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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 12, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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clues police have as they search for suspects. and temple students targeted in an armed robbery, what was taken from their off campus apartment in the middle of the night. big changes just kicked in affecting the way you pay to park your car in philadelphia, a lot of people are calling this a big inconvenience, we will tell what you you need to know, coming up next. it is wednesday, april 12th good morning i'm jim donovan. aim rahel solomon. katie's getting us over the hump. >> yes, it works really well, and we think everyone anticipating wet roadways but we have an accident on the schuylkill that will really slow you down. >> still dry, but mess of the region still has no wet weather but you can see it on the way. >> and, right now it looks like, we will see scattered showers throughout the midday and that is it, guys. if we don't take an umbrella along i think you are fine without it. think is a moisture starved front that incomes temperatures back and brings in the breeze and some cloud,
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but more than anything else, it is a dry day. it is not as bright and sunny as yesterday was. out toward shore points for example light of the day on the horizon, you are going to see a really, pretty sunrise with this front on the way, and, you know, it is beautiful when you have cloud cover building in. we are in the mid up toker 50 's, and 60 at trenton right now. warm beginning to the morning. even though there is this cold front crossing through, we're still going to rebound efficiently, all the way up to 76 degrees. again, i mention that had breeze, we will see gusts upward of 25 miles an hour, afternoon progresses and things brighten up again. i have to say that these icons for nine and noon look worse then they will be. we will have to throw in some showers for that, the forecast at those times, but it is scattered, very location based so not everyone gets hit by that. but again in the meantime you see it is a tray of transition , wednesday kind office in general.
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>> yes. >> but we could be doing worse then this. >> in one will complain. it will be just leave your homes earlier and pack that patients. but overall thank you for that , katie, good morning. i wanted to call your attention to an accident on the schuylkill taillights in the westbound direction near king of prussia. it was blocking left lane and then two lanes and then blocking all lanes and now it has been pulled over to that far right lane. is this still going to slow you down? yes, it is because we have congestion levels here, and thinks backup camera shot. headlights air approaching toward where that accident is, and you can see how many vehicles are having to move up to that accident. you will get gaper delays and brake lights so you can imagine this will start to slow down as well. just a head up, schuylkill westbound near king of prussia we will slow down eastbound side we will take a peak at flashing lights and get a gaper delay over there. all these cars, driving up to where that accident is they will be slowing down as well. heading out to that area, give yourself a couple extra
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minutes. hamilton township new jersey, cologne avenue closed between holy street and paddock street alternate leipzig avenue. thinks your alternate for an accident in that area and that accident route 322 black horse pike eased bounties cloud traffic lights out are and power outage as well remarks hell, back over to you. we want up to date our breaking news. search for suspects after a home invasion target an elderly man in northeast philadelphia "eyewitness news" on the 9600 block of chapel his cross street in bustleton where two men knock on the door around 2:30 and then forced their way n they tied 89 year-old male home own tore a chair and ransacked his house. thieves got away with guns and safe containing thousands of dollars in cash and jewelry. also taken was victim's 1985 baby blue cadillac fleet wood, here's license plate number gyl-3356. very distinct car. police want to you call them right away. another home invasion this time victims are temple university students. intruders walk right into their unlock off campus
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apartment overnight and took their cell phones. this happened on 1800 block of north bueveer street. those students were not injured. thousands of drivers in philadelphia may be surprised and upset when parking their cars this morning. the meter up mobile parking app went off line overnight. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is in old city with more on how this will affect drivers, good morning, trang. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. people really didn't get a whole lot of note business this. as an app user i got a text message 5:30 last night letting me know that the app would be suspended around midnight. it just happened so fast that there is still all this meter up signage on the kiosk here but people can only use cash or card park nothing philadelphia just got less convenient. after a year an a half of operating in the city pango's meter up phone app is no longer accepted as payment in parking kiosks. >> i love meter up, i will miss it. i can't believe it. i can actually park my car and
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at 8:00 in the morning in my bed, and hit meter up. >> reporter: 20,000 others used it too, many found out abruptly on tuesday following the parking authority's announcement that the app would be suspended at midnight >> it is pretty inconvenient. i use it all the time in the city and a lot of people don't have change on them or they don't want to use the credit card. >> reporter: since coming under new ownership in the fall pango struggled to generate revenue n a statement the company wrote that it tried to work with the ppa to make more income above one cent convenient fee to users. but that the two side could not reach an agreement. some drivers in the city say that the break up may be for the best. >> i think people need to learn, how to get out of their cars, walk somewhere, not just use their device, get some fresh air. i think that we're relying too much on technology. >> reporter: p pa's director says she is looking for and, hope to have that rolled out by the summer.
