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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 11, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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aim jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live in rittenhouse square. you caught up with drivers who use the app what did they have to say. >> reporter: i did, jessica. p pa say 20,000 people down loaded and used this app and basically here it is, the meeter up app, use it to pay for parking from a distance. it is shutting down at 12:01 and many people say they are simply frustrated. meter up, mobile parking lot is shutting down. >> i will move my car more often, and then in the middle of the meeting you cannot extend it, move your car or you will get a ticket. >> reporter: app allowed drivers to pay for parking from their phones, convenient way that kept many from running back and forth to their cars or looking for quarters. >> i use the all the time because i'm always in the city people don't have change all the time or sometimes don't work and use credit card. >> reporter: in a statement the executive director of the p pa says company which operated the app tango has had financial problems, which is why the app is being suspended
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a spokesperson for the app says app brought in $15,000 a day in revenue that won't change since the 20,000 people who use the app will now to have use kiosks to pay with cash, coin or credit card what do you think will happen tomorrow? >> there will be a lot of tickets and then p pa will get a lot of phone calls and it will not be fine. for them or people trying to park or go to work and not have to worry about a 26-dollar ticket. >> reporter: basically get ready to get your quarters, bills out because that is how you have to pay for park nothing center city, and throughout the region. start agent 12:01 tonight. spokesperson for pa a says all 20,000 users should receive an e-mail or text telling them about the closure of meter up, the same spokesperson tells me they hope to have a new provider for these apps in a few months. live near rittenhouse park i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". crews are still working to repair a sinkhole near rittenhouse square, the hole
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opened up on 17th between walnut and locust last night. some in the area remain without water service and traffic has been disrupted all day. greg also talked with some frustrated drivers what do you think of this traffic. >> i love it, man. i can't wait to get out of it. >> reporter: how long have you been stuck tonight. >> for about an hour now. >> reporter: looking for parking. >> yes. i'm about to go get, you know, pay in one of those lots, 25 bucks or whatever it is. >> reporter: water service is expected to be restored, by later this evening. it is unclear when street will reopen to traffic. a terrific tuesday out there, it feels like it is april going on june. we have team three coverage, we will check with meteorologist lauren casey in a moment but we will start with "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan live down the shore, well, cleve, it feels like summer. >> reporter: quite a bit like summer. we have a cool breeze off ocean but we saw many day trippers, just thrilled to get out to the beach, and remind us why they love the new
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jersey shore. >> all we need is sun if we get sun we will get people. >> reporter: thousands had same idea tuesday, beautiful weather, kid off from school let's make it a beach day. >> we love it. we love income ocean city. >> reporter: maria, organized this stroller brigade with her girlfriend from northeast philadelphia. >> it is a little crazy but awesome. >> reporter: thanks to easter break teens and tweens also showed up in mass. >> the beach is my favorite place ever. i definitely love it here more than anything so just to be able to be off from school and coming here it was a nice break. >> reporter: visitors were happy to get fresh air on ocean city's newly renovated boardwalk business owners were practically giddy. >> we are ready. we want to show what we have been doing. >> reporter: wendy, and expects her merchandise to be a big hit again this year. >> we have everything from men , juniors, we have some kid >> reporter: but she's hoping early season customers will give valuable feedback. >> the big trends that the kid
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will be asking for. it is a good thing to have people this early to see what they want and what they are looking for. >> reporter: whether in swimsuits or sweat shirts just about everyone was better dressed for the shore then one guy. >> who wants it. >> reporter: i may have failed the beach fashion test but sometimes you have to get a little sand in your shoes when you see a fellow dad badly out numbered on the paddle board court. >> beautiful day, kid are on spring break, kid, are all here so we decided to come down here together and we're having a blast. >> reporter: i i had no tayoun , kind of casual but i need to dust off the polo shirts and get ready for the summer. everybody here got a taste of what it is like and they cannot wait for summer. live from ocean city, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" >> helping out fellow dad, thanks very much. how long will this weather last? a lot of people are hoping a while? meteorologist lauren casey in for kate bilo and tracking
