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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 2, 2017 2:05am-2:30am EDT

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hold on. mr. leaf. you know, if you want to deal with this down at the precinct, i can make that happen for you. i told you everything i know, which is nothing. now, what do you want? i want to know who's going around killing innocent people, and i think you can help me find out who did it. innocent? that's right. there is nothing innocent about what we do to this planet. now, if somebody wanted to do something about that, well, then, i applaud their courage. so you condone this behavior? if somebody broke into your house and set it on fire, wouldn't you have the right, under the law, to kill that person? it is if you considersame thing the earth your true home. you know what? maybe you're right. maybe... hey, h maybe you're right. maybe re i'm donating to the cause.
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, down your ugly... and you better startta okay! okay! but he wanted to go big, what's his name? i don't know! at a rally. did you take any pictures at this rally? yeah, i think i did. kate. look, re if i gay. g on the next couple of days. undetand s there if you want it. i appreciate it, kate. okay. let's get back to work. we're just a few blocks from the health food place. let's see if anybody around there recognizes the face from the picture leaf just gave us. good idea. danny: look, do you know the guy
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or not? sorry, man. can't say that i do. ck bn burrito. you being funny? if you can get over your short-term memory loss. sorry, dude... thanks for your time. no problemo. y? the doin this condition.y sure with alese now i lay me down to sleep, ning light.
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it's coming through right now. (rhythmic beeping) mentf defense came back with a hit on our guy. i love you. bye. got a name. matt hinkle. matt hinkle, 138 downing street. okay. let's roll. matt hinkle?! police! open up. this is us, let's go. go! go! go! we finally get to him... and he blows his brains out.
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remington 700 bolt action. yeah, it is, but he kills himself with a nine millimeter. blows himself away right before we show up? mr. leaf, called and gave him a heads up?
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left-handed. a bch. he puts us on his trail, end this thing with one shot, leave thlet's go. case c hey! hey! police! hold it! i wouldn't waste i will get started on that, and i'll have all of this out of here shortly. thank you. and i want to write personal letters
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to the victims' families. of course. (knocking) frank. mr. mayor. excuse me. (door closes) frank, i wanted to come down here personally and tell you how very proud you made us. sir, you didn't come all the way down here to tell me that. i came down to tell you that i'm sorry, frank. for what? well, i've been rough on you lately. i didn't know your grandson was in the hospital. how is he? (sighs) i'm afraid we're not out of the woods yet. well, my family and i are praying for you and yours. i appreciate that. anything you need. thank you, sir. and frank, you made it clear that you don't like to take orders,
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but i'm going to insist that you follow this one to the letter. go be with your family. (sighs) all living things look to you, o lord, to give them their food in due season. you open your hand, they have their fill. all: glory to the father and to the son and to the holy spirit. as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. amen.
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(rhythmic beeping) you know, the doctors-- they want us to keep talking to you. they're not sure if you can hear us. just like your old man. you're also unpredictable, and you'll do anything and say anything, like your old man. and you drive your mother crazy, just like i did, uncle jamie and uncle... hey, joe... if there's a version of this where you're up there,
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and you can actually hear me... ...maybe you could knock on somebody's door? put in a good word? (rhythmic beeping) (breath quivering) (sighs)
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(sighs) (sighs) (groaning) hey, buddy. daddy. yeah? aytell me your name.
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yeah? that's all right. hey.
