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tv   Eyewitness News at 8  CBS  April 16, 2017 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, a rowan university officer is struck by a car. how it all happened and how that officer is doing this morning. and a hit and run on a busy street in upper darby puts a child and her grandmother in the hospital, what police said led to that chase that resulted in a hit/ run. and a celebration of easter, tens of thousands gathered at vatican to celebrate, with the pope. today it is sunday april 16th, happy easter everyone i'm jan carabao. lets get over to meteorologist justin drabick in the eyewitness weather center this morning. happy sunday, justin. a lot of outdoor activities for easter today. >> yes, watch your chocolate, it will melt today. >> get in, get out. >> highs in the 80's. real quick, yeah, feeling like mid-july today, maybe a thunderstorm coming at us later tonight, just to add to that summertime feel to our forecast. but that chance for shower or storm is later on tonight, most of the day, does stay on the dry side, so don't cancel
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your easter plans if they are outside. there we are in the sunshine mixed day with cloud at time, we will be dealing with today. sixty-three already at airport , southwest wind kicks up more, it will be breeze think afternoon, dew point temperatures what we are looking at, we have not talk about that. here's springtime up to 59 now indicating higher humidity content for april, it is high. we have 59-degree dew point in the middle of the summer, it would feel good. southwest wind, 10, increasing to 15 to 20. temperatures ranging from the mid 50's in the lehigh valley to 60's already. sixty-seven, justin land, the atlantic city airport. suburbs are warping up rapidly lower 60's doyletown and quakertown and with that sunshine on our way up to the 80's, no doubt. visibility much improvement. we have had areas of patchy dense fog that is now gone, sprinkler or two possible poconos this morning, best chance for that rain sure will be late today. sun, cloud, feels like july,
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breezy, muggy, evening thunderstorm possible. look at these temperatures by 9:00 we're talking about temperatures around 70 and then mid 80's by 3:00, that is afternoon high. it does cool down with more rain we will talk about that in a few minutes, jan, back to you. justin, thank you. in churches throughout philadelphia region face full are new celebrating the joy of easter. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live at moth he will better church in society hill a historic church here at home to tell us bit, hi there, anita. >> reporter: hi there, jan. what a historic church to be in for this holiday, you can see behind me that the sanctuary is set up, for the next service. but this video thaw are looking at is from the sunrise services which started at 6:30 it wrapped up about a half an hour ago. congregation members, many dressed in white saying that they prayed, they also took communion, we just spoke with reverend mark tyler who explained the significance of worshiping inside this historic church, founded in
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1816, he also explained how meaningful this holiday is to chris tans. >> easter sunday means to me second chances, i mean really people kind of get a different impression because we see you at pastor mother belt he will but i would not be here if not for second chances. so for me i'm just grateful. that is what the spirit of easter is that nothing is impossible. everybody can come back from something, even death. >> reporter: another live look here, at this beautiful sanctuary, this historic sanctuary here at sixth and lombard, easter services will continue here at mother bethel a.m.e church at 9:30 this morning, that is next service and we will be also here for that but for now we are live from society hill, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> beautiful church and service. pope francis has encouraged faithful to keep faith and joy in their hearts despite tragedies in the world he celebrated easter sunday
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mass on flower of the deck steps outside, st. peters basilica in vatican city. tens of thousands office faithful joined him for his blessing despite having security. in his easter message he told the crowd when people are mastered by sin they stray like lost sheep, pope add that had god comes in search of those lost sheep. archbishop charles chaput celebrated a easter vigil mass last night at cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul in philadelphia the mass involved the services of light , liturgy of the word, liturgy of baptist many and liturgy of eucharist. many people preparing to enter the church we came full members on the night before easter, they are holding five more masses later on today. priests blessed easter food baskets at ukraine catholic cathedral of the immaculate conception in northern liberties. there were prayers, traditional ukraine singing during this special service.
