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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 6, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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tonight gasoline, and then left it for dead. we will tell you how kitten was rescued and how she's diagnosis right now. it is thursday, april 6th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. it is a busy morning for lauren and meisha. so lets get over to them. good morning. >> happy gateway to all of you at home. yeah, pack your patients i have said it all morning long. we have seen a string of accidents out there very wet roadways and very slow out there. >> earlier you can leave better we are already seeing activity on storm scan three. we have had one round working through over last three hours and now another round to the south and west of philadelphia we have some rain, some thunder outside of berks county might be hearing rumble s waking you up early on this thursday morning. there is embedded lightening strikes off to the western portion of the berks county. you are likely hearing those rumbles of thunder around reading area we have flood watch for much of the area, center city philadelphia and surrounding counties until 11:00 p.m. tonight for berks,
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lehigh, poconos running until 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. temperatures are much more chillier this morning as well, 47 degrees, damp, breezy, as well with these east wind, gusting in the 20-mile an hour range. gusting to 32 in mount pocono and see them particularly pick up along the coast where wind advisory is in effect. period of showers and thunderstorms take us into midday in the afternoon. we could see sunshine breaking out but we will still be dealing with scattered storms. in the afternoon we could see strong storm activity and possibility of the isolated severe storms high temperatures topping at 61 degrees. is he vee weather threat across the area, philadelphia, south jersey in the marginal risk down to the south shore, delaware in the slight risk. eyes to the sky. >> eyes to the sky indeed. >> all right, thank you so much. you heard it. wet roadways, pack that patients, get out there early, i don't know what else we can say to hit it home that we
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have problem areas out there. if you want to get there on time you have to factor in extra time today. so looking at the first accident this you isn't the first don't of the morning but first of our current run down right now. accident westbound near schuylkill. you can see pile up moving up toward the flashlights where the accident is, we have move in further and you can see it is just far right lane blocked , so once you get up and try to pass by but slow moving up until that point. once we get past through get back to more normal but you are still having to contend with how many vehicles on the roadway evidenced by 95 south at girard. i-95 has been a player and problems for thus week. we will see what turns out today. right now we have just congestion there we have an accident lancaster avenue at ardmore avenue in ardmore. head up with that. then we have construction out there scudder falls bridge southbound one lane block until 62:95 south ramp to route one closed until april 30th, rahel, over to you >> very busy morning, meisha. search is underway for cause of the fire in overbrook , fire damaged up are
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floors of the home, at end of the row on a 5400 block of diamond street. fire fighters had fire under control after 1:00 with no reported injuries. act of violence is bringing communities together in north philadelphia. >> they are calling foresees fire after four people were shot near a school. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live with more on the investigation and vigil held for shooting victims, good morning, what can you tell us. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. state representative curtis thomas plans to hold a news conference to address violence in his district but meanwhile last night friend, family and even strangers came together at place where this shooting happened to remember these three men who died. community members raised banner where three men lost their lives in the quadruple shooting, dozens gathered for a vigil to remember the men referred to as ron/ron, ty and bub. >> why would it take three boys, three young black men to die for to us get out together like this.
