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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 19, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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frein has been convicted on all 12 charges against him. we will go to "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden live outside pike county courthouse with breaking details, joe? >> reporter: jessica and ukee, good evening. eric trina period to stand with his defense council and keep tally as jury foreman red off guilty to a series of charges including first degree murder. that is the big one. attempted murder. conspiracy. terrorism. and weapons of mass destruction. this all the while, the uniform of the late corporal brian dickson, blood stained, fixed to a manikin was positioned in the center of the courtroom. jury from chester county deliberating for exactly four hours. they concluded it was eric frein who ambushed state police barracks in blooming grove in december 2014 killing dickson and critically wounding alex douglass. frein led state police through a mine field of traps that lasted another seven weeks.
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his dramatic game of fugitive from justice came to an end when police discovered him in an airport hanger. we spoke one on one with pike county d.a., ray tomkin. >> our reaction as we still have more work to do we still have more case to present so jurors can consider the appropriate sentence in this matter. >> reporter: what do you believe the appropriate sentence would be. >> we have given note that is we intend to seek the death penalty against eric frein and we intend to pursue that in our casing forward. >> reporter: that penalty phase face will begin in ernest, jurors will be back here at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon where we heard prosecutors expect to pursue the death penalty against eric frein, of course, sending him to death row. 1:30 tomorrow jury begins to hear what is exactly another phase of perhaps the second trial where his defense team will ask the same jury to spare frein's life. that is very latest reporting live from milford pike county joe holden for cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". >> joe, thank you for that. developing right now deadly police shooting is under investigation in wilmington, delaware. authorities say officers shot a suspect who led them on a chase and car and on foot. >> our cleve bryan has been following this story all afternoon and joins us live from that scene, cleve, what have you learned. >> reporter: beginning. it is now cleaned up the accident scene, car crashed on philadelphia pike and reopened roadway but they continue to do work there on the grounds of the saint helena roman catholic church where it appears that the man police shot died of his injuries. >> this is an active, ongoing investigation. >> reporter: new castle county police gathering facts late in the afternoon late wednesday after a police chase end in an officer involve shooting. officials say 2:00 p.m. they investigate aid man on north market street in wilmington. according to witnesses he led police on a high speed chase that ended in a crash on philadelphia pike in the penny hill section of the north wilmington. they led police on the foot
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chase on the ground of the saint helena roman catholic church where officers opened fire. >> suspects fled on foot and officers gave chase and in an attempt to apprehend him. a confrontation ensued resulting in the suspect being shot and killed by police. >> reporter: in word at this time if the man was armed. the officers involved in the shooting went to the hospital to be checked out. people living and working nearby were in disbelief as scene unfolded. >> it looked like an accident at first and then i saw police officer running this way and i'm sure i saw it come from the building over there. >> reporter: some people say it is scar toy think what would have happened if the suspect ran in the nearby store or neighborhood. >> we have children, shots could have been either way, could have went through a window, could have went through somebody else's car, or hurt somebody, yes. >> reporter: we're now about four hours after after the entire incident began and police are not ready to release the name of the man involved in the chase, and the shooting or tell us how this whole thing started, they say
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until in the give us anymore updates here at the scene and release more information on line, live, i'm cleve bryan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> penn state police say they are investigating two incidents of someone taking picture, or videos of the students showering in the dorm s. the police say at alleged invasion of the privacy took place sunday night around 9:40 and 12:45 monday morning inside thompson hall. police are not releasing any information about the victims, they also are not commenting on whether they have made any arrests. three more pennsylvania high school students are joining another student last month sued boyer town area school district. students say district's transgendered friendly policy constitutes sexual harassment and vials of their privacy. the district says that its policy allowing students to use facilities corresponding to their stated gender identity are legal. new at 6:00 more legal action today following an infection out break linked to surgical equipment. >> health reporter stephanie
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stahl is here with more on the suit filed today against penn health, steph. >> reporter: there have been thousands of cases nationally and some here in philadelphia. open heart surgery patients who end up with infections following the surgery. sixty year-old bob gross is worried about the future, montgomery county electrical contractor hasn't been able to work for a year. >> i'm upset. it is frightening. >> reporter: he has a dangerous bacterial infection, called micro bacteria or ntm. >> fourteen pills. >> reporter: he takes antibiotics and more but still suffers with fatigue and breathing difficulties. >> it interferes in every part of my life. >> reporter: he blames penn health where he had heart vat very replacement surgery in february of 2015, a heating/ cooling device used during the operation has been linked to ntm infections around the country. f.d.a. is investigating and a warning from the cdc to leather hospitals ape patients
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>> once it was discovered it could and should have been prevented. >> reporter: lawyer michael barnett hoist representing bob and others is filing lawsuit against makers of the device and penn health. they knew equipment was dangerous ant didn't do anything to protect patients. >> we think this is outrageous because it was clearly preventable. our clients and other patients who are exposed to tremendous risk, totally unnecessarily. >> he was in the sports. >> reporter: for bob he is worried about his seven year-old son not knowing if he will ever recover, ever be able to be the kind of dad that he wants to be. >> it breaks my heart. he is a great kid. >> now a spokesperson for penn health says equipment in question has in the been used there for two years and add they cannot comment on pending litigation. i'm told more lawsuits are expect. >> more to come stephanie, thank you.