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we are live, i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back to you. in other news, a court hearing will set stage for murder trial, american two years in the making. >> camden county man ace accused in the 2015 death of his own son, prosecutors say david creato killed his three-year old son brandon because of creato's girlfriend , didn't like children. prosecutors will argue that jurors should aloud to see firsthand place where brandon 's body was found. they could not have got then by themselves. jury selection could begin next week. trial of the eric find continues today, he ace accused in the 2015 ambush shooting death of the pennsylvania state police corporal brian dickson. trooper alex douglass was also injured in that shooting. the jurors watched frein's video taped confession yesterday. he used google maps. authorities tracked him down after a 48 day manhunt in the poconos. and new developments in the bill cosby's sexual assault case, 79 year-old
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entertainer is scheduled to be in the pittsburgh courtroom for jury selection may 22nd. this selection is expected to take a week. jurors will be brought to montgomery county for the trial which is expect to begin june 5th. they will be sequestered during the trial. philadelphia district attorney seth williams could begin his trial by the end of next month. yesterday prosecutors asked u.s. district judge paul diamond for more time to prepare their case. diamond turned down the motion , citing quote the public's right to a speedy trial. williams trial is scheduled for may 31st for charges of bribery and extortion. he is accused of accepting more than $100,000 in gifts in exchange for official favors. judge in delaware said he will rule tomorrow on whether three teenagers are at fault in the death of the classmate in the high school bathroom. three, 17 year-old are tried as juveniles in the death of the 16 year-old amy joyner frances. frances died in april 2016 after a fight caught on am use at howard high school technology in wilmington. defense attorneys claim that joyner frances had a rare heart condition and caused her death after the fight.
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as community mourns, more details are coming out about the gun man involved in a shooting deadly shooting in california. large crowd gathered for a vigil last night in san bernardino and they honored karen smith and eight year-old student jonathan martinez both killed in the school shooting on monday. police say gunman cedric anderson, entered smith's special education classroom and fired 10 shots. >> i could not believe it when i got home, to find out it was karen, i said i only no one karen smith and it absolutely cannot be her. >> karen was a wonderful person, teacher and great friend. >> police say anderson who shot himself had history of making dangerous threats against woman. nine year-old boy who survived is said to be okay. still ahead on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning >> united airlines is grabbling with the growing pr crisis over videos showing a
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passenger dragged off a plane, i'm roxana saberi in new york, airline's latest response is coming up. people used to use only credit card for large purchases but in the anymore, why more and more shoppers are opting for credit no matter what they are buying. we will be right bac
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♪ how about this, it is no april 1st full moon can be seen april 10th through april 12th called a pink moon
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because as we can see it gives off a pink glow. it reaches peak early yesterday morning and according to the name likely comes from native american tradition as a nod to a pink spring flower in bloom, very beautiful. >> yes, beautiful i have always loved pink and always loved warm weather too, katie. >> i know. >> i put this beautiful, background up because you are an angel. >> yes. >> either that or victoria secret model. >> well, thank you, jim. i will not be anything close tie model but i will give you lovely weather news here, we are going to talk first and foremost about averages when it comes to temperatures. yesterday was a warm day. well above average. june 12th average high is 82. that is what we hit yesterday, so we are well ahead of schedule with those kind of values. today's normal high 63, may 12th normal high of 73. we are going to receive that
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today despite cold front passage. it is not impressive. we have a lackluster front with moisture content. we have cloud, rolling through witt, and, there will be spots today, and we will not see a drop of rain. this is not a major issue when it comes to precipitation, will there be showers but there will be scattered, they will be light, and generally come at midday, and pick up a breeze as well. for now wind flow is light, we have a couple win, and, starting to see it overtime. more northwesterly. and, is future wind, sustained wind speed. so into the teens here. we could have higher gusts up to 25 or so as the day goes on , and that would be the scene through the rest of the afternoon and tapers off again behind that frontal boundary. looking forward in the seven day still above average, despite cold front average. we will drop down cooler for both thursday and friday but looking ahead to the upcoming weekend, there is a new system that comes n maybe some showers, saturday night, very
