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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 15, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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federal judge puts president trump's new travel ban on hold. tonight, the president responds. a fashion emergency or favorite styles bad for your health? the clothes that could be causing you pain. still in the dark. more than 24 hours after a powerful nor'easter left its mark in our region. people anxiously awaiting for the electricity to come back on. utility crews in south jersey and delaware have been working nonstop to retore the thousands without power, i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean, the effects of the storm still being felt including school delays and closures which you'll see at the bottom of your screen >> david spunt is in mullica hill. one area dealing with the ongoing power outages. >> reporter: the signs of this week of storm are not only visible with snow. trees are down in many parts of south jersey causing a delay in power restoration >> you expect this kind of thing to happen.
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>> reporter: gloucester county resident have been without power almost 48 hours. we met them at this warming center set up by atlantic city electric and the red cross >> we came down to the library to get charged and they have coffee and snack. >> reporter: on hand were atlantic city employees ready to answer questions about getting the lights back on >> we want the lights on and unfortunately they're not on because of the storm and we want to make sure we help folks out doing the right thing. >> reporter: across the border in delaware, much of the same. power crews spent the day restore lines to home, delmarva has crews in as far as chicago to help speed things up. 9500 people out of power this afternoon, shawn kennedy is with peco helping delmarva crews. >> we could bring our own sister companies in. doesn't cost money and at the same time we could use the strength of them to restore power in a timely and quick manner >> officials with delmarva and act electric hope to have the lights on by tomorrow afternoon,
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reporting in gloucester county, david spunt, cbs3 "eyewitness news." many people on philadelphia snow and ice covered side streets need an extra time to ged moving. and surprise to many, the philadelphia school district operated on a normal schedule. some parents believed that was not the safety move. some of them e-mailed cbs3 their complaints saying the road conditions were treacherous. the philadelphia school district is issuing a state says our number one focus is getting children into school ready to learn, we think the thousands of dedicated school district employees pull together to insure our schools were open on time today worries are mounting that the coming days could bring more falling ice. part of market street was shut home. cars and pedestrians were blocked 12th and 13th street, cars are being allowed in that area, sidewalk is closed. the city is urging high-rise
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owners and managers to monitor their buildings and issue warnings when necessary. that ice isn't going anywhere tonight. it's another bitter cold evening. lauren casey is in for kate looking at the windchills and what we should expect. lauren? >> thanks, the city is a hot mess because of the cold and we didn't see see any melting, we're going to be dealing with treacherous conditions on untreated surfaces, the roads, sidewalks, temperatures in the teens and 20's, we have all of that snow and slush, it's just a frozen rock hard mess. icy conditions, a lot of ice out and about in the city on those untreated side roads, you don't want to use extreme caution, we did not make it to freezing, high temperature, 30, normal 52. near that. it was our coldest since early january, stormscan 3 showing us the snow showers have finally kind of come to an ends after a
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prolonged period of light snow. we picked up a trace of snowfall and we saw snow squalls throughout the area. 27 in allentown, 29 in philly, 29 in millville. feels like temperatures down into the teens, feeling line one above in mount pocono and overnight tonight, temperatures dropping off into the teens themselves will fall to 18 in philadelphia. 15 in reading down to 21 in wilmington. so that's going to push those feels like temperatures to near 0 and in some cases below zero. we'll talk more about that and when we can finally warm things up in your full forecast coming up up >> thank you. new tonight, president trump's revised travel ban is on hold. a federal judge in hawaii halted the president's plan to control immigration. the president learned of his latest legal defeat while on a campaign style trip to nashville. >> president trump's revised executive order on immigration will not take effect thursday. on wednesday, u.s. district judge derek watson issued a
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temporary restraining order against two key parts of measure, including the ban on immigration and travel for citizens from six prominently muslim countries >> we felt it was discriminatory and a violation of the constitution. >> the state of hawaii challenged the order. arguing it would harm foreign students and muslim populations. the president mentioned legal defeat during a campaign style rally in nashville >> we're going to fight this terrible ruling, take our case as far as it needs to go including up to the supreme court. >> at an earlier stop in michigan he promised cheering auto workers he would review tough fuel efficiency standards imposed by the obama administration >> we want to be the car capitol of the world again. we will be. and it won't be long. believe me. >> while the president was out of town, lawmakers continued to chase down his charge that former president obama spied on him. so far, mr. trump has provided
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no evidence >> i don't think there was an actual tap of trump tower. >> the president finally broke his silence. >> wire tap covers a lot of different things. i think you're going to find very interesting items coming to the forefront. >> fbi james comey will testify on capitol hill about russian hacking into the presidential election. next week. meantime democrats say fuel efficiency standards will cost americans more at the gas pump and create pollution. the justice department announced charges against four individuals in connection with a massive hack involving 500 million yahoo accounts in 2014 two are russian spice with the fsb, russia's intelligence service. they also worked with the fbi on cyber crime. authorities zeta the main goal was to access accounts of russian journalists and politicians as well as u.s. government officials including military and white house personnel. authorities in bucks county
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say they have broken up a major heroin trafficking ring. they say it funneled drugs into quaker town. the ring dabbed by authorities as the mccarthy drug trafficking organization was allegedly run by the mccarthy brothers who lived in their parents' rich land township home. they are accused of selling upwards of 5,000 bags of heroin a week. >> it is alleged that the people at the top of the pyramid made upwards of $1 million a year >> the mccarthy brothers and eight others arrested two people remain at large. philadelphia police need the public's help to capture two suspects attacking a grocery store employee, take a look at this video from the fresh grocer's store on grace ferry. march 5th. two females suspects attacked a store employee and fled after being escorted out of the store by security. if you have any information, contact police. tonight the, the police union representing officers in
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the atlantic city sued to block state cuts to its dr.t. the new jersey department of community affairs is overseeing the state take overof the city government. state officials say they had no choice but to cut officer salaries and benefits to achieve a balanced budget. a judge has yet to rule on whether the state can proceed with the cuts to the firefighters contract in order to save the cash strapped city some money. still to come, a health warning about items may be in your closet >> some of your favorite styles doing damage to your body? nicole brewer with the top five clothing items there could be hurting your back. history on hold, why touristses heading to philadelphia historic district may find sites close >> it was the live interview captivated the world. the professor interrupted by his kids speaks out. what was going through his mind >> winter will not let go. a live look from the parkway central library camera.
