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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 7, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> we're seeing the first evidence of damage from that attack.stys launch 50 tomahawk crews missiles, pentagon officials say they knocked out the air ape chemical weapons attack, more killed. vet yan shows the impact on that air base. president trump says attack on its own ppl act. >> vital national ste to prevent
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and deter u of deadly chemical there can be no dispute that syria used banned chemical weapons. violated its obligations un the chemical convention and ignored the urging of the un security council. >> holly williams in istanbul turk which more details and reaction to the american missile strike. holly, good morning. >> good morning. no surprises at all this morning in the responses from the syrian regime as well as its ally russia, the regime calling these missile strikes an act of blatent aggression, it says it, makes the us a partner of isis and other terrorist groups. claims it wasa violation every international law, and it says that the strikes were based on quota trumped up pre text.
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regimme and russia deny that there was a chemical attack on the town despite all of the evidence that we have seen emerging in the days since then. sever of america's allies, including the united kingdom, sawed r abaya, turkey, and israel. in fact, turkey is pushing for more action. it says it no-y zone in northern syria. we spoke with several syrian rebel groups last night, very happy, that the us is taking military action against the syrian regime. in large part, because they hope it will stop the regime from bombing them. but they no longer have any expectation that america will help them win their war. >> holly williams in istanbul, thanks, holly. we'll have much more on syria coming up at 7:00 on cbs this morning, including the latest from the pentagon and the president in florida we'll get reaction fromco rubio, former cia director
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mark morrell, and fran townsend, and our coverage continues throughout the day on 2 network cbsnment this has been a cbs special report. i'm charlie rose, cbs new york. >> much more throughout our new cast. first, we want to help your day get started right over to katie fehlinger and the cbs weather forecast with a check on the forecast, guys, today actually ends up t beinsition f, dow think we will see couple of left over stray showers here and, therethatequires the a like yesterday did. what you really need, having the extra layer ready to go, much chillier day by comparison outside to pleasant valley middle and high school. clouds starting to build up here. see it most net bridge on
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storm scan. definitely more cloud cover starting t t back side of the storm. will as a result be few showers, i have to say the bark is worse than the bite across porti outside of harrisburg right now, south-central pennsylvania, we will see a stray shower here and there, but it looks like many of you may not see a drop of rain. chill in the air for everyone, noticable breeze goes with that, certainly, more and more clouds cover, as the day progresses, as well. so the temperatures get stuck as a result. the chill is settling in. the clouds are going to bill owe in to limit the sunshine wetoill remain mid 50's at absolute best. currently in the mid 40's up and down i-95, you're at 36 mount pocono, and as the day goes on here's what we are expecting for the shore point, passing shower, moreud windy at. rahel, back to the low four's, stays little unsettled with the storm trying to m departure in the poconos.
