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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  March 24, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. well, developing right now crime scene tape surroundings part of a maple shade apartment complex after at least one person is found dead. >> still information comes to light about a dog found in a garbage bag. find out how technology helped them track down the apparent owner. >> trump says no more time to talk, time to vote on neutral healthcare plan, we'll tell when you they will vote. how some local republicans are voting. tgif everyone. today is friday march 24. i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. very happy friday to you. let's get your day started with a check on weather and traffic with katie and meisha. >> good morning, you never want to say you waited all week for friday but -- >> yes, we do. >> looking outside it is very
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busy in the world of travel already, more serious accident on the schuylkill. we'll get to details coming up. >> at least dry for now, will be few showers very scat nerds nature, that build in later this morning, generally around midday, late morning, early afternoon. see right now on storm scan, how the clouds even over the last couple of hours have gun to bill owe out there. so sign of things yet to come here. warmfront lifting in. it does have nice trade off in that it will help us actually warm up here today. temperatures currently reading into the low 30's, from fill out to atlantic city. look how chilly mount pocono. that's where you actually end up with winter weather advisory taking effect as of 8:00 this morning, lasting until 1:00. the reason for that, because it is just cold enough, freezing rain, and/or sleet may be what you find out of the warmfront passage. most everywhere else you look for quick shower and that's pretty much it. if you're in fill and you don't want to take your umbrella, i think are think you get away without. it will be raindrops work their way in late morning, early afternoon, so if you have lunch plans, plan to be
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outside, that's your call on the umbrella meanwhile it is milder. normal high is 56. we're at least flirting with that today. with that said, unsettled pattern overall is taking over, will be drier days versus others, temperatures speaking, we are tracking multiple disturbances in what promises to be very active pattern, but the good news, meisha, is that none of these disturbances look like they're all that pink or, just with us for good portion of the forecast. >> good, at least that helps. >> exactly. >> nothing major. katie, thank you so much. well, speaking of major, something little more on the serious side this morning, waking up to accident on the schuylkill. schuylkill westbound the off ramp to northbound boulevard, ramp closed clearly you can see. >> this accident involved a vehicle fire and entrapment. it happened right around 4:00 a.m. >> this might be take little bit to move out of your way. just a heads up. schuylkill westbound, off ramp to northbound boulevard completely closed as crews are working to get this rectified for you. so heads up on this. another accident out there on
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the blue route northbound past mcdade, see kind of grainy shot here, but pulled off to the right-hand side. and you're not getting too much gaper delay yet. even on a friday, one of the lesser, heavier congestion travel days. still posing problems for you. then also some construction 202 northbound between boot road and route 30. right lane compromised there. then also had an accident horsham route 63, that's now just been cleared. jim, rahel, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. well, this morning, police in burlington county are investigating at least one death at apartment complex in maple shade township. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live in maple shade with the latest on what police know right now. good morning, jan. >> reporter: jim, rahel, good morning, investigators aren't releasing much information at all about what happened here at this maple shade apartment late last night. but what we do know is that police were first called to the scene for reported shooting. now, they're looking into at least one death here. you can see, liver behind me here on the scene this morning, that part of this
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apartment complex is still taped off. investigators have been here all night long, focusing their attention on the apartment on first floor near a large bush. maple shade police first called to the fox meadow apartments, 100 block of fox meadow drive around 9:00 last night. the crime scene unit quickly arrived and now the burlington county prosecutor's office is leading this investigation. all they can say right now is that they're investigating at least one death, no word who died or exactly how this happened, again, we do know police were called out here for a shooting. we are expecting an update out here this morning. back now live on scene. we haven't seen anyone taken away from the area. there is still an ambulance on the scene. as soon as we get an update we will pass it along to you. for now live in in maple shade, jim, rahel, back to you. >> jan, thank youment the search is on for pair every shoot heres police say gunned down man in philadelphia's east oaklane section. police say shots rang out at the intersection of 65th avenue and north fifth
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street around 10:00 last night. officers arrived to find a 30 year old man shot in the chest. he was rushed to the hospital where he later died. we'rld the two men sped away in a gray colored car. >> new this morning, an intruder is shot during home invasion in wissinoming. police say the 26 year old suspect broke into this home just after midnight on the 6100 block of hagerman street. the man who lives at the residence was there with a friend. when the intruder entered the home the friends pulled out a gun, shot the suspect in the face. the suspect is currently in the hospital. >> a philadelphia police officer faces charges after a dog is dumped in a trash bag and left for dead in a local park. they traced the chip installed in the doing to officer michael long 11 year veteran of the department. woman discovered the dog now known as cranberry about four months ago while walking her own d park. >> i could tell she was in distress, obviously, wrapped up in a trash bag. i did not know the condition of her until i had actually gone and opened up the trash
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bag. and then saw just skin and bones. >> well, long facing multiple animal cruelty charges has been suspended with the intent to dismiss. meantime you can see cranberry there has made full recovery. she is currently living in malvern, and is described as a very happy couch potato. >> septa adding security at its stations after up tick in youth violence, 11 appearance in custody facing charges in this violent subway brawl that was caught on cell phone video. it happened march 16 at the race vine septa station, yesterday police searched warrant including seven at ben franklin high school. late last night a 18 year old ben franklin student surrendered to police. >> school dismissal time has become a period for youth violence. and we have kids causing pain and fear among other kids. >> septa also plans to roll out a text line which would allow the public to quickly notified police of incident.
