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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 1, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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one and one for pinson. >> bill: we were talking about dana before, that building at creighton, they fill it today, they filled it in his day. >> bill: great college player -- >> jim: when dana altman was at creighton, he was there 16 years, one time he took over a program that was 7-19. he had them consistently in the ncaa tournament. went from creighton to oregon after stops at kansas state and marshall as well. >> bill: feistiness of brooks. could have coughed it up. he established that program for the long run it's had. >> jim: yes, he did. >> bill: he's just having fun. >> grant: oh, man. >> bill: talk about being an athlete. >> jim: what would have boucher brought to this game? >> bill: one, he can make that
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corner three. i think dominating the inside. i don't think meeks would have it as easy. would you agree if >> grant: i agree. north carolina is the one team they have faced in the tournament that has that side to side and kennedy meeks 25 points, 12 rebounds. boucher would have made a difference. >> jim: that's four on kennedy meeks. 10th team foul. you've got britt and meeks on the carolina side with four. brooks, again, kchs player of the year in the pac-12 has four for on oregon. >> bill: the first thing dana said when we asked him "what's your concern" he said the size of north carolina adds to the boucher dilemmament" >> grant: oregon back in that match-up zone. >> bill: constantly talking. bell communicative in the spot there. >> grant: have to have awareness
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for where jackson is at all times. >> jim: berry's shot blocked. that was bell. oregon, the second leading shot blocking team in college basketball on the season. of course, boucher had a lot to do with that as well as bell. here is ennis. wide open. dorsey. >> bill: that's the third good look they have had. landed outside pinson there. >> grant: you said it best. oregon has had some great looks. drive and kick. just unable to convert. epiis taking advantage of that match-up. getting to the paint. trying to make something happen to the ducks. >> jim: ducks two for 14. from three land this half. bell. backing in the freshman and pinson comes over and slaps him on the shooting hand. itary going to call it here.
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>> grant: at some point defensively you have to have resistance in the post, can't let bell get into the paint backing you down. >> bill: inexperience. he will learn. >> jim: tomorrow "60 minutes." the case made national news and now the police officer who killed an unarmed man tells her story to "60 minutes" tomorrow. >> bill: it's amazing when you look the bell and the others on the floor what they have been able to do coming down the stretch of the season in the pac-12, we know ucla and arizona. nice look. jackson is great. that was a great look, wasn't it? got to come through jackson, i think.
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>> jim: there he is. >> bill: nice rebound. bradley. >> jim: bradley throws it over his shoulder. right there with it is ennis. >> bill: they attack. nice look. >> jim: my goodness. too steep for bell. >> bill: spence with the giveaway on the rebound. >> grant: i know he missed it. >> bill: that would have brought the house down. >> jim: the ducks hanging around tar heels. say hello to at&t's best, unlimited data deal ever. it's a total game-changer. so now the whole family can binge,..., shop, navigate, listen, game, stream and more. all without the hassle of worrying about overages... ...or running out of data. it's less than $40 per line per month with 4 lines. and remember, it's at&t's best, unlimited data deal ever.
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full group: ♪ oh as long as i know how to love...♪ >> coverage of the ncaa men's national semifinals is sponsored by marriott. rocket mortgage by quicken loans. subway restaurants. and by at&t.
