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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 6, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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center city. good afternoon i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer. jessica dean is off tonight. lets get to meteorologist kate bilo tracking strong storms for us in the cbs-3 weather center. pretty wicked stuff. >> it has been a rough day from start to finish but worst was mid to late afternoon between one and 4:00 o'clock when batch of very heavy rain and strong thunderstorms moved through. as we were saying in the updates this afternoon good news with these storms, also bad news but good news they are moving very quickly. quick movement produced those damaging wind. we had reports of damage around the area you can see heaviest batch shifted to the north we are getting some clearing but we are not out of the wood just yet, another line of showers and storms across eastern portions of maryland moving in the delaware area and these are rotating north ande. another chance to pick up a shower or perhaps thunderstorm before this evening comes to an end. we are seeing heaviest rain push up through poconos, still some rain in ease 10, bethlehem, nazareth, allentown , lehigh valley.
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sunshine, blue sky in the city of philadelphia but is there a line of showers and storms, it is back evening across chesapeake bay but in delaware pick up chance for thunderstorm, or a few showers through the city this evening. so, through about 6:00 o'clock , sun returns here and there but still isolated storm, don't pack the picnic blanket out just yet because it will still be unstable for next few hours, straight shower later tonight and does dry out overnight but it will be a windy night. wind pick up and they will stay strong tomorrow. we will tell but chance for showers for your friday and we will have that phillies home opener forecast, not looking great but will they get game in? that is coming up with the full forecast. back over to you. well, hollywood has lost a legend we have word that comedian don rickles has died at the age of 90. he passed away at los angeles from kidney failure. don rickles was known for his unique brand of insult comedy, his humor was cutting but never mean spirited. born donald j rick unless
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queens, new york may eighth, 1926 he got his start as a comedian on the club circuit. rickles was discovered by none other than, frank sinatra during the 1950's. their friendship survived, several decade. >> it is a great reactor for me and he enjoyed my sense of humor and i'm grateful for it. >> reporter: rickles tested his acting chops in the run silent, run deep opposite clark gable. he made appearances in the popular beach blanket film series with annette, and frankie avalon. >> i could not have done it better myself. >> reporter: rickles called johnny carson's attention and in 1965 began making regular appearances on the tonight show. in 1985 he performed at ronald reagan's second inaugural ball , he would later call the show the highlight of his career. rickles was also the voice of mr. potato head in, disney pixar's toy story franchise. he even had the chance to incorporate one of his famous calling card. >> what are you looking at, you hockey puck.
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>> reporter: rickles was honor with the star of the hollywood walk of fame in 2,000. he became new york times best selling author in 2007 with his memoirs, rickles book, the following year, his documentary, mr. warmth, the don rickles project, earned him two emmy award. >> it is like an accomplishment after 55 years in the business, i'm starting out with the strip teas joints , that is what they called them and get to this, it makes you very proud. >> rickles is survived by his wife of 52 year barbara, a daughter, son and two grandchildren. coming up at 53:01 of rickles good friend lives in philadelphia, jerry blavat who remembers don rickles at 5:30. an alarming incident for students and staff at south jersey school more than three dozen people were taken to the hospital for symptoms of associated with carbon monoxide poisoning. the emergency happened at glassboro intermediate school following what officials say was failure of the boiler
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exhaust fan. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden caught up with students and parents this afternoon. just before 9:00 o'clock students, staff, teachers at glassboro intermediate known as bad smell. >> it was gas, some kind of gas. >> it smelled like, a rotten egg. >> reporter: seventh and eighth graders were given order to evacuate. >> we were entering the block and then fire alarm went off, and we were standing outside an hour and a half. >> reporter: emergency officials confirmed, that 40 people, 37 students, and three staff members, were taken to kennedy university hospital, in washington township. >> i have seen like a couple stretches coming in and out of that, school. >> reporter: we're told symptoms ranged from nausea to dizzyiness. >> they are were saying they were having stomach aches. >> reporter: fire fighters swept the school building and detect increased levels of the carbon monoxide and determined an exhaust system for the school's boiler broke and allowed fumes inside the
