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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  April 11, 2017 7:00am-8:56am EDT

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>> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ good morning, it is tuesday, april 11th 2017. welcome to cbs this morning. an 8-year-old boy and his teacher are killed in an elementary school shooting. another student is wounded. we're in san bernardino a city rocked again by unthinkable violence. the secretary of state heads to moscow after saying russia failed its responsibilities in sear syria. we'll talk to leeian panetta about what is at stake. united airlines ceo defends crew members after a passenger is violently dragged off an overbooked flight. another man sitting one row up describes how it all went down. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's
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eyeopener, your world in 90 seconds. >> the guy just walked in and he just started shooting. >> beyond description. just tore up inside. >> this is just crazy. i've never seen anything like this. >> a school shooting in california leaves three dead. >> it's going to take time for our heads our hearts to heal. >> if you gas a baby if you put a barrel bomb in to innocent people, you will have a response from this president. >> if we're going to respond to every single human rights violation inside syria, we're proposing to invade syria. >> alabama governor robert bentley resigned after pleading got two charges tied to allegations he tried to cover up an affair. >> just about everybody looked at this and said this is crazy. he should have resigned long ago. >> chicago police are investigating after a judge was found shot dead outside his home. >> we will hold this killer accountable. >> the ceo of united airlines is backing his company's employees calling a video of a passenger being pulled off a flight.
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>> united airlines has problems. it rocked from the top. >> in east texas a severe thunderstorm swept across the region with heavy rain strong wind and hail. >> a woman got quite the scare on a carnival ride in france. she splipz outlips out of her harness. >> a meteor got many people's attention as it streaked across the skies of southern california. >> did you guys see that? >> and all that matters, a turkish airline crew helped deliver a baby onboard a flight. >> and in keeping with the times, the baby was dragged by the plane by security. it was overbooked. >> on cbs this morning. >> fly the friendly skies united airlines promises. >> a video goes viral of authorities dragging a passenger down the aisle. >> this is what the ceo tweeted. i apologize for having to reaccommodate these customers. reaccommodate? it's like we reaccommodated el chapo out of mexico.
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welcome to "cbs this morning," gayle king is off. alex wagner joining us. welcome. >> good to be here. >> san bernardino, california is grieving again after a terror attack. hundreds of children walked nabld hand as they were evacuated from their school. police want to know why a man walked into a special needs classroom and shot a teacher dead. he also killed one student before turning the gun on himself. >> police say the teacher was the gunman's estranged wife and the students were not targets. but hundreds of upset parents who rushed to the xhool to wait for hours to see their children. john blackstone is outside north park elementary school in san bernardino which is closed after the shooting. what a tough morning there. >> it is indeed.
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good morning. another student was also shot. that student is in stable condition in the hospital this morning. the couple was married less than three months ago. investigators are trying to figure out what happened between then and yesterday's violence. >> reporter: the shots were fired before 10:30 monday morning. authorities scrambled to secure the area. they quickly evacuated some 500 students and discovered two of them had been shot. >> we have two victims here both with severe trauma. >> reporter: police say 53-year-old cedric anderson entered his wife's classroom. >> he entered the office and he simply said he was there to drop something off with his wife. >> reporter: according to authorities, his estranged wife was i had target. he aimed a .357 revolver at the 53-year-old and she was killed. also shot were two students standing behind her. worried parents waited for hours to be reunited with their children who were transported to
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a nearby campus. >> i want to take our babies home. >> reporter: jonathan martinez was airlifted to hospital and died and an unidentified 9-year-old boy is in stable condition. the class had 15 students first through fourth grade. this 7-year-old girl is one of them. >> i saw blood across the room. >> what did do you? >> i ran fast as i can. >> reporter: teaching assistant jocelyn kelly was there in the glass. >> the gun was already out by the time any of us looked up. >> reporter: police say anderson then killed himself. >> i'm told he does have a criminal history that has to do with weapons charges, domestic violence past as well as possible drug charges in there as well. >> my baby on our honeymoon. >> reporter: the two were married in late january. they were recently estranged. anderson praised his wife on facebook two months ago. >> she makes me really happy. >> we know they were estranged. we don't note reason yet.
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that will be part of the investigation. >> smith's pastor says she was a compassionate and talented teacher who had a heart for children. the school district says counsellors will be available today for families students and staff. alex? >> terrifying day for parents over there. thanks john. secretary of state rex tillerson is on his way to moscow for the first high level talks in russia. he left italy this morning after a meeting with other foreign ministers. they are considering how to move russia away from supporting syria's ruling regime. margaret brennan is in moscow where the recent u.s. missile attack on syria will be part of the conversation. good morning. >> good morning. secretary tillerson said world leaders all agree that the reign of the assad family is swiftly coming to an end. but leaders in moscow disagree. >> it is unclear whether russia failed to take this obligation
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seriously or russia is incompetent. but this distinction doesn't much matter to the dead. >> reporter: hours ahead of his trip to moscow, secretary of state rex tillerson criticized russia. >> russia has really aligned itself with the assad regime the iranians and hezbollah is at a long term alliance that serves russia's interests. >> reporter: this week the white house signaled that president trump may take further military action. >> the answer is that if you gas a baby if you put a barrel bomb in to innocent people i think you can -- you will see a response from this president. >> reporter: the kremlin condemned the u.s. attack and said it damaged already fragile u.s. relations. a blow to president trump's campaign promise to improve them. >> you know when you think about it, wouldn't it be nice if we actually did get along with russia? >> reporter: the change in rhetoric is striking.
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tillerson will urge russia to stop propping autopsy sad, prevent further use of chemical weapons and raise concerns about election meddling. a former oil executive, rex tillerson has extensive experience in russia. president putin once awarded him the order of friendship but now that he's america's top diplomat that, only goes so far. the u.s. strike may complicate achieving any of his goals. russian international affair council director. >> it's become more difficult for tehran. it is even more now difficult for putin as well because, you know he has to show that he's a strong leader and that he will not yield under the u.s. pressure. >> and just to give you a sense of the anticipation around secretary tillerson's meeting, it's on all the main papers tachlt. take a look at this cover. trump and putin go head-to-head over syria.
