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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  April 7, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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washington correspondent, john dickerson, in with us this morning. john? >> well, scott, when you talk >> when you talk to republican voters during the campaign it came up again and again. the supreme court. if president trump has had a bumpy start to his presidency this is one thing republicans constantly turn to. here the president names who they like and it's come to fruition. the president has bumped into the courts and congress but in the last 24 hours you see how powerful the presidency still is. his nominee to the supreme court will go on to the court and ordered the strike in syria. so still quite a powerful office. one other political moment here is mitch mcconnell this is the ends of a strategy he put in place hours after news of antonin scalia's death and didn't even know who the president would be but held firm
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not allow president obama's pick and now it's paid off in getting gorsuch to the supreme court. >> john dickerson for us. thank you very much. we'll also go to nancy cordes our capitol hill correspondent. the change in the senate rules to most people doesn't sound like a big deal but to the senate it was such an important thing. they called it the nuclear option. explain that to us. >> that is because, scott, the senate has always been known as the cooling saucer. the world's greatest deliberative body for a reason because senate rules are set up to require the majority to work with the minority. in the house the minority has very little power but here in the senate you need 60 votes to move forward on a presidential nomination and on legislation. that forces the majority party in this case the republicans to get buy-in from democrats or
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they can't get that legislation moved forward. now, when it comes to all presidential nominations and as of yesterday, supreme court nominees the majority no longer needs that buy-in from the minority party. this fundamentally changes the way the senate works. and the great fear now is that this could end up bleeding over into legislation. the last bastion. there are a number of institutionalists fear it's the last thing to go and they'll exploit the nuclear option when it comes to legislation and both sides don't want that to happen. >> jane crawford, what comes next in all this? >> we just got word judge gorsuch will be sworn in on monday as justice gorsuch and he'll be able to take part in the oral arguments in the last argument of the court's term. this is common. they're quickly sworn in to get
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participating in cases. for this court that means the eight seats, it's been a court of eight for months will go to nine justices. >> thank you very much. it's a great deal going on today. a big news day. the president of the united states, of course, is having his summit meeting with the president of security council w meeting about the attack the t . retaliation for the sarin nerve gas attacks on innocent civilians. the headline of this hou i gorsuch has been confirmed as the next associate justice of the supreme court and sworn in as jan said on monday. there'll be more about this on your local news on the cbs station. as always on our streaming
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service cbsn and hera full wrap evening news including syria. because it's friday we'll also end the broadcast win steve well, strike on syria, 58 out of 59 u.s. military miss also that were fired at a syrian air base last today we're getting a good look at the damage those missiles caused. good afternoon aim jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. those missiles were launched from frustrates warships, target an air base in western seer, yeah same air bass where plane that dropped deadly gas on civilian s took off from tuesday, eight civilian were
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killed including woman and children. now world leaders have rallied around u.s. while russia condemned move and suspended doored nation with the u.s. and syria's congested skies. we will go now to the kenneth craig live in the u.n. in new york, kenneth. >> reporter: well, good afternoon, the president clearly wanted to send a strong message and that is exactly what he did, now the world is reacting, including leaders right here in the u.n. u.s. warships, launched 59 cruise missiles overnight at an air base in western syria. the strike targeted the airfield where plane that dropped deadly gas on civilian s is believed to have taken off from. the pentagon says that the attack rememberederd airfield unusable and syria did not have time to move planes, before the missiles hit. president trump is in florida for meetings with the chinese president, last night, he explained, why the strikes were necessary. >> it is in this vital
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national security interests of the united states to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly, chemical weapons. >> reporter: syria says missiles killed seven people, the office of the syrian president calls the strike reckless and irresponsible. >> russia described the u.s. action as an act of aggression , in violation of international law. >> the u.n. security council is meet to go day to discuss the crisis, the president ordered the strikes without backing of the u.n. or prior approval from congress. some lawmakers say the president should have consulted with congress but senator marco rubio supports the response, in what president bashar assad removed from office. >> he is a war criminal and should be brought to justice. >> reporter: tuesday's gaza tack killed more than 80 syrian civilians many children and at this point the pentagon is saying that there is no need for more air strikes, unless chemical attacks in syria continue.
