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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  April 3, 2017 7:00am-8:56am EDT

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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, april 3rd, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." more than 150 people can be in the packet of floods and tornadoes in texas, louisiana, and mississippi. supreme court nominee neil gorsuch faces his first senate vote today. they plan to filibuster. some popular hair dyes contain a chemical compound that can be harmless especially to children. why they're sold in the u.s. while they're banned in dozens of other countries. but we begin this morning
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with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> oh, my gosh. it's on the road. >> holy crap. >> right there, right there. >> where? p>> right there, near the road. >> deadly storms slam the deep south. >> severe weather forcing people to take cover. the worst of it is in louisiana. >> the storm system marches across mississippi, alabama, toward the florida panhandle. >> another rough day with lots of heavy rain. >> rescuers in colombia are searching for survivors. >> president trump in brand-new interview saying, quote, well, if china is not going to solve north korea, we will. >> the only country that can stop north korea is china. >> and if china does not cooperate? >> oh, no. china has to cooperate. >> the democratic leader says he's got the votes to filibuster neil gorsuch. >> neil gorsuch will be confirmed this week one way or the other. >> if a nominee doesn't get 60 votes, you shouldn't change the
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rules. you should change the nominee. >> opening day. two of the best words in sports. >> rob gronkowski showed up to wrestlemania. >> all that -- >> god bless country music! >> a big night for country music. the academy of country music awards were held in las vegas. >> one of the eagles gave me an award. that's the coolest thing that's ever happened to me. >> -- and all that matters. >> gonzaga takes on north carolina. >> raw emotion from the losing side. south carolina coach frank martin. >> they've impacted the community in a wonderful way, which is worth so much more. >> -- on "cbs this morning.." >> south carolina has won. for the first time if the college of women's basketball. >> we overcame it.
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>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." more than 50 million people in the southeast face severe weather today. after storms yesterday slammed louisiana and texas. they ripped apart buildings and knocked down trees. one tornado near lafayette, louisiana, killed a mother and her 3-year-old daughter the storm dumped more than 10 inches of rain in some places overnight. the downpour triggered flash flooding in louisiana and mississippi. rescuers used boats to hem people and pets escape in one mississippi city. >> parts of alabama, florida, and georgia face the greatt david begnaud is in louisiana
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where the storm turned deadly.o >> reporter: gayle, good home s tornado was feet white. if you're thinking why would enn a trailer during a tornado, the family says both of them were sleeping. there have tornadoes. 134 including onetown last hour from metro new orleans. it was an outbreak of tores a louisiana on sunday. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: storm chasers captured the one crossing interstate 49 in loannt of me. >> reporter: an ef-1 tornado this home of up to 110 miles in maarten, louisiana, fl
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killing a mother and her no ar-old daughter. response. >> the grandmother. >> i can't explain it. it very fast. >> reporter: the governor urged people to take trailer, mobile home, travel trailer or any kind of trailer if you ality to stay with a relative, friend, or neighborhood that has more security for you to ride this storm out. >> reporter: in lasalle parish, this tornado was at leastmileid 25 miles. it snapped trees and damaged businesses including this one that collapsed its roof. overnight flash flooding
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occurred in mississippi. in vicksburg, mississippi, people and pets were rescued from the fast rising floodwater. the storm system also brought hail, lots of it. blinding rain and lightning strikes that started some fires. so the areas to watch for severe weather today are mississippi, alabama, florida, georgia, and south carolina. back here in louisiana, the father of the family had gone to the grocery store to get food when he came back to find his wife and daughter dead. gayle, it cannot be overstated. during a tornado, you are ten times more likely to die in trailer than a traditional home. if you can get out and go somewhere else, do it. >> david, thank you. i know you're safe because you're from there. thanks a lot. the search for hundreds missing after a devastating mudslide in mocoa is growing. 254 people are confirmed dead now, including at least 43
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children. the mudslide destroyed homes, bridges, and roads, as well as a fresh water supply. the attorney general will launch an investigation into the response to the disastering. >> president trump's son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner is on his way to iraq. they confirmed the trip to cbs news. he's traveling ahead of the president this week to meet with three foreign leaders including china's president. president trump said if china does not crack down on north korea's nuclear program, the united states would do it alone. major garrett is at the white house. good morning. >> good morning. increasingly if it is a foreign policy meeting or trip president trump cares about, jared kushner will be there. it's made kushner's portfolio larger than anyone else's in the white house. senior adviser jared kushner is
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making his unannounced visit to iraq with joint chief of staff general dunford. he's the principal military adviser to the president and defense secretary. kushner is not the first trump administration official to visit the country. defense secretary mattis made an unannounced trip to iraq in february. president trump has repeatedly leaned on his son-in-law to shape the administration's foreign policy. kushner was at the table last month when president trump met with the iraqi prime minister at the white house. the president has tasked kushner to help broker a peace deal between israel and the palestinians and he has been front and center during visits by the israeli and japanese prime ministers. >> he trusts his son-in-law. >> anita mcbride, former chief of staff to laura bush said the 36-year-old kushner has broad influence. >> his expanding role is something that is indicative of obviously the deep level of trust that the president puts in him to be an innovator and to
