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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 14, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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people stationed throughout the area meanwhile police have not made any arrests from that tuesday fight here, at the carnival and we have obtained some new video which may show some of the same sus pecks. watch the girl in the pink, punches start flying and then the kicks, the boyfriend jayla santana a north philadelphia carnival tuesday night. boyfriend miguel hernandez says he was also beaten. >> it was a flash mob, you know, they totally picked us out at random. some girl came up behind my girlfriend and hit her. >> reporter: they were going on their first solo date when they were suddenly attacked. >> everybody, started going in , whatever, swinging at us, back and forth and it escalat ed real quickly. >> reporter: police are looking for suspects. >> there is no arrests currently but still an ongoing investigation and we are still trying to sort it out. >> reporter: as manager of the carnival near erie and front
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streets in north philadelphia is increasing security. >> every 50 feet there will be a security man standing, keeping an eye on everything. we want a nice and safe for children. >> reporter: friday afternoon another incident, fernandes father says same group of teens which attacked his son, threatened him. >> some of the kid, passed by the store and started yelling, which i will not repeat what they say, that they were going to hit me as well. >> reporter: this surveillance video shows teens approaching a family store. one tina peers to lung at miguel's father and then more punches thrown. >> my kid, he is saying police came in, thighed wait, to get the video. >> reporter: miguel's father says he will turn that video over to detectives, hopefully that can help out in this investigation if you recognize any of those teenagers in any of those videos, of course, call the police. we are live from north philadelphia, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thank you. a deadly crash on
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roosevelt boulevard that killed two women has feltonville residents raising more concerns about the heavily traveled road. the women were passengers in the suv that slammed into the back of a tractor trailer, that is this morning that was parked legally on the boulevard near d street. fatal crash comes just days after injuries, attorneys released a study on the 150 most dangerous intersections in philadelphia. about a dozen intersections on that list are on roosevelt boulevard. >> i'm real concerned about accidents here and always because of. that so they allow cars to do this on the boulevard. >> reporter: why sit a laos parking and drivers speeding on the 40 miles per hour road. police say that they are still investigating the cause of this crash. the driver of the suv is in stable condition with a broken hip. it is certainly not something you see every day aches horse, on the run, with philadelphia police, hot on its trail. that wild scene unfold add cross several philadelphia neighborhood this morning.
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only "eyewitness news" was there when the horse named big momma sprinted down spring garden street. she continued, on, until police could box her in near richmond and girard near fishtown. her owners tell "eyewitness news" that the six year-old rescue horse is tired but now safe at home. >> i'm just glad that she didn't get hurt or hurt anybody else in the process. i love my horses. it would have killed me to see something go bad but i'm just glad that she's back, i got her here, cooled her off, everything is fine and now she's eating and relaxing. >> big momma went on a adventure. she escaped from her stables in north philadelphia and then hooked in about 5 miles before she was ultimately caught, in fishtown. right here, ride sharing services could be soon in the cross hairs of the philadelphia parking authority tempers are flaring over short term parking spots at 30th street station. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh shows us why some people are complaining. >> reporter: when sherry tries to find short term parking
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outside 30th street station. >> i go around, and around, and around. >> reporter: but lately to no avail. >> i did it twice and could not find a spot either time and said this isn't ride. >> reporter: more lynn says uber and lyft drivers clogged traffic and hogged the unlimited parking spaces by idling in search of passengers >> it is really frustrating. >> to some extent they are allowed to said one uber black driver who did not want to be identified. >> that is why kid over there said locate here, and these are it. uber takes a commission from all of our fares, which, a percentage of that goes to that parking spot that we are able to park at. >> reporter: that is why uber drivers tell me that some spots were specifically designated for them sometime last year, the frustrated commuters tell me that some of those drivers from ride sharing services are taking up spots meant for paying customers. >> somebody should be out here policing that the uber drivers and lyft drivers don't sit in those spots. that is my beef with it.
