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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  April 7, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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. tonight, the new twist in mel b's divorce battle. after accusing her husband of physical violence. what he's now demanding from her. plus new video of the nanny caught in the middle of the scandal. >> any truth in the else as apt mel b? >> then olivia and aaron rodgers split? >> probably -- >> we're not even engaged. >> oh. >> is family to blame? >> bye-bye. >> after mama june's weight loss is she hoping to win sugar bear back? >> and does blake have more love for gwen or adam. >> i think you have the worst face. i'd like to punch it. >> you have the worst breath. i'd lick to kov it. >> tough worst outfit. so there!
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>> now for april 7, with 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." >> hello, nancy o'dell and kevin frazier have the night off. there's a lot of news to get to tonight. here's our top stories. >> there is a new twist in mel b's divorce drama. >> what you think? looking beautiful. >> that's her and her realtor leaving her hollywood hills home. and her strangtsds husband is firing back. stefan belafonte has filed his official response to mel b's divorce petition. in the documents obtained by "e.t." he's asking for spouzal support. he also wants mel b to pay his legal fees and the 41-year-old movie producer is asking for joint legal and physical custody of their 5-year-old daughter madison. >> she's my kid. >> stefan instagramed this video with their little girl in australia last year. >> i love my daddy. >> meanwhile, mel b stopped by her lawyer's office in west
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hollywood yesterday. she's been there twice this week. on monday she filed this restraining order against belafonte claiming that he was abusive during their nine-year marriage and that she was -- in fear for my safety." the filing included photos which paeshd to show bruces and claims that the abuse often coincided with mel b's high proifl h profile appearances. zwroo the nanny has been thrust into the spotlight. >> is there any truth in the allegations? >> that's lorraine gilles walking her dog. >> any comment at all on what's going on? >> gilles did not return our calls for comment. bell nonlt's lawyers veermtly deny all the claims, calling them a "sneer campaign." we will continue to follow this story and bring you all the latest developments. go to our website at earth home
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run et >> "e.t." can confirm olivia and aaron have called it quits. a source close to olivia tells "e.t." the couple broke up about a month ago saying it wasn't over anything specific. they just grew apart over time. they tried to make it work but just couldn't. the actress and the nfl quarter were together for three years. the news comes nearly three months after engagement rumors circulated. her mom saw the ring she was wearing. >> i was so excited. >> olivia reportedly initiated the breakup. the last time she and arochb were spotted together was on valentines day. neither looked thrilled to be photographs. it's said that she had a part to play. younger brother jordan rogers competed on the bachelorette.
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tets jordan told us they were trying to keep it all in the family. >> i think anybody in our situation would do the same. family matter are sensitive and private. >> aaron's relationship with his family may be strained but he got along well with olivia's. she told us that wasn't always ideal for her. >> the unfortunate thing for me is my mom loves my boyfriend so much she sides with him for everything. no matter what, he's gold to her. he can do no wrong. don't you love aaron so much? >> yes. >> another headline we've been working on -- that's a sneak peek at mama june's big entrance at her eks sugar bear's wedding. tonight on "from not to hot." >> dramatic change. speechless. she's like a total complete different person. >> what does sugar bear think of your new weight? >> i don't know and i don't
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really care. yacht care. >> does he know that he was kind of if real reason at first to why you did all these surgeries? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> he told me i wasn't worth anything, you know what i mean and i felt like in a way it made me feel empowered, honestly. >> mama june's extreme plooefr included three months of extreme workouts. >> what's the number one change you've seen in june since you started working with her? >> attitude. i mean, attitude and swagger. >> she has swagger. >> she has swag. even when she was big, she had it. >> i probably wouldn't want a shirt like this. >> would you do any more surgeries? >> no. i'm done. >> you're done? >> i did what i wanted to. i look at a picture and i'm like that's not me. and that's true. >> when you look many in the mirror do you see yourself? >> a i'm not trying to be --
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it's not possible. yes, it is possible. >> we are just a few weeks away from the mtv movie awards and the nominations are out. the competition includes maertd stewart's snoop dog going against blake shelton and adam lavine. adam lavine is the nominee. adam define is the host. >> there's always three people in the audience that are a little bummed that they came to my show when they thought they had come to an adam lavine concert. and they're like, whoa, he looks different. >> are you? >> no i'm not and you can tell by mostly this. adam lavine doesn't have this and his body doesn't look like this. >> i'm hosting the mtv movie and tv awards! >> any chance of a mixup like they had on the oscars? >> how are you going to present the envelopes getting switched up? >> i'm not. i'm going to discourage it. put them in a big bucket, whisk
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it around. i think my -- we should be practicing our speech. >> a new twist this year. it will be the movie and tv award. >> people want to see tv and movies hook up. >> there's only one man that can combine movie and television together. and a lot of people think that that's chris kraft but no. evidently i'm a bigger star because they asked me and i also think he passed. ♪ >> if past years are any indication, expect a big entrance. >> what are you planning? >> a huge one. people are going to be like oh! how did he -- did he -- no! right now, i'm like, it's so cool. i'm like i'm going to crush this. >> oh, and adam's been waiting a long time. he said hosting the show has been his dream ever since he saw mike myers hosting back in the 90s.
