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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  April 10, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> sunny, warm, we will be seeing highs in some neighborhoods near 80 degrees. did you hear that, jim? >> eight-is her snow. >> 80 degrees, and katie is here to tell us how long this taste will last. >> i am first, here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> violent hit-and-run leaves a man fighting for his life in hunting park. >> police have not made any arrests they do believe they know who was driving that vehicle. >> tragedy on palm sunday, soup side bombers target two churches in egypt. more than 40 killed, 100 others injured. isis is claiming responsibility. >> judge kneel gorsuch will be sworn in for the newest supreme court justice. he will take the bench alongside former boss anthony kennedy. >> the space station is in great hands with peg.
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>> i american astronaut makes history. doctor peggy, becomes the first woman to take command of the international space station, twice. >> up here we don't wear shoes, but leaving really big socks for me to fill. >> good sense of humor, too. >> and doctor is on track to breaking another record later this month for the most days spent in space by a men or a woman. >> trailblazer indeed. let's get out to katie, talking about warm stretch. the only thing better than warm day is a warm stretch. >> looks like nice conditions through the course of the week, what i do expect here today basically perfection, fan of the warmth, low humidity, the full sunshine, the pleasant warmth. all here with us here today. and real case every late spring for sure. going outside, we take to you storm scan3, i start things offer by mentioning that even though i do have jacket on, it is actually quite comfortable.
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i would suggest an extra layer walking out the door this morning, that is nice moonlit sky out there. storm scan pretty quiet. couple of stray clouds, but for the most part you don't have any clouds cover overhead. and even despite that clear sky, we're actually a lot milder this morning, in most locations than we were this same time yesterday. you're almost 20 degrees mile nerve atlantic city, for example, than the same time yesterday. and as that translates to the thermometer, you're talking temperatures that are into the 40's, in many locations, as we take a look, though, locally atlantic city already up to 50 . the winds is pretty calm. could you feel breeze, as strong as maybe 15 miles per hour out of the southwest, for the most part here today, but that would be the worse of it. so overall warm wind, that does lead us to be able to check off all of the boxes here for practically perfect day. sunshine, mild air, low humidity, a light breeze, all of that working for us here. so again, you know, today's one of the days that you get outside while you have got the opportunity. but even if you don't, you will have an additional
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chances down the road, let's look at the area headlines, not only gorgeous start to the work week but we get taste of june, on tuesday, there are some minor chances for precipitation along the way, so we will outline those for you, a little later on in the broadcast when i have your full seven day, meisha? >> katie, thank you so much. for that. good morning, everyone, happy monday. in the world of travel so far this morning, what we are really talking about is the nfl draft coming to philly, of course talking about that for little while, thursday the 27th, through the 29th. so showing you some video. phase one of the road restrictions started at midnight. you can see closures going in place, cones out, there the flashing lights, and officers out there getting everything set up. so phase one started eakin's oval, ben franklin parkway, westbound spring garden all affected. and this breaks it down little bit more in detail for you. so take a look, if you are running around your kitchen getting ready for work so two right lanes blocked at eakin's oval, ben franklin parkway left lane by the museum,
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southbound kelly drive one lane blocked, and westbound spring garden street closed at pa avenue. now bus routes 27, 38, 42, they will be detoured, so just make sure to check those schedules on line, and any updates we get regarding this neck day and week to come we will let you know waist going on, right now the information that weaver, both updated information, and again, all of this started to phase one of the road restrictions started at midnight. >> academy, what we are looking at pushing in the southbound direction, looking good. kinds of holding stead hire around 5:30, we know that will change, moving into the 6:00 hour, but so far so good. blue route, mid-county, same, same story here, push in the southbound direction. both moving in the southbound and northbound direction on mid-county basically where ever we look is looking like, that looking pretty good. construction crews, northeast extension north and southbound lansdale quakertown, one lane blocked. we have more coming to up talk about in the next ten minutes. rahel, back over to you.
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>> meisha, see you then, thank you. we want to update breaking news now. philadelphia police are questioning this man, after a violent hit-and-run in the city hunting park section. one person is now fighting for his life, another is badly injured. this happened at the intersection of sixth and erie avenue, about 10:30 last night, witness led offers tears a car in wissinoming. one man is in custody. so far they've not filed any charges. and other news this morning, the us state department is condemning attack on two christian churches in egypt. >> suicide bombs killed 49 people, injured about 100 more, as worshippers gathered for palm sunday. as andrew spencer reports, even some churches in the u.s. this weekend, had extra security. >> police in new york, offered extra security on sunday, increasing patrols, outside churches, as the attack in egypt wade on the minds of many christians. having happened a week before easter sunday. >> they tried to take the joy from us. this is not the first time it has happened on holiday.
