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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  April 14, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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now at noon a deadly crash on roosevelt boulevard in philadelphia, two women died when the suv they were riding in slammed into a parked tractor trailer. we're told the suv driver survived and was rush to the hospital, good afternoon, aim jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. crash happened just before 8:00 this morning and
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northbound lanes of the roosevelt boulevard near f street in feltonville. two female victims that died are 25 and 44 year-old. male is being treated at einstein medical center in stable condition. investigators are trying to pinpoint what cause that had driver to lose control. >> at this point, it is all under investigation and we are seeking out witnesses, and, you know, trying to do everything we can to get to the right route of this. >> police say driver of the park tractor trailer was not hurt and staying in the nearby hotel when the crash happened. and, this is a live look the a the scene, right now as police continue their investigation and you can see crime scene tape there north bound boulevard outer lanes remain closed a this is time but it appears that traffic is able to get by in the inner lanes. >> here's something you don't see every day in philadelphia horse on the loose with police hot on the trail. wild scene unfolded for miles for across several city neighborhood this morning. jan carabao has the exclusive video and more on where the horse came from and how police finally rounded it up. >> reporter: right around 7:00 ,
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only "eyewitness news" was there as this runaway horse went down spring garden street n toe with more than half dozen of philadelphia's finest >> you know, we have a horse running loose. it is inbound from kelly drive >> reporter: her owners call her big momma and this is her hey day. she eventually made her way to richmond and girard, our camera spotted her again, as now slow speed chase came to an even. >> she ran all the way down kelly drive, all the way over spring garden, she was moving pretty good too. i didn't jump in until broad street. >> reporter: these officers spotted her near art museum where they were working traffic at eakins oval. >> you guys were going seven, second, he was moving. >> reporter: all along the way big momma's police escort stopped traffic and turned head. thomas had just arrived from work, when philadelphia cops safely caught up. >> i was park. when i got out of the carry
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seen a horse running down richmond avenue and truck trying to block him off. it was really something. >> reporter: a few jokes aside >> stop horsing around. >> reporter: a job, well done. >> perfect job. i commend the philadelphia police department. >> reporter: after a bite out of this officer's lunch big momma got a ride home. that is about 5 miles away at 26th and fletcher in north philadelphia where her owner, and the man who mistakenly let her out were waiting. >> very thankful. very thankful. >> i opened up the door, he knocked me down. >> reporter: mistake he won't soon forget and a capture these officers will always remember. >> got a horse. >> reporter: jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> quite the site indeed. governor tom wolf is calling for philadelphia district attorney seth williams to resign amid corruption charges. governor wolf issued a statement, wolf issued a statement saying in part it is beyond time for him to step down immediately from his post as district attorney. people of philadelphia need a district attorney fully
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focused on and legally capable of executing the important duties of the top law enforcement official of the pennsylvania's largest city. his resignation will allow employees of the office to folk ounce their work and help citizens they serve move on. williams has pleaded not guilty to federal corruption charges. as we begin easter holiday weekend we're in for an afternoon that will feel more like june. meteorologist katie fehlinger is live on the cbs-3 sky deck with a outlook for rest of the day, hi there katie. >> that taste of june does come in time for easter holiday. it is many more seasonal afternoon expected here, jim. we have had cloud throughout the course of the morning and into the afternoon there are still some cloud overhead. but it feels really comfortable outside. ever so slight breeze is still out here but it is pretty calm in terms of the wind flow throughout the rest of the day it is all thanks to high pressure. high pressure will bring you fair weather and that is the story rest of the day. looking at storm scan you will note that is veil of cloud cover moving through. somewhat haphazardly across the region as a whole.
