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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  April 20, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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a big murder trial begins in camden, we will tell butt challenges prosecutor's face in the case of the man they say killed his three-year old son, because his girlfriend did not like children. and looking at storm scan three now in some parts of the area have a chance of seeing rain today we will tell you when and what places could see the most. and a decade long career end for one of the biggest voiceness cable news what bill o'reilly is saying this morning after being kick off of "fox news" amid accusations of sexual harassment, today is thursday april 20th, good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm jan carabao in for rahel solomon. all that plus how facebook wants to do away with pass word. but first lets check the forecast with katie and
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traffic with meisha. >> good morning, jan, so great to see you and good to have you on a thursday. >> good to be here. >> looking outside we are looking pretty good. i'm hoping it stays dry, katie can let let us know we have a couple of accidents. >> we're not talking about wash out, by any stretch, will you flip windshield wipers in a couple spots, sure. but back to storm scan not everybody is getting hit by this. entire state of delaware is dry right now but we are in the middle of a generally a wet pattern with a couple front moving through the end of the week. that renews our potential for showers if not a couple rumble s of thunder. at the moment it is very scattered, very light showers. i think better part of the day is going to stay dry, but for now you do have a couple showers out there. meantime, one thing that does come, trade off is the fact that temperatures are warming up. almost 10 degrees milder up and down i-95 this same time yesterday. i would still, you know, grab
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a jacket, still talking mid 50 's at this hour but this is day we were expect to go warm up substantially and we will get that trending with time to day. so there will be some sunlight throughout the course of the day but just not blight, blue sky and sunshine all day. looking at the tail end we will expect low to mid 70's to be daytime high range but watch for scattered showers at lee initially for now, next few hours and then we will see a fresh round later tonight and then again that unsettled pattern will continue. we will talk about the next expectations for when more showers and storms get in here >> that would be good to know, katie, thanks very much. you heard it, heading out the doorway you may flick that windshield wiper and would i just goes without saying if you head out, give yourself extra time. if is there rain coming down in your area give yourself extra time. construction route one southbound oxford valley all lanes block exiting off oxford valley and then reenter on oxford valley. we will get used to this with northbound.
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today southbound direction where all lanes are blocked. we have this accident in blue bell, butler pike at stenton avenue for those in that neck of the wood. still very dark. still very early. not going to slow you down too much but just a head up. >> mlk drive repairs closed northbound to the air me seem, closed sweet briar drive. head up on. that construction here talking about this morning overnight walt whitman bridge that has now been since cleared. jim, over to you. well, high profile murder case head to trial today in camden county. david creato of haddon township stand accused of killing his three-year old son brandon in 2015. >> "eyewitness news" report are trang do is live at the courthouse this morning, good morning, trang do. >> reporter: good morning, jan and jim this trial is expected to take about 15 days starting to day, over the course of the next five weeks, wednesday the prosecution end and defense went through 200 potential jurors to finally seat a jury in this case. here's some background.
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dj creato is facing murder and child endangerment charges in the death of his three-year old son brandon. creato reported his son missing in october 2015, after a brief start the little boy's body was found a half mile from his father haddon township apartment in the woodyard by cooper river. police arrested creato and charged him with first degree murder. prosecution is arguing that creato killed his son, to try to stop his teenage girlfriend from leaving him, but the case is based on circumstantial evidence. there are in witnesses or no dna evidence. in an autopsy on brandon was inconclusive about the cause of his death, just last week, after a court hearing creato's attorney told "eyewitness news" he is confident that his client's name will be cleared. >> we're ready, optimistic, we have a very strong sense what the evidence will show and i believe that the at the end of the day mr. creato will prevail. >> the trial begins at 9:00 a.m. in judge john kelly 's courtroom and expected to go on through may.