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i'm kenneth craig reporting from the u.n., now back over to you. >> you can stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the u.s. military strike in syria, we will have latest right here on "eyewitness news", and follow story anytime on cbs we are following breaking news this noon a terror attack in sweden. this video is just in from the scene we're told a large beer truck has crashed into an up scale department store in stockholm. officials say that they are unable to determine how many people were injured, or killed , but one person was arrested, and swedish officials are calling it a terror attack but there have been no claims of responsibility, just yet. we will have latest on the attack on air and on line at cbs minutes ago senate confirmed judge neil gorsuch to the supreme court using a simple majority vote. vote happened one day after senate democrats filibustered the confirmation. president trump's pick confirmed senate republicans used nuclear option to which allows them to change rules to require only a sim majority vote. judge gorsuch will take his
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seat in time to hear the last case of the supreme court's current session. water sample taken from a local high school has tested positive for legionnaire's, bacteria that causes legionnaire's disease. officials at kenneth high school in chester county say they are working with health officials and have stopped using the boiler room, spigot where the bacteria was found. now, officials say that the presence of the bacteria does not mean a person will contract the disease, and there are no cases of legionnaires disease reported at this time. well, it is a big day for philadelphia baseball fans, phillies home opener takes place at citizens bank park, this afternoon. >> um-hmm, phillies are set to take on the nationals today but before the game starts it is full day of fun for fans of all ages. "eyewitness news" sports reporter leslie van arsdal is live at citizens bank park with the sneak peak, hi there, leslie. >> hi there, guys, not the most ideal weather conditions right now, we have light drizzle right now going on and it is chilly heading out to the game. dress appropriately. it is a tough match up for
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phillies, we have vince velasquez going autopsy begins max scherzer, not easy, lets take you out to, cincinnati where phillies opened up their season dropping two of three to the red. game tied up at four until the sixth when adam minister again took care of the business. phillies did lose, seven-four, but pete mackanin says he sees positive things from this team and he sure is excited for opening day. >> opening day is always special, no matter where we are at and being the manager of the philadelphia phillies for me, it is a highlight of my career. it is, thrilling to be here, and i hope weather holds up, but i think everybody is excited. >> reporter: well, everyone is excited, maybe chilly, fans are getting hats today, they will need them. we will send it back to you in the studio. >> all right, leslie, thank you. well, if you are heading out to the game be prepared for a chilly first pitch. meteorologist katie fehlinger has her first forecast, phillies forecast of the season, katie. >> i do, yes, and bundle up out there.
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umbrella necessary, at least, for right now, we do have a couple of showers, that are currently working their way across philadelphia they are very, very light, and they are out there this is all on the heels, of a storm that brought the soaking rain yesterday. so the chillies also, working its way in here with more west to northwesterly flow at time progresses here. current temperatures have not budged from even where they were this morning. they are only in the mid 40's. that is chilly. so at best by 3:00 o'clock, 3:05 to be exact, 52 is best we can hope for for that first pitch. if you are heading down to the ballpark or anything else outside today, it does feel a little bit raw out there a stray shower is all you'll see precipitation wise but you will need to bundle up, that is a requirement, jim, back to you. >> thanks, very much, katie. it is hard to believe but hurricane season is less than two months away. >> it is hard to believe. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" what one group
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welcome back, everybody. hyundai and kia are recalling 1.4 million cars and suv's because their engines fail and stall. recall covers most popular models including 2013 and 2014 model years of the hyundai santa fe sports suv and sonata mid sized cars. all of the vehicles named in the recall have either 2-liter or 2.4 liter engines. we have a list on our web site at cbs
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no injuries or crashes have been reported. well, internal revenue service says personal data of as many as 100,000 taxpayers may have been compromised. authorities say that hackers posted as students using on line data retrieval tool to apply for financial aid. that tool is used by families to import tax information, on applications. well, irs has shut down retrieval tool, they did that last month, they say it will be secured, operational again, by the fall. no more antibiotics, kfc is stopped selling chickens raised with the drugs. they give animals antibiotics to make them grow faster and prevent illness but those drugs can cause antibiotic immunity, in humans making it harder to fightin nexts. it will be completed by end of next year. wages are higher and more people are back to work according to the labor department. unemployment rate dropped 4.5 percent, but that is lowest it has been in 10 years as for wages they were 2.7 percent higher.