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heavy sweatshirt is the idea for today. >> absolutely, katie, thank you so much. so pack the parenod be having rl congestion because of the wet roadways and the rain all weekment looking outside where we just had accident clear 95 south the ramps to t w looking . gorgeous shot here. schuylkill, tail light moving in the eastbound direction, at . yikes. that's just absolutely gorgeous. by the way, don't ber eyes on the road, but man, for us sitting at home and drinking or our coffee, gorgeous direction ridge pike, beautiful out there. and you are still traveling in most parts at posted speeds, which is also good. so, the nfl draft coming to philly. art museum stems actually april 27th, through the 29th, saturday, phase one, starts on monday. we're excited about this. but, it is some, you know, travel congestion around the areas. eakin's oval, southbound, kelly drive, westbound spring garden street all going to
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area. again, that start on monday. we will be talking more about this coming up in a little bit. jim, rahel, back toeish the roof of this montgomery county business was no match for yesterday's storm. >> trang do live in west conshohocken where employees are surveying the damage. good morning, trang. >> entering the builds err here, but here on the outside you can see the damage pretty evident. we go up to the roof tonight you can see, a part of the roof is just lifted off, a huge piece of the roof was actually completely torn off. ended up on the other side of the parking lot. good news, no one was hurt. looking at the technology company in west conshohocken, now, roof. powerful storm thursday, tearing the roof off of one building and toss tossing it across the parking lot, landed
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on one cahan damaged several others. >> came straight on through. i guess they were lucky was injured at that time of day when people usually are coming out. i'm almost positive some of us here, could have been fatalities if the storm scam through. >> twenty-three employees written side the building on union hill road. all got out safely. around 4:00 p.m. a security guard reported seeing a tornado touchdown over the building. but, lou roo, trained storm spotter, for the national weather service, says it ar work. >> the tornado hit the debris tossed in many different directions. in this case it is all toss in the one direction. >> reporter: strong winds can proof just as dangerous as a tornado. over in new castle county delaware paramedicsoman and 17 d boy to the hospital after winds toppled tree onto their car as they waited at intersection during the storm. and back out here, this building here is damaged, and there is another building here on this campus, so employees here are back at work. meanwhile, the national
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weather service will have to send out a crew her eothe damage, in order to determine if an actual tornado happened here. for now live in west conshohockan cbs-3, "eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you. >> trang, thank you. >> in other news this morning the internal revenue service says the personal data of as many as 100,000 taxpayers, they've been say hackers posed s student using on line data retrieval tool to apply for financial aid. that will tool is used by families to import tax information on applications. the irs shutdown retrieval tool last month, they say it will be secure and operational agai this fall. >> site today confirm neil gorsuch to the supreme court. vote schedule for later this morning. senate democrats filibuster, leading senateangehe rule to ree only a simple majority vote. minority leader chuck schumer says the change weakens the standing of the senate as a whole. >> well, coming up, alert to
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asthma sufferers about recall involving hundreds of thousands every inhaler. >> poor diet choices during pregnancy could lead to problems for mother andn in this morning's health watch. pat? >> good morning, guys. this is one of the best views in citizens bank park out here on ashburn alley, getting ready for the home opener which is today 3:05 nationals and we will talk more about what's going on inside of the park and outside. john will join me coming up next. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, i love maroon five. >> ♪ >> jim's over here. >> tuning out, dancing out, it is friday, take a live look at traffic this morning. >> it is friday! >> at least it is dry. is friday.
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>> one of those little toy drums, drummer? >> play some air guitar, rahel, go ahead. there you go. we will be back in just about two and a half minute. stay with us. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> this just in, airfield believed to carry out strike tuesday against civilians involving chemical weapons. >> now, onto cbs-3 health watch, a new study shows unhealthy diet during pregnancy can negatively affect the metabolism of both the mom and the baby. >> researchers at the university of cambridge found spec and the mothers who eat a high fat, high sugar diet,
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program their body and the baby's body for potential health complications later in life. these can includes higher risk for type two diabetes, obesity, heart disease. >> if you use an inhaler listen up, glaxosmithkline is recalling more than 509,000 of its i hey ers supposed to release medication albuterol to treat conditions like as m but the pharmaceutical company says inhalers could possibly be delivering incorrect dosages, patients are encourage today seek medical attention if their devices are not working properly. >> time now 6:14. i think the calendar says spring, kind of hard to tell because it is feeling kinds of like winter. >> very chilly outside for sure today. not much more movement on the thermometer from where we currently stand mid 40's in lobiondo cases at this hour, only expect to get to the lower mid 50's at best
