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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  April 3, 2017 12:05am-1:06am EDT

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>> nothing better than having a baby than two. >> what wife amal won't let him name the twins. a-rod's proclamation of love, gushing over j-lo. the romance revelations no one saw coming and exclusive details after their lunch date. new fallout after the "dance moms" shake up. >> we're with new host cheryl burke and ousted host abby lee miller facing prison time. and max breaks his silence on surgery fears. >> they extracted some of my bone marrow stem cells. >> will he ever come back to dancing? and the behind the scenes exclusive, the stunt that have never been attempted before. >> it is going to blow people's minds. and john gosling the stripper? why the former reality star and
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father of eight is taking it off. >> i'm working, hello. >> this is "entertainment tonight tonight.". >> it has been quite a week of couples news including j-lo and a-rod. they are everywhere. >> let's start with george and amal and what the dad to be is only telling me about his babies on the way. >> you have names picked out? >> my wife said i cannot name them casa and amigos. >> but you wanted to. >> it's a family business. >> love it. amal laying down the law when it comes to the twins. >> have you digested that that there is "r" two coming? >> no. >> the parents to be have been working 5,000 miles apart. this week, amal was in london. clooney was in las vegas promoting his new movie with julian moore and matt damon.
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how do they think the 55-year-old star will do when he becomes a dad in june. >> i think he will be great. and what he really did right is the person he choose to do this with. he'll be a mess. >> there's nothing better than having a baby unless it is having two. i think heil have a great time. >> also, ben affleck making his first big public appearance since announcing he has completed -- >> he is with the kids and couldn't be happier. jen is in atlanta. he is mr. mom right now. that's what he wants to be doing. >> moving to new york, a-rod opens up about his romance with j-lo. >> you are an attempt do. they call you j-rod now? rodriguez scored major points saying all the right things when he co-hosted friday morning on "the view."
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>> she is just a very, very simple person. a great sister, a great daughter. ♪ never met a man like that >> what do you guys have? >> thursday they went to an italian restaurant for a two and a half hour lunch. and j-lo walking arm in arm with her boo and the smile says it all. >> what is your guilty pleasure eatingwise. >> she will kill me if i say too much. >> love hollywood style. let's talk about abby lee miller. she is done now with her lifetime show and her replacement? former "dancing with the stars" pro cheryl burke. while abby was getting over a sinus infection she sat down to give me her side of the story. >> cheryl burke will be the host. what do you think about that? >> i think that's great. >> you support her in replacing you? >> i think it's going to be a different vibe and i bet she is
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treated differently? >> you think lifetime is going the treat her differently? >> hell yes. >> are you excited? >> "e.t." caught up with cheryl outside an l.a. dance studio. >> how did the first day of filming go? >> amazing. this is a great change for me. i'm teaching very, very talented kids. >> reporter: production is breathing a sigh of relief now that cheryl is in place. but it's hard to imagine "dance moms" without abby lee miller. >> how can you remember that -- >> her approach has made the show a phenomenon for seven seasons. >> this for you, though, it was a long time coming? it wasn't a sudden decision? >> it's been a long time coming. >> really? >> a long time coming with the network. to change things.
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>> abby said she felt disrespected and crews were invading her personal space. >> just to button it up, you're done? >> well, people are finished. >> you're finished? >> i'm finished. working under these conditions. yes. >> that sounds like abby could be open to returning to the show. and one more thing, her exit comes during a difficult time. this is abby leaving federal court in june after pleading guilty to hiding about $775,000 from a bankruptcy court. her sentencing is set for may. >> are you prepared to spend time in prison? >> no. i'm not a real physical person. so -- you know -- we'll see. i just don't want to fight anymore. i have like this much fight in me left. i don't want to do it anymore.
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>> you know, i have a feeling this isn't the last we'll hear from abby lee miller. >> i'm interested what is next. >> all the craziness of "dancing with the stars." >> max's injury and -- we were backstage for it all. >> i got to ask about the man here stepping up, filling in. max went down with an injury. how quickly did he step up? >> very fast. >> max watched health and allen jive from the sideline and he was off to ohio where he underwent minor surgery for his calf injury. >> i still feel like we have a chance and you deserve it. and i want to give you 150% effort and iep want to come back and win. >> how is the recovery coming along for max? >> it's good. >> max's fiance was upbeat heading into rehearsal on friday. >> i think it's healing nicely.