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building. students from the intermediate school were taken to nearby bullock elementary, parents were generally pleased with the school's handling of the emergency incident. >> everyone seemed calm, inside and so i think, especially as best that can be expected under the circumstances. >> of the 40 people taken to the hospital, nobody was admitted and while the glassboro school district did provide information, that this emergency was caused by that malfunctioning, boiler fan, the superintendent would not make himself available for an interview. we're live from the cbs-3 sat center i'm joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". following a morning delay the trial foreman accused of killing a pennsylvania state trooper, began its second day. eric frein was rushed to pocono medical center this morning after reportedly falling and hitting his head while brushing his teeth in his jail cell. this is moment when frein left the hospital, today, and the three three-year old has pleaded not guilty in the shooting deaths of corporal
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brian dickson, and he is also accused of wounding troop are alex douglass. frein was captured after a nearly seven week manhunt. philadelphia monsignor charged with stealing money met for villa st. joseph in darby boro is still on the job monsignor william a dombrow is charged with embezzling 500 you this dollars from the retirement center to spend on casino visits, dinners and concert. dombrow's attorney says monsignor no longer handles financial matters, is cooperating with police and remorseful about the case. pretrial hearing for lee kaplan was held today, kaplan is accused of sexually assaulting six sisters gifted to him and fathering two children by a 14 year-old girl in feasterville bucks county. today he asked to have his two million-dollar bail, reduced, and mother of those girls also pleaded guilty to endangerment charges today but her sentence will be deferred until kaplan 's case is resolved. kaplan's trial is set to begin next month.
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political analyst say this is the most important diplomatic encounter of his presidency, president trump hostings his chinese counterpart during a two day summit at his resort in florida. natasha brownies here with the tough topic that is will be on the table, natasha. >> reporter: we can tell you that the steaks are high, two world leaders are meeting face-to-face with the very first time right now and it all comes down at a very critical time. growing threats from north korea and trade are expected to dominate these talks. president trump boarded air force one, thursday afternoon, trading on washington for florida sunshine and starting a two day visit with the chinese president at his mara logo resort. >> unaudible. >> reporter: protesters lined the street leading to the winter white house where two world leaders will take on tough topics. north korea's nuclear program is a top priority, communist country tested another missle just two days ago but trade between u.s. and china is also
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to take center stage, which then candidate trump frequently criticized on the campaign trail. >> we cannot continue to allow china to rape our country and that is what they are doing. >> reporter: white house says the president hopes to reboot their relationship with china during this high profile trip. he and president ping won't have time to get to know each other along with their wife's before getting down with business. critics are questioning the pleasure portion of the visit and whether this setting is appropriate since trump family owns the estate. >> what he is doggies actually , using government office for private gain. >> reporter: white house has not said if the chinese delegation will pay for any services while visiting the resort. while this two day trip is expected to include a casual dinner and working lunch the next day, unlike when president hosted japan's prime minister back in february though the two world leaders will not be playing a round of golf. chinese president views on the game are causing local golfers
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to react with surprise. you'll hear what they have to say, coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. back to you. natasha, thank you. today embattled chairman of the house intelligence committee reaccused himself from the investigation into russian's meddling in the presidential election. republican congressman devon nunez said he made move after what he calls false, politically motivated ethics complaints were filed against him. the complaints questioned whether congressman nunez mishandled classified information, after secretly visiting the white house to review evidence related to the russian probe. >> it is clear that this process would be a distraction to the house intelligence committee investigation into russian interference in our election. >> it is in the best interest of the investigation, it will, i think, allow us to have a fresh start, moving forward. >> congressman mike connaway will lead russia investigation , congressman nunez says he will perform other duties as chairman of the house intelligence
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committee. republicans have gone nuclear in their quest to confirm judge neil gorsuch to the u.s. supreme court. democrats carried through on their prom toys filibuster refusing to provide the 60 votes needed to proceed to a final vote on gorsuch. in response, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell called for the nuclear option and changed the rules to require a simple majority vote. >> this is the latestes lacing in the left's never ending judicial war, the most audacious yet, and it cannot and it will not stand. >> we will sadly point to the day as a turning point in the history of the senate, and the supreme court. >> the final vote on judge gorsuch is now expected on friday, with republicans predicting victory. some came together to voice their opposition to threaten federal budget cuts to the arts and humanities. >> "eyewitness news" at academy of fine arts. speakers talk about what they say will be harmful cuts to
