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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 27, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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even though scattered, still likely run into damp roadways, say for southern new jersey, delaware, was from primarily a fog concern for you. you too will end up with some showers bulk currently rolling through specially through the northwest suburbs outside of philadelphia, berks county engulfed, enveloped here in a solid wash of showers right now. so, you know, the umbrella is not the worse idea today or tomorrow forgive rent reason we'll get to throughout the show. getting you out the the door, showers, worse of the fog philly on south t includes most of southern new jersey as well as all of the state of delaware. do actually is dense fog advisory will last until 10:00 . 429 current temperature, off to relatively mild start here. normal low would be into the upper 30's, here, so not too harsh. forty-five in wildwood. forty-one allentown. you get the idea, as the day progresses with warmfront passing through the showers are going to, again, be scattered, with us for good portion of the day, that fog is dense primarily this morning, should begin to lift
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later this morning, but you still got multiple hours before it will happen. also, quite mild. how mild are we talking? i think generally mid 60s, 66 degrees the expected high here in philadelphia, so by the time we hit the tail end of the typical morning rush, already mid 50's, 63 by 5:00 p.m. sixty-one at 2:00. hit 63 degrees for hi, with limited sunshine, we will take the warmth while we've got it. >> absolutely, thank you so much. good morning, everyone happy monday. so looking at the blue route at mid-county. kind of giving you just a general sense of what you are going to be dealing with as you walk out of the doorways. basically a lot. different areas. it will affect our visibility abs well as reminder e-zpass express lanes closed until april 10, as well, will add to little bit more hustle and bustle, more slow downs around this particular area. but, again, when we are dealing with fog, and rain, we know it is going to be slow specially on a monday morning. and also, just a heads up, overturned vehicle that happened around 50 minutes,
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almost hour ago in pennsauken, new jersey, john tipton boulevard at haines road, being cleared soon. evidence already seeing problem spots out on the roadways already. road closure mays landing, old harding closed between way met road, alternate route 40 will be your best bet, also down pole in pleasantville, new jersey, black horse pike at dottie road. lane blocked in each direction, back to you. >> new this morning, 17 year old boy found shot to death in philadelphia's cobbs creek section. officers were called out to the 5900 block of arch wood avenue. police say the teen was on stoop with three gunshot wounds to his torso. they rushed him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. police do not believe the victim lived at the house where he was found. police are still looking for a shooter and a motive. well, close to week after the indictment of philadelphia district attorney seth williams, another group is calling on him to step down. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live outside of the
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d.a.'s office in center city where protesters will gather later this morning. good morning, trang. >> well, good morning, jan, jim. this is shaping up to be another rough week for district attorney seth williams. judges laws week his attorney was defending him in front of news cameras, now since learned he was off the case. now, here's what he had to say to reporters. last week, following williams' appearance, in federal court. >> too many politicians, and commontators, have already tried and convicted seth williams in the media. simply because the golf makes explosive allegations in a complaint. >> but friday, attorney michael diamondstein filed motion in federal court asking to which draw at will yeas' attorney, claims williams wouldn't have the financial ability to retain him. diamondstein also cited conflict with other client and the d.a.'s office. >> meanwhile the protesters expected here today, growing course of people calling on williams to resign. including several of the candidates, vying for his job.