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>> thanks, margaret. president trump meets with top military leaders to night. he is telling two other key advisors to stop fighting. the president said nothing about that controversy yesterday when new supreme court jut neil gorsuch was sworn in. the ceremony marked the end of a battle to fill that high court. major garrett is at the white house with the high level truce among his top advisors. major, good morning. >> good morning. all quiet in the west wing. that's the public line anyway. for the first time in weeks it appears to be valid. president trump through the chief of stafforded his top warring advisors populous steve bannon and multimillionaire son-in-law jared kushner to cool it and cool it now. >> and i got it done in the first 100 days. that's even nice. >> reporter: the rose garden swearing in of supreme court justice neil gorsuch offered a tranquil counter point to weeks of white house infighting that president trump ordered to end. >> i always heard that the most
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important thing that a president of the united states does is appoint people. >> reporter: the gorsuch is over ideology access and clout. >> what is the president's speshgtive on the ability, the current ability of his senior advisors to work as a team? >> he's very confident in that. >> reporter: late last week reince priebus ordered a face-to-face truce between the two senior advisors. matters came to a head when bannon opposed the missile strikes in syria and kushner supported them. bannon has steadily lost ground to kushner in weekend weeks. it started with a clumsy roll youst the travel ban executive order which federal courts blocked and the white house abandoned. then the obamacare repeal failed while bannon worked on negotiations and mr. trump removed him from the national security council. kushner is leading key white
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house task forces traveling to iraq with the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and planning the visits and including the visit with president xi. ivanka trump, kushner's wife and senior adviser to the president down played the west wing drama. >> i do think we have a lot of different viewpoints at the table. but they're not at odds with one another. >> bannon sees kushner and allies as globalist democrats while kushner regards the bannon faction as harshly nationalist and bannon himself a bit vengeful. one adviser as a mix between can't we all just get along and don't tase me bro. nora? >> that's a new one. all right, major. thank you. north korea called the u.s. reckless and warned of catastrophic consequence it's there is military action in the korean peninsula. the u.s. and south korea began
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joint military exercises in south korea yesterday. about 3700 military personnel including 2500 americans took part in the exercise. the maneuvers will continue until april 21st. u.s. navy sent an aircraft carrier and several other ships to waters off the korean peninsula saturday because of concerns over north korea's nuclear weapons program. pyongyang said it's ready for any mode of war desired by the united states. >> alabama governor robert bentley resigned following a scandal involving an alleged affair with a top aide and accusations of an elaborate cover-up. thinks resignation came hours after state lawmakers started impeachment hearings against him. bentley pleaded got campaign violations. they came to light during the investigation prompted by his alleged affair. our reporter is outside of the state capitol in montgomery. omar, good morning.
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>> good morning. last friday robert bentley said he would not resign. he did nothing illegal. what a difference a few days make. this morning he now has a criminal record and he is no longer in office. >> reporter: i have decided that it is best for me to step down as alabama's governor. >> reporter: embroiled in scandal, now former governor robert bentley resigned from office. i have not always made the right choices. >> reporter: bentley stepped down after pleading got two misdemeanor violations of campaign finance law. he will not serve any time behind bars but has to pay thousands in fines surrender thousands in campaign funds and will not be able to serve public office again. the charges are connected to his alleged affair with a former top staffer, rebecca caldwell mason. both have denied having an affair but a 130 page report from the house committee special counsel tells a different story. it included text messages
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provided by former first lady dianne bentley where her husband professes his love for mason multiple times. in 2014 dianne bentley even secretly recorded a conversation between her husband and mason. >> baby i love you, okay? i love you. and i know, baby we're in a difficult situation, okay? >> all this drama tloedled to a battle with the lawmakers who ald impeach. proceedings. hours after they started, bentley resigned. lieutenant governor kay ivy was sworn into office shortly after bentley stepped down. >> the ivy administration will be open. it will be transce transparent and it will be honest. >> kay ivy is the second female governor. he agreed to not receive retirement other other benefits as a governor and serve 100
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hours of community service in his capacity as a physician. >> omar, thanks. chicago investigators are looking for a motive in the death of a criminal court judge. a gunman killed judge ray monld miles outside his home. a woman was also shot and taken to the hospital in serious condition. dean reynolds is at the chowing police headquarters where a -- at the chicago police headquarters where they're trying to learn more about the killer. >> the police are going over surveillance video now looking for clues that might lead them to a shooter. so far, though they see no connection between the gunman in this case and his victims. >> reporter: police were called to a chicago home of circuit court judge raymond miles around 5:00 monday morning. according to investigators, an unknown suspect shot a female friend of miles outside his house. miles and the unidentified woman often exercised together in the
7:16 am
morning. after hearing the commotion, miles went to investigate and came face-to-face with the gunman who shot him four times. >> they exchanged words with the offender before fatally shot multiple times. that time it does not appear that property was stolen from their person or their residence. >> reporter: the 66-year-old's law career spans four decades n 2009 he reportedly ordered william balfor the man who killed three members of jennifer hudson's family to be held without bond. miles' house is on chicago's south side an area that is becoming increasingly violent over the last five years. the judge had security cameras installed at his home. >> i feel scared. because i've been living over here for ten years and i see the neighborhood is changing. we got a lot of breaks in, burglaries going on. >> reporter: distraught neighbors say they heard gunfire then a woman's voice screaming don't kill him! don't kill him! the judge died soon there after. his friend is expected to
7:17 am
survive. >> you have our word that we'll not let judge miles' life be lost in vain and we will hold his killer accountable. >> now according to the surviving victim the gunman fled on foot but may have had a car nearby. the fbi is now offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to a solution of this crime. nora? >> dean, thank you so much. wells fargo's board is slamming two former executives for creating a culture that led to the fraudulent account scandal. the board is claug back an additional $75 million from the former ceo and the executive who oversaw the division responsible for the scandal. the two have now been forced to give back 136$136 million. last fall it was revealed two million checking and credit card accounts were open without
7:18 am
customer authorization. and about 5300 employees were fired. people in michigan are clearing up this morning after a possible tornado tore through the western part of the state. strong wind last night damaged buildings and ripped down trees. crews worked overnight to help clear debris off the roads. severe weather also swept through texas bringing heavy rain hail flash flooding and a possible tornado. in east texas, damaging winldzds snapped trees. a new world sear ridzries banner is flying above wrigley field for first time in a century. chicago cubs players took turns raising the banner before last night's home opener. the sellout crowd braved cold temperatures and a long rain delay to celebrate the team's first world series win since 1908. players paraded the championship trophy across the field for cheering fandz cheering fans.
