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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  April 4, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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. tonight, mel b black mailed at the hands of her husband? her shocking claims of sexual extortion and emotional terror. then, j. lo's red hot touch. why a-rod's stock is rising just because of his girlfriend. then justin theroux keeping his marriage to jenster anis on hot. plus his plan to keep them working together. >> harder than you might think. >> then. >> oh! >> how amy schumer got goldie hawn to come back to the big screen. >> am i going to be funny anymore? >> our exclusive with the comedy duo. >> perfect. >> now, for april 4th, 2017,
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this is entertainment tonight tonight. americaamerica's got tlenltd judge mel is hiding no more. she claims yes, her husband caused it. >> that's what she's alleging. this came to light in a retaining order she filed. plus she describes the abuse in detail. >> she claims it follows a pattern. at the height of her career, he would "beat me down to let me know he was in charge. yoits she included photos as evidence, this photo with a badge on his face vrmt her timeline of alleged physical abuse in this just-filed restraining order dates back toss 2007, the day of her finale on "dancing with the stars," she claims stefan began choking her and slammed her on the floor. in july of 2012, as a judge on
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the australia "x-factor" she said he went into a jealous rage. she claims belafonte punched her and split her lip. nor abuse claims the following month. in august of 2012 she was part of the spice girls' performance. the next day she said he punched her in the face with a closed fist. she posted this photo of an injury and claims she fell while running in heels. in the filing mel aledges belafonte got their nanny pregnant. we reached out to belafonte who did not respond. he told a paparazzi he felt like he was being set up. >> everybody wish my beautiful daughter a happy birthday. on sunday he insta gramd this up beat video with his stepdaughter
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and daughter. mel is focussing on work. she walked did red carpet for america's got talent seven days after reports. she had the support of her fellow judges. >> she's what we call a trooper, you know. she's holding up. very difficult. i've spoken to her, but i'm impressed with hish. >> we're family. we take care of each other. >> having that kind of unconditional sporp i'm sure means the world to her. mel b is focused on her life but america's got talent returns. >> jennifer lopes and a-rod went on a date to a steakhouse in little rock, arkansas. j. lo was dressed in a more conservative business look. nothing like that screaming red hot number she wore yesterday. her effect on her boyfriend? well, that's red hot, too. ♪ >> oh, but this outfit does.
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j. lo's raishing crop top is pricey, especially when paired with a beige cristian louboutin fur. we're told 24 flashy here i am getup was for a business meeting yesterday. a rods is bringing his lady along to up his brand. >> hello. you're bad enough, aren't you? >> it wouldn't be such a bad idea when j. lo seems to have a glow when it comes to beefing up a profile. >> she's one of the smartest girls i've met. >> in their nearly five years together, he went to being a choreographer. a-rod is famous in his own right. let's say the former yankee's reputation has been tarnished. >> tom brady, roger federer.
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alex rodriguez. >> [ bleep ] that guy. >> whether j. lo is a-rod's secret weapon or not, expect to see more a-rod. they're packing in time together. >> it's obvious. we've been having a great time. >> sounds like it's already working but if j-rod need help, look no further than jennifer aniston and justin theroux. there were a few surprise visits down under. they keep their long distance marriage hot. >> facetime and getting back wherever i could. i was missing summer in los angeles and new york, so i wanted to come back to those plays whenever i could. >> justin says with the series ending, he's going to focus on his writing. you may not know he was a screenwriter with films like drop drop, rock of ages, and ironman ii on his reds may.
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would he wrid a crypt for jen? >> if the right script came around, definitely. it's got to be something i want to write and something she wants to act. it would be fantastic. >> would he steer clear of writing any steamy love scenes for his wife? >> enter a single woman. not going to handle it. >> he had some injuries while shooting the hbo series. he's a survivor in a world where the population has vanished. >> it's not a fun show. they torture me. it's not a gratifying show. there are times when you're extremely unkmucomfortable. >> still trying to fick out where that broken nose came from. hospital visits are nothing new to the cast of "dancing with the
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stars." is the steamy gossip just that? that's what we wanted to snow as sharna burgess shared with us. >> what is your strategy to win? >> take it as it comes. with bono my strategy is have him improve as much as we can each week. my goal for him is to have him moving better with injuries. >> sharnee admitted it took a bit of a hit last night. ♪ all we got >> i did not expect this so early in the season. it was a huge curveball. >> you didn't do that well. i think you can do more. did that feel unfair to have that thrown at you? >> it did. he wakes up with pain. he dances with pain, he goes to sleep request pain.
