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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 19, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. so much news to get to but first lets check the road with the meisha and katie with the weather. good morning. >> lots of news in the world of travel as well, again, it is so creepy because weather isn't praying a factor but we have a lot going on. we will get to that in a second. >> things are very tranquil. we have a few cloud starting to build up for us and that is the theme. it is a transition as we see this next system moving in. we will talk much more than an isolated sure out there we will take you out, start things off in one of our far northern most counties, northampton where we are overlooking, main street in bethlehem here, where things are still generally clear outside. certainly calm, quiet out at the moment but cloud are going to be building with time. this is a spot that is probably most prone to see a shower today. i don't think you need the umbrella, certainly worth the mention. next to storm scan we will see cloud building to out there but no wet weather in sight just yet. at least not locally.
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we will see some showers, bubbling up on the radar off to the southwest, of our region, and then those eventually try to move into the delaware valley. forty-seven for a temperature in allentown. forty-six in philadelphia it is chilly outside obviously. certainly jacket weather for sure. later today we are generally going to climb about 20 degrees or so from these current levels. notice on shore wind down the shore here that will keep things on the cool side along the coast but moving forward throughout the day here i don't think we will break out of the 50's in the poconos, guys. spotty shower expect up that way, in philadelphia cloud are building and perhaps a couple rain drops, meisha but overall this is generally a dry day. >> good to know, thanks, katie good morning everyone. happy hump day, happy wednesday. we are talking about a lot. we have video of the nfl closures, phase number two of the road restrictions have taken place. what does that ben franklin parkway right now between eakins oval and 20th street is closed, inner lanes are closed and they will be closed until
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may the second. so just a head up on. that plus we are looking at construction, i-95 north between 320 and blue route that left lane closed, that has now been clearing out of the way. we are looking good. our camera shots showing construction that is moving out of our way. something that is still out there is an accident we have in montgomeryville, route 309 at bethlehem pike at stump road, for those in that neck of the wood, give yourself a couple extra minutes, it is still dark out there. take it easy. also we have got construction here mlk drive closed between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. northbound closed at art museum, southbound closed at sweet briar drive and same way tonight as well a lieutenant more to talk about, jim and rahel, back to you. thanks, meisha. updating our breaking news families forced from their homes overnight when fire eruptness pennsauken. >> fire fighter was injured battling the blaze. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live at the scene with the very latest good morning, trang do. >> reporter: good morning, rahel. still massive amount of smoke coming out of this dwelling here on the 7400 block of
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zimmerman avenue here in pennsauken. this is a scene that has been like this for past two hours this call came in at 2:30. fire fighters expect to be out here sometime this morning as this fire is under control in the house, but it is cause ago lieutenant of challenging in the surrounding area. there is a lot of vegetation around here, and brush, and many, many trees, and so, some of the embers were going on to the trees, here. until fire fighters had to direct their hoses on to the particular tree and they are also, you can see them in the brush there, they are trying to get these little hot spots, out but again, this is a four unit dwelling, there were two families inside this particular unit, when this fire started, luckily, they got out, safely, but as they mentioned there was one fire fighter injury as he was trying to help two fire fighters that got stuck on the second floor of this house. he was injured. he was transported to the hospital with an ankle injury. he is expected to be okay.