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well, adam dreams do come through. up next, inside tyra bank's mansion. incredible new york city views. >> oh, yes, girl! >> then richard gere still smoking at 67 and still talking "pretty woman." they might do a pretty woman musical. would you make an appearance? >> i'm trying to win this show. i don't care if i hurt your feelings in the process, adam. >> because you have no soul, woof. >> first smurf's in theaters today. >> we're not in smurf village anymore. demi la vladdo picking up where picking up where katie perry left off. >> there's a kind of sarcasm i bringing but there's also an empowerment i want to bring to her character and inspire
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people. >> joe joins her at hefty smurf. >> why are my muscles so big? i watched itty like everybody else in the world. >> they immediate smurf willow voiced by jewel ra roberts. >> it's papa smurf, the father figure of smurf village. smurf willow is the mother figure of the enchanted forest. >> modern am faye's is -- >> we have such a mail sent rick franchise and now there's a female counter part. >> and michelle rodriguez is the feisty smush star. >> you're coming with me. the message of smurf's lost village is girl power! which, of cour
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♪ stuck in the back seat of your ♪ >> the chain smokers have been all over the radio since 2014
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but believe it or not they've never actually released an album. that is, until today. ♪ >> paris is just one of the songs on their debut record "memories do not open." tomorrow the duo will perform on saturday night live. today we were with them in new york city as they brought to life the bedroom on the album cover art and invited fans to stop by the popup to meet them. >> they're really asking for selfies. >> yeah. >> questions, guys. >> personally, i'd like to listen to them in my own bedroom, but it was pretty cool. >> meanwhile, how would you like to own tyra banks bedroom? her apartment is up for sale. ms. banks is leaving the building. >> oh, yes, girl! >> the top model is selling her delux apartment in the sky for, get this, a school 17.5 million.
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tyra combined four units to create the 7,000 square foot condo with five bedrooms and eight baths. the master has a private sitting room and minibar. floor to sealing windows give you spectacular views of the hudson river. there's a wood paneled library and chef's kitchen with plenty of room to entertain. don't have the megacash? no worries. you can rent it for 50,000 per 340. bargain. >> still ahead, full house meets seventh heaven meets step by step. we're with three 70s stars. >> if anybody under 16 tells you to have a nose job, don't do it. >> hugh hefner's private tour. >> we know you've had a tough night when you wake 234u7 the monkey cage. >> and richard gere with his
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34-year-old girlfriend. ow how the 67-year-old actor is getting better with age. >> i feel like i have more energy. >> closed captioning are provided by --
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>> you're like a drowning man trying to wave for an ocean liner. but i'm a good swimmer. don't forget that. >> let's talk about richard geerp nor a second. the big premier of his new movie was this year. i have to say he was even more
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handsome when he swept julia reports off her feet twice. >> twhoo's your date tonight? >> you, apparently. i've spent the whole evening with you. >> so not complaining. at 67 years young, richard's got that silver fox charm. makes us envy her girlfriend. how is he getting better with age? >> i haven't eaten meat, really, since i was 27. that was 40 years ago. >> you look so good. >> it's amazing. it's like i feel like i have more energy. >> we fell in love with richard in "pretty woman" and hard to believe it's been nearly 35 years since he made us swoon in "an officer and a gentleman." >> i remember how great shape i was in. then after shooting i was doing about two more hours to do the karate scenes in the movie. i've never been quite like that since. >> he might do a pretty woman musical. would you star?
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>> no, of course. >> gear makes it his job to make sure he knows anyone who's anyone. >> excuse me. i have to leave. this is unaccept nl. >> so i tell my partners that we had a good conversation. >> a lot of people are saying this is maybe the best role of your entire career. how does it feel to hear that and what is the kretdsecret to this level of longevity? >> it's -- first of all, it's like every movie i do, they say he's never been better. like i've been really terrible before. now i've finally figured out how to do this. >> recognize those three beautiful faces? i bet you do, especially if you grew up watching tv in the 90s like i did. jodie sweetin, lakin and beverley mitchell were among the biggest child stars of the decade. now they've grown up and are joining forces? >> you get weird experiences at an early age.
