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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  April 13, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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tonight -- >> [ bleep ]. >> sugar bear unhinged. the meltdown at the mama june reunion only we can show you. >> what's your relationship like now? then -- ♪ >> katy perry's confession, why she stopped drinking and started going to therapy. and before "snl" makes history -- >> live coast to coast for the first time ever. >> exclusive details about how they're changing the show and bracing for bloopers. plus -- >> action. >> we're with chris pratt behind the scenes of the "guardians of the galaxy 2" set. >> yeah, i design costumes. and -- ♪ staying alive >> backstage at the star studded bee gees tribute concert. >>. ♪ staying alive >> did i just do that? now for april 13th, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." katy perry's cropped hair isn't the biggest change in her
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life and i mean far from it. >> indeed. she's opening up about staying sober and going to therapy. that is on the way. but first, we have to get to some very disturbing new video from mamma june's reunion show. >> sometimes it feels like this stuff is staged, but there seems to be no faking this vicious confrontation between suge gar bear and mamma john's daughter. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> no, no. >> [ bleep ]. >> i got you, too. >> you touch her, i'll -- >> you [ bleep ] -- >> that's why you're [ bleep ] father. >> sugar bear got so angry he tore his shirt off. pumpkin who stepped in to defend her mom had to be held back. >> come on [ bleep ]. >> come on [ bleep ]. >> stop. i got you. >> i swear to god i will beat [ bleep ]. >> the drama started when mamma june involved that sugar bear
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wasn't involved in whony boo boo's life. >> every other week end, i was up to see alana. it was good. and you were saying, we're going to be busy, we're going to be out of town. i tell you what, i got a lawyer on the case. you're going to get the paperwork. >> paperwork for what? >> we learned sugar bear is asking for visitation rights. by the way, while all of this was unfolding, honey boo boo was backstage, safe and unaware of what was happening. her dad told us, quote, i've tried to stay in touch with my daughter but june won't let me. >> is sugar bear finally happy? is he happen hi? >> i don't know. >> who knows? >> when we sat down with mama june and honey boo boo recently they described a strained relationship with sugar bear. what's your relationship like now? >> it's nonexistent. he doesn't know what to say for her. time for the professionals to step in. >> no doubt about that. let's get to that revealing new katy perry interview. i will never forget katy joking with us at the grammys how she
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might be heading toward a breakdown, kidding around. but now, she's giving us insight on how she stays sane, and her high profile relationship. ♪ i will love you unconditionally ♪ >> it's not easy loving me. that's one confession katy makes in the new issue of "vogue." oh, and she also hates valentine's day. she calls it a made-up holiday, like national doughnut day, saying, quote, i broke up with valentine's day in my 20s. it's just so pressure filled. ♪ that could be why katy and orlando spent the day apart this year. bloom was in l.a. with his son while she was in new york having dinner with this man, "vogue's" editor, whom she told, quote, i've learned a lot of lessons, patience, the art of saying no, and that everything doesn't have to end in emergency. two weeks later, ka-bloom announced their breakup. ♪ the one that got away >> we found quite a few things about katy in the article aside from the fact that she loves big wigs and crazy fashion. at the time of the interview,
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she had been sober for a month. she called it, quote, time to cleanse my mind. she does 20 minutes of transcendental meditation every day. a, quote, game changer she learned from ex-husband russell brand. and katy has been seeing a therapist for five years. she says, people in my position say yes too much, and it kills them or makes them completely disconnected from reality, and i don't want that. ♪ >> katy's outfit to hide from paparazzi is this, black and white track suit and stan smith trainers. and while she may have recently posted this instagram, all curled up in the fetal position with the quote "current mood," her outlook is all about strength. the rocket was riding me for a bit, but now, i'm riding the rocket. >> you do your thing. meanwhile, "saturday night live" will make history this weekend by going live to both coasts at the same time for the first time ever. executive producer lorne michaels booked jimmy fallon to host for the third time, and harry styles will be the musical guest, so, what could possibly go wrong? >> are you excited?