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>> reporter: police say trio and another man were standing outside an apartment complex near intersection of the 11th and fouler street monday afternoon when two gunman ambushed them. firing nearly two dozen shots. at the vigil, friend, family offered memories of the victims. >> this young man had played in my home, this young man has played with my own children this young man's family is a part of my family. >> there is nothing really say about this incident, but you really don't know, they were sweet boys. >> reporter: local clergy members, activist from cease-fire philadelphia and mothers in charge called for an end to the gun violence which happened a block away from saint maliki's school with children still inside, we have to put value on life. we have to teach our kid, the value of life. >> yes. >> so that no matter how many guns, how many drugs, no matter how much madness is around, when you have value for life, you do that which is
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equals love, in the hate and december trucks. >> reporter: police have not made any arrestness this case, they are offering, a $70,000 reward for any information, for now we are live outside police headquarters i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" jim and rahel, back to you. well, emotions run high in the courthouse where there have been a eric frein trial unfolding. yesterday pennsylvania state troopers told jurors how they responded to the deadly ambush in september 2014. two troopers you may recall, testified about the exact moments when they first heard gunshots at barracks in the northeast part of the state. emergency responders also described the painful scene. >> we didn't know gunfire were you hearing was cover fire or whether it was somebody else, still. you cannot put everything out of your mind that you get through you get it as far back as possible and having to get through this again just brought everything right back to life again. >> eric frein's charge with opening fire at blooming grove barracks in pike county,
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killing brian dickson and wounding trooper alex douglass storm system is passing through our area but we are lucky in the to be in the southeastern u.s. or midwest because they have both been hit hard by tornadoes, hail, flooding, read binion has story. >> explosion on that pine tree out there we thought it was a transformer or something we didn't know. >> reporter: home owner in georgia one of the many americans dealing with the damage left by storms barreling across the southeast and midwest. >> we ran outside looked at back side and we saw smoke billowing out of the roof. >> reporter: national weather service issues tornado warnings for communities in multiple states, and reported numerous possible twisters. in georgia, indiana, and south carolina are where extreme weather prompted warnings amid heavy rain. metro atlanta area also slammed with the torrential downpour, nearly 4 inches of rain in just 24 hours, crews trying to help in the aftermath finding themselves in high water. >> we actually came down here to assist residents and ended
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up need ago cyst continuing city workers out here doing their job. >> reporter: storms bringing a wave of hail to alabama where governor declared a state of emergency in response to the severe weather. there was also quarter sized hail in kentucky, and one home owner reported a steady bun inch their yard. storms complicated air travel in the region. hundreds of flights cancelled mid ground stop at atlanta heartsville jackson international airport. read binion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". authorities are calling it one of the war cases of animal cruelty they have ever seen. a kitten found tied up in the trash bag and then doused in gasoline. now search is on to find person responsible. two sanitation workers found kitten tuesday collecting trash on north front street in reading. workers from harold adams refuge removal started to crush crash in the back of the truck when they are hearing the animals cries for help. they rush the one year-old cat to the humane society. >> she was in shock, and very
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dehydrated, under weight, and her temperature was extremely low, life threatening. >> cat got a new name miracle macy and new chance on the life. humane society is offering a $1,000 reward in the case. state troopers are cracking down on speeders along path turnpike, specifically targeting construction zones. this is part of the operation orange squeeze. goal, to keep turnpike workers safe. in its history more than 30 turnpike employees have died while on the job. many of those occurred in active construction zones. >> an active man work zone, fines are doubled and upon conviction it is lost of license for 15 days. it could be you, your family member out here, just pay attention so we can all get home safely. >> and in the hour and a half cbs-3 spent with troopers they issued 48 citations. still ahead on "eyewitness news" pothole problems in philadelphia. >> we will take you to one
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neighborhood where residents claim their block is riddled with giant craters but the city isn't doing anything bit. also ahead he wanted m and m's but then this customer went berserk inside a 7-eleven bunching the clerk, trashing the store, find out what set him off, jan. >> reporter: they can provide support and life saving assistance and now they want to you return favor. coming up we will tell you health test service animals need to take and how you can get it done for free. >> ♪ we will be hearing a lot have boom, clap as thunderstorms role through the area, lauren's timing it all out we will be right