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>> it certainly is difficult to be district attorney when you admittedly don't have the trust of the city. but at least we now know that this nightmare will end, and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. >> williams facing 23 counts every federal corruption charges for bribery, extortion, wire fraud. he stands accused of taking more than $100,000 in gifts and vacations, in exchange for his influence. headed into court wednesday, the embattled district attorney appeared to be un-phased by the skate any. >> gentlemen, how are you, good afternoon. >> today's demonstration being organized by black lives matter pennsylvania, the group's leader say they lost confidence in in 2013 after they say his office imprisoned wrongfully accused teen and ignored evidence that would have cleared his name. and williams has pleaded not guilty to all of the charges. he is currently out on $50,000 bail with travel restrictions. meanwhile those protesters are expected out here in front of the da's offers around 8:45 this morning. but for now, live in center city. i'm trang do, cbs-3,
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"eyewitness news," jim, jan, back to you. >> thank you, trang. >> a laudromat own war license to carry takes matters into his own hands when he's robbed in north philadelphia. police say the suspect entered launder center on the 2800 block every north fifth street just after 4:00 p.m. armed with a knife. he tossed the carbon to the sidewalk as the owner gave chase. the owner then shot the suspect, twice in the chest. >> the suspect took the money, which is about $2,000, according to the owner, and basically tossed it in the air. so as the owner is still chasing the suspects, and he fired at him, the neighborhood i guess bystanders or people that were out here basically swarmed in on money. so all of the money that was thrown in the air was scooped up by the people in the area. >> now the suspect is in critical condition, and faces several charges. no word yet if police will also charge the owner, who also shot an innocent woman in the hand. >> fire marshals are investigating what caused smokey fire in downtown
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wilmington, delaware. the fire started at a sporting goods store in the 400 block of north market street, heavy smoke closed neighboring streets, the sporting goods store and jays end apartment suffered heavy fire and smoke damage. the red cross, how much, was notified to assist at least five people. president trump is shifting to other priorities after republican healthcare plan failed to come up f aouse. the white house says reforming the tax code is next on his ag daniels reports, the president tweeted who to disappoint.the >> seeking support from moderate democrats to accomplish other items on his legislative agenda, now that republicans plan to owe overhaul obamacare are on hold. >> we are too long talk to anyone, we always have we democrats provided our republican colleagues drop replace are willing to work -- >> right now -- >> the president went from blaming democrats for the
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bill's failure friday -- >> i think the losers are nancy pelosi and chuck zoomer. >> to blasting conservative member every his own party, tweeting sunday democrats are smiling in d.c. that the freedom caucus have saved planned parenthood and obamacare. >> at the very end of the day the most valuable player will be president trump on this, because he will deliver and we're committed -- >> yesterday, white house chief of staff ryan pre advice insisted merely co-insides, plugged fox news host judge twitter show saturday, same day she said this. >> paul ryan needs to step down. >> speaker ryan asked the president last week to ditch the healthcare bill. when it became clear republicans wouldn't get enough votes to pass it. a spokesman for mr. ryan says the two spoke over the weekends and both are eager to get back to work. cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> well, cincinnati police searching for the suspects in
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nd 15 otherb shoot that left people injured. police say the shooting started crowded night club. investigators say the violence is not linked to terrorism, but, rather, start wad disagreement among several patrons of the club. >> several local men got into some type of a dispute inside the bar, and it escalated into shots being fired, from several individuals. >> now, police say patrons are patted down when they come into the night club, but the search failed to uncover the weapons. at least five of the victims are still in the hospital. >> well, up next: milder weather isn't stopping some skiers from hitting the slopes. >> all right, plus, part of the nation are dealing with wild weather including hail and funnel clouds. more of the damage left behind. >> and wall street's newest edition, the fearless girl statue scheduled to be removed in less than a week, but will it be sticking around?
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> well, for now, fearless s >> and speaking of still standing, a little later we will tell you about a mild celebration for elton john. we will be right back. >> wow. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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down as powerful storm system tears across northern texas. >> large hail-like this, wind te damage throughout the region. the entire dallas area was under ado until 11:00 p.m. homeowners found hail scattered in their lawns after the storm it has dollars, but it was actually the damage it >> you could hear it comingal from the distance, like stampede. al sudden ten just allowed thud in the skyline, finally went through, juundelikg obviously. >> the system is expected to continue for the next few days with possible thunderstorms and flashfloodi state to have some stormy weather. >> this was in columbus,uds werg
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in the sky as funnel cloud took shape. a tornado warning went into effect yesterday afternoon as strong winds, and lightning, took place, local forecasters warned residents to be ready to take cover. >> well, as warmer weather hits our area, local skiers are shedding their layers. spring time skiers and now boarders getting their last rides of the season at montage mountain in scranton t opened mid-december, relied mostly on man-made snow all season. surprise snowstorm earlier this month gave them the an extra 30 end every prouder. >> this season on war with normal season, will extends, it is fantastic out there today. >> i was wearing shorts. >> now the goal at montage mountain is to have 100 day ski season each year. this year, it was a few days shy of that mark. >> my husband loves a good spring time ski. >> i have not been skiing since i think i was seven or eight. >> now you know, giving the
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produce areas idea. >> no, we're not doing t avenue fear of breaking body parts. >> blue mountain, yes, and them their grounds, i recall no one fell in those situation. >> i'm not worried about falling, i'm afraid about breaking things, legs, skull? >> we don't want you to do that. >> you know, you probably have a year now to broch the subject again? >> we'll get him some practice before the next season starts. so you now actually really well into the forecast here that's set up for you. i want to talk very briefly about the snow pack and the snow cover. you will notice that at this point if you are looking for anything at all measurable, pretty much either have to go to canada or go to the mountains. so you have the rockies, you've got the cascades, pretty much the only spot out west for now that still have any measurable snow pack, then even in the poconos, at least the snow cover from anything that was nature made is really starting to dwindle, even across carbon, monroe county, pretty much down to nothing.