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pennsylvania's attorney general josh shapiro filed charges over an organize crime ring that he says rented out fraudulent license plates. >> our officees today filed charges against 12 persons and 14 businesses, that operated a major, major organized crime ring here in the commonwealth of pennsylvania, known as operation car wash. >> shapiro says license plate users avoided paying nearly two million-dollar in fines, fees for parking, e-z pass, insurance and car loans in multiple states. the attorney general's office also said that the ring washed vehicles titled to launder money. brand new museum of the american revolution officially opened up today in olde city, reporter greg argos was there for it all and joins us now with more on this much anticipated attraction, greg, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, there ukee. museum officially opened to the public at 3:20 this afternoon and on hand for the
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celebration former vice-president joe biden. >> museum of the american revolution is now, officially opened. >> reporter: fourteen years and 120 million-dollar later, museum of the american revolution finally opened up its doors and former vice-president joe biden, was one of the first inside. what are your thoughts bit, sir. >> really great. i didn't understand some of the details. >> reporter: beside george washington's actual war 10t museum which sits at corner of chestnut and third streets in olde city also houses more than 3,000 artifacts from the revolutionary war. >> ♪ >> reporter: wednesday after a ceremony which stretched from the tomb of the unknown solder of the revolution at washington square to the steps of the building that the museum opened up to the public >> it is timely here. it is in the place where revolution really started in philadelphia. >> it is very important
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historically. it is very important for the young people. >> reporter: governor ed rendell, one of the museum's founders says he is glad to see this important part of the history come alive. >> is there so many untold stories, i just showed the vice-president the film and washington 10t, and he said i have no idea about this 10t and its significance. he is the vice-president of the you had and he didn't know there is so many unwritten, un told stories that you have to see this museum to appreciate our country. >> reporter: once again, this is a 14 year project finally opening up this afternoon here in olde city. tickets are on sale. we have posted a lincoln cbs to get them for yourself. we are live in olde city, greg air guess for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> looking forward to getting over there, greg, thank you. cloud are taking over. mostly staying dry during the day-to-day but meteorologist kate bilo is keeping her eye on some showers and storms that could could be heading this way, kate. >> we have got some interesting weather to talk about over next few days,
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temperatures on their way up but shower and storm chances on the way up as well. mostly they are missing us off to the north just a few stray sprinkles but there is a lot more where those came from. we have another system pushing toward us from the west, a band of showers could cross the area tonight into tomorrow morning and then yet another cold front tomorrow night into friday morning we will bring our best chance here in the rumble of thunder or two. with the included cover, showers out there this afternoon temperatures have dropped quite a bit, only 54 in millville. fifty-eight in philadelphia just 67 in reading. it is cool new but we could hit 80 by end of the week and that increase in warmth and moisture will bring about a greater wrist fox are showers and storms. your weather head line is what we will talk about timing out april showers, tell you when we could hit 80 mark and half ape half weekend, which half to be better to get outside, ukee and jessica. >> kate, thank you. she's remembered as woman of vision. >> straight ahead we will look back at the life and legacy of the one of the most
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influential women. >> also we are just about one week away from the start of the national football league draft, why navigating around ben franklin parkway is getting even trickier. a special honor for world war two veteran in new jersey what he just crossed off his bucket list, don. there was a lawn more on the field but game was in the over yet barks czar end in atlanta plus father time and phillies, look to turn two in insuring, later in sports. for millions of baby boomers there's a serious virus out there that's been almost forgotten. it's hepatitis c. one in 30 boomers has hep c, yet most don't even know it. because it can hide in your body for years without symptoms, and it's not tested for in routine blood work. the cdc recommends all baby boomers get tested. if you have hep c, it can be cured. for us it's time to get tested. ask your healthcare provider for the simple blood test. it's the only way to know for sure.