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>> expect that spl something more happening to these two off the dance floor. >> dancing isn't just dancing. everyone wants that chemistry to be maybe romantic or something else. wear not necessarily trying to play into it but we have fun together and have a great time. i gez we look good together. so the story line goes a certain way. >> and if that tonight work, sharnee has a secret weapon ready to go. >> i'm not really one for going shirt whistles all the time or being overly sexy with the cost tombed. he has such a gorgeous body, i know everyone's waiting for me to rip that shirt open. >> it's going to come. >> if you want it, you have to vote. >> that's a way to get the vote. they squeeze out a narrow victory last night. we learned another interesting tidbit about blake and gwen's
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romance. >> you took a song that's onmy make-out play list. eeew. >> that's cute, gwen. >> i told you i knew that song. >> now we know the song gwen ajtds blake smooch to. it leaves johnny gates on the brink of elimination. he sat down with us for a facebook live chat and took questions from fans. >> suzann says johnny you're so talented. are you single? >> oh, man. well seasoned. >> the women love you. >> actually single at the moment. i've been focused on the music right now. suzann, feel free to add me on facebook. >> here's something you might not know johnny. he and blake go way back. well, sort of. >> i lived in nashville for years. we were on the same record label. i somehow ended up next to blake
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in a picture. i've got a photo of blake with his arm wrapped around me. i need to somehow get that toto blake. >> i think gwen can help you out. >> if i could text it to her. >> do you have gwen's number? >> not yet, but i need to work on that. >> don't tell blake. >> keep it to yourself. >> and the heart attack that nearly killed him. >> i was on the ground dead. >> and the brides made scene that never made the movie. plus why is zac efron shirtless while riding a camera? >> and how amy schumer ykeep you that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing...
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. we're in this gym trying to get through this workout. let's go, athletes! >> fwob is famous for pushing people to their limits. bob's heart attack scare. >> i had what they called a widow maker.
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and it was a six percent survival rate. the fact that there were are doctors in the gym when i had the heart attack saved my life. i was in full cardiac arrest. my heart stopped. not to be dramatic, but i was dead. i was on that ground dead. >> he's sharing his recovery on social media and told "today's" savannah guthrie his mother died of a heart attack. >> it's so important to know your health. i'm going to appreciate every single day that i'm here. i get so emotional talking about it because i haven't talked about it. >> next, beyonce released a beautiful anniversary present to jay-z and her fans today. >>. ♪ if i quantity be with you. ♪ >> she revealed touching scenes
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of her child. >>. ♪ die with you >> snippets of the song had almost 28.5 million views. >> also, enzac efron is exploring the dubai desert from the back of a camel. he looked extremely buff even though he told kevin he was lightening up. >> i'm in shape. >> so you're telling me you let it go. >> i didn't let it go i maintain fitness. >> it looks like it. >> sure does. >> zac efron is a spoke for hugo boss. >> he's the sexiest thing ever. >> goldie hawn on her movie set with amy schumer. >> don't you like kate hudson's butt sparkling in front of you? >> and --
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>> tonight i love you guys so much. >> how jimmy fallon is making snl history. . jiervegs before we hit the beach, i've got to hit the loo.
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>> who's planning the excursion that you would take while you had time-out. >> we both kind of did. should we get a boat? >> katie was coming out -- >> i was trying to impress her but she's like a mermaid. >> kate hudson's butt sparkling in front of you and it's kind of like -- i know i don't look like that. we've got to talk -- >> they get along so well you'd think they were related, seriously. amy looked as if she could be kate's sister. listen to goldie play the proud nama. >> it was my, me, and my two daughters. >> aww. >> she did some major bonding on the set of "snatched" playing with mother-daughter duo. >> we've got to get out of here. >> ok.
