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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 5, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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kate. we are tracking a strong storm, moving into the area with a risk for flooding, severe thunderstorms and wind advisory to tell but as well, i'm going to time out when these storms move in and which commutes could could be impacted. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. it could be you, your family member, out here, and, pay attention, so we can all go home safe. addressing the dangers, speeding, sting operation on the pennsylvania turnpike as officers crackdown on drivers, who are pudding pedal to the metal and zooming through construction zones this operation, stems from a tragic loss, good evening, i'm jessica dean. i'm natasha brown in for ukee washington. only "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden was with pennsylvania state police, today, he joins us live from upper merion, tonight to explain this initiative.
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joe? >> reporter: state police say this is not just about enforcement but also about education. it is nearly three years ago that a pennsylvania turnpike worker was killed out here, because somebody was speeding. mile marker 330.2 on the pennsylvania turnpike, and state troopers lie in wait. >> got one. >> on this busy stretch of roadway a construction crew has taken out the the third lane. speed limit drops from zero seven to 55, traffic still goes by. state police launched what they are calling operation orange squeeze a speeding sting operation. state trooper sitting in a construction vehicle further down highway monitors speed. >> silver minivan from new jersey. >> reporter: chopper three captures a series of traffic stops. routine is repeated over and over. one car was clocked going 82 miles an hour, 27 miles above the posted speed limit. that driver police say is in some trouble. >> active man work zone, fines
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are doubled and upon conviction it is lost of license for 15 days. >> reporter: most common response from a driver who is pulled over, trooper, i had no idea. >> just not paying attention. i have heard today i didn't see signs, didn't realize it. you came westbound on the turnpike there were signs, portable signs, all kind of instruments to let you know that is there a active construction zone. >> reporter: cbs-3 spent an hour and a half with troopers, their campaign, to remind drivers, to slow it down, and pay attention. >> it could be you, your family member out here, and just pay attention, so we can all get home safely. >> reporter: now, operation orange squeeze state police, nabbed 48 drivers, again all of those drivers, if convicted , face double the financial penalties and a 15 day license suspension. live along pennsylvania turnpike in upper merion township joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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>> joe, thanks very much. a big day in berks county, a wednesday, for winners, as reading is celebrating a championship. >> sports director don bell joins us for the party just getting underway. it will be a long night. >> just getting underway. it started at 6:00. it will be a huge one. boys basketball team at reading had never won a state title n fact, last time they played in the championship game was back in 1973. but this season, they made history. nearly two weeks ago they beat pine richland a school just north of pittsburgh and won it all, so they are class 6a champions and today, they celebrate. a live look in downtown reading, the red knights are being honored with a parade. as we just mentioned, this is scheduled to start at 6:00, we will see that basketball team that was really made history, they have a player by the name of lonnie walker, scholarship player, scored 22 points in the championship game and he is heading to miami.
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this is a big time moment for this program that has produced a couple of nba players but has never, as we mentioned, won it all. big time support when they played in hershey, nearly 10,000 people, showing up, and rocking the red. so that is what we are watching right now, as we await, that team to come down, and in reading. >> exciting times there. >> good stuff. >> yes, thanks, don. hard rock unveils big plans for its new hotel and casino in atlantic city. hard rock cafe restaurant hosted a big party at its location inside the former taj mahal casino resort. hard rock purchased the shuttered taj mahal last month and it is under going a 375 million-dollar renovation. the new hotel and casino will feature two separate a reen owes and more than 2,000 slot machines. we have confident in the fact that hard rock will do this the right way and take a property that has a great tradition, in this city, and create an absolutely new tradition, for the people, in
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atlantic city and people who come here. >> the new hard rock hotel and casino is expected to employ 3,000 people, when it opens up in summer 2018. arguments are underway in a pittsburgh appeals court over the legality, over philadelphia's sugary drink tax. that tax, add one and a half cents per ounce to sugary drinks sold in philadelphia. now, the beverage industry claims their drinks are already subject to a state sales tax and as a result, consumers are being hit with a double tax. but the city is argued it is not a sales tax, because it is leveed on distributors, and in the retailers. recent images of death and horror coming out of syria are hitting close to home for one organization in our area they are working to resettle syrian refugees here, and they say that the u.s. should be doing much more to help syria escape their situation at home. >> just remembering the exhaustion, and the fear on their faces. >> reporter: catherine miller- wilson will never forget meeting a syrian family