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we will end up with more sun then anything the rest of the day. since we hit high noon many cracked 60 degrees. atlantic city, millville, wilmington all at six-zero. i expect we have probably another 6 degrees in us here before it is all said and done increasing sunshine. high in the mid 60's anywhere. it is very comfortable though. this is mid-april. this is what you expect. nice spring weather to continue. but if you are a fan of summer -like warmth we have another taste of it here, for you here coming along easter weekend like we mentioned a long with it is caveat, is there a few separate front that move through. we have wet weather to talk about for saturday and sunday. so coming up a little later on in the show we will talk about those wet weather chances, when they move in, does ate affect your egg hunt plans and i'll have those answers in my full forecast later on, guys. >> see you soon, thank you. lets look at this, you are looking at the moment when the moad bomb blasted a isis cave and tunnel system in eastern
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afghanistan. brand new video released along with confirmation that 36 isis fighters were indeed killed in the strike. cbs reporter craig boswell has more details of the bomb and who might have been watching. >> reporter: pentagon released a video showing the exact moment an 11-ton bomb crashed in an afghanistan mountain that sent a mushroom shaped cloud of smoke and debris in the sky. afghan officials say 21,600- pound bomb killed 36 isis fighters in eastern afghanistan, isis has built tunnels, caves in the mountains for protection. >> this weapon was the right weapon against this target. >> reporter: general john nicholson who head up the u.s. forces in afghanistan says 16 million-dollar bomb, saved lives, because it kept u.s., afghanistan forces from having to take on isis fighters in the caves. >> this weapon was very effective in that use and our soldiers on the ground, afghan commandos, special forces, they are on the site now and weapons achieved its intended purpose. >> reporter: pentagon has been
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working on then mission for months and positioned it in afghanistan during the obama administration. the political shock waves, could be felt as far away as north korea. >> i think it was used because there was a military purpose. i do think it might be seen as a message. >> reporter: president trump was asked about the bombing thursday afternoon. >> i don't know fit send a message, it doesn't make a difference fit does or not. north korea is a problem, it will be taken care of. >> reporter: it is largest non-nuclear bomb ever used in combat. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". also, fears rise that north korea will soon launch more missiles or conduct its sixth nuclear test this week, leader kim jong unwill have marked 105th birthday of his grand father, country's founder, under past anniversary north korea tried launching long range rockets but failed. u.s. aircraft carrier group is on the way to the region. man suspected of stealing firearms and sending anti
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government manifesto to the white house has been arrested. sheriff officers captured three two-year old joseph jakubowski this morning at a campsite. officers had been searching for jakubowski since he broke in the gun store and sent a 161 page letter, threatening to attack churches on easter. and sunday marks the tenth anniversary of the virginia tech shooting, deadly is school shooting in modern history. >> thirty-two students and faculty were killed when a gunman opened fire on that campus. cbs news correspondent don champion spoke to a survivor who has a new purpose in life and a professor who helped victim cope, in the days after the tragedy. >> it is hard to believe it has been 10 years since the shooting. >> reporter: decade later the virginia tech shooting, still haunts, survivor, colin god dard. >> i have replayed that morning, over and over and over again. >> reporter: memories aren't the only reminders, he is still having three bull nets his body, and goddard now pushes for gun safety reforms, like background checks. he even went under cover to
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buy a weapon, used in the documentary. >> unaudible. >> you are either pro gun or anti gun when vast majority of the people see something in the middle. >> reporter: ten years later norris hall, site of the carnage, still stand but it is renovated. the university's web site features pictures and bios of the victim. to mark this weekend's tenth anniversary the school is holding an official remembrance ceremony and candle light vigil. >> until the pulse nightclub shooting last june, virginia tech had been the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history. jillard larson helped console people at virginia tech and fears the nation is de sensitized to gun violence. >> if you are thinking in a community, it becomes a concern about whether or not we're truly, you know, neighbors born anymore. >> reporter: goddard, hoist now married with a child, vows to keep fighting. >> we are better then this. we do not have to accept gun
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violence is part of the american culture. >> reporter: even though gun safety reform has stalled on capitol hill he is proud the movement is finding success at state levels. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coming up, a fire shuts down las vegas strip. >> it happened as flames broke out at one of the sin city's most famous hotels. and going old school, when "eyewitness news" returns, see why pencils, yes, pencils, are so popular these days. >> did they go away. >> they are still here but they are more popular.