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likely a shower, thunder shower late on sunday but daylight hours for the most part looks good for all of those egg hunting on you the there. >> they sure do. good morning. we are talking about the world of travel right now, good news is for the most part everything that we have seen in camera shots, dry roadways, that is good for what we're seeing at lee for what we're looking at. we have an accident, skew till taillights moving in the westbound direction near king of prussia. that was out to the left and has moved off to the right. blocking all lanes. slowing down a little bit. overall we are getting better here. look at the tension if there were any, backup shots headlights moving toward where that accident is, and you might be starting to slow down a little bit. you will slow down passing the accident we will get gaper delays but just a head up, it is out there and slow down a bit. give yourself extra time. hamilton township new jersey traffic lights are out here we have got a power outage and ramp closure as well, cologne avenue is closed between holy street and paddock street use
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that alternate, leipzig, route 322 eastbound ramp to cologne avenue is block. just a reminder of the sinkhole repairs we were talking about yesterday, 17th street closed between walnut and locust 15th or 18th is your alternate and it will be closed through this afternoon. just a head up on than that as well. rahel and jim, back over to you. once upon a time credit card were something that people only used for large purchases but not anymore. >> plastic is becoming increasingly popular even for inexpensive purchases. megan subpoena opt todd use credit to pay for her cafe order. >> i bought a coffee and doughnut. >> reporter: it turns out more americans are choosing credit over debit or cash for small transactions. new survey from credit card .com found 17 percent of card holders used plastic for purchases under five dollars. that is up from just 11 percent last year. >> that is a significant increase. people tend to use their credit card when they feel more confident, about their
6:17 am
financial situation. >> reporter: one credit perk. >> it helps me keep track of what i'm buying. >> reporter: others like the travel reward. >> you get points, to travel. it add up. i would rather get a tiny bit then nothing. >> reporter: credit card are a safe way to go. >> reporter: matt schultz from credit says some people are motivate by safety, since most credit card companies will reimburse any fraudulent charges. >> where as with a debit card if a bad guy gets a hold of it that can be real money coming out of the real account. >> reporter: now survey found that young people are more likely to choose credit over cash, and many of their card hooked to their phones with features like apple pay or google wallet. backlash against united airlines continues, brand new video of the controversial confrontation that saw passenger get removed from the flight coming up next. we will tell but bill o'reilly's message for viewers why he is taking time off from his show amid serious allegations, we will be right
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welcome back. getting closer to that upcoming holiday weekend and we're expecting a primarily dry saturday with the warm front lift nothing, maybe a shower, do i think that we will see a shower, thunder shower late in the day on easter sunday as well, warm, cold front crossing through but temperatures are on a uphill climb, mid 70's again by easter. guys? all right, katie, thank you. for a look at newspaper headlines across the region. >> bucks county courier time pennsylvania lawmakers are weighing in whether municipal police officers should aloud to use radar and infrared laser technology to calculate motorist speeds. at the moment pennsylvania is only state where local law enforcement officers cannot use radar to nab reckless drivers. that is a periphery served solely for state police. from the reading eagle montgomery county prosecutors accused a disbarred lower
6:22 am
providence lower of embezzl eling $147,000 from clients with special need. forty-five year-old patrick joseph bradley is charged with , monk other things, theft by unlawful taking, deception and receiving stolen property. from the trentonian the robeling wire factory has been converted into 138, one and two bedroom loft apartments that will be soon ready for occupancy. project has been cited by governor and mayor for transforming trenton, and rents start at $1,100 a month and go up to 2100. that ace look at newspaper pedestrian lines around the delaware valley. united is still reeling from the public relations disaster after video surfaced showing security forcibly removing a pass he canner from a flight. >> new is there new footage of the confrontation, here's cbs news correspondent roxana saberi. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: faced with worldwide outrage over these images showing a passenger forcibly removed from the plane united airlines ceo issued his third apology on
