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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  April 19, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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♪ live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". ♪ long awaited new attraction in philadelphia opened today. history buffs sure to enjoy this one. "eyewitness news" is live at the massive grand opening. ribbon was just cut on the museum of the american revolution. good afternoon i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. former price president joe biden is on hand. it began with parade down sickth street to independence hall. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos was there for it all and he joins us live. good afternoon, greg. >> reporter: good afternoon there jim.
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this museum a long time in the making today officially and finally opening its doors and right here behind me you can see the vice-president of the united states joe biden here to sort of mark this date. 242nd anniversary of the shot heard around the world which ignited the revolutionary war. today's ceremony began at the tomb of the unknown soldier at washington square and continued on to the steps of the new museum. in attendance former price vice-president joe biden, mayor jim kenney, governor tom wolf and pulitzer prize winner david mccullough. museum contains more than 3,000 artifacts from the revolutionary war period including george washington's tent. the chairman of the $120 million museum says it's been a very long process but he's proud the doors are finally opening and so is vice-president biden. here in philly to celebrate this museum. >> to para phrase emerson's poem, what did the people hear
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when they heard that shot heard around the world? what was it that they heard? what was this experiment about? was it just about independence, the revolution for independence? i think it was about an idea. how to give live to a renaissance idea that a country could actually be governed by its people. >> reporter: now the museum officially opens to the public this afternoon at 3:20. we're life here in old steam greg argos, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> exciting stuff, thank you greg. in other news this noon fear fighter is hurt and two families are homeless after an early morning fire in pennsauken, new jersey. this happened on the 7400 block of zimmerman avenue. "eyewitness news" reporter trang
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do shows us why this fire was so difficult to fight. >> reporter: heavy smoke and flames poured out of a four unit building on the 7400 block of zimmerman avenue in pennsauken. within that smoke and ash, a lifetime of julianna sharp pell's belongings. >> my room is gone. everything. everything is gone. >> reporter: sean home when the fire broke out around 2:30am. but her youngest brother and her mother were. they and another family got out safely. >> i didn't even think about myself just my family, not having any clothes, um, bed to sleep in. just everything is gone. >> reporter: pennsauken fire chief joe polumbo says the old wood frame of the home fueled the fire. firefighters also dealt with a number of other challenges conditions including nearby brush catching on fire and getting equipment on the narrow street. >> we developed a water my issue with the hydrant that just behind you guys here. we to change our operations in
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the process of doing that the advanced fire conditions we had two firefighters from the first arriving ladder company that caught themselves in bad way on the second floor and had to egress through the windows. >> reporter: two firefighters got out safely but a third firefighter was injury in the response. >> one of the members that was assisting them suffered an ankle injury. he was transported to the hospital. he's going to be fine. >> reporter: home here is a total loss. and the neighboring home also sustained some damage. at this point no official cause of this fire. the resident believes it was cough by a lit cigarette. in pennsauken, i'm trang do, cbs3 "eyewitness news". convicted murderer and former new england patriots tight end aaron hernandez found dead of apparent suicide in his prison cell this morning. authorities say the 27-year-old fallen football star hanked himself. here's more from new york. >> reporter: prison guards found aaron hernandez in a cell shortly after 3:00 a.m. prison officials in massachusetts say the former new england patriots star hanked himself with a bed sheet that he
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attached to his cell window. he was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead a short time later. >> not guilty. >> reporter: 27-year-old's suicide comes just five days after he became emotional when he was quitted of murdering two men in boston in 2012. >> mr. hernandez was wrongly accused of those crimes. >> guilty of murder in the first degree. >> reporter: but hernandez was still serving a live sentence without parole for the 2013 murder of odom lloyd dating his fiance''s sister. hernandez was the patriots star tight end with afrin $40 million contract when he was arrested for lloyd's murder and subsequently fired from the te team. >> mostly people are just saying tragedy, sadness, the end of a really a four-year or five-year saga. >> reporter: prison officials say they are not aware of any suicide note. hernandez's lawyer said his family and legal team is shocked and surprised that her hernandez never indicated anything like this was possible and his loved
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ones are determined to find the truth surrounding his untimely death. kenneth craig for cbs3 "eyewitness news". well closing arguments are finish in the trial of accused of state trooper killer eric frein. defense attorneys rested their case yesterday without calling a single witness. frein accused of the shooting death of corporal brian dixon. trooper douglas was also injured in that ambush at a poconos state police barracks. if convicted jurors could sentence him to death. president trump focused on veterans this morning he met with secretary of the va and signed a bill to help veterans receive medical care. the trump administration also focused on threats that the current military may have to take care. craig boswell reports from the white house. >> reporter: president trump focused on veterans wednesday morning. first, he held a closed door meeting with va secretary david shulkin then he signed legislation that continues va program that allows veterans to seek medical treatment through private providers if they can't get the treatment they need at a
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va facility. >> we're all united by a very common mission. we will protect those who protect us. i've been saying that a lot over the last two years at rallies and speeches. we will protect those who protect us. >> reporter: while president trump focused on past service members, vice-president mike pence talked with sailors and marines abort uss ronald reagan in japan. >> president trump will unfailingly support the brave men and women in uniform who defend our freedom every single day. >> reporter: vice-president pence called north korea the most dangerous threat to peace and security in the region. >> we will defeat any attack and meet any use of conventional or nuclear weapons with an overwhelming and effective american response. >> reporter: north korean state tv showed video of a mock missile attack on the united states during a musical performance celebrating the birthday of north korea's founder. craig boswell for cbs3 "eyewitness news".