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father roman peteillo will deliver a message of peace and joy during services today. in other news, rowan university police officer is recovering after a car hit him on the university's campus. police say he pulled over a vehicle on, route 322 last night when another vehicle hit him, and the car stopped at this scene. the officer's injuries fortunately are not life threatening. bruises and stitches to his face, and a broken facial bone , that he is now recovering from this morning. breaking news now from philadelphia's kensington neighborhood, a woman shot overnight, has died, and the 24 year-old woman was shot in the chest at f street and hilton just before 1:30 this morning. she was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. police have not released details on a possible suspect or says that what may have motivated this shooting. new this morning, police are investigating a overnight shoot being at b complex nightclub in philadelphia, police were called out to that club on north delaware avenue right around 2:30 this morning now we're told victim's leg
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was grazed by a bullet. officers took care of the victim and treated them for minor injuries, police are searching for a gunman, and a motive this morning. meantime police are also investigating a shooting in fair hill that put three then mountain hospital that gunfire erupted at hope and cambria streets around 9:00 last night a 28 year-old man was shot twice, another 28 year-old man was shot five times, both are now in critical condition this morning, and a 24 year-old man is in stable condition. he was shot in the stomach, so far, no arrests. in the cities mantua section now a carries shot up, and shell casings littered the ground there. this was all found in the 3800 block of mount vernon street. we are told calls came in around midnight but when police arrived at that scene no one was in or around that car. investigators are looking for a suspect, anyone with any information is asked to call the philadelphia police department. well, it started out as a police round up of illegal dirt bikes abe atv's in philadelphia it continued with a police chase that ended in a
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hit and run. now a six year-old little girl and her grandmother are both in the hospital. police tell us a person of interest is in custody. "eyewitness news" report's leash a nieves brings us up to dayton this investigation. >> reporter: police pursuit of the dirt bike driving illegally in the street, ended up with a six year-old girl and her grandmother getting caught in the cross hairs. >> and they came out and getting ready to cross the street when that happened. >> reporter: dirt bike being chased out of philadelphia at some point crossed in to upper darby and barreled down the busy 69th street. it was passing cars, by ride ago long the double yellow line in the middle of the road near a pedestrian crossing the dirt bike slammed into the child, and they are grandmother. >> they went flying in the air and then he flew off the bike. >> reporter: dirt bike driver unphased left a six year-old girl and her grandmother in the middle of the street and continued to try to evade authorities. >> the operator of this motor
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vehicle gets off of it, with a knife, pulls a knife out and carjacks a vehicle. >> reporter: that stolen vehicle was eventually abandoned a few blocks away and driver managed to flee again. >> fortunately for us i think a lot of people are coming forward to say what they saw. hopefully we will get the perpetrator that was heart broken. because that could have been anybody, that could have been my family. people on these dirt bikes they really don't care about protection or anything like that, they just speed down the street. >> reporter: now upper darby police say they do have a person in custody but they are just questioning. he was found in the wooded area not too far from where the stolen car was abandoned but so far no charges about than filed against him as for that six year-old and her grandmother the of year-old is listed as being in very serious condition, the grandmother in stable condition. in upper darby, alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". so fail police why trying to stop that dirt bike as part of the larger round up of atv 's here's a lot some of the
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vehicles police seized, we're told officers took, 30, atv's off the street and made three felony arrests. new this morning thousands are left in the dark from a power outage from philadelphia 's fishtown and northern liberties section of philadelphia peco has crews out there, working to completely restore the power, in that area, and the lights went out just before midnight, where we're told the outage shut off lights for at lee 10,000 customers in that entire area officials are still trying to figure out what caused the blackout. vice-president mike pence has arrived in south korea to start a 10 day trip to ash. his visit, comes amid turmoil over north korea's threats to advance its nuclear and defense capabilities. this weekend north korea showed off its military might, hearst later it laid a missle launch that was unsuccessful. penitentiary gone says missle blew up almost immediately. there is no word on what kind of miss that was. protesters gathered in