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america added 98,000 jobs in march and two 19,000 jobs, in february. students at a philadelphia high school are stacking up, a record number of books, to help fill local school libraries. this is 16th year for st. joseph's prep, book drive, and 300,000 books have been donated since the book drive began. this year alone students collected nearly 30,000 books, and just 10 days for schools, in need. >> you have dozens if not more schools in this area that literally don't have any books in the classrooms, and, there is a need and surplus in circles and people don't like to throw books away. lesson is that if we get the books in the hand of these kid they will read them. we have to get them there. >> books, collected go into the prep book bank, so teachers under served schools can come choose their titles for their own libraries and classrooms, great idea. >> how about that, have you ever seen my desk. >> i have. >> well, if your current daily cup of coffee isn't doing it
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the taste of real fruit in every bite. so berry good. with the beautiful site as 100 balloons attempt to break world record for most balloons to fly across english channel at once. the existing guinness world record was set six years ago when 49 balloons flew from england to france, along with the breaking the record of the effort, raises money for charity which is a good thing. balloons took off today in dover, in the uk and in the will land. >> my favorite, the little men ions. >> well, early prediction for upcoming atlantic hurricane season. it is expected to be low key this year according to meteorologists at colorado state university. potential development of a weak el nino along with cooling of the north atlantic and tropical atlantic will make for a calm year, does it mean we're out of the wood just yet. experts predict that 11 named
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storms will develop and four are expected to become hurricane. it runs from june 1 to november 30th. >> all i think office like august, september, october because with me it is all about the cruise ship. >> yes. >> yes. >> that is actually when hurricane season typically peaks. that makes sense where you are thinking. >> yes. >> okay. those are not mutually exclusive. well, that is where we are looking ahead to very quiet weather. after today though. today is still very chilly, feels raw, windy certainly but even still, a few showers, left over out there but high pressure will settle in and as it does we will end up with really, really nice conditions , which is moving forward from this point forward. lets look outside and start off by taking you out to what looks like a windy scene, flag waving in the breeze at citizens bank park. the wind is not terribly strong but definitely enough to notice it here at ballpark and every where else. but it looks like at this
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point now they have taken, the tarp off of the diamond and things are, getting ready to get underway here for actual game later this afternoon. i do think we can still see a shower. as we saw from earlier she had an umbrella in her hand but i don't think it is american just a stray shower here and there lets go back to the radar to show you as well, storm scan three showing departure of that large storm from yesterday, that is thankfully worst we will end up seeing out of it but we have wrap around moisture and see that counterclockwise motion going on with this area of low pressure. it is in the noter hemisphere. it is drawing in the chill and drawing in additional moisture and, next couple of hours, it doesn't amount to much and many do not see a drop of rain but i have seen snowflakes up in the poconos, in the berks count and field cameras. that could happen anytime.
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the brighter those colors turn the milder it will be. it it is jet stream to the north, warm air kaine lift witt as well, we will see temperatures climbing as a result and that will last us right through tuesday, tuesday is when we will peak, with the warmth, and for a weak cold front coming in and incomes us back a couple degrees. we will see that in the seven day. we will go here to the live will at boardwalk plaza in rehoboth where some sunnies trying to peak through, shaky cam here again that wind is net isable every where and that snapshot view as well outside whitefield elementary school shaky camera as well with the west southwest wind flow at 18 miles an hour. it looks like it may have stopped. you have to look closely with these cameras but there were flurries flying just even in the last 10 minutes or so. so, it is definitely possible that you will see flake here or there in the far north and western suburbs but too warm all the way, although chilly, but for anything but a stray
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shower of rain in the city. gusting as high as 30. it is noticeably chilly. it is the biggest impact the chill. later tonight we will doll down to 37. skies are clearing. we have a union match back at home here tomorrow night, it looks like it will be a smooth sail, more on the cool side, for portland to come in town but sun will shine and highly suggest sun glass informs that first half because sun will be set nothing your eyes depending where you sit in the stadium at that point of the evening. but, moving forward, look at this, hello, we flirt with 80, guys, both monday and tuesday, with sunshine no less. so, have your outdoor plans just yet? i suggest making some. >> okay, katie. >> fantastic. >> give us the weekend but then, okay, give us a weekend but then, a gift next week. >> yes. >> all right. >> not that easy back into a new workweek. >> like that flirting though. >> it is your regular cup of coffee missing mark? world's strongest coffee is now available on amazon to give you kick you are looking
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for. black insomnia coffee has 702 milligrams of caffeine per 12-ounce cup, that is four times as many as average cup of coffee and double amount of food that the f.d.a. recommend s for a person per day. >> great. >> i'd be shaking all
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right now university of delaware former vice-president joe biden is attending an outdoor rail, biden is visiting to celebrate, the student body, following the official launch of a non- partisan biden institute
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of public policy there. biden has spoken at 4ud commencement ceremonies, and is a frequent visitor to the campus. we will have more on today's visit tonight on "eyewitness news" starting at 5:00. coming up tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 dangers of the delivery new report shows more mail carriers are bitten by dogs. we will hear from a montgomery county mailman about the hazard and see is what behind the up t. c as well. that is "eyewitness news" at noon i'm jim donovan. aim rahel solomon. for all of us here thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00 we are always on line cbs >> have a great weekend. young and restless is next. >> yes. dear fellow citizen,
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>> gloria: i know what everyone must be thinking. >> lauren: oh, gloria. please. >> michael: let's just wait to hear what father todd has to say. here, bolted up the stairs. isn't it obvious? she got cold feet at the last minute and didn't have the decency to tell kevin to his face. >> esther: that is not true! how dare you say that about my daughter? >> gloria: gee, i am so sorry, esther, but it certainly appears that, uh... >> lauren: we don't know anything yet. >> esther: i am sure that there is a reasonable explanation. >> gloria: yeah, yeah, isn't there always? >> michael: oh! how is bella? >> esther: she's okay. she's with the caterer and they're gonna watch her for a while till we can get things going again. they're frosting cupcakes. >> devon: well, that's good. that should keep her entertained. >> mariah: i'm getting a bad vibe, like "hope for the best, expect the worst." >> esther: why is everyone being so negative? >>lo


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