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come up with different ideas. >> this week mr. trump will meet with three foreign leaders beginning this morning with egyptian leader and then king abdullah on weekend and chinese president xi jinping on friday at mar-a-lago, a visit that jared kushner has been shaking. north korea will be at the center of talks with china. president trump said, quote, if china is not going to solve north korea, we will. kushner's role in domestic policy is substantial as well. he's been known to run economic meetings convened by the president speaking largely while the president looked on approvingly. his wife also a domestic policy force within the white house and on friday according to financial disclosure forms released by the white house, the two have combined assets of between $240 million and $714 million. both, norah, remain beneficiaries o their real
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estate and investment businesses. >> all right. major, thank you so much. senate republicans say judge neil gorsuch will be confirmed as a supreme court justice this week one way or the other. the judiciary committee votes this morning. it's expected to send the nomination to the full senate. gorsuch needs 60 votes including eight to overcome a likely filibuster. if he doesn't get them mitch mcconnell said he will change the rules to eliminate the filibuster option. >> look. what i'm telling you is judge gorsuch is going to be confirmed. the way in which that occurs is in the hands o the democratic minority. >> jan crawford is on capitol hill. jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah. president trump picked gore such because he was seen as a solid conserve active, but they're threatening to filibuster. that would mean republicans would need eight democrats to
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break rank and right now they only have got three. there are still eight democrats untee sided on the filibuster, but senate majority leader schumer said gorsuch will not reach that 60-vote margin. the republicans are threatening to go nuclear. they would do away with it and declare him by a simple majority. some seniors are reluctant to change the long-standing rules and there's some talk of a deal. the democrats would agrow to confirm gorsuchthey would keep the filibuster open for the next vacancy. president trump's next pick could change the balance further to the right. charlie? >> thank you very much, jan. ed o'keefe is an editor for the "washington post" and we also welcome him as a cbs news contributor. >> it sounds good when you say
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it. >> it does, ed. >> my first question is it possible they can find democratic votes ts way? >> at this point it doesn't look like ig jon tester, the democrat from montana who's been facing millions of dollars in t can't vote. at this point the mass doesn't seem to be there and so the republicans are probably going to have to take the next step and move the goalpost. >> so what does that mean? >> only about four times in the last 50 years has a supreme kourts nominee been filibust filibustered, requiring they exceed the 60-vote threshold. it's a tactic used to slow things down and make sure there's enough consensus. at this point it doesn't look like they'll be able to do that. they can decide to change the rules and say the way we to this is a simple up or down majority vote with two or three democrats and they can get them confirmed? >> is this wheret?
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is this payback for merrick d? saying. they blocked them, never had a hearing, never gave him a vote because they believed that the next president shoulde able to make the pick. that strategy is going to pay off by the end of the week. >> it seems inevitable. have to play? >> the only ones they can. forced to slow things down. they've been making that point. the rules don't have to change. the president can come up with a new nominee. that's unlikely, so they're just going to have to change the rules. >> donald trump spent this weekend the way he spends every weekend playing golf, but it was interesting who he played golf with this weekend, senator rand paul who left that golf outing. he was optimistic about theobam. has anything changed? >> i think the fact that they had the meeti of the white house trying to make sure. i asked who won and they refuse
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republicans criticized president repeatedly. ying too much golf. >> are we going to see him on the golf course more? >> i think he might. use the trappings of the offi me >> they can go to new jersey, westchester court. >>t agenda on capitol hill -- you cover capitol hill in terms o. >> well, they claim that they're starting to work on itin essenc able to do something to helpref >> will they try to do it together? >> we'll see. congress can't do big things these days. i would be surprised if they did that. >> thank you again. >> yes, you're welcome. >> chelsea clinton comes to
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studio 57 tomorrow to talk about the trump administration and also her family's political to morning." a pool h ia carbon monoxide killed a teenager over the michigan. nearly all of the victims were children who lost consciousness after they were pool. they were treated and released. jericka duncan is in niles, east eporhicago. gor: good morning. ryan douglas watts was among a group of kids here for a birthday parts friday. but they decided to take checkt on saturday, oblivious to a major problem that would later 13-year-old boy. >> approximately sevoo area all unconscious. >> reporter: saturday morning a hotel employee found six
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children near qlity i inn & suites near the pool. 14, 12. >> i have never seen anythepterd a faulty exhaust carbon monoxide was over millis were open. >> that's extremely hi supposed including a housekeeper and th hospital. the 13-year-old was killpeople. he was just. >> i was shaking. i saw it on the news. >> repor on people gathered at the hotel parking lot and released balloons. two of kathy's children were overcome by the gas. >> the parents thought they had their children at a safe place
7:17 am
and something like this happens, oh, my god. >> reporter: carbon monoxide is an odorless gas. it can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, and even death. they said in a statement this is an isolated incident. our highest priority is always the safety and well being of our guests. >> people ask, well, how do i know if i go the a hotel? does it have a carbon monoxide detector. i say if you're in doubt, spend $20. take it with you. put it on a shelf. >> state law requires carbon monoxide detectors in build build after 2009. right now this hotel remains shut down and h not reopen until it passes >> all right, jericka. such a sad story. it seemed like it could have been prevented. thank you very much.