7:19 am
the night ended with another celebration. the cubs beat the dodgers 3-2 on a walkoff single. there you go. >> i mean the cubs are going to be celebrating this for another 108 years. and they should. and they should. it was a big win. >> it was a big win. congratulations to them. all right. getting fake documents to call your pet a service animal can take less than a day. ahead, how impostures are giving service dogs a bad name. plus where people could receive jail time
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dr. david standing fwoi break down new recommendation for prostate and breast cancer testing.
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>> and we hear where president >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." good morning, i'm rahel solomon. work remembers trying to repair sinkhole that forced closure of 17th street in rittenhouse square. crews and heavy equipment showed up within the half hour. seventeenth street between walnut and locust where the hole opened up. you can expect repair work to last into the afternoon at the very least. now, let's check the forecast with meteorologist katie fehlinger. beautiful forecast. >> yes, looking ahead to stellar day. nice and warm conditions out there today, rahel. sun block records taking advantage of the sunshine. right now where we stand-off to mild start. normal high on this day only 62 degrees, and already pretty close to it. so we're going to warm up very very efficiently. take a look. eighty-three, the expected hi, just 1 degrees shy of record territory. not as warm tomorrow, because of cold front passage.
7:27 am
that will help trigger shower, maybe thundershower, but even still, 74 wednesday, meisha, that's still about 10 degrees above what's average. >> 83 degrees. >> love it. >> love it. all right thanks so much, katie. good morning everyone, looking outside debris in the roadway, hoping fully getting cleared out of your way, look at this, do still have it out there. will slow you down, 95 south past cottman just headed out sometime soon, be aware. fire department activity southbound blue route off ramp to west chester pike, car fire germantown pike at butler pike,. >> meisha, thank you. our next update is at 7:55, up next on cbs this morning, some state cracking down on pet owners apparently misrepresenting their best friends at service animals. i'm rahel
7:28 am
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did you guys see that? >> what appeared to be a meteor near san diego interrupted this woman's web chat last night. she told cbs news she saw the large fireball pop-up on her screen and thought it was coming for her because it was so close. a security camera also pointed at the night sky in southern california appeared to capture the streak of light. look at that. the american meteor society received hundreds of reports from people who saw it in california and arizona. the american immediator society,meteor society, who knew it existed? >> and join the explorers club. >> two birds, one stone. welcome back to "cbs this morning." another fabulous space show is going on 400 million miles away.
7:31 am
nasa put out the new photos of jupiter. the spacecraft did a fly by of the giant planet two weeks ago. one shows two regions in jupiter's atmosphere side by side. the hubble space telescope is taking spectacular new photos. jupster as close to earth as it can get right now. that makes it a good subject for the telescope that is in earth's orbit. >> here's a look at other big stories around the globe. president trump said that missile strike on syria proves his father is not in bed with the russian president. he was not intim datd by putin's talk of war. he said there would be no one harder than president trump if they "cross us." eric trump also said nep stichl a beautiful thing. saying that a family member is more likely to be more honest with the president. "the wall street journal" now says tesla rivals general motors as a nation's most valuable carmaker. how about that, charlie rose?
7:32 am
tesla briefly topped gm in market value of more than $50 billion yesterday before settling back by the end of trading. investors like tesla's vision for electric and self-driving cars but gm share of the u.s. auto market is more than 17% while tesla has only a tiny fraction. >> gm has a lot more cars. >> they do. tesla has the momentum though. >> "washington post" said regulators changed their minds about letting airline travelers use cell phones during flights. the head of the federal communications commission sided with pilots and flight attend ants who oppose the idea. he plans to dropt 4-year-old proposal. the "boston globe" reports the ceo of united airlines is defending employees after the forcible removal of a passenger from an overbooked flight. now the security officer who dragged the passenger off the plane in chicago was put on leave. in a letter to employees, a defiant united ceo said he emphatically stands behind them and commended them for going
7:33 am
above and beyond to ensure we fly right. he said the company is committed to treating customers with respect and dignity. but he also accused the passenger of being disruptive and belligerent. chris is outside of washington d.c. good morning. >> good morning. the ceo's letter to employees is not calming this controversy. it is what everyone is talk bchlgt united stock price is poised to take a hit this morning. it is a pr disaster for an airline that brands itself as the friendly skies. no! no! >> reporter: the video is dramatic and hard to watch. a utd passengering screams as an airport security officer pulled him out of his seat. the passenger hit his head and appears to go limp as he's dragged off the plane with blood trickling down his face. >> he busted his lip. >> oh, my god! look what you did to him. >> minutes later, the passenger
7:34 am
somehow made his way back onboard. he was visibly distraught. >> i couldn't believe that united has brought us to this place. >> the man in the orange shirt was sitting in front of him. >> they treated him like someone with no value whatsoever. they're treating him like a dog that you pull out of something. >> reporter: it all began after the flight to louisville was boarded. four employees came to the gate a need to get on the overbooked flight. flight attendants asked for volunteers to give up seats offering $1,000 as insentive but no one budged. four passengers were then randomly selected to be bumped off the flight. three left without a fight. united says the man in the video refused to get out of his seat claiming he was a doctor and had to see patients. the airline said he became disruptive and belligerent. that's when united called security. >> you never want to see a passenger removed without
7:35 am
consent when the passenger hasn't done anything wrong. >> reporter: this is a travel industry analyst. >> why didn't they just move down the list and see if there was another passenger that would get off the plane? >> reporter: accord together airline quality report out monday, the number of passengers denied boreding hit an all time low last year, they were eighth out of 12 airlines though unite dd show improvement in 2016. a fact overshadowed by this video. >> i have a choice, i'll definitely not fly united. >> the department of transportation says airlines do have the right to bump passenger but they have to be compensated up to $1350. still dot plans to review what happened on this united flight. the chicago airport says it does not condone the behavior of the officer in the video. charlie? >> thank you so much chris. >> i mean i -- i -- it's really difficult to watch that video and what they did to that passenger. >> each layer of the story makes united's response that much more controversial, i think, when you