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>> jim: jim nantz courtside along with grant hill, bill raftery, tracy wolfson as we have 3:24 to go in the second semifinal game. gonzaga already in the championship game monday night with its win over south carolina and a heartstopper earlier. justin jackson at the line. >> grant: we talked during the break about joel berry. obviously struggling with his ankle problems but he's got to play within himself. you have to adapt and adjust and be more a play maker and facilitator when not a scorer. >> bill: when you're not as healthy, you're saying. >> grant: exactly. >> jim: jackson with 22 points. >> bill: a little zone look here. see if it changes, you're going to get an open look for a dribble drive. bell has been great on the glass. >> jim: ducks have had
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opportunities. have not been able to hit the bg shot. >> bill: not able to drive here. small changer on out there -- and that's number five if it's britt. >> grant: i think it's on pinson. >> bill: yeah. >> jim: number three on pinson. >> grant: smart by oregon. dorsey attacking off the bounce and not settling. >> jim: last seven shots from the ducks have come from the free-throw line. >> grant: after this potential make by oregon i think you've got to get into the pressure again. try to get a steal or catch the tar heels off guard. >> bill: pabe bell wodoes guard the inbound would be a little bigger on the ball -- here he comes. >> jim: a five-point game again at the three-minute mark. >> bill: we saw meeks take it out last week. he had a little problem as you recall. >> jim: pinson. back of the rim, and oregon sweeps it away with bell. >> bill: big time handle and
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opportunity. >> jim: big time trip. >> grant: carolina is going small to match. >> bill: more man too. they got out of that zone. >> jim: brooks. way downtown. >> bill: i don't know if that's the one he wanted. >> grant: yeah. >> bill: that green light sometimes -- put a yellow one up. am >> grant: green light? he has a purple light. >> bill: point forward mentality. jackson does make good decisions. >> grant: carolina using the clock. >> bill: got to go, though. >> grant: they have to go. exactly. >> jim: at five. berry looks up. he sees it. and that is bell with an easy block that time -- hit his elbow. ennis. slices through the defenders. no whistle. up the floor with it. i think ber row touched it last. ted valentine says it's going
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the other way. >> grant: i think they're going to review this play. >> jim: it was slapped out by oregon but did it touch berry at all? and, of course, we're under two minutes by a fraction so they can look at it. >> bill: watch it go right under berry? >> grant: i think it's off oregon on that play. you've got to love the effort both teams, laying it all on the line, diving for loose balls but i do think this is north carolina basketball. >> bill: berry has had some tough road but this tells you what he's all about, this kind of effort. he's playing at half his speed. >> jim: at least the third time in the late stages he's hit the floor, and a nod to bob fishman, bob wolfe and our superb technical team. they've got all the angles
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covered here. >> grant: just missed his finger right there. >> bill: he got a mani-pedi this morning. [laughing] >> jim: good thing he did. that comes from a man who sounds like he has a lot of experience. >> grant: i thought you were blue collara, raft. >> bill: i used to get them with regularity but they turned them down on my expense account. i think they've got one at this point, don't you? >> grant: no question. >> jim: there have been so many times when oregon has come down to this end of the floor and you think if they hit a big basket here suddenly it's going to be a one-possession game. but they've missed their last six from the field. have not made a bucket in the last 5:20. they had a lot from the
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free-throw line but they have not hit the big shot from the outside and it's confirmed. it's carolina ball. >> grant: they have had open shots they've missed but they've taken bad shots. not trusting their offense down the stretch. >> bill: looking to double with bell. meeks taking it out. a perfect trap. jump ball. no. numbers here. >> grant: amazing how roy williams trusts kennedy meeks in those situations taking the ball out. >> bill: i think he loves his size and also as it gets closer to the end of the game, foul situation. >> jim: berry has it with seven to shoot. >> bill: my goodness. >> jim: watch out. brooks had -- >> bill: that's awful close to a jump ball, i thought. >> jim: that's going to be it for brooks. i didn't see a whole lot there. >> bill: i thought he got all ball.
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this kid is tough. that's i good play. >> grant: good, tough play. >> bill: hard-nosed, competitive. >> jim: big call against on oregon as brooks fouls out. he hit only two of 11 from the field. scored 10 points, six rebound ares. a couple of steals but he had five turnovers as well. a hard guy to replace. >> bill: sure is. this is where berry can show his mettle coming downowd here maki wow. >> jim: coming up after the game on cbs, get all of tonight's highlights and analysis on "inside march madness" presented by buick. >> grant: that's the second free throw in a row he's missed. i think you've got to put it in jackson's hand down the stretch. let him close it for you as berry is struggling from the field. >> jim: a two-score game with a
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minute and a half to play. >> grant: need a quick hitter. attack. >> jim: ennis. bell, put-back, yes, with 1:18 to go and a time out called by dane altman. there it is. down to four. 75-71.
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>> bill: i would double up the next logical ball handler who obviously would be berry. they've got smith on the ball and they've got a free safety in the back in bell. >> grant: north carolina, you have to value the basketball. come meet your passes on this play. don't assume that you're open. >> jim: hoefr over the head of berry. it belongs to oregon. >> bill: the right idea. >> grant: great trap by oregon. uncharacteristic of north carolina not executing in this situation. jackson. >> bill: afraid to back dribble too in that corner, right? >> grant: yeah. two-possession ballgame here. >> bill: go to the hole. >> jim: pritchard. over berry.