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lauren casey shows us how long bitter cold hangs on and the next chance for snow.
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you want to look stylish but your back health maying suffering for the sake of fashion >> the worst offenders are probably the most unexpected. nicole brewer with the top five culprits in the closet >> today, i was guilty of wearing three out of the five. not proud to say it but it's true. pregnancy certainly doesn't help, but neither do my wardrobe choices. >> if you suffer from back pain, you know several things can set it off. >> laundry >> it could be shopping at the mall all day. >> working too long
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>> did you know clothing could be one of the worst culprits >> according to the british chiropractic association skinny jeans are most often to blame >> skinny jeans >> interesting. >> i really don't understand what that would affect. >> i've seen some uncool things, range of motion >> this will constrict nerve and blood flow and compress the disks dr. paul rubin a chiropractor backs up the research which revealed the top five things in our closest that could be causing us pain from oversized bags and coats with large fluffy hoods >> i'm a walking stereo type >> to high heels and back less shoes >> something about a woman in a nice pair of heels >> the study shows 1/3rd of women are unaware and nearly as many know but don't care >> we'll talk about it. they don't want to change their wardrobe, change fashion >> that's why researchers
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suggest switching up your style, wearing loose clothing when you can and trading in a single strap back, opt for a chunkier he'll and make sure you got a bra that fits. >> now, researcher say others headlines like oversize sleeves and statement next classes and if you're a fan of spanning,s, it can constrict blood flow, caused pinched nerves and misalignment >> sounds like anything that's going to be too binding >> too tight. >> you know, there's >> i'm not in this conversation. no. all right. >> we know you wear the skinny jeans on the weekend. >> come on now. historic sites in philadelphia
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temporarily shutdown because of the federal government hiring freeze. the house where thomas jefferson wrote the declaration of independence along with several other attractions in old city because there aren't enough workers to keep the buildings open. even the bathrooms at independence mall are closed. >> handicap it is needed. it's a lot easier for me to walk into this facility that's closest. >> our government has to cut back on things. and this is one of the things that we have to sacrifice for a little while. >> independence hall and the liberty bell are still open to visitors >> a florida mcdonald's employee being hailed as a hero helping an off-duty police officer caught on surveillance video. 22-year-old pedro was working the drive-through when an off-duty miami police officer experienced a medical emergency. he jumped out of the window and stopped her car with her children inside as it began to roll away.
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>> her kids were screaming. like mother, mother, stop it. mother, what are you doing >> i saw if these kids lose their mother today, that's going to tragic >> an off-duty miami dade rescue officer rushed to help the officer who had the medical emergency is in critical condition. we're hearing from the dad at the center of that hilarious viral video that showed the challenges of working from home with children, you probably seen this by now, robert kelly's two children burst into the room while in the middle of a live tv interview on the bbc. four-year-old marian marched in first. followed by nine month old james. kelly's wife did her best to remove the kids while trying to stay out of that shot. the american professor said it unfolded because he forgot to lock the door. >> my real life sort of punched through the fake cover i had created for television.
