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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 4, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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fans celebrated overnight. >> is that why they call it madness? >> yes, i believe so. today is tuesday, april 4th, good morning, i'm jim done val. >> i'm rahel solomon. plus former international lead service it g philly today. first checking the forecast with katie and the roads with meisha. >> good morning, guys, rain, rain, go away, right? you can hear the chanting, and looking at the roadways, already seeing problems just cracking in the 5:00 hour. and that's what rainy roadways will do. >> thankfully i think mother nature heard your cry, your battle cry, because the worse of the really heavy stuff is actually moving out. >> oh,. >> you thought i controlled it? meisha this whole time. just look at it out there. taking a look at storm scan. okay, you can see the heavy swat of widespread rain making it departure, are we finish with the storm? not so fast. we're now sitting in the warm sector after much larger storm, it is the same one that brought in the severe weather if you recall, in the last couple of days. so the deep south back to texas, so we're not expecting severe weather, but it will be
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an unsettled day with some showers through the morning, especially, very scattered in fashion, you can see that already. and then also couple of thunderstorms, as the cold front with this system moves through into the afternoon. so i think generally after lunchtime, we will see couple of those sort of popcorn style thunderstorms popping up on the radar, again, very scattered, no severe threats this time, though you could see brief but heavy downpour, maybe little gusty winds with any storms that develop. temperature change in the last 24 hours, is definitely substantial. the only spot where you have got a deficit is in millville. everyone else has evening out at least generally ten plus degrees here since last time, last night this same time. but taking a look at the actual temperature, off to warm start here, 60 already, so we will have no problems hitting the mid 70s here today. it is quite a trade off. certainly with showers and thunderstorms, but not expecting a wash out. that's some good news. if you really want to get in your outdoor plans i think you can. keep an eye to the sky. >> absolutely great advice. thanks so much, katie. good morning, everyone, so yes, we are talking about the
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rain again today. and the wet roadways, and yes, it will slow you down, and yes, you will have to give yourselves extra time. accident here actually involved jackknife tractor-trailer, also you can't really see it in this spot but it does not look good, head facing toward this brick right here. look over here, we can see how slow already it is as you approach this, pushing you and keeping you to the far right. and you're also going get gaper delay, you also have congestion back up here, as well. so if you are headed out to 95, pushing in the southbound direct direction, give yourself extra time. depending how long it lingers, we know tractor-trailers can linger out there for quite some time f you are headed out the door in 30, 40 minutes, closer to the 6:00 hour and this is still out there factor in a lot of time. i would say sooner rather than late is her probably best specially with the wet roadways, un fo unfortunately because it is wet out there we will be talking about that. accident cheltenham avenue at ogontz avenue. heads up on this, flooding in
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trenton, route one north and southbound between perry street and olden avenue. also construction here 295 south the ramp to route one closed until april 30. jim, rahel, over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. minutes ago we learned thirds person has died after birrage every bullets rained down on a north philadelphia apartment complex yesterday afternoon. >> this happened right across the street from a school and understandably so, has student and parent rattled. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live at police headquarters, trang, what can you tell us this morning? >> well, rahel, jim, police are still looking for one to two suspect involved in this shooting. as you mentioned there is shooting happened just steps from a school with children inside, participating in after school activities. >> we were in the school. all you hear is gunshots, multiple gunshots, just got silent for a second. >> terrifying moments for students inside saint mal key school as gunfire errupted outside an apartment complex at north 11 and west style street around 3:30, monday afternoon, prompting a
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lockdown. >> it was erie. it was scary because i never been on lockdown before in a school. but, ya. it was like that, sad to hear that, four people got shot. >> after birrage of two dozen bullet, four men hit, all returned to area hospitals. three died from their injuries. one remains at hahnemann hospital. >> we had four individuals who were standing there, we believe that someone came east from this location and started firing. one shooter, maybe two. >> philadelphia homicide captain, james clark, says the men shot are all in their mid 20's to early 30's. investigators have not yet released what prompted the shooting, but believe the victims and suspect likely new one another. this father is thankful, more people weren't hurt. >> the youth are pretty much misguided about the values of life in itself. you know? because it is just like at the end of the day, you know, life is valuable, especially you only get one, so we should make the best of it.
