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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 12, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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identity belonged to someone else, according to authorities tonight, that lansdale man is facing charges and family is speaking out. good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos shows us tonight officials say a simple search on a ancestry when site broke this case wide open. the u.s. government has charged john vincent with aggravated identity theft. this all started in 1996, and when he decided to walk through, a texas graveyard. for more than two decade this man john vincent was known as nathan, the problem is, nathan lessowsky was a texas babe hoy died months after being born in 1972. >> we were able to discover that in fact, nathan was really john vincent, an escaped convict from texas living under this identity. approximately since 1996. >> reporter: assistant u.s. attorney amanda says vincent escaped from the halfway house
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in 1996, went to a graveyard and found lescowsky's tomb stone with a similar birthday. >> using that information he obtained a birth certificate for the real nathan, he then proceeded to go to social security, and he was the real nathan and actually had a social security number issued under that name at that time. >> reporter: vincent lived with that identity for 21 years until december of 2016 when his aunt logged on to and that is when vincent lie started to unravel >> our son's birth certificate , death certificate came up which we fully expect. but then after that a marriage license came back and that is what started it. >> reporter: by phone from texas nathan's mother peggy l askosky says the family called a local social security office and then started a investigation and led by to vincent, married wide, hopped from state to to state and landed in lansdale pennsylvania. >> thinks a rare circumstance that we don't see a lot thankfully.
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>> we're extremely relieved that he is apprehended. >> reporter: u.s. attorney's office say vincent is still in federal custody. if convicted, he faces a minimum, mandatory, two year federal sentence. greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police have found a blue cadillac stolen during a home invasion, in bustleton overnight. two persons of interest are now in custody, as police search for a third possible accomplice. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan joins us now from police headquarters with the latest on this investigation, cleve? >> reporter: ukee, this afternoon police telling thaws they are looking for that third person of interest, a woman, who may have set up the home invasion victim. >> carried it out, in my car. >> reporter: eighty-eight year-old pete lehooda survived korean war abe now home invasion. >> i thought they were going to kill me. >> reporter: a woman he recognized rang the door bell. when he opened up, several
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armed men forced him in and bound him to the chair with tape and phone cord. it contained his deceased wife 's jewelry and tens of thousands of dollars. when they were done they took his keys and stole his 85 cadillac seville. >> unaudible. >> reporter: investigators put out notice to patrol officers about information about his car and then by late morning, officers found it on the 3200 block of emerald. >> they immediately set up surveillance with several other officers. shortly thereafter, a couple people have been wondering around the car, one of the males got in the car with a set of keys. >> reporter: officers took that man in custody and went to emerald where they saw people coming in and out around his car. >> one of males tried to flee in the back of the house and ran into officers behind that house. >> reporter: both men are persons of interest and have not been charged. they towed cadillac and another vehicle linked to the crime, hoping to give back, what is rightfully his.
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also this afternoon police telling thaws they are getting search warrants for both of those vehicles as well as that house where they took in the persons of interest, looking for any of the evidence, link to the crime. we're live, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jury selection begins next week in the trial of the camden county father accused of killing his own son. dj creato said nothing in the camden courtroom today. he is accused of killing his three-year old son brandon and dumping the boy's body in the wooded area of cooper river park in 2015. today prosecutors argued for jurors to be able to travel to that exact spot where brandon 's body was found. >> it is not anything other than the location and the path that it is traveling to get down there. it is a issue in the case. >> i don't think it is particularly informative to the jury to go out and see the scene but if that is something the prosecution wants to do they are entitled to put on their case.