7:36 am
see that video. >> right. the question is who is more important, the employees or the passengers? that's a lot people are asking. >> i assume the sikhceo would say both. >> okay. >> chris thank you so much. recommendations from a government advisory panel out this morning suggests new screening guidelines for prostate cancer. u.s. preventive services task force says men age 55 to 69 should discuss the potential benefits and down sides of blood testing with their doctor. but there is no apparent benefit of screening for men 70 and older. he said the panel recommend nod screening. our doctor leads us a cancer senter from usc. he joins us from los angeles. good morning. >> good morning. >> so what caused this? >> there was a study in europe showing if you screen there is a 20% drop in the death rate and 30% drop in what we call disease or disease that has spread. so new data caused them to shift
7:37 am
the guidelines. in addition, there is a shift now that if you are diagnosed with prostate cancer a third of men don't need to be treated and they could be followed with active surveillance. all that data together caused the united states preventive task force to shift the recommendation from a d to a c which means the benefits slightly outweigh the risks. >> is it possible? do we assume that most doctors will recommend against screening? >> i think it's recommending for screening now. so the assumption is hard to know. but clearly the data show that a doctor and a patient need to start to have to discussions at around age 50 based on family history and based on the value system of the patient whether they should undergo screening understanding the risks. so it really requires the discussion. >> is there a reliable way to tell which of these cancers may be deadly? >> well a biopsy. when you look that biopsy we know that some of them don't need to be treated. others can be very aggressive.
7:38 am
so by looking under the microscope, you can know. that but right now we don't have a blood test that can do that. it requires a needle and a biopsy. >> now let's talk about breast cancer screening. a new letter published by the journal of american medical association acknowledge there's is a divide now among doctors about whether to get mammograms. >> it's further confusion. we're seeing now that guidelines are changing. and doctors are shifting in the direction of doing more testing. and so even though the data now are showing that maybe can you wait later until age 50 to do screening. they're doing screening earlier. i think doctors say listen more is probably better. but hopefully there is a discussion in the room with the patient and based on their values from the family history, the right decisions are made. there's a lot of noise in the field. >> when you say more is probably better, that suggests there is some window there where more isn't necessarily better. how big of a problem is overscreening and overtreatment? >> it's hard to know.
7:39 am
clearly we are overscreening and overtreating. but many women will say, listen i want to do everything i can so i can avoid breast cancer and play with my grand children. and others are saying listen i want to go exactly with the data. so there is no right answer. these are really hard studies to do that take many decades. and it's very hard to randomize somebody and say you're going to get no screening and you'll get screening and let's see what happens. so there is a lot of noise in this space and discussio to happen. it's difficult because you need 10, 15 minutes with a doctor to unders behefits and make the right decision for you. >> dr. david trying to make it clear for us. thanks for your time. >> thank you. ahead, not just any puppy can become a service dog. >> you cutest thing. but they're about to enter 15 to 18 months of intensive training to become legitimate service dogs. i'm in princeton, massachusetts, where a proposed state law would make fake service dogs illegal. that's coming up on "cbs this morning."
7:40 am
>> don gets the best assignments.o subscribe to our "cbs this morning" podcast on itunes and apple apps.
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service dogs can give people invaluable help. but many who claim to receive pets for privileges are not entitled to. new luz areaws ma making it i will tloel have imposters. >> reporter: a snowboarding accident in 2007 put kristina slaven in a wheelchair but it didn't take her off the mountain. >> i knew that it was not necessarily a life altering injury. it was just a change. >> when she's not giving ski lessons to people with disabilities, we'll find her accompanied by her faithful lab and service dog earl. >> earl does a lot of retrieving
7:45 am
for me. when i lose my phone, he is very good about finding it. >> i could use him. >> everybody could. >> reporter: like these puppies smothering our camera earl was trained at needs, a service dog industry leader for more than 40 years. >> good boy. >> reporter: jerry is needs ceo. >> how many tasks do the dogs have to learn? >> we train the dogs in about 50 different doors, to turn on lights, to retrieve objects. >> finds the major difference between trained service dogs and the mini impostures gaining access to the place that's accommodate the disabled. chihuahua or occasional pig posing as something more than the well intentioned pet that they are. do you think that fake service dogs can hurt the public's impression of real service dogs? >> i know that hurt the public perception of real servi day. there are dogs that have been in stores and had accidents in stores or just generally disruptive. >> training a service dog ton
7:46 am
a well heeled companion is difficult. but getting fake credentials to pretend your pet is qualified couldn't be easier. within 24 hours one website, we obtained a phoney certificate and id for my borderform arrived without me having to show any prove of a disability. to someone who is either doing this or thinking about doing this? >> i would say that i understand op dog with them. they don't think it's a big deal just as people park in handicap spots and think it's not a >> reporter: a newly proposed law in massachusetts would make misrepresenting a service animal illegal. if passed, massachusetts would join 12 other states where it's already law. the toughest of which is in california, with anay a $1,000 fine and up to six months in jail. >> good boy. >> reporter: can you imagine what your life would be like without him? >> i don't want to imagine what my life would be like without him. good boy. he makes my life worth living every single day. >> reporter: for "cbs this
7:47 am
