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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  March 17, 2017 3:07am-3:37am EDT

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at air wick we know the power of that first whiff of your favorite scent. air wick freshmatic releases timed bursts of fragrance. so that first whiff feeling never fades. air wick freshmatic. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] all right. welcome back to "comics unleashed." what's your favorite tv show? >> i love "lost." but he's the thing. i love "lost" and i called -- because i'm flying around to do comedy, and the guy answered the call, he said thank you for calling the airlines, i'm jack shepherd, how may i direct your call? excuse me? i'm jack shepherd -- whoa, buddy. you have the same name as the lead character on the show "lost." i know. where are you flying? nowhere. that show -- it's about a plane crashing into an island. i'm not buying a ticket from
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you. get jack bauer on the phone. he can make it happen. he can make it happen, byron. >> jeff, i know you're a big fan of game shows. >> yeah, i like "jeopardy." i can watch the show for one month and know not one answer. and alex trebek can piss you after a while. so long, so long, so long, he's got the little cards under the table. he does not know all those answers, you know? he's got the cards. he loves it when somebody screws up. makes him look smart. no, bob, the capital of yemen is senay. yeah, take away the card he's as blank as a fart. >> jeff, i know you're a big movie fan. what's going on in the theaters? >> i think broke back mountain, they sure don't make westerns
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like they used to. imagine like jimmy stewart and john wayne "brokeback mountain." you want me to do what? [ laughter ] i'm -- i'm just saying -- give it a try. give it a try. the great jimmy stewart. >> what's your favorite movie? >> "memoirs of a geisha." the reason i love it is because she's the ultimate asian girl. she's petite and very graceful. i'm not like that. okay, i'm not -- you'll never see me like oh, i don't know. i don't know. and my favorite part of the movie is she grabs the other geisha by the hair and she says real intense, she's like, i will
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destroy you. and the whole crowd just cheered in the movie theater. she could say anything and i think it would sound cool. she's like pull my finger. [ laughter ] my baloney has a first name. of course, after watching the movie like that you have to have like japanese food. i refused to ever go with my dad ever again to have japanese food because he likes to speak in the food's native language. i think it's a little obnoxious. he's all loud walking in. he's like -- hello kitty. [ laughter ] >> give them all a round of applause. [ cheers and applause ] nice job. thank you. that was a lot of fun. please come back. thank you at home. until next time, keep laughing.
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>> this has been a production of entertainment
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just to see their faces in the morning when i wake them up. the first thing you think about is your wife and your kids and your family. so i had surgery locally, and it came back after my follow up that i needed a second surgery. and that's when i said i need a second opinion. everyone, from the moment i walked through the doors, they're smiling and i love the fact that included me in the whole process. the diagnosis of cancer is one of those things that you want an answer now. we can do now here. rod was great. i mean, he did everything that we asked him and more. the treatment plan was for him to have chemotherapy and radiation followed by surgery.
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i feel like this was the right way for me and the right treatment for me. at cancer treatment centers of america, we treat cancer, every stage, every day. call or go to appointments available now. >> it took them until the second half but villanova cruised past mount saint mary in the first round of tournament action. >> and excitement spread across the villanova campus with tonight's win. fans are look ago head to round two. >> and there's a good chance the wildcats and their fans
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have super significance the most common rituals and why we believe in them. first let's talk about the gam game. good evening thanks for staying up late with us i'm ukee washington and i'm jessica dea dean. >> and don bell is with us with this one for the cat. >> nervous early. >> just a little. >> just a smidge nervous. >> during the first 30 minute it seemed like villanova was feeling the freshman no 16 seed had beaten number one. wildcats trying to avoid history. in the first half picking it up and mount saint mary means business, elijah long hilt the three appropriately named and jaylin brunson in the lane nice move off the glass good. wildcats with the 1 point lead at the half in the second ah the cats feeling frisky finally the freshman dante had a big