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>> judge ruled the jury can travel to the site. a mother plead guilty to third degree murder in the 2014 beating death of her three-year old son in west caln township chester county. three three-year old jillian tait, also pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit first degree murder and child endangerment. her plea, spared her the death penalty, prosecutors say that they will pursue death penalty against tait's boyfriend gary lee fellenbaum the third. in the trial of the eric frein, jurors heard entry from the journal he kept during seven week manhunt for him in the poconos. at one point frein says police were about a football field away from him. he is accused of shooting and killing one trooper, injuring another, outside blooming grove state police barracks in pike county in 2014. a woman is facing felony charges for allegedly straw purchasing handguns, that ownedded up on the street. thirty-five year-old vicky towns pneumonia perez is behind bars on $10,000 bail. authorities say that she
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purchased, nine guns for a relative who she believed had a criminal record and could not buy guns themselves. >> if you are go to provide a gun, to someone, who should not have that gun, whether they are a convicted felon or someone with a serious mental illness we will follow-up, and hold you accountable and we will prosecute you. >> if convicted towns-perez faces 25 years mandatory sentence under bradley fox law mike stack ace pol guys ago mid investigation by state inspector general's office. stack spoke to reporters after reports surfaced about the probe into how stack and his wife, treat state troopers and other work hours guard them. lieutenant governor revealed that he said they have been quote anger or stressed or frustration, but did not go into specifics. the five three-year old was elected more than two years ago. tonight a reversal from president trump, the command inner chief now says that the nato military alliance is no longer obsolete, and it is
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critical partner in the fight against terrorism. president trump welcomed the secretary general of nato to the white house this afternoon both leaders agreed european members must contribute more money to nato, and during the campaign the president repeatedly called nato obsolete because he said many members do not pay their fair share in defense spending. be sure to stay with cbs news for very latest on the president's nato meeting. scott pelley will have everything you need to know coming up on the "cbs evening news" tonight at 6:30 right here after "eyewitness news". wilmington has a new police chief, mayor introduced robert tracie, veteran having worked with police departments in new york city and chicago. tracie says reducing crime is his number one, priority. >> we can have everybody on the same page working with the criminal justice system. it is strategy we need to put in place. i think we can make a difference. i see more hope, and possibility that we can improve some of the conditions that aren't so great here.
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>> tracie will replace bobby cummings, cummings is retiring , tomorrow. well today marks end of the road for meter up, the philadelphia parking authority 's parking app. >> "eyewitness news" camera caught workers taking down signs as the app which was phased out at midnight. meter up was administered by a company called pango which ppa says is having financial trouble. parking authority is working to find another app provider by the summer. a portion of the 17th street in rittenhouse square where a sinkhole opened up monday night is now opened to traffic again. repairs are complete, water department says that the sinkhole was caused by a leak and waterline to an apartment building. still to come tonight on "eyewitness news", spreading the love of music, the local business owners who want to jazz up, the music scene in philadelphia and why they hope it is just the beginning. and working to preserve memory of the philadelphia icon, the historic spot crews are repairing and when it will be ready to the public, coming
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up next. sun has returned and it should stick with us through end of the week but there is a system impacting your easter weekend. i'll have your full weekend outlook and what to expect for easter sunday plans, leslie. kate, phillies will try faux rebound from a very bad night a against the mets and after an up and down season, the sixers have their final game. we will hear from the players and coach brett brown on what fans can be happy about going forward.