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>> really scary. south carolina is new ncaa women's basketball champion. >> the fans are starting to make some noise. they're going to party tonight here in texas. >> the gamecocks beat mississippi state, 67-55 yesterday for the first title in school history. south carolina is also the first team other than the university of connecticut to win a championship since 2012. mississippi state shocked uconn on friday, what game, snapping its record, 111-game-winning streak. >> at least it was a buzzer beater. if you're going to get beat, let it be at the buzzer. >> didn't geno say that at some point? >> he did. in the men's tournament, gonzaga is looking to take home its first championship. it's going take on north carolina, one of five titles. you can watch that on cbs. coverage begins at 9:00 eastern,
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8:00 p.m. central. >> you'll be there? >> no.atching. >> my kids said, can i stay up late? >> the answer is yes. the aca celebrated country music. jason aldean took home last night's top honor in las vegas. he was named entertainer f the year for the second year in a row. he's good. miranda lambert was female vocalist of the year. she's good too. and rhett. coming up we'll hear from entertainment tonight's nancy o'dell who was backstage. another sex scandal at fox news this time involving its most popular host. ahead, we look at why bill o'reilly and his employer p
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some hair dyes may contain more of a dangerous chemical compound than a can of lead paint. >> ahead, a health concern to get it banned in the u.s. >> you're watching "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. ♪ [beeping] ♪ wow. good to know we have that on our prius! ♪ [beeping] ♪ and lane departure alert. see what i mean? with so many safety features like pedestrian detection and lane departure alert, toyota doesn't need us test dummies as much. oh, i get it, man! hey, i gotta get my thrills somehow. the 2017 prius with toyota safety sense standard. toyota. let's go places.
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." good morning, i'm rahel solomon, bill cosby is set to return to montgomery county courtroom this morning for sexual assault case. they want to show the comedian adds hitting giving andrea can stoned and other women quaaludes, they want it remain sealed. >> now a check on the forecast, katie fehlinger, yesterday, it was gorgeous outside. beautiful. >> absolutely beautiful day. but that is something that's going to be fades withing time here today. rahel, even though it does stay dry through the most part the entire day, later tonight that a new storm will move in. that's where some of the clouds are coming from. that's what you are going to find throughout the day. certainly some sun. but there will be more cloud cover than what you saw yesterday. also still quite mild for the next few days. two separate systems we're track, one moves in tonight,
7:27 am
through tomorrow, showers, thunderstorm, another on thursday, more showers, more storms, and those might even linger for the phillies home opener friday. meisha? >> all right, katie thank you so much. we've been talking about this accident that actually happened yesterday. still going to affect you this morning. overturned tanker truck a.c. expressway eastbound, route 54, the entrance ramps are closed however, they're going to start doing some repairs right at 8:00 a.m. which will close two of the four lansdowne, and yes. that will slow us down, give yourselves extra time. also, 59 north onramp to columbus boulevard closed six a.m. and 4:00 p.m. through thursday. rahel, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. and our next update is at clock 55. up next on cbs this morning, what you need to know about hair dye. i'm rahel solomon. good morning.
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i turn on the news and look and they're making me look really bad. >> how are they making you look bad? >> bay taking everything i to and say and putting them on tv. >> it's thrust the acteder back into the spotlight. he spoke yesterday morning about his headline grabbing performances. >> and i sit in a chair and you'd think i'm in a mental institution. for 30 minutes i sid there and go china, china, china. all we have to do is mick a face and people go hysterical. i go, ladies and gentlemen and
7:31 am
people just cackle, laughing. so it's become a big deal. >> so basically it's pretty good to be you these days. >> it's very good. >> it's very good. it's working for him. you look at him and you can't help but laugh. i can imagine. when it's you, it owes not so funny. imitation is not funny at all. welcome back to "cbs this morning." >> lots to konk. in fact, we're following several stories in the u.s. senate this morning. here's look at the capitol. senators are considering the nomination of supreme court nominee gorsuch. also they'll be behind closed doors in connection with the russian probe. the "washington post" reports that president trump's proposed budget would hit rural towns especially hard but they are willing to trust him. mr. trump wants to eliminate federal funds that pay for after-school programs and senior centers in the small oklahoma city of durant. but many trump supporters there
7:32 am
say the potential sacrifices are worth it in exchange for defense and homeland security. the "chicago tribune" says a teen is being charged with sexual assault labor on facebook. he was charged with a horrible attack last month on a 15-year-old girl. about 40 people viewed the attack, but not one of them called police. "the wall street journal" reports buying a home this spring will be the hardest this year. inventory is tight. home seales in february was abot 30% lower. homes spend around 55 days on the market. they're selling eight days faster than 2016 video "new york times" says the ride hailing company uber is using psychological tricks to manipulate their workers to drive longer and harder.