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arts programs, they also suggested strategies for citizens to voice their support for arts, to publish officials. today's event was organized by the pennsylvania academy of fine arts and greater philadelphia cultural alliance and coming up on "eyewitness news" aid miracle, 73 years in the making what a solder who in world war two that was just found, and returned, why it holds extra special meaning. and, philly's new champion comes home, we are there as ncaa woman's championship dawn staley makes a triumphant return to her high school. to give her a big welcome. and why police said one man's just lost it, over a bag of m and m's and now they are looking for him. more news after a sho
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selling my soul to get high. when i realized i needed help i didn't know where to go. but i got help and you can too. you're not alone. help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or visit the road to recovery starts now. doctors in turkey confirmed tonight that the syrians killed in tuesday's chemical attack from poisoned by czar inn gas. the nerve agent killed 80 people, 60 miles from the turkey border. now countries all over the world are trying to figure out who is responsible. syria's foreign minister maintains that syrian president assad and syrian government were not involved blaming rebel groups for
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stockpiling the deadly chemical. there are reports that president trump has hinted at military action against syria in response to the attacks. the widow of the utah man killed in the terror attack in london last month is speaking out for the first time. melissa cochran says she forgives the man who took her husband kirk's life. >> kirk was probably the best man i have ever met. he was, sweet, kind and i'm extremely proud of him, and i'm very happy that the world now knows what a wonderful man he was. >> the couple was taking photos on the west minister bridge on march 22nd, when attacker khalid masood used his rental car to run over pedestrians. he was thrown over railing of that bridge, melissa was injured when she was thrown in the souvenir stand. a world war two veteran, from syracuse gets the call he never expect. person on the other end is man who found a priceless keep
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sake, staff sergeant john hill lost a bracelet more than 70 years ago on a field near normandy. it was a gift from his mother, he thought he would never see again but now matthew dell monte found that bracelet in february while walking through that field with the metal detector. he used the serial number on the bracelet to track hill down, 73 years later. a cherished memory for a delaware family discovered after death of the world war two pilot. robert burr man passed away on tuesday and his son thomas was preparing to bury his father. he pulled out a war uniform his dad given him years ago. new tonight at 6:00 what thomas found inside the pocket of that uniform, that he says, he will treasure, forever. that is wonderful. kate's joining us now with a look at the weather. >> yes i'm not sure if you want to look at this weather. >> it is much better now. once the heaviest of the storms hit they came through quickly, and did bring damaging wind, problems in the
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area but now we are seeing sun return in a few spots and temperatures, yes, bizarre how quickry we saw back edge move through and then blue sky, returning but just a beautiful afternoon in a few spots right now. we are dealing with sun glare after possibly heading with heavy, flooding rain earlier but is there flooding ongoing, ponding on the road and still a chance for scattered showers and storms this evening. lets look outside right now, look at that, that looks like an old image if you saw it from two hours ago it was just pouring down rain, now, it is full sun, blue skies, and a beautiful evening in philadelphia which is good news we will start to dry things out quickly as we head toward weekend and we have a nice long stretch of quieter weather to tell but heading in to next week. we are not out of the wood just yet here's storm scan three you can see heavier rain to the north but another little batch of showers, nothing severe with this but right around baltimore, just starting to push into delaware a line of showers pushing through so you may see cloud
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increase, briefly and perhaps another shower or two right along i-95 commuting in the next half an hour or so. there is one storm, seeing lightening around salisbury maryland moving into sussex county delaware. we are seeing a few scattered showers this evening. worst is over but you can see this storm is a very large system. first band of heavy rain, thunder pushing out but notice circulation extend through ohio valley, and that is what will be above us tomorrow, scattered showers, cloud, instability and cool conditions will feel that through the day. latest from the camera time lapse from 2:00 o'clock. notice how heavy rain was, blinding conditions, can't even see the city sky line and just like that, it clears out, there is city, there is blue sky, so much nicer now and temperatures on the rise as well, 55 degrees there. we will take a peak at future weather still a few scattered showers off to the south, most of the evening will feature sunshine here and there.
