob sullivan, killed 14 year old grace packer back in july. her body was found months later in luzerne county. jacob sullivan will be arraigned on march 31, if convicted the couple could face the death penalty. and jury selection resumes next week in the eric frein murder trial. frein is accused every killing a pennsylvania straight trooper, and wounding another, as bloom inning grove barracks in pike county back in 2014. due to all of the media coverage the case, jury selection gannon thursday, the trial expected to last for a month. >> new technology in south jersey helping paramedics responds to medical emergencies faster. "eyewitness news" reporter
5:37 am
greg argos shows us what the new technology could mean for the entire region. if you've her to call 911 for a medical emergency, in all likelihood the paramedics were dispatched from a central location. but virtua is changing,. >> definitely saving lives. >> using historical data from past 911 calls, fact org the time of day, even considering current weather and traffic issues, virtua computer system can now predict when and where an emergency may happen. >> we have been able to use that to deploy or fleet in the most effective way possible to get to those calls the fastest when they occur. >> think of this new system like a weather map for emergencies. the darker the colors these purple and reds, the more likely there is to be a 911 call. >> responding for cardiac. >> virtua 13 paramedic units
5:38 am
have gps locations, cover camden and burlington counties and dis patch ers at centralized location keep track of the ever changing map. >> the predict tiff model changes every ten minutes. >> with that comes shuffling of sort, between available units. it is all in an effort to reduce response times. >> just two weeks ago we had an area that appeared to be purple on that screen, high predict tiff likelihood after call. >> and save lives. >> within months of them being there, 911 call came in. they were able to respond to that call in less than two minutes. >> in south jersey, greg argos, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> hundreds of employees at delaware county memorial hospital are back on the job. all of the hospitals 370 nurses and technicians went on strike sunday morning, because of what they called unfair labor practices. the strike was supposed to last just two days, but temporary workers who filled
5:39 am
in for the striking workers had five day contract. the hospital's owner said it will continue contract negotiations with the union on tuesday. well, do not let today's weather fool you. spring is just about a week away now. and the philadelphia flower show could be what gets you in the mood for the change every seasons. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, liver at the pennsylvania convention center this morning where the show is about to open in just a few hours now. hi, anita. >> reporter: good morning, jan. well welcome to my new home. i decided i'm moving in because it is just that beautiful here at the pennsylvania convention center. let me show you what some of you you will and able to see today. a bike fountain, one of the most amazing things i've seen here, although the creativity here sends less, theme of this year's flower show is holland flowering the worlds. of course, this is focusing on holland beauty and ingenuity and this is a perfect example, you can see the bike's handles, and this is one of the fountains here. moving along, though, we have
5:40 am
30,000 tulips just in entranceway here at the pennsylvania convention center alone. holland personal favorite of mine. this is absolutely stunning. around the corner here see echo dome. again, this is really focusing on ecological innovation in holland, bringing that right here to philadelphia. so these are some of the exhibits that you'll be able to touch today. you can also check out a spa here for some relaxation, if you get tired walking around, all of the exhibits here at the convention center, also guda cheese and other dutch items that you can expect. but of course, a lot of these beautiful exhibits, you will not want to miss. the money and all of the benefits will go toward the pennsylvania horticultural society and their year around efforts that they plan and do. so if you want to check out the philadelphia flower show today, it will open at 8:00 for members, and the
5:41 am
doors will open at 11:00 for monday-members. live at the pennsylvania convention center, anita oh,. >> really is a photographer's dream down there. >> it is, amazing. >> all to yourself right now. so enjoy it. >> i know, i'm going to move in, i told you. >> thanks, and eat a there is still so much more on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this saturday morning. >> descendents of harriet tub man say the new railroad center a moving tribute to her life. i'm craig boswell. i'll take you on a tour coming up. >> medical marijuana may be good for some health issues, but new research shows there are dangers that doctors never really looked at before. we're back in just a
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at enterprise, we guarantee it. next vehicle purchase? head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one.