6:23 am
tuesday. oscar munoz called treatment of doctor david doa a horrific event and added i deeply apologize no one should be miss treated this way, in this video shot by fellow passenger who surfaced tuesday a security officer can be heard talking to doa. >> i'm not going. >> doa refused to bumped from the flight to make room for employees of the partner airline, after officers dragged him down the aisle, his face appeared bloody, no where attacking the officers. >> chicago, protesters accused united of targeting doa because of his ethnicity. >> thousands of word of hate treat, hatred, racial profiling, racism report are the report four senate democrats are demanding details from united and department of transportation is investigating. >> it is the war response to a public relations crisis that i have ever seen. >> reporter: george hobic says passengers are entitled to
6:24 am
compensation up to $1,350 for being bumped but they have few other rights. >> airlines will be more likely to bump you if you have no status in the frequent flier program, if you have paid a super low ferreter report airline ceo is promising a review of his company's policies. roxana saberi for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". "fox news" host bill o'reilly won't be on tv for couple weeks. >> o'reilly says he is going on vacation and it was plan last year but move comes as 60 of his testers have pulled out of his show amid sexual harassment allegations. o'reilly and network have paid 13 million-dollar to five women to settle those complaints. o'reilly said he will be back april 24th. we are following some breaking news this morning, elderly man, terrorized overnight in a home invasion. suspects stole thousands of dollars in cash, jewelry, guns and a car. i'm jan carabao, coming up
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find out why police say this man may have been targeted. when we realize what we could do. >> realization changed her life and hundreds of others, moving movement, that she started in this weeks story of brotherly love. and looking outside we are moving toward this morning, with an accident on the schuylkill, another in hamilton township and possible wet roth ways that might slow you down. updates to the center city sinkhole repairs and construction, we will have those coming up, but first we will take a quick break. will take a quick break. stay right where you are, ♪ we buy any car ♪ any make, any model, any age, any price ♪ ♪ from 50 bucks to 100 grand ♪ we buy any car ♪ any, any, any, any at, the gimmicks stop with our ads. trading in our selling your car is hassle-free with just three easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, drive to your local car buying centre. and three, walk out with your check in as little as 30 minutes. so don't wait.
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good morning everyone i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. it is almost 6:30. here's what you need to necessity to start your day in the morning minute. it is 89 year-old man who
6:29 am
is victim of the home invasion here in bustleton this man heard a bang or knock on his door, two men entered his home at force of guns. meter up is off line. >> i can't believe they will do away witt. >> i have it myself and people didn't get notice. you have to use old fashion way to pay for parking. >> someone like hitler who didn't even sink to use chemical weapons. >> reporter: this morning increased calls for trump administration to fire white house press secretary sean spicer after insensitive remarks concerning the holocaust. the cat is center field, desperately looking for a way out of here. >> a cat delay? >> oh, wow. >> reporter: feline crash marlins/braves game yesterday briefly delaying start of the sixth inc. >> there is no humans around here. >> poor thing looks scared. >> cat may have been a good luck charm for marlins they won the game last night.
6:30 am
>> he he is safe though. >> katie, weather has been beautiful. you might be track something showers today. >> a couple showers will dot the radar through time in the midday. you don't need umbrella yet. you don't either. mess of the region or all of the region is in the clear. few more cloud building out there but sunnies up, we are expect to go see some sun throughout the course of the day but with this frontal passage, it brings in more cloud then anything into the midday. there will be a few showers but overall a dry day, because this front is lackluster with the lies tour content. it is fizzling way across central pennsylvania. so it is going to survive as it crosses east bringing especially pennsylvania a couple of showers here and there but the one shower or two is through it is done and then we will be left with the clearing skies. fifty-seven, mild, a little, ever so slightly muggy outside right now but very certainly, mild start to the day, and 60 in trenton. fifty-four ac.