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overnight we will see cloud work their way back in and wake up tomorrow morning to cloud, scattered showers and a snow shower in the poconos and it will be a cool, cloudy friday, with scattered showers around through about 1:00. flood watch continues today in , to tomorrow, goes until 8:00 tonight in the city and nearby suburbs. 1:00 a.m. in the lehigh valley and poconos and a few flood advisories in the region right now, any spots shaded in green here is there flooding ongoing , watch out on the road there could be slow downs, through the rest of this evening and tonight. so this evening, sun returns, still a stray shower, thunderstorm though can't rule it out, overnight a stray shower here or there otherwise windy, cool, with a low of 47 degrees and your phillies first pitch forecast, for your home opener tomorrow is cool, windy, and 52 degrees first pitch temperature, high tomorrow only 53, and it will feel like 40's with the wind, it is not a great day for baseball but they will get the game in just a stray shower here or there but then sun comes back and we have nice
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warm up next week. >> really nice. >> really nice. >> as crispy cream doughnuts weren't delicious enough we will tell you about the could it is teaming up with, crazy creations. also ahead why rocker bon jovi ended a pennsylvania concert an hour early, pretty unlike performer, he usually plays for two and a half hours , we will have that story >> done in by unlikely source, phillies wrap up their series in cincinnati. resume that knows no limits, don't miss heart warming welcome for philly legend dawn staley up next in
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a deadly distraction new jersey officials are hoping to crackdown on fatal crashes, coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 the new initiative and how they hope that it will save lives, that is tonight at 6:00. right now, don bell joins us and we're talking about the phillies home opener, right. >> yes, fightin phillies. >> it is the weather. >> that is right. >> but tomorrow, we should be okay. >> all right. >> better. >> they will still get tonight that is what kate bilo tells me. the phillies home opener, is tomorrow at 3:05. taking on the nationals and hopefully bounce back. this afternoon they played red in cincinnati, phillies fans showing up at great american ballpark. we are tied at four in the bottom of the sixth. red reliefer, michael, a reliever pinch hitting and doing it really well. that is how well.
5:24 pm
a solo shot. phillies lose this thing seven -four. switching gears, philly legend comes home dawn staley is three time olympian and basketball hall of famer but her latest achievement is worth, yet another, round of applause. justin udo has more. >> reporter: during her time as stand out student at dobbins technical high school dawn staley was named national high school female basketball player of the year. since then she has experienced success as a player in college , in the pros, at olympics and most recently by winning ncaa national championship as head coach of the south carolina lady game cocks. earlier today she received a home coming fit for a queen at place where it all started: dobbins high. staley was welcomed back by former temple mens basketball coach john cheyney, mayor jim kenney, philadelphia eagles wide receiver alshon jeffery and sea of supporters. dobbins and north philadelphia hold a special place in her heart. >> for someone to be successful it takes a lot of
5:25 pm
hand and you reflect. your past is right there before you. the people that you see, you know had an impact. >> before reaching her latest milestone staley was already considered a legend in the halls of dobbins high. she's in the sports hall of fame and girls gymnasium bears her name. >> you know, you made all of that, that is a great thing but when you are able to touch , inspire young people, that is a kicker for me. >> reporter: event was not all about basketball, but while at her home coming staley offered advice to current students and kid all around philadelphia. >> it is one of my life mottos , disciplined person can do anything. it works both ways. if you are disciplined, and being negative you will be real good at it. if it is something to be positive it will help you be successful. justin udo for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that championship net looks
5:26 pm
good around her neck. >> doesn't it though. >> nice accessory. >> coming up at 6:00 dawn stays in contact with a philadelphia legend. you will want to know who this is and we will talk about that in just about 35 minutes. >> that is interesting. >> see you then. >> welcome home. >> coming up next, half an hour he was the king of comedy , one of the oldest and some would say best american comedians ever, we are remembering don rickles through the memories of his good friend philadelphia's beater with the heater, jerry blavat, next. making a real difference students studying government becomes part of the governmental process itself, we will have more on the bill they drafted introduce todd congress and how it aims to help families of civil rights cold cases we will b
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and carbsteady, unique blends of slow release carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes. every meal every craving. it's the choices you make when managing blood sugar that are the real victories. glucerna. everyday progress. don rickles dead at the age of 90. tonight remembering the legendary funny man, and among those who knew him well, the beater, philadelphia's own jerry blavat. blavat work as rickles valet in the 1950's and two never lost touch after that even developing a close bond. the news continues at 5:30. i'm nicole brewer. jessica's off tonight. >> i'm ukee washington. our greg argos talked today with jeff i blare at about the man, and the comedian. >> letterman is not guy that
