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tv   60 Minutes  CBS  April 9, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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nick: well, just watch the kick. you can see by his neck, it's heading right and right on the corner of the angle it gets a thunderous kick. jim: that's his wife kate on the right. nick: that's mum. jim: right. nick: and sergio is so happy. belting it again, like straight down the 15th home. that was the margin of error they were looking for safety.
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two unbelievable golf shots. sergio's fiancee angela. jim: the wedding coming in july. and justin gives sergio a thumbs up. these two have acknowledged every great effort on this second side by the other. nick: they've been feeding off it. now they've zpopped both taking in their liquid refreshment.
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get some water and get the electricity in the body right. rose to putt first. it's very flat. both of them are very flat. jim: and we've seen both of these putts so many times through the year. nick: it's flatter than what they think. no, not what they think. it's flatter than what we think. i have a feeling the way they're going, they know everything. it's down purely to the nesh of controlling your stroke now. don't have to hit them. just get them started. they will get there. both of them dealing with their own situations on their own. no caddies called in. see and it believe it.
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jim: rose. it doesn't want to b. jim: there have been a lot through the years. you can dial up the names from tom weiskopf and in others. greg norman. they've missed that putt on that same side. now the masters tournament is in the hands of sergio garcia to win. he had a putt once at car news a-- carnoustie to win an open championship on the 72nd green and it lipped out. those were different times. he's a different man.
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he's trying to do something that's seldom happened here, this and that's to birdie the 72nd to take home the green jacket. arnold palmer did it in 1960. no. he hung it out. nick: as i said, it's flat there. it's unbelievably flat. you've seen putts over the time in history that have kind of moved and now they don't. wow. jim: didn't move at all. nick: no, put it right-out edge. jim: he put it outside the edge.
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nick: yeah. [captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] jim: rose's looked like it had a chance. sergio's was never going to be a factor that far outside the hole. nick: yeah, can you believe that? six feet looking at the hole for a green jacket. jim: better learn to let go of it now because we're heading to a 73rd hole. nick: yeah, it's quite difficult to regroup from something like that and have full concentration.
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you have to go back to 18th tee and basically just do the same again. with a different result. players don't want anybodyabout around them right now. they have to sign their scorecards. there's a lot going on. that was a beautiful stroke, wasn't it? right on right edge and just stays there. scrapes the edge. can't believe -- jim: the stroke looked perfect. he hit it exactly where he thought it needed to be. nick: and this one. let's have a good look at this that was -- you're right, jim. that started right by the edge -- inch and missed by two inches. probably that was a misread.
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jim: his father victor, his mother consuelo, they're here too. well, one putt, perhaps there will be another one. but the chance to erase a career of so many close calls and missteps and heartbreak and we'll head back to the 18th with this duo again. can they repeat those outstanding drives of a moment ago? nick: yes, i think they can. they both -- this hole suits them perfectly. they both failed the ball. fade that tee shot around the corner.
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as you saw, for safety, you just hit a little fade that's going to miss right. justin rose to get that amazing kick. jim: fiancee of sergio's on the left. angela. kate rose on the right. and a playoff is coming up and matt kuchar wants to watch it too. which is why every business needs the agility to sense & adapt. to out-maneuver global cyber threats in a global economy... ...and remain connected & protected. to save valuable seconds when they matter most by collaborating in near real time...
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national. justin rose and sergio garcia. they both shot three-under par round of 69 and they each had a chance on the final green. they began the day, each of them, six under and there were seven players within three shots of the lead. they began to separate themselves around the turn. what a shot that was by sergio at the 15th. came to this hole one behind. rose would make birdie but garcia, it got home. and rose again.
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from the left side of that green made his four so they were tied with three holies to play. 16, both close range. looks at birdie. rose was first and it also crawled to the cup. sergio to match it. at 17, rose out of the bunker to here for par. that would bring them to the 72nd all tied. and in tight. and rose burns the edge for the birdie. giving sergio a chance to end it.