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well, back on "eyewitness news" with fiery images from the las vegas strip, huge flames were shooting from the bellagio hotel and casino overnight. fire broke out on the roof and 801st responders, rush to the scene. the hotel has nearly 4,000 rooms, it is one of the largest hotels in the world, although none of the guests had to be evacuated, no injuries were reported and the causes still under investigation. in the age of high tech an old friend is gaining popularity, the pencil is making a come back. >> you don't say. cbs news correspondent wendy gilette tells us how one of the oldest pencil manufacturers in the world, has had its best year ever, in 2016. >> reporter: minutes after caroline weaver opens up her new york city shop, cw pencil enterprise for the day, customers from around the world show up, drawn to an old school, writing utensil.
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>> thinks best for sure. >> reporter: new yorker spencer nelson tested a few before choosing the perfect pencil for his woodworking. >> you can get really fine lines and sharp point which is a big difference. >> reporter: judy yen, from taiwan, appreciate high end pencils that range from japanese high tech, to those used for voting in denmark to vintage. >> it is different. it is more trendy. >> the highbergs in norway spotted pencil exclusive store on instagram spending more than $100 in supplies for their kid. >> they like to draw. better to draw by hand with the pencil. >> reporter: doesn't quite have the same feeling. >> no, its doesn't. >> reporter: she will never erase her love for pencils not only because of her tattoo but she points to nostalgia as one reason for pencil's reemergens >> craving of feeling doing something by hand and that may not be in the necessities anymore it is a very welcome novelty. >> reporter: majority of the
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pencils are imported, census bureau says imports increased more than 40 percent from 2015 to 2016. those in the industry say hobbies like adult coloring, and journaling are fueling the up tic a trend weaver predicts won't fade. >> it is a reason why pencils existed for hundreds of years. is there a need for them and there always will be a need. >> reporter: if you still don't get the point weaver encourages you to put down your device and pick up a pencil. >> wendy gilette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> i do but eye markers not pencils. >> white house easter tradition, still ahead, on "eyewitness news". >> we will tell you why, this white house easter egg roll role may look different from years past. looking ahead to the holiday weekend, i think people see wet weather out of the upcoming weekend but any of that rain that moved through will wait until night fall so if you have got outdoor plans for saturday, sunday for daylight hours we are looking good, and sunday will be the day that we peak
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with the warmth, and i'll tell you how warm it will get coming up.
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it is good friday, most solemn holy day on the christian calendar. >> services are being held throughout the day at basilica in center city. they will also be a spanish service commemorating the way of the cross at 7:00 o'clock. today is day christians believe jesus christ was crucified, and will celebrate his resurrection, on easter sunday. the white house will host annual 139 easter egg roll role this monday on the lawn of the executive mansion, but it will be smaller then last years event. white house expects about
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21,000 gets compared to last year 37,000, now, according to the new york times administration stated in previous years the event was completely too large for children to enjoy all of the activities. do you take the girls out to do any. >> we will have a egg hunt and inspiring me to set up a egg roll on the lawn as well. >> will you invite 21,000 people. >> no. >> i just want to make sure. >> a simple 20 to 25 will do. >> but whole family is coming down, people have outdoor plans this weekend. >> it looks like a good weekend. >> it does despite a system that will bring in wet weather the wet weather will come through with good timing. i think we're look good at this and definitely because of the way cisneros tempes moving in we will get a taste of june , coming just in time for the holiday. lets talk about in years past on easter. of course it doesn't fall on the exact same day every year, but generally around easter time you will find typical daytime highs in the mid 60's or so. maybe a little bit cooler, maybe milder, but really over
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course of the last couple of years we will get out relatively, temperatures ever so slightly below average in 2016, 2014 and heck, even at 2013 you didn't crack 60 degrees. 2011, 2012 were mild and we have a shot, we have a shot at lee to come close to the 2011 levels here by the time we hit sunday. i will show what you we are calling for in a minute. looking at storm scan, wide zoom, we have what looked like some showers moving through in the last few hours in the northeastern most suburbs, but none of that actually verified at the ground n short all you had overhead was just cloud cover, but high pressure sort of cresting over the region. that is why we have had cloud that will be breaking from some sunshine and the storm system that brings in these wet weather chance these weekend, it is still just getting its act together and many states, back over the central plains. you do have actual heavier batches of rain moving through eastern nebraska, that will blossom in a bigger system. warm front will lift in saturday and sunday it is cold front. so walking you through rest of the forecast, 4:00 p.m. today.
