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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  April 3, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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an education refinance loan helped me save on payments each month. if you have a question about whether refinancing is right for you, ask me. sincerely, robert kennedy, fellow grad and fellow citizen. call... to refi now. at least ten people killed, reports are as many 50 others injured, good afternoon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel sullivan. the latest development from london. >> video of mangled metro cars and victims laying on a st. petersberg subway platform,
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posted on social media. authority say the deadly explosion happened inside a train car, traveling inbetween two stations. shortly before the afternoon rush hour. smoke filled the core dose with passengers ran to safety. authority evacuated several subway stations before shutting the metro system down completely. dozen every emergency workers treated victims at the scene, and rush other to the hospital. >> russian president putin was in saint petersburg, russia's second largest city monday with a meeting with the president, to express condolances to the victims. >> authorities are still investigating what caused the blast. this isn't the first time there has been explosion on russia's subway system. in 2,010,000,000 people were killed in moscow with we mail suicide bombers linked to rebels detonated devices on pack trains. russia has been on high alert lately for terrorist activity
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involving chechen islamic extremists. teri okita, cbs news, london. >> new jersey transit train derailed this morning at penn station in new york city, officials called the derail the minor, but commuters can expect delays and the system comes week after amtrak train partially derailed as it pulled out of penn station. from texas to tennessee, deadly storm system continues to rumble through the united states this morning, mother and her three year old daughter were killed yesterday in louisianna, mississippi families rescued in the middle of the night after trapped by flood waters, carried out pets and whatever else they could. the severe weather raging for more than a day, at least ten tornados reported in the last 24 hours. and that same system will actually impact us here in philadelphia, meteorologist, katie fehlinger live on the cbs-3 skydeck with what we can expect and when exactly, katie? >> you know what, rahel, looks as though it will be a very far cry from what we saw across the deep south, will
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continue to see heavy thunderstorm rumbling through the area. as the storm gets its act together, really strengthens, and starts to head our way. now, we are going to get delta impact from it, make no mistake, but not dealing with that kind of severe weather threat. meantime, i need some sunglasses, it is absolutely beautiful start to the afternoon here. you will start to see more cloud cover as the day progresses, that of course a sign of the storm system yet to come. but for now, it is a really pleasant start to the afternoon. and the rest of the day does look dry, at least through the daylight hours, but later tonight start to see the first signs of life on the radar, we track it little more in detail later in the show, but i do think that nothing earlier than 8:00 p.m., are you going to see out there on the radar. it will be much later tonight after the sun goes down that any of the first raindrops begin to fall. currently already in the low 60s, here at philadelphia international airport. 61 degrees, expecting the daytime high to reach about 66, so few more degrees packed onto what we currently have on the thermometer. mixture of sun and clouds the best you can hope for the rest of the day, again, trying dry
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for the rest of the afternoon, but clouds buildings are sign of the storm yet to come. guys we do have another system to track later in the week. so an active pattern in short is what we find ourselves in the midst of. no break from that really any time soon. >> thank you so much, katie. appreciate that. in other news this noon, bill cosby trial on sexual assault charges is expected to start this june. and today a judge is hearing arguments over jury selection. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" was there as cosby walked into the norristown courthouse about 9:00 this morning, the judge is deciding it cosby's previous depositions can be admitted as evidence. also the jury will be chosen from allegany county because of pretrial publicity, cosby's defense wants additional questions on the standard jury questionnaire, including whether candidates have been the victims of sexual assault. >> three classmate of 16 year old amy joyner francis are in a wilmington courtroom today facing charges in her death. joyner-francis was attacked in a bathroom at howard high school of technology last april and died from her