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of eight in september as they helped them resettle in the philadelphia area as executive director of this hebrew immigrant aid society she has welcomed 80 to 90 syrian families in the past year. >> we went on a day in september when we received 20 refugees in one day. >> reporter: searing images coming out of tuesday's apparent chemical weapons attack that claimed the lives of at least 72 civilians, including 20 children has left her sleepless. >> to think about children dying the way these images have portrayed and to think that there is in relief for them or that there is a possibilities of no relief, it is really enough to kind of not allow to you sleep. >> reporter: in the pennsylvania year non-profit agency has helped resettle 200 refugees, those who have found solace here are shaken by the syrian atrocities, many syrian refugees left not knowing how loved ones left behind have been affect. >> we have already settled a number of syrians and we see
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the vulnerability, the sadness , and trauma that they have suffered and now our clients are terrified for their family that we're stepping home or stepping refugee camps. >> reporter: hias pennsylvania representatives believes the u.s. should do more to welcome syrian refugees in the wake of the latest deadly attack. >> i know we have a resources and capability to give safety. >> well there, will be much more about the situation in syria on tonight's "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. that is coming up at 6:30 right here on cbs-3. in the first full day of testimony in the eric frein trial, state troopers took the stand, describing the chaotic moments after the deadly ambush. frein's accused of murdering a pennsylvania state trooper, and authorities say frein opened fire outside poconos state police barracks in 2014, killing brian dickson and injuring trooper alex douglass prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. a case of animal cruelty in reading, police there are
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looking for the person who doused this cat with the georgia lean and put her in a trash can. sanitation workers rescued the cat now known as miracle macy, after they heard her cries from the back of the garbage truck. well, defining bullying with poetry. students at a school had a special vice from it a survivor hoist an inspiration for millions. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to tell us more bit. >> reporter: it is a inspiration, shayne coysan became an instant celebrity when he performed during 2010 winter limb picks with his poem we are more talking about coping with an overcoming bullying. it quickly went viral. well to day he made a special visit to a bucks county school >> my first dance was a slow dance, with a nun. >> reporter: it might sound funny but it was traumatizing for shayne koyczan who read poetry at valley day school in bucks county where students struggle with emotional and behavioral issues. >> we are living in the world
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constantly telling us to shut off our emotions despite the knack that we're motional creatures. >> reporter: he was overwhelmed, abandoned by his parents and bullied by peers, poetry became his salvation. >> in the end, we will awe all wish we spent our wishes on what mattered. >> reporter: his word of inspiration now ring around the world, his anti bullying video to this day has been viewed more than 20 million times. >> logic can be fun, laughter can also assassinate certain parts of our psyche. >> i sigh bullying all the time. in and out of school. >> reporter: one of the students roman barnes also writes poetry to overcome his history of anger and depression. >> our mover also are really twisted. we all just need some ray of light, you know what i mean. we all need a beacon of hope. >> reporter: finding hope through despair was an important message and respecting people through all of their differences, no matter what. >> the people around you are not objects, they are actual people with the same sort of thoughts, ideas, feelings and
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these need to be considered. so awareness is key. >> reporter: now, shayne is currently touring around the country sharing insights about bullying and he says that hopefully giving strength, and purpose to others. he is really an inspiration. we have a link to the viral video at cbs philly click on health. it is something to say. >> creative way. thanks, stephanie. still to come on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 signs of another time. philadelphia's pennsylvania on display meet the man with a factor neon and reason he wants to shine the light on his collection for all to see. show off your science skills where more than a thousand students converged and what was on the line, is their project turned the right head, kate. and a severe storm out break is underway across the south tonight and this is heading our way, for tomorrow, i'll time out when heaviest rain will fall, which areas have best chance to see severe weather and whether we will finally clear things back out again all coming up in weather
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some of the best and brightest, showed off their independent research project at 69th annual delaware valley science fair. >> "eyewitness news" at philadelphia expo center in phoenixville where more than 1,000 students across the delaware valley, competed for over two million-dollar in scholarship money and other prize today. competition organizers say students are learning vital skills. >> the nice thing about this program is these kid are learning how to think, and as opposed to, a lot of times, the schools, they memorized content to put down on a test paper. >> fifteen students will be chosen to move on to the international science and engineering fair in los angeles. call him the sign savior vintage neon signs that belonged to philadelphia area businesses are back in the window but this time as art. >> kyw jon mcdevitt from kyw news radio introduces us to the artist behind this bright idea.
