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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  April 19, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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breaking news right now flames erupting overnight in south jersey we're live in pennsauken as crews try to get this blaze under control. road closures have just kicked in ahead of the nfl draft, road you won't be able to use to get to work this morning and alternate routes to use instead. new video this morning shows so-called facebook killer leaving pennsylvania state police on a chase in erie, moments before he shot himself. we will tell you what is next in the inn investigation. it is wednesday april 19th good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. plus a line side a new museum which opens later today but first forecast with katie and road with meisha. >> good morning, here we are wednesday, it is hump day. >> yes, over the hump. >> that is right. looking outside like rahel pointed out a lot of closures due to the nfl draft.
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road restrictionness place. it will slow us down even more >> calm, collected, no problems, couple cloud beginning to work their way in but overall still pretty clear outside and chillier. you know, temperatures are generally speaking in the mid 40's or cracking about 50 at best right now. but at least it is quiet. we don't have too much breeze to contend without there, either. it is a jacket kind of the morning for sure. one quick zoom on storm scan three will show you already some, form of the light showers, across the alleghen ies, aplasia ans and that will work its way toward us. it will not be widespread, some of you may have a spotty showers, more than anything, it is a day that features, transition with the cloud cover. we will start off with some sun, followed up by some cloud and you are generally in the mid to lower 40's depending on location but a cool start to the day, no less. as the day progresses i expect we will hit low to mid 60's but it does get more dreary.
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yesterday was a gem of the day , meisha, today more cloud cover but overall, i think we're okay. >> overall, great, katie, thanks very much. right now, we have video of ml k drive construction, 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. it was closed at 9:00 p.m. through 5:00 a.m. today and same story tonight at well. northbound closed at art museum. southbound closed at sweet briar drive. then this video from the nfl draft, phase two started at midnight, ben franklin parkway between eakins oval and 20th street. these inner lanes will be closed until may second. we will talk about that in the text 10 minutes, jim, over to you. more on breaking news house fire burning out of control in camden county. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live at the scene in pennsauken where crews are working to contain the blaze. tran do, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. i will take you to the fire chief joe polumbo who will update us on the situation here. thanks for joining us, joe. tell us what is going on here.
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>> about 2:38, this morning, we were alerted to a residential fire, in the unit block of suburban avenue. large framed dwelling built turn of the century 1900s, divided in to four living units and we had fire showing on the first floor rear of the dwelling. we put all co in service and shortly after we were operating we developed, a hydrant, behind us here on ferguson avenue and that caused to us change our operation, and then in the process of doing that we had two fire fighters that caught themselves in a bad way on the second floor and had to exit through windows of the second floor of the home. >> reporter: one of those fire fighters were transported. >> one of the fire fighters was transported to the hospital with ankle injury and he will be fine. >> reporter: others other kay. >> they were evaluated on the scene and they are still operating. >> reporter: massive response here. what is making this so challenging. >> nature of the construction,
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the limited water supply we have in this area, and it is an access, it is a very narrow street, due to the fire conditions, we had some members coming off the dwelling, and, igniting some hesitation, and adjacent to right away from new jersey transit. so, all of those things presented with us some difficulty advertise but we over came all of them. >> reporter: anybody home. >> two families were home, divided in four living units and they are being tended to by red cross. >> reporter: no injuries there >> in injuries to civilians, though. >> reporter: thank you so much this massive response here. you can still see behind me fire fighters still working on this fire, just a lot to get through but as the chief mentioned no one inside of the home, hurt, just one fire fighter injury but he is expected to be okay. just an ankle injury. for now back to you in the studio. >> okay, still looks like a lot of work for fire fighters, frank do we will check with you later in the show. also new gunfire in philadelphia's olney section send a man to the hospital
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this happened on the 5900 block of north seventh street right by fisher park. officials tell us that the 27 year-old victim was back in the back, shoulder. police rushed him to the hospital where he is in stable condition, so far in arrests have been made. woman is in the hospital this morning after she was struck by a police cruiser in philadelphia accident happened yesterday afternoon, a small park on the 3,000 block of f street in kensington. police say an officer investigating another incident backed up his cruiser striking the woman. >> a female was behind the vehicle and police vehicle struck that female. >> cell phone video shows two officers moving the seemingly unconscious woman to their cruiser as they rushed her to the hospital. it is unclear if the victim had been standing or sitting at the time she was hit. massive two alarm fire rips through a vacant warehouse in chester delaware county. chopper three over that scene on the 700 block of west third street just before 9:00 last night. fire fighters were on that scene for hours before they were able to income down those flames. fortunately no one was injured
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no official word on what sparked that blaze. a busy night for fire fighters in delaware county as well this two alarm blaze destroyed a home on ridge road and hughes avenue in lower chichester. chopper three was over that smokey scene just before 9:00 as officials tell us that the home was vacant and no one was injured. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. jurors are scheduled to hear closing arguments today in the trial of the eric find, who stand accuse in the murder of the pennsylvania state police corporal. prosecutors say frein killed corporal brian dickson and critically injured trooper alex douglass in the ambush at a state police barracks in the poconos in 2014. frein led police on a 48 day manhunt, after the shooting, and if quick, frein could face the death penalty. an autopsy is set to be performed today on steve stephens, so-called facebook killer. police say stephens took his own life after a brief police chase in erie, pennsylvania authorities now crediting a quick thinking mcdonald's employee who recognized stephens at the drive through.