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it's time for you and your boys to get out of town.
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(laughing) left foot. right foot. left foot. stop. twitch your eyes so they think you're crazy. if you walk the walk you talk the talk. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. hide the eyes. it's what you do. show 'em real slow. well, a fire and a four unit building in south jersey overnight sent a fire fighter to the hospital and left two families, home less. this is all that is, left of the residents on zimmerman are
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man avenue in pennsauken. fire officials say all occupants got out safely. injured fire fighter was taken to the hospital for treatment of an ankle injury, it is still unclear what started this fire. hamilton, heiress of the, campbell's soup company died at age of 88. >> she passed away yesterday at her home in boca rat on florida. hamilton was well in for her flynn tropic efforts in philadelphia delaware valley. it included the police touch museum. popular children's museum, president and ceo says hamilton's generosity will be felt, for generations to come. >> she was amazing. so engaging and engaged. not only did she give away money but she inspired people to help raise money. >> a memorial service for hamilton is set for next month and will be held in wayne, pennsylvania. excitement is building as we count down to the nfl draft but also keep in mind more road closures are leading to increased traffic congestion. we are just eight days away
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from the i go event on the ben franklin parkway and today, day two of the traffic restrictions went into effect. crews shut down inner lanes of the parkway from eakins oval to 20th street effecting both inbound and outbound traffic. road will be closed for the next two weeks. you can find out about the draft road closures at cbs be sure to count on "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the nfl draft here in philadelphia. a local world war two veteran is honored for his achievements by a college in new jersey. "eyewitness news" at camden county college in blackwood where administrators honored 99 year-old sam wiseman with the service medal. mr. wiseman who served in the air core from 1942 to 1946 has been attending classes at the college. mr. wiseman completed a 15 week course on the american age. >> well done. kate bilo joins us now with a look at your spring forecast. this is very springy.
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>> yes, it is. this time of the year is like battle between warmth, cool and we 10 to get showers, where phrase april showers bring mayor flowers comes from >> right. >> we will have our fair share , over the next few days. new rest of the week is not a wash out but we cannot really rule out shower or thunderstorm pretty much at anytime. showers mostly tonight and tomorrow and better chance for thunder or two tomorrow night into friday but they will than popping up here and there just be prepared, probably don't need sunglasses until friday afternoon when sun may peak back out but may need umbrella here's is what going on right now in bethlehem. you can see gray skies outside , not a lot in the way of wet weather, heading up to the poconos to see numerous showers outside this evening. kind of glummy, nice day to, nap kind of a day or watching tv on the couch, maybe curled up with the blanket right now watching us, sound like a good day to do that. storm scan three shows included in place, see a few showers up toward poconos, mostly not seeing much or fit
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is light enough that it is in the showing up. flick or two of the windshield wipers out here and this evening, and new as we head into tomorrow we have another system to watch. here's storm developing over northern plains dragging a cold front through here heading in the day on friday. thursday night into friday our best chance to pick up a shower or storm. in the meantime gray, glummy, cool in kutztown at 53. wind south at 10 miles an hour and atmosphere is very stable with this cool air moving in. the cloud, stratus cloud in place. in the a whole lot a lot to pop. mount pocono at 50. philadelphia and city 58. we got in the lower 60's with blue skies earlier and only 54 in millville. here's core of the warmth 80's off to the south and west. some of that warmth will be pushing in by end of the week. brief warm up, and cool down by week even. your future weather shows cloud in place overnight. scattered showers off to the mainly north and west. heading in to your thursday morning cloud and a stray
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shower, that is it. 10:00 a.m. not a ton of sunshine. we will see a few breaks in the afternoon. another chance for showers comes in thursday night, it looks like our best chance is probably overnight thursday night into friday morning producing a rumble of thunder around 2:00 a.m. and showers to start your friday morning before we clear things out, on friday afternoon and friday is also our warmest day. so morning shower tomorrow, and then late day or overnight thunderstorm, friday could start with the shower or thunderstorm and then over weekend showers may arrive as early as said day evening and then sunday it is a chilly rain on and off all day long, sunday in the a great day get outside. overnight cloud which showers, 54 degrees, tomorrow is milder at 74 with cloud and some breaks of sun. you you can safely leave sunglasses at home. friday 80 degrees after that morning showers. saturday looks good not as great as it once did. showers creep in lay. sunday cool, wet day but next week look seasonal with the
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sun returning. >> i got it, we are ready. >> don's up next with sports. >> no sibling rivalry for eagles, we will explain. plus rob gronkowski talking audible at the white house see what happens when he crashes sean spicer's press party up next in by the time the drugs rannd wout, i was addicted.. it happened so fast. i ended up on the streets, where the drugs are
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pat has thrown five shut out innings today his fast start slows down for good reason. he has been placed on the paternity list and will miss three games congratulations to pat. phillies hooking up with the mets in queens, andres blanco tying the game with the double in the eighth inning. ground rule double. aaronal tear and phillies score four runs and win six- two. they hook up again tonight in, game two of the series, vince velasquez gets the start. nationals visiting atlanta look at this pitch right here. that is, strike three.