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philadelphia and all across america, calling on president trum top release his income tax returns. dozens marched down market street, they also held a rally at city hall, now demonstration coincided with the traditional deadline for filing income taxes, this year , however, deadline is on tuesday because april 15th felon a saturday, and is there a holiday inn washington d.c. tomorrow. protesters say the president owes the country the highest level of transparency. chicago hosted a similar rally as well, the president says that he cannot release his income tax returns because he is under irs audit. he was first presidential nominee of the major party in more than 40 years to not release his tax returns. civil rights activist reverend jesse jackson said he wants full disclose another. >> if taxation without representation is tyranny, then representation without taxation is awe authoritarian
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we deserve democracy. we have guided missiles, and miss guided leadership, we deserve better. >> the protests, turned violent in california, police in riot gear arrested 15 people on the uc berkley campus, after a brawl broke out between supporters and opponents of the president trump. police used tear gas to disperse that crowd. well, is there still so much more to come here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this sunday morning, fire grows to six alarms in a new jersey apartment building, staggering number of people burned out of their homes and what fire fighters are now worried about local fire fighters, practiced their skills for a second count, and sounded alarm for more volunteers, justin. goodies ter sunday, we are waking up muggy, already off to the races we're talking about july temperatures. will we set new record? i'll let
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arc say ace peeling a federal judge's decision to block the execution of eight inmates before the end of this month. governor asa hutchinson scheduled the executions before the state's supply of one of lethal injection drugs expires in two weeks. inmates filed legal challenges to the timetable in the state 's use of midazolamb which has been used in botched executionness other states. investigators are trying to pinpoint exactly what caused a six alarm fire that left 200 people home less in passaic, new jersey. fire started yesterday afternoon and quickly, spread smoke and flames throughout that apartment building. the chief says that the fire appears to have started on the fifth floor. well, throughout the day there have been multiple collapses on that floor so now they are worried the whole building will collapse no one was seriously hurt and for now residents are being sheltered at a nearby high school. volunteer fire fighters in delaware county are training to keep you safe and they hope
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many more people will join their ranks. reliance hook and ladder company hosted a burn practice drill in chester, west chester , fire fighters used a hose, ladder and other skills to put out a fire. delaware county fireman's association is sounding the alarm about the shortage of volunteers this was part of the county wide effort to buy their ranks. check this out eagles quarterback carson wentz has a problem and he is hoping to help solve it. wentz posted this picture on twitter that got, that he got in the mail from a young fan, and only problem is, wentz dog chewed up the envelope that it was delivered in so he doesn't know the boy he wants to thank wentz, wants anyone who recognizing this boy to help him track him down so he can send him something special. i think we can help him do that. >> social media, it is huge, we track everything down. we're tracking this weather and i say if you like summer you were eyeing this day out; mid 80's, warmest day of the season.
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warmest day since october. >> wow. >> it that is time of the year we will get hot days and little muggy too it does feel like summer out here. more like july this afternoon. lets look at the past six years of easter sunday. temperatures are all over the place, warmest one was back in 2011 where we had eye high of 84. we were stuck in the 50's in 2013. little bit overdue here for a warm day. we will top off at 85. this could the warmest day out of the pack, that we're dealing with here. here are record, don't think we will get this hot but it is hot but we can see we can get 90's. wilmington. record high 92 degrees. ninety-one in trenton. even close to 90 the atlantic city airport. well to the 80's today, maybe 5 degrees or so shy of that record high them tour. fifty's in allentown. we have cooler air still kind of stuck in the valley there at 61 in mount pocono. once we get elevation in the warmer air. sixty-six in millville. a lot of humidity around.
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feel the big difference. warm era cross the ohio valley , upper great lakes, zero seven in cleveland. sixty in chicago. minneapolis is on hold, it will arrive, it looks like later monday night through tuesday where we knock temperatures back down to near average which is mid 60's. then check it out not a whole lot on radar right now we have had warm front, couple spotty light sprinkles or showers up in the poconos this morning. those are going to clear out. bulk of the rain well to the west but cold front but by the time front gets here we will lose moisture but still later tonight especially after sunset there could be shower or storm in spots especially north and west. here we are warm air pumped up east coast in new england. boston will get in the 80- degree days today as warm front well to the north, cold front will come through tonight, even though front passes tomorrow, we will be cooler but still above average this time of the year. we have highs tomorrow at 10 degrees cooler which is still warm in the mid 70's.