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>> reporter: even uber driver we spoke with said he sees fellow ride share drivers breaking the rules. >> all day, every day. >> reporter: we confronted one of them who park in the short term space instead of the outer lane marked off for uber >> i didn't know that. now i know it. thank you for the information. >> will you park on that side. >> i won't. >> reporter: those that frequent this busy transportation hub hope wheels start turning toward more solutions down the road. >> i have to have a cell phone waiting lot like they do at airport for uber drivers to sit and wait. >> something the city need to get under control, ppa and uber as well. >> reporter: at 30th street station, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". unique charge in the crackdown on heroin in montgomery county. today prosecutors announced that they have charged angel leon with drug delivery resulting in death, in connection with the overdose death of roger, in upper merion in february. >> drug dealers should be very fear full of delivering drugs,
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heroin xfinity until pills in montgomery county because we're investigating these as homicide. >> prosecutors showed off the drug par nail, yeah weapons, and money they have seized where leon's philadelphia home from leon's philadelphia home. he is being held on one million-dollar bail. police are reviewing surveillance videos in newtown , township after vandals damaged several businesses. suspects vandalized storefronts on sycamore street overnight. they can be seen throwing a bench into this railing, and on another surveillance tape the suspects were seen eating together, and walk ago long the street. if you have any information you are urged to contact the police. bucks county spca is offering a reward, after a cat is shot and killed, in bensalem. according to the shelter the cat named scooby was shot with a gun on monday, between two and 4:00 in the afternoon near the creek side apartments, on knights road. his own are reports that scooby was friendly and played with the children in the apartment complex. the organization is offering a
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$1,000 reward for anyone who may have information about this case. pennsylvania governor tom wolf is once again calling on, philadelphia's district attorney seth williams to resign from office, following yesterday's suspension of his law license. in a statement released to day governor wolf says quote the people of philadelphia need a district attorney, fully focusing on and legally capable of executing the important duties of the top law enforcement officials in pennsylvania's largest city. his resignation will allow the employees of the office to focus on their work and help the citizens that they serve, move on. williams is facing federal corruption charges and entered a not guilty plea, d.a. will continue to handle his offices administrative duties and assistants take over the legal matters. just a fantastic friday around our region but will this that wonderful weather hang around for the holiday weekend? meteorologist lauren casey is in for kate tonight on the sky deck what can we expect. >> we can expect a big warm up
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as we head in the easter holiday. but temperatures today were above average once again. we have had sunshine starting off with cloud this morning but now, i see, um, one, one and a half cloud in the sky right now. beautiful evening, to start off workweek heading in the holiday weekend. 67 degrees in philadelphia, still near 70 in allentown. cool's long the coast with the sea breeze, temperatures in the upper 50's but grab that jacket heading out this evening as temperatures will fall in the 40's, overnight tonight, but conversely as we head into easter sunday, extremely warm conditions. our warmest since 2011. we will talk about best chance to see a shower or storm this upcoming weekend and sunny start to our week next week all coming up in our full forecast in just a few. >> we will see you then, thank you. also still ahead on "eyewitness news", run forest run not quite tom hanks but this man is replicating the run from the famous movie. what he had to say as he made his way through philadelphia and important cause, he says,
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that the trek supports. under watchful eye of ben franklin the important role franklin institute will now play as nfl's draft head to philadelphia. if your healthy next season and that is a big f the sixers will be a much improved team and they play to play ben simmons at point guard, brian colangelo says ben has skills of one hall of fame point guard in particular, i'll tell you who later in sports.
