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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  April 4, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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if you have a question about whether refinancing is right for you, ask me. sincerely, robert kennedy, fellow grad and fellow citizen. call... to refi now. >> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> warm with storms. we're tracking the chance of rain and thunder this noon, as temperatures soar into the 70s. we are expecting april showers and storms. good afternoon, i'm rahel donov. right to meteorologist, katie fehlinger in the cbs-3 weath rain will arrive. katie? >> we already had as you know real soaking rounds e overnight, left behind damp roadways, still lingering showers, even through the morning drive. but even though there are still some chances for us to
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see some showers or storms the rest of the day, it looks really scattered. if you have outdoor plans, i would actually keep them. keep an eye to the sky. here's y as we take just a look here first, at what the rest of the day has in store, everything that's still out there is going to be in a very spotty, pop up variety, but, there will very likely be thunder and lightning accompanying the storms because we have cold front passage. that will lead to more instability. tomorrow we catch break between systems, more sunshine in store, but another storm is already here on thursday, we're going to have much more on that a little later in the broadcast, but for now just headed out the door for the afternoon, here's what you face. frankly not heck of a lot. will there likely still be showers or storms to dodge the rest of the day? i think so. but they're very, very scattered. so, if you don't see one raindrop the rest of the day, i wouldn't be shocked by that. but also don't be shocked if you run into maybe a brief but locally heavy downpour along the way, too, with the storms rumbling through in very scatter fashion. low 70s already in wilmington, dover, ac, millville, so very,
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very mild air in place. that's part of the reason we'll have the instability to work w for the rest of the day we have some sun peaking through the clouds right now, in some spots, but again, despite the warmth, there is some wet wet their waits in the wings, even more so later in the week. so as i mention coming up we will track the next storm, loose like it will have little more u m.p.h. than this current one does. >> in other news today authority say they have the man that's behind the shoot that shutdown part of i-95 in spring garden street last week. "eyewitness news" reporter alicia live at the courthouse in camden county new jersey with more on today's development. >> jim, the man suspected of cause that sniper situation in northern liberty had a court appearance here in camden county court. his appearance though wasn't in connection to that shooting. it was, though, a way to clear his extradited to philadelphia and face charges in the northern liberties case. >> he's the suspected shooter philadelphia police believe is responsible for last week's
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sniper situation in northern liberties. today 29 year old laurence mitchell was in camden county court facing charges, only for being arrested with a magazine of large capacity ammunition, the kind used for assault rifle. and ammunition that prosecutors in camden county court say could be connected to charges should soon face in philadelphia. >> large capacity magazine that was recovered is my understanding alleged to be the same one that was used in that attempted murder. >> the hearing here clears the way for mitchell to now be extradited to philadelphia where police do expect the charge him with attempted homicide. from the fifth floor of the unfinished apartment building along spring garden in northern liberties, mitchell allegedly shot a car from more than a football field away. a woman associated with the dalilia gentleman's club was getting into that car and the bullet missed her by a few inches. and after his initial appearance, laurence mitchell had a brief extradition hearing where he signed a
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waiver voluntarily that will allow philadelphia police to pick him up at any time. take him over to philadelphia, and charge him in the northern liberties kay. we spoke to philadelphia police and they say they plan to do that immediately. reporting live in camden, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." okay, alicia, thank you. and the trial of eric frein the man accused of murdering a pennsylvania state troop is her scheduled to begin today. the trial will take place at the pike county courthouse in milford, but the jersey actually from chester county. frein charged in the 2014 ambush death of corporal brian dixon and the wounding of trooper alex douglas. the judge ruled he will allow prosecutors to use a videotaped confession by frein, if convicted co-face death penalty, frein has pleaded not guilty. >> a new jersey teenager facing up to 15 years in prison after authorities say he plotted to kill pope francis, during his trip to philadelphia in 2015. prosecutors say the 17 year old from lindenwald pleaded guilty as an adult to attempting to provide material support to terrorists, according to authorities the plot involved using a sniper
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to shoot the pope during a mass, as well as explosive devices. the plot foiled when authorities say the teen tried to recruit an fbi employee as part of the sniper. >> third person died after a shooting in a north philadelphia apartment complex. the violence erupt in the broad daylight on the corner of 11th and west nile street. authorities say almost two dozen gunshots were fired, right across the street, from saint malkey school which was place in the lockdown. police say the brazen act may have been prompted by a neighborhood rivalry. >> it is unfortunate, because we anticipate the things like this will lead to retalatory violence, and obviously we have to be prepared for that. >> the police commissioner called the shooting callous, and asked for the public's help for information on the case. the fourth victim remains in the hospital. and it was at last checklist in the critical condition. a disturbing story out of syria today. apparent chemical attack has killed dozen of people and injured hundreds more. we want to warn you, some of the video you're about to see is graphic.