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>> it's goldie's first comedy in 14 years. >> the last one she starred with susan sarandon. >> i mean, i want you to be in a movie with me. she said ok, hundred any. >> you went 14 years? this is clearly the right one to come back in. >> not by choice. >> acm i done? is it time to go back? i don't know. i met amy, really. that's what happened. >> we had unbelievable friendship. >> perfect dad. >> perfect. >> i'll go there. >> i mean, can we just tag along on the next girl's getaway. how fun would that be? >> i'm in. i mean, real deal.
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>> and jimmy fallon gave us a behind the scenes sneak peek. >> what's your favorite part? >> my wife and kids are in it. looks like they're really there. it's cute. so good, so fun. >> it is it's inspired by his celebrity segment. but on steroids. >> i have underbosses a couple of times. people are clang and laughing and hooting and hollering. one of the ugliest girls ever. >> a lot of jimmy's regs have cameos like sara. >> you arrive with this puppy and he's a man dressedlike a girl. >> singing to those in line. >> are tra-la-la-la.
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>> #. you got to watch. >>. ♪ i got a brand-new ride. >> it was designed. >> come on, hey! i'm driving here! >> have your kids been on it? >> three and two might be young. they're coming wednesday. my mom and dad are coming wednesday. lord help me. >> help me, too. >> oh, my gosh. >> as jimmy survives the family visit he'll be hosting saturday night live for the third time. for the first time the show will be live from coast to coast. >> if i'm in new york city and you're in los angeles, they're both live. >> first dime in the history of the show. >> the whole show is a sham honestly. saturday night live has never been live. le. >> we asked if justin timberlake has been on the ride. he said no.
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at least it's been blessed by one. and the return of "prison break" coming back tonight after almost eight years after the air. >> brother. >> we find out that michael is alive, not necessarily well. when the story picks up, he is in prison in yemen. >> "e.t." was on the vancouver set where part of the series was shot. according to 34i8er, his resurrection is full of turns. >> he's done some things. his hands are filthy at this point. can t he still consider haim hiro? >> of course, a big part of the original series was seeing him shirtless and all attatted up. >> it's on my hands and lower arms. took 457 minutes a day. >> inspired david beckham to get tattoos. >> oh, really?
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>> as for beckham and his tats they were on display at dodger stadium yesterday. >> dodgers won. >> yeah. >> speaking of quinning, mama zwrun it. she is so skinny now she's almost unrecognizable. >> mara sitting down with mama june to get the details. >> what do you weigh today? >> mama june reveals her surgery scars and a surprising toll herb body transformation took on her meantly. why she doesn't wouldn't to ditch junk food. >> i'm not eating salads every day. >> tomorrow on "e.t." >> do i have to indicate a day? i got question. >> you do. when we return, a story about the movie bridesmaids.
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. all right. how many times have you seen "bridesmaids". >> about a hundred. >> all right. well listen to this. paul rud was cast in the movie but got cut out. >> crazy, huh? he was cast as a guy who went on a blind date with kristin. but he went crazy. >> the director said it was one of the funniest things he'd ever witnessed but the thing was running long so it was gone.
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"the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one, mel b claims physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her ex. >> there's been rumors that you had an open relationship. >> inside her shocking new restraining order. was she hiding bruises in plain sight? >> not giving up control.
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>> we'll talk about that later after a couple of drinks. dancing says ciao to charo. but will they say good-bye to maks for good? number three, susan sarandon sounds off on her rumored feud with julia roberts. >> the behind-the-scenes of making a movie is always interesting. >> what the stepmom says. the insider bonus. the biggest loser trainer opens up on his nearly fatal heart attack. >> i have what they called a widow maker. >> how he survived. then -- >> this is michael weatherly. >> we'll have your hair standing up straight. >> don't be concerned. it's fashionable. >> now "the insider" tracking hollywood from the inside out. "dancing with the stars" gets its first magic mike moment of the season. it's who does it that may


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