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welcome back, everyone, caught on cameraman becomes violent after his debit card is declined at a convenient store. >> take a look at the scene at california 7-eleven, it looks pretty normal at first, right? but when a customer wanted to buy m and m's and apparently he wanted to, suddenly things get out offhanded. he hits one cashier, knocks over a register and goes after second cashier. they released this from february hoping to help track down the suspect. >> look at this, uber driver didn't let flood of the columbia, south carolina stop business. university of south carolina student shot this cell even if video yesterday she left her car in the campus garage and
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decided to take uber back home to her surprise the driver pick her up. she said there were cars already stuck but she managed to get home, safely. >> you have to get that fare, okay, no, i will still pick you up. it looks like we may have rain but hopefully nothing like that. >> yeah, absolutely. we have a flood watch in effect. we could see localized flooding with the heavier rainfall. when we get these storms, when they move over same area again and again, something called training that can lead to flooding and we could see that issue. we're dealing with low cloud in center city philadelphia cannot even see sky line, 47 degrees, much chillier start,e wind at 15 miles an hour, breezy conditions feeling more like 41. we will have windy conditions along the coast today, wind advisory until 5:00 for our coastal counties, portions of delaware where wind gusts are possible to 50 miles an hour as we head after lunchtime those wind are really whipping in those area. storm scan three is showing us
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activity painting itself in at this early hour in scattered showers off toward our western counties, we are hearing thunder as well and showers and thunderstorms that develop today will be quickly developing. you can see this cell over phoenixville popping up out of no where, developing in 30 minutes time putting down maryland rate to heavy rainfall moving north/northe up into letter fredrick. they will be fast moving cells as well. we are dealing with this dynamic storm system, strong counter clock wise circulation over portions of the midwest that will usual inner this moisture and energy. for the day, round of the showers and thunderstorms, breezy conditions, high of 61. and then tonight things quiet down, lingering shower especially early otherwise partly cloudy, breeze which a low of 45. future weather will show what is in store, round of rain heavier at times, thunderstorm activity that could be strong this afternoon and quieting down in the late evening hours in your seven day forecast tomorrow not so great for
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phillies opener, 52 with light showers and wind but by end of the weekend smooth, spring sailing with sunshine and 65 degrees. >> look at that beautiful saturday, sunday and then monday, tuesday, sold, sold, good morning everyone happy thursday. we are looking outside right now, i have been saying all morning pack your patients, why? i have been saying it for a while. we have wet roadways, raining again today. because of that it will affect your morning commute. we have an accident vine westbound near schuylkill and it is looking better then it was, volume levels are continuing to build there. then when we lah at schuylkill near king of prussia headlights in the eastbound direction, congestion levels are building here as well but, i have to say we are looking okay dropping further in the 6:00 o'clock hour. one area where we need extra time is 95 south at girard. they have pose aid problem all week long. we will see how today shapes up but you can see how busy no loaning traveling at posted speed there. then also take a look we have construction crews on you the
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there rain or shine 295 south ramp to route one closed until april 30th, with wrong standing construction. head up on that. we have two places northeast extension southbound between quakertown and mid county one lane there northeast extension ramp to lansdale right lane there. overall construction, we have got accidents, wet roadways, whole deal over there, rahel, back to you. people living along 3,000 block of edge machines street in port richmond said they have had it with potholes on their street and the city of philadelphia has ignored their problems. now one resident says problem started after maintenance crew s responded to a water rine issue that caused two large holes to open up on the street. they say streets department won't come back out. >> we have been calling the streets department through 311 , state representative taylor's office and through other sources, including twit ter, trying to get them to come out here and fix this hole which is causing so much trouble rattling everybody house every time a truck are car goes by. >> streets department tells us
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that they are currently working with the water department to determine the cause of the holes. there is no date when work will be done. philadelphia pot held are brutal. >> third world nation out there. >> yes. >> they are not only your best friend but they can be a community's greatest asset too >> service animals are a source of comfort and life saving tool as well. that is why it is important to keep them healthy. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins with us more on the health test they need to take and where they can get it done for free. >> these tests can be expensive, $135 so getting them for free is helpful. >> okay. >> sense of smell is first thing that comes to mind when you think about an working animal like police k-9 but eye sight is just as important. starting next month participating clinics here in the delaware valley are offering free eye exams for working animals and now is the time to sign up. officer jared sheriff and his k the partner reconn are proud members of the makefield police department.
