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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 28, 2017 5:00am-5:24am EDT

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sinc wshin at least for firing up here,my advice is to . it is a mild start shore. i think that's goind out of the mid the poconos, too,, slow day in terms of our commute. emergency conct so just a heads up. northbound between the pahe way, outer lanes areckrush hour times. also, mobile crew out there, route 1 an 42, this will beotf s expected to clear aascod the 6:00 hour if00 a.m.ttt clol presbyterian hospital. to you. t but he's they heard theke a look at the f thescene overnight. 6100 block of market street
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police say 15 year old boy went home, told his of $40, the 37 year old father then reporten robber. that's when police say the man pulledhe out face. officers then rushed the man the shooter ran off, left ofnce. >> we found shell casings from intersection of flyers, appeainn 62nd street on wearing blue or "jim, rahel, back to you. >> p lerties that temporari i95. chopper three over thene eyewitnesses say they heard gunshots, along the 500 block of north front street. one woman who works at nearby
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gentleman's club was getting into her car when it was struck by gunfire. police think the shooter was in a nearby apartment complex that is currently being renovated, and a search by swat teams came up empty. >> on the south side of the building which faces the business where the woman's car was shot, they found two bullets, strike marks, by an open fifth floor window. so, it appears that someone was inside the building firing a weapon. >> police are asking anyone with information in this case to come forward. this morning, police are looking for more potential victims after a former philadelphia doctor is charged with hacking the personal account of two dozen women. investigators say, 29 year old peter grossman gained access to the password protected accounts of 25 women, and made digital copies of more than 2,000 photos. accounts apparently had passwords that were easy to determine through public information and social media. classmates of grossman's at cou.
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a truck smashes through the after 7:30 last night, the drive hit two cs aer before crashing through the condition and lost control of the car. well, restoration wor tonal park service. the work is expected to for called to testify at council'sik foe. governor held outnyg to na, jersey. >>heemocra are asking the c story. alleged tng: ie russian speech juanita bill the hillary russian reset trumpory is a hoa. the late night rant came a mid growing calls from house democrats, the republican devon. news and to recuse himself from the russia probe into the associates. >> enough question has been raised in the public about whether he can lead a credible investigation in this. >> on monday, representative nunez acknowledged he had a secret meeting with an unidentified source on white house grounds last week.
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during which he says he viewed highly classified documents, about mr. trump's surveillance claims, nunez then briefed the president about it before talking to members of his own committee. >> i'm sure the democrats do want me to quit. because they know that i'm not quite effective. >> the development came on the same day the president's son-in-law, and senior advisor, jared kushner, voluntarily agreed to be interviewed by senate lawmakers, as part of their probe into russian meddling in the 2016 election, a mid revolution kushner sat down with russian ambassador at trump tower during the transition. and met with the head of a russian bank. deep ties to president vladmeere putin, and russiintel. >> that was part of his role. and he executed it completely as he was supposed to. >> a date for kushner's testimony has not been set. hena cbs-3, "eyewitness news." also, the white house says the orders president trump will sign today direct the epa to suspends or advisor re
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sends the clean power plan which limit greenhouse gas emissions from it existing power plants. >> protests are planned at rider university in new jersey this morning, ahead of the school's vote on whether it will close its campus in princeton. demonstrators are expected to gather on the lawrenceville campus to save the school's westminster choir college. the university is considering selling the property in order to finance an additional building on the lawrenceville campus in hopes of a tracking more students. the school says the sale would help them avoid a $13.1 million deficit by 2019. >> coming up. ment security guard recovering after driver hit her chase. >> and the whole thing was caught on surveillance video. the guard can actually be seen the one thing the guards saw .s>> and surveillance video what happened less than ak braz. we're coming
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>> today is the day you need to stand up, these individuals, not only shot up these officers, and struck police officers. these people, too long do that to our own officers, are causing havoc, in our community, causing chaos in people's lives. >> one of the officers did return fire. it is not clear, however, if any of the suspect were hit. investigators say it is also unclear if the gunmen new they were shooting at police officers. and ou, for a s at a mall. multiple people reported some so inside san francisco retreated at the scene for eye s watched out -- washed out. police say teen girl sprayed the pepper spray, again, no ons >> some shocking video shows kentucky hope depo employeeclinr
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trying to stop suspected shoplifter err. seen trying to hide with sheet of plywood. when he tried to leave employee follows, once outside hit by the suspect's car. but hangs on. eventually she is thrown to the ground when the sus that suspect then made his get away. >> i seen a lot of employees assaulted by would be shoplifters, but this is the first time i've seen one struck and carried down the road by a car. >> well, police say the suspect's license plate was covered, and unreadable. the home depo employee recovering from a concussion and bruised hip. >> family in south florida is living in fear now that their suv has been stolen not once, but twice. >> surveillance video captured thieves blakeing into matthew ross' suv early monday morning, then driving off. the car was recovered a short time later thanks to on star. but the thieves apparently brandon yet.
