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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  March 25, 2017 12:00am-12:35am EDT

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most fun you've had coaching. john: they're trying to win but what i knew ann at half tyke. guys, they're throwing through aaron twocksfovepblgts this guy was like oh, good. he was really good in pick and roll, he made sots, he made place but herself right. tracy: so up next, carolina. >> oh, my gosh, how good are they? they've gotten better. we play them without one of their guards and the other had a bad ainge -- ankle and one of us had to get 46 for to us win at
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buller. for going to be -- how much frank martin, what he's doing in the elit eight? win yet? tracy: the game is ongoing. dottie: i hope they win. florida florida is gall up by nine. we have some matchup send for set -- sunday here. the juan and the twore here. that's it prosecutor londso ball and the bruins. fox and monk score 38 of kentucky's 50 second half points and the cats are moving on to take on carolina. we'll send you to our studio in a moment. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension. your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level.
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to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra single packs. one shot for a triphis. to the final four. 3 seconds left! this could be one to remember. and here we go! alright! [clap clap!] what, what happened?! [clap clap!] at the buzzer! phenomenal!
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no! charles! you have your tv on a clapper!? of course! you never clap during games? i clap in my head. it get's pretty loud in there. one of the greatest shots you'll ever see! no! [captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visieric their knock off ucla tonight 86-75. welcome back inside studio 43
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and the "road to the final four," everyone. greg gumbel in new york along with clark, kenny and charles. matuy wildcats grow up a little bit more tonight and everybody walked into the arena talking about lonzo ball and they're walking out talking about de'aaron fox. clark: no we question about bri he has tremendous speed. i know there's not a faster player in the country with the ball and he was frisk from the start. carried it throughout the game. with help from monk during the second half and the kentucky wildcats defendinged and played a high have level game on both ends. kenny: de'aaron fox, his ability to play pick and roll basketball, his ability to create a pace for kentucky and his ability to find people when he dribble penetrated not on debatable only was impressive, but his scoring for 29 points. charles: this was like old-time
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basketball when you get all the guys together. there's a guy that everybody was talking about. the other guys are out here, we're here to prove a point. lonzo ball looks like he has a really, really bright future but them boys came for him from kentucky tonight and got it done. greg: 29 points for fox, the most ever in an ncaa tournament game. let's run it down. east regional semi. florida has come from behind and glabbed the lead 64-5 . east region. south carolina rolled over the third seed baylor bears 70-50 and in the south, the other semifinal, kentucky will meet north carolina, the tar heels, 92- 0 win over butler. the elite eight gets under way on tbs tomorrow at 6:05 eastern time. xavier and gonzaga then at :49
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p.m., the third seed oregon takes on the top sealed in the midwest, the kansas jayhawks. tonight after your late local news. don't miss the late show with stephen colbert followed by james corden. for all of us and our entire cbs team. i'm greg gumbel. thank you for watching, everyone. we'll see you on the weekend. ♪ th over 480,000 college athletes, only 2o pro. norivate jets.. no fan clubs. no hall ofe instead, they will walk away
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get the best. go to a daring fire rescue. how two local police officers jumped into action to pull a woman out of a burning home. healthcare bill collapse, the gop plan to repeal and replace obamacare never makes it to a vote. what both sides are saying and what comes next.