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>> at a church in white planes new york, they understands the pain all too well. >> very sad for our church members. >> bombing in two egyptian cities targeted the country's christian minority sunday, attack left dozens dead, more than 100 injured, according to the country state runnemede ya. churches have been the target attacks in the past, and isis in claiming responsibility sunday, threatened more attacks in the future. egyptian president declared three days of national mourning, and have three months state of emergency. he issued statement saying in part: the attack will not undermine the resolve and true will of the egyptian people, counter the forces of evil. the bombings came days after visit to washington where he and president donald trump spoke about terrorism. the senior administration officials say trump called cc from air force one to offer condolances, trump used his twitter account to condemn the attack, adding the great
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confidence at hits egyptian counterpart will handle the situation. andrew spencer, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> information about the suspect in the stockholme truck attack, swedish police say the man was asylum seeker who bid for residence permit. thirty-nine year old man, and investigators say he expressed sympathy for isis, also, speaking -- seeking him for failing to comply with order to leave the country. >> time now a 37:00n business news this morning, change, a century in the making, for ll dean. >> interesting. and google is denying accusations of gender pay gap. jill wagner joins us this morning. good morning, again, jill. >> good morning, jim, rahel. futures now pointing to bit of higher open. earnings season heats up at the end of the week. last week, on friday, the dow fell about six points, nazdek down one. google is denying accusation by us regulate that's it under pays women, investigators say they found systematic compensation disparities across the work force.
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they discovered that problem during a routine probe, just to make sure gooing sell complying with federal lawment google says it conduct annual analysis and found no gender pay gap. police cars going green. will offer version every it hybrid fusion sedan cleared for police work. that means it will be strong and fast enough for police pursuits. the auto maker says have been asking for it with gas at about 2.50 a gallon, police department saved about $4,000 per year in fuel costs per vehicle. >> and, ll bean is giving its century old classic a splash of color. ll bean says it will create different styles and bright colors in seasons, but limited edition will be hard to come by. bean says once sold out, they won't be making any more. jim, rahel? >> i do like ll bean. >> i have some ll bean duck boots. >> if you have any issues with anything, you bring it back there, they fix it or replace it. >> this is true. >> good customer service.
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>> it is a good policy. thank you, jill, we'll check in with you tomorrow. talk about bad political i internal revenue service at least, says, the suspected ring leader in scam involving fake irs phonecalls has been arrested in india. investigators say the scheme involves people in bogus call centers posing at irs agent, i get many of those calls at home, threatening. s taxpayers with arrests and deportation if they didn't pay back taxes. i didn't fall for it, hopefully you didn't, but apparently 15,000 americans fell for this scheme. the authorities say hundreds of other suspect in the u.s. and india are also facing prosecution. >> manhunt intensifies for suspect of the police calling armed and extremely dangerous >> last week joes ever recorded the movement he mailed 161-page manifesto to
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president trump on his anti-government views. then later robbed a gun store, set his own car on fire. now investigating possible threat made against public officials or at unspecified school. it is really scary to know that somebody's out there with a lot of weapons and your kids, you know, potentially could be at danger. >> the fbi is offering $10,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. >> well the white house is defending last week's missile strike in syria. calls the strike both legally justified and strategically necessary. this is just ahead of a trip to moscow, secretary of state, rex tillerson, criticized russia alliance of the assad regime. called the russians incompetent, for allowing the syrian military to have chemical weapons. >> well, student organizations at temple university brought the issues ongoing in syria to light, while raising awareness for river ooh gee families. temple's united muslim relief and arab student society hosed home is where the refugees
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are. the black tie event was held last night in mitten hall, north philly. the bank wet included dinner, dessert, and live performances. >> want to address i shall theus have been going on, and specially recently with like immigration issues, the river ooh gee crisis. we thought it was really important to address this. >> now the arab photo boot, hena art, and silent art auction, all some of the funs things to do at the event. guests got chance to experience aaran and syrian culture. >> the search on for former major league base mall player last seen leaving his home saturday morning. they posted this picture every former braves outfielder otis nixon, 58 year old was headed out to play golf, but never showed up at the course near his home in woodstock, george a played 17 seasons in the major leagues, and this struggle with addiction issues after his playing days. and people of the jewish faith begin their celebration of passover at sundown. >> for the first two nights, families and friends will
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gather, passover lasts eight days, seven for most reform jewish groups, observes from slavery in ancient egypt, more than 3,000 years ago. >> up next: big baby news for local actor and his super model girlfriends. >> also ahead, if you are in the market for a new roof. i'll have important tips that can help you from being the victim after scam artist. >> and it is more than just mild monday. temperatures today will be near 80 degrees. katie has your forecast, which we think you'll like, when we come back.