5:30 pm
gets out too much, out in the midwest with his wife saying honey, shoot that cow and let's go to bed early. >> reporter: before he was a famous comedian don rickles was an up and coming artist traveling comedy club circuit here in philadelphia in 1957. >> i was his valet, i didn't know who he was. >> reporter: just 17, jerry blavat showed her, around the city club to club and 2b came life long friend. >> the most lovely guy, completely opposite of what you would see, on stage. >> reporter: rickles died thursday from kidney failure, 90 year-old is best none for his insult driven humor, blavat says unlike anything from any other comic to day. >> comedians today do one liners, or stories. rickles comedy was playing off the audience. >> god bless you frank, what could do you to me. >> reporter: blavat and rickles kept in regular touch. >> i'm don rickles. big, big star calling be in.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: even opened for him in recent events and said rickles never who his comedy genius. >> next time, please god, it would be nice. when you went to see don rickles you knew you were going to get insulted. people loved it. there will never be another don rickles. >> reporter: even though rickles was best known for his insults, jerry says it was all in good humor. those that knew rickles knew not to take his jokes personally. >> he was really interesting. jerry was saying how his humor applied to all generations young and old. >> everybody got it. >> in hollywood you weren't really somebody until you make fun of people and butt of the jokes. >> in the front row, look out. >> yes. >> jerry blavat, boss with the hot sauce. students at south jersey high school are working to get justice for families of victims in civil rights cold cases. reporter cherri gregg from kyw news radio traveled to hightstown and she shows us
5:32 pm
how students there are hoping to change federal law. >> reporter: thinks hightstown, high school's ap government class, and instead of just learning how the political systems work, these students are part of the process. >> we, as a collective body have been working on this, since the beginning of last year. >> reporter: senior aretha shaw is one of the more than two dozen students who drafted the cold case, record collections, act, to make it easier, to access, government documents, and civil rights cold cases. >> the process is a very long, tedious process. >> it is just a travesty that nothing has been done. >> reporter: stewart connection letter came up with the idea for bill in 2015. he realized the emmitt till act which created the civil rights cold case division had a gap. those trying to solve racially charged murders could only get redak documents leaving families without answers for decade so she is students created a solution. >> create an independent review board that will release
5:33 pm
those files for them so we're not faced with over classification. >> reporter: they drafted legislation created a web site and got media coverage that convinced illinois congressman bobby rush to introduce the bill last month. >> i was explaining why this was all relevant to them. >> reporter: kathy sock love was one of the students who went to capitol hill last week to rally congress. >> we're going to meet congressman clay. >> it was very exciting, it was really cool. i haven't been robbieing before. >> reporter: students have two co sponsors and endorsement by the congressional black caucus and they are not done. >> i met at lee four calls to naacp in charleston. >> reporter: the work is a lesson. >> anyone can make a exchange, if they are passionate bit and pursue their goals. >> reporter: one that these citizens will keep for the rest of their lives. in hightstown, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a recently hired principal at a camden high school has resigned, following a report, from the high school's own
5:34 pm
student journalist. amy robert son stepped down before even starting her job, while writing an article about the new principal, the students learned that the school where robert son received her doctorate degree doesn't seem to exist. >> everyone was really shock, you know, most common question is how did the school board not catch this earlier. >> she had a lot of documents that she was using to backup the claim that they were degrees. >> reporter: robert son designed to comment on the concerns, about the credentials saying those concerns are not based on facts. astronaut john glenn was laid to rest in arlington, national cemetery. glenn was 95 when he passed away in december. following a death his body laid in repose at ohio state house. marine fighter pilot was the first american to orbit the earth in 1962, he later became
5:35 pm
oldest human in space serving on the space shuttle discovery in 1998 at the age of 77. welsh it is not for the faint of heart, new suspension bridge is in place in italy, that that rises 328 feet above the ground. the bridge called moon bridge in honor of the rocco petron the man who coordinate add polo mission that put the first man on the moon. he was born in the italian town where that bridge was built. moon bridge opened up to the public, on saturday. >> um, um. >> would you. >> probably not, only if forced. >> still to come on "eyewitness news", it could be definition of the word hangry we will tell you why one man flipped out over a bag of m and m's and police are looking for him. >> he has been subject of the speculation recently richard simmons stepping out in the spotlight years ago but now making a come back. we will tell you bit, coming up, kate?
