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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  April 6, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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so you can do whatever's important to you. if you have a question about whether refinancing is right for you, ask me. sincerely, robert kennedy, fellow grad and fellow citizen. citizens bank education refinance loan. call... to see how much you could save now. >> ♪ >> break news right now at noon. several students are rushed to the hospital after a gas leak near their south jersey school. the entire school had to be evacuate add. good afternoon, i'm rahel solomon. >> the gas leak caused some students to feel lightheaded. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is outside. >> reporter: emergency responders cleared the scene
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just about two hours ago. now some of the windows do remain opened and cracked here at the glassboro intermediate school. obviously a measure to try and ventilate this building after school officials reported a folioed tore. this went out around 9 o'clock this morning. those calls to 911 dispatchers. some students and staff say they began feeling ill and lightheaded. we've confirmed at least 10 students were transported by a school bus to kennedy university hospital of washington township. at this point it is unclear how they are doing. the school was then evacuated. the remaining students and staff and teachers to the nearby campus of dorothy bullock school. emergency officials deem ticketed higher than normal readings of carbon monoxide inside the building. now, it is first believed that all of this precipitated after a nearby gas line. it is unclear where that gas leak occurred. from our vantage point here along delsea drive we do not see any work, so it is
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possible that that gas leak did originate inside the building. those are some of the questions we are working to get answers on but again, 10 students at this point being treated for feelings -- for symptoms make that of feeling light head and dizzy here. reporting live from glassboro, i'm joe holden cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you so much joe. meanwhile in other news after a dreary start it's going to be a stormy afternoon. we're already tracking storms on storm scan3 an flood watch is in effect. meteorologist lauren casey is in for katie and she's keeping her eye on the stormy situation from the cbs3 weather center. good afternoon lauren. >> good afternoon jim. quite stormy, rain pouring down on a western portion of the delaware valley this area of precipitation riding along the interstate but you see the yellows and oranges really starting to blossom especially over the last 30 minutes or so as we're seeing more activity the intensest is increasing. we have thunderstorm activity right now over chester county,
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west goshen into upper chichester seeing a pretty good downpour also hearing those rumbles of thunder with a few embedded lightning strikes up towards the lehigh valley, lehighton up into mount pocono. this is moving up to the north-northeast and to our southwest the nasty looking cells around the d.c. area an those respect headed into our backyard as we head into the afternoon hours. we do have the severe threat potential marginal risk for philadelphia much of south jersey slight risk of severe weather interior southern new jersey the shore and across much of delaware. what to expect this afternoon and evening, rain and embedded thunderstorms o coverage will continue to increase. we'll deal with strong storms possibly severe storms the rain threat is heavy rain and the potential for strong gusty winds and frequent lightning. it's going to be a tough go for our evening commute. we'll talk more about the rain and when it will move on out in your full forecast coming up jim. >> thanks like a mess. thank you lauren. the trial for accused pennsylvania state tooler
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killer eric frein has been delayed after the suspect was rushed to the hospital. this is video just in of frein leaving the hospital. he was hospitalized after reportedly falling and hitting his head while brushing his teeth in his jail cell. he was released about 11:15 this morning. the trial is expected to resume this afternoon. the 30-year-old frein has pleaded not guilty in the shooting death of corporal bryan dickson. 14 was captured after a 48 day man 912014. >> after repeated calls from democrats house intelligence committee chairman nunes has been stepped aside. he said in a statement today despite the baselessness of the charges it's in the best interests of congress to step down. meantime a cbs correspondent weijia jiang is preparing for an important meeting tonight. >> reporter: protesters got in place early this morning near president donald trump's florida resort where he's holding a summit with chinese
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president. the sheriff says security is tighter than ever. >> we are not going to tolerate any civil disobedience throwing of objects or any other type of disorderly conduct. >> reporter: north korea's nuclear program is expected to dominate the agenda during the two-day visit here at mar-a-lago. the white house wants china to use its economic leverage to pressure its southern neighbor. just two days ago, the communist country test fired another missile. president trump and pre qi will also discuss trade between the u.s. and china. as a candidate mr. trump frequently criticized beijing in engaging in practices he equated with rape and theft. >> we give state dinners to the heads of china. why are you doing state dinners for them? they're ripping us left and right. >> reporter: but now it's president trump on the defensive. critics are questioning whether the trump family benefits financially from such high profile visits. >> when president trump arranges to meet a foreign
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leader at one of his branded properties like mar-a-lago what he's doing is he is actually using government office for private gain. >> reporter: china says it doesn't matter where the two leaders meet as long as u.s.-chinese relations continue to grow. weijia jiang for cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> happening right now democrats are filibustering on the senate floor over president donald trump's supreme court nominee judge neil gorsuch. the 55-45 senate vote was five short of the 60 needed to confirm gore is. >> reporter: democrats have accused gorsuch of being an ally of the powerful and an enemy of the weak. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> mover horror out of syria where turkish autopsies confirm that men women and children did die from a chemical attack. syrian president bashir al is that al-assad's government is
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accused of the at affect this week president trump condemned assad's actions. >> a philadelphia monsignor charged with stealing money meant for villa saint joseph in darby is still on the job. monsignor william did you mean bro' is charged with embezzling more than $500,000 from the retirement center to spend on casino visits expensive dishes even concerts. his attorney says he no longer handles financial matters and is cooperating with police and is also remorseful about the case. the mother accused of gifting her then 14-year-old daughter to a feasterville man accused of sexual assault has pleaded guilty p sybil stolfutz. lee cap plane plan is facing charges. he's in court for a pretrial hearing today. kaplan's trial is set to begin next month.
