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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  March 16, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> the president is not backing off his wiretap claims. >> he stands by. >> an he reveals his sources. >> i think it was january 20th, "the new york times" article where they were talking about wiretapping. >> and fox news. >> i watched your friend brett behr. >> but a key house democrat says. >> that's complete con thens. >> also tonight dramatic video, a deputy, his life in danger, fleets with a bystander to shoot his attacker. >> an explosive combination, red hot lava and ice cold snow. >> and she wrote the book on child rearing. >> if you want to put sense in your little brother, you need to
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teach him sometime. >> this is captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> good evening, scott is on assignment. i'm anthony play son. -- mason. today the white house said president trump stands by his claim that president obama wiretapped him during the campaign last year. mr. trump has yet to provide any evidence but he has now revealed how he says he learned about the alleged wiretapping. reports he read in "the new york times" and watched on the fox news channel. but neither of those reports cited evidence that mr. obama had, indeed wiretapped candidate trump. and the top democrat on the house intelligence committee told us today it's complete nonsense. we start at the white house tonight with major garrett. >> reporter: false, that's what the bipartisan senate intelligence committee called president trump's wiretap allegation. based on the information available to us, we see no indications that trump tower was
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the subject of surveillance by any element of the united states government. house speaker paul ryan reached the same conclusion. >> no such wiretapping existed. >> reporter: as did adam schiff ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee. >> that's just complete nonsense. >> reporter: white house press secretary sean spicer said the president's unproven allegations would be vindicated. >> he stands by it. >> reporter: yet the president has asked for no evidence from the fbi or intelligence community, and is not directed the justice department to provide any to congress. in his first public comments on the matter president trump told fox news his allegation stemmed from news reports. >> i've been reading about things. i read in, i think it was january 20th, a new york times article where they were talking about wiretapping. >> reporter: the times did run a story that day headlined wiretapped data used in inquirery of trump aides. it did not report trump tower had been under surveillance. mr. trump then referred to something new and possibly classified. >> the cia, i just want people
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to know, the cia was hacked and a lot of things taken, that was during the obama area, not during us. >> reporter: the president may have been referencing wikileaks disclosure of cia documents. congressman schiff said the comment was concerning. >> if this was an off-hand comment by the president in the form of a dig at his predecessor, that is not how you want to declass fie information. >> reporter: the president can declass fie any information he wants. he has not when it am cans to this wiretap allegation. but he might have about the cia hack. anthony, that has lawmakers worried not only about what the president alleges that may not be true, but what he discloses that is. >> major garrett at the white house, thanks, major. a house committee investigating president trump's first national security advisor revealed today that he received tens of thousands of dollars in 2015 from russia's government-run television system. jeff peg pegu es has been looking into that.
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>> lock her up. >> just two months before retired general michael flynn began advising the trump campaign he traveled to moscow to attend a gala where he was seated right next to russian president vladimir putin. today the top democrat on the house oversight committee elijah cummings released checks, emails and invoices that showed flynn was paid almost $34,000 to attend the a vent by rt, a media company that the cia has said engaged in a creme lynn-directed campaign to undermine faith in the u.s. government. >> it begs the question, why would president trump allow him to be in his innercircle receiving top secrets of our government. >> reporter: in a statement, a spokesman says flynn, the former head of the devens intelligence agency notified and briefed the dia before his trip to russia and again upon his return. >> and that just wasn't acceptable to me. >> reporter: president trump fired flynn after just 24 days
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as national security advisor when it was revealed flynn lied to vice president pence about conversations he had had with the russian ambassador to the u.s. and it's not just his connections to russia that have raised questions. just last week flynn retroactively registered with the justice department as an agent of a foreign government. he had a 600-- 600,000 dollar lobbying contract with a company with ties to the turkish government. in addition, flynn received over $11,000 from a russian cargo airline and, anthony, was also paid 11,000 from kaspersky labs, a well-known cybersecurity company with ties to russian officials. >> thanks, jeff. now to the battle over the republican replacement for obamacare. congressman correspondent nancy cordes is following that. >> reporter: mr. brett. >> no. >> mr. bratt no. >> house conservatives flexed their muscles today nearly blocking the gop bill then
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tacking on a work retirement for medicaid recipients. alabama congressman gary palmer. >> by 2022 there will be 29.7 million able-bodied adults on medicaid. i think we do these people a tremendous disservice by not requiring work. >> reporter: they're also demanding deeper cuts to medicaid. moderate republicans want the opposite. >> i got people, 700,000 people in my state, who have been part of the medicaid expansion. >> reporter: stuck in the middle house speaker paul ryan and the white house. >> this president is getting deeply involved. he is helping bridge gaps in our conference. >> reporter: but democrats argue tweaking the bill here or there won't fix the central problem, 24 million people projected to lose coverage. connecticut senator chris murphy. >> let's say they make some changes so that only 20 million american lose health care insurance. that is still a nightmare. >> reporter: ryan insists the gop plan will bring customers into the market by pushing down