5:36 pm
well, weekend is just around the corner now and even though we have chilly mornings to talk about the really overall theme for the weekend is improvement, it will be a breezy day, on saturday, and that will make temperature fool keeler then the upper 50 's, but on sunday picture perfect spring day with temperatures back to the 60's and good deal of sunshine and we will keep warming up from there, so all and all a great
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well, it is official, 30,000 part-time jobs will be available through amazon, over the next, year. now most will be warehouse positions, but 5,000 jobs will be created in amazon virtual customer service program. that will allow customer service work tours do their jobs from home. the company says that home based employees who work at lee 20 hours a week will get, benefits. all right. so praising something, sweet.
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>> well, crispy cream is taking their doughnuts up a notch with the addition of chocolate. >> the chocolate doughnuts will only be available for a limited time so, get them while you can. they come in two flavors, sea salt carmel and mint check late. can i say that again, sea salt carmel. >> please do. >> and mint chocolate. >> both doughnuts have pieces of the actual chocolate bars on top. >> it looks like it is dark chocolate, that looks so delicious. >> um, um. >> you take carmel. >> i will take carmel. >> do you say carmel. >> i say whatever comes to mind, i'll eat it though. >> that is all that matters. >> new study by an environmental groups raises concerns about the air we breathe. >> health reporter stephanie
5:41 pm
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a man is violent after his debit card is declined trying to by candy at a convenient store. >> take a look this scene at california 7-eleven looks pretty normal at first. but when the customer wanted to buy m and m's suddenly things got out offhanded. customer hits one cashier, knocks over the registers and then goes after the second cashier. police just released this video of the incident from
5:44 pm
february, hoping it will help them track down down the suspects. in healthwatch new report outranks philadelphia as one of the most smog i silt is in the country. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has numbers from the study that has environmental experts, worried about air tonight. >> very concerned. this is, national public health week, and the study's findings were announced at a news conference this morning in philadelphia. they highlight need to reduce air pollution which is often underlying cause of many diseases. just more than a week after president trump signed an executive order taking first steps toward erasing rules, limiting carbon dioxide emissions from power plants, local environmental advocates are voicing their concerns. >> my daughter was just 10 months old when he had a asthma attack. >> reporter: this is the mother of three young children in south philadelphia. >> the reality is, when it gets here in philadelphia and across the country are dealing with unhealthy air like this
5:45 pm
report provides us. >> reporter: report by penn environmental research and policy center ranks philadelphia second among cities in the north east with 897 days of elevated smog pollution in 2015. philadelphia was fifth in the nation recording 212 days of elevated soot pollutions, numbers that doctor walter su of the philadelphia physicians for social responsibility says need to be reduced dramatically. >> we believe that is going to exacerbate or make for a more serious problem in our commonwealth and our city. >> reporter: studies show people in areas of high pollution are at increased risk for lung disease, heart disease and stroke. >> as president trump rolls back 31 percent of epa's budget that means cities like philadelphia will not have the resources and the fund, to clean up the air to protect our children. >> reporter: group's calling on local and state leaders to combat pollution and impact on citizens health. >> we have to now hear that 126 philadelphians every
5:46 pm
single year die from bad air, it is a remind their we have work to do. >> reporter: also from the report, the washington d.c. metro area has the most, number of days of elevated smog pollution in the northe and pittsburgh, came in number three, just behind philadelphia. also, this was really interesting in terms of the so ot l.a.'s -- philadelphia's air was worse than l.a. you hear about los angeles. >> all the time. >> all the time. >> so it is worse here. >> that is not good. >> we have work to do. >> thanks, stephanie, appreciate it. flying can be frustrating during bad weather but sometimes, pizza can help. a passenger on a flight shared this photo and shows crew handing out free pizza on a flight diverted because of bad weather, yesterday. the plane was supposed to land in atlanta but had to fly to nashville instead. >> i feel like free pizza. >> i was going to say only thing better than pizza is free pizza. >> yes, yes.