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good morning, everyone i'm jim donovan, closing arguments set for today in the trial of three high school girls charged in a fight that left another student dead. sixteen year old amy joyner francis died last april after the fight at technology in wilmington. the judge has heard testimony for this week, he'll decide today's closing arguments let's sends it over to katie for today's forecast. >> good morning, today is going to absolutely be the warmest taste every june with daytime high approaching the record for the day, which is 84 degrees, the 1800s. so, it is definately a long standing one. there is frontal boundery, you can see off to the west there across central ohio. that will work its way in later tonight with shower perhaps rumble every thunder then the meantime meisha 83 and sunshine, make the most of it while you've got it. >> you bet. all right, katie thank you so much. in the world of septa right now, just take a look at this,gton newark has
7:56 am
equipment problems, because of that shuttle bussing between avenue, also media elwin line running about 15 minute delays. lots construction northeast extension southbound between quakertown lansdale, right lane blocked take a look how slow moving this is. when it shows all red like that you know it is traveling very, very slow. jim, over to you. >> thank you meisha. next update at 8: 25 coming up this morning, former cia director leon panetta joins charlie, nora, and alex in studio 57. i'm jim donovan make it a grea hi hey i'll take one of those new fast play games. oh, you ready for a rush? uh, sure! ♪ i'm pretty excited for you right now. ♪ fast play is the new way to play fast and win instantly
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good morning. it is tuesday, april 11th 2017. welcome back to "cbs this morning." the trump administration pushes russia to turn its baklava on syria. leon panetta looks at how the u.s. might get what it wants. but first theerz day's eyeopener at 8:00. >> a couple married three months ago, investigators are trying to figure out what happened between them and yesterday's violence. >> this leading political magazine says it all. trump and putin go head-to-head over syria. >> president trump through his chief of stafforded his top warring advisors to cool it and cool it now. robert bentley said he would not resign and did he nothing illegal. what a difference a few days make. >> police are going over surveillance video. they see no connection between the gunman and his victim. >> united stock price is poised to take a hit this morning.
8:00 am
it is a pr disaster for an airline that brands itself as the friendly skies. >> each layer of this story makes united's response that much more controversial. >> crazy. a package of salad mix, a package of salad mix was sold in a florida walmart was found to contain a dead bat. >> they have no idea how the bat got in the bag. they do now that odds of this happening in florida were exactly 100%. >> i'm charlie rose. gayle is off. an elementary school in san bernardino california, is closed after a married couple and child died in a murder suicide. police say cedric anderson walked into the special needs classroom and shot his wife karen smith as she was teaching. >> 8-year-old jonathan martinez who was standing behind his teacher was also shot and killed. a 9-year-old student was wounded and is in stable condition.
8:01 am
anderson and smith got married less than three months ago. investigators are trying to learn why they became estranged and how that might have led to the shooting. >> secretary of state rex tillerson is on his way to moscow. he left italy this morning after meeting with foreign ministers from key allies in the west japan, and middle east. before he left tillerson said russia has a choice to make. >> russia has really alined itself with the assad regime, iranians and hezbollah. would russia prefer to realign with the united states with other western countries and middle east countries seeking to resolve the syrian crisis? >> russia's foreign minister said today they're hoping for productive talks with tillerson. a spokesman also said
8:02 am
russian-american relations are the most difficult since the end of the cold war. >> leon panetta held a series of top jobs in washington during a widely respected career in public service. he served as white house chief of staff under president clinton, director of the cia when osama bin laden was killed and scene of the accident of defense under president obama. now he is chairman and co-founder of the panetta institute for public policy. secretary panetta joins us from nashville, tennessee. secretary, always good to see you. thank you so much for joining us. >> nice to be with you. >> what do you think the secretary of state needs to achieve in his visit to moscow today? >> i think it's very important for him to send the kind of message that he spoke about in italy which is that the russians have a funneleddamental choice to accept some responsibility here for what happened in syria, to
8:03 am
try to influence them to do it again. to basically join the nations of the world in making sure that we don't experience another chemical attack in syria. and for that to happen russia has to really make a choice, whether it's going to stick with assad and iran and hezbollah or whether it's going to join with the united states and promote a more peaceful world. >> but mr. secretary the russians have already said that if force is usd again, they'll meet with force. have they already made that choice? >> charlie, in the world of foreign policy the name of the game is to obviously send all kinds of messages to each other recognizing that we're still a long way away from any kind of direct confrontation. i don't think the russians want confrontation with the united states. i don't think the united states wants direct confrontation with the russians. but we're in for some tough
8:04 am
negotiating right now in terms of really trying to get the russians to exert some influence here so that assad does not conduct additional chemical attacks. after all, russia does bear responsibility here. they're the ones that negotiated the agreement. they're the ones who failed to enforce that agreement. they have a great deal of responsibility to do what is right. >> the ambassador, for me last night that assad has won. civil war is over. do you share that judgement? >> no i really don't. you know, i think that there's no question that assad has been reinforced by the russians by iran by hezbollah, by the fact that no one was willing to take him on directly. and so there's no question he has -- he's exerted some strength here in term of trying to r syria. but the fact is that there is no
8:05 am
future in syria with assad. he has killed his own people. he's committed atrocities. there is no way that a future syria is going to continue under an reality. and i think the russians need to understa to ultimately remove assad from power. i don't think we ought to give up on that. he that the russians might cooperate? i mean there's an ap report that says ofcachemical attack and it was a bomb that hit the hospital treating victims in syria. what do you make of that report? >> it doesn't really surprise me that russian was have some sense of what the syrians were up to. but at the same time, i it this russians have to decide what is in their fundamental interests here? is it to take on the united states? is it to take on other arab nations in the middle east? take on the world community that
8:06 am