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at three years old, reconn has made his mark helping to find a missing 13 year-old last year. >> i know you remember me. >> reporter: he is also a returning patient at care, in langhorne bucks county. >> looking at retina and optic nerve. >> reporter: on this day he is getting a k-9 eye exam. >> his eyes have been perfect. >> reporter: doctor marcia low is board certified ophthalmologist. >> pretty retina vessels there >> during may she's donating her time, expertise by participating in a effort to provide free eye exams to police dogs and other service animals. >> more crucial that they have very good vision compared to my 13 year-old that sits on the couch all day. >> much more important for them to be able to be confident in their vision that they can do what their handlers want them to do as quick a possible. >> reporter: officer jason landis, and k-9 titan know the feeling. they have been on the street together for one month and titan has made a suspect
6:20 am
wanted for stolen handguns surrender without incident. >> they have to be able to target, pinpoint exactly what they are doing and their know coon only take them so far their eyes to have finish off the job. >> reporter: this was titan's first k-9 exam and doctor low discovered he has inherited cataracts. >> perfect example why they need it. we didn't know he had an issue we need to stay on top of it. >> in his case it is similar having to a spec on glasses, very dogs ever lose their eye sight but because of this exam he sheet and officer landis necessity what to look for to make sure his eye sight does not get worse. >> we will make sure nothing changes, so i feel like screening is really important to catch things early so we can potentially keep the visual, forever. >> reporter: you can sign up now through april 30th for an eye exam in may, to qualify, service animals must be active working animals certified by a
6:21 am
formal training program or organization, and to see the full list of requirements just check out cbs by the way dogs aren't only animals welcome you can register any service animal but you have to make sure that the participating clinic can hand that will particular animal. as we know jim and rahel, cats , horses, even chickens can be service animal. >> titan what a gorgeous dog. i love german shepherd. >> beautiful, sweet but they take their jobs seriously. >> they do. >> thanks, jan. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning pepsi pulls its new commercial featuring kendall jenner after receiving a major backlash on line, we will hear from a local critic on why he says the ad was so offensive. coming up later, managing spring allergies doctor rob will be here with simple ways we can reduce sniffling and sneezing, stay with
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weather with showers and thunderstorms but quieting down in the upcoming weekend. we will have chilly morning with low temperatures down in the upper 30's in the sit, and as we head in the afternoon we will start to warm things up especially on sunday, gusty wind on saturday but sunshine and then beautiful conditions, by the end of the weekend with bright sunshine and high temperatures, in the middle 60 's. all right, lauren thank you. new for newspaper headlines across the region. >> a lawrenceville man admits to minor to stream conduct on line. three two-year old curtis thompson pleaded guilty to one count of child pornography, he admitted using facebook messenger and face time to communicate with the victim. dole air county much better to be a buddy then a bully. that is message of the chichester school district is introducing as they roll out buddy benches designed to encourage inclusive necessary. every school in the advertise trick will design its own buddy bench f a child is
6:26 am
nervous, lebly, sits on the bench another classmate will say hello good idea. >> reading eagle this is one for ages, thousands attended victory parade for reading high school basketball team. red knights paraded down 13th street to celebrate the team's first state championship win on march between the section sixth, congratulations. >> that is a look at newspaper headlines around the delaware valley. well, controversial pepsi ad featuring reality star kendall jenner is now history. >> ♪ >> pepsi pulled commercial i have air after 24 hours after it day booed, millions, slammed the ad on social media with critics say it mocked protest as begins police violence. >> message here is just too convoluted. >> they are not marketing pepsi but they are marketing their agenda. >> pepsi has since apologized add ago this they quote missed the mark. coming up a philadelphia monsignor is charged with stealing more than half million-dollar from the
6:27 am
archdiocese, coming up next what police say he did with the money. paying for college we are live with different ways to use to get a footing for bill for tuition, meisha. we will have to pack our patients on this gateway to our weekend wet roadways will slow you down you mr. water main break, and all that coming up but first a quick break stay where you are, cbs-3 "eyewitn dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to worry about student loan debt. i graduated into it.