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short with the shot. off one hop on. berry has it. pinson coming in. >> bill: look at this rebound by jackson. they're going to call first the foul on pinson? >> grant: the second lay-up at the basket he's missed but pinson filling the lane and getting to the basket. going so hard and dorsey wrapping around, getting called for the foul but -- wait. i thought the foul was on pinson not jackson. >> jim: it's being pointed out here. >> bill: dorsey picked it up. >> jim: he's not the shooter. >> grant: a smart move. go to the line. you might shoot it. pinson only a 68% free-throw shooter, justin jackson a little better at 74. that's what laettner would do to me back if the day. >> bill: you were a pretty good combo. >> jim: two shots for pinson. 57 seconds to go. >> bill: he has passed the ball
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well today, too, hasn't he? found people with regularity. five assists. >> jim: brooks can only watch. as pinson tries to bring it back to a six-point lead. >> bill: you want to cause a little delay in their offense here if you can, if you're carolina -- that's not a good shot. >> jim: my goodness, dorsey. >> bill: look at the rebound by pinson. >> jim: off the floor, bell doubled up, big shot here. open. and it falls somehow -- my goodness. everyone in the building held their breath for half a second. >> bill: there are paint chips on the floor. goodness. talk about touch. big-time kick-out. afshgzate little caress. >> jim: brings it down to three. oregon had missed its last eight from three but they hit a triple. froseconds to play.
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time outs. 42 seconds to go. that last shot was amazing. dorsey almost fell down. tripped over meeks. got up and -- yes, falls. >> bill: how smart was he to get out to the three-point line. >> jim: meeks to inbound. fullcourt pressure coming up. >> bill: a lot of people down at this end enables an easier trap. see if they go for the home run. >> jim: jackson. >> bill: wants to cope it. >> grant: got to be strong with the ball in this situation if you're north carolina. >> jim: len-second differential on the clocks. >> grant: i say get the >> jim: 11-second differential on the clocks. >> bill: that would have been a perfect trap out that far. got to go. must rebound if you're oregon. >> jim: pinson. rebounded by bell.
11:20 pm
he's on the floor, though. they have no time outs. able to escape. pritcharda. down low. they go for the two. smith hits it with six seconds. carolina inbounds to meeks. they wrap him up with five. >> bill: how about that. talk about effort and decision making. >> jim: bell, on the floor, knows he can't call the time out and was able to somehow squeeze it out. >> grant: great job by oregon after the make to make sure meeks is the one getting the ball fouling him, 63% free-throw shooter. >> bill: a little delay of the game too. this helps. it freezes a little bit on the free-throw line for meeks. checking on the time. >> jim: look at this recovery. off the floor. then pritchard. thought about the three. says no, give it up, down low they go. >> grant: that was smart
11:21 pm
presence of mind. get a quick two. >> jim: they're checking the clock. this is why there is basically a free time out for oregon that didn't have any. >> bill: exactly. get themselves organized. more importantly -- >> jim: they add 0.6 second. >> bill: meeks walking around out there has more time to think about it. >> jim: 5.8. >> grant: tough for oregon. dillon brooks fouled out. he's hit two game winners this year. >> jim: one against ucla, one against cal, stroked them on both occasions, all net. the the >> jim: the word from ted as he comes over and says, "we're going to keep you guys here a little longer." >> bill: dependent on what the free throws happen here what you are going to do. >> jim: two shots for meeks.
11:22 pm
my goodness. oregon's been hanging around. >> bill: big thing now is you don't want ennis to get the ball, or pritchard. >> grant: carolin, make or miss here you have to communicate. get back and guard your man and don't give up any three-point shots. >> bill: i wouldn't extend either because you speed them up a little bit. >> jim: ducks are going to get their chance. the >> bill: giveaway by pritchard. >> jim: my goodness. >> bill: pinson -- he always wanted to send it in, and i'll give him that for that particular save. >> jim: he begged you for it last week in memphis. look at that. ment >> grant: bell did not box out on. >> jim: never touched him. >> grant: roy williams is so excited. pinson made a big play last week too. >> jim: four seconds exactly for berry who is going to shoot two.