6:31 am
fifty-six allentown. mild beginning every where, and as day goes on we are still over achieving with the day time highs here. other than a spotty showers here and there, we're left with a high of 76 degrees, bit of the breeze picking up, and some cloud through midday especially but you'll see that sun before it is all said and done and then later on we are looking ahead to another system for the upcoming, easter holiday weekend. we will talk about that later in the show but, it is in general a quiet pattern, all things considered, and then today, certainly still above average. high of 76 degrees is a solid 13 above what is normal. >> we like the sound of that, all right, thank you very much good morning, everyone. very happy wednesday morning, to you, so what are we talking about right now? we have an accident on the schuylkill taillights moving in the westbound direction near king of prussia. thinks left screen. it is pulled off to the right, to the right, that is actually backup screen, headlights are moving toward the accident as you can see congestion levels really aren't that bad. you might tap your brakes as
6:32 am
you go by this accident but now that it has moved off to the right i would say it is actually looking okay around this area for a while it was blocking far left and then all lanes were blocked and that was primarily causing our slow downs. right now you can see we are looking good there again, taillights moving in the westbound direction near king of prussia give yourself a couple extra minutes but even hesitant to say that because we are looking okay around there we have an accident hamilton township, new jersey traffic lights are out we have a power outage and ramp closure cologne avenue closed between holy street and pad dock street. alternate leipzig and 322 black horse pike eastbound ramp to cologne avenue is closed. yesterday we were talking about the sinkhole repairs. by the way our crews are still out there it looks like we will this have closure throughout the afternoon. another day where it will be very slow in center city. seventeenth street closed between walnut and locust use, 15th and 18th to maneuver around. construction on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound between willow grove and bensalem, right lane still block there jim and rahel,
6:33 am
back over to you. we want to get you back out to that breaking news in northeast philadelphia, a terrifying home invasion overnight. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live in bustleton where detectives are still working the scene, what can you tell us. >> reporter: fail police say this is a quiet street from a quiet neighborhood. nothing like this typically happens here. this was mess certainly a frightening morning for this 89 year-old victim, victim of the home invasion in bustleton look at this live scene, police remain on the scene investigate to go day. they say suspects got away with thousands of dollars in cash, jewelry, guns and victim 's car. this all unfolded here in the 9600 block of chapel cross street, just after 3:30 this morning. police say the 89 year-old man answered a knock at his door and could have been the door bell only to be forced back inside of his home at gunpoint by two men, the victim was tied to a kitchen chair by his hand, ankles with tape and phone cord, police say suspect
6:34 am
then ransacked his house pulling out drawers and opening up the cabinets. they will eventually take a safe found inside the house, inside of that safe was thousands of dollars in cash as well also jewelry, belong together victim's late wife. suspect took at lee one or two or possibly more and that is not all. police say they then went to the garage and stole the man's car so police are searching for that stolen car, as well as two male suspects and possibly a woman as well. >> he may have been set up, we believe that there was earlier contacts with aid young female that may have been going in and out of house, befriended this individual and that is one of the ankles that we are looking in to -- angles we are looking into at this time. >> reporter: police say neighbors have seen this women in the past, victim possibly let her inside to use the bathroom at some point. that is a good lead. other good lead is stolen car, very distinct, it is baby blue 85 cadillac fleet wood with the dark blue vinyl roof with pennsylvania plate reading gyl
6:35 am
-3356. if you see this car call police. remember each one of these suspects had a gun, they stole at least one other gun. if you see this car probably has guns inside so call police , do not approach it. in the meantime this victim is being interviewed by police. he only has scratches on his wrist. good news is he will be okay. we're reporting live this morning jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back inside to you. >> that car should be easily spotted on the road. hopefully someone will move the investigation forward. thanks, very much, jan. another home invasion happened overnight, targeting temple university students. robbers barged in the off campus apartment and took off with the cell phone this happened on the 1800 block of bouveer street near montgomery avenue. police say students did leave their doors opened allowing the suspects to walk right in. good news for drivers in center city. crews are putting finishing touch owes the sinkhole in the rittenhouse square area workers filled in the hole at 17th and walnut last night. they will go over it later
6:36 am