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good morning everyone i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. just after 6:30. here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> we will have a pretty miserable day to day with round of rain, thunderstorm activity and few storms could be strong. community leaders will gather later today to discuss this weeks quadruple shooting near a school. >> police have not made any arrests. >> she was tied up in a trash bag with her doused in gasoline. >> given her incredible story of survival this little laid hey been named miracle macy. >> today was annual sixers media game at new facility in camden and yes, that is me, i'm hurting, a bit. that was a rough game. >> ♪
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>> my goodness they are copying, what we do in the studio before the show begins each morning. >> every day. >> that was james corden sing ing with demi lovato. >> we will survive, this rain today, um, lauren. >> i see what you did there, i see that, very good, yeah. we already have rain activity, now that the sun up destabilizing our atmosphere and moisture and energy continues to build in the delaware valley, we will see round of showers, thunderstorms, looking live neighborhood network, sun's up in margate but check out the ocean. looking a little bit angry this morning. that is because we do have strong gusty wind that will continue to pick up, wind advisory for all coastal counties, delaware beaches with wind gusts to 50 miles an hour especially after lunch we will see those wind whipping
6:33 am
along the coast a cross the region today, misery, 61 degrees in philadelphia, rain and thunderstorms, breezy conditions, same case down the shore with even stronger wind, highs in the upper 50's and poconos also dealing with round of rain, thunderstorms, highs near 50 degrees. storm scan three showing us scattered showers have cleared the area, secondary round about to move in and off to our south and west some stronger activity, with this cluster of thunderstorm activity working in to parts of the virginia that will move its way northe bound and we will be dealing with that as we head into mid-morning, midday, and into the afternoon as well. we will talk about what to expect as far as storm, when rain clears out and when we will see some sunshine and mid 70's. >> good morning, sound like a good time, thanks for. that good morning. happy thursday, so yes, dealing with the wet roadways and you bet it will slow us down today. it has been posing some problems all morning long for us. here's a look at new jersey 42
6:34 am
freeway north bound approaching 295, this is what you are looking at as you push in the northbound direction. would i say that this is, actually fairly typical for what we see at this time of the morning on a thursday, especially given 42 freeway north bound. head up you will be out there with your neighbors but it is looking fairly typical. that is good thing we will take what we can get. we have a car pulled off 422 westbound near oaks. it will not slow you down but note it is pulled off to the shoulder. we have blue route at baltimore pike headlights in the southbound direction you can see how busy the blue route is, blue loose is very busy, i-95, vine and schuylkill. we have a water main break here in carney's point township new jersey, route 48 at harding highway. your alternate will be your best bet plus construction out there 295 southbound ramp to route one closed until april 30th, rahel, over to you president of the china will meet with president trump at his resort in florida.
6:35 am
they will discuss difficult topics over course of their two day sum that it includes ultimatum from the president to china's leader in the hopes of bringing in north korea. hen a daniels has more from new york. >> reporter: while democrats have enough votes to block judge neil gorsuch nomination mitch mcconnell is warning of the going nuclear, which will do away with filibusters for supreme court nominees. >> american people will be watching, history will record the decision, democrats make. >> reporter: it takes 60 votes to stop a filibuster and even debate on a nomination with 52 votes in the senate, republicans have fallen short of the securing support for eight democrats, and that is why mcconnell is expected to change the rules later today. a move democrats have been fighting leading up to the vote. >> they can fund. ly alter rules, traditions of this great body or they can sit down with us democrats. >> reporter: meanwhile president trump's chief strategies steve ban on was
6:36 am
taken off the national security council on wednesday. >> this is just a natural evolution to ensure that the national security council is organized in a way that best serves the president. >> reporter: the president added that the chairman of the joint chiefs and director of national intelligence back on the council. hen adan qualifications for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". local priest in delaware county could go to jail after authorities say he steel half million-dollar for fellow clergy man. monsignor william dombrow is director for villa st. joseph a retirement home for aging priestness darby. prosecutors say he took fund from one of the philadelphia bank accounts and used it for himself for fancy meals, gambling and concerts. dombrow is facing a maximum of 80 years in prison. it that is time of the year, college acceptance are rolling in, now hard part, paying for it. >> cost of tuition, fees, room , board at public four year colleges runs around $20,000 and up to 70,000-dollar a year for elite private schools.