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things from the cbs-3 sky deck is what the latest. >> latest is i'm not wearing a jacket and it feels fantastic. finally feeling like spring, flowers are in bloom, the sunnies out, and smiles on peoples faces, just a great tuesday, all together, and high temperatures did top in the 80's across much of the area we tied a record in reading at 85. broke a record in allentown at 85 degrees and we are at 81 right now in philadelphia temperatures, did get close to that record high, temperature but we are cooler down the shore, right now, we did top off in the mid to upper seven owe's but that sea breeze kicking in across cape may county. we have 65 degrees elsewhere. still in the 70's and 80's and heading out to the fill games this evening, beautiful, conditions, for first pitch, taking on the mets 78 degrees, sunshine, a few more cloud heading in the second half, but temperatures still very mild by the end of the game, hopefully coming with the w, 67 degrees for 10:00 o'clock hour. heading in the day tomorrow we
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have a chance of passing shower i will let you know what time you need to keep that umbrella on stand by but dry and mild as we head in the second half of the week. big weekend coming up, easter and i'll let you know if conditions will stay dry for your bunnies and chicks in the full forecast in a few. >> we will see you shortly. former attorney in montgomery county is facing dozens of charges tonight on allegations he stole from trust fund set up for people with special need. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is in norristown with much more, joe, good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you. this ex-lawyer from collegeville is facing numerous counts of theft tonight, patrick bradley is accused of stealing from clients with special need, most vulnerable and, of course , he continued according to prosecutors, to even pass himself off as a lawyer, after the supreme court of pennsylvania, had suspended him. patrick bradley tonight stand accused of stealing from 12 clients who paid him,
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according to the district attorney, $130,000 over the years. prosecutors say that instead of the money benefiting bradley's special need clients , they tell us he raided those clients special need trust accounts and spent that money object himself. >> such as his home mortgage, his gas for his car, restaurant meals, movie tickets, sporting goods, personal utility bills, and cell phone service. >> reporter: prosecutors say complaints began flowing into the state's disciplinary council as far back as 2013, bradley was suspended in 2015 and disbarred last fall. he did not return messaging. stephanie, is involved in the pennsylvania lawyers fund for client security, a fun, that works to pay back victims. >> conduct of less than 1 percent of our legal profession commits these types
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of acts. and we are able to as the legal profession as attorneys able to help some of these victims that have been harmed by our fellow attorneys. it does sort of right some of the wrong that is we see in the legal profession. >> reporter: prosecutors also say that patrick bradley is also on the hook for $30,000, of legal services he never performed, and prosecutors say , that they believe that there could be more victims out there, if you have any information, about this case, or have any information about patrick bradley, you are asked to call the montgomery county district attorney's office, all of that information at cbs live from norristown i'm joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". joe, thanks for that. delaware judge is deciding fate of three girls charged in the school bathroom altercation that left a classmate dead. this is video of the three suspects leaving family court this afternoon in wilmington. judge heard four hours of the closing arguments from
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prosecutors, and defense attorneys, for each teen charged in the death of amy joyner frances. the teen died last april, after this bathroom brawl inside of the howard high school of technology. a decision on the case could come as soon as tomorrow. a montgomery county father remains behind bars on one million-dollar cash bail for allegedly abusing his children for years. we first told you yesterday, 44 year-old joseph myrhe is accused of punching, kicking and choking his children now aged 11 and 13 inside of the family's lower providence township home. police say their investigation began after myrhe's wife was hospitalized with a fractured skull, charges include aggravated assault and reckless endangerment. survivor of the domestic violence in pitman, new jersey is giving back to her community this week. organization angels of god is donating more than 3,000 easter baskets to children affected by domestic violence, or who are living in home less shelters. the founder caitlin dayo began
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the organization 10 years ago to make easter brighter for children. nuclear power plant in south jersey will be sounding it's a leather siren this is evening. officials want residents to know it is not an emergency. pse&g nuclear is testing its sirens at 7:20 tonight. sirens are in a 10-mile radius of the three nuclear reactors on artificial island in lower alloway creek township. thirty-four sirens are in new jersey and 37 are located in delaware. once again 7:20 tonight just a test. new poll gives new jersey governor chris christie low marks according to the poll by morning consult, governor christie's disapproval rating stand at 71 percent, that is worst rating for any u.s. governor. according to the poll, 25 percent of garden state residents approve of governor christie, kansas governor sam brownback had second highest disapproval rating coming in at 66 percent.