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medical experts say the video certainly is suggesting some kind of chemical agent was used against civilians, including children. this area is a strong hold for syrian rebel groups, has been pounded by the syrian regime and russian air strikes, russia's defense ministry denies its planes carried out the attack. the very latest on "eyewitness news" today at 5:00. russian authorities say a 22 year old suicide bomber behind deadly blast in st. petersberg subway. no immediate claim of responsibility, while president vladmeere putin was visiting the city. fourteen people killed. forty-nine hospitalized. hours after the blast police found and diffused a shrapnel pack explosive device at another train station in the city. the country is now observing three day mered of mourning to remember the victim. the trump administration is denying a report that the brother of a cabinet member arranged secret meeting in order to establish communication between president trump and russian president vladmeere putin. craig boswell has more from
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the white house. >> a trump campaign donor and education secretary, betsy devos' brother allegedly melt with close associate of russian president vladmeere putin nine days before president trump took office. that's according to the washington post, which reports that principal's aim back channel every communication between president's trump and putin. united air em rid reportedly arranged the meeting which took place in the island. fbi and two congressional committees, see if they coordinated with russia to interfere in the u.s. presidential election. >> the bottom line is if there were any contact between the trump campaign and the russian intelligence service that is were inapropriate. i want to find out about it and i want the whole world to know about it. >> the white house says it isn't aware of any meetings and the focus needs to be about finding who is leaking classified information. >> there is a trouble direction some of this is going in. >> cbs news has confirmed susan rice, president obama's national security advisor, asked for names of the trump team to be revealed after
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seeing them reference in intelligence brief. us civilian identities are normally concealed. >> some transmission member was surveyed after the election, and unfairly mask, i want to get to the bottom that far. >> rice had the authority, but sources deny she wanted the names distributed throughout the intelligence community as the trump campaign explains. cbs news the white house. >> the showdown continues today on the senate floor as republicans and democrats debate president trump's pick for the supreme court. senate democrats now have enough votes to filibuster judge kneel gorsuch's elevation to the high court. delaware senator chris coons became the rush al 41st member for the vote against gorsuch. senate republicans say they'll use the so-called nuclear option friday to change senate rules. that will means gorsuch will likely be confirmed with just 51 republican vote. people in philadelphia are commemorating the assassination of doctor martin luther king, jr. he was assassinate in the memphis, tennessee, 49 years
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ago today. >> this morning group walked across the ben franklin bridge to remember dr. king. reference david brown says it is a day to promote peace throughout the sit. >> i actually good time to kind of connect with other people, all of the neighbors in philadelphia, and given some of the polarizing times which we live it, gives us opportunity to really to renew our equipment to work for peace in our neighborhoods. >> and the annual bridge walk for peace is the longest running commemoration of the assassination of doctor martin luther king, jr., today also marks the 50th anniversary of dr. king's famous speech beyond viet nam where he denounced america's presence in viet nam. philadelphia mayor jim kenney recognizing volunteers today for their positive impact on the community. the event at city hall this morning, sort of the fifth annual mayors day of service recognition. that's the day shared by cities across the count troy honor the work of non-profit and national service work, hope to inspire more philadelphians to serve their communities. >> so do you like free stuff? who doesn't? >> coming up, what he didn't
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purchase you may be missing, how to score free movies, books, even discount deeper. >> we'll show you something that one motorcyclist certainly didn't see coming. when we come back.