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injuries. >> her classmates are charged with criminal conspiracy, for their alleged role, and 117 year old classmate face as charge of criminal homicide. >> now in custody, facing charges in the shooting death of a 13 year old boy last month. johnson was arrested just yesterday, souter lands was pick up march 22, and police had the surveillance pictures to work with in their investigations, authority say the 13 year old victim was shot inside a take-out restaurant in nicetown on march 10, during a argument. he died nine days later at st. christopher hospital. >> philadelphia police special victims aoun sit investigating the report of a sexual assault in a abandon house in june at a investigators say 13 year old girl voluntarily went into a house on the 1300 block of butler street with several boys. after she left that house police say the teenager borrowed a man's phone and called 911. >> and the nation's capitol the nomination of judge neil gorsuch is expected to clear the senate judiciary city
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today. mitch o'connell says he expect the full senate to vote on friday. so far only three democrats plan to support the nomination, making it likely, that gorsuch will be unable to overcome a democratic filibuster. republicans say they're too long change senate rules to move the nomination forward. >> president trump has sent his son-in-law and senior advisor jared kushner to iraq, traveling in the middle east with chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general joseph dunn forward. administration says kushner is thereto show his support for the iraqi government. kushner advises the president on foreign policy matter. >> two manhole covers exploded into the air, the result of fire in downtown boston, all caught on camera. firefighters were responding to blaze near boston's city hall yesterday when an explosion shot off two manhole covers. one flew 50 feet into the air. one of the covers landed just few feet away from first responder. luckily, there were no injuries reported, and underground cable failure was to blame. >> well atlantic city casinos are hoping to hit the jackpot with a new generation of
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gamblers. >> still ahead the latest on the newest trend in gambling. video games. they're based on skill, rather than luck. see these new slot machines in action. >> interesting. plus, you know him as a star of the lung i dog seen here on cbs-3 every saturday morning, well, mcmillan is here in our studio ready to help me with my puppy. >>
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>> the newest generation every millennials, hoping new crop of video games shot machines will change that. meg oliver has more from atlantic city. >> in a sea of slot machines, this game stands out in atlantic city. danger arena is the world's first skill-based human video game. twenty-one year old vinny santana gravitated toward the joy stick. >> i'm surprised, i mean, game in existence like this, this is awesome. >> casinos trying to hit the jackpot with the next generation. las vegas convention and visitor authority reports the number of visitors ages 20 to 39, drop from 18.1 million in 2014 to 14.4 million in 2015. >> they do need to innovate the experience and entertainment. >> game coast ceo says designing these games specifically for casinos. >> i think that millennials and younger customers in general, we grew up playing video games. and video games are
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inter-active, and engaging in a way that slot machines just don't provide for that audience. >> the more skilled the player, the better the chance of winning. >> but it is also sort of a graphic novel that gives the story and characters in the game. >> and this is what makes it more interesting. >> absolutely, story and charge surreal i important to gamers. >> the prize is 7.20. >> another company making the casino experience more social, will attract younger people. ceo eric meyerhofer explained how it works. >> super competitive, super focused, literally how fast you can twitch to take a card, so you have a cue at this, dexterity at work. >> oh, he took it. >> the company will unveil hundreds of new machines in last vague this is year. win or lose, they want millennials like vinny to come back for more. >> i would definitely play this again. >> meg oliver, cbs news, atlantic city, new jersey. >> well, it was a big night for country music stars, the
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52nd annual academy of country music awards. >> and the winner of the atm entertainer of the year ... >> jason aldean. >> artist crowded the t-mobile arena in vegas last night, jason aldean took home the award for entertainer of the year, miranda lambert the albumn of the weight of the wings took home the prize for albumn of the year. >> i just want to say thank you for letting me, my heart break and sharing it with me. >> her albumn was inspired by her divorce, from ex-husband blake sheldon, lady performed their his you look good. other winners included thomas rhett, and florida georgia line for the single record of the year for their song holy. the jam packed event was co-hosted by superstars luke bryant and dierks bentley. well, he rescues dogs that many think are un adoptable. >> then turns them into lucky dogsment still ahead on "eyewitness news," brandon
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mcmillan, from the popular cbs morning show here with me and my rambunctious puppy ted. >> i teddy has been charming everyone in this building since he arrived. you know it, rahel. so take a look ahead to the upcoming weekends, on the cool side come this saturday. temperatures smidge below average. we warm up through the course of the weekends, and also increasing amounts every sunday shine through the weekend, high pressure will regain control.