7:33 am
uber uses video game techniques and graphics to get to goals to keep drivers on the road. in response they say any driver can stop work literally at the tap of a button. the decision whether you want to drive is 100% theirs. there are expanding job opportunities in technology. about 627,000 tech jobs nationwide are unfilling. more than 7 million people work in technology. the total grew by 2% last year. annual salaries average nearly $109,000. that more than double the national average. fox news host bill o'reilly faces question this morning after new detailses emerge about harassment allegations. "the new york times" investigation found that five women received a teatal of $13 million in payouts. they were paid out by bill o'reilly or fox news parent
7:34 am
company, 20th century fox. in exchange they agreed not to pursue litigation or speak about sexual harass mnlts or inappropriate behavior. >> in an interview fox news says they take claims very seriously and while he's tee night those claims he's resolved those he regards as his personal responsibility. cbs news reached out but they did not respond. jodi kanter is a cbs news contributor. good morning. >> good morning. >> lots to discuss. first, two of these settlements came after roger ailes was released and after when fox said behavior that contributes to an uncomfortable work environment will not be tolerated half. 's real significant. >> it is real significant. last summer hay were so clear that this kind of behavior was not going to be accepted at the
7:35 am
company and yet what my colleagues uncovered is they're still settling these claims. >> so roger ailes had to go. why is bill o'reilly getting to stay? >> that's a question for fox. one of the things is bill o'reilly is the key on air personality of fox. if you remember last summer they were voting to keep megan killy there. >> she's no longer this. >> she's no longer there. at the time they really wanted her to stay. and as you know, sh was very troubled by these kinds of harassment claims. she had been troubled by them herself. you see part of the power of having a prominent woman doosh. >> is that the same reason the company is supporting o'reilly? >> certainly. it's their interest to keep their talent on the air. he has a huge following. >> bill o'reilly has a statement. he says just like the other
7:36 am
competent people i'm vulnerable to people who want me to pay for negative publicity. what to you make of that response? and doesn't it open the door if he's going to pay, i'm going to come up with a claim. >> i would keep in mind there's a pattern here. this is not one woman who's come forward. this is now several. so the idea that he's the real victim here and that these women are targeting him to get him to pay up, i think there's some questions about that. >> you talk about that pattern. as the norm times reports he would create a bond with these women, offer advice and then pursue sexual relationships with them. they were worried if they rebuffed him, it would hurt their career. >> that's what they reported. remember the context is that roger ailes was running fox news. it was very hard for women to go to management and complain because they were subject to
7:37 am
exactly the same kinds of complaints. >> dugo ahead. >> i withes going swas going to put out a list. this is systematic, a huge problem. >> it's a top cable company. it's the biggest star at that company. and if you look at the amount of money that has now been paid out in response to these allegations, it's a massive amount of money. >> okay. o'reilly and 21st century fox also say this, that no one has ever used an anonymous company hotline to report concerns. why to you think this is an important point they're making? >> i question whether a sexual harassment claim can be anonymous. >> on a hotline. >> exactly. if i bring a claim, many order to investigate it or pursue it, you have to go to a person and
7:38 am
say, hey, this employee is raising concerns about you. >> was a core la corollary ques raised? >> that is the subject of a federal investigation right now. we don't know what it's turning up but as we know when investigators start riflig around in your business, a lot comes out. i think the question will be with regard to those payments but also what else will they find out. >> because the relevance is they were paying them as though they were a salary as opposed to a settlement. >> right. >> is it over? >> give somebody immunity? >> we. one former fox executive has immunity. >> do you think the story is over? >> we don't know. the allegations have been coming since last summer.
7:39 am
>> thank you, jodi kant kanter. >> thank you. ahead, men's hair dye and how one company defends it. and here's an invitation from us to you to subscribe to our "cbs this morning" podcast. why? you'll get the news o day, extended interviews, and podcast originals. >> you can onto get them here. >> find them all on apple's itunes and podcast apps. we'll be right back. and markets continue to rise and fall... predictable is one thing you need in retirement to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing brighthouse financial. a new company established by metlife to specialize in annuities & life insurance. talk to your advisor about a brighter financial future. wecage-free and we care about amazing taste. because at hellmann's,
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popular men's cosmetic problems are raising concerns this morning over a potentially harmless ingredient. lead acetate can be found in grecian formula and your hair dye products in the united states. consumer groups filed a petition to the fda to crack down on the lead compound, which they say is a known neurotoxin. anna werner shows us the possible side effects of using these dyes. good morning. >> good morning. in canada they banned the same products because they contain lead acetate and the manufacturers offer consumers a
7:44 am
lead-free alternative. so why are those in america allowed to continue to purchase these products? richard gandolf didn't like going gray, so for the last 20 years, the 73-year-old retired civil servant has been using a cream that turns his gray hair dark. >> put it here and here. that's it. i'm done. >> he uses a product called youthair. grecian formula is another. >> slowly, gradually, and no one's noticing. >> reporter: something the 5ds don't tell you about is the ingredient can be harmless, especially to children. lead acetate is a possible carcinogen. >> it's ten times higher.
7:45 am
ten times higher than a can of lead paint is in this product. consumer groups are now asking them to get the lead as talt out. >> we want the fda to remove it as a color additive. >> in other words, you can't use these in these products. >> right. so find an alternative. >> reporter: manufacturer of products tell consumers to only use dye on their hair, but not everyone follows directions. this documents one man who use ed it cover his beard and had numbness and tingling in his hands and legs for months. >> he was surprised h was lead in product and he stopped the
7:46 am
moenlt he discovered that. >> reporter: government health authorities warn children not to touch hair with lead-contains dyes because the compounds can rub off to their hands and be transfer to their mouths. it's going be lead p the soap dispenser, faw sit, counter, and kids will get exposed to it that way. >> reporter: they declined an on camera interview but told us the statement is insufficient enand that lead acetate has been used safely as a color additive in progressive hair dye products for decades based on extensive describe tiffic studies. to be clear they currently approve the use of lead acetate in these products. we also reached out to manufacturer of youthair
7:47 am