5:47 pm
>> yes. >> where did they get it all. >> i love it. >> all right, cool. >> go for free pizza right now >> it has been quite a day. >> crazy day. >> quite a day, of weather from morning through afternoon , worst of it was through two and 4:00 o'clock, people were outside on the road and it is still a mess out there just heard from our traffic producer tim that there is reports of flooding on i-95 down around the airport heading out on the road and everything looks slower than normal. ponding is still in place and now we are dealing with sun glare as well now that the sun has learned, in the wake of the heaviest storms. lets look outside, we will go up to bethlehem where we are looking live at saint luke's hospital and you can see dark cloud in the background but still not completely cleared out. they have gotten here later then we did in philadelphia but we will see sun trying to break out is there. that area under a flood watch, in the overnight hours for lehigh valley and poconos. that flood watch lasts until
5:48 pm
1:00 o'clock in the morning. checking with our eyewitness weather watchers, mostly reporting sunshine peeking outside right now. that is how temperatures ramp up to our daytime highs. we are seeing temperatures near 60 degrees in philadelphia we will check with bill layden in cardington , 59 with sunshine at his house. fifty-six, further to the north, we will check with joe craney in orland, 56, and he has got full sun as well. we will take you down to delaware because, it is curious to see if these showers are showing up on our weather watcher's radar. still seeing sun at jason's house, 22 minutes ago but cloud are starting to build back in and i expect we will pick up another shower here and there, showers and storms are heavier at times, earlier today, and some photo from our weather watchers, look at this flooded yard in cherry hill, from lynn springer canel and her backyard looks like a pond out there, it is like a swamp, very, very heavy rain earlier, the sun, out, now that the storm has passed and big changes, after the storm moved through you can see those dark cloud on the horizon there. sandor sent this from northern
5:49 pm
della'more wear showing back edge of the low. thinks a shelf of cloud that moved on out, and blue skies took over very quickly as that storm moved through. so everyone enjoying a blue sky but it may not be around for the entire evening. lets look at storm scan three, you can see even though heaviest of the rain has started to shift north ande we have some rap around showers, now moving into portions of chester, lancaster counties. also down through much of the delaware as well starting to see scattered showers, even a thunderstorm in southern sussex county. so many spots still seeing a lot of sunshine down across south jersey, northern delaware but these showers are making their way back in and wouldn't be shocked if many spots pick up a brief shower or rumble of thunder here throughout the next hour or so not much, worries over but this is a large storm, and again, we will be under the influence. look at the swirl of cloud over portions of michigan, that is where center of the low is, it will take sometime to get this thing out of here and to really, start the process of clearing out. doppler estimated rainfall
5:50 pm
totals in the last 24 hours was a brief deluge across the area green you see business an inch, widespread inch of rain, for many of us, and few pockets here where it is closer to yellow and that is closer to 2 inches of rain. isolated 2-inch west that system moving through. right new you can see temperatures starting to ramp up as the skies have cleared, and still cool where the cloud are, and, only in the 40's in allentown and reading but 57 in philadelphia. sixty in atlantic city, and 60 in dover, and these spots seeing their daytime highs, happening right now. that is at the end of the day. future weather shows a couple of scattered showers. look at the snow on the back edge of the storm. we will not tap into most of that but we are still seeing it back in the low, still over pittsburgh at 6:00 o'clock tomorrow morning, a few scattered showers, moving through here tomorrow afternoon maybe a snow shower in the poconos, and then saturday, clearing as a bell, sunday same story, we have got beautiful wet they are weekend and watch this once this cold pocket moves out, big warm up,
5:51 pm
in store, just lift to the north and we have got nice warming with temperatures heading to the 70's next week. overnight 47 degrees and you're witness weather seven day forecast of that warm up, 67 by sunday. seventy's next week. back over to you. we have some breaking news to tell but right now chopper three live over materials technology in west conshohocken on union hill road, part of its roof, collapsed in storms that blew through. you can see the damage, right there the right of your screen chopper three is live and our alexandria movies on the scene with a live report at 6:00 as we look at these pictures from the air and on the ground from west conshohocken coming up at 6:00. fun on the campus of temple university. >> sesame street live took the stage at liacouras center elmo , rover and zest meet street friend welcomed a new
5:52 pm
friend, in from india. it teaches children about celebrating cultures and making new friend. zest knee street live is at liacouras certainty through sunday. the lego land discovery center is now opened at plymouth meeting mall. it includes a interactive display with a real philly flare, complete with more than a million and a half legos. there are also play zones within almost unlimited supply of legos and kid friendly ride , and cinema to keep children and parents entertained. meeting location is first lego land discovery center in pennsylvania and it is the fourth, on the year ande coast >> amazing well, tonight at 11:00 taste with tor it is taking a trip to the mediterranean paradise. >> good news you only have to drive through media, delaware county to get there from fresh based peta bread, feel the love, and for diverse flavors to different road.