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skies cleared out nicely if they have not already begun too. tomorrow, warm front starts to move closer, and that brings in more cloud. this is now trying to pick up what we see, a stray showers throughout the day. i'm not terribly sold. if you have outdoor plans, keep them. even with a light shower, that is it. it is not until late their night any wet weather would have a chance to really bring in, you know, any significant precipitation, and even then it looks scattered. then we will sit between front we are in the warm sector of the storm on sunday, and that can give us a chance to not only brighten up but heat up. we will be back in the 80's throughout the afternoon. here's your front though, cold front, this will definitely come through with some showers and probably a few thunderstorms, but by this point it is already nine or 10:00 at night. you'll likely have gotten most of your outdoor plans in by then before it moves through. one of the issues that you have to deal with when you have beautiful spring weather is the pollen. that has been, brutal over the last few days. next few days it will continue to be so with the predominant mapel, juniper and poplar.
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highest you go on the scale is 12. we are close to that in the next couple of days. allergy sufferer like me and jim donovan keep your medications ready if you plan to be outside. beautiful afternoon. unfolding right now at boardwalk plaza this has been a very busy, beach and boardwalk as ovulate. i can understand why. i that i lot of people must be on spring break right now, because we have seen, so many people, outside, and granted, the weather has cooperated for it but if you have the opportunity and enjoy it, this weather outside, go for it. we have great weather rest of the day. even despite some cloud. it feels comfortable. 66 degrees. and, skies will continue to clear out. the union at home in chester. weather will cooperate there too. kick off around 60. we will drop about five throughout the course of the match, and 7:00 p.m. sunnies out but will be dropping over the horizon through first half an hour of the match. moving forward as we take a look at sunday, i mean it stand out like a sore thumb, or maybe a really, really happy, hell i thumb. look at that. 83 degrees. we have sunshine throughout the day. we will cool off behind that
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cold front though we are back to the zero seven's on monday, 60's on tuesday but we will warm up, to the apex on sunday and cool back down again. >> remember your sun block. >> yes. >> enjoy this weekend, lot of people will be there. >> i think you're right. not the place you want something hanging around. >> we will show you why an amusement park ride was anything
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well, it was enough of a thrill ride and thrill seekers were expecting whether they boarded a roller coaster. >> they got stuck in midair,
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yesterday, fire fight hears todd use rescue bucket trucks to get two dozen people off the joker's jinks at six flags america outside of washington d.c. in upper marlboro, maryland. the ride came to a stand still , while it was 100 feet in the air, yesterday, everyone was back on the ground after, you know, just a measly five hours, rescue officials say they were surprisingly and relatively in good spirits. >> i will say that is what you get when you board something called joker's jinks. >> that is why i do not do them. >> no. >> that is my worst fear. >> that is your war fear you have a good life. that is "eyewitness news" at noon i'm jim done very. i'm rahel solomon. thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. we are always on line at cbs >> of course, young and restless is next. have a great weekend, everybody. hi hey
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>> victoria: i can't believe you actually cut dad out of your life. >> nikki: well, not as far as the world knows, but they're never gonna know. emotionally, i have already separated myself from your father. and i told him personally we are living separate lives. >> victoria: you know, nick and i didn't think you'd be able to do it. >> nikki: i'm not going to forgive victor this time. he lost his right to be a member of this family the minute he brought chloe back to town. and of course, he's not invited tonight. i made that very clear. >> victoria: thank you. >> nikki: so, you, nicholas, and i -- we're still together on this, right? because we need to be a united front. >> victoria: dad set adam's death in motion. he can't get away with it. i'm with you, mom. >> nikki: i do worry about your brother, though. i think it's gonna be hard for


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