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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 21, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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philadelphia's top to prosecutor finds himself on the other side of the law. >> mr. williams was willing to compromise his position of public trust in exchange for private financial good faith >> seth william faces nearly two dozen counts of corruption, accused taking to thousands in gifts for favors. and now there's a growing call for him to resign. williams is set to appear in court tomorrow. good evening, i'm jessica dean >> i'm nicole brewer. ukee washington has the night off. today's indictment follows a two-year long investigation. we do have live team 3 coverage of the case. let's start with david spunt. he's live outside the federal courthouse. david? >> reporter: seth william is now a defendant in a federal corruption probe. he'll appear before the federal judge behind me tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. to answer charges that could land him behind bars for at least a decade. official told "eyewitness news" it's a case of paying for
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justice. philadelphia district attorney seth william is accused of bribery, extortion among other federal charges laid out in this 50-page indictment. he's accused of taking more than $100,000 in gifts. >> mr. williams simply took money that did not belong to him. and then elied about it. >> reporter: authorities say williams had multiple dealings with an associate listed in the indictment as business owner number one. beginning in 2010. according to the indictment for access to his office, williams accepted a $4800 paid trip and a little less than $1600 in airline tickses. he wrote in a text message. i'm mere al thankful beggar and don't want to overstep my bounds in asking but we will gladly go. williams allegedly received a custom sofa worth $3200. business owner 1 gave williams a $7,000 check. according to the indictment,
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business owner 1 asked williams to put pressure on airport security so business owner 1 could bypass traditional security. that never happened but williams allegedly set up a meeting to inquire more about it. authorities say business owner 1 wanted williams to help with his legal problems. no answer at williams's home, but we caught up with da lynn abraham to ask about the indictment >> i think it's for the good of the office. he ought to put in his resignation immediately. >> reporter: authorities say he had a similar relationship with another business owner perhaps the most troubling allegation in the 50-page indictment is that authorities allege williams pocketed $10,000 that was supposed to go to a relative to pay nursing home expenses. authorities say williams took the entire ten grand for personal use. >> he was elected to protect the interest of the people of philadelphia as their chief law enforcement officer. >> reporter: and seth william
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attorney told kyw news radio a few hours ago that his clients will fight the charges in court. we're told the first assistant in the da's office is handling matters. should he decide to step down. there's no indication of that. as far as jail time is concerned. authorities say it could be at least a decade in jail. they didn't want to speculate. we don't know what will happen if this goes to trial. reporting live tonight at federal court, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. mayor kenney released a statement about the charges against williams. it says, quote, it is deeply shameful that the city's chief law enforcement officer has been implicated in such a flagrant violation of the law at a time when our citizens trust in government is at an all-time low. it is dis heartening to see yet another elected official give the public a reason not to trust us, comes at the head of our justice system is more troubling we must greatly raise the bar
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for our behavior and show the citizens of philadelphia that we are capable out or responsibilities of elected officials. several candidates wanting to be the next district attorney of philadelphia are weighing in on the criminal charges against seth william. alexandria hoff is live outside the philadelphia district attorney with that part of the story. >> reporter: the challenge for the next da will be rebuilding the public trust in the office and the candidates we spoke with today say that is a top priority. it's a packed ballot. seven democrats and a sole republican seeks to become the next chief law enforcement officer for the city of philadelphia. a title that will irish repair. at the extent of alleged corruption at the hands of current district attorney seth williams was made public through charge >> pay to pay and corruption stuff. the stuff about the nursing home
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fraud was disturbing. >> reporter: fell candidate said seth williams ran on reforming the criminal justice system. there has been movement in that direction. philadelphia still has one of the most dysfunctionnal christmas justice systems in the country. republican beth grossman said the office not only requires new leadership but a different brand of it. >> when you have a one-party system, it really leads to sadly to corruption, and the fact that it is found its way into the district attorney office is shocking >> this is sad in light of what's happened with the attorney general and now the district attorney. it's time to have new leadership and i call on seth william to resign >> former district attorney didn't now candidate tarik stated in part. i offer my support and gratitude to the hard working men and women at the district attorney who i know will continue to
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fight for justice on behalf of the citizens of philadelphia through thisly did time. >> reporter: that pool of september of democratic candidates will be narrowed down to one following the may 16th primary. reporting outside the office of seth william alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news" >> thank you. today's news conference, we also learned why new jersey authorities are prosecuting the case. the us attorney in philadelphia says he recused his office from the investigation to avoid any perception of a conflict of interest with williams who, of course, is philadelphia's top prosecutor. the government will be representing by eric moran in new jersey. and assist issed by attorneys in in philadelphia philadelphia. you can get the latest on this story at any point at a high school student is suing his school district saying his privacy rights were violated
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by sharing a locker room with a transgender student. he said he felt sexually harassed when he and other male students were forced to start sharing a locker room with a girl who identifies as a boy. the school district refused to comment on the locker room policy. hearing from one of the teenagers in the video of a street fight in atlantic city that's now gone viral. the king of the n b a is weighing in. this video recorded on the phone of one of the boys shows neighbor appearing to intervene. he tells the boys the kids around them are laughing at their expense. this to one spoke to "eyewitness news" he's grateful ally showed up >> he came out of the car and stopped it. he didn't like that at all. he said, he said i will not leave until you guys shake hand. i want to thank him a lot. if it wasn't for him it could have gone a different way