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the storm is centered the way it is it is wrapping in not just residual moisture but colder air, chilly wind to boot. so, you have got certainly some snow across the northwest portion of pennsylvania, and then, even across the great lakes, but, here, it is mainly just couple of very light, very scattered rain showers. maybe few snowflakes in the poconos, that would be it, as we look at future weather, see what i mean here. maybe by late morning, there is a little smattering of showers on the area radar. really good shot of folks that you don't saudra drop of rainout. >> this i definitely would put more focus on the chill in the air, definately to tell you and to show you what's going to happen here. mid to late afternoon maybe stray shower around, i would expect maybe few raindrops ' at the phillies game, nothing that you will require any rain gear for, the chill, that is here though. once this clears out later on tonight, we are smooth sailing. just going to let this run outright through saturday, right through sunday, even into monday, clear skies continue
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>> like the sun is dropping, for the 7:00 kick offer. expect to go see miler conditions by sunday, if you like last sunday, you'll going to love this coming as well. but i have to tell you, i think meisha would agree, monday, tuesday, looks phenominal right now. more sun than anything. and then cold front a weak one comes through and noxious back to 70. >> katie, thank you. that's what we are talking about, good morning, everyone, happy friday, weaken first, also good thing. and first, we got to talk about some stuff going on outside. live chopper three, over building fire in new jersey, in gloucester county. happened actually yesterday. reignited again today. berkley road right now closed near 295-6789 and 295 north and south at paulsboro also closed, yes, doesn't look like this would affect the roadways much, but like i said 295 north and south at paulsboro,
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on and off-ramps are closed, then looking outside, actually looking pretty good on this friday morning. nice dry roadways. thank goodness. finally getting the brake we needed. ninety-five south at cottman, looking good coming around the s curve, tapping your brakes, but everyone traveling at posted speeds. now, overall looking good and actually fairly kip call. maybe little on the heavy ends for cranking into the 6:00 hour, but overall, this is what we can expect on 42. looking okay there, accident here, pa turnpike, the right lane blocked there, past the delaware river bridge. back to you. >> meisha, thank you, for a look at newspaper headlines from across the region. >> front page of the intelligence err introduces us to ground breaker, first female president, delaware university, 121 year history, she stressed to student theme
6:18 am
of dream, design, and do. >> the delaware news journal reports wilmington city council voted last night to geffin coming police chief a raise and it is a big one, $43,000, increasing the job base salary to $117,000. lawmakers hope the raise will attract more competitive candidates for the still open jobs. >> the bucks county courier times reports on new non-profit aimed to providing companion slip to veterans in their final days. lower makefield resident dan dan coalbeck founded project never give again griever alone. eight months ago, this project started, members visit veterans in who is pits care to keep them company. what a great idea. >> and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware val. >> i updating breaking news, meisha just told you about, chopper three live over five star auction in paulsboro, a fire declared under control last night has apparently rekindled. as you can see, several trucks are on the scene right now. >> we do know there are no reports of injuries.
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>> well, don't go anywhere. the phillies home opener, a role dressed appropriately, and checking in with pat at the ballpark. >> emma stone gets a proposal that might be tough to turn down.
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because, honestly, our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food. >> promises to be a beautiful one. we will continue a warm up. by sunday, upper 60s,
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sunshine, you can expect the sun all weekends long t looks pretty good overall. guys? >> thank you, katie. have you noticed i've been using a red marker today? it is in honor of the phillies opener, yes. opened just a few hours from now. >> plenty of special events are planned at the ballpark, for today's game. "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen live at citizens bank park with what fans can expect. okay, so, now you're wearing your hat. you're in the spirit now, pat? >> is this okay for you, rahel? >> it will do. >> pretty chilly out here. yes, my knows is running like a child, but it happens when there is april baseball. national phillies 3:05 the first pitch. tell us little more about what happens here at the ballpark, my man, the most interesting man in baseball with that beard, john braze err, good morning. >> doing well. >> big day. you want everyone to be in the ballpark by 2:15, that's what you told me? >> 2:15, if you have tickets, gates open 12:35 on the opening day. come in, get the great knit hat, sea of red, but then you
6:24 am
want to be actually not at the game i should say the pre-game festivities will be live stream on facebook, so on phillies facebook, live game in 360 really cool to be a part of it if you are at the game at 2:30, players coming in from right field, coming down the all-star walk, come down the middle of the field and greeted by fans, high fives, all kinds of festivities, giant flag unfurled, leap frog, philadelphia boys choir, we will have singing the national anthem and then sylvia green, freddie, patient at them ours, coming out to first pitch. fun day all around. >> pretty cool. so 12:00 when the block party begins. be hereby 2:00 salve you mention the all-star walk here at ashburn alley. this is new little taste out here. i kind of like it. >> we put in new pavers, whole new walk, similar concept, but brand new pavers. so we try to add something new every year. it is casino after fun feature. >> how about the stuff happening throughout the year here, so many great give aways at the ballpark.