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and he should be back before you know it. >> and we're learning more about max's treatment. >> i had a procedure done which is basically, they extracted some of my bone marrow stem cells. they made a concentrate out of that, mixed it with my plasma-rich protein and injected it in my calf. >> it helps injuries heal faster. a source tells "e.t." it's worse than everyone initially thought and doctors are insisting that max sit out for at least a month. allen stepping in for max on monday. and nick's getting a boost from the competition. >> has maxed helped you? >> he is as much a part of our team as his own team. >> weak back to heather morris. she might dance to a britney
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spears pop hit. >> "america's got talent" is back next month and there is drama to get into. judge mel b filed for a divorce and nick cannon is out, tira banks is in. >> have you been in touch with nick? >> nick isn't me flowers. very, very sweet. >> tyra banks is the host. >> and simon just being papa and embracing and saying you just do you, darling. i have you here for you. >> i didn't know nick wasn't going to be on the show. we get a phone call. tyra banks wants to meet. >> taking over nick's $1.5 million gig, tyra made an
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entrance with purple lipstick and a sheer black suit. >> oh, my god. it's fierce. it's fierce. that's see-through. a i've seen more of my host -- there's so much more of my host to see. >> mel b. seven days after filing for divorce. the wedding ring, gone. she reportedly has a prenup to protect her $60 million fortune. >> she is what we call a trooper. you know, she's holding up. very difficult. >> she lost her father. her marriage is over. but she's strong. girl power wasn't just a brand. she lives and eats and breathes it. >> a strong woman. the season premiere is may 30th. is mila cue nits talking
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you switch to geico. hide the eyes. it's what you do. show 'em real slow. >> show them the eyes, show them real slow. first things for. >> you do not want to wag your finger while you say that. >> candace cameron bure has a talented family. the 18-year-old sang her heart out on "the voice" and now both ladies are giving cameron a mother/daughter exclusive. >> how would you describe your mother's parenting style? >> she's a cool mom, you know, she is cool but she is hip -- >> you're darn right i'm strict. >> this was a mother versus daughter face-off. >> hey, i was quiet for you.
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>> sorry. >> i just gave my mom -- >> i sat down with natasha to talk about her book "let's be real" but mom just couldn't keep from jumping in. >> what do you look for in a guy? >> i'm looking for someone who is funny. -- >> you went right for funny. talk to them. >> mom, shut up. >> we first met candace in 1987 on the set of "full house." we got to know natasha on "the voice" last season. ♪ >> putting off college to pursue music, her book offers opinions on body image, dating and sex. she writes, for me the point of dating is to find a husband. >> the first time that your mom read it was in the editing process. so you went out there and you laid it all out there. >> and the boys and really --
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the chapter she didn't know my first kiss story she had never seen that before. she didn't know so she was kind of laughing and trying to talk to me and i was like i don't want to talk to you about it. >> i'm happy she is a strong young woman and is choosing wisely of who she would like to date. >> i dig those two. they have a tight bond. natasha says she would not want to hide anything from her mom because her mom gets her. that's good advice. love it. if you wonder where cameron and i have been we have been in las vegas where all the movie studios trot out their biggest stars and films to whip theater owners into a frenzy of excitement. there was excitement with ryan gosling and his "blade runner" reboot.
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>> a big part of the experience was teaming with harrison ford. ford reprizes his "blade runner" role 30 years later. >> he delivers on all levels. you know, he is a great actor. incredible just to be able to work with him. >> things were simpler then. >> created something so influential and iconic. >> mila kunis was without ashton four months after the birth of her boy dmitry. >> we are being suffocated with plastic, toys and diapers. it's crazy. >> do you ever look around and say we used to be the cool kids? >> all the time. cool and clean. our house used to be modern and pristine. that all goes out the window when you have kids. >> the 33-year-old is promoting "a bad mom christmas" but will they tackle baby three? >> no. we're solid.
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i have two really healthy and wonderful kids. why test my luck? >> we talked to mark wahlberg and he told us one thing he had to put up for the filming of "transformers" was long hair. >> my wife pretended to like the hair. but she enjoyed me being so uncomfortable with it. >> reporter: mark just wanted to return to normalcy. >> take my kids to school and wife to dinner. it would be nice. >> reporter: the crowd got a look at the film valerean and the city of a thousand planets. >> we need you to be the guardians of our future. >> test me. >> there are two operatives in the city called alpha. >> what about the physicality of this role? you are tough in this movie. >> i enjoyed it a lot. i wanted to work out every day. really a lot i like in there.