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>> caught on camera, a motorcyclist, avoided serious injury after riding into a flying mattress, the mattress fell from the trail or of a four wheel drive and the motorcyclist told local media outlets he was riding close to 50 miles per hour, apparently
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able to drive over the mattress to avoid being thrown from his bike. >> i thought that only happened on the schuylkill. >> in sports, men's college basketball has new national champion, you saw it here on cbs-3,. >> of course huge party in chapel hill, north carolina. >> tar hill fans partied on the campus of the university of north carolina as soon as the final horn sounded. the party continued on famous franklin street, that's just off the campus. the fans were understandably excited by the big win. >> we came up from charlotte. all of us went to carolina it means the world to us. we new they were the better team. but oh, man. just fantastic. >> it is amazing, go heals! >> losing my voice. let's go. >> he sounds like katie today? >> sounds like katie, yes. several fans lit bonfires even though there were rules
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against them no reports of injuries or arrests. >> thank you, rahel. >> everybody enjoying free stuff. >> apparently a lot of people could be missing out on hidden perks they're entitled tonight kenneth craig has the details. >> emily constantineo signed up for amazon prime for one reason. >> honestly for the shipping. >> go p turns out a.m. sign primas lots of other freebies, besides free shipping, that many customers don't know about. >> they have so many other perks that they give up, for music, free books, free movies, all kinds of things. >> also free photo storage, even discount on diapers. >> many people are also not aware of the hidden benefit right on their phone. verizon users can stream the nfl film work, playoff games and the superbowl for free. sprint customers watch the nb a-plus some other networks. at&t has a perk that automatically plugs you into free wifi at any affiliated hot spots, like starbucks,
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mcdonald's and barnes and noble. and t-mobile users can stream as much music as they wish. >> many credit cards come with extra benefits, like cash back, rental car insurance, annex tended warranties on certain products. triple a members can more than just travel perks. >> you think of triple a discount for hotels, for rental cars, but a lot of times you don't think of it as going to a restaurant in the area, or going to a store and actually getting 15, 20% off. so it is a very nice perk. >> finding these benefits, just takes a little research. >> really need to do your homework and recognize that there may be other opportunity for to you take advantage of. >> opportunities that could lead to some freebies. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. >> coming up a day at the zoo becomes one that a certain visitor will never forget. >> still ahead why a grandmother probably wishes she wasn't standing so close to that monkey. katie? >> i laughed so hard when i saw that video.
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you have to stay tuned. all right, so, we look ahead to the upcoming weekends, i think we'll see gradual improvement. still on the cool side by the time we hit saturday. each day gets brighter and brighter. sunday promises to be repeat of last sunday. beautiful weather ahead. but there is two storms to track. in the meantime, which we'll do on the other side.
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>> cool pictures of solar flares, pictures taken from nasa solar dynamics observatory, it watches the sun 24/7. the photos show three
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mid-level solar flares taking place sunday and monday, now, solar flares according to the experts, not me, are powerful bursts of radiation when intense enough can interrupt gps and communication signs on earth, radiation does not affect people. i just thought it was done with verizon and comcast, but it is beyond their control. >> can always blame the cable company, right? >> so katie just the messenger here, but a lot of people on our live feed not happy about this rain. i'm just going to -- >> i know you fall into the category, though. but i actually do promise you some nice weather along the way here not talking about major wash out today as we mentioned earlier i think maybe talking a couple of spotty showers all that's left of the system. then tomorrow we catch a break. should be real nice day. but new storm emerging thursday there is looks like it will have little more umf to it. one of the shots up in the lehigh valley outside hotel