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game. the three is good right there and he led 'nova 21 points, 13 board, villanova wins 76 to 56. it really was a taeling of two halves for the cats. their first round win far from perfect. our lesley van arsdall is with the team in buffalo and she files this report. >> well, it was not exactly pretty especially in the first half. but in the second half of the game they played villanova basketball. so what was the differentiatio differentiation. >> we deposit play villanova basketball and do what we do that's the biggest thing. >> the play of dante and jaylin brunson kept them in the game. >> we were lacking energy in the first half. my job over the bench was spring energy their guards are good and my job was to bring in spark to the guys and get a couple reboupdz and push the ball. >> we won by 20 and they played hard and played a great game. the sport doesn't show how good
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they played. >> they had a quick game that played a game that they were ready for. they were in the ncaa tournament and we kind of got smacked in the mouth. i guess our learning point is, we get smacked in the mouth we stay in and hang in and keep taking hits and just keep throwing punches until the game is over and hope at the end we win. >> when the clock hit zero it ways win for villanova and maybe a wake-up call that the road to a repeat may not be so easy, reporting in buffalo, lesley van arsdall, eyewitness sports. >> yes, coming up later in sports lesley we'll talk more about the wake-up call and what the guys learned tonight and they will take on wisconsin it happens on saturday wisconsin out of the big ten and the big seed in this bracket. >> and we'll see new a bit. >> expectation president main sky high for the cats and dreaming up that repeat. >> alexandria hof talked to
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fans opt campus. >> they started to take on the feel it had last season and 'nova nation enthusiasm was matched on the court. >> expectation of wildcats win extended faron the campus o ofville yov auniversity and no fan wanted to be the one to jinx. it i'm always nervous. >> anything is possible. there were a lot of upsets last year. >> we'll see they can go craz crazy. >> crazy it got. neck and neck through the first half, first seed villanova strained to keep mount saint mary at bay but in the second half, flashbacks of early 2016 returned to those who gathered for a watch party inside villanova conley center as the reigning national champions widened gap over houn tan ears leading at the buzzer 76-56 this first round victory is beginning of lengthy battle to be the first consecutive national champs in a decade time. the thrill ride that fans in blue and white are more than
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ready to take again. >> and no matter how close it was in the beginning i knew we were coming out with the wind. we have the best team in the nation. let's go cats. >> first never lost to 16 seed i knew we would come with a bin eventually. >> who is on chopping block next wisconsin or virginia tech. fans are cautionly optimistic the wildcats can and will advance over either. reporting from villanova university, hof hof, eyewitness news. >> and stay with cbs3 and eyewitness news for continuing cover ramming of all the march madness action. we'll be there when villanova takes on wisconsin this saturday. >> in other news tonight after the recent storm a hidden danger lurks. following ice. tonight from center city sidewalks with closed to attack pred pedestrians and david spunt has hor on the threat from above. >> not many issues to report because temperatures are down and today was a dangerous day for people walking around in center city and the moment the temperatures started to rise
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even just a little big ice chunks fell off center city buildings. >> and ten pound piece of ice fall about 600 feet. >> it's been happening like that the next couple days. >> lookout, lookout. >> andp it will happen again on friday when the sun comes up. thursday night temperatures dropped freezing the dangerous ice for a few more hours. >> i saw a couple of pieces dropped about a minute ago. and they came down with a cras crash. >> joe caddie was in the city from jenkintown for the day. >> sound like to would break windows. >> a viewer september is a fave of her sister's windshield after ice from another car flew off and caused this dangerous mess. >> i was walking in the middle of the street yesterday, but, today it seems a little more dangerous. >> and i'm told authorities will be back out early tomorrow morning as the sun comes up to make sure people are safer
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walking a around center city, david spunt, cbs3, eyewitness us in. >> good news from power companies tonight atlantic city electric and delmarva power stay they restored power to all customers impacted bit storm. crew from as far away as chicago assisted utility workers breaking news tonight out of norm carolina, this is a massive five alarm fire in downtown raleigh and apartment building under construction there caught fire and flames spread to a high-rise. people who live in the area were evacuated and we're told so far no reports of any injuries. investigators are trying to get stolen jewelry back to its rightful owners on the main line. state prosecutors showed off some of the 50,000 pieces they alleged waseem shasad haded in the stores on jeweler's row. he was part of a massive burglary ring that targeted high end homes.