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premiums. >> he says they're going to gup, just not as quickly as premiums under obamacare. so how many people do you really think are going to be motivated to buy it. >> it will take time for markets to stand themselves up and offer new problem products in the new deregulated market setting. when reare forms kick in, premiums go down, and this is before face two or face three. >> reporter: gop leaders are now trying to speed up those faces in order to entice skittish republicans. they are hoping to start debate as early as next week on bills that would make it easier to sell insurance across state lines and enabling small businesses to team up to purchase cheaper insurance. >> nancy cordes at the capitol, thanks. >> the white house today released its budget proposal for the next fiscal year. let's go back to major garrett at the white house. what's in it. >> reporter: republicans are skittish about this budget proposal from the president as well because it asks for deep cuts, the kind of which they
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never really voted for or had the political backing for before. let's go to the increases first because the president does want what he called a hard power budget, a 10% increase over lastier for pentagon spending, almost 7% for the department of homeland security but here are the big cuts. 13.5% for the department of education, 29% for the state department, and 31%, anthony, for the environmental protection agency. as i said, republicans have talked these cuts before but never voted for them and there is no indication they're willing to chase the president down this particular budget tear rabbit hole. >> major, thanks. on his first trip to ash secretary of state rex tillerson said today the u.s. needs a new approach to north korea. at a news conference in tokyo he noted that 20 years of diplomatic efforts have not prevented the north from developing nuclear weapons. tillerson said he would work on developing that new approach at his next two stop, south korea and china. in italy tourists and
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journalists hoping for a better look at europe's most active volume cane owe ran for their lives today. an explosion sent ash, rocks and steam their way as temperatures over 1800 degrees. more from rome correspondent seth doane. >> reporter: mount aetna has been putting on an impressive show for days. speuing lava and steam, but no one expected this. >> a massive explosion was caught on camera by a bbc crew. piping hot volume cantic ash and rock rained down as tourists and the crew fled. one reporter screened it as running down a mountain being pelted by rocks, dodging burning boulders and boiling steam. a camera woman shook burning embers off her back.
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she later tweeted a photo of the hole burned in her jacket. at least ten people were injured from flying debris, taking shelter in a passing snow cat. the blast is what is known as a phreatomagmatic eruption caused by extremely hot lava hitting much colder snow. police on snow mobiles responded for what was a lucky escape for everyone. there are always risks involved with getting close to an active volcano but anthony, experts tell us this kind of explosion is a rare event. it takes a perfect storm of circumstances for it to happen. >> scaree moment, thanks, seth. in this country drastic temperature swings in the southeast are taking a heavy toll on crops. a warm february followed by a march cold snap has farmers scrambling to keep produce from freezing to death.
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mark strauss man is there. >> there is a lot ofs will here. >> drew echols lost more than a million dollars this week. the fifth generation farmer pulled become these protective tarps and winced, one-third of his strawberry crop is dead. >> bad or worse than expected. >> the strawberries are a whole lot worse than i expected. >> reporter: his 140 acres of peach trees got it worse. all that pij blooming are vulnerable peach buds which open three weeks early because of the unusually warm temperature this winter. the deep freeze killed half of echols peach crop. across the region, farmers are counting their losses. gary black is georgia-- georgia's agriculture commissioner. >> it would be easy to say that we're in hundreds of millions of dollars. >> reporter: north carolina peach farms looked like a winter wonderland. overhead irrigation tried to insulate the crop from freezing temperatures and winds. in south carolina, farmers hoped
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protective covering would save the state's strawberry crop but in south georgia, blue berry fields fell into a deep damaging freeze. >> is the worst of it over? >> i hope, that's what-- that's the question of the hour. that's the question of the hour. if it's not, i might as well quit. >> reporter: all this week the overnight lows have been in the mid 20s. some good news, tonight's overnight low should stay above freezing. but all of the open exposed buds on these peach trees will stay vulnerable for another three weeks, anthony, until the final frost sometime in mid april. >> mark straussman, thank you, mark. steve penny of head of u. is amount of gymnastics resigned under pressure today. the board was not happy with reports the organization turned a blind eye to allegations of sexual misconduct by coaches and the team doctor. dr. jon lapook has been following this story.
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>> reporter: in a statement released today steve penny said it has been heartbreaking to learn of instances of abuse. and it sickens me that young athletes would be exploited in such a manner. penny's resignation is the latest development in a sex abuse scandal that began last summer when the indianapolis star documented cases in which male coaches, members of u.s.a. gymnastics were a us cooed of sexually abusing female gymnasts. that lead to young women coming forward with accounts of abuse by u.s.a. women's gymnastic team doctor lawrence nassar. jamie was a bronze medalist in the 2,000 olympics. last month she told "60 minutes" she started seeing dr. nassar at age 13 or 14. >> i started having really bad lower back pain on my right side of my back. >> what spesm was he doing. >> he would put his fingers inside of me, move my leg around. he would tell me i was going to feel a pop.