6:37 am
cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins us live to how to figure out how to flip the bill, good morning, jill. >> good morning. >> jill, i wish were you here when i went to college, in the less what are different sources to pay for college. >> well, this is a time of my life when i'm happy to have dogs and not children. federal government award about $150 billion a year to more than 15 million students in the form of the grants, student loans, and work study programs. now, of course, your home state, also offers various types of financial aid and a lot of the schools themselves are providing aid and our scholarships. but by now you have completed the free application for federal student aid or fafsa form, if your family's finances have changed, since you completed it, perhaps due to a job loss, medical expense s, or caring for an elderly parent you can appeal to get a better package just gather up your supporting
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documentation and proof these changes occurred, if you were fortunate, enough to sock money for your kid, in a 529, coverdell account, anything, well, as my dad used to say time to milk the cow you will to have take money out of that account and pay for school. >> a lot of parents i know bureau money to help pay, and i'm against taking out loans for kid because you get stuck witt. what do parents need to know. >> well, you may be tempted to assume that loan, through a federal or a private parent plus loan. here's the thing you have got to understand you are 100 percent responsible for that loan regardless of whether or not the student completes the education or can actually find a job. also, it is wild because i think people sign these loans, parent loans are usually not eligible to be forgiven, under the various government programs. despite these pitfalls older
6:39 am
americans are fastest growing segment of student loan borrowers. check out this stat from 2005 through 2015, the number of those age 60 or older with a student loan quadrupled in just those 10 years to 2.8 million, three-quarters of those folks said they paid not for their own but their kid or grand kid during that time average debt load 23,500 bucks how about that in retirement. to learn more, unbelievable. to learn how to pay for college go to jill, on money .com. >> i always tell pea you co sign a loan you are responsible. if your kiddies a dead beat and doesn't pay loan payments you are stuck, you will be working until you are 106. >> fur kiddies smart and help them there is nothing wrong with that. >> pay it at back end, don't sign anything. >> that is 100 percent, agree. by the way rating your retirement account don't do that either. >> so don't take out a second
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mortgage, don't raid your retirement account but you can help your children and grandchildren. >> we appreciate it. it is that time of the year everyone sneezing and wheezing. >> there are some ways to get relief from spring allergies coming up next doctor rob has simple things to reduce symptoms, pat. hey, guys, we are at the adventure aquarium in camden but we are stuck in the amazon rain forest we will learn about piranas, storm's coming i have to get out of
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well, visitors to camden's adventure aquarium will get a chance to take a trip on the amazon rain forest all without ever having to step on the airplane. >> tomorrow it day buys its new exhibit pirana falls.
6:44 am
"eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen has the sneak peak at the new adventure, hi there patrick. >> we just miss that had storm , rough one coming through the amazon we just missed it, i stayed dry. we are learning about the red belly pirana and i think pirana gets a bad wrap. there is 120 of them at adventure aquarium, new exhibit just opened, it looks like amazon, feels like the amazon, it is beautiful. to tell us about it is mark kind, hi, good morning. >> hi, how are you. >> doing well. give us background on these guys. >> yeah, as you said pirana has a bad rap and that started back in 1913 with teddy roosevelt our president visited amazon and the locals trapped a punch of pirana in a small area within a net and they brought a cow, put tonight there and starved the pirana before it and with their razor sharp tooth and they chewed it up in record time. he later wrote in his memoirs about how aggressive and nasty
6:45 am
they are. >> it was our president, to thank forgiving these guys a bad wrap. they think they are killer fish. >> who would have thought, little tidbit of history there >> but they are not. >> they are not. >> their bad wrap comes from in nature in the rain forest, when there is water shortage, drought, food is scares and when anything gets in the water, they demolish it. but here they are very well fed, they have razor sharp teeth, but then there is a beautiful fish. they are glittering, gold, red belly, they are beautiful. >> tell us about the new exhibit, that is about to open >> pirana falls is a multi sensory experience. we will bring a live, rain forest rain storm, to every guest. it will be going throughout the day at frequent intervals and it shows 10-foot, 18-foot waterfall, a rain system, is there pictures, special effect