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joe holden he tells he has been in business 20 years and can prove the jewelry was his. >> that means police are wrong. >> i don't know i'm not saying who is wrong or right but i'm right. >> setup was consistent with a large jewelry fencing operation and included pillow cases with stolen jewelry and silver. >> now, police have setp a web site for people to see if any stolen items belongcheck it out. >> and authorities charmed lynnwood new jersey teacher with asoughting a student. kem betterly persony teaches music at bill haven middle school. a criminal complaint said she hurt a child by pulling the child's chair backward causing him to hit his head. he is okay and she is us is spended pending outcome of that investigation. >> president trump met with the irish prime minister tonight at the white house ahead of st. patrick's day. he unveiled the blueprint for
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his first budget 1.15 trillion budget gives military a 10% boost and a wall alone the border and immigrant detention facilities andet set ran programs. and twelve cabinet agencies was see major cuts. >> we're focusing on recipients of the money and folks that give it to us in the first place. it's compassionate soto say we're not going to ask for your hard earned money any jp more, >> single mom of two in detroit, geoff us your money. we're not going to do that an anymore unless we can guarantee -- please let's me finish unless we can guarantee to you that money is used in a proper function. >> democrats charged budget plan has the wrong priorities. >> and white house is standing by president trulp acquisition that president obama wire tapped trump tower. press secretary sean spicer childed report ers for making
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assesslement of wire tapping claim on incomplete information. they released a statement saying trump tower was not the subject of surveillance ins by the government. >> and are you superstitious, fair to say m some of the players with the villanova wildcats are and maybe fans as well. >> nicole brewer looks at the common and not so common superstitions in sports and why do we believe in good luck charms. >> breakfast or sgert. we know one thing it's delicious, taste with tory heads to a start where waffles and ice cream rule. what's up for the owner to master the prng waff. >> and wall of snow where amtrak train turned into a plow and caused a surprise for travelers, lauren. >> we feel trapped in a wall of snow. but we'll continue that melting tomorrow with sunshine and less wind making for pleasant st. patty's day and several more shots at snowfall. i'll let you know if it will accumulate and how we bring in the season on monday in the full eyewitness forecast after
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the season on monday in the full eyewitness forecast after this
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>> during march madness it's fair to take many athletesend sn estimations. >> food to articles of clothing we believe it bring us is good luck. >> we rely on rituals and if they really were. >> more of us than we care to admit.a little something. >> a little something. >> and the question is, is that scratchy beard or smelley pair of socks going to make a difference. i spoke to some fans and a folklorist to see where we
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stand when it comes to superstition. >> when you're a sports fan there's a lot of watching, waiting and wishing. >> i'm hoping for a win because we're in philly. >> hometown guys. rooting for them. >> and weapon that home comes mrentstive superstition. >> i have certain shirts i wear when fliers play. h it. >> i'm old school. >> step on a crack you braerk mama's back. >> i have not changed underwear since last year. >> andeoations that are high rk and low control then soupier estimations emerge. >> she teaches folklore and supernatural in and pregame rituals make them feel better. it's like i'm giving them an edge not but i feel like i am. >> does it work. >> yes, but some of it is in to professional athletes. baseball players are especially superstitious.
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>> lee bogs famous for eating entire chick bren games. >> kurt shillinglo he refused k during world series and other example baseball barry bonds after every the gold cross he wore. >> these relieve teption and put players in frame of mind they're likely to thawill absoly help us. absolutely. whether there's a underlying supernatural element that's something i cannot really say. >> well, many rituals are ido sink to one player and some are observed by entire team mentioning a no hitter while in progress is one of the most well known basebal baseball. >> the high school and college when high school hi to have one stivk juicy fruit gum during warm-ups and what game time hi to get rid of it. >> interesting. >> nicole, thanks. >> and passengers waitsing for
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amtrak train in new york got quite the surprise when their ride finally arrivedhe platforme slammed with a wall of snow as that train entered the station. look at that. fortunately no one was hurt. then recorded i haveios all of the passengers look like little frostee ice. >> that looks miserable. >> and favorite breakfast item and dessert combined and tonight taste with torrey we're talking hot waffles and cold ice cream as vittoria woodill discovered it's perfect inewark, delaware. >> if there's one kind of snow and ice you don't mind seeing it's this. this is the perfect blend ink in newark, delawarhop serving de own pike creek coffee anywhere you like and you also find warm belgium leash waffles made to order and topped with endless option. >> i'm sorry did you say pulled barbecue pork on a waffle.