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>> and police say the suspect may have gotten away in a small gray suv. at this point they've not released the names of any of the victims. if you have any information you're urged to contact police immediately. for now outside police headquarters, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you. >> being if a you for the update. in other news the trial of he can i can frein the man accused every murdering pennsylvania troop is her scheduled to begin this morning. the trial will take place at the pike county courthouse in milford, but the jurors will be from chester county. frein, you may recall, is being charged in the 2014 ambush slaying of corporate brian dixon and the wounding of trooper alex douglas. a judge will allow prosecutors to use a videotaped confession by frein. he could face the death penalty if convicted. frein has pleaded not guilty. the man accused in a sniper style shooting in northern liberties will be in court today. bullets just missed an woman getting into her car at the dalilia gentleman's club last monday. swat team shutdown parts of the neighborhood during intense search.
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police later arrested 29 year old laurence mitchell in camden county, new jersey. he is expected to be extradited to philadelphia. >> a new jersey teenager facing up to 15 years in prison after authorities say he plot today kill pope francis during his trip to philadelphia in 2015. prosecutors say the 17 year old from lindenwold pleaded guilty as an adult to attempt to go provide material support to terrorists, according to authority, the plot involved using a snipe tear shoot the pope during a mass, as well as some explosive devices. that plot was foiled when authority say the teen tried to recruit an fbi employee as the sniper. >> police say no people or animals were hurt when flames consumed a barn fire in bucks county. chopper three captured this fire on the 200 block of smith school road. that's in bed minister township, last night t broke out sometime between 8:30 and burned for more than two hours. fire officials say the barn was loaded with hey. at this point it is in the clear yet what caused the flames. >> well this morning authorities have identified a russian man as the suspect in a deadly bomb blast on a
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russian subway. the explosion tore through a subway train under st. petersberg yesterday killing 11 people and wounding 40 more. so far there has still been no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack, which came as president putin was visiting that city. >> the former president every mexico is making a stop at villanova university. fox is in town to speak at a world affairs council of philadelphia event later tonight. the outspoken former lead is her expected to discuss the future of us-mexico relations, immigration, trade, decades "war on drugs," event begins with a panel discussion at 4:00 and a discussion with fox start at 6:00. >> men's college beast cut ball has new national champion in a game you saw right here on cbs-3. >> there was huge party at chapel hill, north carolina. that would be the huge party, fans partied on the campus of the university of north
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carolina as soon as the final horn sounded, the party then continued on famous franklin street just off the campus, fans apparently delerious with excitement. >> we came up from charlotte. all every us went it carolina it means the world to us. we new they were the better team. but oh, man, fantastic. >> it is amazing. go heals. >> i don't even know what he just said, but apparently he was very excited. fans lit several bonn files despite schools against them. there are no report of arrests or injuries. and it was a wild game with a lot of race to the finish. >> and the place to see it right here on cbs-3, pat gallen here to break down the national championship. good morning, sir. >> as long as you don't burn anything down, i'm good with it, yes, party hard but party right. it wasn't a masterpiece but when it was over north carolina after inning dollars last year's last second lost to villanova. remember this guy? it was his fault.
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nova's chris jenkins who hit the shot that beat the tar heels last year, his brother plays for north carolina. under a minute to go. isiah hicks with a drive and pretty one hand finish gives north carolina a three-point lead. gonzaga had a chance for the tie, but justin jackson's deal sealed the deal. finishes off the bull dose. un c takes home the title 71-65. the heals say they were inspired by last season's lost to the wildcats. >> our assistant coach, coach rob, just said remember that moment. and how we felt last year. and we don't want that again. so we just got to give it our all. that's the moment where we logged in. we went out there and just gave it our all literally. we were able to come out with the win. >> north carolina coach roy williams now has won three national championships tied with bobby knight night and jim calhoun, and behind only eight off coach k and ucla
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legend john woodenmat pretty good company. also north carolina's third championship since 2005. guys, i'll be back in just a few minutes getting caught up on the rest of the worlds of sports including the philly's home opener. >> yes. >> talk about dynasty. >> un c is definitely a dynasty, very good team, yes. >> thank you, sir. >> we're reviving the repeal. plan to get rid of obamacare may be in the works. >> more than a week after the president said he was giving up on repealing obamacare. the late night meeting vice president mike pence had to get a deal made. how soon it may be voted on. >> and a big fire destroys a food processing building in california overnight. the one thing inside that firefighters say was fueli the fire. we'll be right back.