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>> nassar is being held without bail in michigan, charged with possession of child pornography and sexual assault of ten young women not connected to-- he pleaded not guilty and has defenlded his actions as legitimate medical treatment. i just spoke to jamie dantzscher who called penny's resignation a major step to reforming the whole system. and she added now hopefully these young athletes will be in much better hands. dr. jon lapook, thanks, john. coming up next on the cbs evening news, dramatic video of a good samaritan shooting a man to save a deputy in danger. and later, the eight year old author who made the best seller list.
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>> a south florida man is being hailed as a hero for coming to the rescue of a sheriff deputy,
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david begnaud has the newly released video. we warn you, it's intense. >> cell phone video shows the attacker on top of a sheriff's deputy near fort myers florida. deputy first class dean bards had been in a high-speed chase with 53 year old edward strawter when the chase ended and the deputy tried to sub diseu the suspect, he was tackled to the ground. kimberly was a witness. >> he threw the officer to the ground so violently. i mean it was just-- it was awful. he started punching and hitting and hitting and hitting. i thought he was going to kill him. >> as he strad eled the deputy, investigators say he was going for the deputy a gun, bystander a shad russell, him in blue, pulls a weapon and approaches the two men. the deputy bigs russell to shoot the attacker. investigators told russell told the suspect he would shoot him if he didn't stop beating the deputy. then gunfire. >> oh [bleep] oh [bleep].
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>> after the shooting, rustle drops his weapon, as you see him walk away. apparently dazed. the samaritan had a permit to carry the gun and the assistant state attorney ruled he was justified in the shooting and that he had every right to stand his ground. anthony, she called him a hero. >> david begnaud, thank you. >> still ahead, no bigger than a hockey puck, this could be one of the most valuable stones ever found.
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>> the hijacking of an oil tanker off somalia ended peacefully. pirates seized the ship monday as it was carrying fuel, they fired shots today when a naval ship from somalia approached but eventually they released the tanker and its crew of eight unharmed. the pirates were not arrested. in the west african nation of sierra leone a pastor discovered what could be the 10th largest diamond ever found at 706 carats it sun doubtedly
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worth millions. the pastor turned it over to the government hoping it will fund development. sierra leone is still recovering from civil war in the 1990s funded by so called blood diamonds. president trump sent a birthday greeting today to world war ii vet ray chavez, he is 105 years old, believed to be the oldest survivor of the 1941 attack on pearl harbor. in a letter the president told chavez you're undawnted courage, love of country and unwaivering commitment to freedom earned you the a ternl respect and gratitude of the american people. mr. trump signed it keep going. ahead, in author news, a second grader makes the best seller list inspired by her kid brother. that story next. >>
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>> the subject of our final story tonight thought she knew so much about the care and feeding of little brothers she could write a book, so she did. now it's a best seller. here's michelle miller. >> steady, go. >> nia mya reese loves being a big sister. but admits it's not easy. >> i sometimes have to say no. >> no. >> not easy playing with ronald michael. >> he will hit the ball and it goes flying everywhere. sometimes it hits me. >> reporter: not easy giving him advice. >> he won't always listen. >> reporter: but one thing came very easy to the 8 year old, writing about the whole experience. tell me this, how long did you take to you write that book? >> it didn't take very long. it took a few days.
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>> reporter: nia mya is an official penned author with her own built in fan base. even the town mayor showed up at her latest book signing. her book how to deal with and care for your annoying little brother is on amazon's best seller list. for parenting. >> it really has spread the excitement across our school for other young writers. >> reporter: it all started as an assignment in betd hankins first grade class last year. >> nia mya shared that she was a great big sister to an annoying little brother. >> you say it like he really is annoying. >> yes, he is. >> aren't most five year old brother as knowing. >> well, he's a little dumb and annoying. >> her mother thought her daughter should continue the project over the summer. >> work on your sentences, work on the spelling, work on the way that it is worded and that will be your summer project. >> reporter: the book has universal lessons on patience, kindness and love.
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>> you need to teach him sometimes. >> reporter: the best lesson nia mya says, the notion to disguise learning as fun. something she's managed to share with her entire school. >> what did you learn from all of this. >> what i learned is to develop my own dream. >> reporter: and with every signature she encourages the rest of us to do the same. >> i like that. >> michelle miller, cbs news, birmingham, alabama. >> yeah, i was an annoying little brother once too. that is all she wrote for us. for scott pelley, i'm an nonnee mason. thanks for watching, good night captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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>> can you believe this? it is caught for the win! >> arnold palmer is the masters champion. >> jason day, major champion. >> touchdown, alabama! [captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ >> the ncaa tournament is so special because -- >> it's the two weeks that everybody in basketball and everybody across the world is focused in on. >> i can't even put it into worlds. it's something that you grow up dreaming about. >> it's a new season and everybody is starting fresh and everybody's got a chance to win a championship. >> you dream of this as a kid from when you first start playing


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