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the game should be over. but nationals manager i say nationals really i mean braves , braves manager ron washington argues it was a foul tip. ground crew on the tip, everyone thinks game is over some how umpires don't review it and they called it a foul. finally sean kelly, gets the save and nationals win three- one. how do they not review. that ridiculous. your parents buy your brother all of the fresh new gear and you get, very little. we wand fur that is how eagles defense feels after team spent 10s of millions of dollars otto even if. jordan hicks talked bit. >> a lot of excitement, a lot of excitement around the locker room knowing you're even if gets some big additions, play makers on the that side of the ball, so, you know, you don't really look at it, what about us because we are confident guys. >> okay. fair enough. patriots visiting white house today to celebrate their super bowl win, boston globe says 34
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players were in attendance, many others skipped the trip for political reasons. tom brady said he had family matters to attend to but tightened, rob gronkowski was there and made his presence men during sean spicer's briefing. >> i think there is -- >> can i just interrupt. >> i think i got this but thank you. well, maybe. >> thanks, manny will see new a minute. >> hold on a second. >> all right, that was cool. >> lighter side of sean spicer >> a lighter moment for the press secretary sean spicery think i got this. >> yes. >> "cbs evening news" is just a few mains way. >> scott pelley joins with us a look ahead, scott. >> hi ukee and jessica. great to be with you here in philadelphia here's "cbs evening news", fox drops bill o'reilly ending a two decade
6:26 pm
relationship in the wake of the sexual harassment scandal. ex-nfl player and convicted murderer takes his own life, the president urgees companies to buy and hire american but he doesn't hold his businesses to the same standard. at 107 joe boehner tells us what keeps him singing. those stories just ahead on the "cbs evening news". but first celebrating the earth, how students at a local university joined together with the community to promote sustainable
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leave it to the pros? i am a pro. i made this lawn from seed pride, and less water than you'd think. to those who'd say the grass is greener on the other side.. i politely disagree. pennington smart seed.
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guaranteed to grow with 30% less water. reclaim your turf.
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hundreds of people strolled around philadelphia as part of an earth day celebration. >> today's festivities were sponsored by drexel university and it included students, faculty and members of the community. this event plenty of demonstrations, painted pots and got seedlings. the event, also included recipe tasting, made with veggies, and grown in the backyard gardens. the point here was to get people thinking about their natural environment, earth day is recognized every year april . thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next "cbs evening news" , tonight new developments in the cia security breach, and, what does it take to live to 107. one centenarian shares his secrets, here now from new york is scott pelley, take
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care family we will see you captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: killing o'reilly. >> this stops right here. >> pelley: fox dump's cable's biggest star and money maker, a favorite of the right, in a sexual harassment scandal. also tonight, why the murder conviction that put nfl star aaron hernandez in prison may be thrown out as the result of his suicide. he lost his legs in war. now bureaucracy is preventing him from getting prosthetics. >> that must be kind of maddening. >> frustrating. i'm over mad. >> pelley: and... >> hard to beat. >> pelley: wisdom of the ages from a sen that -- centenarian.


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