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>> also look for a little cameo from rihanna. she does a quick change in the movie. a real quick change. up next -- behind the scenes of the new "pirates of the caribbean" movie. >> is scarlett johansson dating? and inside the making of the next fast and four yos with the first female villain
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i'm going in. >> hey now, carlet johansson that is "ghost in the shell." it is out now and we talked to the star at her new york premiere. >> hi. >> she stunned in sequins hitting the red carpet in a gown. paris jackson wore a similar style at the grammys.
12:25 am
she hit the car pet with her twin brother by her side. >> not really my date. he wanted a free ride over here. >> in her new sci-fi drama she plays major, a half human, half cyborg soldier. she is used to kick-butt roles like lucy and black widow. >> plague these characters that have been on a quest for self identity and wonder like you in your own experience and life and journey in you could reality to that? >> the major is curious about herself. i have also been on that journ can of self discovery. so yeah, part of the forward momentum. >> part of that forward momentum may be dating again. >> how are you going date? are you on guard as a woman who is famous and wealthy? >> i'm on guard because i have a young daughter. >> and that young daughter, 2
12:26 am
1/2-year-old rose may not see that film soon. >> how old does she need to be in. >> you're asking the wrong person. my mom showed me "silence of the lambs" when i was 9. i don't know. at least probably 11 or 12. i appreciate the pg-13ness of this movie. i think that's fair. >> she talked about that skin tight suit. she liked it because she says the material was indestructible. but you look good, girl. >> i liked it too. charlize theron is kicking butt in the fast and furious franchise. this is called the fate of the furious and we have a look behind the scenes. >> fire! >> my assistant came up with the hair. she just out of nowhere says you should do dreadlocks. >> dreadlock and loaded that's
12:27 am
how you go villain charlize style. >> her hair could be weapons and hurt you. >> this is just the tip of the i berg. >> charlize is the first female villain in the franchise, hacking into cars and causing major destruction. with a reported $150 million budget, there is no shortage of epic explosions and car chaises a and the opening scene is historic. >> we are the first to be allowed. >> this is the first to be shot in havana since the embargo in 1963. it took months of diplomatic meetings. and this is another major milestone, the first time an american helicopter has flown over cuban air space. >> then we go to new york city.
12:28 am
in the big apple the stunts are supersized as unmanned vehicles take over manhattan. in one scene cars are literally falling from the sky. >> three, two, one, go! >> the action that ensues in new york city is just so hard to beat. >> but they manage to do it by putting a car chase on ice. >> we at it again. sending love from iceland. let's go. >> for four weeks, crews braved frigid temperatures filming in remote parts of the country. >> not only was it 23 below zero but we were on a frozen lake. all it became mental torture. >> and this 90-mile-an-hour showdown with a nuclear s submarine. >> take the wheel. >> what? >> this is crazy!
12:29 am
>> all right, on the yet another huge franchise, "pirates of the caribbean." it had been six years since we have seen jack sparrow. but it has hot new stars on board and only we can take you there. >> this film is exciting. there is something huge every day. it has an energy and force behind it that i have never experienced before. >> action. now filming. we only get one crack at this. >> seeing the craftsmanship and the details it's easy to lose yourself and feel like you are in another world. >> action! >> with the budget rumored to top $300 million, the fifth "pirates" looks as epic as the original but will the new costars match the chemistry of orlando and kira? >> this has gone far enough. >> you might remember this
12:30 am
27-year-old from maleficent and this 25 from the maze runner movie. only "e.t." can show you them in action as they take on the new villain, creepy captain salazar. >> there are no characters going to bring in a new flavor, a different dimension to one of the most powerful franchises of all time. >> jerry brick hypotheticaler worked to make sure it feels like a fresh start. >> two new directors who were academy nominated film makers. >> when we heard they were planning on makes another "pirates" we chased it. i felt there was some sense of magic walking on to that set. >> dead men tell no tales. >> you know why they keep making the movies? >> i think i have an idea. >> the first four made a billion
12:31 am
dollars worldwide. coming up next, kerry washington's scandal secrets. plus, johns gosling the stripper? why he is taking it off. stripper? why he is taking it off. >> i'm working, like, hello? closed captioning provided by --
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you may bruise more easily... ...and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i'm still going for my best. and for eliquis. ask your doctor about eliquis. if you're just joining us here are this week's top five stories. number five is "american idol" returning to tv. >> it could come back in some form. >> nbc and fox locked in a bidding war to bring "idol" back. a source tells "e.t." if the show comes back it wouldn't be until 2018. number four, ben affleck back to work. >> he is with the kids now. >> just 24 hours after matt damon shared that, ben showed up to his first public event since
12:35 am
announcing he completed rehab. ben didn't say a word to the press in las vegas while supporting jury trial justi-- "justice league' he flew right back to los angeles. number three, abby lee miller quits "dance moms. >> cheryl burke will be the host. >> yes. >> what do you think? >> i think it's great. >> a source close to "dance moms" production is breathing a sigh of relief. the show has been a phenomenon for seven series. but abby says she felt disrespected and she felt ignored. her exit comes just weeks before her sentencing in may on charges she hid about $775,000 from a bankruptcy court. >> are you prepared to spend time in prison?