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>> i have to tell you there is will be one good looking kid. jenkintown own bradley cooper and his super model girlfriends, welcome their first baby, congratulations, according to people magazine the couple became parent two weeks ago, now confirming the news. she's 32, she is 31. no words on name if it is a boy or girl but i guess we'll finds out when the couple is ready. harry potter fans listen up there is would be you. katie fehlinger? >> love harry potter, and new record, won nine awards, britain's equivalent of broadway tony awards. the prizes for jk rawling drama about harry and friends as adults included best new play, best actor, best director. the show hits broadway next year. >> and sesame street will welcome it newest muff tote show today. four year old julia has autism. creators say kids with autism
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will be able to see themselves, julia, now just one of the gang. i love that. >> i just, yes, i think it is such a great idea, and it will make kids feel a lot more include that way. >> included, yes. >> absolutely. >> i think i also reading is that produce ago character one of the parent incarcerated. nice to see characters that represent the public. >> that's big bird for you. love my big bird. telling you. >> i've been at sesame place, walk around the clock thing, just like, i'm more excited than the kids. >> talk about the happiest place on earth. >> no coming down from those muppet scenes. >> oh, i know, the highlight of my entire week having elmo and grover in the studio with us, yes, you got to see that pictures on facebook. i mean, shear joy to see them. but we do have great weather, and my gosh, no kidding, let's take you outside. sunny days indeed. right? let's take a look, as we overlook spring garden street
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and broad street, intersection there, all pretty quiet, very calm winds, very clear skies for the most part. it is a pretty moonlit sky. at this point. but you can already see at least little hint of light of day out there. the sun will officially rise at 6:31 this morning. and the sun, or rather, the moon set rather is actually going to happen at about 6:26 this morning. so you can still get nice view of it, actually going to show you pretty picture that far in a second here too with our eyewitness weather watchers, let's start, there picture came in this morning from ed connor, he takes couple every weeks in the morning with his dog casey, took this pretty almost erie looking shot of the moon. it is a wax, meaning, it is almost 100% illuminated. that's why it is such a brit sky outside. meanwhile we do have temperatures off to little bit of chilly start. and eileen sent this in, 35 degrees, she's out in bill bert ville, basically just completely clear, but 35 degrees. so do you have to walk out the moore most locations without a jacket. later today you'll be in shorts and t-shirts, i'll
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explain why in a second. one more for you, 39, another chilly value down into kent county delaware, jason reporting nice clear skies as well. into the 30's here. most of us, into the more urbanized communities are into the 40's at this point. but even that still chilly enough to require a jacket i would say. now, storm scan, that also is very quiet on the east coast in general. but i show this very wide zoom for reason. warmth front lifting well off to the north, then trailing cold front back here into right now crossing over into illinois. that will be making its passage here tuesday night specially into wednesday. i don't think it bridges a lot of precipitation, but that's going to knock the temperatures back from continued warm up that goes on through today and tomorrow. in the meantime, you got to talk about health when you can talking about this kind of day. pollen levels are very high today. so if you are an al jerry sufficient ever err, keep it in mind, juniper, maple, alder the top three, uv index getting up, sun angle gets higher and hire this time of year. air quality good.