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surprising to be that close and to see it not ever really threaten the hole. nick: it was just a misread. it's so flat down there, but we know kind of in our minds from history we've seen putts breaking on that. and they're breaking all week. an absolute dead straight one is almost impossible to believe. you look so hard for fractional breaks. they're so quick you just have to touch it. if there's any tendency it's going to head off in that direction but he got that one wrong. so now it's time to completely regroup. they've been playing a little bit of match play the last four holes or so, or a little bit longer than that. once they knew they were three clear of everybody. then that really is match play,
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two men. jim: now they have the three-minute ride. ferried back in separate carts and then they begin the challenge again of regrouping. nick: as we've talked so many times, it's an unbelievable opportunity for to your knowledgeo to lift a giant weight off his shoulders. he stuck in it all this weekend with 70 and 69. as you know, the beak has been brutal with the weather. these guys have had to battle hard and got to give them credit. the performance they've put on today has been absolutely sensational. jim: again with two of your three green-jacket winning performances coming in playoffs, how did you approach this moment right here? nick: you switch off. you forget the whole tournament. you're now playing against one month, which to me i enjoyed. it was a nice feeling.
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it's kind of a knife edge. put yourself in a good mindset. if you hit it in the first cut, it doesn't matter. if you are trying for 10 feet and hit it 20 feet, it doesn't mare. the goal is to get it in the hole. it doesn't matter how. jim: there's stewart hagestad. got a camera on you, stewart. he'll soon be joined in position for the recognition of his great performance here as the low amateur, edging out curtis luck. remember, the top 12 and ties get invited back to the following year's competition. so those at t-11. spieth, of course, as the exemption. as he said, i'm here for 50 years but you look at some of the other names tied 11th. henley, matsuyama, koepka, all
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strong players. all of whom figure to be back here in virtually every scenario anyway. mickelson tying 22nd. by the way, stewart hagestad's four rounds here, 74-73-74-73. nick: unbelievably respectable for an amateur. my goodness, after what they went through the first two days. jim: 72 today by luck, who will now turn professional. and there's ernie els. hopefully ernie will be back here next year. his exemption off his open
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championship win expires after this year. nick: yeah. jim: so the playoff rotation is 18 and then 10 if necessary and then if it goes beyond, that it's again 18. then 10. and we just keep going in a circle but somewhere along the lines, if it does have true extended play, we run into some daylight issues with the sun setting tonight at 7:54 here at augusta. nick: that's correct and it will cast some giant shadows because it's only a couple of degrees above the giants pines. the sun setting left of 18 and the patrons have lined the 1th hole almost completely. a good 30 deep around the green. maybe 10, 15 deep at the driving
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area. jim: ridley, the head of the competition committee. nick: they will draw. rose gets one. looked like it from here. i'd step away quietly for a few
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seconds and have a few practice swings just to loosen up a touch. you know, it will be quite a nice thing in a playoff to go first. you stripe one down the fairway, that's your full intentions. but it is a really demanding tee shot, as you've seen over the years. if you block it right, you are more than likely completely blocked, so this is the hardest shot. fortunately fits these players' eyes perfectly. aim at the bunker. hollywoodoff failed. -- holdoff fade. jim: he's concerned, and he
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should be. he gets another very generous bounce here. gets a little bit away from the base of those trees, but the magnolia throws it down, stays on the pine straw. centuryo lost to harrington in that 2007 open championship i referenced where he had a putt to win on the 72nd green and that time he hit a good putt and it spun out. nick: he likes it. ooh. jim: hugs the right side.
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nick: wow, just scuttled through the corner. jim: all right, advantage garcia off the tee. his first playoff hole to decide the 2017 masters. where's jack? he's on holiday. what do you need? i need the temperature for pipe five. ask the new guy. the new guy? jack trained him. jack's guidance would be to maintain the temperature at negative 160 degrees celsius. that doesn't sound like jack. actually, jack would say, hey mate, just cool it to minus 160 and we're set. good on ya. oh yeah. that's jack.