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they say stephens ordered a 20 piece chicken nuggets and fries. an employee called 911, others tried to stall him by making him wait for his frenchfries. >> it looked like he was nerv ed up, agitated a didn't want to wait, he said he had to go. >> everybody said, they don't want a shoot-out. he killed himself right in that car. >> reporter: stephens had been on the run since sunday when he shot and killed an elderly man in cleveland and posted video of the crime on facebook back here at home montgomery county woman is accused of attacking a man. police in lansdale are trying to track her down. this is suspect lar a ashley mount, lansdale police believe delaware county woman may be hide be in drexel hill. authorities say crime happened in january when man in his to 's searched for a companion on craigs list. >> there is no information in our investigation that lead us to believe that this is anything more an lonely individual seeking companionship, and he was taken advantage of. >> and, the suspect agreed to
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meet at the man's home but victim says mountz showed up with two other people. he said trio tried to rob and kidnap him before he got away. police say they have been in contact with mountz but she isn't cooperating despite being given multiple opportunities to surrender. remember the armada president trump said was sending toward north korea it appears the aircraft carrier went in another direction, u.s.s. karl vinson sailed south, about 3500 miles away to the indian ocean. senior administration official says there was a miscommunication between the pentagon and white house over the ship's movements. ship is reportedly heading to the western pacific. vice-president mike pence continued his tour of asia today visiting aircraft carrier u.s.s. ronald reagan which is stationed in japan. speaking to service members the vice-president reenforced u.s. commitment to protecting its allies from north korea which pence called the most dangerous threat to the region >> the full range of the united states military capabilities is dedicated to the protection of japan.
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japan you are our friend. you are our alley. on that foundation we will face the future, together. >> the vice-president will head to indonesia after his stop in japan. george hw bush is recovering at a houston hospital after battling another bought of pneumonia, the nine two-year old former president has been at houston methodist hospital since friday, doctors diagnosed him with a mild case of pneumonia which has been since treated. spokesmen says he is being kept until he regains his strength. in january bush spent 16 days in the hospital for treatment of pneumonia. out west anger and sadness in fresno, kalas city mourns death of three people shot at random and what authorities are calling a hate crime. >> ♪ >> reporter: many gathered to honor those killed in yesterday's shooting rampage, authorities say suspect 39 year-old corry ale mohammad posted his dislike for white
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people on social media before gunning down three white men yesterday, and he shouted god in great in arab, when he was arrested. >> we do in the believe based on the information we have today that this is a terrorist -related crime. based on the information that we have been provided in our investigation, and it has shown, it is that this is solely based on race. >> are. >> mohammad is charged were four counts of murder after police linked him to the shooting last week that left a security guard at a hotel, dead. happening today the new museum of the american revolution opens up in olde city philadelphia. museum opens up on the 200 forty-second anniversary of the shot heard around the world that started the revolutionary war. former vice-president joe biden will deliver a keynote address, we will get an up close look at the new museum in the city with our jan carabao live in our next hour. a special election that has national implications. >> now surprise results in georgia and why the congressional race is widely
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at least three protesters are under arrest after a demonstration turned vial mental bam a large groups gathered for and begins speech by white supremacist richard spencerment a federal judge did rule that spencer was allowed to speak on campus but that did not stop protesters from carrying signs and speaking out. a race to fill empty u.s. house seat is heading to the run off as a representative of the conservative. john ossoff will face karen hand until june. it has been held by a republican since 1978. democrats took advantage of the opposition to president
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trump and and led 17 other candidates, and polls leading up to the primary. tom price named secretary of health and human services this year. u.s. air force fighter jets cut off two russian bombers flying hundred miles off the coast. they were intercepted just before 6:00 monday night. authorities say that the american jets flew alongside the planes for a few minutes before the bombers retreated that their base in eastern russia. this is first time russia has flown war planes so close to the u.s. since mr. trump took office. time is 4:44. katie has another look at your forecast. >> you are track something rain apparently. >> i don't think it gets here today or at lee this morning. later today there may be a shower. i don't want to you worry about this. when you look at storm scan off to the southwest here it looks like it is filling out nicely with some showers, it looks like to me that is going to stay, for the most part off to our west, but, some of you are going to see a shower. cloud are going to be building with time here as well.