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>> reporter: old firestone tire building near 32nd and market street has been recently purchased by drexel university, a student center is planned at this site but for now, it houses vintage neon signs, many of them, once hanging in philadelphia area businesses, dating back to the 1950's. twenty-nine signs hang in 19 windows and temporary art exhibition called see the light, as viewed from the sidewalk, and he owns the designs. >> it is not just matter or saving signs but preserving culture that these designs are about and that culture often involves certain food, it involves neighborhood. >> reporter: davidson has collected 150 neon signs, some are various businesses, others in storage, working on getting the entire collection together under one roof one day in a museum like setting. >> i love it. it seems like a cut out of the past, signs are quite cool looking. >> i would recommend anybody who hasn't seen to stop by and take a look i saw these signs. they are interesting. >> it is art, it is history,
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it is satyrical culture. it is something about the neighborhood and it is saying something about he is inspired to be at drexel too idea of being artistic, being informed , about things and taking opportunities. >> reporter: see the light is plugged in, 8:00 a.m. until midnight, the exhibit runs through september, and in university city, john mcdevitt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" and kyw news radio. pretty cool. >> yes. kate bilo joining us now and you are saying, kate, it may be nice now. >> um-hmm. >> but there is a surprise on the way for us tomorrow. >> yes, tomorrow will be pretty much the opposite of what today was. >> yes. >> today sun was shining, bird were chirping. >> beautiful. >> yes, tomorrow will be just pour all day and we have to be alert for strong thunderstorms but today, lets recap it for a moment. drone watch three was out, taking advantage of the booth full day. gorgeous shot of the ben franklin bridge. calm delaware river below as
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patco train cruises high above the water. take this all in, let's breathe for a moment. beautiful day. things have changed a little bit now that we have cloud, moving in, as that system starts to approach from the south, and that same storm that is going to bring us the threat for some strong storms, and heavy rain heading into tomorrow. cloud have begun to proliferate a bit across the area it is mostly cloudy outside right now, and a little bit of gray afternoon and here's the time lapse from leadership academy in philadelphia it starts at 3:00 blue skies, lots of sunshine, very quickly, almost, un noticed these cloud, crept in today, and then now it is pretty gray outside. temperatures still in the mid 60's, so nice and mild outside this afternoon. but this is the problem, this is the system moving in from the west, warm front lift nothing through the overnight and early morning hours followed by a cold front coming through during tomorrow afternoon. it is a fast moving system as far as heavy rain and thunderstorms are concerned but it is packing a big punch. high risk for severe wet's cross portions of the south
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carolina and georgia this afternoon, very strong storms, and tornado watch is in effect right now with a few severe thunderstorm warnings. we had one tornado warning as well, and thinks the same system that will lift north and impact our weather, tonight into tomorrow. so even by 1:00 a.m. we will see that first batch of showers moving through, 5:00 a.m., rain, and thunder, that is what you'll wake up to tomorrow morning and then just keeps coming all day long. now the hope is that the system will, bring rain and showers and stabilize atmosphere enough to mitigate severe threat just a bit. it thinks line that we will much was, developing over virginia, maryland, north caroline, tomorrow morning, that will then lift through tomorrow afternoon and in our region, and biggest threat would be downpours and strong, gusty wind, can't rule out threat for isolated tornado in southern parts of the region and then does start to wind down by six or 7:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. so your storm threats, downpours, a big threat, strong, gusty wind, lightening a moderate risk for hail and a risk for tornadoes mainly off to the south. it does not look like a major threat to the philadelphia
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metro, southern delaware and south jersey, in a slight risk but through portions of virginia, north caroline, late morning tomorrow. now we are in a flood watch, all of our major models forecasting over an inch of rain across the area, depending on where you, some are higher then others. it depend where heavier storms set up and wind advice rid for shore points and southern delaware, wind gusting to 45 miles an hour, through the day tomorrow. so, it is a windy, wet, and stormy day, again that threat for severe weather being the wild card and especially through the midday and mid afternoon hours. it looks like the war of it 5:00 a.m. through about 5:00 p.m. on and off all day tomorrow and then friday it is cloudy, cold, couple of spotty showers for the phillies home opener, doesn't look like a wash out but it will be chilly , saturday improves, slightly below average, normal high is 60 but then we will kick off a major warm upstart ing sunday back to 65 and into the 70's we will go next week and we will break out of the storm every three days kind of pattern and next
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week looks great. we have to get through tomorrow. >> turning the corner. >> thanks very much, katy don 's back with more sports. >> talking pro hoops, sixers head coach brett brown keeps it real. unreal night for st. louis cardinal, trifecta that no player wants, sports coming up mait's a series ofar is nosmart choices. like using glucerna to replace one meal or snack a day. glucerna products have up to 15 grams of protein to help manage hunger and carbsteady, unique blends of slow release carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes. every meal every craving. it's the choices you make when managing blood sugar that are the real victories. glucerna. everyday progress.