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are you nervous? >> yeah, totally. i'm just honored that lorne asked me. and we are going live, coast to coast for the first time ever. >> yep. jimmy's taking his alma mater into virgin live territory. "snl" hasn't aired live on both coasts for the first time in its 40-year history. >> the whole show is a sham. "saturday night live" hasn't been live. >> smart move, since this season's "snl" has racked up its highest ratings in two decades. now, the whole country gets to be in on the jokes simultaneously. but jimmy -- >> david. >> during his six-year run, fallon became famous for busting up. >> irregardless, you have been -- >> it's official. >> hi, i'm jimmy fallon -- >> i'm harry styles. >> he and harry styles couldn't get through their new promos without the giggles. >> hosting "saturday night live." >> lorne michaels loves when they break character. >> does he really? >> chris kattan remembered how
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everybody wins when jimmy loses it. including in this scene. >> it really was, honestly, hard to remain in character with him. >> don't blew this for us, dean! >> quit being so selfish! >> jimmy broke and everybody broke. >> doing myself a disservice and every member of this band if i didn't perform the hell out of this. >> that's part of 2 reason why this sketch is so funny. >> but could racier late night skits get toned down with half the country watching earlier? >> i would think they would, if they want to do it again. >> you can push the envelope at 11:30 that you can't push at 8:00. >> yeah. >> below the surface, there is a frenzy of activity. >> fallon is going to be a lot of fun and this is a big deal for harry styles, too, because he's making his first "snl" appearance as a solo artist. well, here's an appearance that definitely grabbed our attention. listen to this. she with two kardashians, kim and kourtney. and we were there when it all went done. >> kim is stealing your hairstyle.
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how do you feel about that? >> what goes around comes around. >> cher, kim and kourtney sharing this sweet moment on the red carpet and pride in their armenian heritage for the movie "the promise." set against the backdrop of the armenian genocide. >> this is a story that needed to be told and no one -- no one knows it. it's important that people know. >> cher is well known for her activism, but never far from her thoughts is her mom. she pulled out of the lifetime project due to concerns about her mom's health. >> we wanted to know how your mom is doing. >> my mom is really great. you know, my mom is 91 and she's fabulous. but she's -- you know, she has to worry about just a few things about getting pneumonia. >> back to this movie. the dramatic love story stars christian bale and oscaar isaac as rivals for the affection of charlotte labaan. >> what a pleasant surprise. >> so incredible in the film, as
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you are. >> the father to be. >> did you try to get any "star wars" secrets from him when you were filming? >> oh, he was very tight lipped about that, because i'm a real "star wars" fan. still got all the figures from when i was a kid. >> batman is a "star wars" fan? that's kind of cool. all right, the big news on tv, an unbelievable moment last night on "survivor." i don't know if you saw this or not, but jeff varner, a contestant, outed a fellow contestant as transgender in a desperate move to save his own neck. we talked to jeff. what were you thinking? >> why haven't you told anyone you're transgender? >> because i didn't want to be the trans-"survivor" player. i wanted to be the zeke "survivor" player. >> tea, when we spoke to jeff, he was extremely sorry. and emotion al. that tribal council was recorded ten months ago. >> we have spoken several times over the last ten months. i thought we were in a good place. i'm hearing different reactions from him today.
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i'm hearing bigot and hate in my heart. that's so unfortunate. because that's not who i am. >> zeke also appeared on "survivor" last season and told contestants that he was gay but had not revealed his transition. jeff, who is openly gay, and a supporter of lgbt rights says he is hurting over the move he made to an audience of millions. >> i can't begin to tell you how this has affected me. there is no defense for what i did. there is no excuse for what i did. >> today, zeke appeared on "the talk." >> in the aftermath of being outed, i've been granted, like, unprecedented autonomy of how i wanted to tell my story. and i thought by showing what happened, maybe it wouldn't happen to someone else and something good could come of it. >> yeah. >> i love him. i feel for him. and i'll do whatever i can in the future to help him. still to come, "star wars" 40th anniversary celebration, with a tribute to carrie fisher. and harrison ford on his recent pilot mishap. >> fly -- yeah. land. land.