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less than week later happened again. >> if it is the same people, knowing the car was tracked and picked upright away, i didn't think that they would do it again so quickly. but, you know, it was surprise to go me. >> and recently discovered list car keys were missing but thought nothing of it, only after watching the surveillance video that he revealized the crooks had his thieves. >> there, stupid criminals, on star, they can find the car. >> criminals tends to be -- >> not exactly the most bright people? >> -- not with it? exactly. >> time 5:15. time to get a check on the forecast. >> so katie tracking storms. how bad do you think they'll be? >> potentially see local gusty thunderstorms, already lightning reported with some of the cells firing up on storm scan. we will get to that in a second. a lot of moisture to work with here, definately have warmth to work it, it is spring time now after all. and as a result of this time of year, you start to see these kind of patterns unfolding. let's go ahead, though, we
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start things offer by tack ago look back at the callen of of march 2017, will go down as cooler than average month. yesterday was warmer than average. today will also be warmer than average. in fact we will easily hit that mark, that benchmark sometime this morning, i think. but regardless, even though it certainly is turning milder every passing day, we will still end up with a below average, compared to the rest of the most recent months here, in general. now, let's take a look at storm scan locally. had couple every thunderstorms rumbling through as i mentioned, in the the one moved right over mercer county around 3:00 a.m. actually just sent back report from the national weather service, pea size hail. some thunderstorms will be feisty out there today. i definitely would keep your umbrella handy even though not much to track right now. dew point are incredibly high. they're basically right on par with the actual air temperature. that means, the air is really saturated. and you're going to get drenched if you're caught un one of the pockets here. but come through in scattered
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fashion. pretty much any time today. talk about the dew point, yes, looking for the thermometer reading pretty much look at the dew point now. this is about how warm it is, but his also means that the closer that dew point gets to the actual air temperature, you have got so much moisture pushing down on this atmosphere, and that's where some of the fog is coming from, also why you're drenched many looking ahead at future weather, every couple of hours you see another little light round of scattered showers and storms coming through, i say light because it is light in terms of its coverage. not necessarily light in terms of its actual inch tepees density. rain could drench you, could be some strong winds out of this, possibly some small size hail. we certainly have already seen that as evidence with the last cell rumbling through mercer county. do eventually clear things out. at least start to clear things out through the overnight. now, here is the thing. i actually ended up bringing us back to 64 degrees at best today. the reason, east wind. that's on shore wind flow. that's going to bring more clouds in. that's going to keep that cooler air in place. so i think that's going toned up limiting us. sixty-four, still above
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average, though, but scattered showers, thunderstorms, still out there, as we mention, that will be the story even into tonight. then we look forward to some quiet weather for couple of days, high pressure allows us to brighten up tomorrow. mid 50's, beautiful day, but new storm already here on friday. meisha? >> yikes. so we cannot forget our umbrella, ever. good morning, everyone, hey, what are we looking at here? take a look, we are talking visibilities. so jim and rahel, we are pushing in the westbound direction. what am i drawing? center city. this is what road are you traveling on, westbound direction, into the sit, kind of wraps like that. >> the schuylkill? >> no. ben franklin bridge. hello. >> obviously. >> well, obviously. so there this is the ben franklin bridge, visible issues, because dealing with it again yesterday. dealing with it again today. then this is the schuylkill. this is what jim and rahel were chanelling, the schuylkill headlights moving in the eastbound direction at king of prussia. we can see both moving in both directions, starting to heat up levels right now.