with asphalt. the hole opened up monday night after a waterline connect to go a nearby apartment building broke. authorities say that a statewide crackdown on so-called dead beat parents in new jersey was a success, nearly 400 people were arrested for failing to pay child support. officials searched, gloucester , burlington, camden counties for delinquent parents, and it collected thousands of dollars in owed payment, in this month's sweep investigators say social media has paid a huge part in the process. it has made it easier for them to zone in on parents who refuse to pay so times we will see individual on facebook, or , you know, snap chat, you know, showing different things , when, showing stacks and stacks of money when they are supposed to be broke. >> child support sweep happens twice a year. authorities plan to continue to do this just to make sure parents take care of their kid well, white house press secretary sean spicer is apologizing after comparing the syrian regime to the holocaust and adolph hitler. spicer mistakenly said hitler did not use chemical weapons
6:37 am
on his own people, overlooking millions of people died in the nazi gas chambers. spicer later says his remark was inappropriate and insensitive. also, washington post reporting that the fbi received a secret court order to monitor communications of trump advisor carter page in the probe of the campaigns tie to russia. they report fbi believed page was acting as an russian agent page denied any prom ties to russia. still ahead if you are a fan of james cord on good news is there a prime time car pool karaoke special in the works. plus sad news about a woman hossa experience the late show with david letterman made her a celebrity, but first here's pat. clap your hand everybody for philadelphia 76ers, tonight is the last time you will be able to do so until next year, they close out the season and we will review it, with an emotional look back. >> ♪
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i like what you did there did you hear that word. >> i did. >> emotional. >> weekend, love him, do you know where you can hear him. >> i have no idea. >> i told you this before. also love d.a. ft punk. after nice and warm weather we are get something rain. i feel it coming, jim. >> do you. >> katie has told me. >> but katie's back to let us know when you may need your umbrella today, we will be right back. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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that was of course one of the biggest hits, j ge ils band. they are morning the passing of the leader of the ban. you can see him in the shadow they played guitar in the band and it was peter wolf who did
6:42 am
singing. ge ils formed the band in the 60's and reached commercial success in the 80's with hits like center field, freeze frame and love stinks. he was 71 years old. more sad news this morning david letterman's mother passed away at her home in indiana. dorothy became an unlikely celebrity, when she began, baking mystery pies on her son 's cbs late night show. dave's mom covered three different olympic games, i remember them well, for letterman's talk show. dorothy was nine five-year old , her son david letterman turns 70 today. get ready to sing along with your favorite stars, james cornered is taking his hit segment car pool karaoke with prime time with a new special, involving singing moments, and popular, not to mention adorable statement could toddler, airing monday in may between the second at 10:00 p.m. right here. is that kate hudson, it is like that looks like.
6:43 am
>> yes. >> yoga with their kid. >> i love it. >> their dogs. >> so with my kid were in the toddler segment the dance would be just like this. >> ahh. >> that is how they dance. >> yes. >> they got rhythm. >> it is so cute watching little kid dance, if you want something to light up your day watching a child dance, it is sweetest, cutest thing in the world. we will take a look at a couple observation from his eyewitness weather watchers. it is a bought full shot of the now waning, moon, it was full moon yesterday and beautiful view of that before the sun came up. that came from ed connor this morning from chesterfield. we don't have much cloud cover out there, at the time that picture was taken but cloud are starting to bilo in here. that is starting to be more noticeable thing then anything from the frontal boundary moving through. there will be a couple showers you don't need the umbrella here today. there are spots that don't get a drop of rain out of this. over last hour look at how this fizzles. there will be a stray shower,
6:44 am
we will call for that but that is it and then you will clear out for sound before being said and done with the breeze. we have to talk health report. we will see this more often in our reports in the morning because, at this time of the year, pollen, air quality, certainly uv index they will start to become problem makers air quality is quite good, pollen levels i feel like this will be red for a while, quite high, uv index more moderate because we have got more cloud and it is not warm enough to warrant a heat index issue. so that said, it is actually ever so slightly muggy. these are your temperatures but dew points, in other word moisture contend, higher that number gets more saturated air mass and in short more humid it feels. these values are closer to the air temperatures then they have been. it does feel a touch more muggy, for april standard anyway, but here's a short list of the eyewitness weather watcher temperatures coming n maryann has coolest spots we have found in browns mills, dropping below 50.