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a star of the ucla men's basketball team alonso is getting a lot of attention, so is his damaged are out spoken parents putting too much pressure on kids? we begin with a split second decision that likely saved a woman's life. good evening. i'm jessica dean >> i nicole brewer in >> alexandria hoff with the story. >> reporter: these a police officers notof firefighters. this is what it did to a car parked in the driveway. >> this fire saved that woman's life over there. >> at 4:30 a.m. ed young ran outside to find the home next door on fire, the mentally disabled aunt trapped in a back bedroom. called 911 and officers rush to the 100 block of shoe brook lane >> they jumped into action
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immediately. without regard for their safety. this fire was ready to kill somebody. >> those aston township police officers were calling joyce and william mac >> still trying to process the situation >> they realized the woman was a friendly resident. they both knew well >> we have to get her out >> both scaled the largely fence and realize the windows was too high. >> i immediately ran and grabbed that ladder and threw it to him. >> some unknown neighbor toss add ladder over six fand if it , i never would have been able to get in. >> reporter: inside was all black >> all we could hear was mary >> mary was pulled out and taken to the hospital in serious condition >> we let her know immediately she did good. she was safe, going to get help, and she hasanymore. >> reporter: but there is one thing. >> we're trying to find my aunt and uncle's lost cat >> four animals were killed in
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the fire but a puppy and a cat were tossed out a window >> finding peace to our family would definitely help. >> reporter: the family is grateful for all of the brave acts. but they're asking anyone in the area to keep look-out for a white persian cat as they say it will help their family heal. no word on cause of this fire. reporting in delaware county alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." a three alarm vages. a business, the company makes water tight doors for aircraft carriers and ships. it took them several hours to get the flame under control. crews continued to down hot spots. cause is under investigation. there's no word on any injury. a stunning defeat. the republican legislation to replace the affordable care act is dead.
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house leaders pulled the bill before a scheduled vote when it became clear they did not have enough votes to get it passed. >> i will not sugar coat this. that us is disappointing >> paul ryan pulled the republican healthcare bill off the table minutes before it was supposed to hit the house floor for a vote. despite intense looking, he did not have enough support to get the legislation passed >> we just didn't quite get consensus >> many conservative republicans held out because the bill did not go far enough to repeal obamacare but moderate republicans say it went too far and could have left 24 million americans without health insurance over the next decade. president blamed democrats, not the divided gop for the failure >> when you get no votes from the other side, blanket democrats, it's a difficult situation >> democrats don't see it that way. >> let's just for a moment breathe a sigh of relief >> the house debated the bill five hours before the speaker
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pulled the plug. >> our nation endured seven long years of this mess and today we have the obligation and responsibilities to act. insurance you'll get with the amendments made will be as worthless as a degree from trump university >> passing the health care bill was the first major legislature test but he couldn't close the deal >> we all learned a lot about loyalty, a lot about the even though getting processed. >> mr. trump said it's time to move forward, they will revisit healthcare but did not indicate when. charlie dent spoke to "eyewitness news" after they pulled the bill. he was among several planning to vote against the legislation. >> i don't know when that will be but if we do. we need to do it differently, and so i suspect the next order of business will be tack reform and infrastructure and there will be plenty to do.
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today was difficult for a lot of people. but the sun will come up tomorrow. >> president trump is willing to work with democrats on a bipartisan healthcare bill in the future. detectives are investigating a murder mystery, a mother and her young son killed in south jersey. the story is unfolding on fox meadow drive in maple shade burlington county, david spunt has the latest that's genattent. >> reporter: a gruesome scene on this maple shade street as a father arrived home to find his 38-year-old wife and 6-year-old son dead. someone stabbed them. >> they were close. him and his son. >> reporter: that's the voice of a neighbor who didn't want to show her face on camera. she watched the scene unfold late thursday night. >> all he kept saying was blood everywhere. she's dead. she's dead. it was so sad to see him like so distraught. >> reporter: authorities identified the victims, who
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killed them and why, detectives are working to find those answers. >> total, total disbelief. total disbelief. i can't imagine. >> reporter: dexter stevenson lives in the complex and says he saw no damage to the outside on the front door >> it is a horrible tragedy's and we as a community will do what we need to do to find a perpetrator and step up what we do as a community to help one another because that's what it's about. >> reporter: detectives are working with detectives from the burlington county prosecutor's office. if you have any information on this case, give police a call. david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." tonight, a former youth hockey coach from lansdale is facing charges of having sexual contact with minors. walter far is accused of molesting players for decades. they say he's mostly known by tracy molested two minors in
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south jersey. also charged with nine counts of sexual contact with two minors in new castle county. >> typical of someone engaging in this type of criminal behavior. there's a period of grooming of the individual. he identified someone who he believes he can take advantage of. >> investigators believe others have yet to come forward. any information urged to contact gloucester county's prosecutor's office. former penn state president was found guilty was found guilty of one count of child endangerment of his handling of the sandusky sexual abuse scandal. he did not take the stand and his lawyer rested his case without calling a single witness to the stand. jurors acquitted span ed of the other two counts he faced, conspiracy and another count of child endangerment. penn state university released a statement while we cannot undo the past we've rehe dedicated ourselves to act always with the highest integrity in affirming the shared values of our
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community. former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky was back in a courtroom seeking a new trial. defense attorneys called four witnesses to the stand including a psychologist and two state police investigators. the defense claims those three suggest question sandusky's accuser. prosecutors argued the accusers were not coached. the judge will make a decision in may. a woman accused of kidnapping an infant from the king of prussia mall last march was found guilty. prosecutors say she agreed that evidence set to be presented in her jury trial next month would have been enough to conflict her. she now awaits sentencing and faces up to 27 years behind bars. police release surveillance video of two persons of interest in the murder investigation of a west philadelphia woman. they were spotted at separate times blocking down an eli that police say is significant to this investigation.