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♪ >> welcome back everyone, the white house could unveil revised gop healthcare bill as early as today. vice president mike pence met with moderate and conservative republicans in washington yesterday, just ten days ago, house speaker paul ryan was forced to cancel a vote on the hell care bill backed by president trump. the house freedom caucus has been blamed for derailing the vote. the caucus felt the first draft of the bill didn't do enough to repeal the policies of obamacare. >> we're encouraged by at least the idea, intreagued by
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the idea, but certainly need a whole lot more information before we can take any action, either in support or in opposition. >> now the white house hopes revised bill can be voted on by the ends of the week before congress breaks for spring recess. >> meanwhile, in the senate, it promises to be a dramatic showdown when the confirmation vote for supreme court nominee, kneel gorsuch, happens this friday. senate democrats now have enough votes to stage a filibuster. delaware senator chris coons cast crucial 41st vote against gorsuch. senate republic cause are using nuclear option, means he will be confirmed with just those votes. >> president trump signed measure that could potentially allow internet provide tears sell your information without your permission. the bill was signed into law yesterday overturning obama era privacy protection designed to give consumers greater control over how internet providers share information.
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though the rules have not gone into effect just yet, critics argue that the rule would have styled innovation and picked winners and losers among internet companies. >> well, out west more than 100 firefighters responded to this massive blaze out in southern california. it broke out last night, at a los angeles food processing plant. authorities say at one point the inferno being fueled by broken gas line. not making matters worse, firefighters had to evacuate the structure as the roof threatened to collapse. fortunately, no one was injured. the exact cause of the blaze remains under investigation. >> well, home security video shows the high winds from tornado that torah huge hole in the side after home in virginia beach. the homeowners say they don't think it could have turned out much worse. all over this virginia beach neighborhood are piles every debris from damaged homes, the mango family says they could not believe it when they saw the storm in the surveillance cameras. mom jennifer says the ordeal was terrifying. >> wind pushed me in my back, and the glass shattered, then i knelt down, and i got behind
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recline nerve my room. the tv went, the night stand went, the dresser went, everything flying out the room. and i thought that the chair was going to be next. and i said: it is my time. >> i thought i was going to die. >> what a scary thought. by the time jennifer escaped, the roof of her house was completely gone. but, at least some good news here, jennifer's husband and children are all okay. >> you can replace things, you can't replace people. >> that's exactly right. >> keep that in mind. so katie that's part of the same system that has moved through, it is moving through? >> so there is little confusion when it comes to. that will actually dealing with a warm and cold front duo, that's moving through. has that a mid a cyclone, in short, big storm in our part of the world. so what we end up with is still some lingering showers, sitting between those front right now. so it is very warm, but very damp, and that can lead to more instability to get some more showers and storms going. but when you look at this really big picture, guys, yes, talking about virginia beach. you can see how the bull you can of the first front is now pushing out to sea.
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soap, not totally out of the woods yet. but we did have some very heavy rain. that has already departed. so, if anything is on our side with this, it is the timing of the first batch of the heaviest rain, the rest of the day it is all very scattered showers. eventually couple every thunderstorms into the afternoon, but heavy rain pretty much moved on into new england, more of their concern for their morning drive. now we got it talk about thursday. so we jump ahead two days here. we actually have a severe weather threat. i will almost guarantee that this will be will change and more of in terms of the coverage as the days progress here, they tends to, as the picture becomes clearer. the storm prediction center will issue their final thoughts into thursday morning but for now looking all the way to thursday, we will sit in at least a marginal risk or slight risk through southern new jersey and most every delaware for some enhanced storms, in other words, potential for severe weather. i think gusty winds, downpours, likely the biggest concerns with that. thomas we back it up one day, actually looks great. nice clear sky. little breezy granted between
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storms. but that will be a break to start to dry out. but, don't blink. you'll miss it, already about this same time in fact on thursday, that next rounds every rain is coming in, so again, warm colds front duo. warmfront first, cold front as the day goes on, and this storm will be intensifying, a lot of heavy rain will soak our area into thursday afternoon. it looks like. and again there could be some stronger thunderstorms embedded within that, this is storm actually going to knock us back to little bit closer it reality. today's very, very mild. 74 degrees, not bad trade off for couple of scatter showers or thunderstorms. sixty-eight in the sunshine tomorrow. that is good day it get outside. by thursday, the strong storms are back in action, and we're cooling back down to the mid 50's at best for friday and saturday. and it looks right now, meisha, like opening day for the phillies might feature couple of light left over showers. >> of course it will. all right, katie, thank you. yes, good news, talking about 74 degrees werth. the knot so good news, is that we're dealing with very wet roadways. it is causing some, we've been talking about this one, the