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we are warm, muggy, tomorrow still mild but pleasant. if you don't like humidity you'll enjoy tomorrow for sure hopefully you have the day off , take advantage of the nice weather. through the afternoon sunshine , mixture of sun and cloud more showers and thunderstorms do pop up later tonight for evening hours especially north and west, northern bucks, montgomery county, lehigh valley, poconos best chance to see wet weather maybe a shower or two coming through overnight. jersey shore mainly dry as well as delaware. tomorrow morning we will wake up with left over cloud as front moving on through but increasing sunshine throughout the day. here's the forecast high today well in the 80's. check it out mid 80's philadelphia, trenton, wilmington even at the shore in the 70's. zero seven's as well in the poconos. let's break it down here. lower 80's. i think we will get in the mid 80's in the lehigh valley. same deal philadelphia, surrounding suburbs. chester count any problem reaching mid 80's as well as central and northern delaware. then just right along delaware bay and coastline where we will find our cool spots.
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eighty-five for the high today 20 degrees above average. 63 degrees tonight. showers and storm chance north and west. tomorrow 74 and some sun. sixty's return tuesday and wednesday, best chance of some showers this week will be thursday and friday. jan, back to you. it is now 8:19. time to check road. lets go to amanda muhler in the cbs-3 traffic center, hi there, a manned. we are taking a live lot the vine approaching i-95 both looking good as well as other won as well, traffic running smoothly on 76, 202 and turnpike. taking a lot speed throughout our area, everything is running pretty much as expected. be ready for a slow down on the schuylkill as folks begin their easter sunday. nothing out of the ordinary that you wouldn't expect with higher volume. here's the turnpike at route 100 despite heavier travel time this morning it is looking good mass transit also on time, in the cbs-3 traffic center i'm amanda muhler new back to you. on the cbs-3 healthwatch now a new f.d.a. treatment is
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giving people with the common ear problem that causes hearing loss some hope. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on this first of its kind treatment, giving some people the ability to hear clearly for the first time in years. >> okay very good, switch tour right ear now. >> reporter: denise ashton is hoping to finally pass a hearing test following a procedure to fix her chronic ear trouble. >> would you come up and say something into that ear which people frequently tend to do it is all garbled. >> reporter: ocean county nurseries eventually retired and excited about traveling, spending time with her family but the istation tube dysfunction in her right another was a common nuisance. >> pretty common. >> reporter: doctor david rosen of jefferson hospital say ustation tube problems are usually associated with children but they can be difficult for adults too tubes help the ear drain fluid and regulate air fresh, cold and allergy are among issues that can cause dysfunction. >> it can lead to pain, chronic ear infections, and difficulty with hearing.
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>> reporter: traditional treatments include medications , and tubes inserted into the ear drum but there can be problems with both. new a new solution. >> thinks balloon. >> reporter: die lacing bloom called era made by johnson and johnson while the patient is under general anesthesia a catheter is threaded to the u station tube where bat loonies inflated and then, after two minutes, deflated and then removed. >> it is, off shoot of the old sinus balloon that uses pressure to stretch things. >> reporter: denise says outpatient surgery was easy and weeks after the healing is going well but her hearing still isn't completely back, just yet. >> i think it is wonderful. i'm hopeful that i will see a difference. >> reporter: it could take some more time for her hearing to be fully restored. after the balloon procedure research has shown that the u station tubes stayed open, and the treatment is covered by insurance. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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and stay with us, right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" coming up a preview of this sunday morning.