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the resting place of one of philadelphia's most iconic
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figures is getting repairs. >> "eyewitness news" at christ church burial ground as crews work to repair a crack in the grave of the ben franklin. it was blocked off during project. more than $8,000 in donations poured into fix his grave, most noteably from the philadelphia eagles, university of pennsylvania, and john bon jovi. the work is expected to be finished by the end of the month. jefferson university hospital in center city hosted a free oral cancer screening tonight for the screening today. >> doctors talked to patient about risk factors and how to spot any potential cancers of the mouth or throat. another free screening will take place, next wednesday, in abington hospital. by the way april is oral head and neck cancer awareness month. region's largest health system and health insurer says they are taking a major step in improving the quality and cost of health care. today independent blue cross and the university of pennsylvania health system celebrated the signing of a five-year agreement, and among
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the highlights in that agreement, insurance card holders will not be charged a hospital readmission within 30 days of an in patient stay or surgery. that contract is effective july 1st. and april is also, jazz appreciation month, and a community leaders are upgrading a new festival with the hopes of uniting philadelphia's jazz scene. >> and, reporter cherri gregg from kyw news radio, explains why this could be a game changer. >> i like improvisation, excitement of the music. >> reporter: robert bynum loves dance, he grew up in his father's nightclub, and, opened up the legendary club, offering good food and all-star performances. fast forward zanzibar is now closed. >> ♪ >> reporter: but they are growing. they own warm daddy's, paris beat tro and jazz cafe, relish and their latest hot spot,
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south. >> it really has been supporting the music, and focusing on, presenting music and food in a really good environment. >> right here is our bar. >> reporter: harry hyman is a guy skating the bynum's next big venture. >> the goal to get everybody program sales to work together so we are taking the lead this year. the time, the money. >> reporter: step one, create the philadelphia jazz festival , an eight day event showcasing more than two dozen artists at venue as cross the city. step two, start philadelphia jazz experience, a non-profit designed to provide a place where jazz lovers can stay connected, and youth can get exposure to the music: you guys started this non-profit, why you. >> why not us. somebody has to step forward and take bull by the horn and try to do all we can to really get behind jazz and music. >> reporter: bynum's and others hope the effort will be the spark. >> ♪
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>> reporter: light the jazz fire to burn in the next generation. cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> ♪ >> all right. >> i'm ready. i remember zanzibar blue, let's do it. great. >> i know. people making most of the warmer weather taking every chance we can to get outside. >> it seems we are not alone, is this otter chilling on the stocks in avalon earlier today we want to thank monica amo of avalon for sending thus video. she says she has seen a couple otters on the dock in the past few days just chilling. >> yes. >> warm up. >> umbrella, get a little beverage, kickback. >> they are cute, aren't they. >> yes. all right. kate bilo joining us now. you have been bearer of good news. >> yes, i have more good news to share, which is always a good great place to be. >> it is. >> good news, especially heading in the holiday weekend a lot of folks traveling through end of this week heading to their easter
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weekend destination or heading back from the spring break trip or heading to the long weekend trip. you'll like forecast for next few days. it does look quiet. another live look at logan circle, looks beautiful. fountains going. look at those people outside, like otters we will flock to the outdoor spaces and enjoy soaking up sunshine. it is a perfect evening outside. not too hot. not too humid. not too cool either. temperatures in the mid 70's. feels great outside in center city this evening and storm scan three shows us why that is. we have had a glummy start to the day but that weak front that came through earlier is moving on out and we have clear skies that have returned behind that front and really not much to talk about over next few days, beside high pressure in control. quiet conditions, or seasonable. not as warm as it has been. temperatures right now in the mid 70's. in the 60's tomorrow but still well above the normal. in philadelphia it is 75. very low dew point of 36. feels like 75.
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feels like what it is down the shore 77 degrees. on the immediate coast it is cooler but with the west wind we have combat that had sea breeze, mild closer to the coast. in the poconos we are at 63. dew .45. wind northwest at 9 miles an hour. perfect spring evening in the mountains as well. our high in philadelphia, officially checked in at 77 degrees, i should say, normal is 63. 15 degrees above average. taking a stab at the record we got 92 on this date in 1977. we were within a couple degrees yesterday. did not break it. not very close to the one today either. our morning low 55. tomorrow morning will be cooler, but what to expect for rest of the week? lots of sun. seasonal temperatures. we're in the mid to upper 60's where we should be. maybe a few degrees above. chilly nights. dropping down to the 40's. dry conditions. in rain in the forecast at lee in the weekend. so here's what this looks like moving forward through tomorrow, clear skies for your thursday, 2:00 p.m. no problems out there nice mild
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afternoon. friday we will start the day with a few cloud here at 10:00 r quickly by 3:00 p.m. clear skies friday. then saturday mess of the day is dry, here's noon we are seeing cloud and sun over philadelphia but warm front pushing through western pennsylvania could bring a few showers, these likely will not arrive here if they do at all until after night mall on saturday night. overnight tonight, it is 47 degrees, cooler night then recent nights but still comfortable out there tomorrow is a beautiful april day in the quite as warm as it has been but still around 5 degrees above average. friday looks great at 65 with sunshine, saturday, sun, cloud , and if we pick up a shower best chance is saturday night, and then again sunday night with the cold front but look at how warm easter sunday is, 80 degrees, great day to be outside with the kid, family and next week looks good as well. >> i'm loving it great forecast. >> leslie in for don tonight and she has been up next with sports. >> wrapping things up, guys. sixers will suit up one last time tonight with the knicks.