has made it clear and not tolerate additional chemical attacks or do they want to try to work with the united states and others. the russians in my experience know when they have an opportunity to try to move in the right direction. and this is an opportunity for them to try to do what is right. so i don't -- i don't automatically assume that russia is going to go in the other direction. we have to deal with them in tough ways. we have to make clear that we're going to use military force again if we have to. but in the end, we have to convince them that they've got to work with us. >> mr. secretary, let's talk about the issue of north korea. president trump just tweeted this. north korea is looking for trouble. as you know the pentagon has moved an aircraft carrier off the korean peninsula. tensions are quite high as of course, other military exercises
8:07 am
going on in south korea. do you think something may happen this week? >> i worry that april 15 sjt birthday celebration of their founder in north korea. and every time they have a celebration like that, they tend to do something provocative. and i suspect that they're working on either an additional missile shot or a nuclear test or something to show the rest of the world that they're -- you know, they can influence what happens in that region. so for that reason, i think it's important for us to have our force present in the region. we need to show that we're prepared to take whatever action is necessary to ensure that north korea does not engage in any deliberate attack in that region. so we've got to be toughwe'vitgot to make clear that we're not going to tolerate this kind of provication. but at the same time, we have to continue to try to see
8:08 am
can pursue the kind of pressure that will bring us back to the negotiating table. >> what is our red line inside north koreant should cause us to take severe action? >> i think charlie, that the real concern here would be that as they continue ticbm capacity that they try to test an icbm. crazy enough to put a miniaturized nuclear weapon at the top of that icbm in order to test it. not necessarily to attack but to test it. i think if we see that, if intelligence presents that kind of scenario that would be very dangerous in terms united states in that region and i think would indeed cross the line in dealing with north korea. >> than panetta thank you so much. great to have you. >> nice to be with you. the young woman who survived
8:09 am
bus in pakistan is now a u.n. messenger of peace. she is the youngest person to receive the u.n. secretary-general's highest honor. we sat down with her and she had a about america's acceptance of refugees. >> it's important that he understands that these people are in need and i have seen them. i think he needs to go to the refugee camps. >> you think president trump needs to go to a refugee camp? >> i destinily agrees with that. he needs to visit the refugee camps. he needs to know what life is like. >> we also spoke with the nobel peace prize recipient about the humanitarian crisis overseas her push for girls' education and her own plans now for college. she's 19 years old. we're going to bring you the full interview tomorrow as only here on cbs this morning. many americans admit they have not figured out how much money they'll need to retire.
8:10 am
we have a reporter in with the
8:11 am
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8:15 am
is. a recent survey shows what americans think about being ready for retirement. 60% of workers are very or somewhat confident about having enough money to live comfortably during retirement. but only 41% admit to crunching the numbers to see how much they will need. cbs news this business analyst jill schlesinger is here. are we the funny thing about that survey is that 60% say hey, i'm confident but only 40% have actually crunched the numbers. that's a little bit strange. i think that the crunching the numbers part is so important. it starts with understanding how much you're spending to day. people cannot stand doing. but there are lots of apps for. that figure out what you're spending right now. then you want to project out into the future. do you that by saying okay, what is the stream of income? maybe i'm lucky enough to have a pension. i'll get social security and what will i maybe make from some of the savings that i've t.
8:16 am
there are a lot of calculators on line. the place that did this survey hasave ballpark estimate. very easy to use. >> what is retirement? >> clearly yushgs not intthis when most people -- i'm a certified financial planner by training. people come into my office what would they say? i want toire. what do they really mean? i want to feel comfortable enough to live the life i lead today in the future without and that really might mean that you got to do some extra saving. so we know that retirementce is very much linked to whether or not you have a retirement account. 401(k) or 403(b), that's terrific. but if you don't have that kind of account it's a little bit more problematic. we tell people to open an ira or a roth ira, $5500 can you put away. $5500 if you're over 50. there is a plan for the government for people saving very very small dollars called the
8:17 am
fwhaut allows you to put as little as a couple bucks in every month away for the future. really important to look at. >> and if you leave your job, what do you do your savings like in your 401(k)? >> there's a pitfall about this. so there is a few the money there if the plan allows it. you can roll it over into an ira or ira rollover account or move it into the new job. but here's the thing. too many people are literally just taking the money out. they're taking the distribution. it is taxable if you're under the age of 59 1/2. there are penalties involved. this is called leakage. and a study from boston college found that taking that money out early can actually reduce your retirement income by as much as 25%! so we don't want people to do that. >> leave it in the box. >> yeah. >> among current retirees nearly 8 out of 10 say they are very or somewhat confident about having enough money to live comfortably. that's up 4% from a year ago. so what explains that?
8:18 am
is that lidge it? >> i think it's ligit. i think people were saying they were more confident about being able to cover health care cost. that is g but also, look the stock market is up pretty nicely. people feel good, more confident. that's good savings strategy. stick with your plan. don't dip into early. >> thank you, jill. >> always great information. >> just in time as we do tax season. >> ahead, new evidence that road salt is polluting lakes. plus joey mcintyre of new kids on the block joins us with his new series, the character he plays with none other than himself. joey mcintyre, you're watching cbs this morning. ♪ predictable. the comfort in knowing where things are headed. because as we live longer... and markets continue to rise and fall... predictable is one thing you need in retirement to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts.
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8:22 am
all to earth, right? sergio garcia went t the empire state building with his fiancee. now he's her congratulations. >> thank you. >> what a terrific victory. >> yeah, i was awesome.e but, you know it was very very enjoyable. >> what is the greatest good morning, i'm rahel solomon. two men are in stable condition at temple hospital with gunshot wounds. and now police want to know if the 54 year old plan was shot in the back along the 2400 block of north colorado street at around 3:00 this morning another man shot in the ankle near 60th and cumberland, few blocks away, police right now looking video interviewing possible witnesses. now, let's check on the forecast with meteorologist katie fehlinger. should be very nice out there.