6:25 am
we already saw people have been hitting me up already on twitter about the phanatic star wars, star wars bobble head, which is really cool. but you have got a ton of stuff you're giving away? >> even this weekend, mcdonald's overnight t-shirt, saturday, hooded sweatshirt for kids, sunday we're doing hawaiian shirt again this year blue, not red. doing fanatic solar bobble belly which should be big hit. also the 30th anniversary every mike schmidt hitting his 500 homerun. so we have mike schmidt bobble head doll, doing that, well, he doesn't move but a pose, we have tech give aways, we have little tech kit, we've got in the back there little phillie's thing, so a lot of cool give aways. >> john, thank you so much. we appreciate t most interesting man in baseball, john, phillies nationals 3:05 today. but be in here, if you are coming to the ballpark, be in here and in your seat by 2:15,
6:26 am
that shouldn't be hard, right? >> phillies home opener. >> appreciate it, patrick. thank you so much. high school student are getting their dates lined up for the prom. >> one arizona teenager has a plan to get actress emma stone to go with him. >> ♪ you're oscar winner, i've got two of my own ♪ so maybe i could buy you dinner it, will make my night ♪ and make maybe yours, too. >> high school senior jacob recreated the opening scene of lala lands, want to grab dinner at the olive garden and then hit the arcadia high school prom. he is an arizona native. no word on her response. >> you know olive garden, the salad and bread sticks. >> cossie negative, too. >> good luck to him. coming up in the next half hour every eye within news, we are are continuing to follow our breaking news, the air strike on syria. >> we'll talk to intelligence analysts about the attack and what it means now for international relations. jan? >> talk about adding insult to
6:27 am
injury. i'm january can bear owe, reporting live this morning, coming up, what philadelphia police say a couple of robbery suspects did to their victim, even after he coughed up hundreds of dollars in cash. >> all right, jan. looking outside we have nice dry roadways, beautiful skyline. but keep your eyes on the road. we do have couple every accident out there, and a building fire that's sure to slow you down. all of that coming up. first we'll take quick break. stay right where you are.
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. just after 6:30, what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> tonight i ordered a targeted military strike. >> the united states has launched attack on syrian air base. >> he was clearly moved by the country's most recent chemical attack. >> philadelphia police are calling this a brazen robbery, and shooting, in feltonville. the victims were approached by two men with a gun. turns out, taking $250 wasn't enough. >> i guess they were lucky that no one was injured. >> a powerful storm ripped the roof of of a building in west conshohocken. >> definitely scary moments for the nearly two dozen employees who were inside this
6:32 am
building. >> legendary comedian, don rickles, has died. >> his width was far to none. >> the lovely he is guy, completely opposite of what you would see on stage. >> it is a home opener for the fighting phils. >> first fitch here at 3:00 # five. >> i'm all decked out in my phillies red. where are your colors, bro? >> it is cold out here. >> isn't an excuse. simply isn't. where is your phillies red. >> i wore the suit the other day, can't wear it twice. and i'm using a red marker. i put it on twitter and facebook, so people can experience. >> kate lovers my suit. >> are you serious? oh, my gosh. you're too much. this isn't a i max theater, jim. you're a riot. my goodness, you never know what is going to come out that far man's mouth, i'm telling you, looking ahead to chilly day. winds has gun to pick up here on the cbs-3 skydeck that as
6:33 am
well as just the temperature in general, i think what you will really notice here today. of course we had very soggy day yesterday. there may still be residual shower here and there any time really for the rest of the daylight hours. but, it is really going to be the lesser of the threats here today, i wouldn't call them threats, deal i with the aftermath of the system making full departure, where the winds is kicking in, where the chill is settling in shall where the clouds are coming. from so even though we started offer pretty clear skies this morning, clouds have gun to move, in the park definately worse than the bite when it comes to the radar. looks like heavy swat of snow up across north central pa maybe flurry in the poconos, but in the city it is nothing more than stray rain shower. mid 40's, right now, we expect at best though to rebounds only into the low 50's, and notice that wind flow right now at the shore is many doing out of the southwest, does turn more west to northwesterly as the day goes on. but regardless of its direction, it does feel chilly right now. low to mid 50's we mentioned at best for the rest of the