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>> video received a retweet from nba labron james. he saluted ally for stepping in. a follow-up to a story we brought you yesterday about a jewelry store heist involving more than had a million of merchandise. it's from a jewelry store in northeast philadelphia. two burglars broke into the business early monday through the roof. police say they took watches, rings, loose diamonds and more from a locked safe. pepsi says it's pulling products from philadelphia grocery stores because of the city's tax on sweetened drinks. that includes two liter bottles and 12 packs of drinks like pepsi mount due gatorade and lip ton ice tea. mayor kenney said the industry has been trending towards smaller sizes before the tax passed. earlier pepsi blamed the tax for laying off workers. . president trump is making his final push for the
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healthcare reform bill. he addressed lawmakers at a house republican fund-raiser in washington. he said the repeal and replace will show the voters the batter is serious about its mandate. not everybody is on board. >> we're doing well. i think we're going to have great surprises. i hope that it's going to work out. we immediately start on the tax cuts and they're going to be fantastic and i'm looking forward to that one. that will be fun. >> democratic leaders say they cannot support a plan the congressional budget office estimates 24 million people will be insured. tomorrow president trump supreme court nominee will face a second around. neil gorsuch worked to convince senators he'll be fair. he avoided offering opinions on controversial. he chose him to fill the seat of the late justice.
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britain joins the united states in a security measure banning locker devices in the cabin of certain overseas flights. they affect flights originating. they must check electricics. at 11:00 an amazing medical journey. >> the patient only ten months old. the complex surgery she's recovering fromly. the quest for happiness isn't something we can buy. why a new study suggests money is not the answer but we should be focused on instead. george clooney surprises one of his biggest fans tomorrow we have a lot of sunshine much like today but it will feel completely different of the chill returns i'll tell you that what temperatures will feel like the teens and also when we rebound back to about 70
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degrees. plus the ups and downs. i'll take you through them coming up.
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if you receive a speeding ticket in the mail, listen up before you pay >> local authorities are warning drivers about a ticket scam some residents in westtown township received fake violation notices. it includes a picture of the driver's vehicle and says the fine must be paid in cash. police say the scam artist deliver the notices to at least four homes in the pleasant grove neighborhood >> i don't know that i would immediately have done what it says to do but it does look real. i would start to get nervous >> no adult way shred of common sense would pay a fine in cash. they would know it's a scam. >> police say they've arrested a 16-year-old boy in connection with this. >> his father found some undelivered notices near the family's computer and called police. on the health watch, a baby born with two spines and four legs is recovering this evening near chicago after doctors removed her twin's partially formed body. ten month old dominique was born
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on the ivory coast and flown to a hospital in illinois for the procedure. during the six-hour operation, five surgeon removed parts of her con joined twin which failed to separate >> the twin had been attached to the bask dominique's neck and there was a pelvis and bladder and functional leg that is moved and feet. >> doctors say the surgery was a success and they expect she'll be able to live a normal fully functional life. the search for happiness. a new study shows americans are steadily becoming more unhappy. in fact, u.s. happiness is the lowest it's been in more than a decade. if you think money might change that. think again. as americans we have our own version of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. >> being alive makes me very happy >> my children make me smile. >> my family, my friends. the successful at work >> getting my health in order.
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>> true happiness is when you're happy with the type of person you've become >> on a scale from one to ten >> eight 8.5. united states scored 6.8 out of 10. since the recession, americans have become increasingly less happy since 2006 >> it has a lot to do with the politics. >> harder to get jobs. still discrimination >> i think we're spoil >> of the 155 nations polled, the u.s. came in 14th most fulfilled. what's stealing our joy, social support from family and friends taken a hit along with our sense of personal freedom and trust in government. >> we're getting sick and tired of same politician doing the same thing over and over >> despite making more money, we're less generous with our
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donation portraying us as a country in social crisis. what can we do >> be more open >> reach out to your neighbor. we're not an island. we need each other. >> look at the big picture and realize how good we have it is what i can suggest >> perspective is key for sure. one of the officers of the report suggest america focus on rebuilding its social capitol instead of our rate of economic growth and in case you're curious, nor way came in first. >> it is interesting and in connecting with other people. we're wired to connect. sometimes it's hard. >> sometimes we don't make time to do it. george clooney gave one of his biggest fans a birthday surprise she don't forget. staff in a nursing home wrote to clooney. he visited and brought flowers. he stayed for a little chat. took photos. clooney and his wife own a home
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nearby. >> that woman is so darn cute. >> i can't get enough of her >> i love george paid her a visit >> i love today's weather. it was nice for march >> it started out cloudy and the send came out and it was beautiful. tomorrow will look beautiful but it will not feel that way. it's a cold day tomorrow. make sure you have the coat, the gloves, the hat ready by the door, kids are going to head out to the bus stop and they will need the full winter gear tomorrow even though it will be sunny and bright when you wake up and step outside it will be a little bit of a shock to the system as we head back to more january-like weather here in philadelphia tomorrow. look outside right now, things are still pretty quiet. it's a partly cloudy night. we don't have rain in the forecast for the next couple days. next chance comes during the day on friday. but until then, the just the cold and the weekend wintery winds that will be kicking up tonight into tomorrow. stormscan 3 shows a couple clouds moving through. stray sprinkle trying to pop up on stormscan 3, don't think most is reaching the ground.