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to "scandal." >> the cast of "scandal" celebrated their 100th episode and kerry washington told us looking back is like watching a home movie. >> it is fun to go back and watch our lives unfold. and to do that with everybody. and tonight's episode on abc is wild, because it's going to show how everything could have turned out differently. >> i see this. i see olivia pope as president. >> wouldn't that be great? >> that would be so good. meanwhile, who knows how things are going to turn out on "dancing with the stars"? of course, but i did learn this -- normani and val, they'll be kicking it monday night. >> disney night, and we're doing mulan. >> all right. >> high with the kick. >> whoa! >> for the first time since the season started, val and normani are he rersing in l.a. all week,
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instead of squeezing it in while on the road with normani's girl group, fifth harmony. they hit eight countries in less than a month. >> all right. just landed in the philippines, mani manila. >> finally off the plane, 16 hours later in hong kong. she's still going to record with fifth harmony, but at least we don't have to fly 20 hours a week. >> do you think the judges will be raising their expectations because they know you're now in town? and you've got all this time? >> they probably will. >> they probably will. >> being back in l.a. also allows val to spend some time with brother maks and peta's little bundle of joy, baby shai. >> when i have a chance to hang out with him, i'm at the house. he is always smiling back. so, it's a beautiful thing. >> you guys are so cute. women will swoon. the ones that aren't swooning already with your shirt unbuttons to your belly button. i want everybody to know, this happens not only on the live show. this happens at rehearsal, too, the whole, keeping the buttons undone. i was going to show -- what's happening there? >> oh, no.
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>> what? >> come on, now. >> dude, you got a lot of cleavage. chris pratt's "guardians of the galaxy" universe. a set tour of the sequel. >> they filmed me and seamlessly transport me to another universe. am i in egypt now? plus -- >> i just have this involuntary urge to do this. >> backstage pass to the bee gees tribute convert. and oprah fesses up to a big gift. why it may not be what you think. >> i have to make sure that oprah ain't on it. closed captioning provided by --
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are you guys excited? >> that's vin diesel firing up the crowd. he surprised fans who turned out last night in l.a. for a special screening of "the fate of the furious." the movie opens on friday and listen to me when i tell you, it's going to be big. big. >> let the blockbusters begin, right? because there's another big sequel right around the corner, i cannot wait for this one. "guardians of the galaxy volume 2." >> hope you're ready. going to be here any minute. it picks up just a couple of months after the first movie. peter, star lord, gives the guy who is going to take care of this band of misfits and be the quote unquote leader of this group. that's intense.
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>> the guardians gang is back. and that means lots of action. flying on wires. chris pratt's slightly scruffier stunt double. oh, and new dad bradley cooper as the voice of rocket raccoon. >> they were not looking at you funny. you got anger issues. mature yourself! >> but the character we love? adorable baby groot, voiced by vin diesel. >> i am groot. i am groot. i am groot. i am groot. i love the gentle giant aspect of groot. >> and action. ♪ >> chris offered up a tour of the set via the charity auction site, omaze. >> here we are with our designers, these men are amazing and also very open to collaboration, my ideas! yes. i design costumes. i'm not going to show them any of the props. no, i know, i know. see how they film me and then seamlessly transport me to another universe. what, the pyramids? am i in egypt now?