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>> meanwhile, six teenage girls facing charges after another assault at a septa station in west philadelphia. chopper three over 46th and market, where police say the group assault add 16 year old girl wednesday night, and tried to set her hair on fire. the victim was treated and released, second victim also assaulted, and not hurt. >> well, it is back to the jury room for the panel in the criminal trial of former penn state president graham spanier, accused of mishandling complaints that former assistant football coach jerry sandusky was molesting boys. child endanger. , one felony count of conspiracy, spanier forced out as president of penn state in 2011 after sandusky arrested. >> erin freak, charged with killing pennsylvania state trooper corporal brian dixon, critically wounding trooper alex, both ambushed outside the blooming grove barracks back in 2014. six alternate jurors still need to be selected.
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will car -- travel to chester because of pretrial publicity. >> house expected to vote on the gop healthcare, following pressure from president trump. house members supposed to vote on the american healthcare act last night. the president met yesterday morning with the house freedom caucus, that's the bill's largest republican opposition. but, by the afternoon, republicans weren't so sure they had enough support causing the vote to be delayed. >> we had to get it right, and i thought missing the mark, that's why i'm taking the position i've taken. >> for p and half years we've been promising the american people that we will repeal and replace this broken law because it is collapsing, and tomorrow we're proceeding. >> last night a representative for the president told house republicans he's done negotiating and wants a vote today. >> in addition to other local republicans in congress including new jersey frank lobiondo and pennsylvania fits fat trick will vote against their party healthcare reform bill. also reached out to
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pennsylvania gong man pat meehan to see how they'll vote. >> honoring the victim of wednesday terror attacks. hosed candlelight vigil for the four who died and dozen hurt. authorities say the suspect, british born, had long criminal record, not on terror watch list. they say he ran down pedestrians in front of parliament before crashing into a gate. >> i had no time to get out of the way. so basically why did this, i just put myself in, you know, tried to defend myself as i could, so i just put my arms forward and, you know, the car just tumbled me over. >> and police did shoot and kill the suspect. they've also arrested eight people suspected of helping to plan the terror attack. >> israeli police have arrest add suspect in connection with the world-wide threats against jewish community centers. now, authorities say the 19 jerold suspect holds due ellis rail i american citizenship. police have not said if he is
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responsible for recent threats, jcc's in wynnewood, cherry hill, wilmington. they don't have motive but the suspect's lawyer says the teen has a brain tumor. that may have led to the behavior. >> work to repair vandalized headstones at mount carnell jewish cemetery in northeast philadelphia will begin on tuesday. jewish federation every greater philadelphia has raised more than $220,000 for the cost of the repairs. the cemetery was vandalized you may recall last month. officials say the repair work will take about two weeks. >> well, there is much more to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news." the flight to mars starts in berks county. factory re-inventing it self to help make the next giant leap. >> and philadelphia makes plans to celebrate as one of it landmarks turns 100. we are back in two minutes. stay with us, everybody. at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do.