products. >> i say, thank you, jesus, for hair color, but you don't want anybody getting hurt doing that. >> right, exactly. >> you understand. women everywhere understand. >> i don't want to bother jesus with this. >> thank you all. all right. professional women's golf faces big questions after lexie thompson loses following a delayed penalty. how an eagle-eyed fan changed the course of a major golf championship. was that right? was it inappropriate? and patriots star rob gronkow i gronkowski. why he
7:48 am
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>> goods morning, i'm jim donovan. drivers play start to notice a jump in prices at the gas pump as summer gets clothe err, know average 3.32, but the summer blends comes out better for the environment but more expensive than the winter blends. time to switch over vair frist state to state. we send it over for a look at today's forecast with kate. >> i starting off on pleasant note, chill in the air, but wind very very light. do have some sunshine to report. that certainly is true outside one of the live neighborhood network cameras here at beach patrol headquarters where what abut full calm start to the day right? do have storm system moving n you will notice more and more cloud cover as the day goes on, hey at least mild, mid 60s, but as early as later
7:57 am
tonight through much of tomorrow, showers, and/or thunderstorms, will be out there to dodge. break wednesday, and another system comes along on thursday. >> good to know, thanks so much for that. looking outside at the morning drive right now, well, we have an accident bucks county, 95 north near route 413, see it pulled off to the right shoulder. also see how busy it is, give yourselves extra time around there. talking about this overturned tanker truck happened yesterday right now the expressway eastbound near route 54, the entrance ramps closed two lanes closing at 8:00 a.m. for repairs, jim? >> thank you shall meishament next update 8:25, coming up this morning, highlights from country music biggest night the acm awards, i'm jim donovan, make it a great day. >> ♪ >> ♪
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning. it's monday, april 3rd, 2017. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more from the music and the big night in las vegas. but first here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> within the last 24 hour, 134 tornado warnings, 134, including one within the last hour. >> the search for hundreds of people missing after a devastating mudslide in colombia is grow iing more desperate thi morning. >> at this point democrats are vowing to vote no. >> is it possible that they can
8:01 am
-- >> at this point it doesn't look like it, charlie. so republicans are probably going to take the next step and essentially move the goalpost. >> the men's championship will be downed right here on cbs when gongga gongga gonzaga takes on north carolina in phoenix. >> the kids will ask can i stay up late. >> and the answer is yes. >> hit two ever. did you know that? i did not know that. they've done it. down the left field line and number two for bumgarner. never happened before. oh r oh, my. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. more than 50 million americans are bracing for new severe weather today after deadly
8:02 am
storms broke out in the south. more than a dozen tornadoes were reported in louisiana and texas. they tore apart buildings and knocked down trees. one tornado near lafayette, louisiana, killed a mother and her 3-year-old daughter. it flipped over their mobile home. severe thunderstorms overnight brought heavy rain and flash flooding to louisiana too. cars made their way through the roads that looked like rivers. showed developing storms. jared kushner, the president's son-in-law is in iraq this morning. officials confirms the visit to cbs news. kushner landed in iraq minutes ago as part of an unannounced trip with the chairman of the joint chief of staff. the administration is expanding. he was just named head of the task force to modernize
8:03 am
government. kushner helped organize the scheduled meetings between mr. trump and the chinese president. they ee expecting to discuss north korea's nuclear threat. president trump told them if they're not going to solve north korea, we will. major garrett is at the white house. good morning. >> good morning. >> lots to talk about first. the president's meeting with xi jinping this morning. is it at the top of the agenda? >> it's important to take on the chinese government. he spent a lot of his campaign talking about the currency manipulator, someone who has abused them through the trade deals. that has to be a focus. if you're going to change it, right behind it is north korea. that's where the pressure is. if this president, this administration wants to move china to be more cooperative with it in dealing with north korea, it's going to have to back off some of the aggressiveness it would like to
8:04 am
take on the economic matters, and the two issues with this admin strigs and china is does this administration consider sanctions against chinese companies that do business in north korea or discourage the chinese from using and paying north korea for north korean labor. both things might change the relationship between china and north korea and give them and the united states more influence over north korea's pursuit of nuclear weapons. all of that will be on the table at mar-a-lago. >> what is his role and is hi shaping it or executing it? >> he's shaping it in this sense. he's there to listen and make sure all those who are collecting the information will be funneled up to the president, be they military or diplomatic also understand jared kushner is there to be the trusted adviser to the president, to also add whatever he interprets the military or diplomatic advice coming to the president is about
8:05 am
or where it should lead. and with the middle east, there's a lot of important meetings this week. egypt, jordan. there have been conversations with the saudis. last week the administration said it's up to the people of syria to decide. a lot of movements going on in the middle east. kushner is trying to shape all of that for the president to shape some new realities after the obama administration. >> it reminds me of james baker saying to us, the most important thing to someone who's engaged in foreign policy can do is have the confidence of the president. thank you, major. >> that's what jared kushner has. one way or the other supreme court nominee kneel gore such will be confirmed. in just a matter of hours they will send his nomination to the full senate. >> it requires 60 yes votes to stop a filibuster. republicans will need eight democrats to break ranks and join them. right now they've only got three. seven and one are undecided on whether to filibuster.
8:06 am
if they do not get the votes they can change the vote forever to do away with filibuster. it can then be confirmed with a simple majority. chelsea clinton will be here at the table to talk about the paperback release of her book called "it's your world." the ladyies' pga tour -- lei thompson was on her way yesterday when she was hit with a four-stroke penalty. her infraction occurred day earlier an was discussed by a viewer watching all the action on tv. jamie cmie yomie yucca shows usf events. >> a person watching on television indicated lexi thompson may have violated a
8:07 am
ball rule. >> not at all. >> reporter: as lexi thompson made her way to the 13th tee sunday with a major championship at her fingertips, the 22-year-old couldn't believe what she was hearing. >> it just came to us and we need to inform you. >> you can do it, lexi. >> reporter: tour officials informed thompson she was being docked four penalty strokes for not correctly placing her ball on the green during saturday's round by what appeared to be an inch. but it wasn't caught by a rules official but rather a fan a day later. >> an e-mail came to both sue witters and myself that someone had viewed on television a possible infraction. >> the ruling cost her a major championship. she fought it but eventually lost in a playoff.