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they continue to chase down leads of the killing of ms. harris the 65-year-old known as winnie was shot to death on her home last month. six of the ten people being held in connection with the terror attack near london's parliament have been released. two women and four men were arrested in birmingham england where police say attacker khalid masood recent lived. police believe masood acted alone but want to know if others helped him prepare. authorities say masood drove an suv into people on a busy bridge then stab add police officer near parliament. four people were killed. dozens were injured. weekend is upon us. and we are in for a big warmup. meteorologist kate bilo is also tracking rain. thanks jessica and nicole, this is our weather maker. not only is it bringing the warm air in, it's going to bring us the chance for a few showers and a plunge for sunday.
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a breakdown what to expect over the next several days, many chances for rain in the forecast. >> don't mix, >> yeah, the out spoken father of a college basketball star. la var doesn't mince words, is he launching his son into stardom. one of country music's most popular duos is back. garth brooks and trisha yearwood bring the tour to south philly. >> it's a day fit for this to city. how philadelphians celebrated national cheesesteak day. don >> super dario saar rich ran with the bulls in chicago and finished way career night. the 411 on the sixers later in sports.
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freshmen lonzo ball is the point guard for ucla. his female fell to kentucky but this isn't the last you'll hear of him. he's the oldest of three boys all who dominate on the basketball court. one person who isn't shy telling you about that is their father. la var ball has compared his older son to some of the best players in basketball history. is he putting too much pressure on his kids or making stars? >> ucla lonzo ball may be one of the stars of march madness but everybody is talking abouts his dad >> he's everywhere >> even if you never heard his name, you know the time. >> they're kind of loud. they're a little bias when it
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comes to their child >> ball compared him to michael jordan, michael johnson and steven curry, this proud papa won't settle. he believes his son will be the best in league history. he's even create apparel company for his throw kids. is he a marketing genius or object unconscious parent who needs to take a step back. >> i don't think it's good, because it comes back to bite you >> i think la var is having his show down >> she says ball's antics oh could distract his son dr. k it's tournament and over time caused aed stress, anxiety even depression >> it's great to be a proud parent. sometimes you can put too much pressure >> pressure can be positive and
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negative >> doctor says only time will tell. in the meantime folks are split with some loving la var's side line and others hoping to run out the clock on his 15 minutes of fame >> i like entertainment but at the and he knows of children, i don't. >> i think his father should lay low a little bit. just let his kids do his thing. >> i will say this much, he is very entertaining. i think that people probably be ok with him complimenting his kid but he made comments about labron james and said he could beat michael jordan one-on-one. >> get a little protective. >> all right. food or faith? that was the dilemma some christians were grappling with on national cheesesteak day, because it's also a no, meat friday during lent: people we talked to wondering if he they
12:26 am
would get a pass. >> i don't know if he's absolver of cheesesteak sins, i haven't seen that in the confessional manual. however, i think as a catholic i'm not going to eat meat today >> it's worth it. it's worth the sin. really good. historians say pat steak's debuted the original back in 1933 garth brooks and trisha yearwood are in philadelphia for four shows three days, it's been 19 years since taken the stage in philly and our morning team talked with brooks lie satellite. recently he told us to come prepared to today's press conference with cheesesteaks, so you know who was listening. vittoria woodill and she didn't disappoint. >> something from philly for you and trisha. i hope you like onions.
