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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  April 6, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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. the almost bachelor bomb shem. cheater, liar, manipulator? the elliss that turned him from fan favorite to enemy number one. >> no. >> you dated a girl for a few months who is on next season. >> we have his interview. >> i have nothing to hide. >> then our hollywood night out with brad pitt. but did this hunk steal a movie role from him? >> here i am. >> and simone biles goes on her first date ever. >> he has a good body. i'm just saying. >> and -- >> you don't realize how many rihanna songs you sing. wah wah wah wah. >> what's the craziest thing
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you've done when you've been drunk? >> here's the problem. i don't remember. >> now for april 6, tweft this is "entertainment tonight." building the case against stefan belafonte. welcome, everybody. nancy o'dell is back books out. >> we had the latest on mel b and her latest on her allegations against her husband. this as the family breaks their silence. >> if it's physical, eats mental abuse also. >> sharon osbourn spoke of bruises evident in the finale which mel blames on belafonte. >> she didn't make the first day. she was in hospital. she came back for the final day and she had a black eye and bruszing. >> x factor's judge simon cowell
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became concerned. >> she's a trooper. >> he introduced her to divorce lawyers. spokesperson for simon said "we've always supported her when she's requested and we will continue to do so. >> well, belafonte's lawyers denied the allegations telling "e.t." they're "outrageous and unfounded and a smear campaign." her sister spoke out. "eight years of abuse. stating we would never see melanie again. wife beater, abuser and got my sister's back. meanwhile is mel b gathering evidence against her ex? she was seen at her lawyer's office. she's getting photos of nanny
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loraine gilles. mel's computer was retrieved. mel b alleges stefan extorted her and threatened to release the tape. >> are you threatening to release vaideotape of you guys? >> you my wonder what was the final straw? thrp several things but last year working on broadway she started feeling more confident and independent from stefan. she's a strong woman. >> speaking of feeling more end pent, brad pitt seems to have a spring in his step again. "e.t." online's ashley carson joined brad at his big premier. >> it was good to see brad smiling in his first red carpet appearance of the year. he was business casual and sporting a salt and pepper goatee.
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he was there to support the lost zi of z. he's an executive producer. he didn't give interviews but did a quick soutd-out. >> how you doing? >> i've developed it for years and years and i think initially the intention was that he was going to star in it and he decided just to produce it. >> charlie hunnam took over that role as british explorer. >> we saw a little brad pitt action. >> really? le. >> you didn't know? >> i didn't know. >> oh, you weren't here. sienna miller is charlie's real life wife. >> he was starving himself at night. he didn't speak to his fiance at all. >> charlie tells "e.t." he is not engaged to jewelry designer morganna. >> i have an incredible girlfriend who's very, very
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understanding of being supportive of the silly whims i have. >> i'm not sure it's hard to be understanding and supportive with a fellow who looks like that. just saying. we're so excited to have alli. where are you flipping out like the rest of it when nick got picked? we all thought it was luke's job. >> absolutely. i was happy for nick because he's a friend 0e67 mine but i was stunned like everybody else out there. today we're learning more about why it happened. was luke trying to cast women he was already dating? well, i had to get his story. why do you think that abc and the producers ended up going with nick as a bachelor? do you think it has to do anything with the fact that these women might have told them like you were trying to get them on the show? >> i don't -- i don't think so at all. it's funny. anybody i'd take a picture with
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or anything, it could be my sister and if people don't know it's my sister, they think we're dating. it gets very thrown out of proportion. >> here's how the drama started. >> we need to know that this video is not made to hurt anyone. >> this woman claimed in a youtube blog that they met up. >> i ended up getting talked into it because i was convinced that, you know, it was going to be f g amaze pg. i guess it was like after the rose you're going to meet the next bachelor and he wrauks out. i'm literally on the floor like in tears. >> after that she said luke disappeared. claimed three weeks later lawyer eb hussey started dating her. to set the record straight. is what he wrote about you and these girls true?