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>> new visitors center opens this weekend, same area where tubman was born a slave, where she later returned to help free others along the underground railroad. craig boswell has the story from church creek, maryland. >> dozens of harriet tubman family members attended emotional opening ceremony. >> i'm here to bring the family back together. >> and the ribbon cutting for the new underground visitors center in is in honor of her, her service, recognizing what she did. >> the center sits on land, tub man new as a child, and navigated as an adult. >> i want them to feel it, and see it, and experience it. >> tubman born no slavely just
5:45 am
5 miles from here, and fled to freedom up when she was 27. she repeatedly risk her life returning to help free other slaves using a network of pathways and safe houses. the underground railroad. >> this section here is about slavery in dorchester county. >> the exhibit tells the story. >> this river raid section strikes me the most. >> that's when tubman became the first woman to lead union troops on an armed raid. >> they freed 720 to 800 people. one of the largest emancipation events in us history. >> kate clifford larson was the historian. >> we had a mission to tell the truth. >> how she endured the brutality of her bondage, and endured her own war against slavery. >> she lived it, endured it, came out of it, and still continues to inspire people around the world. >> in church creek maryland, craig boswell, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." and turning now to the eyewitness weather forecast, justin, that cold air out there this morning really hit you like a ton of bricks.
5:46 am
>> nasty out. i remember march, we had days like there is but this is 20 degrees below average. so the farthest we've been from the average, coldest departure this winter. so pretty impressive late season cold blast, trying to think of warm thoughts here, i'm show you the beach here, rehoboth beach, getting ready for nice sunrise, temperatures, down to the 20's, nobody out on the boardwalk at this hour, but at least we'll have sunshine around today and tomorrow. more signs every spring, spring officially does arrive, monday marks the 20th of vernal equinox, aligns itself with the equator, have 12 hours, nine minutes every daylight on the first day of spring. however, though, looks like we will see potential snowstorm before we reach that day, got to remember tonight, make sure to turn the clocks ahead one hour as daylight saving time begins, tomorrow morning, at 2:00 a.m. sunset sunday evening will be after 7:00. remember, we lose the hour of sleep. 17 degrees in allentown right now, 21 in philadelphia, mid two's near the coast in wildwood at this hour.
5:47 am
there is a lot of cold air just to the north and west. nine in minneapolis, 11 in alpena, michigan, cold air mass, kinds of sits over us for the next several days. really not going to moderate much. we may hit the upper 30s early next week, but the coal air is in place, just in time for potential nor'easter that develops early next week giving us the threats for snow, potential i have snow for marts of the mid-atlantic and northeast, talk about that a little bit. but still a lot of things have to come together, a lot of uncertainty in the forecast. windchills, rough, seven in allentown, minus ten in mount pocono, what it feels like, what we're dealing with morning, strong gusty winds, you can see the flow coming in out of the northwest, lake effect snow showers western new york, do have some snow showers over the central us. that's storm that's going to pass by to the south tomorrow, maybe just bring in few clouds this weekend, days on the dry side. so we're protected by high pressure. cold high pressure coming out of canada. even with little sunshine today, won't help temperatures that much at all.
5:48 am
we struggle to near freezing. still trial -- dry, sunday afternoon, then starts it drift off shore. we get disturbance in off the pacific. starts to move into the midwest later monday. enough energy with that to form a storm right along the coast, so should start to see coastal storm developing during the day monday. then tracking up the east coast, looks like that cold air still in place, someone is going to get hit pretty hard with heavy snow across the northeast early next week there is storm does verify. temperatures struggle near freeze willing, take the numbers down another 10 degrees when you factor in the wind. tonight cold night many dropping dropping to 20 for the sit, teens out of the suburbs tomorrow, not much difference, maybe few degrees difference, mid three's at best across the delaware vale. so today cold, 32 degrees, remember, we should be 51 for the high this time of year. will feel like the two's this afternoon with the winds. tonight very cold, 20 degrees, for the low, under partly cloudy skies. and tomorrow, 36 for the high temperature, partly sin. monday still dry at 38.
5:49 am
a lot of potential for snow and winds to cross the region tuesday. stays cold behind that storm. stuck in the 30's thursday, maybe if we're lucky jan we hit 40 degrees for the high on friday. >> oh, if we're lucky, justin, thank you n health news now, new research links marijuana use to heart trouble. eyewitness hit reporter stephanie stahl has more on the new study from the einstein healthcare science center. >> ♪ >> medical marijuana is legal in 28 states, including here in pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware. previous research focused mostly on pull minute area and pschiatric complications, new study released today is one of the first to concentrate on cardiac risks. medical marijuana is used to treat number of conditions, including pain, seizures, nausea, but new research also finds -- >> patients who use cannibis are at significantly higher ritz being for developing cardiac failure.