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left at this point. our temperatures will remain pretty mild for the most part. interesting, still couple of of mounds of snow left outside pleasant valley middle and high school. what you will notice, you can actually see the campus, obviously the sun not up yet. under the lights you can make out the buildings and the parking lot. you won't enable to do that everywhere, as go into philadelphia. even the city, we have very poor visibility across these regions shaded in the gray because there is a dense fog advisory posted for very poor visibility, that's easily times. so you will need to slow down for that reason also the showers moving through. but just talk about the severe weather. the system that brought it in. nothing severe here. just going to have to deal with more news and travel with fog and also the showers. i think the shower actually linger into good portion of the early afternoon. then weaver another rounds of rain and storms headed our way. right now bringing very heavy thunderstorms across missouri, arkansas, could ends up with a
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gusty thunderstorm ourselves, looking ahead to tonight but generally speaking it is not going to be the same kind any time it reaches us. maybe gusty storm, that would be it, otherwise rain, showers, scattered shower for now, warmfront passage, high hit 66, certainly lives up to its name, mild day. 50 degrees tonight. only 50, nice mild night, lots of clouds, then tomorrow again comes that next system. technically cold front. we heat up to 70 before it crosses, by wednesday, brought back down to at least little close to reality, at least the sun will shine, that continues to be the story on thursday. thursday actually loo day. friday, another storm comes along with more rain. you guested it, meisha, over to you. >> katie, thank you so much. good morning, take a look at all of this smoke. what is happening here? we have an active car fire. ninety-five south, the off ramp to the airport. anywhere around this area, you will start slow down. because you will have a lot of gaper delay travel past this. this is still active clearly, car fire, again, 59 south off
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ramp to the airport. that looks like a very messy situation. so i would just say stay clear that far area if at all possible. also, katie mentioned, visibility is going to play an issue in our morning commute. this morning, because of that dense fog, take a look at this, this is actually the ben franklin bridge push out of jersey westbound into center city. yikes. mondays are slow to begin w then when you add fog like this, and rain, and wet roadways, this is really going to make for messy commute. and it already has. already started in the 4:00 hour down to the 5:00 hour as well as issues going on out there. this selfed of one overturned vehicle, pennsauken, new jersey, john tip ton boulevard at haines road, happened about an hour ago. sounds like it is still out there. also, not only problem areas on the roadways, also construction out, there as well, construction trenton this one ends on friday. so there has been long standing construction, ends friday, 295 south ramp to route one closed until around 7:00 a.m. ends on friday. heads up on some of the
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construction. weaver a guide rail installation, as well, 95 north, between woodhaven road and route one, one lane blocked. this is going to be blocked, going to start at 10:00 a.m. going to linger out there, hole on, until around 2:00 p.m. when crews finally get that cleared out of your way. just heads up. construction just reminder it is out there, by the way, also, reminder e-zpass express toll lanes, those are still blocked today. we will be talking more about that coming up in a little bit. also talking about more stuff going out there in the next ten to 15 minute, jan, over to you. thank you shall meisha, now for look at newspaper headlines across the region. >> from the burlington county times two families escaped quick moving fire sunday in beverly, new jersey, that began in the house on pine street and spread to attached home. one home was total locals. the other was damaged heavily in the fire. twelve people lived in the homes. they say back to the early 19 hundreds. >> from the intelligence err now private property owners as well as state, county, local governments, in more than two dozen us states can continue to battle beatle infestation
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in ash trees, it made it way east to pennsylvania, first spotted in bucks and montgomery counties few years bag. >> red nights are celebrating the school's first state championship this weekend. "eyewitness news" cameras were there. the red nights took first place in the class 6a boys basketball championship game. >> congratulations to them. >> yes. >> first for their school history. and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> well, a debate is now brewing in new york city over whether a temporary statue should remain on wall street. >> the fearless girls statue was place in the front every wall street's famous bronze bull earlier this month. now it was intended to be temporary display through april 2nd, encouraging more women on corporate boards. but there is also on line petition to make it permanent. bill di de blasio says he'll try to prolong its placement. >> why not keep it? >> i say keep it there.