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there are lots of challenging out here. thinks a old wood dwelling. it is producing a lot of smoke it took a long time for fight fire fighters to put out this fire. they were having issues with this very narrow street getting all of this equipment out here, and close to this particular house. also, power lines are overhead and so they had to cut off power, and one thing that fire fighters were really dealing with and making this especially challenging were hydrant issues. take a listen to the fire chief right here. >> soon after we put co in service we developed a water supply issue just behind you guys here, and we had to change our operation. we are in the process of doing that and advanced fire conditions we had two fire fighters from the first arriving ladder company that caught themselves in the bad way on the second floor. >> reporter: and with those conditions, that the chief was talking about, when we arrived we saw fire hoses just all the way around the block, i mean these hoses are going for
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blocks and blocks in order to get to a hydrant that works. it is causing a water main break nearby. lots of activity here. 7400 block of zimmerman avenue in pennsauken, definitely avoid this area fire fighters have this fire under control but they are going to be here for some time dealing with the water main and also dealing with the hot spots, here, on this block, but for now we are live, from pennsauken trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back to you. thanks, trang do. indeed. so far no word what sparked this massive two alarm fire in chester. chopper three over vacant warehouse on the 700 block of west third street just before 9:00 p.m. fire fighters for the the blaze from all angles before finally bringing it under control. good news is that no injuries were reported. another two alarm blaze in delaware county this one destroyed a home in lower chichester, chopper three was over that smokey scene on ridge road and hughes avenue just before 9:00 last night. officials tell thaws home was vacant and no one was injury. investigators have not said what cause that had blaze. new this morning, a man is
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hospitalized after a shooting in philadelphia's olney section. shots were fired on the 5900 block of north seventh street, cross from fisher park. we're told 27 year-old man was shot in the back and shoulder right outside of his home this happened around 2:00 a.m. police return the victim to the hospital where he is in stable condition, officers are trying to figure out what sparked that gunfire. and philadelphia police are also investigating after a cruiser strikes a woman, seriously hurting her. the accident happened yesterday afternoon, as a park in the 3,000 block of f street in kensington. police say an officer investigating another incident backed up his cruiser, striking the woman. >> go ahead. >> female was behind vehicle and police vehicle struck that female. >> reporter: cell phone video here shows two officers carrying woman to the cruz tore take her to the hospital. police say it is unclear if the victim had been standing or sitting when she was hit. today, authorities will perform a autopsy on steve stephens, the so-called facebook killer. >> police say stephens took his own life after a brief
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police chase. chase ended when the crash in erie, pennsylvania, stephens had just left a mcdonald's drive through where an employee recognized him and then called police. workers tried to stall stephens, by making him wait for his frenchfries. >> it looked like he was all nerved up, little agitated and just didn't want to wait. he said he had to go. >> everybody keeps saying it wasn't a shoot-out. he killed himself right there in that car. >> stephens had been on the run since sunday when police say he shot and killed 74 year-old robert godwin senior, in cleveland and then posted video of the crime on facebook and take a look at this a digital painting of cleveland murder victim robert godwin, senior. forensic officer johnny castro with the philadelphia police department created this. department posted it on the facebook page hoping to remind public of its role in helping authorities solve cases and crimes. vice-president mike pence continues his tour of asia, earlier today he visited aircraft carrier u.s.s. ronald reagan stationed in japan.
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they spoke to service members about the u.s. commitment to protecting its allies from north korea his 10 day trip will take him to indonesia, as you veil use and hawaii. democrats in the conservative district in georgia come close to swiping a house seat, long held by republicans. now the race head to a run off leading up to the primary democrats took advantage of the opposition to president trump and democrat john ossoff took the lead in the polls but last night he narrowly fell short of the majority needed to win out right, he will face republican front runner karen handle in june's run off, that seat in question has been held by a republican, since 1978. president george hw bush has been readmitted to the who after coming down with another bought of pneumonia. nine two-year old former president has been in houston 's methodist hospital since friday, he was diagnosed with a mild case of pneumonia, which had been since treated, a spokesmen says doctor want to keep him until he regains his strength, back in january, you may recall, mr. bush spent 16 days in the hospital for treatment of pneumonia.
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happening today, closing arguments begin in the trial of accused state trooper killer eric frein. defense attorneys rested yesterday without calling a single witness. frein is accused in the shooting death of corporal brian dickson. trooper alex douglass was also critically injured in the 2014 ambush at pocono state police barracks f convicted jurors from chester county could sentence frein to death. well, authorities in the suburbs are hoping to find a woman accused of attacking and trying to kidnap a man she met on craigs list. >> we will show you the suspect, up next. also this. >> he made spontaneous statements, those statements were i did it. i shot him. >> a man goes on a killing spree in california with very specific targets hear how authorities say he chose his victims. they are cleaning up in texas this morning after flood waters rose in peoples home, we will show you more article of the damage left behind. >> ♪
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a little later we will take you live inside the brand new museum of the american revolution opening today. there has been excitement about this museum, wouldn't you say. >> yes, it is in my neighborhood, can't waiting to >> jan carabao has a preview. we will have it for you.