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as we zoom back to the north and west we can see the cold front that will be moving through overnight and into tomorrow. cold northwest winds will be invading by tomorrow morning and that's what's going to make it feel colder. time laps from the wick field elementary school in reading. watch once the sun comes out how quick that will snow multis. the and sun comes out. the snow begins to melt and the road. by the end, the kids are outside, playing in the sunshine. schoolyard there, and the snow there is gone. but the sun and wind gusting to about 23 miles an hour in reading. high in philadelphia, 59 degrees. that makes it the first day above average since march 9. it's been a long stretch of below average but we got back above average. not so much tomorrow, lots of sunshine but winds gusting over 30 miles an hour. high of around 40 is ten to 15
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degrees below average but it will feel no better than 20's. here's 9:00. 19 in philadelphia, 12 in allentown. even at the warmest part of the day, mid to late afternoon, feels no better than the 20's and you wake up thursday mother feeling like the teens once again, this is an extend the stretch tomorrow into thursday. where tight end feel any better than the teens or 20's despite lots of sun. we'll see sunshine thursday. here's our next system, a warm front friday, this could start as sleet or freezing rain. likely just scattered showers midday here in philadelphia then it will clear out by friday evening. and temperatures will be on the way up. we go from well above average to well above average. and that warmth comes in on saturday. that's the warmest day. temperatures tonight dropping into the mid 30's. tomorrow's high only 40. but again, that's only half the story. u ap.
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can't trust what it says on your car thermometer. 40 will feel like 22. thursday 44. we spike to 70 on saturday. doesn't last long. back in the 50's with rain on sunday. but 70, clouds. >> saturday? we'll take it. >> definitely good timing on that. >> hello don bell. >> march madness. we're talk to go sports. march madness continues high school style. semi finalisting at the liacouras center, (vo)have to happen?idn't i didn't see it. (vo) what if we could go back? what if our car... could stop itself?
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calendar says spring, but tend trending towards summer. flyers have 11 games left. seven points out of the playoffs. the orange and black in winnipeg
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taking on the jets. no score in the second. wayne simmons finds jordan wheel in the front. back in the net is what he has 1-0. later on jets power tripping blake wheeler shot, redirected by matthews and we're tied third period now, wheeler again. this time he does it himself. beetsdz steve mason, flyers down by one. flyers coughing up the puck and jets will make you pay. beets beetsdz >> 9th loss in 11 games on the road. the sixers are off. have a run-in with history, they visit the oklahoma thunder where russell west brooke is on track to triple for the season, he'll be the first nba player to do that in more than 50 year, the nba playoff start in a few weeks.
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competitiveness is at an all-time high. tornado and robin lopez of chicago coming to blows both ejected. trying to get into the playoffs and that's kind of what you get. meanwhile, robin's twin brother brook lopez scores the game winner for brooklyn. as they take on the pistons, two very different nights for the lopez twins. >> high school hoops. semi finals between del val charter and newman goretti. nice play, later on, quada green headed to kentucky goes coastal on the play and newman goretti heading to the state finals, 76-47. class semis archbishop ryan,
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reading, first half. reading with the ball. tyron, going in for the lay-up denied by fred author big block. later on off the nets. reading over's archbishop ryan 57-51. spring training, no score in the fifth, freddy galvis had a career year. that one right field. phils go up 1-0. and then to the eighth. do bell herrara poisoned for another year. fight ins within r win 9-5 less than two weeks away. >> can't come soon enough. >> up next.
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more than 200 young women treated to the full prom dress shopping experience >> "eyewitness news" at 17th and brown streets, the lawmaker cozen o'connor hosted a boutique and ladies got to find the perfect dress, shoes accessories, learned makeup applications at no cost. kate? . thank you.
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now time for the weekend watch which starts off on a mild note on saturday. temperature around 70 to start the weekend. that all changes on sunday. next system approaches it will bring the threat for rain be especially in the afternoon. going to bring a temperature drop, about 15 degrees
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morning team back from 4:30 to 7:00. from kate, don,
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