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>> no. there is no truth in it other than yes, i have ber acted with knees two women. i talked to one of them. i dated the other one. >> what about with chris harrison? how's your relationship with him? chris said he didn't -- >> yeah. >> -- think your intentions were necessarily in line with what the show wanted. >> we just had our questions, as to is he really ready, is he sincere about this? >> you think he said that? >> i had a lot of time to think about that. chris stayed pretty distant. so their decision to picnic and up think that if i'm defending my position as the proiks company to pick someone, i've got to have some rational why the other guy was not right. it's just kind of the canned go-to response i feel like so -- >> what's next for luke? i asked him in he'd consider "bachelor in paradise." he said he'd consider it.
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>> hollywood has lost a true legend. don rick lgs has passed away afternoon a kreesh insulting, well, everyone. you november what? that's why we loved him. >> you say hello and they show two seconds. yes. two seconds of nothing. >> his hollywood handle "mr. warmth" was sarcastic indeed. >> why did they give me you? thars so many other people wants to be here. >> he insulted himself as often as anybody else. like when he won an emmy in 2008 for a comedy special. >> in 55 years this is one of my great things in my life. blue cross is waiting in the ambulance. >> he died this morning from kidney failure. he was 90. just last december, hurling insults on kirk douglas on his
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100th. >> sandwiches. >> a younger generation got to know don as his role as "toy story's" mr. potato head. >> what are you looking at hockey puck? >> he broke johnny carson's cigarette. >> johnny came at him. >> they told me you broke it on the show last night! >> well, i -- >> i, i, i -- >> my wife and i bought him a beautiful cigarette box which i think he gave to charity. >> how nice. but insults was his big stock in trade. >> it's a great pleasure for me to be here for this kind of money. it's usually 35 minutes, people would refuse to leave because they would expect me to come
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back. >> when you got an insult from don rickles, you'd make it. >> that's right. >> coming up, taking aim at kendall jenner's pepsi commercial. >> i'm guessing it's a protest for attractive lives matter. >> then simone gives "e.t." at the emotional new dancing performance. >> i think everyone's going to cry. >> plus -- ♪ ♪ on mine hand >> the world premier of the new video state of the serious. savings at giant. only at my giant.
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fill your basket with easter only at my giant. . i know, are you happy with it? >> don't blink. that's kendall jenner rushing from her hotel in paris. there was no way she was talking about the pepsi commercial since being yanked from the airwaves. people claim it makes light of serious protest efforts. but as always, late night turned anger to humor.
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♪ >> i'm thinking it's a protest for attractive lives matter. have you seen this thing? >> late night had a field day with the spot. >> at first this was a movement without a leader until the protest route just happened to pass by kendall jenner doing a fashion shoot for apparently aluminum siding. once kendall jenner has made the ultimate sacrifice of wiping off her lipstick, it's super fun until the march meets the world's most intimidating police force. >> and kendall jenner solves everyone's problems by handing the police officer a pepsi. even on the commercial the police was like, are you all out of coke or -- >> even martin luther king jr.'s do you remember tweeted "if only daddy would have known about the
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power of #pepsi." >> let's see coca-cola address climate change. that's what we should see. when your country is divided by black and whites, bring them together with oreos. >> still ahead, simone biles rehearsing for dancing. >> is there going to be an second date with this guy? plus, what megan mulally's saying about the will and grace comeback. >> hey, guys. i start talking and i'm like -- >> and a side of anne hathawayway we've never seen before. a heart partying girl in her new movie and in real life? >> you wake up this morning and your phone shows you called someone. you're like, i don't -- what -- did we talk? >> closed captioning provided by --
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. oh, did you see this yesterday? it is so adorable. this cutie right here is max and peta's little boy shy turning 12 weeks old. they fell in love on "dancing with the stars," of course. meanwhile simone biles has just started going out on dates. "e.t." on line found out. >> i've never had a boyfriend. at 20 years old, i feel like you should have gone on dates. i'm like at least one proper date. >> how did that go?