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at&t is creating a 5g network that will change the world. it will be everything you imagined... and everything that hasn't been imagined yet. how far into the future did you go? closer than you think. that's the power of &. the cdriving a hybrid means compromising performance. try telling that to the mercedes-amg formula one team. our engineers break old rules by setting new challenges. like, let's build an engine that uses less fuel and delivers more power. the result? three straight years of f1 dominance. and a flood of new ideas that are making all of our cars more efficient, and more exciting. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. jim: the two playoff combatants
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walking toward their tee shots and rose anxious to see what he has remaining around the corner of that dogleg. is his view impeded at all? here's the first look at it. nick: oh, he's got the giant magnolia. so the punch and run under that is going to be very difficult to keep the ball flying uphill just three feet off the ground. jim: yeah. nick: can't hit down on it because if it comes up, it will clip the trees. plus, he's got to play some -- he's got to be smart. the options are if he could try and get it somewhere maybe 20 yards even short front right. that is a very playable chip shot but that's right around the corner. the green is actually almost in the -- yes, right through that gap. he's not thinking at all. so i assume he will
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yards-plus. he has options. he may try and get it into the big bunker in front because he could play a bunker shot past the flag and bring it back but it was a quick decision. oh, as i thought. punching it out of a bad lie and it's -- that will make sergio's heart race right now. jim: i think sergio is away by just a yard or two. well, you have the golden opportunity you've been waiting for. nick: yeah, this is it now.
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jim: if you're sergio garcia. he's already had one in reality, on the putt. but now just playing his second while rose will be playing his third from almost the same spot. and he knocks it in there close again! there have been so many twists and turns to this drama today. nick: unbelievable. jim: don't sell justin rose short. nick: no, absolutely not.
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he knows -- again, simple decisions. he's got to get inside sergio or just make a four and fingers crossed that he survives. he certainly looks a little deflated after that second punchout. and that's pretty good. he knows how straight that putt is now. jim: it's better than the reaction. nick: yeah. he looked a little head down after having to chip out. nothing worse than having to chip out in a playoff on such a short hole when you know your opponent is wedging it in.
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jim: look at justin hanging back. he's actually stopped and turned back. he wants to give sergio the stage. nick: he doesn't want to admit defeat yet. this is like match point for federer -- or to save match point. that's the pressure of that. justin rose has to hole that putt to stay alive. jim: again, he's seen this putt just minutes ago and now, of course, he gets a chance to bathe in ovation that's researched for him. -- reserved for him.
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we saw him at the 15th hole. did you see anything the rest of the way, shots coming in that made you think that maybe he's not 100%? nick: do you negotiation quite possibly there might be just a little bit. it might have tightened up just enough that the second shot on 17 was a very difficult shot from the first cut, to judge that so well, comes up short and that tee shot wasn't his best that. did look a little short. this is now just sheer determination. he knows he can put this at max right edge. it ran just dead straight from about -- he's about five feet more than first time around. so maybe he aides that little
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bit of compensation. that's what it will do the first five feet. he knows what it will do the last eight.
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jim: the low side this time. brushes it in. and garcia just needs two putts to take the title. nick: sergio said at the end of the day, the only thing i can do is just keep working on it, keep giving myself chances and it's going to happen and it looks like, with 10 feet to go, it is going to happen. jim: rose has already taken his hat off. how do these story lines and scripts happen time and time again here? this one with all of its ties to the golfing hero of spain. on this special date
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so many years, once and for all for sergio! glenn murray, his caddie. they're yelling "sergio." nick: well, on seve's 60th birthday today, seve would say
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to give myself the best possible chances of playing to my potential, you must prepare for every eventuality. how about that one? >> come on! yay! jim: sheer class right there.
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sergio pauses to share a hug with justin's mom and wife. >> we're heading to butler. >> congratulations. jim: that was cabrera beyo there to see his countryman close it out. matt kuchar, it's been a long journey, nick. at 19, everybody around this sport thought he was going to be one of the next word beaters and he's had a great career but you think of all the different times where he had the close brushes and then you get all the doubters and the people who so
7:33 pm
easily say oh, he's never going to do it and guess what, you're wrong again. nick: well, you have to do everything right. in the past if something is just off, you have to be physically, technically, mentally and emotionally absolutely right and he's found many of those things. that's the reason why it didn't happen in the past but he managed to claw his -- his way through all of that. congratulations, sergio. that's amazing to pull yourself through the mental scar tissue to pull off a victory like this. that is fantastic. jim: wins it with a birdie on the first playoff hole. there was one point on this second side after the tee shot at 13, you wouldn't have ever believed that this moment would belong to garcia.