8:23 am
>> very nice, alretially in fact, nice bright sunshine to go along with the entire day and we do have storm system that's actually headed our way. but, i don't think we have to deal with the weather err from that until later tonight. so get very warm day in advance of that frontal passage, and in the meantime, the temperatures already flirting with or at 60 degrees. in philly at 59. rrently, 60 in the atlantic city area, at the airport there, and the winds is out of the southwest, surge that thermometer up. and we are going to flirt with records, as result high of 83 and sunshine, join joy it watch for shower, tomorrow morning, front clears out, though, granted we'll see sunshine but the temperature does gets held back, thank you so much, katie. good information there. and also, in the world of septa, guy is take a look, wilmington newark line has equipment problems because out bound, also, media elwyn running delays around 15 minute warminster around 20 minutes, accident in new jersey 295 before florence columbus, left lane blocked there, talcony palmyra scheduled to go up at
8:24 am
8:35 a.m. plus construction, northeast extension southbound between quakertown, lansdale, also northeast extension northbound lansdale, two e-zpass express lanes closed 9:00 a.m. to noon rahel over to you. >> thank you, next update at 8:55, ahead on cbs this morning, new masters champion, sergio garcia, and former new kid on the block joey motorcycle
8:25 am
8:26 am
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8:27 am
to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪ joggers out enjoying the warm weather by the museum in new york city. the high will reach almost 80 degrees. >> fist pump. i'm into it. >> right here in new york city. ight. charlie is going for a walk. he already went for a walk this morning. >> i did. >> yeah. >> walk to moves. >> speaking about moves, welcome back to cbs this morning. sergio garcia is here. the masters ave him. also joey mcintyre in the house! all right. we got a good half hour ahead. >> right now, time to show you this morning's headlines from around the globe.
8:28 am
"the new york times" has a unique plan that could bring the world cup to north america in fficials from the united states, can dashgs mexico work at the bid to share tournament games. ahead of u.s. soccer says president trump supports the plan despite tensions with mexico. the proposal now goes to fifa the world governing body for the sport. >> "the wall street journal" says an activist investor wants to shake up whole foods. they own nearly 9% of the upscale grocery chain. the investors are pressuring the company to improve operations. they also want to explore sales possibilities. whole foods shares have lost nearly half the value since 2013. salt used to de-ice roads may be contaminating lakes. that is according to the first continent wide study of fresh water lakes. they found sales of sault grew
8:29 am
to 20 million tons in the last 50 years. they refeud the lakes and 44% showed signs of long teerm salinazatoin. >> "the washington post" saysf the quotes won the pulitzer prize for national reporting in a series investigative articles last year. he found donald trump's charitable claims had been exaggerated and "wall street journal" columnist peggy nunan won for commentary. her pieces on the 2016 election saw the rise of donald trump. congratulations to them. i e-mailed y. i said peggy pullser. that is your new name. >> great reporting. >> andraph reports that singer ed sheeran settled a lawsuit over the hit song "photograph." ♪ you can keep me ♪ >> his song reached number 10 on the u.s. billboard top 100 nun 2015. he's accused of copying it noit for note from a song called "amazing." it was released two years
8:30 am
before. take a listen. ♪ how did you find me came out of nowhere ♪ >> the judge's order said the copyright case was dismissed after an agreement was reached etween sheeran and the songwriter of "amazing." details of the settlement were not revealed. sergio garcia was called the best golfer never title. that changed sunday in dramatic finish at the masters. >> how do the story lines and scripts, how do they happen time and time again here? >> and after so many years, once and for all for sergio! sergio! sergio! sergio! >> so garcia beat justin rose to win the green jacket.
8:31 am
he had finished in the top ten at augusta three times before. now he is the third spaniard to win the masters. sergio we're thrilled to you have here. congratulations again. >> thank you guys. >> can you tell us what it felt like for you, what was going through your mind when the ball went in the cup? >> you could see it. >> yeah. >> and you can hear it in my voice. >> what were you saying? >> i was just screaming. yeah. pretty much screaming if i remember correctly, i was in spanish! si and screaming. >> why did it take you so long? >> i wish i couldyo but it's -- i think life has a purpose for all of us. and for me, was mentally now. and i'm glad iecause of what all the things that happened throughout my career. i think i and it helped me grow up not only a person. i think it made this victory taste even better. wonderful to see you and justin
8:32 am
rose at the end. i know you're good friends. it was just also a display of yes. i think -- i mean my philosophy when it comes down to playing golf is i'm going to try my hardest to beat whoever is next to me. but i'm going to try to do it because i play better than them not because i'm trying to make them feel bad or something to make them play worse. so i want to beat justin like i beat him on sunday. you know, it isimportant. bring the extra hole. i don't want to you any gamesmanship to make him feel uncomfortable. that would make me feel uncomfort uncomfortable. and the way i am i wouldn't be able to play the way i out of place. >> when you missed that putt on 18 that s the play-off, what did you say to was saying -- i hit a miss aid putt too. >> i think we both hit good putts. we both misread them.
8:33 am
i hit that putt on the practice round and the ball went a little left. so i didn't have my caddie or anything. i was confident. i knew exactly what i wanted to do with the putt. i knew it was a quick putt. i just need to get it going. i thought okay. right on the right edge. it's going to break a little left and just put a good stroke on it be confident. and i did. and it went straight. but i did what i wanted to do. i was still feeling good about it. >> yeah. >> i was playing well. i felt calm. i knew i could probably have another chance. i just need to go out there and do it in the play-off. >> you did it. you did it. you got congratulations all around. congratulations tour continues. congratulations from tiger woods. you had a complicated relationship with him. what did that feel like? >> yeah, it's great. i mean there have been so many different congratulations from so many people and friends of
8:34 am
mine and fellow players telling me that they were crying watching it. it was amazing. and donnie willett, he was crying and hugging me and everything. >> he was last year and champion. >> yeah. it is great. i think at the end of the day, we're all people. we all do respect each other. and, you know we all have our differences but, you know we have to be bigger people and bigger person and kind of put those things aside. >> you can't be affirmed because he passed away too early an age is seve ballesteros. >> that would have been great. >> the former spanish champ. >> yeah. >> unfortunately, seve is not here anymore. it would be nice to see him that sunday when it happened. but i'm sure he was looking at it from up there. >> so i know you're getting married this year.