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i like. >> me too. march madness continues. we now know who is playing in the final four. that's next in sports. >> my bracket keeps getting worse. >> also ahead, ... were you one of the thousands of runners this weekend? more from the love run, including familiar face who tike part who needed to take the day off today to recuperate if she is watching. we'll be r
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>> welcome back. >> the final four is set with more than few become et cetera left in the dust. mine among, yes. north carolina headed to the final four for record 20th time. tar hills beat kentucky yesterday. south carolina won yesterday, as well. to punch their first ever ticket to the final four. south carolina will play gone sag, a north carolina will play oregon in phoenix. you can see all of the games here on cbs-3. >> well the flyers took on defending stanley cup champion penguins last night. >> here's lesley van arsdall with your morning sports. >> the flyers are off until tuesday. wrapping up four game road trip last night against the penguins, and keeping their fate playoff hopes alive. to the second period, the goal for the orange and black, with, that the flyers will take two to one lead. later in the third, the flyers with a foot on the gas, dale scores, his thirds goal in the last seven games, the flyers lead three to one, steve mason has little breathing room
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here, couple every minutes later, jake voracek finds the back of the net. flyers up four to one. the flyers will ton score two more times, from goodas, the other, the flyers roll over pittsburgh six to two. >> flyers off until tuesday when they face-off against the nets. last they battled the pacer on the roads, two quarter, sixers down two, paul george with bad pass, sergio rodriguez comes up with it, goes all the way down for the lay up. rodriguez finishes with six points, tie it up at 41. paul george and the pacers turn up the heat, george, with the three. finish with team high 21 points. sixers fall 107-94 to the pacers. >> that's all for sports, i'm leslie advance arsdale, have a great. >> i love run is in the history books. >> the run raises money for several local charities, this year's 13-mile course included center city and fairmount park. the half marathon attracted
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10,000 runners, from all across the country, one runner was our very own rahel solomon who was thrilled at the experience. >> had some moments oh, can i do this, but, you know, i've done it before. and just awesome thing, everybody's energy, all of the runners, nothing like the community of runners. so i'm excited. >> good for her. now, the love run has raised more than $150,000 for local charities, including the fairmount park conservancy. >> we should point out our 6:30 producer ranas well, and he's working today, but rahel had to take the day off. my television wife a little tired from the run. >> 13.1 miles, jim? >> i don't blame her. but i've been hearing about this, then we have to listen until the marathon in november. >> she finished the half marathon, so congrats to her, stop it, jim. >> i'm buy her a gelato tomorrow. >> see why suber stopped
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testing theirself driving cars. live report from wall street. >> then it is a storm that i seemed to ignite opinions all over social media. but, have you heard all of the details? we'll tell you about the controversy involving united airlines and two young girls wearing legs action. >> oh, my. also ahead, dramatic video from texas shows construction workers chasing after an alleged thief one every them even clinics to the drivers car. find out what that suspect is accused of stealing. katie? >> jim, maybe monday, but already got our site ahead to the upcoming weekends, and at this point it looks like we will actually be brightening up over the course of the saturday to sunday span every time. there is still chance we see a shower saturday from another system that will eventually be pushing through on friday. more seasonable conditions. findly await us. we will talk about that and the rest every your forecast
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>> in you are waking up in a fog it is not just because it is a monday. much of the area is under dense fog advisory, it is a dreary start to the work week that could cause some backups on your morning commute. >> good morning, everyone, i'm jam can baio, rahel solomon is off today. >> i'm jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in a moment. first, what you need to start your day in the morning nu


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