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my grandparents house. i always needed to perform, some way, somehow you needed it. >> i needed it. i became an alter boy to be on the stage. >> how funny is that? also on sunday morning destination rome, we will visit st. peters, explore richest of the vatican museum and even sometime with pope francis. that thinks sunday morning coming up at 9:00 right here on cbs-3. coming up in our next half an her on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this unforgettable video of the man dragged off a united flight forced airlines to make changes to over booking policies find out what they are doing differently now and a out of this world view, pictures from nasa, that will be worth a second look. and down to earth view now of center city philadelphia where easter will feel like summer, justin's eyewitness weather forecast is coming up this sunday
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today is sunday april 16th , good morning, everyone i'm jan carabao, happy easter. meteorologist justin drabick live on the sky deck this morning with eyewitness weather, feeling great already , justin. >> feeling great, if you like summertime weather we're loving easter sunday forecast in the sunshine, little touch of humidity to get you in the mood for that summertime feel. we're on our way up in the 80 's getting close to record but i don't think we will see new record because record high is 90. present it hot. eighty's not uncommon. big difference compared to this time yesterday compared from nine to 23 degrees warmer that warm air mass continues to build in, compliments of
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the wind out of the southwest this time of the year, it is all about sky cover, wind direction, we have sunshine and warm breeze coming over the land, right at at the coast, cooler there but inland spots in the 80's. fifty-five still in allentown. sixty-three at the airport. mid to upper 60's, by interior south jersey and central delaware. suburbs feeling warm already as well, 64 in quakertown. sixty-five in palmyra, new jersey. storm scan three not showing a whole lot right now, sprinkles , poconos, majority of the easter sunday stays dry don't cancel outdoor plans, later tonight, scattered showers or thunderstorm in spots, north and west of the city. here is your easter forecast 9:00 o'clock temperatures already around 70 degrees, mid 80's this afternoon. little bit on the breezy side though. in the quite record territory. forecast high 84. record is 90. that was setback in 2002 but all across the region it is
8:31 am
warm mid 80's in philadelphia, upper 70's at the shore, mid 70's in the poconos. if you like it cooler, near average wait a couple more days, we will bring temperatures back down. also timing out rain. we will talk about that in a few more minutes, jan, back to you. well, believers say it is one of the most important days on the christian calendar we're talking about easter sunday. celebrations are now underway in churches throughout the philadelphia region. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live in society hill, good morning, anita. >> reporter: good morning, jan and happy easter. it is a beautiful day but beautiful inside this historic sanctuary at mother bethel ame church. you can see gorgeous stained glass windows and sanctuary, is quiet ahead of the next service which begins in about an hour. we are taking a lot video from the sunrise service which started at 6:30 this morning. congregation members many dressed in white saying prayed , and took communion we
8:32 am
have just spoke with reverend mark tyler which believes this is most significant, important holidays but he says his message this easter is not just for christian believers. >> well, listen right now the world really need peace from christians for jews, muslim, hindus and for everyone right now and would i hope that you know as we are's witnesses the ramping up of military tension from his one side of the world to the other that people of faith can come together in moments lake this and deliver a different message. >> reporter: reverend tyler is preaching peace, this morning, and another wide look at the beautiful sanctuary at mother bethel ame and i wish choir was still practicing here because they are still full of life and joy but if you missed this sunrise service, next service begins here at 9:30 at mother bethel ame at sixth and lombard street. live from society hill, live,
8:33 am
back to you. they sounded fantastic earlier this morning, thank you. mother bethel, isn't the only church in philadelphia that will be flooded with people today, not at all. we are looking live at ben franklin parkway, folks from all over the area will be piling into the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul throughout the day. masses held at center city church kick off a half an hour ago at 8:00, another service will begin at 9:30 and yet another at 11:00 this morning as well as 12:30 this afternoon there will be a 2:00 n spanish. it is consider the holiest day on the christian calendar. a philadelphia easter tradition returns, easter promenade, thousands of people parade down south street and second street. video from last years event, easter bunny of course will be here and so will the philadelphia freedom band and the world's tallest bunny. philadelphia's mayor you see there jim kenney will be there too after the parade people were, and pets were walking
8:34 am
across the stage for a chance to be named the best dressed. it is happening at 12:30 this afternoon near corner of south street and passyunk. in other news this morning , tensions continue to rise between north korea and u.s. north korea attempted to launch a missle only to have the effort back tire. wendy gilette has more from new york. >> reporter: north korea showed off its military might at a parade celebrating 105th birthday of founding ruler on saturday but country was less successful when it made good on a vow to test a missle. u.s. military confirmed unidentified missle launched sunday morning local time on the east coast of the country blew up almost immediately. at the parade north koreans showed off for first time an interest continental ballistic missiles, unsuccessful lawn dutch not involve that type of missle. vice-president pence is visiting the region this weekend. president trump is spending easter weekend ate his mar-a-lago estate where he was
8:35 am
briefed on the launch. protesters and supporters of the president, squared off in berkley, california on saturday. on is what usually tax day april 15th, demonstrators demand that had president trump release his tax returns. trump supporter john beaver says he was attacked. >> they want to hit me with brass knuckles on the blind side. we are here for free speech. they don't want. that they want confrontation. >> reporter: american flags were set on fire and more than a dozen people were arrested. more peaceful protest where is held in dozens of cities across the country including in washington, orlando and new york where 10s of thousands took part. protesters here in new york city marched to trump tower shutting down parts of the midtown manhattan for trump. >> i want donald trum top release his taxes. >> reporter: what do you think they will reveal. >> maybe some ties with russia >> reporter: protest targeted president's repeated trips to florida. wendy gilette, for cbs news, new york.