6:46 am
s, lighting, sound, strobes, lightening, claps of thunder, it is amazing it is amazing. we have a sneak peak, it is beautiful. how is this little guy right here. >> this little guy is a blue and gold mccall, one of the bird found in the amazon. >> trinidad. >> trinidad is his name. he is 26 years old. he can get louder then some of the claps of thunder. >> hi trinidad how are you doing buddy. >> he is trying to figure out is what going on. >> for more information where can people go. >> they can go to www adventure >> sound good, mark, we appreciate it. >> sure thing. >> we appreciate trinidadian we appreciate these little bug gers. they get a bad rap thanks to teddy roosevelt. who knew that. i'm learning things every time i come here. >> always a wealth of information, patrick. >> national geographic live on television. >> thanks, pat. tomorrow morning pat will
6:47 am
be at the ballpark for phillies home opener. >> staff at citizens bank park has been getting everything ready. "eyewitness news" at the ballpark as phillies ground crew painted opening day logo on the feel. phillies verse nationals tomorrow first pitch at 3:05. taste with tori is taking a trip to the mediterranean but you only to have drive through media delaware county from fresh baked peta bread, feel the love that brings diverse flavors to desert rose >> we have really, makes me feel like this is part of my home and extended, wing of my home where i can welcome people and bring them over and let them experience our culture. >> adventure for your taste bid watch tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. >> are you hungry. >> so hungry that looks so good. how about you. >> i'm starving. this shift is crazy. i just want to eat so much food. it is time for breakfast. it was time for breakfast
6:48 am
three hours ago. but our weather watchers are up, maybe grabbing some cereals and putting in their reports. we appreciate that. chilly across the area then we dealt with yesterday morning. widespread 40's on the board right now. so we will head up to 45 degrees right now at weather watcher megan's house in richboro, pennsylvania. i have a feeling maybe she's a meteorology student or into weather because she gave her own forecast, thunderstorms will start at 7:00 a.m. and end autopsy 4:00, could be gusty wind and debris on the road. pretty solid forecast, megan i will concur with that. we will head down to delaware, 50 degrees. milder spot but still quite cool, cloud around at jason's house in middletown delaware and he says take the umbrella with you. great advice as we will see wet weather spreading out across the area we will check with one more, temperature, a lot closer to philadelphia, 47 n essington, pennsylvania, he says, that wet, wet, wet, more wet, but it is almost the weekend, that is true we have
6:49 am
a nice one in store for sunday but right now not so nice, storm scan three showing us scattered showers across the area over last couple of hours , this activity will only pick up in its intensity and also coverage as we head in the next several hours but that downpour right now over lauer saucon to the southe of bethlehem. heading out to the car maybe wait 10 minutes in this area until that cell passes on through. much more moisture up wind showers and thunderstorms breaking out, in pennsylvania, and that activity will move into our neck of the wood as we head into midday and then in the afternoon hours bringing us that thunderstorm activity. wide reaching, potent system as we pan out on storm scan three. for the day showers, thunderstorms, breezy, high temperature at 61 degrees as we head into tonight, lingering shower, breezy, things quiet down, storm threat, no chilly and down to 45. >> all right, thanks very much for that. good morning, everyone. looking at 422 westbound near oaks, no longer traveling at
6:50 am
posted speed very slow on 422. basically anywhere at this point because of the wet roadways. schuylkill at spring garden pushing in the eastbound direction toward center city. we have an accident in norristown as well, swede ande main street one lane blocked there that will slow you down right there. we have some construction out there but first let me tell but carney's point township, new jersey, route 48, harding highway closed at pennsville auburn road, alternate penns grove auburn road will be your best bet, that is water main break, out there all morning licensing and it is still out there we have construction crews pennsylvania turnpike westbound ramps to mid count that i left lane is block that will slow you down as well. it will slow you down as pennsylvania turnpike gets busy. good news some construction crews are moving out of the way northeast extension is one of the area moving in the southbound and northbound direction, overall give yourself some extra time and pack your patients, jim and rahel back over to you. sniffling, sneezing,