7:34 pm
it will go down as the biggest par of his career at 13. it changed the momentum here. we talked so much, too, about seve but there is such a close connection, too, with jose maria olazabal that he hasn't been mentioned here today but he truly was an idol of sergio's as well. and when sergio in 1999 first came here as the low amateur and was in butler cabin, it was jose's year to win ate second time and they were in that cabin together. nick: we put up that graphic that when sergio eagled on 15, the last man to eagle to win it was olazabal. what about that one?
7:35 pm
jim: history tied in so many wonderful ways today, and validation for a career that has been so solid. one that has been pursuing this very moment, and it happens on this special day. a day when adversity and expectations were met and defeated by positive vibes and unbridled determination. let's go down to dottie. dottie: jim, thank you. justin, if you had to choose one word to describe what your emotions are right now, what would that be? maybe more than one. >> i mean, disappointed. it's pretty simple, i suppose. a lot of good things happened today. it was a wonderful battle with sergio. you can't feel bad for me. if there's anyone who deserves it out here, it's sergio. he's had his share of
7:36 pm
heartbreak. i felt like i had it under control at the turn -- turn. playing great golf. just one or two putts to four coming in. he rallied. he birdied 14, eagled 15. we separated from the field. it was sergio's run around 13, 14, and eagle 15. that put him back in the tournament and then he had it won. dottie: if there was one shot you could have back, what would it be? >> maybe the putt at 17. it was fairly straight. less than a putt. slower than i thought. it was a putt i think i could have been more aggressive with at the time. i played the last hole with a one-shot lead, obviously, as it transpired would have been enough. 18 hole is contemporary. the putt i hit in regulation -- contrary. the putt i hit in regulation i thought was a great putt but slightly piss manied it.
7:37 pm
dottie: what do you take from this week from this outcome? >> this is a tournament i'm going to win one day. i feel really good here. i've been in contention a couple of times. i shot 14 here when jordan won it. i feel comfortable, and the members here are fantastic and make us so welcome. it's my favorite tournament of the year. i still have a bunch of years in me and this is one i hopefully can knock off. dottie: thank you for your time and sportsmanship. ian to you. ian: thank you very much, dottie. what a memorable weekend it has been and two great friends. if ever you are going to lose a major championship, you want to lose it to sergio because he deserves it and the world of golf loves sergio and that i love the fact that he is now the 2017 masters champion. so thoroughly well-deserved and so many years in the making. what great sportsmanship was shown over the closing stages.
7:38 pm
glenn murray and sergio garcia. spain has another masters champion, jose maria olazabal twice. seve ballesteros twice and now sergio garcia. the bull. finally wins his first major. 73 tries. here at augusta national. yes, sergio, you deserve it. the butler cabin ceremony will be upcoming. stay with us. sergio garcia is your champion. at&t is creating a 5g network that will change the world. it will be everything you imagined...
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you can do that? we can do that. then do that. can we do that? we can do that. jim: we're getting set now for the green jacket ceremony down in butler cabin. one more look at the top 12 and ties for the invitation back. certainlyo garcia, the champion here at augusta. -- sergio garcia, the champion here at augusta. somewhat an emotional day it's been here at augusta. we're lining up all of our broadcast partners for the world
7:41 pm
field and the presentation and a scene that's going to be so special. as it has been so many years in the past. >> i -- i don't know what to say at the moment. >> it's -- >> well, um -- >> having it be such a tough quest to finally win, it feels that much better. >> finally made a bunch of putts and that was what was fun. >> i've never played an entire tournament with my a-game and this was pretty close. >> it's the most nerve-racking golf course in the world, isn't it? >> i can't tell you how fortunate i am to win this tournament. >> i'm probably as happy as i've ever been in my life. >> to win the masters tournament is just an amazing feeling. >> this was a dream come true for me and to hear those roars, it was remarkable. >> i never got this far in my
7:42 pm
dreams. billy: good evening, i'm billy payne, chairman of augusta national golf club and i'm excited to once again be here in our famous butler cabin along with my good friend jim nantz. another thrilling and exciting job. jim: thank you, billy. it was a great tournament. billy: we'll soonl present the long tradition of the masters champion green jacket. but before we do, i'd like to thank our television viewers across america and in over 200 countries around the world for your long-term and long support of the masters. i now welcome this year's low amateur. stewart hagg stalled. congratulations, sir. >> thank you very much. billy: last year's champion, danny willett. danny, congratulations. very, very proud of you. and our 2017 champion, sergio garcia. sergio, very, very proud of you.