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what? another of the world's wonders? >> but special effects aside, the best part for chris, was getting to work with his man crush -- kurt russell. >> who the hell are you? >> i'm your dad, peter. there was a father/son relationship here that i thought was very relatable and very interesting. >> he's a legit stud. he was a professional baseball. i asked him if he'd be my dad in real life, i'm still waiting to hear back. >> would have gold goldie hawn around, too, which would be a double bonus. >> absolutely. all right, let's turn to music now. on cbs, the grammy salute to the bee gees. and so many incredible artists. >> my stomach hurts just thinking about this, because celine dion is at the top of this list, and nancy, i had a dream come true moment. >> oh. >> oh, my gosh. i was backstage, where everybody, and i mean everybody, myself included, got bee gees fever. ♪ staying alive >> i just have this involuntary
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urge to do this. ♪ >> did i just do that? was i singing with you? i think i'm going to pass out. >> please don't do that. >> i didn't. but it's a bucket list moment for sure. celine has a special connection with the brothers gibb. >> they wrote me a song. in '97, i did an album called "let's talk about love," and they sang a duet with me. they wrote me that song. ♪ >> you were singing directly to barry and it felt like you guys had a moment there at the end. >> i really wanted to have a moment. because we should all have a moment. we should never waste those moments. let's do it. time is precious. >> barry is the only surviving
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bee gees member. backstage i spoke with all the performers excited to be singing in this all-star tribute. ♪ you don't know what it's like ♪ i just remember those beautiful harmonies. the brother's melody was suitly gorgeous. ♪ how deep is your love >> "saturday night fever" turns 40 this year. at the grammys barry told us, ten years earlier, the bee gees were just three brothers trying to make it as a band. >> i'm sure in many ways, bittersweet, looking back. >> of course it is. but it's not just an anniversary for "fever," it's the 50th anniversary of the bee gees, you know? of the year we were named the bee gees. >> you hear those songs today and you're like, oh, my god, this is such a hit. >> absolutely. >> it doesn't happen a lot. ♪ dancing yeah >> i salute my brothers. that's my mission. they know how much i miss them. i feel like i communicate with them. i always worry about what robin
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would think or what morris would think. it never goes away. ♪ staying alive >> oh, barry, i think they'd say we have done pretty good. now, just because we can't get enough of the bee gees, here's this, a remasters 40th tan versery soundtrack of "saturday night fever" is dropping april 21st. along with "timeless," a new bee gees greatest hits album. did you know "saturday night fever" came out the same year as "star wars?" there's a big celebration for that film going on in orlando, florida. all the big guns came out to celebrate. harrison ford and of course the master of the universe, george lucas. >> i said, do you know how to fly? i said fly, yeah. land? no. >> harrison threw shade at himself. referencing his recent pilot mishaps. he was a surprise guest and it was his first time on stage at
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a "star wars" celebration. later, the epic panel cleared the stage for carrie fisher's daughter, billie lourd, in her first public appearance since her mom's death. >> my mom used to say, she never knew where princess leia ended and where carrie fisher began. >> i love the movies, and my daughter loves them. >> a video tribute followed with some behind the scenes clips from "star wars." >> hi. this is our most desperate hour. help me, obi-wan kenobi. you're my only hope. >> you know, it will be a real gift to see the upcoming "star wars" film. >> certainly will. speaking of gifts, we all know who is the best gift giver ever, oprah. what she admitted about receiving gifts
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travel consideration provided by --
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oprah's going to make her first appearance on "the talk" on monday, they're giving her the whole hour. >> she's talking about the immortal life of henrietta lacks on hbo. but she also got this question -- >> have you ever regifted? >> i love it. look at the shock on her face. oprah would never regift, right? >> i regift all the time. but i always have to make sure that oprah ain't on it. >> i want her hand me downs immediately. >> not too shabby. bye, everybody.
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tonight's special, bone-in, bold flavors. get our new pork porterhouse, our new grilled lamb chops, and our signature outlaw ribeye. and for lunch, try our steakhouse burger. or any steakhouse lunch combo. only at longhorn. "the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one, is bill o'reilly's sexual harassment forcing his exit from fox news?
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>> i don't say anything to anybody about that. >> as late night tries to guess his vacation destination. >> to hell, maybe? is it hell? then, are katie holmes and jamie foxx ready to make their rumored romance public? >> now, katie holmes wants to come out of hiding. and number three, stephen colbert celebrating his late night comeback. who does he credit for his success? >> there's never been a better batch. plus, your "insider" bonus -- amy and goldie on the "ew" cover. >> it was fun. >> amy's advice to see their new movie. >> sneak in booze. then -- >> this is what i have to deal with. this is what i got to deal with. >> we're stuck in the middle of a red carpet showdown between anthony anderson and his "black-ish" tv son, miles brown. >> i'm giving you a shout-out,


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