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bethlehem, where we are looking at main street, certainly grayer picture up this way. but looks dry at the moment. that said, this is also a spot that could still see residual shower or thunderstorm before said and done today. again, we just reiterate, anything left out there will be very, very spotty. meanwhile, let's talk averages. where do we normally top off on day like this? the average high today, 60. we are already exceeding that in many locations. average hi, 70, may fourth, probably going to exceed that, too. in many locations, as well, by june up to 80. doesn't that sound so nice? we keep the above average condition for couple of days here. even despite, two separate systems moving in, it is later in the week that we are delta dose of cooler weather reality. for now, we look at the wide zoom on storm scan, we in the really the bulk of moisture pretty much removed from the region, still heavy due to the storm system. we just won't get in on any major storms out of it, but this is the storm that if you recall from the last few days, is responsible for multiple
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severe weather reports, and also even some deaths reported due to the tornado activity in the south. next storm system starting to get its act together, emerging from the rockies, this will turn into another very significant storm so the point by thursday we actually sit in part in a severe weather threat. so the bull's eye likely to be virginia and eastern north carolina but locally here, at least the southern half of our region has a modest chance to see severe weather potential. i think we would be talking gusty winds and very heavy rainout of this, when you look at future weather, that tells the story well. now, i'm jumping you all the way to 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. so nice bright sunshine between systems obviously, late their night, and specially thursday morning that the rain begins to move back n see pockets of heavy rain thursday morning, but really the heaviest into the afternoon when we likely ends up with the best potential to see the stronger thunderstorms. but notice, a lot of coal air wrapping around this, guys, you will end up seeing some
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snowfall across the midwest possibly behind it even into western pa. not here. but it is going to turn chillier, come friday, see in the seven day. for now out wide we go to one more camera. look how brought and beautiful middle township cape may courthouse, bright blue sky, couple of whispy clouds, that's it. some of you may not actually end up with any more wet weather for the rest of the day, still possible, with that said, throughout, the winds begin to pick up as this storm continues its trek across the region. looking forward in the eyewitness weather seven day, i got new the upper 60s tomorrow. break between systems of sunshine, yes, sign me up, looks like great day. thursday though i would keep the umbrella handiment again the storms could be locally strong, lingering showers likely friday. that's the philly's home opener day of course. we either get awesome weather or terrible weather. i feel like this is the story of inbetween for friday, little cooler than average, couple of stray showers, nothing more than that. but i can't promise gorgeous weather right now on a friday.
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>> okay. making no promises, katie, thank you. >> massive diamond known as the pink star diamond has sold forget this $71.2 million at an auction in hong kong, making it the most expensive gem stone in the world. says the diamond sold to a client, weighing nearly zero six karats there is isn't the first time sotheby's has tried to sell it. it sold for $83 million. but the buyers defaulted on the deal. >> i couldn't find my cell phone today. did you call in a bid? >> would you mind, it depends. >> 70 million? that's a little bit over my budget. >> won powerball and went and called in a bid. >> with a coupon maybe? >> unexpected and we mean unexpected surprise at the zoo. >> but very funny, unexpected but funny.
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>> zoo in michigan is considering raising the barriers on the monkey enclosure. >> probably a good idea, after a visitor took a direct hit from one of the monkeys. posted on face bye-bye an employee in the grand rapids zoo. the monkey known for flinging his poo, and hit a poor grand no, ma'am sitting in the observation area. doesn't she look mortified? apparently she okay, but, apparently somebody in the crowd screamed it got grand ma. it was like he was gearing up, too. >> that's what happens when you go to the zoo sometimes. and that's "eyewitness news" at noon, on that note, enjoy your lunch. i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon, for all of us here, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00.
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>> sharon: what is that? >> nick: throwing a bachelorette party tonight. >> sharon: for chloe? >> nick: she's the only bride i know. >> sharon: when you called and you asked me to come over, you said things have changed. i assumed that you'd found evidence that chloe was guilty. now you're throwing her a party? >> nick: yeah. >> sharon: what'd you find out from paul? >> nick: nothing new. >> sharon: did you tell him about your suspicions? >> nick: well, i kept chloe's name out of it. i asked paul what it would take to reopen the case. he said it would have to be something concrete. >> sharon: and now you're throwing her a bachelorette party? i don't get it. what are you hoping to accomplish? >> nick: at some point tonight, i'm gonna get chloe to confess. i need your help to do it. >> chloe: so, uh m


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