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>> $1,000 reward being offered. berks county officials are calling it one of the worst cases of handle abuse they've seen. two sanitation workers found the kitten in reading. the workers from harold adams refuse removal had started crashing the trash in the back of the truck. they rushed the kitten to the humane society. >> she was in shock very dehydrated under weight and her temperature was extremely low life-threatening. >> poor thing. they named the kitten miracle macy. for the next few weeks she'll continue treatment and eventually she'll be up for adoption. >> the world is paying its final respects to astronaut and american icon john glenn. glenn is being laid to rest at arlington national ceremony this afternoon. glenn was 95 when he passed away in december. his body laid in repose at the ohio statehouse. he was the first american to
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orbit the earth in 1962. he became the oldest human in space scherffing on the discovery in 1988. >> commemoration this morning in philadelphia. the united states entrance into the first world war. "eyewitness news" at roman catholic high school as president wilson's declaration of war was read aloud one year later. roll call was also read with special acknowledgement for those given military honors. >> well, rocker jon bon jovi cuts a concert short in pennsylvania after performing for just 90 minutes. >> we'll tell you why he had to leave the stage. plus, he's back. richard simmons comes out of hiding and snags a new maryland deal. >> get ready to dig deeper into your pockets, fill up your gas tank. what's fueling a spike in gas prices when "eyewitness news" returns at noon. >> ♪
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>> gas prices on the way up. >> chris martinez tells us why prices are expected to go up significantly. >> reporter: like millions of americans, melanie ackles is feeling the pinch the pump. >> i notice a big increase. >> reporter: the national average for gas is up about 30 cents compared to this same time last year. >> most of the country all the four states starting to see
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gas prices really jump led by the midwest where double digit increases have taken hold in the last two weeks. >> reporter: in patrick from gas says prices will go even higher as we head to memorial day and the start of the busy summer driving season. >> we may be looking at another 20 to 40 cents from where we and stand today. >> reporter: gas prices always go up when warm weather approaches but this year the rise is fueled by the fact that more people are driving and oil prices are moving higher. and how much drivers pay depends on where they live. the average price for a gallon in charlton south carolina is around $2.06. at this los angeles station, it's $3.79. >> extremes continue to widen. california uses a very stringent type of gasoline coupled with high gas taxes. >> reporter: when it comes to the higher prices, she says she doesn't have much of a choice. >> it is what it is. you have to pay. you have no choice. you have to drive. >> reporter: chris martinez
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for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, following a successful run here in philadelphia, jon bon jovi cut his band's pittsburgh concert short last night because he was feeling under the weather. the group was performing at ppg arena on wednesday night when jon bon jovi told the audience he had a cold saturday night. after 90 minutes of an expected two and a half hour show with living on a prayer. >> and he's been out of the spotlight for more than three years. but now richard simmons is back. the fitness mogul will be represented by. no word on how involved simmons will be in the promotion of these new products or wham exactly the products will be. >> coming up kids across the area have a new place to check out. >> lego land is opened for business. >> lauren. >> we're going to be dealing with active weather as we head into the rest of our thursday but quieting things down for
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the upcoming weekend. we'll be a tad chilly in the morning with lows dropping down into the upper 30's in the city and we'll have gusty winds on saturday but sunshine breaking out for both saturday and sunday and by sunday afternoon, gorgeous conditions, bright sunshine and mild temperatures, up into the middle 60's. we'll talk more about that weekend forecast and have the latest on storm scan3 coming up just after this. >> ♪
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>> welcome back. lake michigan looking more like an ocean today. high winds in chicago creating dangerously high waves. wind gusts are hitting 55 miles an hour and experts say the waves could become the highest they have been in
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years. a flood warning is in effect until 1:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> could we get winds like that today. >> we have a wind advisory for all of our coastal counties and the all of delaware where we could see wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour. we'll see gusty conditions the rough fest of weather we'll experience will come this afternoon and into the early evening hours but right now just still dealing with the dreary drizzle as we get a live look at center city philadelphia. can't see the skyline 'cause it's encased in that low level cloud deck but our activity is going to increase in intensity as we head into the next couple hours. it is chilly 47. winds out of the northeast at about 13 miles an hour. that easterly component ushering in that chillier air. we have a warm front. 47 ahead of the boundary and behind that warm front 60 degrees in millville, 61ac, 58 in dover. the warm front moving through giving us degree are conditions, the cold front gives us thunderstorm activity.