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it is a little bit early. the reason we are starting to heat up earlier is because you're heeding the warning. we know what we were dealing with yesterday whether we had visibility issues and the wet roadways, very, very slow moving, so another slow day. you will hit the roads early, which is good, you absolutely should. and just heads up. we have some tree trimming going on the scutters falls bridge, one lane open until around 6:00 a.m. then also some construction 295 southbound delaware the ramp to route one southbound is closed until 7:00 a.m. on friday. just a heads up on that, rahel, jim, back over to you. >> meisha, i'm pinching myself i didn't get that correct. and now for look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> in the trentonian, scam master who stole millions of dollars from the city of trenton and who also d of othera ponsy style scheme has pleaded guilty in federal court. sixty-eight year old john shultz of sea isle city pulled off his gigantic payroll tax scheme over the course of several years. he used money collected by his l
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services for personal use instead of forwarding it to tax authorities like the irs. you don't want to do that. irs wants their money. intelligence err, a large turn out is expected in hatboro as borough council heist from residents. buckingham retail properties want to build 6600 square foot store with york roads. >> from thenquirer hahnemann university hospital will close it heart transplant program on may 27. medical staff and employees were told the voluntary closure was due to low activity. hahnemann perform just two heart transplants in each of the last two years. and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware val. >> i big news in the sports world. as an nfl team announces its leaving town. >> what raiders fans in oakland have to say about the teams decision to play in vegas. we'll have it for you coming up.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> welcome back everyone. eagles owner jeffrey lurie is breaking his silence. >> plus, the phillies face the toronto blue jays, don bell has this morning's sports. >> we are less than a week away from the philly season opener. so from now until friday, when spring training ends, the team that we're watching by and large is a team we'll see monday in cincinnati. fighting's facing the blue jays last night, vince on the bump. looking sharp. five inning, one run allowed, he punched out seven. in the fifth tommy joseph remember the man at first base, ryan howard is gone. joseph heard homer of the
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spring, phils beat seven to one. play the blue jays again tonight in clearwater. hey, get your popcorn ready. eagles owner jeffrey lurely break his silence tonight. he hasn't talked to the media in a year. but, he will field questions from reporters, at the nfl owners meeting in phoenix. also, the flyers hosting the senators tonight, orange and black are six points out of the playoffs with seven games remaining. that's all for sports, i'm don bell, have a great day. and this morning, a big shake up in the nfl has the raiders moving to las vegas. the raiders are building a stadium to share with un lb but won't be ready until 2020. for now raiders will stay put in oakland for another season if not longerment not sitting well with all of the park in a fans in oakland. >> you're accounting out the heart and soul of your fan base. >> what we do at the coliseum can't be duplicated. can't be miami i shall. -- mimic. can't be put on a propped up stage there in vegas?
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quite the mask he has there. well the raiders wait to move to vegas, the chargers and rams will both be playing in los angeles, move from san day owe -- san diego approved in january. >> the video you're about to watch sin credible. local business owner chasing after suspected robber gun in hands. >> business owner went ton shoot the robber and innocent bystander. >> this morning, why police say that shooting was justified. plus the surprising people who may be charged in that case. pat? >> good morning, guys, up early, getting ready for baseball season, this is my man kevin wilson, teaching meal how to swing a bat. kevin it's been ugly so far? >> the only way is up. >> so we will figure some things out, give us some tips to y
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. good tuesday morning, make sure to have your umbrella ready, as meisha says, two umbrellas ready. storms are in the forecast, and katie tells us when to expect them, when the sun returns in her full forecast in just moments. >> good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. first what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> a man is shot in the face overnight while couldn't fronting suspected rob nerve west philadelphia. >> officers are actually patrolling around this area,
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when they heard the gunshots. >> those builds missed her by inches. >> a close call in northern liberties. a woman is nearly shot prompting police to shut down part of nearby i-95. >> a local doctor is accused of practicing more than just medicine. he's accused of identity theft. targeting his old high school classmates. chairman nunes is falling down on the job. >> two democratic lawmakers calling for the chairman of the house intelligence commit tee step aside, as members investigate russia's possible meddling in the 2016 presidential election. >> the white house just announced the trump's son-in-law, jared kushner, will to overhaul the federal government. >> kushner will be the head of office of american innovation. vague but still better than the original title the bureau of obvious.
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>> okay, a lot more questions about that department.
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