12:36 am
>> no. number two, dancing's max and his injury aftermath. >> how serious is the injury? it looked bad. >> he has tears in his calf muscle. >> his fiance told us that max is recovering in ohio after undergoing minor surgery. a source says that doctors are insisting that max sit out the show for at least a month. and the number one story this week, clooney talks fatherhood. >> do you have names? >> i can't name them casa and aimee goes. >> you wanted to? >> it's just a thought. it's a family business. >> go to "e.t." online for the latest. and micha barton took action to prevent the sale of a sex tape that she says was filmed without her consent. and now she is coming clean to dr. phil. >> i think it was a
12:37 am
hallucination. >> it was this january when she was seen in her backyard rambling and screaming. >> were you seeing something or auditory or visual? >> it was both. >> she was voluntarily hospitalized for a mental evaluation. she said she was given a date rape drug at a party. >> the part outside is a blackout. >> what do you think happened the other day? you okay? you all right? >> i don't want to talk about it, guys. >> it was a tumble from her exciting day starting in 2003 as hollywood's newest it girl starring on the "o.c." >> i was the youngest of everyone at that time. >> after leaving, she began her downward spiral with a dui in 2007, two years later she started on the series "the beautiful life." >> everybody was concerned i
12:38 am
wasn't ready and there was a lot of pressure to do right by the show. >> that pressure she tells dr. phil involved people medicating her to keep her working. >> speed? >> not necessarily just that. things like xanax that take away the anxiety of work and the public eye and i was getting stressed out. so in general they were prescribing things they had no right to prescribe. >> the interview with dr. phil will air on monday. now to the tv scandal after the uproar after it looks like one character is killed off. huck explains his future after the cliff hanger as they celebrate the show's upcoming 100th episode. >> this week, scandal really turned things upside down when abby went to the dark side. >> i think it's fall about everybody wanting me dead. >> it looks like she mae have
12:39 am
ordered the shooting of huck. >> they have "l" have no idea you were part of this. >> should we be too worried? >> perhaps not. >> six seasons in they are taking another crazy step, doing an alternate reality kind of rewind. >> i was blown away. i thought the concept was crazy. >> it makes me smile just thinking about it. >> here's one clue. fitz is never president. >> the same fitz but a little fitz who is not informed of the things you have watched. >> if the cast spills spoilers they have to answer to the creator. >> what is the shondaland punishment? >> not being a part of this any more. >> what is the punishment? >> i think, death. >> the stars attended a festival in l.a. kerry gave birth to her second child in october. >> shonda has made it clear that
12:40 am
olivia pope is nobody's mama. >> on the way behind the scenes of the "love actually" reunion. why one star didn't get back together with the cast. >> john gosling's surprising new gig. >> i was an transition and construction. >> now he is stripping? what the former reality star is saying about taking it all off. only we can take you to the set of the love connection reboot with andy cohen rating the latest celeb hookups. >> do you think that one will last? >> i nine. >> but first, we get a tour of the south carolina mansion. >> how old is the home in. >> it was built in 1853 by a wealthy cotton planter for his fourth wife. so i felt a kinship immediately. >> the socialite purchased the
12:41 am
landmark for just under $5 million and turned it into a party palace. >> this is one of three bars on this floor. >> necessary. >> yes. it's southern hospitality. >> this is the secret compartment for all the champagne. >> it's filled with tin. you can lift it out. if
12:42 am
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announcer: cinderella found the pet that fits her perfectly. tiana gave her pet the royal treatment. belle found beauty where no one else did. and you can, too! share your heart. share your love. bring home your forever friend. make a shelter pet part of your world. happily ever after begins at "e.t." >> so stressful. thank god we have the show so we can tell what we have to tell. >> that's mow much of us
12:44 am
remember john gosling but look at him now. he is making his debut this weekend as a stripper. >> yep, he could be going magic mike. the former "john and kate plus 8" dad is a d.j. and promoter. and this saturday is his debut in the untamed male review. he says i'm an integral part of the show. but don't expect all of this dad bod to be on display. john might only strip to his undies. he has been eating healthy and rehearsing. taking it seriously. >> i'm working. hello. >> when we spoke to john in november his focus was on gaining parental rights with his kids. he no longer has his children.