8:36 am
police in newark are looking for a man wanted for several groping incidents on the university of delaware's campus. the attacks happened in the 90 minute span on friday night. police say man grabbed two female students and touched them, two others called police when they noticed the man was following them. suspect is described as a hispanic or white man in his 20's, 5-foot seven with a beard. well, septa's police chief is not backing down after vandals tagged two transit agencies, overnight friday into saturday. septa says the cars were parked at district, seven headquarters at broad and glenwood street when it happened, chief thomas nestel said i'm told graffiti is cry for attention. it work. somebody will be getting my un divided attention. united airlines is making changes to its over booking policies following the violent removal of a passenger that went viral. airline now says it will now require a staff and crew to check in at lee 60 minutes before a flight, and it is
8:37 am
legal to bump a ticket holder, ticket holding customer off a flight but typically not burns they have already boarded. doctor david doa was caught on camera as police dragged him off the united flight as he refused to give up his seat for any united employee, doa's family plans to file a lawsuit against the airline. well, tax filing deadline is this tuesday, thanks too much 15th, falling on a saturday. a holiday in washington d.c., tomorrow. irs says it is already processing over 100 million individual returns and issued $229 billion in tax refund. agency says 40 million people have yet to file. well, check this out nasa scientists released new global maps of earth at night and results are absolutely breathtaking. nast says this new view is most clear composite view of the patterns of the human settle amount cross our planet this is first time an image like this has been released to the public since 2012.
8:38 am
very cool. is there still so much more to come right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this sunday morning, coming up next we will check with face the nation's john dickerson with a look at today's
8:39 am
8:40 am
live with washington chief washington correspondent john dickerson. john, good morning. >> good morning, jan, on this holiday weekend we will start with north korea report from inside north korea, only won to have a correspondent there in the wake of that missle test that misfired, and also yesterday a parade of military weaponry, and north korean leader flexing his muscle and u.s. is doing the same. so where do things stand in the escalating tension, the two countries are head forgo a face off? what does it mean? sit just international bluster or are there some things that
8:41 am
beam should be thinking about here in the coming possible confrontation. we have a conversation with david mccull, historian and pulitzer prize winner we will talk to him about a american character what sit, still enduring and what does he make about a current moment in history. we will have a conversation with a new book called the gate keepers about the position of the white house chief of staff, a crucial job that is influential in some turning points in history and we will have him joining us to actual white house chiefs of staff, dennis mcdonough from the obama years and ken dubber stein who served with president reagan. we will also have a panel to discuss religion with a variety of writers and about religion in american life and, so we have a busy broadcast. >> always interesting topics, and thank you so much, john, we will check back with you. still to come this morning mother nature celebrates easter with sunshine and warmth, justin drabick tells us how warm it will get and
8:42 am
story of a fight for our freedom, our most revealing look yet at the museum of the american revolution, we will be right back.
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happy easter hopefully you are enjoying your day so far. we're off to the race as far as temperatures go. if you like it feeling like summer you're loving this afternoon with temperatures running 20 degrees above average getting well in the 80 's. already, so much warmer weather watchers checking in with temperatures in the 60's, at this hour so let's break it down, backyard, jenny janssen in cherry hill at 68 degrees already. phil in philadelphia 65. mid 60's barbara lane's house, peter in lawrenceville, new jersey also in the lower 60's. michael riley in sanatoga reaching that 60-degree mark. fran in nottingham chester county, upper 60's. little bit of sunshine makes a big difference.