6:45 am
sixty-one from lisa in wilmington. quite a variety pack here. but bulk of us are finding temperatures in the 50's like bill in carding ton and deng xaioping noon in west chester. we have another picture perfect evening, here, and, we have a few, cloud here but overall mild and really nice and then moving forward we are expecting the temperatures to drop off a little bit in the next few days. closer to typical. new system comes along with showers saturday night and then again, late on sunday; meisha. >> all right, thanks, katie. good morning, everyone. happy wednesday to you. look at this, 95 south at girard we are starting to increase levels now but i have to say, overall, maybe a lot of people just took, sometime off work, maybe for holiday weekend coming up. i'm not quite sure. levels are sustained here. this is heaviest of what we're really seeing out there take a look for example accident schuylkill taillights westbound near king of prussia thinks now cleared. look at the congestion levels both moving in the west and eastbound direction at at at
6:46 am
the schuylkill. we are looking good this morning. would i say we will start off heating off a little bit and then it tapers off and we're okay. accident hamilton township new jersey, power outage, we have ramp closure. that has reopened. but cologne avenue closed between holy street and pad dock street your alternate leipzig avenue is your best bet. also, just a remind berth nfl draft, phase one started for those road restrictions, phase two starts the 19th. really busy around the art museum. >> i wand fur spring break has anything to do with it, the congestion levels. >> maybe, yeah. >> delaware at lead beat came paraplegic she thought her athletic days were over. >> fortunately they weren't as ukee washington shows news this weeks story of brotherly love she's blazing a path for others too. >> reporter: nonprofit she helped start gets a big boost from the university of delaware, and a team of students and volunteers.
6:47 am
water fine at bob carpenter sports center at university of delaware. >> it is easier to exercise in the pool, then on the ground. >> reporter: linda has ms has taken her ability to walk, but not her ability to work out, with a little help from sophomore julia dicicco. >> it is like walking in the pool and better balance, maybe do some stuff with dumbbells in the water. >> reporter: in a nearby work out room. >> it will help me with my grip on the bar. >> reporter: carroll is doing pull downs with china booker gibbs. car will has ms as well. >> if i can get stronger feeling do one more set, one more rep. >> reporter: both weight training and swim class were created by yes, you can a non- profit that makes recreation available to anyone with a physical limitation. co found are vicky george helped get this rolling. >> i was an exceptional athlete. >> reporter: vicky has had ms for 20 years. friend found out university of delaware was teaching adaptive sports and vicky discovered that she could lift and pull.
6:48 am
>> started to work with one of the students. when we realize what we could do we both cried because my muscles were active. >> reporter: other disable people could be active as well over 11 years, yes, you can has developed an ever expanding roster of adoptive sports classes, and they are free. >> i love this program, i mean not only do i get to come here and work one on one, but it is great to be able to get out and interact with other people >> reporter: vicky says there is a huge demand for the program and it need more donations, and volunteers. >> every time i think i'm just too tired they bring me around again because it is, this what keeps me going. >> reporter: we have more information on our web site at cbs see you tonight, family. i'm ukee washington for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". what i great organization and great name. it may not be as bad as snakes on the plane but still pretty bad. >> pretty bad, this time python in my hotel room. what would you do if it poked
6:49 am
its head out of your hotel dresser, gross. that is what happened to one get in the marriott in wooster massachusetts. jim, parentally you have been there a couple times in wooster massachusetts. manager quickly called the police. >> the hotel manager called and when he went to get snake it was in the bureau drawer with a bible. >> we just handled slowly. pick it up by the head, and you are all set. >> the draw, yes. >> handlers was bitten but he said don't worry, not poisonous, it is okay. >> they are hearty folks in wooster. 6:49. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> charlie rose joins us live from insuring with the preview good morning, charlie. >> good morning rahel and jim. we are in moscow following secretary of state rex tillerson's, as tensions escalate over crisis in syria. plus navy seals speak for first time about drug abuse in the illegal special operations force and how it effects their
6:50 am
team. we have our conversation with noble pay price winner, and, the travel ban and key to preventing war and next big challenge for the 19 year-old. all that and more, we will see you at 7:00. >> so good to hear from her. thanks, charlie. we will be watching. tonight marks end of the nba regular season. >> sixers season has given is so many different emotion that is our pat gallen can sum up in 902nd. >> i like to think you can. >> tonight at 8:00 sixers tip off with the knicks at madison square gander ending a wild, crazy, sad, joyous, inconsistent and plane whacky year. we have emojis, of course. before sixers season began there was bad news. ben simmons the number one pick, broke his foot and would be sidelined for the year. objecting 26th, the season tipped off with a huge performance from joel embiid made his long awaited debut. despite starting zero and
6:51 am
seven, sixers got win number one on november 11th thanks again to embiid who dropped 25 points in the overtime win over pacers. all the while robert covington >> three to go ahead, covington for the lead, yes. >> yes. and tj mcconnell continued to grow. >> mcconnell can he get it off , yes, the sixers win. but the season still produce sod weird, wild moments like cancelled game because of the wet floor. and the jahlil okafor trade that never happened. as the season progressed dario saric proved to be a big part of the future. >> saric for the three, got it >> but nerlens noel was dealt before the deadline. we had an injury scare with joel embiid with the blazers followed by a huge performance with the rockets where he dropped 32 points in 28 minutes g times weren't last as embiid would be sidelined
6:52 am
for the year with the torn mens cuss, overall, sixers season gave us a wide range of emotions but hopefully better things to come next year. so what comes next for sixers. draft lottery is may 16th. we will find out where sixers will select and if they can come away with the lakers pick which is their if it does in the land in the top three, next year, it has to be year one of the turnaround, in more tanking, in more losing, embiid, simmons, saric and others will be ready to roll. >> which emoji that remind me of, they need to be on the roll, prepared, ready. >> no. >> the salsa dancing, like let's go. >> let's go. >> i don't understand half of those things. >> yes. >> i like the dong emoji. >> good guys job, pat. college coach gave his players a blast from the past, let's take a look.