11:23 pm
>> bill: short. my goodness. >> jim: and the tar heels have been superb all night from the line. they've missed three in a row. >> bill: ennis has to do a good job on jackson on that side. >> grant: oregon has to box out here. i like ennis going coast to coast into the paint. make something happen. >> jim: takes four seconds for a speedy player to do that. >> bill: long. >> jim: second one, no, and meeks. carolina saves it on the glass. the >> bill: how about that. >> jim: the best rebounding team in college basketball. is headed to the title game. >> grant: how did they win this game, coach? on the glass. offensive rebounds on a free throw. north carolina getting it done like they've done it all season long. on the offensive glass. >> bill: it's only fitting. >> bill: they are so tough, and they have been for years.
11:24 pm
big guys coming up with big rebounds. that is their mantra. >> grant: who was the guy? kennedy meeks. he's been big all game. 25 points. 14 rebounds, eight offensive rebounds and that one came at the right time and, of course, bell once again not blocking out his man in that situation, leads to a carolina victory. >> jim: it was the game of his life for kennedy meeks. ties a career high 25 points on. 14 rebound ares. and you just thought that the ducks were going to get one canc to race down the floor and give it their shot for glory. it never occurred. >> bill: fundamentals. >> jim: let's go over to tracy. >> tracy: coach, your team did what they do all season long. outrebounding this team, and the job that kennedy meeks did all game. wacan you say about how they fought through down the stretch here? >> roy: first of all, if it wasn't for kennedy meeks we wouldn't have been in the
11:25 pm
basketball game, he missed the two free throws but he got the last rebound ares he was on sensational until the two free throws but we're still playing. >> tracy: you're still playing and up next you are facing a really good friend of yours in mark few and gonzaga. how you about for this team to have the opportunity to get back to the championship? what will it take to win it? >> roy: it's a dream that's come true to get there. now we've got to play better. mark's team has been fantastic all season long. i'm going to enjoy this a few more moments. >> tracy: we're going to talk to kennedy meeks now, let them embrace a little bit. kennedy, congratulations. a career high for you. 25 points, 14 rebounds, eight offensive rebounds and none bigger than that last one. when did you know, because of the length of this team and how it affected oregon that you needed to take over this game? ? >> i feel like the whole game we had to do a great job of hitting the offensive boards. on our perimeter guys made a couple of threes but they missed
11:26 pm
him, me, isaiah, tony, luke and theo had to hit the bords and that's all you can ask for. oregon did a great job of fighting back. >> tracy: all season long it's been about redemption. trying to get back to the national championship game. for you to know you will have that opportunity for this team, what does it mean? >> it's a great opportunity. glory be to god. we wouldn't be in this position if it wasn't for him and thanks to my teammates, my coaches, moy family, the fans, that i did a tremendous job. as long as we stick together i think we'll be fine. >> tracy: good luck on monday. >> i appreciate it. >> jim: monday night roy williams will try to do something his hero, his mentor, never did, and that's to win a third national championship. he won it for the tar heels in 2005, did roy williams. 2009. and he will be in that championship match-up against gonzaga. what a saturday it was. the first game decided by four.
11:27 pm
the second game by one. 77 was the winning number on both occasions. >> jim: it's one of the better saturdays at the final four i have ever seen. >> bill: great to be alongside you guys. >> jim: you have been there since the first, raft, i have only seen you 32 of them. for bill and grant and tracy. jim nantz saying so long from phoenix. we'll send you to e.j. and the guys after these messages and we'll see you monday night. who's with me? we're like a basketball team here at ally. if a basketball team had over 7... i'm in. 7,000 players. our plays are a little unorthodox. but to beat the big boys, you need smarter ways to save people money. we know what you want from a financial company and we'll stop at...
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>> ernie: carolina beats oregon in a one-point game. 77-76. it's "inside march madness" presented by buick. i'm ernie johnson. this is clark kellogg. that's charles barkley. and the guys sitting immediately to my left with the concerned look on his face, finally able to breathe is kenny "the jet" smith. gonzaga and north carolina will play for the national championship. they'll tip it off at 9:20 eastern time monday night here outside phoenix. wow. let's take a look and see how north carolina advanced in the win over oregon on. there is joel berry. folks wondering how is he going to do with the two bad ankles.