6:34 am
day, but by the weekend, meisha, it is only getting better from here. >> i like the sounds of that. thank you so much, katie. good morning, everyone. a happy friday to you. so what's going on right now? we have live chopper three over building fire in new jersey, gloucester county. so happy, yesterday, reignited again today. berkley road is closed, near 295, and 295 north and south at paulsboro, those on and off-ramps, they were closed, have now since been cleared. so just a heads up for those every in you this neck of the woods, will slow you down just little bit, being that berkley road still closed near 295 again, but overall looks like they do have it under control now. and things hopefully will be moving on out of the way. then we have accident here, route one southbound, the off ramp to westbound street road, bucks county, heads up. for those every in you that neck of the woods, just a heads up though, because you can see actually the congestion levels around that aren't looking too bad. we will have more to talk about coming up until the next ten minutes or so. jim, over to you. >> thank you, updating breaking news this morning, russia's military claims the us strike on the syrian air
6:35 am
base destroys six syrian jets, left the runway intact. >> us strike in retaliation for deadly chemicals weapons attack on i have aliens, brand new video just in, showing the aftermath of the attack on shayrat airfield, says the attack has killed at least seven people, wounded nine others. russian military says only 23 of the 59 crews missiles actually reached the base. us officials say the military planes from the chemical weapons attack took off from this and killed more than zero eight people. president trump this morning standing by his decision. >> so i call on all civilized nations to join just seeking to end the slaughter and bloodshed in syria. and also to end terrorism of all kinds and all types. >> and video from the defense department shows the navy launch roughly 60 tomahawk crews missiles, missiles
6:36 am
reportedly hit their target 8:45 last night our time. that's about 3:45 in the morning in syria. >> to put this us air strike in perspective, weaver intelligence analyst ed, join us on the phone, good morning, ed. >> jim, good morning. >> so, what's your initial reaction to president trump's decision to order these strikes? >> well, just to gave you a black cat feeling, they caiman the 100 anniversary of america's entry into the first world war. so the people who recognize that are a bittner just this morning, but this was very finally calibrated precise hit at assad meant to demonstrate that we have the capacity to act with impact whenever we want to. so it wasn't intended to bring down the regime, or to draw us into a wider conflict, to get news shooting match with the russians. it was affirm rejection of a
6:37 am
violation of international law that goes back to the first worlds war because after that war we banned chemical weapons, and assad shows himself to be a serial user of them. >> ed moments ago russian military says it will help syria strengthen it air defenses after this us strike of of course you know there are many interests in syria right now, have been for years. what's your reaction to this? what's the impact? what's next? >> well the russians have to make a statement like that because they're embarrased this morning. they have invest add lot into this operation in syria. syria's the only place where the russians have military installation outside of their own country. so they've got prestige on the line. they've invested a lot of money. and have put their foot, not just a tow, pretty much the whole leg, is now in this mess. and for the us to come along
6:38 am
and to hit back at assad in this way, emboldens everybody who is trying to bring down that regime. the russians want to preserve him. so of course they're going to make statements like this, but it is a lot of brave talk from somebody who just got hit in the nose pretty hard. and it was just a jab. wait until they see our big punch if we decide to use it. >> all right, turbulent times, ed, intelligence analyst joining us this morning to provide some perspective on this. thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> thanks, rahel. >> well stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the us military attack in syria, and as always, you can get the latest information on line at our website back here at home, two men robbed overnight at gunpoint, shortly after taking out some cash at atm. >> like giving the money, police say one victim was shot. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live at police headquarters with more on the investigation. good morning, jan. >> jim, rahel, good morning.