8:45 am
cherry hill, clementon, new jersey coming in at 65 degrees beautiful shot outside, touch of humidity out there that may slow you down a little bit but spending a long time outside, but live look at spring garden we will see sunshine, light traffic at this hour, will pick up later on tonight as everybody is traveling around, friend, family house on this easter sunday. so lets go ahead and check things out with what is happening, our planner again, like i said high temperature in the mid 80's. upper 70's at the shore. mid 70's in the poconos and put my show in play. computer problems on this easter sunday, it is that. here we go, walking over, the computer now we will get back, fire up the camera again. let's start this over again. here's why we have seen this warm. 20 degrees above average for afternoon high temperature as this surge of warmth comes in from the deep south. as long as that jets to the
8:46 am
north of us we will stay in that warm flow. that will shift later this week. couple spotty showers coming at us, later on this afternoon , into the evening hours, maybe a few sprinkles this morning but bulk of the rain still to the west. strong cold front in the ohio valley. as it approaches us we could get couple thunderstorms in here later on tonight after sunset mainly north and west of the city. kind of will break down rain chances. tonight scattered storms north and west, better chances on thursday and friday. these are weak systems not at all, wash out trying to fertilize their lawn, throw it down before this and then we will get that natural, watering there. not a big rain event. we will take it. we culled use a little bit more moisture heading in the warm season. warm front well to the north of to us day, cold front to the west, warm sector, as that sunshine, no problems reaching the 80's. front moves through region machine morning, we will clear skies out tomorrow, this pushes out humidity.
8:47 am
turns out to be a nice day on monday take advantage if you have the day off get outside and enjoy it. high pressure shifts to new england on tuesday. flow around high pressure is clockwise so new we will get more easterly win, tuesday and wednesday, this will knock temperatures back down to average which are in the mid 60's but today far from it. mid 80's for big cities here in philadelphia, wilmington, i think we will hit 80's at some point in the lehigh valley before cloud roll in and then by tomorrow morning we're in the 60's, still a mild start to our monday but notice humidity levels continue to drop in the morning hours. highs on monday still getting in the 70's specially from the city on south in, to interior south jersey and delaware. still running above average, with this cold front moving through on monday. today breezy, warm 85 with a mixture of sunshine and cloud. for tonight mostly cloudy with the chance for scattered shower or storm. not everybody sees it. still mug which a high of 63. extended forecast, 74 for the
8:48 am
high on monday, tuesday and wednesday close to average in the 60's and best chance for some showers in here will be on thursday and friday, still milder back in the 70's by end of the week, jan, back to you. it is now 8:48. time to check the road. lets go to amanda muhler at cbs-3 traffic center, hi there , amanda. >> we are taking a live look at i-95 south at academy road. no heavy volume here, majors still looking good as well as mass transit and bridges. if you live or work near art museum you know this but this past week we saw fair amount of tie ups due to the nfl draft. this week we will see phase two, right now two lanes of the eakins oval are closed as well as left lane of the parkway and satibon lanes of kelly drive. westbound spring garden also closed. for more on this and visit our web site at cbs here's ben franklin bridge, beautiful view to start your easter sunday off here, all roadways clear in and out of the city.
8:49 am
in the traffic center i'm amanda muhler new back to you. >> we have been there since the beginning secrets are coming to life at museum of the american revolution right here in philadelphia before it opens to the public, our ukee washington got a special look at the in the pennsylvania. and, under sheets and underground, rare artifact, overflowing, boxes, destined to be the new exhibit in historic philadelphia. all part of the museum of american revolution. tack philadelphia. >> the american capitol. >> today all of these pieces finally came together. >> it created, an independent you had, it is foundation of all of the ideal that is hold us together and the people. >> reporter: an american fight for freedom. >> we tell abroad narrative story of the you had.