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governor christie and angelo cataldi's rivalry is renewed. when we come back recent prank pulled by sports radio wip morning show host and the way governor fired back on twitter performance under pressure workers the philadelphia police department honored and what merited the award. phillies getting ready for game two of their series with the mets and temperatures were perfect last night but, well, things got heated, we will have this story later in
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philadelphia police communications bureau is recognizing three dispatchers calling their service exceptional. >> "eyewitness news" at the 18th annual dispatcher of the year award this afternoon at police headquarters. susan, mary, received the honors, the award are given to call take hours demonstrate professionalism, reliability and compassion, under pressure thank you, and congratulations
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to all. well, feud is still going strong, governor christie and angelo cataldi morning show host for our sister station sports radio 94 wip are trading jabs once again. >> cat tailed difficult not forget governor's comments about the phillies fans in the off season. last night phillies opened up a series against governor christie's beloved mets so angelo sent wip listeners to the game decked out in christie masks, and, holding signs taking jabs at the governor. wip then posted its facebook video of them at the game. >> now they also tweeted this photo, before the game, hey those quote angry bitter fans are ready for phillies baseball, #chris christie. those are the governor word, about the fightin, the fightin phillies, faithful, that is back in february. >> after the game, a mets four -three win governor christie called out angelo and the wip morning show, thanks for the tribute tonight, i hope you enjoyed the game as much as i d can't wait to visit again.
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#let's go mets. >> angelo responded on twitter questioning his own decision, to vote for the governor twice >> this back in for the feud goes back to december to 14 when governor christie sat in cowboys owner jerry jones box during an eagles game at lincoln financial field. >> if i know angelo best is yet to come. >> many layers to that story. >> meanwhile phillies are get ting praise on line because of an act of kindness, for a day. >> it all started when they asked the fill fist there would be autism awareness night. his daughter is a big fan and would like to bring her. phillies said it was april 22nd. how about we send you a ticket voucher thaw can use for that game. does that work. >> dad respond that had would be awesome. twitters users are praising the team calling them a classy organization. one user who admitted to being a mets fan said even they had to recognize the phillies. >> nicely done. >> give south more good information about our forecast >> i know, good news, all the
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way around. after a below average march, thanks, march, april is much more friendly, sunshine and record did fall across the area. temperatures are warm getting a nice taste of simmer in april. 80 degrees, our current temperature in philadelphia. and, blue, sunny skies as we look live at center city sky line. wind south, southerly component to the wind flow ushering in this warmth and little bit of moisture as well dew points up around 50. touch more muggy by april standard, temperatures right now, warm across much of the area still at 80 in allentown after a record day. eighty-three in reading. cooler along the coast, big drop in wildwood with that sea breeze, ocean temperature is still 49 degrees, so with that south wind kicking up your temperatures dropped down quite significantly over the last several hours. wind speed right now breezy up around 10, 15 miles an hour, seeing higher gusts around there but as we head in the evening hours not too bad, overnight tonight,
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southeasterly wind at five to 10 miles an hour. mild and muggy. only falling back to 60. not a bad day in store. maybe a late morning midday passing shower, light in intensity and then clearing skies, so well above average at 75 degrees and bit of the breeze kicking up west at 15 miles per hour. it looks like we will have this mild trend, as we head into the mid portion and second half of our april, and accord together climate prediction center, delaware valley, likely to have above average, temperatures, as we head into this time frame. so this warmth is forecast to stick around. so storm scan three is showing us clear sky conditions across the area seeing more cloud cover toward lehigh valley and poconos. sprinkles trying to work in. precipitation up wind in association with the weak frontal boundary generating showers across southeastern western, pennsylvania. that will, drop into the day tomorrow and provide that shower chance but really skipping umbrella don't panic. if you forget it, leave it behind. we will see a light shower