7:43 pm
>> thank you very much. billy: please have a seat, gentlemen. i know jim has a few questions. jim: thank you, billy, do i and of course the apple which you were and participation here is such an important part of the heritage of the tournament. stewart, to be the low amateur. i saw you before the tournament and we had a little discussion that maybe you'd be here on sunday. i got the feeling you would be just listening to you. >> as we discussed, it's such a blessing to be able to preempt -- represent amateurs around the country and to be sitting here with such a worthy champion and last year's champion and yourselves is an absolute dream come true. jim: how did you play such good golf for four days? >> i played within myself, played very commitmented golf swings and i didn't make a double all week. bogeyings won't kill you but doubles will.
7:44 pm
stuck to my game plan and played great in week. jim: now you work as a financial is this going to change the course of your life? >> obviously i'll have to think about a lot of things after this week but i have absolutely no plans to turn pro and test my game against the world's best, like the two sitting beside me. that was the goal there week. i know where i stand and these guys are awfully good. i think i'll continue doing what i'm doing but it was an absolute dream come true this week. jim: congratulations. >> thank you very much. jim: sergio, it was the moment you've waited for. how do you get your mind around this? >> sorry, i don't know how. it's been such a long time coming. i practiced that putt in the practice round and it breaks left and for some reason it didn't but i knew that i was playing well.
7:45 pm
i felt the calmness i never felt on a major sunday. even after making a couple of bogeys, i was still very positive. i still believed that there were a lot of holes i could get too and i had some really good holes coming in. i'm so happy. jim: and today, you got reminded of it so many times, for this moment of a lifetime to happen on seve's 60th birthday. what does that mean to you? >> it's amazing, so do it on his 60th birthday and to join him and olazabal, my two idols in golf my whole life, it's something amazing. jose sent me a text on wednesday night telling me how much he believed in me and what i need
7:46 pm
told do and then just pretty much believe in myself and be calm and not let things get to me that i've done in the past. he was -- everybody's been great, you know. the whole family. my fiancee. my parents, her parents. all the friends are here. great support. jim: you had a couple of moments i'd like to talk about. first off, the par of -- at 13. called the par of a lifetime for you. here you were at this point in danger of falling four behind justin and somehow you faceed that adversity and made a par. >> i've been hitting that drive every day. unfortunately didn't cut it enough and hit the tree and went unplayable but hit good third and fourth shots and i knew that i needed to make that putt to stay with it because i knew that i could do what i did on 14 and 15 and 16 obviously i missed it.