6:39 am
talk about adding insult to injury, here, that's right. philadelphia police say this robbery victim coughed up hundreds of dollars in cash and still the robbery suspect shot miami in the back as he tried to run away. fortunately for that victim this morning, he is now in the hospital in stable condition, and expected to recover. the other robbery victim who is not injured is now speaking with police. take a look at the video. >> this robbery and shooting happened just after midnight. two men, both 26 years old, got off a bus at fifth and wyoming in the city's feltonville section. police say they went to atm to withdraw some money, then after walking about a block, to fourth and wyoming, that's when the victims were approached by two men with a gun. the suspects, demanded money and ended up with about $250 from the victim, but apparently, that wasn't enough. >> according to the robbery, the victim lost the money, after he handed over the $250. that's when his friend ran. and after handing over the money, the perpetrator still fired two shots, at the
6:40 am
victim, who was running, that he was shot one time in the back. so, a pretty brazen robbery. >> now, philadelphia police took that shooting victim to temple university hospital where, again, he is recovering this morning. in the meantime, police are now looking for surveillance cameras in that area. they're also searching for two suspects. they believe one every these men is 40 years old, the other, 20 years opened, both ran away from the scene. anyone with information is asked to call police. we're reporting live outside the round house this morning, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back into you. >> thank you, jan. >> police in new castle county are hoping they finds some security camera footage from the area around wilmington's banning park today. they're investigating after a four year old girl turned up their two hours after she was reportedly abducted from the village of plum run. that's about 7 miles away. eyewitnesses say a man took the girl from the 4800 block of sugar plum court about 7:00 w much, doing okay right now. >> well, still ahead, this morning, meisha takes us on another dream drive.
6:41 am
>> oh, wow. yes, the rabbit. look at that. >> see nature in whole new way, these animals specimens have been preserved for more than 100 years, that's not all. meisha takes us for drive next. pat? >> good morning, guys. we are live at citizens bank park, the home opener today at 3:00 # # five, the washington nationals come to town to take on the phillies. when you come, in you get this beautiful knit hat, also phillies baseball, the start of the season, got to love it, giles, here we are. >> ♪ >> ♪ put me in coach ♪ i'm ready to play ♪ today ♪ put me in coach ♪
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6:45 am
>> yes, you know, this home opener is always attributing i forecast, because you're always going to have that transition, still going on, with the seasons. so, so often you either get really awesome weather, or really chilly weather, and, sometimes, very wet weather, as well, and of course the storm system came through yesterday, so today does end up being chillier as a result. and just go back in time very briefly here. talk about some of the storm damage. we heard from trang's report earlier in the broadcast about that roof that was blown off the build. one of the very own eyewitness weather watchers, lou, out there surveying the damage for the national weather service. hats off for him to do his part to help them out. villanova large tree blocking a road, in greenville, delaware, tree on car, and two injured as a result of that. looking at the eyewitness weather watchers, man, lou's work is never done. let me see if i can find his report here. i believe this is his. four # 3 degrees coming in. oh, that's kyle. regardless a lot of folks up and adam this morning.