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mid-morning, late morning into midday and clearing skies as we head in the second half of the day. by your evening commute looking and feeling good breezy, sunshine 73 degrees for 5:00 o'clock hour and for easter, pretty good looking as well, dry for your forecast, dry for your easter egg hunts, sun and cloud, 66 degrees, and maybe chance of the late day thunder shower as we head in the easter holiday yourself. high of 76 degrees a lot of warmth in the extended forecast, coolest high temperature will not come until next tuesday and that is still right around average at 61 degrees. only watching out for that chance of the passing shower tomorrow, and then that chance of a passing thunder shower on easter, otherwise a lot of sunshine and good looking numbers on the board there. >> you got that right. >> um-hmm. >> thanks, lauren. >> leslie up next with sports. >> flyers season is over. we know there will be changes. how drastic do they need to be we will hear from flyers captain claude giroux. it was a career milestone for a phillies rookie,
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fill your basket with easter only at my giant. we talked about the mets and phillies series and all of the drama, surrounding it. >> yes. >> but what about the actual baseball game. >> that is right. >> we talk about the fall out from that, phillies and mets are getting ready for game two of their series, clay buchholz taking on matt harvey, we will have highlights at 11:00. last night phillies ended up losing four-three. things got heated in the eighth, pitch gets away from ramos, goes over the head of cabrera, not happy after that. warning to the benches, pete mackanin thrown out for questioning the warning. and pete was not happen bye that. today he hopes there will not be any ill will with the mets. >> i hope it isn't, we have 18 more games and i don't want to have any kind of, anything
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like that to brew, especially as tough as they play us. we don't want them, really wanting to beat us up. i think if what he can get past yesterday i think we will be good. >> one bright spot for phillies last night rookie brooke stasi with his first major league hit a home run and, of course, he was feel good story of the spring, making team after being drafted in the 33rd round of the 2011 draft he is just happy to get this out of the way. >> get it out of the way. it has been a long hard week and a half without even a hit, so, it is a relief for sure i can get back to what i do. >> after 81 games and injuries sixers season will come to a close tomorrow night with the knicks. last night tempers flared, against pacers. gerald henderson and paul george got in the scuffle with three minutes left. henderson elbowed george, and things were chip i all night. both players eject. sixers lost 120-111.
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flares season officially ended on sunday with the shoot-out loss to carolina and for second time in three seasons, the flyers will miss the nhl playoff which start tomorrow. but before they went their separate ways team met with the media, there will be changes this off season but does the captain think major changes need to be made. >> i don't think we're that far off. we have shown we can be a good team but good teams are a little bit more consistent then what we were this year. just a couple games that we let getaway from frustrates. >> take a look at this a wardrobe malfunction for nationals bryce harper after sliding in to first, his belt broke, and they just don't have these belts lying around so hitting coach jack jones gave up his belt, the they brought it to second base and says, we're good don't worry, jones did get his belt back.
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>> a lot of moving parts there , belt being exchanged. belts are very importanty like bat boy are you good. >> my man. >> yes. >> thanks, leslie. when we come back a free ride in the south jersey college and we are not talking tuition. latest expected to help with student's education up
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>> general motors donated a 2017 cadillac safety six to the camden county college automotive services educational program. the cadillac will help students expand their skills, set in mechanics and automotive technology. the program trains students to become automotive technicians and assists with job placement after graduation. well, thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on our sister station cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next "cbs evening news" , tonight, nation's top diplomate head to moscow, syria is on the agenda but will secretary tillerson ask russia about the meddling in the u.s. election? margaret brennan has more from moscow, coming up, from new york, here now is scott pelley take care family we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: another blunder from the podium. >> someone as despicable as hitler, who didn't even sink to the-- to using chemical weapons. >> pelley: then it got worse. >> he was not using the gas on his own people the same way that assad is doing. >> pelley: white house errors of historic proportions. also tonight, the elite navy seals. cbs news investigates drug abuse in the ranks. >> people that we know of, that we hear about, have tested positive for cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana, ecstasy. >> pelley: should men get routine screenings for prostate cancer? new recommendations today. and wounded


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