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there i am in my suit delivering my talking points. whatever. then suddenly, reality burst in. >> kelly says that his wife deserved a male for her valiant efforts, and for all those who may have been wondering, kelly says, yes, he was wearing pants and the reason he did not get up from his seat is because he wanted to try to remain professional. >> i'm seen that so many times and that little girl is >> walked to the wall every day. >> she's like i'm here. >> you're happy to be here. >> you walk over there now. you're going to be talking about cold temps >> how about today? brutal. >> yes, indeed. the hawk. it's a long story. >> after the weather cast. we didn't make it to freezing. we did the snow showers and snow squalls and getting a live look at our neighborhood network. you can see if you look closely
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trees shaking around some of that snow blowing around. checking out the scene over the last couple minutes, gusty winds kicking up the snow, reducing visibility. we will see the blowing snow especially north and west, getting a live look at center city philadelphia, to sky deck starting to clear. the temperature cold. 29 degrees. west winds up around 16, feeling more like 17 degrees. stormscan 3 showing us quieter conditions than we had throughout the day with snow showers and snow squalls, we had the light snow in center city for a period of several hours, only accumulated to a trace. but check this out. snow squalls meant business, north hampton half inch of snow in five minutes time. that's what make the so dangerous, checking in on our fly snowfall total, average would be 22 and a half inch, so far this winter 15 and from the nor'easter we picked up six of those inches, march average snow
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about three inches, we'll past that now, no snow tonight, mostly clear, blustery and frigid 18 degrees, windy again tomorrow, we will see sunshine still but above freezing. it will do melting of all the snow, sleet and ice, north and west will stay sub freezing but we will have sunshine tomorrow which will help "unquote melt the snow. it will be because of that sunshine, that's a phase change from the solid to a gas. the snow disappears too to the entering from sunlight and in mark we had the higher sun angle because of that, that really allows things to go away faster than we would see. we want sunshine to help get rid of the snow wind gusts up there, 30 miles per hour, brutal pretty windchill temperatures,
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temperatures themselves are cold enough, 27 in wilmington, 29 in millville, 27 in allentown, and everywhere you look across the region dealing with the arctic air mass, 32 in richmond virginia, future feels like temperatures early on thursday morning feeling like 11 in philadelphia. feeling near 0 in allentown, feeling sub freezing in the poconos as we head into lunch hour, not much better into the second half of the day, windchill temperatures in the 20's in the city, even though our air temperatures will rise into the 30's. but some improvement for the leprechaun on friday, 41, sunshine but rain and snow showers as we head to friday. do keep that in mind if you have plans to get out on the town, tomorrow cold and windy across the region, sunshine at the shore, more clouds in the poconos, temperatures warm upper 40's by saturday. morning showers but i think we could see sleet mixing in early in the day. then we get to the 48 degree mark sunday will be our dry day and then spring begins on a pleasant note. 50 and sunshine on monday.
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>> come on spring. >> indeed. >> up next, don has sports. >> lot going on, the flyers have an out of body experience in south philadelphia. and the villanova wildcats ready to roll. a report from buffalo [car[clicking of ignition]rt] uh-- wha-- woof! eeh-- woof! wuh-- [silence]
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if you're an employer expect sick calls, longer lunch breaks, expect smart phones to be streaming wall-to-wall ball. the madness gets underway, lesley van arsdale is with the cats in buffalo. >> villanova will take on mount st. mary tomorrow, when you're one seed there's a lot of pressure and they are not taking this lightly >> we finally know who we have to play we know we have a tough
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talented st. team. i've known personally since i was in high school and someone i kept in touch with and we know they're going to come in, and, you know, strong. we know that they're a great team. and we can get possible for an upset we can't take anything lightly >> one game at a time. one point in the season you lose and it's over and our career is over. we don't take any game for granted and we're going to take it one game at a time >> tough team, a lot of quick guards that can move, dribble and shoot. it's, you got to play our way >> up the road to phoenix starts right here tomorrow. reporting in buffalo, lesley van arsdale, eyewitness sports. >> you never went to test the luck of the irish but princeton tiger doing exactly that. the 12th seed will take on the fifth seeded notre dame irish.
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mitch henderson. >> s there's a lot of similarities, they do a good job. cole son is great inside outside player, each position they have a guard up i like the fact that our defense has been helping us out this season and that we're going to present challenges for them on their defensive ends. >> the madness starts tomorrow. starts at noon on cbs3. the princeton tigers taking on notre dame then bucknell faces west virginia and the night caps, mount st. mary and nova at 7:00 p.m. followed by wisconsin and virginia tech once again right here on cbs3. ice. the pence looking to be the top team in the nhl. the flyers looking for a see the. the two hooking up in south philadelphia, second period, shawn couturier. sounds like a fresh perfume,
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take a 1-0 need, couple minutes wayne simmons, up 2-0, orange and black not letting up. the captain, claude giroux the flyers lead it 3-0, go on to shut out the pens 4-0, now five points out of the final wild card spot >> appreciate it.
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honored 29 law enforcement officers from our region recognized for their valor. among them were officers shot while performing duties. lauren. we're halfway through the work week, i focused on weekend. it's been a cold week, temperatures will warm as we head to the upcoming weekend into the 40's, that's still below average. we should be in the 50's. chance of rain and snow mainly friday into very early saturday morning, on saturday, we could still see rain showers, the dry day will be on sunday with high
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next the late show with stephen colbert follow by the late late show. morning crew back from 4:30 to 7:00. >> we're always on for you at >> have a good night family and sleep well.
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