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former president george hw bush is back in a texas medical facility. the 92-year-old recovering from second bout of pneumonia at houston methodist hospital where he's been since friday. doctors diagnosed president bush with mild case of pneumonia which has since been treated. spokesperson says he will remain in the hospital until he fully regains his strength. mr. bush spent 16 days in the hospital for treatment of new known ya in january. well, weather wise we had clouds, then sun and more clouds are on the way and there's a chance of april showers as well. let's get a first look at the forecast with meteorologist katie fehlinger live on the cbs3 sky deck. katie. >> jim i think in terms of showers for the rest of the day if you didn't walk out the door this morning or you're about ready to and you don't have your umbrella in tow, you're fine. if we do see a shower out there it is incredibly spotty and very light. with that said too but there's moisture trying to work its way in. that's where these clouds have come from why some of you may have walk out rt don find concentration on your windshie windshield. but for now, i'm squinting it's definitely brighter than it is cloudy at this point.
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let's take look at storm scan s3 which at the moment locally not really tracking a heck of a lot more than than building clouds. you see a little hint of moisture just behind the wording storm scan right there but a lot of it notice how it's fizzling away. we are going to find some clouds as the day goes on certainly but the showers as i was meaningsed will be isolated in nature. and seasonal conditions very modest wind out of the south that's going to help warm things up down the road which you'll have to wait for down the road here too. i'll tell you more about that in my seven day but a seasonal conditions we're talking mid 60s here currently at 60 at the airport. 56 in trenton. and a pair of fives for both wildwood and atlantic city. and as you go even outside of the city it's a little on the cool side here. i'm certainly walk out the door with a jack. but we are expecting the daytime high to hit about 64 in philly. now, as i mentioned showers down the road here and the chances start to go up come tomorrow and friday as a couple of different fronts start to move through our area. so not only are we going to be talking about that time things out for you so you know where
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the dry windows opportunities will be but also talk about that warmup i mentione mentioned a le later on. guys. >> thank you katie. welcoming up on cbs3 "eyewitness news", police are calling it a hate crime. what they say this man said while going on a shooting rampage in california and the disturbing statement he allegedly gave to police afterwards. and heroes who inspire us to a two amazing runners who finish the boston marathon are part of today's love it segment
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welcome back. survivors family members of those killed in the oklahoma city bombing are gathering for rhee remembrance service on the 22nd anniversary of that attack. this morning's service took place at the former sight murrow federal building. us housing secretary ben carson spoke. 35hud employees died that day. the city held a memorial service every year since the 1995 bombing. police are calling a hate crime. they say three white men were ambushed yesterday by a black gunman and downtown fresno, california the suspected shooter identified as corey ali muhammed allegedly singled out his victims at random. muhammed gunned down security guard last week and killed three other victims yesterday. police say muhammed shouted, god is great in arabic at the scene but they do not believe that these shootings are linked to terrorism. >> based on the information that we have been provided and our investigation has shown, is that this is solely based on race. >> muhammed allegedly told police he want totter kill as
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many white people as he could before he was captured. he now faces four counts of murder. well still ahead on "eyewitness news", a famous face with a famous smile gets a big honor. >> one she's become accustomed. the magazine that will feature actress julia roberts on its cover again. >> in today's love it we're getting up close and personal look at will power, determination and heroism. with the right attitude we can influence those around us. >> as we look get ever closer to upcoming weekend i'm expecting that it's going to be a half and half kind of a forecast here where at least the first last of the weekend features sunshine and mild conditions on saturday. the problem there's a storm that's going to be brewing at that point so saturday night into sunday a chilly rain takes over that forecast. i'll let whe
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well we are getting look at asteroid set to night by earth sometime today. >> relatively speaking it will be very close and make that sound. radar images of asteroid 2014j 2014jo25 from nasa gold stone deep space communications complex peanut shaped asteroid rotates about every five hour. it will be within 1.1 million miles of earth that's relatively close. experts say you can look for it over the next two nights. >> interesting. >> katie geeks out about these stories. >> i do. i'm with you. earlier in the day we said, yeah, that name is not sexy enough for this asteroid. >> no. >> mr. peanut. >> orkin key katie. >> no. >> that's not going to become a thing you guys. [ laughter ] >> if you don't understand that you got to start watching the morning show. >> or go to twitter. all sorts of references to that. it's none of it my fault. >> no. >> i'll put that out.