6:46 am
shot overlooking broad street an in spring garden out in hatboro. he's seeing partly sunny sky at the moment. is it this one perhaps? that's phil. regardless, we will show it to you anyway, phil at 45 degrees. clouds, sunshine, nice start to the weekends, absolutely. but we are really going to warm things up. and he is alluding to. that will now let's take quick peak here. what we're finding out with the storm system itself. it is not completely departed yet. still going to get the wrap around moisture, that will help trigger few left over showers. nothing like what you saw yesterday, i don't think you need the umbrella you do need heavier coat however or at least nice heavy sweatshirt. because the chill is very noticeable. as poor pat gallen showed us earlier, he is feeling the chill, as womenment looks like they have the tarp out on the baseball diamond for all of the rain that came through. so they'll be able to get rid of that i think here through the course of the day, notice how much meister gets upper 50's tomorrow, still little chilly, meisha, but 60s, sunday, and we flirt with 80
6:47 am
on monday, and specially tuesday. >> oh, i'm loving the sound of that, katie. 80s, finally, you get to the winter, yes, 80s. we're looking outside right now, talking about this all morning, building fire in new jersey gloucester county, so the building fire happened yesterday. it was reignited today, berkley road because of it is closed near 295. 295 north and south at paulsboro, on and offer ramps have closed now reopen. what we're left with berkley road closed near 295 as we said. see crews out there, they have it under control now, fire under control, they're just out there trying to get everything cleaned up for you, i'll let you know as soon as that finally moves on out of the way. also to pull your attention to this guy, look at these tire tracks. yikes. hello. route one southbound the off ramp to web street road bucks county. just be careful coming around as you take the off ramp. that can slow you down specially if you're not paying attention like the driver clearly was not. also, we've got downed tree here in bryn mawr, bryn mawr road closed between county
6:48 am
line road and castlefin lane. use alternate robert road or lancaster avenue will be your best bet around there. and then of course, some fun stuff that we've been talking about, phillies home opener starting 3:00, a first pitch, also john mayor concert is in the house tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the wells fargo center. jim, rahel, santa -- john mayor concert? >> gravity albumn couple of years ago, meisha! >> take us out to the ballgame, as meisha mens seans, phillies home opener. >> pat gallen has been reporting live from citizens bank park all morning long. happy to see that you are wearing your phillies red hat now. pat, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. the hat is needed so little chilly out here, little chilly for the 3,051st pitch between the washington nationals and philadelphia phillies as they kick off their 2017 home schedule. we will get to all of the fun today. but yesterday they wrapped up series with these cincinnati reds, on the road, and it was a 12:35 start and it went well right from the start from the
6:49 am
phillies, and daniel nova, former red sox outfielder, hit two homeruns in first two at bats for the phils. not a bad start for him in a phillies uniform, then fell apart. michael, relief pitcher, pinch hitting, hits homerun to centerfield unfortunately the reds beat the phillies seven-four. and they end up taking the series to the action today, as i said, 3:05, and we will see vince velasquez on the mound here at cbp. he showed a lot of promise last year. striking out 152 batters, and 131 innings, and if you recall last year's first stat at citizens bank park, he struck out 16 padres going all nine innings for the phillies hoping for return of that vince velasquez, so again, pitch war loft promise, going up against the cy young award winner from the national league, last year, his name mack scherzer. that's the baseball aspect of it, but plenty more including food. anthony here, good morning. >> hello, how are you today? >> doing well.
6:50 am
doing even better now. what do we have here? >> few new items we're offering here at the ballpark, first item here, an inch in-house made smoked pastrami salad. how cool is that? everything with it made in house, finished with of course bacon, bacon braced bread cabbage, targon mustard, another thing we'll real proud of returning for the third season action, south philadelphia hotdog, broccoli rain, red pepper, sharp provalone. >> oh, it is that good. >> real that i good, it is an all-star, made its own trading card. >> anthony i'm looking forward to it, my friends. looks good. oh, oh. he wanted to eat, the phanatic want to eat. good morning, fanatic. how are you doing my friends? ready for the season? >> yes, definitely ready for the season. we got to get ready for today. so time to go, guys. me and the fan at glike oh, boy.