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>> yesterday? oh, my gosh, spilled over to today. i really thought the clouds would be building in a lot sooner than they have. which is awesome.
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more sun than anything in spot. enjoy it while you have got it. >> of course. >> my job, the weather constantly changing so we have to keep you ahead of it, does look like there will be one or two separate systems we have to track through the course of the week, also a cool down, we have the phillies home opener coming up. a lot of things to get to here, we walk you outside, first and for most, with a look at the scenario, on storm scan right now. big wide zoom on this. showing really not too much locally, even other than couple of clouds, actually brighter than it is gray outside. we can see moisture beginning to build in from the southwest, this is the combination of the storm system, we talked about it earlier in the show too. this storm really showing some very good not just intensification but organization. a lot of really nasty thunderstorms rumbling into the panhandle of florida right now, this is the moisture that's being sent our way, tow we end up late tonight with a a heavy round every thunderstorm, or very heavy rain at least through the overnight. now we walk you through that in a second here, but looking
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at today's severe weather threat, all from yesterday since migrated to the east. we will not be in a severe weather threat at all here locally tomorrow. but i do think we could get doused by there is i do think we will see some thunderstorms out of. >> this let me time it out for you. coming ahead to 5:00 p.m. this evening, even still, not one sign of life on the radar, say for more cloud cover building in. probably not until 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 at night we start to see wet weather building in. now there is heavy round every rain that's going to move in through the overnight hours. and that i think will leave behind spray from vehicles, ponding, but the muscle being -- bulk of the moyer tuesday to the northeast of the city where you will see flood watch go into effect. so mercer county included and the rest of northwest new jersey if that's where your travels take you. then left with the scattered showers, throughout the rest of the day. it is not a wash out by any stretch. but there will be some heavier thunderstorms that likely rumble in into the afternoon. come wednesday, high pressure set unless for brief break. we end up with some sunshine. talking future rain apartments, i will put this into motion, right through
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tomorrow. i don't think we are talking about the kind of totals we had with friday's storm, that was obviously an all day event. this is going to be more like couple of tents of an inch throughout the course of our tuesday. but this is the first of two. like we mentioned, so again, flood watch goes in effect late tonight, mercer county included if you are a new york city commuter, you could get impacted by this through late tonight and tomorrow morning drive. but the flood watch technically lasts until tuesday evening. outside cut town area middle school, beautiful afternoon unfolding, more cloud cover, 59 degrees the current temperature, notice the win flow currently coming out of the southwest. so that's where the warmth is coming from. but with time this is clouds will continue to build. we hit high of about 66 degrees, which is well above average by about seven, 8 degrees. later tonight dropping down to 53, when the rain moves in, again primarily late tonight, and then stuck with scattered showers, thunderstorms tuesday. break on wednesday. thursday bridges back more showers and gusty thunderstorms, and to me right now it does look like the phillies home opener will be cooler granted but nothing
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more than a stray left over shower. guys back to you. >> come on, go on, go play. welcome to the lucky dog ranch. >> they're lucky dogs because they're on their way to being adopted. lucky dog is a heartwarming show seen every saturday morning right here on cbs-3 it stars brandon mcmillan, animal train war mission to rescue maybe trained un adopt recall dogs, takes them into a training facility, turns them into the a lucky pet. he joins me now, i have my teddy, my puppy, teddy, sometimes my teddy bear, too, to talk to us a little bit about training. brandon, so good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> did little facebook live. this is really informative. talk about the show. kind of like adoption storey? >> it takes you on more of a journey. the show i rescue one dog every episode. i technically give it a second chance at life a lot of the dogs just turned in by the previous owners or a stray