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game night is our daughter allie's favorite night. and knowing that her favorite general mills big g cereals are gluten-free, like honey nut cheerios, rice chex and lucky charms, she can enjoy it her way. try new very berry cheerios. the taste of real fruit in every bite. so berry good. at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 20% at the ikea kitchen event. >> small factory is helping
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nasa prepare for big journey yet to come. >> at the bally ribbon mills, some of the old looms have been retro fitted. can still create light weight durable and heat resistant fabric designed to line and protect spacecraft. now it is 100 layers of woven carbon, will one day allow astronaunts to travel to mars. >> very hot. we have what we call thorough protect and the materials that protect the structure of the spacecraft. >> who would have known? last year the head of nasa visited the factory, declared the path to mars goes directly through bally, pa. >> well, the time now 4:43. >> and katie here with another check of the forecast, katie, i got one focus today, and that's tomorrow. >> okay, so you're always one step ahead, put it that way. >> yes. >> you agree? i know what you're talking about, i know you have specifically been looking ahead to the warm weather we're looking forward to tomorrow. tomorrow we bottomed out to 24 n
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the early morning, but look where we expect to rebound by tomorrow. so very vast and stark contrast between these couple of days, as we are still forecasting the high to hit 70 . now, there is a trade off that comes with this warm up. and that's just an overall unsettled pattern. i don't think that you'll see any major storms roll through, necessarily, but almost every day of the seven day has something up it sleeve in terms of precipitation. you can't walk out the door without wondering, okay, when is it going to rain again on me until sometime next mid-week. so, let's talk about the initial problem, that's warmfront lifting in. i wouldn't call it problem, just call it pattern change. >> this will bring with it midday showers. but not much more than that. we jump you all the way to 10:00 a.m. by that point things are beginning to get underway. more clouds, notice the pink though, just cold enough, again, winter weather advisory up in carbon monroe counties, the rest of the poconos for but this is just a shower in the city. then it is gone.
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so unless you're trying to dine he will frost co-for lunchtime i think you're good. there are supports that don't even get any rainout of us here today. tomorrow the clouds quickly thicken, north of they. cy, and point south i think you stay dry just with clouds. but meantime today, it is beginning to rebounds. so expect some sun to be filtered through the clouds, 54 degrees the expected hi, later tonight we drop down to 47, under partly cloudy sky, quite mild at that 47 agree low. that's what sends us up to seven open by tomorrow. we are going to stay pretty mild for the standards into next week, notice it, doesn't actually brighten up, until wednesday, mesh. >> katie thank you so much for that. good morning, there is really no easy transition for this. we are just getting sad words into the traffic department right now this accident on the schuylkill is fatal. it is indeed fatal. this is an accident with a vehicle fire. it was entrapment. now reports that it is fatal like i said, happened around 4:00 a.m. schuylkill westbound, the off ramp to northbound boulevard, and you guys that ramp is closed right now. so i will let you know as soon
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as this does reopen. but right now, that ramp is closed. we have another accident here, the blue route northbound past mcdade boulevard. pulled all the way off to the right shoulder. then we also have some construction to talk about this morning, as well. we have crews out there on 202 northbound, boot road, that right lane compromised there, also more construction, mlk drive-in bound, between sweet briar drive and art museum. that's going to be closed until right around 5:00 a.m. the next ten, 15 minute or so that should be clearing of the in the world of mass transit real quickly media elwyn shuttle bussing both saturday and sunday between elwyn and university city due to cobbs creek for repairs. heads up on that, make sure to check the schedules on line, jim, rahel, back to you. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, the next time you need a beer, ask alexa. >> also we're talking about the soda tax numbers in philly. much more on this morning's money report when "eyewitness news"
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>> 4:48ment time for business news. >> hena daniels joins us live this morning from the new york stock exchange, good morning, the philadelphia controversial soda tax has bubbled over expectations, what can you tell us about that? >> it is doing really well. good morning, guys. the tax, six hadn't $4 million in february alone raised almost 500,000 more than expected. the 1.5 sent per ounce tax helps fund pre k and community schools. it also helps pay to renovate rec centers, libraries, and parks. >> lots of controversy here in philadelphia over that tax, hena. women, but if you're going to have a drink this weekend, i understand amazon may fetch it for you? >> i don't know how i feel about this. if you're going have that drink, just ask digital assistant alexa. prime members can get beer, wine or liquor delivered to their door in one hour. of course do you have to be 21 to receive the order, and being offered in about 30 cities for now.