11:30 pm
hit his first shot. >> clark: that was about it. he struggled to get by people. doesn't have the explosiveness. this guy was on top of his game. >> ernie: justin jackson. >> charles: he's got two good ankles, clark. >> clark: a sweet stroke too. >> charles: yes, he does. >> clark: carolina had a couple of segments where you thought he was going to control it and pull away but theo pinson was terrific for a guy who didn't score a lot, he did everything else. >> kenny: he was dudley bradley. he was the new-age dudley bradley for you carolina fans. >> clark: who was kennedy meeks? >> kenny: brad daugherty. >> charles: the make here when they won the championship. sean may. >> kenny: i think overall what oregon on was able to do was dribble penetration and then he was terrific right there. >> ernie: dylan ennis back-to-back threes. >> kenny: his speed was too difficult for north carolina. >> clark: yes. >> ernie: nate britt for three.
11:31 pm
and then britt to kennedy meeks. had himself a huge double-double for kennedy meeks. >> clark: they needed play of pinson and britt in light of -- >> charles: they've got to make a decision for monday because britt's got to play more. >> kenny: i don't know. >> charles: you got to because berry does not look the same, and goss is going to go at him and he won't be ready in 48 hours. >> kenny: i think you have to play him the same way. the leadership and the comfort the other guys have when he's got the ball in his hands, if you take that away you might get jitters and nerves and guys in position that they typically aren't in even though he's not playing up to par. >> charles: he's not playing up to par against gonzaga. you've got to trust those other guys. >> ernie: oregon storming back to make a game of this late -- more than just make a game of it -- and look at the roll. tyler dorsey gets there.
11:32 pm
77-74. and they've still got a chance. ball on the floor. >> clark: this is a great play here, ernie. they didn't have to force a bad three. they got the sure two and gave themselves a chance to apply fullcourt pressure. >> charles: in nba circles we call it -- >> kenny: you didn't execute on the free throw but they executed on the tip-out drills. basketball is a lot of different things. >> ernie: it happened again. >> charles: you've got to box out. you can't have them missing twos. it can't happen two times in a row. >> ernie: it just did. >> charles: you can't do that. >> kenny: it's basketball. guys miss free throws. >> charles: at the ymca you're not supposed to get offensive rebound oz free throws. >> clark: it's one of the easier offensive rebounds to get is the free throw rebound because guys don't typically box out and even when they do you can give them a
11:33 pm
nudge, and in that situation contact is not typically going to be called so you get pushed under the basket. >> charles: there is no way you give up -- >> clark: that's what i said. >> charles: that's on oregon. that's not -- >> clark: it's one of the easiest offensive rebounds to get because guys don't box out on. >> charles: if you give up the first rebound, you can't give up the second -- first of all, anybody who cheats at rebounding, you always go for broke on those free throw rebounds because those are -- like i played with a guy called mike gminski. he said "i want those free rebounds." >> ernie: jordan bell doesn't do much. >> charles: he doesn't do anything. >> clark: no box-out. turned and looked at it. >> ernie: on the second one, kennedy meeks -- a force here. >> charles: that's what i'm talking about. that's exactly what i'm talking about. >> charles: you can't give up the rebounds.
11:34 pm
>> kenny: it's awful but they played -- i thought they played a great game. i thought it was -- it could be awful but you could say the free throws were awful as well. >> ernie: performance by buick comes from kennedy meeks, 25 and 14, goes 11 out of 13 from the floor. and comes up with the big offensive rebound. last of the night. >> clark: he's had 13 offensive rebounds in his last two games. huge. >> ernie: this is a north carolina team, best rebounding team in the nation. dead even tonight. 38-38, oregon and carolina but on the offensive glass, north carolina continued to dominate. >> clark: 17 of them and none bigger than the last couple and you talk about how oregon stayed in the game, dribble penetration. getting to the free-throw line. and then being just good enough defensively and despite competing on the glass in total numbers the big offensive diff the game that i thought oregon did a great job to scratch and claw, particularly with their two best scorers not having the
11:35 pm
kind of offensive games that we knew they were capable of. >> ernie: dillon brooks fouling out. >> charles: the best player on the team for them but they won't have those size advantages against gonzaga. they will not have -- first of all, they're going to have a mountain out there, so he is going to -- this guy -- it's going to be an interesting game, like i say, i'm going with the zags but they will really be able to negate north carolina's size if the championship is going to spokane, washington -- >> kenny: you have the right to your opinion and gonzaga, these are the teams they see. they have not seen this. they haven't seen size at multiple positions, and i think again, with very hurt or not playing up to par -- i don't know if he's hurt. he might not be playing up to par. they played great defense. i'm not going to take away what


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