8:08 am
>> i didn't mean it at all. i didn't realize i did that. i felt strong through the finish. it was great to see the fans behind me. >> imagine a basketball game having to go back and look at something different. but this has got to stop. >> i'm a little tired of viewers being able to officiate our game. >> also apparently tired of the living room referees, tiger woods who tweeted his support to thompson after the ruling saying in part, viewers at home should not be officials wearing stripes. woods is no stranger to arm chair officiatings. he was penalized at the masters in 2013 after a tv viewer phoned >> every tay is a learning process and i wasn't exacting what happened today. it is what it is. i'll learn from it and hopefully do better. >> aside from that heartache you could see on thompson's face she was also hit hard in the wallet. with her second place finish the 22-year-old lost out on more than $150,000 and as for the
8:09 am
rules official who had to break the painful news to thompson, she admitted after the tournament that viewer call rules need to be addressed. >> wow. lexi was so gracious considering its was so unfair. >> she even went on insta fwram and said she was disappointed. she thanks the caddie and fans and afterthe tournament went out and was autographing cards for some of the young fans in the crowd. >> i think one of the important things is this placement of the putt would not have affected the outcome. but i'm glad it sparked a discussion. i'm glad it's got more people, men and women looking at women's golf, and she was very classy about it. >> i'm with tiger. >> right. meaning people at home should not be officiating. >> right. the masters is set to begin in georgia, but before the pros tee it up thursday, 80 pint-sized players took to the
8:10 am
national gulf club yesterday for the annual drive. eight boys between the ages of 7 and 15 took home hardware in their divisions. the kids also got to meet some of golf's biggest watc' coverage of matches beginning saturday at 3:00 p.m. eastern right here on cbs. >> you like the music every time you hear it, both of you golfers at the table, i know. it was a record-breaking night at the country of academy awards. ahead, nancy o'dell with powerful performances and how luke bryant and
8:11 am
we all know "60 minutes" correspondent lesley stahl and her interviews. she's in the green room.
8:12 am
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8:15 am
it was a record-breaking night for miranda lambert. she felt the lovethe room last night.
8:16 am
she was named female vocal list for eight year ms. a row. go, miranda. country music shared the stage with florida georgia line and everybody on their feet. nancy o'dell was there. she was back stage. she joins us from the t-mobile arena in las vegas. nancy, good morning. >> good morning. good morning to you. what a great night it was. the acm always puts music first and they did not disappoint. last night, what incredible performances. between jason aldean who won entertainer of the year and thomas rhett who took home two very great awards, i spoke with very grateful and happy people backstage. offering music as big as a country sky and as peaceful as a church service, the academy of country music awards showcased
8:17 am
the genre's best music and honored its biggest stars. jason aldean was named entertainer of the year for the second time in a row. >> to win it back to back years to me, all the hard work over the years of us being on the road and eating hot dogs and truck stop burritos, it was for this. >> reporter: the show steered clear of any political messages. little big town let their sown "happy people" do their talking for them. >> it's relevant for what's going on if the world and we could all use a little bit of putting down the negative and picking up the happy and passing he vyears, heralked this out ♪ly
8:18 am
>> like my diary when i emma >> he won so >> how did you feel? >> surreal. >> you almost lost to emm >> "la la land" beaty thank you. i was laughing. i appreciate it. morris, one of the joined with t ♪ performed witho its feet while sharing e ♪ >> reporter: you know, i i wa they had learned them the night before they said, actually, we can't
8:19 am
the show backstage. lie. we actually learnedwast worked hat>>l else didn't disappoint? thoht i was going to hose down there was no wardrobe malfunction. >> i love the duet. mary morris. it was a big night for her. what stood out for the great things are the collaborations and things we see much praise they give each other. that performance was amazing. but how they cooperate with each other and praise each other with their speeches and also, mixtur together with the pop music and what i love, nancy, boys seeing tim mcgraw and faith girl
8:20 am
saying "speak to a girl" and st >> how adorable. seeing them togethersic's favore couple. keith urban.icole she's now becoming one of our dance how orites as we see her ad backstreet boys. i asked florida georgia line about that. they said they had seen tim mcgraw backstage after the show. they mentioned he was pointsing to them. he was telling them, iu i w so impressed that these guys actually did really know those moves. >> nancy o'dell, thank you so much. ahead, wynton marsalis and jon st past, present, and future of music. music. helps keep your dog healthy at every stage. so you c a when i was 14 years old.
8:21 am
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what muscle strain?ask nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil.
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8:24 am
bob dylan finally >> good morning, three high school student go on trial accused in a didley beating almost a year ago. on april 21 of last year, amy joyner francis was attacked inside a bathroom inside howard high school of technology. classmates charged with third agree criminal conspiracy, one, 17 year old, charged with criminally neglect homicide. so check the forecast with
8:25 am
meteorologist, katie fehlinger. beautifuly quite as nice. >> not as gorgeous, i do think if you have outdoor plans though rahel you can keep them. for now storm system that's brewing off of the south wet, heavy thunderstorm, severe ones at that, expected again in the deep south. this is a storm that's going to eventually bring us next rounds of rain. that's why the clouds are beginning to build. but, again, stay dry through the daylight hours, 47 degrees already, 42 allentown and you're eventually going to warm up pretty easily too 66. later tonight no earlier than 8:00 p.m. absolute earliest, any showers begin to pop up on the radar, but there will be showers and scattered thunderstorms, really any time, especially thunderstorm weather, into the second half of the day tomorrow with cold front passage, break wednesday, new storm on thursday. coming every day other day plan. >> up and down, all right, katie, thank youment looking outside right now accident by the mart museum, spring garden street at kelly drive, another turnpike area will slow you down, take a look how slow it is, pa turnpike near willow
8:26 am
grove. another accident a.c. expressway talking about there is heads up on this, near route 54, the entrance ramps are closed two lanes are closing out of four starting at 8:00 a.m. started at 8:00 a.m. will linger on until completed very slow moving around there, as well, rahel? >> meisha, thank you. next update at 8:55, ahead on cbs this morning, jazz musicians, john bat piece, on new a.m. bumm together. i'm rahel solomon. make it a good morning.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
never mind leaving the eu. it's going to be hard for the uk to keep itself together. the bbc chose to illustrate with thish enough aids. >> how does our jury feel about triggering article 50. we gave them emoji paddles. happy and happy or worried and
8:30 am
>> four happy, three worried, tish people are stupid, so emotionally suppressed, emoji is the only way to get it out of us. let the cak what i never can. i'm collapsing that in mind is that i would hold up happy one today. how about you guys on a monday morning? >> absolutely. >> welcome bac g "en room. who is there? oh, lesley stahl in hi, lesley stahl. wynton marsalis on the left, jon batiste on the right. ready to discuss all sorts of things. grandparents and good music. >> jazz. >> i can't wait. britain's "guardian" reports that bob dylan finally accepted his nobel prize. the singer accepted his literature award saturday at a hotel in stockholm.