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notice the warmer air off to the south of that boundary. current wind speeds we have breezy conditions wind speeds around 13, 16, 21 miles per hour with some higher gusts and we have that wind advisory in effect for all coastal areas until 5 o'clock this afternoon. we could see wind gusts upwards of 50 miles per hour. so, as we head into the evening hours late afternoon and early evening, areas of rain strong thunderstorms potentially isolated severe especially into the early evening hours, temperatures will be in the upper 40's there overnight tonight we'll drop back down into the middle 40's. a lingering shower but things quiet down. our severe weather potential really comes to an end i think as we head into the about mid evening hours, then overnight tonight things quiet down but it will be chilly and quite breezy as well. storm scan3 showing us this massive and very potent system s area low pressure position, the center of it in the lower midwest but it's allowing this energy and all this moisture to sweep northeast ward up and right into our backyard right now. so most of the rain is concentrated west of i-95 but
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everyone getting a good soaking right now from the poconos lehigh valley down into our northwestern suburbs lancaster county chester county and then we do have some more in the way of nastier cells just off to the south and west. right now rain pouring down in mount pocono where you see those yellow and orange returns. there's center city philadelphia. there's that edge of that precipitation swath just to the north and west with the rain coming down from west goshen to norristown up into montgomery seeing some embedded lightning strikes as well and then we do have this little cluster of thunderstorms that is ever so making its approach and kent county and new castle county delaware watch out for this cell. frequent lightning likely gusty winds and that will move into your backyard as we head into the next 30 to 45 minutes and then we have to worry about all of these storms. we'll be keeping an eye on them over the next several hours that will continue to work into our neck of the woods. keep yourself aware of the changing situation as we head throughout the afternoon. future weather showing us a picture of 2 o'clock as we
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head to 3 o'clock, 4 o'clock dealing with widespread area of rainfall embed pedestrian thunderstorms some of which will be strong. into the early evening hours things starting to wrap up a bit. by late evening we'll see a few lingering showers maybe a few rumble of thunder but then our severe weather threat comes to an end later tonight. by 11 o'clock much of this activity is over. flood watch remains in effect today in philadelphia until 11 o'clock tonight in other areas to the north and west until 2:00 p.m. tomorrow because we could see locally amounts of one, two maybe even 3-inches of rainfall with some of the rain and storm activity. tomorrow a chilly day for the phils home opener 52 degrees windy conditions with light showers but improving conditions as we head into the upcoming weekend. we're up to 65 degrees. sunshine on sunday. then check out monday and tuesday. i'm already getting my cough going. [laughter] >> can't come in. 75 and sunshine. >> looking forward to it. thank you lauren. >> just feeling raspy. >> coming up at 11:00 taste with tori is taking a trip to
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a mediterranean paradise. get this? you only have to drive to media delaware county from fresh great peta bread top hand accident happened falafel. feel the love that brings diverse flavors to desert rose. >> makes me feel like this is part of my home where i can welcome people and bring them over and let them experience some of our culture. >> sounds good to me. it's an adventure for your taste buds. tune in for taste with tori tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. >> for mohr to come including a trip to the amazon. also don't have to travel very far to get here. we'll give you
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>> we have an update to the breaking news we brought you at the top of the hour. we know three staff members and 37 students were taken to the hospital following what's now known as a carbon dioxide leak. now we are told the source of the leak was traced to a broken belt on an exhaust fan in the boiler in the basement. as a result the exhaust leaked into the school. we'll continue to follow this story and have the latest for you online and on the air later today on "eyewitness news" starting at 5:00. >> in other news lego landis cover ream center philadelphia opens to the public today. >> our pat gallen got a sneak peek inside the center at the plymouth meeting mauling last week. it encourages hands on play
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with an almost unlimited supply of lego bricks. single day passes are $19 per person online $24 at the door. children two and runted free. >> this morning pat gallen also got a first look at the newest exhibit at the adventure aquarium in camden. the exhibit features two waterfalls and a school of 120 red belly >> that's "eyewitness news" at noon. i'm jim donovan. >> and i'm rahel solomon. thanks for watching. "eyewitness news" at 5:00 and we're always on line at >> the young and the restless is next. >> ♪
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>> esther: mm! my lovely son-in-law to be! and his wonderful brother! gosh. you both look so handsome. >> michael: oh, thank you. you look absolutely glowing. >> kevin: that's a good look for you, esther. chloe and i should get married every day. >> esther: you'll know someday with bella. when you see your child so over-the-moon happy... >> kevin: that's all i want, esther. that's all i've ever wanted. >> esther: i know. >> kevin: so we have everything we need, right? father todd's on his way. chloe's upstairs getting ready. the groom's rambling on incoherently. everything's coming together? okay. the rings. you have the rings? don't do that dumb "i forgot the rings" bit. >> michael: i wasn't gonna do that. killjoy. [ doorbell rings ] >> esther: oh, and your family and friends to witness all of the joy. >> kevin: right. >> gloria: esther. hello, my love. i left the car running -- not


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