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phillies can we just forget that disastrous game with the mets last night? hear from come ron rupp and his plans to silence
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it is the end of the 2017 road for the sixers. >> all good things come to an end. it wasn't good. it has been crazy. mixed. one final time sixers will be taking court this season against knicks. sixers will end up in the lottery once again, both coach and players are very optimistic about the future. >> our guys are great. we have hard workers. good character guys. it is stable for good team. we have a good base. we just need to extra this summer to get better, and, you know, stay healthy. that is big for us. >> in general, thinking about our fast forwarding to next year, this year provided a lot
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of positive signs, that you really feel we have a chance to and we will build on. >> sad news in the world of football former eagles general manager tom modrak passed away he was gm, he spent many years in the nfl as a scout in different capacities with the steelers and bills. he was 74. temple university, also announced death of former head football coach wayne harden, winningest coach in school football history. he had a 52-three record. he led team to a win in the garden state bowl in 1979. the program's first bowl victory. coach hardin was 91 years old. phillies and mets have their final game of the series tonight and mri on clay buchholz revealed partial tear in his forearm. he will see doctor james andrews on monday. last night phillies with a game they would rather forget. mets hit seven home runs with the phillies. seven including three from this player.
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cameron rupp says just get it, and move on. >> so what, we have beat the braves and washington 17-three the other night. you know, they turnaround and come out and play again. most beat us, last night. it is what it is. we shake it off, come back and play again today. check out this guy, this is three-year old tad towitt sky son of the troy to wittsky and check out that swing. he is three years old. but, somewhere, somewhere scout are looking at this video and saying 2030, we have to check back on this guy. >> yes. >> look at that. >> three years old. >> yes. >> i got to get my four year-old up to par. >> yes. >> we're still working on t's. >> tiger started. >> yes, i'm telling you. a star is born. "cbs evening news" is just a few minutes away. >> scott pelley has a look ahead, scott. >> hi ukee and jessica great to be with you here in philadelphia here's "cbs
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evening news" tonight. today president warned that relations with russia may be war ever, and with warships on the way he says he will go it alone if necessary, to stop north korea's nuclear program. if you filed your taxes for free, the cost could be your personal information. and pardon the interruption, among supreme court justices, dot men interrupt the women more more or vice verse a we have the decision just ahead. on the "cbs evening
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fill your basket with easter only at my giant. dining spot in the reading terminal market is giving back in celebration of national prevention of cruelty to animals month. >> every wednesday, best kay john cafe will donate 10 percent of their total sales to the pennsylvania spca , they are calling this, for pups. it kicks off vets give campaign which seeks to support immediate needs of animals in philadelphia. >> beautiful. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on our sister station cw philly. we are back here at cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", tonight do you file your taxes for free? if so your personal information may be at risk. ana warner explains how co are helping you and at what cost. from new york here now is scott pelley, take care family we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: taking on the world. >> the world is a mess, but i think by the time we finish, i think it's going to be a lot better place to liver. >> pelley: and if chiewna won't help with north korea, the u.s., he says, will go it alone. >> going it alone means going it with lots of other nations. >> pelley: also tonight, united says bumping passengers will no longer be a police matter. >> this can never, will never happen again. >> pelley: caution about using a free online tax service to prepare your returns. and at the supreme court, women broke the glass ceiling. now if the men don't mind, they'd like to have the floor. >> the


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