8:31 am
it was before his concert in the city. officials say dylan seemed to be pleased by the award. he declined to attend the traditional nobel prize ceremony in december saying he had other commitments. >> he seemed to be pleased. >> a smile? >> i'm not sure anyone was there. >> congrats to mr. dylan. the "chicago tribune" reports that the r has announced a $1 school in chicago on friday. the in the city's soutlh de go toward arts and literature education. the c than $2miion. remember when chance announced his donation. 'sor him. "usa today" reports actress doris day celebrates her 95th birthday today not her 93rd
8:32 am
as previously believed. a copy of her birth certificate reports she was born in 1932. she said i always said it's just a number. i'm glad to live as long as iop >> long enough to shoot our age in golf. >> he's right. "the wall street journal" reports that more pit bulls are being used as pit dogs. they rescue them from shelters in a texas facility trains "cbs this morning" for free. the dogs learn to sniff out drugs or explosives. despite their reputation for aggression, one volunteer says none of the pit bulls has hurt anyone while working. and the "minneapolis star tribune" says thieves have a new target. birch trees, if you can believe that. birch trees, limbs, and paperwhite logs are hot items in
8:33 am
the home decor business. the young social activist we've been following now has a book deal. this is the cover of her upcover title "marlie dias gets it done and now so can you." she aims to collect and donate books featuring black girls as the character. she teaches kids how to create positive change in their communities. it will be available next january and is available to preorder now. >> great. 60 minutes" correspondent lesley stahl served as moderator of "face the nation" covering big stories at home and abroad but she said her most important job is her role as grandmother to 6-year-old chloe and 3-year-old joey.
8:34 am
her best-selling book. lesley joins us once again. should we say, good morning, lally. >> why do they call you that? >> that's what they call me. i decided i had to come up with something that would be easy for them to say so they would call me what i wanted them to call them. i'm lally and my husband is pop. lally and pop. >> it's been a year since you've about been on the road and released the book. are you finding more and more people love taking about a book that oh, my goodness. >> if i go to a book signing or give a talk, most want to raise their hands. most are wonderful and happy, some are not. but generally people are so thrilled to tell you about thei like me, your children make you >> but you also say that this gave you, being a grandparent gave you a chance to atone for
8:35 am
how you were as a parent. >> it's two atone because you -g mothers, we weren't there enough. but also we get to to the things we really didn't do, which is just, you know, get on floor and play with them if you -- i don't know about you, but when i was a young -- when my daughter was young, i'd play with her, but i was also reading my research papers over here. grandmothers and grandfathers, undivided attention. >> no. i was told back in the day when they did a story about crackberries, both of my kids said you'd better pay 'attention to that. i'm not a crackberry person. it's a big ice brake. you to some of the most important interviews but talking about being grand parent is huge. >> it is. you and i had a chat before we went on. i said, to you have
8:36 am
grandchildren and you said no. and then you said i want to be a grandmother. >> it's my deepest desire. >> we were in the conversation. i'm not going to ask either of you, but either you have a grandchild you want to talk about or you want to be a grandmother you want to talk about it. or you talk about your own grandparent. >> the thing is if you put the pressure on your kids if you desperately want them. >> they don't listen to you. it makes you feel better but they don't listen to us. >> i thought what was interesting is the study on the importance of having a grandmother in your life. across the world. >> there have been very few studies surprisingly about grandparenting and all of that, but there have been some that say children who have grand parties if their lives are more confident, they're not as troublesome in school, they do better in school. it's a relationship that gives them a sense of family and history. and kids can confide more easily
8:37 am
in their grandparents for some reason. >> my grandmother was the most important person in my life beyond my parents by far. >> see? this is not uncommon. how many grandparents arer gran. you'd be surprised. if they're not doing it full-time, they're in there. i camnannies. >> granny nannies. we've recently started to see pictures of president trump walking whiz grandchildren. to you think that shows a different side of him to a lot of people? >> i think so. >> as he gets on "air force o " one"? >> i was so surprised he didn't do that during the campaign. it would have softened hill. i thought hillary should have done more than she did. people have such positive feelings about grandmothers particularly. if you ask in polls, for example, or focus g do you think of grandmothers? >> warm, divine, cozy words come
8:38 am
tumble out about unconditional love and cookies and warmth and acceptance. so the imaha grandma has changed too. it used to be grandma who sat in a rocking chair and rocked and knitted clothes but really y. they're also very active. it's a whole different world. some of them. b boomers. boomers. >> baby boomers just want to be young and feel healthy and energetic. and guess what the average age e united states. to you want to try? >> somewhere in the 50s. for a grandfather, 54. >> these ooh really young. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. it's all changed. >> it's out in paper back tomorrow. jazz musicians wynton marsalis and john batiste are on a
8:39 am
mission to keep jazz alive. itear only at my giant.