12:45 am
>> how often to do you see the children? >> one night a week and every other weekend. >> we followed jon since he left the show, d.j.'ing to pay the bills. >> i tried everything. i was an transition. i did construction. >> reporter: now the debut of his latest gig, tripping is no april fool's joke but april 1st is his birthday, celebrating the business 4-0 this weekend and a relative life of privacy. >> i'm just like that bland stare emoji. i don't know what to say. kalt said that she rarely comments on anything to do with jon and will not in this case as well. >> i feel you, kate. let's talk about that reality tv king, andy cohen. >> the man who sponed the "real housewives" franchise told me
12:46 am
about going chuck woolery this summer. >> welcome to "love connection." >> first things first, hosting this show, and doing the reboot. why in the world would you want to take on another job? >> why wouldn't i want to? this is one of my favorite shows from the '80s. >> welcome to "love connection." >> i love setting people up. i love hearing about their first date. >> do you have any trepidation? >> i'm so excited about this. >> yeah? >> in the last few years, dating is all about endless swiping from the comfort of your bedroom. >> andy is in his element letting us inside the new sound stage. there is a huge studio audience and singles looking for love. like this guy. >> how many times a day are you called fabio? >> fabio by the older generation -- >> you will never get a date
12:47 am
with me. >> and thor by the younger generation. >> i guess i'm old. >> since you are hosting "love connection" i have a couple of connections i want to ask you about. ready in? britney spears and her 23-year-old boyfriend. >> i love it when hot people are doing it with each other. i approve of this. >> mariah and brian carneh ka. >> i love it when ladies date their backup dancers. >> you to? >> yeah. >> it's hot. >> he is hot. >> the best love connection going on right now, a-rod and j-lo. >> i'm so into j-rod. >> you think that will last? >> i mean, sure. >> right, for now. it's good. >> that is what the kids call shade these days, andy cohen. still to come we're on the set of the "love actually"
12:48 am
reunion. and the iconic scene from the original that nearly didn't happen. >> it takes me quite a lot of vodka. >> then our ricky martin exclusive. our peek into his vegas show. >> 30 seconds in and i'm drenched. kevin costner's house is for sale. why is it going for $60 million. this weekend in the earth "e.t." birthdays, which magic mike star appeared in a jennifer low pressure music video? your answer is next in the earthette weekend birthdays. but first -- maluma is a latin superstar with 22 million facebook fans. he just wrapped a soldout tour of the united states. >> i'm feeling grateful because i didn't know i had a lot of
12:49 am
fans in the united states. being my first tour it was awesome. >> on the heels of his success, and on his album he says he has something special in the works. >> now i'm working my new album and hoping i can do it in spanish and english. don't look now but chuck norris is right behind you. i heard superheroes read chuck norris comics. i heard at night, the boogeyman checks under the bed for chuck. i heard cats say they have chuck-like reflexes. do you think he's still got it? i bet you a buck he catches this salt shaker. you're on! hey! chuck! you owe me a buck. you can't always see what's coming but when you choose unitedhealthcare, finding an in-network doctor that's close to home is easy. so what happened? i had lunch with chuck norris. ♪ unitedhealthcare. ♪ lysol max cover kills 99.9% of bacteria,
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>> the carol singers. >> such a great scene from "love actually." it's no wonder that we all have been dying for the cast to get back together. well it finally happened and it is awesome, actually. >> this nightmare with richard happens every bloody year. some years i can -- >> hugh grant finally said yes and is back for more love. >> when i got the message from richard my heart jumped. just because it brought back so many lovely memories. >> reporter: the mini sequel debuted in the uk. and it will debut on the red nose day charity special and will give us more of this. ♪ jump for my love >> the original moves were an awesome meme.
12:53 am
but the actor wanted to nix that scene. >> i dreaded the dance scene. it takes me quite a lot of vodka before i really want to or if i'm alone at home with no one around. >> nearly 14 years later, hugh is married to his natalie. but he has an injury to his arm. >> we see the actors still in the car. >> the only one that looks exactly as i did 14 years ago. >> liam neeson returns to the same bench. thomas brodie is now 26 and all grown up. and so is olivia olson, who is 24. >> ♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪ >> it's great fun to come back to characters, as always. it's always a nice thing to do. >> happy to be back.