7:47 pm
but i knew that i was playing well enough to make something happen and that putt really kind of turned a little bit -- turned the clock a little bit for me. it kind of got me -- even though it was a par, it kind of got me even more confident and then i was able to make two great holes. jim: the last player to eagle the 15th in the final round on his way to winning was jose in 1994. tell us about that hole. >> i probably hit one of the best 8-irons i've ever hit. i mean, from the fairway we didn't know if it hit the hole or hit the flag or what happened. obviously it was straight at it. i think it bounced and ricocheted off the flag and went to probably about 12 feet or so and i hit probably one of the best putts i hit all week other than the one in the playoff. jim: how about a comment about the back and forth with you and
7:48 pm
justin? showing sportsmanship every step of the way when it was so intense. >> yeah, i think at the end of the day we're both trying to win. we're all trying to win but at the end of the day we're all people and we have to represent our game and our race the way we should. you know. we're good friends so we were very respectful of one another. we were cheering each other on and we wanted to beat the other guy, not that guy to lose it. jim: how long has this moment played in your head? this time now to be a major champion? >> it's funny. i mean, i have seen it several times. when i came here in 1999 as an amateur, i felt like -- i felt like this course was probably going to give me at least one major. i'm not going to lie that. thought kind of changed a little
7:49 pm
bit through the years because i started feeling uncomfortable on the course but i kind of came to peace with it the last three or four years and accepted, you know, what augusta gives and takes and i think because of that, i'm able to stand here today. jim: just like seve and just like jose maria, you now have a green jacket. you ready to put it on? billy, it's that time. billy: danny, if you'll please do the honor. my goodness. wonderful. congratulations, sergio. we're so very much proud of you. >> thank you so much. it's a pleasure. billy: pleasure. >> it's a good feeling. [applause] >> congratulations. jim: it all began thursday morning with a moving tribute on
7:50 pm
the first tee to arnold palmer. and then there would be yet another moving story come sunday. there he is. he referenced it. sergio back in 1999 is the low amateur and on this date when seve was remembered. he summoned all the strength that he could muster to follow in the stoot steps of seve. you saw it when he first met him back in the 1990's and made some of the best shots he's ever had to hit under pressure. he wins it with a birdie in the playoff. one of the most memorable masters you'll ever know. sergio, congratulations. you're the masters champion. there it is, to end it. sergio, the champion at augusta and he's wearing a green jacket. we'll be back with a final
7:51 pm
thought from augusta after this. over the last century, one symbol has become synonymous with automotive innovation, beauty and performance. but for a mercedes-benz driver, it's a subtle reminder of something more important. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. hey dad, come meet the new guy. the new guy? what new guy? i hired some help. he really knows his wine. this is the new guy? hello, my name is watson. you know wine, huh? i know that you should check vineyard block 12. block 12? my analysis of satellite imagery shows it would benefit from decreased irrigation. i was wondering about that. easy boy. nice doggy.
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what do you think? not bad. at&t is creating a 5g network that will change the world. it will be everything you imagined... and everything that hasn't been imagined yet. how far into the future did you go? closer than you think. that's the power of &. jim: sergio winning in his 74th start in a major. he hasn't missed a major championship since back in 1999. since that pga in 19 9, the streak is active and now it ends with a victory.
7:53 pm
here are the final standings. schwartzel takes third alone. kuchar with that hole in one ties fourth. kevin chappell with a great showing here, 8. top 10's for scott and ryan moore. steve stricker today shot 68. some of the highlights in this final round, and there were so many. at the 15th, sergio, he said he wasn't sure what happened here exactly looking into the sun. but it set up an eagle bid. the two par 5's, as so often the case, so pivotal to the outcome here.
7:54 pm
rose would match him with a birdie at 15 so they headed to the 0th hole of this tournament all tied and then rose reclaimed it, the lead, that is. sergio trying to answer back at 16. so rose leading by one at the 71st. and this one, he would sweep it just wide of the hole, which had, again, the two tied coming to the last hole in regulation. both with close looks for birdie. rose was first. struck a beautiful putt that singed the edge of the cup and perhaps because it hung out to the right it would influence his par bid in the playoff. sergio. that was the first of the two boldin opportunities and it wasn't there but -- golden opportunities and it wasn't there. but they returned to the 18th for the play. rose drew number one.
7:55 pm
and it got caught in a magnolia tree. and left him blocked for his second shot to the green. rose was already in five when garcia stroked this for birdie to give it the exclamation point and end all those years of unanswered questions. truly a day symbolic of the adversity he's faced in his golfing career. but this time, he faced those opportunities to defeat adversity and did.
7:56 pm
fiancee angela in the background watching. as her man takes the masters. el nino. that means the boy or the kid. well, el nino is the man today. he's the champion at augusta. danny willett gives him the
7:57 pm
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> how many silicon valley insiders are there speaking out like you are? >> not that many. >> tristan harris was a google product manager and is one of the only silicon valley insiders to publicly question the engineering behind our smartphones, apps and social media platforms. he says they're built to be addictive, and warns of long term consequences for us and our families. >> never before in history have a handful of people at a handful of technology companies shaped how a billion people think and feel every day with the choices they make about these screens. >> the most beautiful thing. i love innovation, i love competing. i hate my compet


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