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even the heat index becomes an issue. sun block required. you'll want to be out in this. seventy-nine in the sunshine today feeling like june, at 82 tomorrow. and then meisha i think we will see thundershower or shower on wednesday, but even though we see the temperature drop back, still tech neckly well above average. >> loving that. all right, katie, thank you so much. and good morning. happy monday. speaking of that beautiful wet their we will be seeing, look how beautiful that sky s looking at the schuylkill, taillights, approaching gulph mills, starting to get busy around the area. vine near the schuylkill what we are looking at there. you can see really my eyes are here, the schuylkill, taillights eastbound approaching gulph mills, starting to pick up both eastbound and westbound, and but you do have that gorgeous sky. by the way pack the sunglasses, you might need them. construction 59 between broad street, packer avenue, heads block between nine a.m. and 12. and also the northbound left lane block between 12:00 and 3:00. will start to slow us down, that's not if for construction, northeast extension, take a look,
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southbound between lansdale, quakertown, right lane block. a lot more construction to talk about coming up in the next ten minutes. >> when your roof is damaged you want it repaired quickly. but if the damage follows storm, your neighbors might need repairs too, making it harder to find someone. well in this week's angie list, some things you should know so you don't get scammed while hiring a roofer. >> demands for roofers after a storm can be good for contractors, but it also means scammers could take advantage of homeowners. >> it is an unfortunate reality of the business. >> one popular scam, a contractor insists on being paid for work before it begins, want large down payment or needs your insurance check to buy materials. avoid this scam, by hiring a local company, with proper credentials, and never pay in full up front. >> the scam artist contractors will say, hey, all we need is we need that first check. you give that to us. we will get you scheduled to go. and then in the worse cases they justice appear. >> then there is the
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door-to-door sales pitch. offering cheap labor, for carbon the spot. sometimes those contractors do a little work. then disappear. just say no thanks, good roofers don't have to solicit. >> unfortunately there might be scam that's come into town, after a storm, to be sure that you're checking the company you're use that they have a valid license, they have insurance, that you know you're working with a reputable company. >> and remember, if the business sounds too good to be true it probably s still important to get free bids even in a disastrous situation, better off slowing down and doing some reserve err. >> teen in new york escapes serious harm after falling into open sewer hole. >> this happened saturday in new york not far from albany. three boys on local nature trail when the 14 year old fell into the hole. rescue crews followed the boy's about a half mile down the shore line, before they could pull him to safety. >> amazing, that he survived. i can't believe that he was able to, that he slid down
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that pipe that far, was able to latch onto something, and then they were able to contact 911 and 911 was able to -- they were able to, emergency responders, able to find him. just amazing. >> so scary for him. authorities say that open main was under construction, and actually should have been covered. >> well, just ahead: bringing the art to inmate. >> take you behind prison walls to show you production of shakespear, hear from the performers, we will be back.
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>> beautifulhot. >> indeed. on this monday morning. well, the sounds every shakespear could be heard inside the walls of a prison near sacramento. >> those are inmate performing william spaining spear's play king john. performance took place, now, most every those inmates are serving life terms, and the first time they say they've been allowed to take part in a performance. >> most of the men in the group probably never thought ever in their lives that they would be doing shakespear.
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>> when i was a kiddie was a jolly green giant. but, ya, this is my first performance as an adult. >> the program gives the inmate chance to work as a team. some say they've never had an opportunity to work with other people. >> well, coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news," pat gallen introduces us to a philly prospect, meet jeff singer mayfair, and hear his inspiring fight to get to the major leagues. >> and a lot of par lent put their fussy baby in the car, and drive them around, until they fall asleep. i didn't know. that will but now one auto maker has designed a crib that act like a car so you never have to leave the house. katie, are you listen? >> i am. >> the details next.
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>> application questioning a man from hunting park. next, authorities are quickly able to find that car. >> and, history will be made today, when kneel gorsuch is sworn in as the supreme court justice. tell but the he instant impact he'll have on the nation's highest court. >> make some outdoor plans, because we're in for big dose, i say, big dose of spring sunshine today. katie says there is isn't the only nice day in the forecast.
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>> katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning, katie of course the lady of the hour. >> katie, i can tell you, i'm loving this, as well. and i got to say, mondays are tough. but when you have a forecast like this, it makes the whole week set up so nice, in the worlds of travel ... beautiful day coming up, isn't the only one we get. my advice is this, walk out the door with a extra layer. take a look the just one shot of chillier location, kutztown area middle school 37 degrees, but i show this picture as well because of the gorgeous colors being painted across the morning sky right now, one of the favorite parts every having to wake up, with god awful hour that we do, that you get to see the sunrise every single morning. and what a beautiful one we've got here today. storm scan, all clear, couple of clouds here and there, that's real at this, but high pressure is the story.


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