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we will check back in live at parade in reading, and the unity day in celebration of the championship by reading red nights high school sports basketball team. last saturday red knights topped pine richland for their first six, championship and congratulations to them and enjoy the parade. >> it will be a lot of partying there. >> yes. >> lets get started. >> all right, don. you have more sports to talk about we're talking about baseball. last week phillies righty
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jared eickoff gave up six runs in an inning but that was the spring training finally. tonight, he gets the ball against the red and this time, it counts. game two in senate any less than an hour, however, rain is in the forecast. so, selected amnesia may be their best friend. sixers got embarrassed by low ly brooklyn nets they allowed a wells fargo record 141 points and who by 23. after the game brett brown, very candid. >> it is, it is one of those games where you give brooklyn credit. we could not guard them. none of us could guard any of them. you know, i could just leave and that should be the headline. >> sad news to report, ilka sinsalo spent nine season with the team during 80's playing right wing. he helped lead the team to two stanley cup final appearances. since 2004, he has been serving as a scout for the
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flyers, in europe. last night, two fly guys, making their nhl debuts against devils, stan moran and mike vechione, taking ice all by themselves. that was a prank, by the vets. flyers losing at new jersey, only two games left in the season now, they host columbus on saturday and carolina on sunday. unlucky night for steven biscotti. they are playing, in st. louis he gets hit in the right elbow in the fifth inning. next batter ball in the birth, he is going for second and then he gets hit in the left elbow. of course, he was not done. he is going home, and he is hit for the third time in about three minutes. this time it is in the head. >> um-hmm. >> he left the game and we are happy to report that he passed the concussion pro call today and he is okay. what are the chances.
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>> i mean three times in 15 minutes. >> three minutes. >> thankfully he is okay. >> when we come back bird go nascar. >> big name race hours will be driving in eagles theme car, it is a porsche and yes is really not that happy about it
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/teaming up to find the region 's best science technology, engineering and math teachers.
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>> would i. >> all right. that is an air cannon crafted by students at last years all pro teacher of the year winner today nominations kicked off at lincoln financial field, to find 2017 top 10 instructor and to find out how you can nominate someone as an all pro teacher go to cbs and, during the event, swoop helped unveil this eagles theme car, dale earnhardt junior will drive at pocono race way in june. race car will include a all pro, logo, and it is deposit earnhardt supports but dale junior has a redskins fan, so, i don't know, it is conflicted thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on our sister station the cw and we will be back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news" and tonight irs may soon come calling, relying on debt collectors to gather money. jericka on what you need to
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know coming up next from new york. here now is scott captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the president says syria crossed a line. >> that attack on children yesterday had a big impact on me. my attitude toward syria and assad has changed very much. >> pelley: and the u.s. response: >> i'm in the saying i'm doing anything one way or the other. >> pelley: also tonight, tornado warnings go up across the south. destructive storms hit the region, and more are on the way. the i.r.s. is getting ready to send private debt collectors after dln -- delinquent taxpayers. and living stronger. you don't want to cross swords with this quinqagenerian. she is as sharp as ever. >> once my knees give out, hopefully by then they'll be able to put new ones in t


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