8:50 am
>> reporter: boston liberty tree seems to grow from the floor as they learn about the stirrings of revolt. >> when we come inside the museum we have over 30,000 square feet of theaters, and core exhibitions that take you on a journey. >> reporter: these are times that try men's souls, thomas payne wrote the word that describe the dark hearst of the revolutionary war. >> ♪ >> reporter: world class weapons are displayed and panoramic battle field theater bring patrons to the front lines. learn about the role of native americans, journey west and how enslaved african americans for the for a freedom that they wouldn't have until decade later. >> of course, we will learn about thomas jefferson, george washington, abigail adams, washington crossing the delaware, declaration of independent but they will learn about people you may in the have heard about. >> reporter: ukee washington for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". they have work so hard great to see it coming to life
8:51 am
now. museum opens up to the public on wednesday april 19th , 242 years, to the day, and start of the war, to learn more about the museum head over to cbs, we will show you where to get your tickets today. "eyewitness news" wi
8:52 am
8:53 am
eastern european favorite food for easter, we're talking about pierogies and in this morning's taste with tori vittoria woodill learns how to make the pillows of potatoes just how one ukraine grandmother did years ago. if peter cotton tail was on the trail for best pierogies he would follow the eggs to... the pierogi kitchen in roxborough, owner marie has been hand pinching pierogies since she was a little girl. >> it started with me and my grandmother actually. she taught me when i was
8:54 am
little thousand make them. we made them all the time. my grandmother named it right before she died. yeah, yeah. so, yeah, tradition lives on through me. >> reporter: pierogies are known as traditional poor man 's food because of the simple ingredient of wheat, water and potato but process for the dough is anything but, taking almost a day to make. the dough is then rolled thin and then cut into round. ready to be filled with some cheese stake filling, but we're going to taste a traditional filling of potato and sour krout. >> we will pinch it all way around, and it will be right here. pinch it just like this. >> okay. >> nice little ripple. >> this is pretty nice. >> yes. >> i love that. >> what do you think your grand mom would say about my pierogi making. >> i think she would say were you doing well. >> really. >> yes. >> thanks. >> okay.
8:55 am
>> speaking of marie can pinch a pierogi in seven seconds. >> ready, set, go. >> one, two, three, four, five , six, seven. >> wow. >> although i cannot opinion that much quick i can sure finish my plate, doused in brown bother and carmelized onion it was time to taste a little cheese stake. >> it tastes like it came right from the family. >> yes. >> you know what i mean. south krout pierogi. >> i love it and classic potato and cheddar. >> so nice, pillows of heaven, with it. >> happy easter. >> thanks so much. >> i'll keep eating. >> vittoria woodill for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". do i like myself a good pierogi now and then. >> i necessity all about pierogies, drabick is ukrainian, so, best pierogi
8:56 am
making. >> do you know how. >> i leave that to the pros secret recipes i don't want to mess with that, good stuff. >> good to pass down, when i was in upstate new york i always covered the ukrainian church right around this time of the year dones of women in church pinching pierogies. it was a big thing. >> good stuff, perfect for the holiday. >> perfect weather today. >> perfect weather, outdoor plans, not bad at all, if you are traveling, it looks good. eighty-five for the high temperature for philadelphia and mixed with sun and cloud. at the shore upper 70's and then poconos, 75 degrees. chance for a shower late in the afternoon there but tonight we could run risk for scattered shower or storm with the cold front that could move through. tomorrow with the front passing by it is still mild, mid 70's, humidity just dropped a bit and back to average in the mid 60's and lower 60's tuesday and wednesday, more shower chances return on thursday, not a big deal just have the umbrella around and just handy, p-3 for
8:57 am
the high temperature but something for everything in that forecast, and then we will get back to typical april stuff. >> 85 degrees. reminus is what the record for today. >> ninety. >> not getting that. >> but 85 degrees, feeling like july, you are right, it felt humid, i felt moisture on the car out there. >> we are not used to it. take it easy a little states of summer, i like it. >> thanks, justin, that is it for "eyewitness news" for now we may be signing off on tv but we are always on line at cbs, sunday morning is next, have a great day, and a happy easter. blank so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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