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looking at a wider zoom there is some energy well off to our canadian border, all signs of the system that will bring in our next round of showers. it is turning more unsettled with time here, but throughout the next couple of hours, we will see some sun, as it rises in the next 90 minutes or so but starts to get, skewed by more cloud cover throughout the day. by the time we hit lunch hour there will be some sun patch's crosses specially shore points but that cloud deck is moving from west to east and with time witt get in on a shower. this holds true later tonight we could get soaked by a quick round of some rain, showers moving on through here but this is sort of the theme lead nothing to thursday. we may get a few overnight showers and thunderstorm, generally dry throughout the day and then later again that night a few more speckles on the radar with showers and or storms. it is just generally unsettled , even by friday morning there is a fresh round moving in and that is a cold front that will clear this system out and also bring back some sun at least initially
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for upcoming weekend. here are area temperatures during low, mid to upper 40's and some spots are chilly. mount pocono still stand out like a sore thumb but dover is still cracking 50-degree mark. as it stand right now because of the additional included cover that we will see throughout the day temperature will get held back but this is typical. sixty-four for your daytime high, at the shore we are talking upper 50's and in the mountains, again very likely see a spotty shower but plenty of cloud working their way in as well. meisha. >> katie, thanks very much for that good morning to you. happy wednesday, so we are looking at construction this morning, northbound route one at oxford valley. you exit off oxford valley, reenter right now all lanes are block, it looks like it might hopefully be clearing out. it does as we push toward that 5:00 o'clock. more construction on i-95 north between 320 and blue route, you can see that left lane compromised more of an eye sore then anything else, no congestion levels to sustain slow downs but you
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might start to get a gaper delay if nothing else if your nape or tabs on their breaks. phase two of the nfl draft, road restrictions have started , it started at midnight and will hold out until may second, ben franklin parkway between eakins oval and 20th those inner lanes are closed. those will hold until may second, same as first, first phase of the road restrictions those are still out there and they will hold off out there. eakins oval southbound kelly drive westbound spring garden closed at pennsylvania avenue and bus route we have been talking about. take a look at those and also more construction mlk drive closed between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. it will be again tonight. northbound closed at art museum, southbound closed at sweet briar drive. jim, over to you. well, april is head, neck and oral cancer awareness month and folks at abington hospital are doing their part to help. specialist at abington jefferson health are offering free oral cancer screening is today, it is happening from 12:00 to 5:00 for patients over the age of 18. the physicians will talk about
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jill wag more joins us from the new york stock exchange. markets took a nose dive, is what behind that. >> reporter: good morning. earning season in full swing and there were high hopes for big, profit, this quarter, and they were pretty much dashed yesterday by weak results from johnson and johnson and also goldman sachs. johnson and johnson had its biggest one day loss in the year. ibm also reported its 20th consecutive quarterly revenue
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decline, as they try to transform its business. so, still a lot of work to do, jim and rahel. i know the other day we were talking about americans really being in love with big suv's but it turns out they are still interested in electric vehicles, i understand, as well. >> yes, lower gas prices haven't really put brakes on desire for electric powered vehicles, triple a survey found 15 percent of americans, say they are likely to buy an electric vehicle as their next car, that is about the same percentage who plan to buy a pickup truck instead. triple a ranks tesla model s, suv, as its top green car, for 2017. not totally surprised with that pick, jim and rahel. >> opposite end of the spectrum between pickup truck and electric cars. >> reporter: it is interesting, people still want bigger cars but they just don't want to necessarily spend the money on gas. >> understandable. >> got to move it somehow.