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>> i didn't start this. >> that's absolutely untrue. [ laughter ] >> okay. let's talk the weather. >> lot closer to planet earth expecting to see a couple of showers in the next couple of days. i really don't think it's going to be any kind of a big deal. if you're looking for a washout of a day to maybe help wash away the pollen start building up in the next few days we look to the weekend which we'll get to but for now it's actually still kind of sunny outside depending on your locate. so let's start things off by going on out to our live neighborhood network here and as we take a look at that, what we're finding is more than anything some breaks in the clouds. and those clouds are going continue to build with time throughout the day here. so as the day progresses, what we'll end up finding is grayer skies. so let's go ahead and move things forward. keeping in mind that it could be a lot worse and if we can go to the graphics, there they are. i promise this is just a background. obviously. but what i wanted to show you is the point that we can actually still find snowfall this late in
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the year. the latest date that philadelphia has ever reported or recorded any snowfall of an inch or more was actually april nopeth. it happened all the way back in 1983 we ended up with .3-inches of snow thon particular day. aren't you glad this forecast is featuring just some rain showers? let's take look at storm scan. floor producer -- director is like yes, i'm very glad. all right. so here we go. one batch of rain moving its way across upstate new york, the canadian border. you can see that there's obviously some moisture associated with that. but it's continue to go fizzle as it heads our way. yeah we'll see more clouds, i don't think you'll see much more than isolated shower however. now this looks morrow bust than earlier this morning. it's got a pretty big swath of rain showers through south dak, parts of iowa, that's at least the beginnings of the storm that will cross through with a couple of frontal bound boundaries i show you future weather more of a wider zoom. and what you're going to notice here as this first little batch of rain moves out we'll start to see maybe even a line of steady rain that moves in later on tonight but tomorrow that warm front begins to lift in.
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kind of lack luster in terms of its overall moisture content but it is going to help trigger a shower or thunderstorm especially late in the day and at night. now, by friday, cold front comes along. that, too, going to bring a shower or thunderstorm. mainly in the first half of the day. second half we start to clear thing out. and all the while we're really starting to warm things up. one more look at that live neighborhood network shot outside beach patrol headquarters let's get to the rest of the forecast. other than a stray late day shower here talking 64 degrees for the expected daytime high about 40 degrees shy of that as we speak. later tonight, down to 54 under a mainly cloudy sky and moving forward, in the "eyewitness weather" seven day, we really start to heat things up here. 76 tomorrow. 80 by friday. and them looking ahead to the weekend even though we'll see some sun on saturday by that night there's pretty good possibility of some rain begins to move in and sunday just raw and chilly. with rounds of rain moving in pretty much all day long. so if you're planning outdoor plans for the weekend saturday is your day. >> good to know. >> thank you.
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>> sure. >> we're switching gears to new segment we've added to the noon show. >> our meisha johnson is here monday through wednesday with her segment called love it. meisha? >> well, jim, rahel just in case anyone missed it monday and tuesday, the love it segment is a simple concept that have really big impact. i'm taking trending feel good stories and bring us little deeper with them. so today's love sit a story giving us a look at the strength of human resolve. and how power physical the physical body, psyche and soul can rebound after real hardship. who and what you ask? well, inspirational group of wounded warriors this who i'm talking about have now become marathoners and they are going viral and with good reason. a san antonio marine jose sanchez who lost his leg in combat was one of several heroes to put the human will power on display as he ran across the finish line holding an american flag at the 2017 boston marath marathon. the same you guys get this the same american flag his unit carried for him on the battlefield of afghanistan. and then there's earl granville
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another warrior who was in the pennsylvania national guard when he lost his leg and two of his friends. while also serving in afghanistan. after 26.2 miles of wiping road, he found the strength and resolve to carry his race guide across the finish line. >> i know. those images so incredibly strong and inspirational. our pennsylvania native with tears running down his face said, they say boston strong and now i know why. and do you know what jose sanchez said when he could have the finish line? it's okay to show your vulnerabilities. it wasn't me running it was the strength of all of you. a true test testament human spirit with the right attitude kit change not only your own life but the lives of those around you as well. it can't be stated enough. >> i've seen that video a few times it brings tears to your eyes. >> doesn't it. >> powerful scene. >> circulating so much. >> you think about carrying a human being on one leg across the finish line like that. >> i love it. we love it. i love our servicemen and women
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we all do. if you've got any positive thought provoking story ideas send them my way twitter meisha at or facebook at meisha p. johnson and one story at a time as a team we're hitting the positive reset
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later today on "eyewitnessne coming up with new ways to cheat you out of the your hard earned money they're using social media to trick their victims. one way to pretend you're long lot of friend on facebook. oh my. i'll show was to look out for
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today at 5:00. people magazine is releasing its annual world most beautiful list and heading up that list the most beautiful woman a familiar face. >> julia roberts took the title for the record fifth time. 49-year-old actress previously claimed the cover spot in 2010, 2005, 2000 sand and 1991. roberts says she's flattered by the recognition. people's 28 many most beautiful issue hits news stands on friday and all i know i'm sitting with three of the most beautiful women in philadelphia. >> aww. >> well done. >> that's "eyewitness news" at noon i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. for meisha, katie all of us here thanks for watching. >> white news continues at 5:00. and we are of course always online at >> have a great day, everyone. the young and the restless is next. ♪
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