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>> and tried to pair with t with muffins and it was belgium waffles that became the perfect blend. >> i kept reading about them and trying the best recipes out and trying to make them as awe thentic as possible because i'm rish girl outside philadelphia. how do i know about belgium waffles. >> it's a sweet review that has souls. >> and the world's fair. and kidding me. and i'm going to kiss you. >> and soon the lease today. >> what's your secret. >> we add sugar pearls and they arm lies inside the wafflen andr know what shape get. >> surpriseit was no surprise h would be perfect. >> there's a donut there's a cw snawnt there what's in there. >> sweetness in every nook and
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canny. >> you can creamy, sweet, spice, kick, it's savery waffle but it's sweet. >> or topped with oreo ice cream. >> there's hot waffle with the h chocolate whipped cream and chocolate grizle -- see i can't form a sentence anymore. that's incredible. simply incredible. >> did torrey go with the four gamma knife. >> she went with all the utensils sit here a few more hours we'll be here for breakfast. we have to talk about weather first. >> waffles are there maybe? what's that, chili. >> anything is good with waffles. >> that's true. waffles warm you up and hot maple syrup last several days with cold temperatures and we did better today and we're getting there. 30 yesterday was the high temperature. 39 degrees today and but still
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well below our average high. temperature of 53 degrees and but better than freezing. did help melt some of that snow and ice. and now we're subfreezing once again getting a live look at center city philadelphia and all is quiet west wind at around 8 mileslly e wind startio let up and after several quite gusty days. storm scan 3 showing us why conditions across the delaware valley, our next storm system is up whipped now moving to the great lakes region bringing us precipitation as it arrives and as it passes over and as it exits as well. but, newspaper of those chances are going to be significant and the main concern in the near future is as we head into the overnight period. and for tomorrow morning with temperatures dropping to teens and 20s and all that snow melt we saw throughout the day today is in the process of refreezing creating black ice on the roads and sidewalks and difficult to see and use extreme caution for friday morning commute. temperatures below freezing in many locations, reading, lancaster, getting freezing in
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millville and right now close in atlantic city and overnight tonight dropping well below freezing and clear skies and less wind and drops down to 23 and for our st. patty's day not bad. mostly sunny doing a little better once again getting up to 41 degrees and we won't have those blustery conditions and so a little breeze didn't at times across the area and we do not vin ten receive wind gusts over the last couple days and that will be the friend also on day tomorrow and another round of sunshine more snow melt will occur and a chance of snow showers as we head into mainly late tomorrow night and mainly after midnight and do keep that in mind as we have friday night plans heading into the upcoming we'd and couple chances of snow and not significant. maybe a few snow showers as we head early to saturday morning and transitioning to rain showers as high temperatures warm to upper 40s and and again we could see snow showers early surprised morning and back up up to the middle 40s and quiet through the daytime hours tomorrow and we tart to see precipitation building in in some models painting snow
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showers add we head to midnigh midnight. this particular one not. waiting to early saturday morning. starting as snow showers and best chance of precip will come as rain saturday afternoon. and as we head to saturday night we could see snow showers as cold air builds in throughout the overnight period. and as system exits still lingering moisture staying with us east of 95 and could bring us a few lingering showers to the fist half of surprised and snow showers. and again we're not going to see anything in the way of significant accumulation and snowfall totals projected on inch at best and we have something to look forward to as we head to monday and first day of spring and looks like it is a pretty nice one. mostly sunny, high temperatures warming up to near 50 mark and 51 by tuesday. >> moving on now, okay, thanks, lauren. >> done is back with more sports. >> hoops, hoops and more hoop hoops. >> and nerlens pace for dinner and they struggle in the swamle andville never awon big.
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it didn't feel that way. what did they learn from tonight. we'll hear from kris jenkinss tonight. we'll hear from kris jenkinss in spots sports this is todd hardy. a fitness buff, youth baseball coach-and lung cancer patient. the day i got the diagnosis, i was just shocked. the surgeon in dallas said i needed to have the top left lobe of my lung removed. i wanted to know what my other options were. and i found that at cancer treatment centers of america.
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>> we talked and talked and talked about villanova getting buffalo and preparing in buffalo and they got to play tonight. >> that's right. >> in advance we're moving along long. >> after a week of waiting and talking about it. villanova senior class is elite already they're one of the winningest groups of all times and if they whip it all this year, they'll be number one all time. so, it was a surprise that the wildcats came out a little flat tonight. recapping our top story number one 'nova beating mount saint mary and cats started game shooting 0-8 from the field in first in my opinion possession and trailed early and nursed a one point half time lead and eventually turned it on and they bet theme by 20 and earned a saturday match-up against 8th
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seeded wisconsin. here's what they learned from the game. >> i'm just happy and no game is for sure. you have to go out and battle even when shots don't fall and you don't think you're doing good. i don't think we'll we will use this to learn and get better and we take this in the right direction for us. >> twelve seeded princeton taking on fifth seeded is notre dame earlier today second half coleson with the slam and at one point irish ledy ng on come back. chance for the win. devon kennedy the three point shot no good and the upset thein is over after a 60-58 lots. >> two good luke's towards the end of game with guys we want shooting the ball and i'm proude their coach. >> it hurts now certainly but i think you know in a few days, few weekse' be roud proud of our success. >> moving to the guys that get


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