6:51 am
watery eyes for many is sure sign for spring. >> but there are steps to help you survive this allergy season. doctor rob danoff is here with surprising allergy culprits and what we can do to reduce those symptoms doctor rob, good to see you. >> hi, good morning. >> people are complaining about allergies, jasmine our production assistant, it has started earlier this year. >> it did, in fact philadelphia department of health issued an advisory saying we have seen up tic of people with seasonal allergies , scratchy throws, runny know. it started. look at trees, they are starting to have flowers. this week when weather gets nice and dry more pollen. >> great. >> katie was even saying. >> her cold. >> day after rain, pollen tend to be even more. >> any surprising culprits. >> yeah. one of the first thing is hair spray here who uses hair spray >> i do not. >> no one. >> everything sticks to hair spray. if you have pollen, when you go outside, pollen in the
6:52 am
breeze, stick tour hair you are a pollen generator. your pets. pets are like a pollen taxi here, for you, and what they do is, you know, fur it sticks to so when they come in wipe them down. also, clothes, when you come in, shoes, it drags it right in, so you want a safe room to put your clothes, shoes and change them. >> i do tell you, at nighttime during spring and summer i take a shower to go to bed just to wash everything otherwise it is on the pillow. >> yes. >> twice a day. >> yes. >> surprising things, certain raw fruits, vegetables, do you know people have hay fever, most common food born allergies in adults it is called oral allergy syndrome or pollen food allergy. same type of protein in pollen like in apples, cantaloupe and people get itchy eyes, scratchy throws, swollen lips within a few minutes of eating them. >> we know culprits how do we survive. >> outside. >> outside between 5:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. is highest
6:53 am
pollen counts. don't run out during those times. wear sunglasses, to protect your eyes, so pollen doesn't get in there. you know those masks construction workers wear or doctors wear, wear that outside, and also, beside -- >> what about those face masks outside. >> you will look sharp, put a design on there, you will wear it, you will start a trend. >> okay. >> that is one of the biggest things. >> also in the house, vacuum with filter because ate cumulates in the carpet. take a jim as do you at night because if not if you don't wash pollen off your head and body, it will be in your bed sheets and sneeze and cough all night. >> what bin side the home. >> biggest thing we love fresh air but if we leave windows open pollen especially warm, dry day will flow right in the house. we need to close our windows, use air conditioning if we can , do what jim does so everyone in philadelphia shower at night, think have jim that is what you are doing to wash that.
6:54 am
if you have a pollen room in your house, when you come from the outside, keep pollen safe clothes in there change your clothes so you are not bringing pollen throughout rooms of the house and that will help. >> what are treatment options? i take claritin. >> one of the biggest things i like salt water nasal spray like a car wash for your nose, get it out of your nose. it works well. histamine. also a lot of people have asthma. 50 percent of all at man triggered by allergies. if you have to use inhalers, start that. if you are only symptoms itchy eyes we yeah special eye drops , runny know we will use nose spray but more runny nose , itchy eyes and body symptoms then we use anti histamine pills. lastly if we need to allergy shots something you need to speak tour doctor about. everyone knows when they have these seasonal allergies, symptoms could last three or four weeks or several months. >> great advice doctor rob thanks very much. >> we will be right back. three to go.
6:55 am
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community leaders are addressing this weeks shooting in north philadelphia to day shooting happened on styles street and left three people dead. senate is taking a procedural vote, vote to end debate over supreme court justice nominee neil gorsuch, vote to confirm him is expect tomorrow. dawn staley returns to her
6:59 am
allman math inner north philadelphia, dobbins high is honoring her after leading south carolina women's college basketball team to i national title. >> that is three to go. >> lets check weather and traffic. >> indeed you need that rain slick tore day. i don't know how much good umbrella will do along the coast with windy conditions, 61 degrees, round of rain, thunderstorms, cool tomorrow with showers around and then beautiful by even of the weekend. >> meisha. traveling by air we have a ground stop at airport make sure to check those schedules on line. accident in norristown as well head up, swede street at east main street one lane blocked there. cbs this morning is next. >> join us each weekday morning here on cbs-3 starting at 4:30. have a great day, stay dry.
7:00 am
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