5:53 pm
>> it really makes me feel like it is a fink of my home where i can welcome home and bring them over and let them experience some of our culture >> it is an adventure for your taste budd don't mistakes with tori tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. still ahead on "eyewitness news" why bon jovi stopped a pennsylvania concert an hour early. and a rare appearance by brad pitt, what brought him out in hollywood last night when we come
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
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he just performed a full set here in philadelphia but rocker john bon jovi had to cut his band's pittsburgh
5:57 pm
concert short last night because he was feeling under the weather. the group was performing at the arena wednesday night when bon jovi told audience he has had a cold since saturday night. he said bad medicine and then wrapped things up after 90 minutes but two and a half hour show, was living on a prayer. out of the spotlight, for more than three years but now richard simmons is back. fitness mogul will be represented by prominent brand and challenge which created collection of simmons inspired products. so far in word on how involved simmons will be in the promotion of these new products or what the products will be. >> that is a tight fitting outfit there. >> eye rare sight in hollywood with brad pitt stepping out for a movie premiere. >> solve been concerned with the star since he has been mia lately. michelle turner joins us now from l.a. to tell you more. >> reporter: ukee and nicole picture surfaced of him
5:58 pm
looking thin but don't worry, et on line, says it is a very different brad last night. >> brad. >> good to see brad smiling in his surprise first red carpet appearance of the year. his look was business casual in a black jacket and salt and pepper goat tea. what he there is to support who city of zi, he didn't stop for any interviews but did a quick shout out. >> hi guys. >> how are you doing. >> brad has been good to us for years and years. the intention was that he was going to star but then decided to produce tonight. >> reporter: charlie hundredam took over that role to star trek go through amazon in 1906 we saw brad pitt coming out of the woodwork. >> yes. >> it is nice of him. >> we have more with brad's cast tonight on et, ukee and nicole back to you. get your entertainment news from entertainment
5:59 pm
tonight weeknights at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 powerful storms role through our region we are live with a roof ripped from a building, kate. war of the damaging storms have moved out but we are still tracking showers through the overnight hours and a chilly, cloudy friday for phillies home opener, i'll have your full forecast in the latest look at storm scan three. with traffic deaths on the rise, a crackdown on distract driving, the way officials in new jersey are hoping to keep drivers, safe on the road. and hometown hero back where it all started, dawn staley fresh off a national championship talks about the other philadelphia icon that she says has been there for her, from the very beginning. world war two pilot died at 95 but what he left behind for his family will live on forever, i'm anita oh in delaware, the surprise his son found and memories that it
6:00 pm
honored. >> reporter: it is 6:00 here's is what happening powerful storms rolled through the region and they are leaving their mark tonight, in montgomery county a roofies torn from the business, as wild weather, pushed through. frightening scene in west conshohocken tonight, good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer in for jessica don't lets get outside to "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff live from that scene, alex, what can you tell us so far. >> reporter: intensity of the storms that have just left our area what you are seeing behind me, should serve as a reminder. we also right now have chopper three live overhead so you might want to take a look at that, entire roof with a large air conditioning unit, now covers up at lee one vehicle in this parking lot. it was ripped from this building which is a metal working business in west conshohocken around 3:00 p.m. we


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