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most their life. and from there i take it back to the lucky dog ranch. i assess the dogs, see what they know, more importantly what they don't know f there sometimes they need to be rehabilitated and from there i start training the dog, taylor made to the family, eventually, the dog goes, so sometimes, sometimes the dog serves a major purpose in the family, sometimes the dog is a service dog, or, you know, somebody in the family had a traumatic lost, and the dog is feeling major void. >> interesting. and so your show is wildly popular. but you also now have a new book out? >> i do. >> tell us about that. >> called lucky dog lessons, train your dog in seven days, and the first thing people ask, okay, is it possible to train a dog in seven days? of course it is because dow it on my show every week. and i always say -- >> you're like a master extroidinaire at training. >> i'm no different than everybody else. i just have more mileage under my belt when it comes to training dogs. now, in the book, i explain very, very clearly, that training, there are two steps to training, it is technique
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and conditioning. think about marshall art. we learn a technique, how to punch t only takes couple of days to actually learn the technique of the punch. now, the conditioning, that takes a long time. but you already trained to the punch. so technically the dog, you can teach it all seven things in the book. one thing a day. at the end every week all it is, muscle memory now, conditioning. so are they train recall, in seven days? absolutely, yes. >> very cool. >> see, he's trained after five minutes. >> oh, i love teddy, but you talk about also, this is interesting, there are sometimes a missed perception about shelter dogs that maybe they cannot be trained. but you say that is not true? >> no, it is not. that is smug ma, from the 19 50's at this point. stigma that shelter dogs are damaged goods. and the reason i can a test to they're not because i've had a whole entire career of not only training shelter dogs but also breeder bought dogs. i see the same issues in each of them. every shelter doggy work with, they have pretty much neck and neck the same issues as breeder bought dogs. >> very interesting. >> it is a stigma.
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>> you've been working with teddy for the last hour or work hanging with teddy, we have a minute left. anything you can teach me in a minute? >> in a minute? oh, that's a tough one. without getting up? >> no. >> but you taught me earlier down, that was good. right? the down is a great technique, if you have out of control dog, the down is like putting the car in park and taking the keys out of ignition, i say if you have out of control dog, team him a down, it is a down, a control command, it is also a stay, all in one command. don't you dare do that. ya, ya, ya. i saw that. >> 's good dog, but he can be a little rambunctious. >> he might need a down. >> he might need a down, but waiting for your treat. like what am i going to get? >> so i thought it was very good, in your book, that you have a lot of tips, a lot of technique, also like contests as far as like the breed of dogs, the age of dogs. >> yes. >> whether from the shelter or - >> variablement always have to take the breed, the age and
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history into consideration when training them. and that all makes sense, whenever you're wondering why your dog does what it does, think about the breed. think about the age. think about the history. you have lot of questions answered right there. >> very cool. all right, brandon, thank you so good to see you, and thanks for the training of ted. >> i your welcome. >> i'll invoice you later. >> oh, okay. send it to cbs. you can catch lucky dog every saturday morning at 9:00 right here on cbs-3. we will be right back. stay with us.
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>> to vaccinate or not to vaccinate, some parents question the effective else in of the flu shot, now new study may have the answer the parent need, health reporter stephanie stahl has the details at 5:00. >> and then at 6:00 not your ordinary yoga class, the way these post pretty big benefits for some children dealing with the development disorder. that's tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. >> that's "eyewitness news" today at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon for katie all of us here including teddy, thanks for watching. >> and "eyewitness news" does continue at 5:00. always on line at >> the young and the restless is next. have a great day everyone. bye. we take some unexpected
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>> paul: so, nick, the investigation into adam's death was closed months ago. a propane leak caused the explosion. >> nick: and i accepted that conclusion at the time. >> paul: what's changed? >> nick: well, i have some serious questions about that night at the cabin, and i think dylan did, too. can you get him on the phone? >> paul: well, um... he and i were equally involved in this investigation. >> nick: all right. will you hear me out then? >> paul: of course. i just hope it's more than a gut feeling. because it's gonna need something solid to re-open this investigation. >> nick: i'd say this qualifies. >> michael: tomorrow? your wedding's tomorrow? >> kevin: yep. we decided we love each other much too much to wait. >> michael: well -- you certainly don't have any respect for your wedding guests, giving them one day's notice. >> k:


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