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>> not there. but you are -- >> is there going to be a second date with this guy? >> yeah, probably. >> oh! >> what if he's watching right now? >> hey. he's got a good body. that's -- i'm just saying. i'm just saying. am i gonna -- >> shhh. >> what? >> shhhh. she's going to kill me. >> simone and sasha will do a wallets on monday's "dantsing" and contestants will share their most memorable year. >> this week is special for marin because it's the first time she can say something she's wanted to say for a long time. >> yv you not been able to say it? >> there are no right words. once you see the story you'll understand. i blocked a lot of things out because i am a gym knits. the meteorologistal side is part of it. but also from my child holliday. >> are you going to cry and are
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viewers going to cry? >> i think so. >> i think everyone's going to cry. >> you're giggling about it -- >> i get nervous a lot. >> you're nervous. >> that's one thing. like when i'm trying to be serious or i'm like come on simone, she giggles. she's all giggles but at the end of the day she works super hard. if you could see what our rehearsals at the beginning of the week to the what it looks like at the end of the week, it's night and day. >> the hard work is paying off. we asked simone who she considered her biggest competition. she said herself. spoken like a true champion. >> inspect anne hathawayway's new movie, she plays a hard drinking party girl. look at her. she's always put together so perfectly. carly discovered there's a side of anne we've never seen before.
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>> what's the craziest thing you've done while neebry ated. >> here's the thing. i don't remember. it's that horrible feeling when you wake up the next morning and your phone shows you called someone that you didn't mean to calm. that's making me blushing right now. so embarrassing. and you're like, i don't -- i -- did we talk? >> not what we expected to hear from the notoriously private miss hathaway. she's letting hues. in this movie she thinks they can control a monster making its way through korea. >> you were filming. >> it's pretty physical. >> yeah. ow, what was that? i always want to do it as fast as the boys, just as strong. and i couldn't this time. i had a little person in my tummy. we did one take of the fight.
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>> something else we discovered. she's got a scene with rihanna in the all-female crew of the upcome "oceans 8" movie. she's a total fangirl. >> rihanna, you don't realize how often you sing rihanna's song. ♪ wah wah wah wah ♪ >> i had to cut it off really fast because so it was so inappropriate. ♪ >> i bet she would have joined in. something else that will get you going, the return of "will and grace" the show's not back until fall. they've increased the episodes from ten to 12. keep them coming. megan mulally said she never thought this date would ever come. >> da da da da da da j! making out! >> i never thought we'd do it
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again. >> is it easy just to slide back in with those guys again? >> yeah. it was -- i mean, it 23e89 like we'd just been away for the weekend. that's the weirdest thing about it is it didn't feel weird. it was just like, hey, guys. wanld i start talking in a high voice. it's bizarre. it's just totally there. just really makes me feel at home. i think what everybody's shooting for -- because they've already started writing -- they just want it to be funny. that was the goal before and it's the goal now. ♪ >> but before megan starts shooting the new episodes she's making music with stephanie hunt. their duo is called "nancy and beth." ♪ won't you let my man go free >> the two star saturday in l.a. they're keeping it a mystery why their band doesn't use their real names. >> which one is nancy and which
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one is beth or have you picked yet? >> we have picked. >> can't say. >> and no one on the planet except for stephanie and i know. >> us two. >> there's madonna and nancy and beth. it's liberating when you perform under a different name. >> yeah. >> i dig those girls. ali, i would show you the album cover -- >> ok. >> -- but they're naked. they look good but they're naked. when we return, a the world premier that will make you want to dance ♪ ♪ ♪
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. having a good time tonight? >> i had so much fun.
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>> girl power. >> right! >> before we go tonight, how beautiful is charlize theron? she's there with co-star vin diesel. they teamed up for the song "hey ma". >> and only we have the english language version. >> good night. >> bye. ♪ ♪ -- captions by vitac -- # #
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the "insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one, mel b. lawyers
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up against her ex. what she's planning today. and, as stefan belafonte denies her abuse allegations, nancy grace puts him on blast. >> if that is true, bell fonafo needs to be in jail. then why brad made a surprise red carpet pit stop, at julia roberts credits brad for her marriage after playing third wheel. >> they were always chatting. i was kind of like, oh, i read that book. number three, beyonce and jay-z open up their anniversary scrapbook. >> i'm the happiest i've ever been. zbln in. >> inside their intimate photos. plus your "insider" bonus. >> i obviously owe so much to that show and love that show. >> carrie underwood tells us all she knows about "idol's" rumored return. alina dunham takes her series into the future with the "golden girl." >> hannah, what are you doing? now, the "insider," tracking hollywood from the inside out.


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