8:40 am
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8:42 am
i'm val. the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. i represent the money you save for the future. he's the green money you can spend now. what's up? gonna pay some bills, maybe buy a new tennis racket. he's got a killer backh when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya. fill your basket with easter only at my giant. what you're listening to now is called two bass hit.
8:43 am
it's winstynton marsalis with j batis batiste. it's a tribute to lewis. lewis was a mentor to marsalis. charlie asked him about his contemporaries back in 1984. >> wynton marsalis, are you slowly beginning to appreciate jazz musicians because most people would say we have not recognized the genius of jazz musicians primarily because 90% of them were black. >> right. i don't even think we approach it recognizing it. i have to answertruth fully, i don't think so. >> my goodness. >> you both look surprisingly good. >> i don't know what's better, your moustache or charlie. >> they highlight the past and present of jazz.
8:44 am
winston and marsalis and jon batiste is a jazz player with stephen colbert. >> that interview was 1984. it's changed many. >> oh, yeah. a lot of it has changed since then. first, we've changed. but i mean a lot of change, you know. a lot of change on the scene. a lot more music available. >> i think the momentum of the music. a lot of what we even done has helped obviously with the music. we still tour around the world and we collaborate with a lot of musicians. the music is difficult to play and a lot of musicians want to play it. that's what jon represents and the quality of playing has gone up for younger musicians. >> talk about the collaboration, jon.
8:45 am
you've known wynton since you were a younger boy. >> we started playing basketball before we started playing music today. he had a nice jig, left-handed. he'd always catch you. the music, i feel, is about bridging the gap between the generations. it's about sharing and breaking barriers that may be color barriers, may be racial barriers, or may be something about the older generation feels like, what you all doing is not happening and the young generation is like, what you're doing is passe. we don't need that. which jazz is not like that at all. >> did he reach out to you and say what happened? >> when he call and when you get a 30-year veteran from louisiana call you up -- this was in '13, to do the music of john lewis, one of the most
8:46 am
composers and piano players, i had to say yes. it's the kind of challenge, a artistic mt. everest to climb. >> you said that in your note. an artistic mt. everest. that's powerful. how did you know he could do it? >>'ve known him since he was 13. i've known him. it's like being in the same family. you talk about grandparents. my father would be a grandparent to jon. he taught me, harry conic, all of us in that generation and even in the later generation with jon. the second he started playing, i get a call from my father, little batiste can play. you know, so we can -- we have a generational relationship. and then even more than the new orleans connection, he came to juilliard. he was in new york and all of the musician are talking about the young musicians and who can play. i have experience with him, playing in our house many times.
8:47 am
more like a family member. >> going to juilliard is a really good thing. so many jazz artists are very artist artistic. >> you have to be. john lewis, as serious as he was, i knew jon would be up to it. i understand most importantly coming to the bandstand. when you come on thebandstand, it can be very nerve-racking. he was also a music director. he was fantastic. everybody was like, my man is for real. >> i know how involved you are in arts education and you've been awarded the arts education medal, endowment for the arts. in the new budget the president is proposing there will be a cut in the funding for the arts. what would be the outcome of a cut in those -- >> i mean there's so much wrong with so much that's going on in our politics, not just directed at him. we swing back and forth lie a
8:48 am
ship listing in the ocean. it's symbolic. you're telling the world we as a nation, this is what we think about our arts. i ohm not saying he's a fascist. there's a reality to thinks. when we tell our arts are not importanter our wisdom is not important, we're preparing our public for being more ignorant. white and black people, there's a certain economic and expectation taking place. you don't want to disconnect yourself from the intellect. it's painful and it's ignorant. >> if you don't know what the values are as a country, look at the budget. >> it's ignorant. we don't want to be viewed in the world that way. >> so wonderful to have you here. wynton marsalis and jon batiste. thank you.
8:49 am
please check it out on podcast. today the first person to cross the atlantic shares his story about the harrowing 93-day journey. wow. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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8:55 am
set for june. now to katie for a look at the forecast. >> overall busy pattern here, couple of storm systems work their way through, for now it stays mild, outside we go here to whitt fields elementary school, few more clouds have gun to build in for you. that's the story of the day. granted a lot have sunshine, blue skies, but more and more cloud cover as the day goes on, still a good day, spilled miler than average for now at 47 degrees, very calm winds. it will turn more southerly with time. not windy afternoon. high 66 degrees, not bad at all. now, later tonight, things do go downhill. storm system moves in. we'll see that continue to move through tomorrow. so, some rain as early as 8:00 . tomorrow more scattered showers, storms, break wednesday, a new storm already by thursday. some more showers and storms, some of which could be gusty, meisha? >> all right, katie, thank you so much. we're still seeing problems out on the roadways this morning, slowing you down little bit, spring garden street at kelly drive. were tracking a accident, and also the pa turnpike which has now just cleared, but you can see some pretty significant
8:56 am
back-ups, westbound between willow grove and virginia drive, still give yourselves couple of extra minutes, a.c. expressway eastbound near ham on town, entrance ramps closed, at 8:00 a.m., two lanes have been block starting from 8:00 a.m. until they're cleared. so just heads up on this. two out of four lanes block, causing you some slow downs, as well, overall give yourself couple of extra minutes through the 9:00 hour, jim, over to you. meisha. that's "eyewitness news" for now. join us for "eyewitness news" at noon. i'm ji great day. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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