12:54 am
♪ sleep in heavenly peace >> those perfect cue cards are back and it seems we find out keira knightley is still married. there is no love triangle even though she may have chosen andrew lincoln. >> why are you kissing him? >> it would depend on his lips. was it on his lips? >> no, but okay it would have been tongue then. some people. >> i love this movie so much. okay. so someone you won't see returning is emma thompson who said after the passing of allen rickman it would be too much. >> thank you for inviting us. >> it's good. it's not just good. it's breathtaking. kevin costner gave me a tour of
12:55 am
his estate in santa barbara and it's up for sale. >> i go right out there for lobster. >> really? >> you live like a king. >> it's kevin's field of dreams right on the pacific ocean with 360 degree views of water and mountain about 80 miles north of los angeles where in the late afternoon the dolphins come out to play. >> they come very, very close. they will but on a show for free sometimes. >> speaking of playing, kevin's three kids have plenty of room to roam on 10 1/4 acres. >> if you are here at 3:00 there will be 60 people all over there playing soccer. >> christine has her special place, mommy's garden. >> i built this for her and ran out of paint. that's why there are still white. >> i thought it was for effect. >> i had too big of a brush.
12:56 am
>> reporter: for $60 million you also get horse trails leading down to your own private beach and an ocean front 500 feet long. the house was built in 1942 with just two bedrooms and two baths. >> that's the size of the house i grew up in. >> you will have a-list neighbors, oprah, jeff bridges and drew barrymore have places nearby. >> i have my directv. >> it's perfection. >> and right around the corner, it's a nude beach. >> shut up. >> the guy who ruled '90s pop music is launching a las vegas residency. and i stopped by his rehearsal for an exclusive sneak peek. right here in the center is where the crowd, they don't have chairs. it's about dancing. >> you come to sweat? >> of course i come to sweat.
12:57 am
30 seconds into the show i'm drenched. ♪ >> we have a conveyer belt in the center. >> come on. >> show me how. >>. ♪ >> ricky's residency at the monte carlo means he will join j-lo and others on the sin city strip. >> you are going to call up celine and j-lo for play dates for the boys. >> i'm sure their kids go through the same emotions. >> the 45-year-old is proud papa to 8-year-old twin sons. >> the boys have finally figured out you are ricky martin. >> they would see the show from the sound console and after the show they were -- you're ricky martin. and i'm like, i'm your father.
12:58 am
i'm not ricky martin. and whenever they have the opportunity they call me ricky martin. >> do they. have that changed anything? >> i don't think i like that. i am papi. i'm just going to get on stage every night and leave my soul on stage like i usually do and we're going to have a great time. >> now, look, it's fair to say that vegas is the perfect place to get married and ricky got engaged in november. is it possible you could give me a date you might get married in los angele las vegas. he is like, no, no, no.
12:59 am
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travel consideration provided by -- plenty of stars with birthdays this weekend. christopher malony is turning 36. which magic mike star appeared in a jennifer lopez music video? adam rodriguez who is celebrating turning 42 this weekend. monday, luke brian, faith hill, carrie underwood.
1:02 am
"e.t." is with country's biggest stars at the acm awards. >> we are almost out of time. but if you want lake breaking hollywood news out there, go to our website. >> but before we go, let's check out the video -- >> it's off his album rip cord. he is performing this at the acm awards. >> this album is really, really good. >> enjoy your weekend. bye-bye. ♪ ♪ what if i fall ♪ i won't let you fall ♪ and if i get scared ♪ well i'll try to get to you i'll be the fighter ♪ ♪ what if i fall
1:03 am
i'll be the fighter ♪ ♪ what if i fall ♪ what if i cry -- captions by vitac --
1:04 am
the weekend "insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> this is "american idol." here we go. >> i think it would be quite funny to be right back with everyone who i used to be with.
1:05 am
>> is a network bidding war brewing? >> they didn't wait that long. >> that's just part of our good week/bad week. >> my team and i are going to embark in a new direction. >> brad pitt's move to netflix. >> chris kattan is dancing's first casualty. >> how is "r" the surviving stars feeling after week one? >> and we're behind the scenes with ricky martin living la vida vegas. >> but what did we ask that left him reacting like this? then -- >> whoa. >> if you thought scandal couldn't be more shocking? kerry washington has words for you. >> it's about to go down. >> now, the weekend "insider" tracking hollywood from the inside out. >> welcome to the weekend "insider" track the biggest


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