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accident 95 south approaching cottman, the one area that we probably do not want to see that is where we've got it with a jackknife tractor-trailer. we are also hearing now that there is still fuel on the roadway, and crews will have to go out there, of course, and clean it up. when they do that, it sounds like it will be sometime fairly soon, they're blocking all lanes, all lanes, will be block here, so right now, you're squeezing by in the far two lanes, you can see the left lane, all of the flashing light, girl you gaper delay, enough congestion to cause significant slow downs, i'll let you know as soon as we hear when they're actually going to be out there. but right now, just know that i would get out there, or you're going to have to wait until the clean up crews leave with that fuel spill. so, heads up. they'll be blocking all lanes there. just quick back up shot. you guys take a look at this, take a look at this. this is a mess. this is exactly what we do not want to see on 95 pushing in the southbound direction and it is all because of the accident jackknife tractor-trailer. so heads up. even if you head out there
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now, do you have factor in extra half hour at minimum, at minimum, as you squeeze by, rahel, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. now for look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> on the cover of the intelligencer, milford man will spend most of the time in a prison cell. nicholas aaron while i sentenced monday after pleadings guilty in the shooting death of his son two year old benjamin smith. prosecutors accused while i of causing the boy's death by neglectly leaving a loaded weapon unlocked where benjamin could finds it. >> the reading eagle aclu of pennsylvania announce monday that they filed legal motion to defend the boyertown school district practice of allowing student don't use rest rooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identity. the district is facing a federal lawsuit. >> from the burlington county times as part of autism awareness month, teachers at school in mt. holly set up classroom to give student greater awareness about those living on the autism spectrum and foster more understanding
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and acceptance. >> understanding and acceptance. good message. >> and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> well, the phillies kick off their season with a win. >> the big moments from their victory over the cincinnati reds. and what they were able to accomplish for the first time since 1938. oh, boy. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back everyone, a lot of people up late last night inch. >> deed not us, but pat's here with the morning sport. >> phillies kicking off the 2017 season it, went well, at least for one game, but 161
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more to go. the 2017 season did kick off for the phillies in cincinnati and right from the start, things just went their way. last year, ceasar hernandez hit first homerun on june 4th. this year about one at bat. hernandez starts the game with a solo shot. the first philly, to leadoff the season with a homer since mule nerve 1938. freddie galvis hit 20 a year ago, and he goes yard, as women. his first comes in the second inning. puts the phils up three-nothing, somebody give new hitting coach a raise. went well. starter jeremy went five inning, allows six hits on the mound, he also got in on the fun with the stick. hellickson smacking a triple right here to knock in a run. phils win four-three, and they'll get day off. and jared eye cough gets the game two start tomorrow night. tonight busy night in local sport. we've got the sixers and brooklyn net in south philly with a 7:00 start. and the sixers only five games remaining this year.
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the flyers, they're on the road in north jersey, against the devils. they were eliminated from playoff contention with a lost on sunday. so guys, phillies, starting offer the season well, sixers with a kim every games left. >> it was my suit. >> it was your suit. >> katie, i just heard katie laugh. >> i did not. >> did you snucker? >> snucker. >> a lot of people liked that suit. >> they did. flocking to retailers where ever they can buy that. >> so patty know it was just one game, but is that an indication of things to comfort fillies. >> long, long season. >> i'm not wearing that suit every day. thank you, pat trish. well, delivery driver making a drop off leaves with a little more than just your usual tip. >> the bold thing that guy was caught on camera doing right after dropping off some groceries, and president trump's supreme court nominee is up for a vote before the full senate very soon. the show-down that is just a few days away. katie? >> and jim, as we look ever closer to the upcoming weekend right now, i think it is looking pretty promisingment still on the cool side saturday, i think we'll see
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mix of sun and clouds, each day getting brighter. so sunday looks absolutely beautiful. looks like it may ends up being a repeat of the past sunday. who wouldn't want that? stay there, we'll come right back to talk about two separate storms affecting our
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good tuesday morning. katie will let us know if there is more rain ahead in our forecast in just a few month. i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> i wasn't about to miss a big storm system. >> the heaviest rain has thankfully since moved through. but notice, we're far from done, with this storm. >> minute ago we learned that a third person has died after a birrage of bullet rained down on a north philadelphia apartment complex. >> the shooting happened just steps from a school with children inside. >> intelligence sources now say they know who is responsible for a deadly subway blast in st. petersberg, russia. the attack yesterday killed 11 people, and injured 45 other. >> it could have killed me. >> a scary moment for a driver after a rock shatters her windshield on the pennsylvania turnpike. state police are looking for two


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