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and causes 24 million to lose their insurance. wouldn't oppose a massive "age tax" on people over 50. but supported a 600 billion tax break for the wealthy. tell tom macarthur - stop trying to repeal our health care. well, some hold out as begins a plan to build a protective sand dunes in margate are giving up their fight. >> yesterday the homeowners
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dropped their lawsuit against state department of environmental protection and others, they had hoped to block construction of the dunes in margate and rely on wooden bulkhead to protect against storm surges. margate sustained serious damage during hurricane sandy. millions around the world are observing good friday today, the day christians believe jesus was screws filed >> in philadelphia west kensington ministry mark holy day with the tenth annual stations of the cross event. it refers to 14 images that depict christ's last on earth. congress grants and community members walked through the park where local artists presented their work. he started in mobile,al bam, made it to california and then turned around and headed for maine. >> a runner from liverpool is living the dream and raising awareness for environmental conservation through an epic movie running, from coast to coast is back again. today made a stop in philadelphia. >> for no particular reason i decided to go for a little run
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>> reporter: meet rob pope. he is an emergency veterinarian from across the pond and today he is on a mission. >> everybody has had, to shout run, forest run, whether they are out on a jog themselves. i thought if i could do that run. >> reporter: recreating the run done by forest gump in the 1994 film. as it turns out no one has ever completed the entire thing. >> i have been wanting to run across america a long time. when i was planning, and basically thinking, just how you could raise awareness and money for my charities which are the world wild life fund and peace direct. >> reporter: friday morning pope made it to philadelphia eager to tackle art museum steps but construction for the national football league draft got in the way. >> i wanted to run up those steps and raise my hand at the top of them, but all to no avail but to be honest, maybe just another reason to come back to the city of brotherly love. >> reporter: distance he has covered is enormous, america
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is more than 100 marathons wide. and believe it or not he is planning to run the boston marathon in just a couple of days. >> you know, it is nothing to worry about there. >> reporter: follow along with pope's journey on twitter, facebook, instagram and you tube. >> i feel very lucky to be here. >> reporter: yes. >> how about that. one hand is already on the road, running another 30 miles toward moorestown, new jersey. now following the wind and gps tracker. >> amazing. >> for link's to rob's social sites go to cbs and search for rob pope. amazing what the human body can do. >> i'm telling you. >> that is crazy. >> we have great weather to do it today. not too hot for him. >> absolutely to day, nice. little hot. chocolate bunnies. can't leave easter basket out
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on sunday. we have a warm up on the way. gorgeous day to day. let's check out this scene. not a cloud in the sky as we look live at center city philadelphia workweek coming to a close and we have a holiday weekend head of us. 67 degrees, wind are calm right now, so really enjoying that 67, and dew points down in the 30's. we have a nice, dry comfortable air in place. we top above average today 68 degrees official high in philadelphia, 5 degrees above our average high temperature starting off at 49 degrees this morning and temperatures still feeling good across the area hanging out close to 70 degrees in the lehigh valley. sixty-eight in reading. chillier along the coast. temperatures in the upper 50's but not chilly for south and west, temperatures toasty, 86 in nashville, 81 in hot atlanta and air mass building in our backyard as we head in the easter holiday due to the warm front that will come through as we head into saturday night. that could generate a passing shower tomorrow but otherwise, staying mainly dry, more cloud
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around 67 degrees, the high temperature so a repeat as we head into sunday, mostly sunny , very warm, up to 83 degrees with the chance late day shower or thunderstorm and our warmest easter holiday inn philadelphia, since 2011 when the high temperature was 84 degrees. you can see as date of easter change so dot high temperatures. all over the place 2013 at 59 degrees, last year we had a high of 60 on the holiday. storm scan three showing us quiet conditions, a few cloud down toward d.c., otherwise nothing to see with high pressure in control. high pressure will start to shift off to thee allowing these cloud to build in, and as we head throughout our saturday, we will see brakes of sunshine especially in the afternoon. chance of the few passing showers tomorrow evening and as we start things off on your easter holiday looking great for your brunch plans heading out to church services, no problems as we head in the second half of the day though happy to have an eye with the sky with the shower or
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thunderstorm. broken. not strongest most pose event system but we will see a cold front drop there and that will cool off as we head into monday but do watch out for that chance of the late day shower or thunderstorm on sunday but for tonight partly cloudy, quiet falling back to 47 degrees. for the day tomorrow partly sunny more cloud in the morning more sunshine in the afternoon chance of the passing shower with a high temperature of 67 and better chance of showers as we look toward poconos tomorrow, scattered in nature, high temperature at 59 degrees and a evening shower possible, down the shore, more cloud with the high of 62. in your seven day forecast we have a toasty easter in store 83 the high temperature. record is 90 for the date. i don't think we will make to it. that still warm. 73 degrees, cooler, above average on monday with breezy conditions and very beautiful by tuesday. seasonal 65 degrees. sixty-five is our coolest number there. >> wow. >> in your extended forecast, so old man winter, i don't know can i say it is he officially over and done. >> go ahead you are out of
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here. >> there you go. >> thanks, lauren. >> leslie's up next with sports. >> that is right we have a game going on right now, we have phillies taking on the nationals, and what jahlil okafor's future with the sixers. are they still listening to offers. are they still listening to offers. fill your basket with easter only at my giant.