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>> what about wine coolers? listen, i like my wine coolers. >> that's a good question. >> all right, we need to find that out. that's very important. >> no, it is not. >> yes, it is. >> thank you, hena shall appreciate it. >> lever hena out of your mess, it is 2017. >> listen, eight's were a good decade for me. >> we're going to get him some help. >> landmark at the ben franklin parkway. >> to mark the occasion, the city planning more after year of activities to celebrate the cultural corridor. in addition, the parkway 100 planning committee has announced $1.25 million grant from the william penn foundation. it will support a public art installation across the parkway, park bay 100 we are connected kick off festival is scheduled for friday, september 8th. well, coming up after the break, we will get another check on traffic. >> and weather. plus some of the best places in the country here in philly. finds out who made the list. speaking of weather, hi, katie. >> hey, guys, today is actually going to kick off
4:51 am
what promises to be relatively unsettled forecast. down the road here, the majority of the seven day has some rain in the weather icon. but there are days and there are times that will be drier than others. we'll walk you through all of
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>> looking a led to relative when i say un settled automatically we think clouds, rain, dreary all day. that's not the case. but there is a chance at least that we see a shower at minimum almost every day of this forecast. soap, let's back it up to today. that means we actually have to turn to some wintery weather potential. there is winter weather advisory starting 8:00 a.m. in the the purple shaded areament even the lehigh valley, berk sinclude in the this. how much, watch for some slick
4:54 am
travel, as this warmfront lifts in, it is coming right now through northwest pa. see what it is doing there, bringing some icing. so the temperature profiles cold enough around i80, points north and west, may ends one freezing rain or sleet. that's where your travels take you. meanwhile, that comes around midday. then from this point forward outlook. but tomorrow, shower north of the city. sunday some light rain. showers for everyone monday. maybe even thunderstorm into tuesday. so the hit keep rolling here, in a sense, with thebae front at moving on through. just so happen to come, meisha, every single day of the next five. >> yes, looks that way, all right, katie, thank you. >> not ideal. >> rea i'm not quite sure if you heard this, just waking up with us, we do have reports of faith al crash here on the schuylkill westbound, the offer ramp to the northbound boulevard, so this ramp right now is closed. it was involving a vehicle fire as well. crews will probably be out there for quite some time.
4:55 am
so just heads up. an alternate will be kelly drive to the boulevard. that's going to be your best bet. again, fatal crash, schuylkill westbound the off ramp to the northbound boulevard. then we have another accident here, the blue route northbound past mcdade boulevard. i can tell you right now it is shaping up to be a busy morning in the world of travel already, keep it in mine as we factor in friday morning plans, because friday's usually tends to be one of the easier travel days. construction 202 north between boot road, route 30, right lane compromised, more construction mlk drive, inbound, between sweet dryer drive and art museum closed for another five minutes or so, should be opening sometime soon. i'll of course confirm as soon as it does so, jim, rahel, back to you. >> thank you so much, meisha. we all have our favorite place toss pick up a pizza. >> now two local restaurants have been named some of the best pizza spots in the country. police-involved shooting via vetri which i lover and tackonelli on the food and wine list of the top pizza
4:56 am
places, especially like the thick chewy crust of the neapolitan pie. i personalliy like the rittenhouse pizza also pointed out tacconelli hasn't changed its recipe since it opened in 1946. coming up in the next hour, amber alert in california. a frantic search is underway right now, for two children, taken while they waited in a vehicle. see the new picture police are hoping will help them track down the two boys. also, find out what the fall-out from the latest white house fence jumper could mean for members of the secret service. we're back at the top of the hour. wendy's doesn't put up with mushy fish sandwiches like some do. their north pacific cod is breaded in crisp, flaky panko for a big... that's deliciously different. i love it even more than the sea. hey, don't get all mushy on us.
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it's dinner time and you worked overtime. so you have... no time. but you don't have to cut corners, mom! wendy's kids meals are now just $1.99 after 4pm for a limited time. and you can treat yourself too. it's about time. live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning >> live all night at the scene. it is do-or-die time for the republican plan to repeal
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and replace obamacare. i'm craig boswell on capitol hill. that's coming up. >> and, it is a milder ends to the work week we get ready for sunny and warm saturday. katie is here with your friday forecast. >> i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. keeping an eye on things this morning. >> fatal crash on the schuylkill we will be talking about details coming up in just a minute. >> i don't think initially that will have any bearing on your travels here, that's good, but with time, couple every showers do work their way through midday specially in the poconos, where i would want to turn our focus for travel concerns, specifically because icing becomes a problem. nothing terribly widespread. but there is a winter weather advisory going into effect at 8:00 a.m. specific to the poconos and point northwest of that. the rest every us just a rain shower that moves in. obviously nothing out there yet. won't come until midday at the
5:00 am
earliest, what do you need to know here today? all coming because of warmfront passage, will be some sun along the way. midday shower specially if you plant to be indoors on the midday, nothing more than quick shower passing through, also milder withst breeze as it takes place, there will also be a noticeable breeze, but that starts to taper offer even later tonight. >> we're rebounding nicely already. with temperatures, anything upwards ten to 16 degrees, surplus right now, and as the hours progress here, we will warm up nicely into typical territory for change. even despite that shower chance. >> i think we brighten up for sunshine before said and done >> the schuylkill westbound off ramp to northbound boulevard, ramp right now cl r


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