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and three, walk out with your in as little as 30 minutes. so don't wait. ♪ find out how much your car's worth ♪ ♪ at the weekend "insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> this is "american idol." here we go. >> i think it would be quite funny to be right back with everyone who i used to be with. >> is a network bidding war brewing? >> they didn't wait that long. >> that's just part of our good week/bad week. >> my team and i are going to embark in a new direction. >> brad pitt's move to netflix. >> chris kattan is dancing's first casualty. >> how is "r" the surviving stars feeling after week one? >> and we're behind scenes with ricky martin living la
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vegas. >> but what did wehi reacting l? then -- >> whoa. >> if you thought scandal couldn't be more shocking? kerry washington has words for you. >> it's about to go down. >> now, the weekend "insider" tracking hollywood from the inside out. >> welcome to the weekend "insider" track the biggest stories in hollywood week/bad w come back in 2018. an idoay >> forould be quite funny to be rightd to be with. >> i'm going to miss you. >> i heard a rumor they're talking about bringing idol back already. are you in? >> i'm always going to be a part of "american idol." >> paula going to be on it? >> would you? >> i don't know the hours. >> it comes a year after "idol"
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went out with a bang after 15 seasons. reportedly, nbc and fox are in a bidding war to bring it back. >> the show originally aired on fox but makes sense why nbc could be interested too. >> i'm not going to say this is the best vocal performance i ever had. >> the peacock network is the home of cowell's other show "america's got talent" and also produces the "the voice." >> i want his record and i want a hug. >> currently, nbc produces two seasons of "the voice" per year. adam levine wants to scale down to one. nbc might replace the other cycle with the "american idol" reboot. >> welcome back. >> it was a also a good week for brad pitt. >> my team and i are about to embark on a new direction. >> what is new direction? >> we build afghanistan into a free and prosperous nation. >> check out his accent in the
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trailer for his netflix film "war machine." >> that end, we must avoid killing it at all costs. >> playing an army general in the feature which streams may 26th it sounds like he rechannelled the accent in "inglorious bastards." >> i sure as hell didn't come down from the [ bleep ] smokey mountains to teach lessons in humanity. >> angelina's next project is for netflix which is set to stream later this year. angelina travelled to cambodia with her six kids to promote that film. she broke her silence about how she and brad are finding a new normal after what started as an back known use split. >> we are that family and will always be a family and we will get through this time and hopefully be a stronger family for it.
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>> moving on to this week's dancing with the stars. the show had to go on without max and now without chris kattan. we went inside dancing first week. >> last week there was a beef you and captain kirk. shots fired. what was up with that? >> i don't even know. >> after 86-year-old william shatner launched his no nick twitter campaign against the bad boy bachelor last week, monday night was a quote, a little stiff but nick is doing audio. >> how is max doing? >> it didn't look that you -- >> he said like he was punched in the back of the c muscle. >> max could be out for several weeks as doctors determinehis oy
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to heal. ♪ >> troupe dancer stepped in and helped his partner nail a score of 30. >> he was so professional. he dances like max would. >> and fits into max's costume. >> that routine was the second highest of the night. tying for first place with 32 points. >> chris and whitney. >> it was the end of the road for chris kattan but it's he hold gma their one-week stint was worth it. >> it was a blast. it's an amazing experience. >> no doubt. the show is taxing on the body. so back in the ballroom i checked in to see just how much pain they've gained in the competition so far. on a scale from asprin to ice bath how sore are you?
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>> epsom salt bath. >> she walls her shoes the devil. >> how is your body feeling? >> i run three miles every day. and i run -- brassieres. moving on to scandal. the show celebrating their sixth season just days after last week's episode. which had me asking, what the huck? let's talk about it. huck's not dead, right? stop laughing at me. i get excited. >> i know. i have my aunts and cousins and friends from high school texting me. i can't tell you anything. i love my job. >> let's talk about this. you're not dead, right? >> what are you talking about? >> i can say he didn't get shot in the head, the melon, or in
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the heart. >> but you are bleeding out. how do we save huck? >> i'm hoping he has the inner strength to muscle through this. >> were you nervous for him? >> i'm still nervous. >> that's a good answer. almost got you. >> i may not tell us anything. we finish the script and zip to shonda and she just waves us off. so we live in the same agony everybody does. it's awful! >> somehow i doubt it. but we got to see the dark side of darby this week. >> oh, my god. >> frankie vargas has been shot. the president-elect. >> you shot him. >> not personally but i can see how you'd get there. >> and kerry gave me full warning. >> can we talk about your girl, abby? >> my girl? >> she was your girl.
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>> i see her trying to be all sparkly and stuff. >> what's up with that? >> tune in and find out. >> i heard next week it's going to get dark. >> it's about to go down. >> while abby's world is out of control and huck's life hangs in the balance, darby has one message. >> the next episode is not to be missed because it just gets juicier. >> and i tested my theory on what happens next which could be true later in the season. >> pope kills abby. >> yes. i'll give that to you, why not? >> sure. >> i'll make you right for at least five minutes. >> okay. i have a feeling -- >> you heard it here first. not from me. >> wow. hello? it's a good theory. i'm not going to confirm or deny. >> best show on tv right now. also getting love, the man who has late night on lockdown,
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james corden. the late late show celebrating its second season. kelsey got to the scoop on his upcoming acting gig with eight of hollywood's fiercest females. >> i'm an insurance investigator looking for something that is missing. >> it has made quite an impact. >> james admitted the reason he is excited about his "oceans 8" gig. >> that's it. that's the truth of it. seeing sandra
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