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♪ you're only a day away. fill your basket with easter only at my giant. leslie joins us now and phillies are in action. >> yes, down in d.c. fightins took two out of the three last week at the bank to game, no score in the second. tommy joseph, facing steven strasburg, the fly to deep center field. ball goes over the glove of adam eat on for a solo home run. the phillies take a one to nothing lead. bottom of the inning we have matt we hadder with the ground er up the middle for base hit driving in ryan zimmerman. that will tie up the game. to the fifth inning we will go , caesar hernandez with the ground ball that rolls through for a hit, cameron rupp will
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score and, right now, phillies are leading this 12-one. yesterday sixers players talked about the season. today we heard from head coach brett brown and gm brian colangelo. now brown said they will not spend stupid money for free agents, ben simmons will play point guard next season. at 6-foot 10 he will be a problem to guard defensively and brian colangelo compared his skills with the best point guard in league history. >> we have got someone with his unique skill set, his skies, strength, power, he is, a transformational, type of player potentially at that spot. and not dissimilar to what magic brought to the point guard spot years ago. >> so what is future for jahlil okafor with this team? ja did miss last 11 games with the knee soreness and team tried to trade him at deadline but couldn't. brian colangelo says they are still opened to trade jahlil. >> he find himself in the situation where is there a
6:24 pm
pretty big roadblock ahead, so again, openly we have discussed, you know, scenarios with his agent that we could find something mutually beneficial but if not we are happy to have jahlil as part of the organization. he is a great kid. >> he just got to go with the flow. >> yesy like all of our guys. >> yes, we will see what happens in the draft. >> very interesting. >> thanks. >> when we come back new details about the upcoming national football league draft >> the major role the franklin institute will play as teams make their picks in two weeks. and "cbs evening news" is just a few mains way. >> anthony mason in for scott pelley tonight and he joins with us a look ahead, anthony. hi ukee and jessica coming up on the "cbs evening news", north korea says it is prepared for military conflict , and we will not hesitate tone gauge. plus why people are lining up for a chance to tour the titanic, and a baseball hall of famer gets another at bat just ahead on the "cbs evening
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back on "eyewitness news" this good friday evening with a beautiful look from our parkway central library camera at franklin institute looking very nice in the evening sunshine. wonderful weather is on tap as we head into the holiday weekend. speaking of the franklin institute iconic ben franklin will be overseeing another important philadelphia event, at least in spirit. >> nfl draft selection square will be set up in front of the franklin national memorial at franklin institute during the draft, representatives from from all 32 nfl teams will smith their selections from december incomes front of the statue. main portion of the draft will take place at art museum, it is all happening between april . >> definitely looks so nice on national television that whole set up. >> it will be really, really nice. >> yes. >> so aloft people have kicked off weekend. >> and spending time with family on this easter weekend, lauren. it feels like it will be nice. >> beautiful evening, clear
6:29 pm
skies but once sunsets it will be chilly so bring that jacket long if you have friday night plans and, of course, do as we head in the upcoming weekend we will see highs in the 60's tomorrow, highs in the 80's easter sunday. >> but now here it comes. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. "eyewitness news" returns at 10 on our sister station wpsg the cw philly. we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". tonight back in 1912 passengers paid a lot of money to sail titanic. now over a century later they are lining up to pay just as much, 100 you this dollars actually, for a chance to board her again. the ship of dreams. chip reid explains tonight in for scott pelley here's anthony mason from new york. take care family we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> mason: tensions grow with every tick of the clock. north korea tells our ben tracy it's going ahead with plans for another nuclear test. david martin at the pentagon has merck's options. also tonight-- >> you sold my privacy up the river. >> mason: a republican senator gets an earful from angry constituents. >> when are you going to choose your country over your party? >> mason: a ticket to the "titanic." people are paying a fortune to tour the wreckage. >> ever since i've had a job, i've been saving to go on the "titanic." >> mason: and steve hartman, a young boy meets his idol. >> he's about 11, maybe 12, and he's saying, "mom, mommy, i


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