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>> thanks, jill. well, take a look at this, you might say it is a drink fit for a fairy tail, introducing star bucks uni corn frappuccino. starting to day people can get their hand on the new colorful drink that has mapel syrup, sweet pink, sour blue powder. get this, the drink taste fruity at first but it changes colors and it becomes tangy and tart but it has no caffeine that would be perfect for my 14 year-old brother who to star bucks none in stop but just for frappuccinos. >> that doesn't look april ties to go me whatsoever. >> it looks like cat on candy. >> yes, it does. >> yum. well to day's ran is a preview of is what to come. >> so katie how bad do you think this will be tomorrow. >> it is still going to be pretty scattered, guys. next couple of daises your call as to whether or not you need the umbrella coming up we will talk about the timing on the rain that is moving in and how the rest of your seven day is looki
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any wet weather that moves in the next couple of days for the most part will come through in a scattered fashion , and that does mean that the majority of the day, technically is expected to stay dry, that is today, tomorrow and even friday but there is activity to see here on storm scan three but still i don't expect any wash outs, status for any day anytime soon. that is some good news. we have a system moving through. for now any sun that we start off with will yield quickly to cloud cover. some may see most stray or spotty showers in the second half of the day, that is it. i think you can getaway without umbrella. high of 54, we will drop down to 54 degrees. spotty shower, in spots, in the in the meanwhile we will stay cloud and drop to a mild 54-degree low and continue this warm up. i would say head line is fact that we are backup to 80 degrees by friday but there will be a shower or thunderstorm coming tomorrow, generally early in the morning and then again that night,
4:56 am
friday right now looks like it is main lit in the morning and then cool down again for weekend. >> look at that swing, 64 to 58. >> i'm all over it. >> thanks, katie, so much for that. and a good morning to you, what are we looking at? construction 95 north between 320 and blue route. pulled off to the left lane, not slowing you down at all, too early to sustain any slow downs but you might have to tap on your brakes passing by. still very dark out there we have an accident in montgomery ville, head up route 309 bethlehem pike at stump road, and still dark, not slowing you down, but you know the drill at this point. construction mlk drive between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. northbound at art museum, southbound at sweet briar drive, jim, back to you. coming up next we are live inside brand new museum of american revolution which opens today. see some of the exhibits were anyone else. and it shocked the nation posted on facebook and now see tribute philadelphia police
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are sharing for robert godwin senior. and dispute over this playground head to the supreme court today we will tell you why we're back at the top of the
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we are live with what makes this fire particularly trick toy fight. officers rushed to the aid of the woman who was hit by a police car. see more video showing frantic efforts to help the victim. and chasing a killer new surveillance video shows pennsylvania state police following the so-called, facebook killer, yesterday morning. we will have more on the investigation and show you how philadelphia police are paying tribute, to the victim of sunday's shocking murder. today is wednesday, april 19th, good morning, i'm
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jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. so much news to get to but first lets check the road with the meisha and katie with the weather. good morning. >> lots of news in the world of travel as well, again, it is so creepy because weather isn't praying a factor but we have a lot going on. we will get to that in a second. >> things are very tranquil. we have a few cloud starting to build up for us and that is the theme. it is a transition as we see this next system moving in. we will talk much more than an isolated sure out there we will take you out, start things off in one of our far northern most counties, northampton where we are overlooking, main street in bethlehem here, where things are still generally clear outside. certainly calm, quiet out at the moment but cloud are going to be building with time. this is a spot that is probably most prone to see a shower today. i don't think you need the umbrella, certainly worth the mention. next to storm scan we will see cloud building to out there but no wet weather in sight just yet. at least not


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