6:53 am
>> ♪ >> if you thought alonzo carter's mc hammer impression was spot on, that is because he was a mc hammer lead background dancer, during the you can't touch this another a carter toured with hammer and even appeared in his music videos, there is just one thing the coach was missing in this impromptu performance, all he needed was hammer pants and it would have been perfect >> we're all better off he did not wear hammer pants. that is something that belongs in the past. >> jim donovan doing the hammer dance. >> i'm in the doing that. >> dance with some hammer pants. >> i have to be in complete wardrobe, everything, you know , instant celebration. >> he has some moves. >> we will be right back with three to go.
6:54 am
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but i got help and you can too. you're not alone. help is within reach. this is governor chris christie. call 844 reach nj or visit
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here's three to go, elderly bustleton man was terrorized overnight as home invaders barged in and got away with cash, guns and vehicle. >> during another home invasion, they walk right in the door of the unlocked door of the apartment and took cell phones belong to go temple university students. the students were not hurt. philadelphia's mobile parking app meter up is
6:58 am
history, app went off line overnight. city officials say app provider was having financial problems, city officials are searching for a new app provider. nevada teen is trying to break a record on twitter all in the name of fast food. >> sixteen year-old carter wilkerson is obsessed with wendy's chicken nuggets. he loves them so much that he tweeted at wendy's asking them how many retweets wow need to get a free nuggets for a year. their answer, 18 million. wilkerson accepted the challenge but he has a long way to go. >> they said i wouldn't get 2 million but now i'm at 2.5. maybe it will explode again. telling them that, take it to new york and give me a frosty. >> good luck, we love them too this photo from 2014 oscars holds current record for most retweets with 3.3 million. he is selling t-shirts related to the challenge to benefit breast cancer charities. >> that is such a high bar, he only gets free nuggets for a year.
6:59 am
>> yes. >> that is not fair wendy. >> they will step it up. >> yes. >> well, lets get a last check of weather and traffic. >> but only three. >> i feel like they need to step up. i will get retweet it. middletown ship high school here a couple cloud through the sky but really a nice morning and all all, 52 degrees. day ahead features certainly mild conditions and isolated shower here and there but overall today is dry and pretty pleasant, meisha. >> it looks okay right now, our camera shots other than this accident, 202 north at paoli pike. head up we have construction scheduled around this area at 7:00 a.m. intermittent lane closure will take place. it will slow down more than this. well, next up on cbs this morning secretary of state rex tillerson urging russia to back away from the syrian government and allow for smooth transition of power in that country, and we are in moscow with the latest. remember to join us each weekday morning here on cbs-3, starting at 4:30 a.m., have a great day.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, april 12th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." secretary of state tillerson opens tense talks with russia's foreign minister. the united states accuses russia of covering up the syrian chemical atact. vladimir putin says relations have deteriorated since president trump took office. plus, the white house effort to demonize bashir al assad back tires. the press secretary apologizing after saying adolf hitler never used chemical weapons. and the navy s.e.a.l.s says drug abuse is putting the


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