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police in montgomery county are looking for a woman wanted for a craiging list crime. lansdale police are searching for lar a ashley mountz, she's accused of attacking a man she met on line. authorities say the crime happened back in january when the victim went on craigs list , in search of a companion >> there is no information in our investigation that lead to us believe this was anything more than a lonely individual seeking companionship, and then he was taken advantage of it. >> and mountz responded to the victim and said she would meet him in his house but victim says she brought two other people. and he says that the trio then tried to rob him and kidnap him before he ran away. and, survivors of the oklahoma city bombing along with family members of the victims will mark 22nd anniversary of the attack at a remembrance ceremony today. 168 people were killed, 500 more were hurt, when a truck bomb tore through a murray
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federal building in 1995. until september 11th attack is it was deadliest act of domestic terror on american soil. timothy mcveigh was put to death, terry nichols serving a life sentence. today marks anniversary of the siege at branch davidian compound in waco, texas. eight people died back in 1983 it follows a 51 day standoff between federal authorities and the group. residents in texas have some cleaning up to do after heavy rainfall flood homes and major road. >> this is in santa fe, one of the hardest hit rainfall fell overnight monday into tuesday forcing local officials to issue a flash flood watch for the area now residents there say it is sort of like deja vu after last years tax day flood which also caused widespread flooding throughout the southeast texas. katie is talking about isolated storms. >> everyone remain calm. >> we talk about rain and people start perking up. can you imagine if we were talking about snow right now. there was a time, yes.
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>> yes. >> to put things in perspective, folks. let's talk stats here. the latest that philadelphia has ever reported anything above an inch or at leann inch of snowfall was all the way back on april 19th, but in 1983. so, it is obviously a rarity but that day, we actually ended up with 1.3 inches of snow in philadelphia so it can happen, also, not bringing you the s word in the forecast this time. meisha is like yes, get her a mega phone, yes. lets talk about the wet weather. we are in the talking wash out status through the rest of the week but we will have a couple speckles on the radar to dodge throughout the next few days. today, and, driest of the next few, and despite what it looks like wet weather moving in. american anything, we will see any showers coming through very, very spotty in nature, generally if you are going to see them at all it will happen in the north western counties but there is a system to track
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later in the week will bring in frontal passages. that is one of the next round of rain coming from. you can see some coming through heavily in south day coat, northwestern, missouri. lets talk about when this all gets here. again, for now, pleasant valley middle and high school things are nice and calm, generally clear skies at 43 degrees. story regional wide. low, mid up toker 40's in most locations with a generally quiet, start to the day. with time the cloud do begin to build, and that is the main theme. pretty typical temperature wise. sixty-four in the city. we will have a stray shower. it is not enough that you need the umbrella. that is the case tonight. there may be a steady batch that comes through overnight into early tomorrow morning and then again, thursday night , but look at how we warm up here with this warm front lifting in, by friday, generally at this point it looks like any wet weather comes early in the day and then clear it out. very warm up to 80. we're talking about meisha a half and half weekend. saturday nicer day by sunday it is chilly with rain.
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>> look at that 70's, 80's, 60 's, 50's, all right katie, kind of all over the map, good morning everybody. happy wednesday to you. we will take a peak outside. we are looking at 42 freeway northbound at creek road in new jersey, see what we are working with there. i would say this is fairly typical. this is what it looks like now and as we progress through 5:00 and 6:00 o'clock hour. forty-two freeway is looking great. then we will lot schuylkill. schuylkill moving in the eastbound direction at boulevard, so both moving in thee and westbound direction, looking really pretty, the sky , gorgeous. cloud cover as katie pointed out but overall we are looking good on the roadways, and, you know, the skies, just one of the things i look at every single morning. taking a look we have an accident here robbinsville, new jersey, new jersey turnpike north bound, outer lanes, at 195, that right lane is blocked, so just a head up on this. this is one of those areas that will get busy and might start to slow you down. we have some construction out there thinks what you want to know mlk drive closed between
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9:00 p.m. and 5:00an overnight construction as it was last night, it will be tonight. northbound side closed at art museum, southbound at sweet briar drive. a lot more coming up in 10 minutes. rahel, back to you. new for a look at newspaper headlines across our region. >> from the bucks county courier times more than two years after its opening bucks county justice center still doesn't meet fire and building code, necessary for a complete occupancy permit. the nine story structure cost 111 million-dollar to build and spending isn't over just yet, building has water pressure problems affecting upper reaches of its fire suppression system. mercury upper pottsgrove has approved an animal control ordinance, residents convicted of allowing their animals to create a dangerous situation or a nuisance will be subject to penalties of up to a thousand dollars and or 30 days in jail. so, violations occur when barking and how long, continues, constantly for 50 minutes or more. inquirer walk around philadelphia and see her name on buildings, gardens and other spaces.