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today you do? >> i got my wife. try to. >> reporter: do you like cheese whiz? enjoy them. thank you have a fantastic show. >> no word on which one he favored. fans of the country music don't forget the 52 annual academy of the country music awards set for sunday april 2nd at 8:00 p.m. and you can watch live on cbs3. also all next week, you could win a pair of tickets to a hot country concert coming to philly. tune into cbs3 this morning on monday to find out how you can enter to win. >> still trying to figure out the onion comment. >> he made it on trisha yearwood. does that mean >> i think, i try not to eat onions because i'm close to her maybe. >> maybe. >> he seems like a nice guy. kate, let's talk about this weather. warm it up tomorrow. warming up tomorrow. it's not great weekend but the first half at least of tomorrow
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or 2/3 of tomorrow looks good. then everything goes downhill. the good news is we don't have any severe cold like what we experienced earlier. but sunday is going to be a raw, damp and dreary miserable day, get outside tomorrow while you can. by late afternoon and dinnertime, things may start to change. let's take a look outside. we'll take you up to the lehigh valley. you can see the flags not really flying much in bethlehem. not a lot of wind, definitely milder than it has been in recent nights and we are looking at pretty quiet conditions through the first half of tomorrow but as i'll show you, that will change pretty quickly. here's a live look at stormscan 3. you can see the clouds in place, any showers staying to the north, mainly along the new york pennsylvania border. as we widen out. show you the storm system that's going to be impacting our weather pattern for the next several days notice this boundary stalled off to the north and the position is going to determine everything for the next four days. tomorrow, the front is off to
12:29 am
the north, starts to sag southward in the afternoon. that means it's a warm day and then we get showers. the front slightly off to south on sunday, ushering in colder air and going to dictate the pattern into next week. today, however, we got above average, we're in the red here, just by two degrees, that's the seventh day so far this month above average, we're starting to rack up few more in the red. tomorrow, we got temperatures feeling better. 70 in philadelphia, these updated just a moment ago to sunday's high so you can see the difference there as we head into sunday temperatures across the region. we'll be back in the 40's and 50's. future weather showing the rest of tonight clouds 6:00 a.m. you wake up to the not the sunniest saturday. but as we head to tomorrow afternoon, showers will start to develop here and there across the area, not a total wash-out but if you're out tomorrow evening having dinner, walking around, you may be dodging rain drops and that will usher in an
12:30 am
unsettled pattern for sunday. sunday is cloudy, damp with pockets of light rain and drizzle. pretty much at any time. through 6:00 and not a ton of sunshine monday either. it's all the pos south on sunday we usher in the cool northwest wind. it will feel chilly then back to mild and thanks to the front, starting tomorrowinning into mo tuesday of next week. overnight, 48, tomorrow 70. most of the day is dry, but dinner hour watch for showers, i a major drop sunday. back to the 60's monday and tuesday, the sun returns by mid week. generally speak ring it's a mild pattern. we'll have more on
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guaranteed to grow with 30% less water. reclaim your turf. sixers say joel embiid had minor surgery in la to repair a torn meniscus. he should be able to resume activities during the summer, this is this third surgery in three years. meanwhile brett brown and the guys in chicago taking on the bulls. pick it up in the third quarter. sixers up by 18, dario saric misses. later on, dario, not he needing help. left hand there, sixers up by 24. still in the third, gerald henderson long shot.
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saric career high, 32 points and ten boards, the sixers beating the bulls by ten, nice win on the road. history in the nba. the sons visiting the boston celtics, he scores 70 points, just 20 years old. the youngest player in nba to do it. the highest scoring since koby dropped 81 in 2006. 21 for 41 in the field. 24 made free throws absolutely ridiculous. the flyers had the night off. tomorrow they visit columbus, a place where they haven't won since december of 2005. high school hoops, the newman goretti girl's basketball team when they take on bishop in hers


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