8:35 am
congratulations. >> thank you. >> and so charlie told me that your fiancee is also a golfer. >> yeah. >> and she helped you make a better golfer? i don't know about that. >> his mind not golf. >> she doesn't coach me. no. >> just wait until you get married. >> probably true. no. but she played collegiate in texas. >> that's awesome. so yeah. she's turned me into fan. wear the green jacket when you get married? she's up for it. when it gets closer we'll mack a decisoun. this, you can think about the grand slam can't you? >> be great. you can't win them all if you don't win the first one. >> there you go. >> okay.he menu for the champions dinner. thought about it? >> yes. i thought about it not this ore.
8:36 am
>> okay. >> for a long time. it's going to be a spanish dish. it's goingvorite dishes in spain. but -- >> >> i can't reveal. >> that's a tease, as we say. >> it is a good tease. >> but it's going to be delicious. yeah. sergio congratulations. thank you for being here with us. t you and watch you play golf. congratulations.its you. >> thank you. >> joey mcintyre is about to the band that began his career. the new kid on the block is in how he balances music with his new tv show where his kids star
8:37 am
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five billboard top hits including michael jacksonnd bruce springsteen. >> wow. mcintyre has stayed in the forefront of music and and returning to tv with "return of the mac." he plays a vernd looking for his
8:40 am
next gig. >> prepping all week. hbo. >> whoa. whoa. slow your roll joe. i didn't say it was with hbo. the company channel. >> the company channel i never heard of that before. >> it's ross bro, brand new network. they want to be the hbo for women.nner. okay, whatever. the company channel. i want to get back to work. >> joey mcintyre, welcome back. >> thank you. >> good to be back. >> great to you have. i heard that you describe the show as curb your enthusiasm isodes. >> yeah. kind of yeah. i play -- i like to think an exaggerated form of myself. maybe my friends would think no you're dead on, joe. that's you. but it's been fun. it's a scripted show. my wife is nice enough to play my wife. she never acted before. and she's amazing in it. so it all worked out. >> yeah.
8:41 am
this is fact and fiction ever blur when you do this? >> a little bit. a little bit. it's sort of like i guess the crux of it is i hope any person with any kind of job can relate that. you have to say yes when you want to say no. you hope it leads to bigger and better things. manager kind of -- he kind of metimes. i take the bait. >> you are back to it again. >> to men and paula abdul this may, june and july. we've been very lucky. th was amazing. we're together this time around and it's the best fans in the world. we have a lot gf times. >> it's the same fans right? oh, yeah. i want to brainwash the next generation. so we want to bring the next that's going pretty well. we have some younger kids in the
8:42 am
crowd, too. >> is it fun singing the old hits? is there something you can't stand sing anymore, something you love singing? >> not we don't -- there is something -- we're lucky to have ten hit records that we can sing. >> a lot to choose from. >> yelucky. and we enjoy it. and we stuff, too. but we embrace the past. >> yeah. that was the very, very first video that we made. >> that is michael hall isn't it? >> maybe. we can -- it can be if you want. >> yeah. i think is 80s colors that is throwing you off a little bit. >> oh, gosh. >> weird? does that make your life seem so far away? school. people look at their year books you know what i mean? it's kind a little funny. at this point we just you know we look at it with on all that nostalgia is kind of fun to look at. >> you're funny. i think people know that you're very talented. but you're funny. >> thank you. >> did you have to convince people, no really, i can do
8:43 am
this? >> a little bit. i had good acting gigs. you just want to build that resume. i guess it's led to this to you know, you have to make it happen though. i created the show. >> you are executive producer. >> yeah. along with donny wallberg who is on here with you often with "blue bloods" and stuff. it's been a great experience. i learned a ton. >> anything else you want to don. >> yeah. well, i lo i group in the theater. so i, you knw york and my wife is from here. but it's expensive. ba to three rooms, you know in manhattan when we have a little bit of a yard in l.a. it's tricky. i love the >> good luck on the tour. >> thank you. >> tell everybody we said hi. >> i will. >> we'll see him out on the big stage. >> yes. >> "return of the tomorrow night on a division of cbs. you can hear more of "cbs this morning" onur podcast. good song. ♪
8:44 am
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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news"." >> good morning, i'm jim donovan, expect delays and detours, as crews repair sinkhole closed 17th street. crews and heavy equipment showed up little after 6:00 this morning 17th street closed between walnut and locust streets where the hole opened up yesterday. the repair work may last into this afternoon. let's turn to katie for a look at the forecast. >> what beautiful day that's unfolding out there, jim. can't get better than this, if you like the warmth, not terribly humid either, but it is little dose of early meteorological summer. our temperatures already outside middle township high school at 57 degrees, many of are you in the upper 50's, to start things off even low 60s, in some instances, with bright blue skies, sunshine, you can understands why. here is a look at s other temperatures just talking becomes you're actually low 60s already, in trenton in wilmington, even in wildwood. and it is actually warmer in the poconos right now than it city, interestingly enough.
8:50 am
but, with that said, the city will have no problem warming up to 83 degrees today that's see how we do, good shot to tie it here today by tomorrow, cold front crosses tillbove average at 74, but do watch for shower maybe even late tonight into tomorrow morning. thursday and friday look pretty good. new system await us for the upcoming >> thank you so much for that. good morning. looking outside, in the world of travel, accident, the vine web before the schuylkill, left lane blockalthe way off to the shoulder, going to cause maybe little slow down getting betterment talcony palmy, noies, should be coming down in the next few minute, pa turnpike eastbound between willow grove bensalem, two left lanes blocked for the construction, yes, will slow you down, construction southbound, right lane blocked, there take a look here northbound lansdale to e-zpass express lanes closed between nine a.m. and 12. join us for "eyewitness news" today at noon, i'm jim donovan. make it a great etty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. fios is not cable. we're
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