6:51 am
>> see ya. >> bye, pat. >> grab the pastrami. >> why is the phanatic on the move? >> because he's busy. i'm starving right now. all of this food. >> focus jim, focus. >> today at noon: block party on citizens bank way, then the gates open at 12:35. >> love a good block party. right after the gates open at 12:40, the phillies start batting practice, then time to play ball 3:55. phillies versus the washington nationals, go phils, wearing my phillies red again. >> told us several times. >> time for another dream drive with meisha. listen, fifth have to deal with your suit, you can live with my phillies red. >> you visit museums that pre serves the past? >> yes, i d and the crazy part is you all might be passing it by every day not even knowing it. but inside the historic doors, animal evolution history, bugs that tell a story that have all been preaver of the for well over 100 years, such an adventure to visit, now you're all coming with me.
6:52 am
let's. >> one hundred years. >> we're traveling down broad street through the temple campus. and right up here we will be turning into a victorian style museum. we're at the wagner free institute of science where a natural history museum and educational institution in north philadelphia. we were founded in 1855. and our mission is public education and science. ing. >> he can tiff director susan glass man explained that founder william wagner was a pioneer in natural history. working with scientists around the world to collect specimens of every species of mammal, reptile and bug they could find. >> we have rocks, and minerals, and fossiles, and shells, and sea life. then a lot of mammals and birds, mounted skeletons and skins. >> oh, wow. >> oh, and look at the little
6:53 am
white footed mouse. >> the bug collection is still displayed just like it was in the late 1800s. down to the handwritten notes. >> we have a very large collection of insect. antomology collected all collect the in the 18 80s, 18 90s. >> and the specimen get a lot bigger. >> wow. >> this is a small part of an animal called a cam erasaurus. >> these are just vertebrae, part of the pelvis, enormously heavy collected in the 18 70s. >> the elegant cases designed by philly biologist joseph lied i in the 18 80s, and the arrangement inspired by charles darwin evolution. >> this installation reflect new ideas about the relationship of species in the natural world. >> wagner considered it a civic duty to let people visit for free. >> william started offering classes at night. so working people could come.
6:54 am
>> this is before most people had normal education. >> and the wagner free institute is still free. for both current scientists and future ones. >> this is a big huge horse. >> grew up in philly, and now is a children's educator. >> we have programs for both children and adult. scientists for everyone. >> it is. >> that's he can actually what our mission was when this place was founded, science is for everybody. >> just hanging out with the pelvis, you know, kind of like another day on a dream drive. i have to say that place is so cool. i know temple, by temple university, right, there and she was saying so many people walk in the doors and have no idea it is there. >> sounds like road trip for us, thank you, meisha.
6:55 am
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6:58 am
>> president calls for other countries in helping the us to stopping civil war. did syrian air because where deadly chemical attack reportedly originated. >> supreme court nominee neil gorsuch headed for confirmation after republicans exercise the so-called nuclear option. senate votes this morning. >> and phillies fans are ready for the home opener. first pitch against the washington nationals is 3:05 this afternoon. that's three to go. >> last check on weather and
6:59 am
traffic? >> we're looking ahead to day every transition for sure, still chilly outside, see sliver of some shine off in the distance here outside beach patrol headquarters, dow prom tis will get mile fresh here, chilly start to the home season here for the phils, but with sunshine, only going to get warmer, meisha. >> great. thanks, katie. forty-two, quick peak there. looking okay, i would say that's what we want to see. look at the ben franklin bridge looking great there. the vine holding steady, moving in the westbound direction, still okay. >> and here is something to sweeten up your friday. >> krispy kreme has released two brand new donuts featuring gradely chocolate. new shall delicious treat. carmel, then chocolate. both donuts actual pieces of chocolate bars on top, they're only available however for limited time so get yours while you can. >> save me a see salt carmel. >> have a great day and great weekend. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, april 7th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." president trump launches a missile strike targeting a syrian air base blaming a chemical attack. russia is saying united states broke international law. marco rubio and fran townsend will discuss what's next. judge neil gorsuch is likely to join the supreme court in a few hours. this after the republicans make a historic change if the rules. legendary comedian don rickles, he loved to p


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