5:50 am
>> dd colin said the new study revealed health records from 1,000 hospitalization covering patients between the ages of 18 to 55. those who use marijuana had a 26% increase risk of having a stroke, and a 10% higher risk of heart failure. pot appears to directly impact the heart. >> when cannibis affects the human heart valve, cells are less able to squeeze, therefore, the heart as a whole is not able to pump quite as well. often this part of their heart was affected and they were not pumping as much blood as a normal person would. therefore, they had heart failure. >> study was conduct in the 2009 and ten before cannibis was legal in most states. researchers did not account for quantity or frequency of pot use or whether or not it was inject -- ingested or smoked. so doctors say more research is needed but the risks should be considered. >> if can dust becomes legalized across the country, i think both the medical communities and general communities together will need
5:51 am
to be more aware of the potential cardiovascular complications that did a rise in fran cuss use. >> previous studies have shown heavy cannibis use can cause pschiatric and respiratory problems and can also impair learning, memory, and attention. stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news."
5:52 am
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>> villanova had to beat seton hall. swept in the regular season, here we are at madison square garden. nova down by one. brunson, josh heart, free ball is mine, cats, up a bucket. now we're tied with two minutes left. can't spell j without the j. regain the lead. but, they trailed by one, with 15 seconds left. chris jenkins no good. josh heart, the put back and the foul, had game high 19. and nova up by two. the pirates look side up, delgato down, point blank range. back rim no good. and the wildcats win, they'll play creighton tonight for the championship. here is lesley van arsdall from the garden. >> what a game, josh came up clutch when the team needed him the most. i caught one josh. >> it is about the details,
5:55 am
about like the heart, the will, that's the confidence, alan just like, you know, let's handle business. >> how good does this one feel? >> well, amazing. to be able to, you know, play tomorrow, live off for another day, always amazing. specially against a tough team like that. seton hall came in and punch us in the mouth early. and, you know, we challenge each other. and to battle like that, it is amazing, something that we can feed on. >> tell me how great this one was? >> it was lucky. i mean, out played us, but we had great players to make plays down the stretch. sometimes your team plays really well, sometimes great players lie jaylynn and josh put you on their back, that's what happened tonight. >> it wasn't pretty but a wayne is a win. they played with heart. villanova basketball, that's what it is all b up next, the biggies final later today. reporting from madison square garden, lesley van arsdall, eyewitness sports.
5:56 am
>> all right, leslie, thank you. onto football now. meet and dream times three. showing off day one free agent hall. key member of the class, alsean jeffers. we originally thought he got one year deal worth 14 million. reports say it is nine and a half guaranteed with 4.5, in incentives. he'll play alongside tori smith whose wife by the way is from conshohocken, he's happy to be back east, and guard chance warmack happy to reunite with his offensive line coach from college. overall, all every those guys pumped up to play with carson wentz. >> sky's the limit. specking four, five, you know, my job to help them win this mvp, great quarterback. >> i know that he had the potential to get it done. and to be able to play with a guy, also grow with him, help him in other ways, i'm looking forward to it. >> this is a great team, great organization, they're on the rise, i feel like we can really make some things happening here.
5:57 am
>> noland carol by the way leaving the midnight green and joining big d. the quarterback reportedly gets a three year deal with the cowboys, spent last three seasons at philly before becoming a free agent. that's all for sports, i'm don bell, have a great day. >> well, there are times when you're just too busy to talk at work, right? but there is that one co-worker who doesn't always get the hint. don't you worry. there is help for that, and it is just one push after button away, ahead in our next half hour, the computer program that will get you out of any conversation. plus, a missed opportunity, it has been weeks since the presidential inauguration, why some people just received their invitation to the big event. >> and a bitter blast today. blanketing the entire region, this weekend, too. a look at how cold it will get, justin tracking the chance for major snowstorm. we're back in a moment
5:58 am
5:59 am
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a hockey brawl between high school student. fists fly on the ice, hear from the athletes who suffered the worse injuries. >> brace yourselves as you step out the door this morning, a deep freeze is setting in for our weekend. we will watch from the threat after nor'easter next week. >> bitter colds but sure sign every spring inside the pennsylvania conventn


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