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body guards with you when you're 9. you're like, oh, does everybody not have this? this is strange. >> it is it's brought the full house star together with step by step star in "hollywood darling." >> are you going to be a massage? >> i was looking for my hands and feet. >> we wanted the show to feel like a modern family, wanted to feel like a sitcom. >> yeah. >> i think we nailed what we wanted to do. >> and the show isn't afraid to poke fun at the industry. >> if anybody tells you under 16 to have a noefz job, don't do it. you'll grow into your nose later. >> jody, how you doing? >> great. >> jody, mum about her split from fiance but says thankfully she's on the mend after surgery for multiple fractures after a freak accident climbing a fence retrieving her daughter's toy. >> i finally started walking
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last week. it's going really well. >> beverley who placed jessica beal's younger sister for ten years says she's still close to jessica and justin. >> we've been around for like 20 years now. >> and that's really friendship. we found out there will be more blasts from the past with guest stars, including funky brewster and christine'sformer step by step star patrick duffy. the founder of playboy hugh hefner will turn 81. there's a story about how he built his empair changing the way world looks at sex. >> i don't want to follow twrends. i want to create them. >> matt weeland playing hue. >> this is 70s hef. yeah. see from the sweet flairs.
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my sideburns. i got them on. >> don't forget the trademark pipe. >> keep puffing. hopefully it will stay lit. >> it's far dramaization, part documentary. >> the little magazine up started with a couple of friends was suddenly outgrowing mine kitchen table. >> kevin learned about hef's humble beginnings. >> i started the magazine on no money, 600 borrowed dollars, total investment of $8,000 on my kitchen table in chicago. >> that's interesting. >> their mom was hue's second wife. kimberly conrad. >> life was different for me, i think, compared to most. specifically just growing up at the mansion, amazing mecca for parties.
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>> and parties were epic, hollywood's hottest ticket. this party for anna nicole smith was when cooper was around two years old. >> for me, it was a place where i could ride my go-carts. it was my childhood house. >> cooper gave us a tour of the house in l.a. 12 fwrms, 21 bathrooms on five acres. >> this is one of my favorites, the pop. my childhood pool but i'm sure there's some wild stories that others have. ♪ heaven i'm in heaven". >> there's 150 animals. >> you know it's been a tough night when you wake up in the monkey cage. >> uncle hef, can i use the car? >> now it's the scene for much of "american playboy." >> this is a game house. it is my favorite place on the property for obvious reasons.
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oh! >> and while the docuseries uses re-enactment to tell hue's story it inl corp. rates more than 17,000 hours of footage from hefner's personal archives. still ahead, blake and adam, outtakes from "the voice." the best slams you were never meant to see until now. >> i'm trying to win this show. hear air
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. monday on "e.t." -- >> you see what i'm saying? >> "e.t." has the new york premier. >> it is amazing. >> uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh. >> the twroout behind the on-set feud. >> it's like being invited to the coolest party possible. >> monday on "e.t.." >> which is more fun to watch?
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blake and gwen's romance or blake and adam's bromance. >> the bromance. >> you have a crush. >> wait until you see the moments that did not make the show. good night, everyone. >> i thu you have the worst -- >> i think you have the worst attitu attitude. >> you have the worst face. i'd like to punch it. >> you have the worst breath. i'd like to cover it. >> you have the worst outfit. so there. >> i'm on this show to win. i don't care about -- >> exactly. you don't care about who you hurt along the way! >> i'm trying to win this show. i don't care if i hurt your feelings in the process, adam. >> you have no soul.
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the "insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one. mel b's divorce battle heats up as her ex files for spousal support.
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>> such a control freak in every area of my life. >> nancy grace sounds off on mel's possible payout. >> mel b is going to have to split all her money. that stinks. then hollywood says good-bye to comedy legend don rickles. inside the emotional tribute. >> we lost one guy we love very much today. >> number three, our inside look at the new "dirty dancing" tv remake. >> two, three, four. >> the stars tell us what to expect. >> you're still going to have your lifts, you're still going to have "time of my life." >> plus your "insider" bonus. >> we're going to go on a mission right now. >> never before seen home movies of the late heath ledger narrated by his family and hollywood friends. then eric stonestreet opens his toy box. only to discover kids make the harshest judges.


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