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the billion air campbell soup heiress and philanthropist died tuesday morning after a, long illness. mr. hamilton was 88 year-old. that is a look at newspaper headlines around the delaware valley. up next, pat's here with your morning sports, good morning, pat. >> good morning. phillies played longer last night going in to extra innings against the mets at city field. could they finally beat their builter rivals.
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well, welcome back. we are glad you are with us on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> pat's here with your morning sports. phillies on the road in new
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york. >> they have not faired very well with the mets, but would that change. they have not done very well against new york mets going in to action last night they who 42 of the last 60 games against new york dating back to 2014. would they be dominated again? last night zach eflin looked good, in a chilly city field. he went five innings and allowed just two runs. phillies down a run in the eighth, andres blanco ties it up, rbi double, and would tie it. to the extra, top of the tenth , phillies would explode for four runs on five singles, and beat mets for first time this season six-two. tonight vince velasquez is on the hill for the phillies. twenty-three year-old eflin got the start because phillies lost clay buchholz for the rest of the season. he is out four to six months after surgery to repair a torn tendon in his forearm, also, the phillies placed left fielder howie kendrick on the 10 day dl with the ab injury.
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daniel novo drove in two runs last night. for second time in three days marlins pitchers took a no hitter deep in the game. mariners mitch hanger doubled to right with one out in the find to end the latest bid by three marlins pitchers. marlins won five to nothing allowing just one hit. marlins pitchers to a no hitter in the eighth against mets, they won that game as well. marlins are half game behind the nationals in the nl east. been several years since eagles have been a top 10 defense. last season on the strength of the great start, bird finished 13 in total d. but were a long way from the glory day. their failure where is evident during a five game losing streak mid season where they allowed at least 26 points to each opponent. yesterday brandon graham spoke and says that the eagles had the season, they got tight. >> last year we started off hot and we kind of, you know, were just looking for sacks a little bit too much i guess. you know, the worry was a
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little bit too much on sacks other then just going out there and playing freely like we was in the beginning when there was no expectation. >> coming up at 6:00 we will get you ready for next weeks draft with john barchard of 94 wip. he has names you need to know as eagles pick 14th right in front of the art museum april 27th. tom brady, bill belichick and patriots will be taking a road trip today to the white house. new england will be congratulated for the president for the fifth time since 2001, and several players who won a ring last year, they are boycotting the trip including martellus bennet and new eagles defensive lineman chris long. so making a political statement there a few of them. >> very controversial, who shows up, who doesn't but they are athletes and they are entitled to their opinion. >> absolutely. >> we're here. >> coming up next on "eyewitness news", could bill o'reilly's time at "fox news" becoming to an end. >> we will tell you about new
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reports on the controversial cable host future, jan. >> reporter: this has been in the works for more than two centuries now, thinks opening day of the museum of the american revolution, i'm jan carabao reporting live in olde city, coming up doors opened to the public this afternoon. we will take you inside next. stay with us. also, this playground is at center of the disputing go to the supreme court today, experts say a ruling could affect school vouchers, katie. well, looking ahead to the upcoming weekend, you know, it is a half and half kind of scenario, right now, it looks like better of the two weekend daises saturday if you have outdoor plans because of a chilly rain moving in by sunday. stay there we will be right back with the rest of the
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sun giving way to some isolated showers today looking live at lehigh valley, as temperatures are cool tore day , they will soon head toward the 80's. wow. >> i love that. >> good morning i'm rahel solomon. i'm jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in just a moment but first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. family forced from their homes overnight when fire erupts in pennsauken. >> still a massive amount of smoke coming out of this dwelling here.
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>> you know, it was behind vehicle and police vehicle struck that female. >> rushed here to temple university hospital in the back of a police cruiser. >> the manhunt, end. tip from mcdonald's worker lead police to the alleged facebook killer. >> basically just told him it would be a minute for his fries which it wasn't really. we were trying to make sure she got in contact with the state police. >> it is totally a few things, i was sitting in the room, i'm left eye brow up, right eye brow down, shove your face, and, suck the chrome off the fender of a car. >> tips on how he does his president trump impression from alex baldwin. >> it is funnier to see him without the wardrobe. but katie talking about potential rain showers here. >> sure. >> anytime we hear rain, how bad is


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