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for now we are live outside camden county courthouse i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jim and jan back to you. another trial continues today with prosecutors seeking the death penalty against eric frein, convicted yesterday of the ambush murder of pennsylvania state police corporal. frein was captured after a 48 day manhunt in the poconos in 2014. it took jurors from chester county four hours to reach the verdict, guilty verdict at pike county courthouse. man governor tom wolf says justice was served against a man who killed corporal brian dickson and critically injured trooper alex douglass. new this morning one person dead and era salted on broad street, it happened between allegheny avenue and clear field streets. victims were rush to the hospital, we just learned that both are in stable condition. so far, no arrests have been made. philadelphia police are searching for gunman who shot a 29 year-old man just after midnight in lawncrest. investigators tell "eyewitness news" that the victim was shot
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in the leg in the 5500 block of hill creek court, they say that victim is in the from the neighborhood and is now cooperating with police. police have made no arrests. police continue to investigate deadly shooting of the man in north philadelphia 's fair hill section. officers responded to the 400 block of west clear field street just before 6:00 last night. they found a 36 year-old man shot several times in his arms and chest he was sitting in the driver's seat of this parked suv, police believe he was shot at close range. >> based on ballistics evidence we know multiple shots were fired from the semiautomatic weapon from very close proximity because we found numerous shell casings, just inches and some feet away from the driver door of the vehicle. >> at this point police november motive or suspects for shooting. major crime ring is busted involving state pennsylvania license plates. according to the state attorney general the ring rented the fraudulent plates
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to people in multiple plates for $400 a month. those with the fake plates would avoid paying parking tickets and highway tolls costing millions of dollars. >> we believe it is possible that these schemes are happening at current time in other states. >> authorities alleged that the alleged ring leader was a new yorker, rafael levy, he and his associate with more than a dozen businesses now face charges. well lets look at your screen philadelphia police are looking for this man who they say punched an 81 year-old woman in the face and stole her purse inside purse was that victim's prayer book. it happened last month in the 8400 block of theron avenue in northwest philadelphia investigators say the attack happened after would the man got off a septa bus. well, penn state police are investigating two invasion of privacy incidents at a dorm police say reports involved someone taking pictures or videos of students showering, and the alleged incidents
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happened sunday night and early monday morning at thompson hall, police are not releasing any information about those victims, and the authorities haven't said if they have any suspects, but are asking students for tips about who might be responsible a philadelphia man is forced to give up his pet alligator after a fire fighter battled a blaze in the tacony home. take a look at this guy fire fighters called animal control after they found gator near un ruh and toll up street last night. at first its owner refused to part with the pet but then surrendered the foot long alligator. it is illegal to own a gator in the city. authorities are trying to find a rescue center for the gator. camden county police will swear in four dozen new recruits this morning. ceremony will take place at the police administration building on the 800 block of federal street in camden. this is footage from last years event. after the swearing in the new officers will be sent out to different neighborhood, and introduce themselves to
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residents house by house. cia betrayed by one of their own and now intense manhunt is underway for trade her gave wikileaks thousands of top secret documents. they published the classified documents exposing how cia hacked into smart phones, tv and computers back in march. officials say person who gave the site information is either a cia worker or contractor. the material was stored in a highly secured section of the agency but authorities say hundreds of people have access to it. vice-president mike pence is in indonesia this morning with trade issues on the agenda. pence is meeting with the country's president during latest stop on his asian trip. he says that the trump administration wants fair trade with indonesia which is southe asia's biggest economy. indonesia is one of the 16 countries under review for having a trade surplus with the u.s. coming up a remarkable fall for one of the biggest voices in cable news. >> this morning bill o'reilly is responding to his ouster from "fox news", what the host
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is saying after 21st century fox showed him the door amid accusations of sexual misconduct. new report from the american lung association may have you thinking twice about taking a deep breath outside, how philadelphia fairs when it comes to what is in the air. this is a live look outside this morning you're watching "eyewitness news", we will be right back. ♪ "turn around... every now and then i get a little bit hungry and there's nothing really good around. turn around... every now and then i get a little bit tired of living off the taste of the air... turn around, barry. i finally found the right snack."♪
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still no word what led to a police involved shooting in wilmington happening outside saint helena roman catholic church yesterday afternoon. before that police say the suspect took off in a koran north market street. officers tried to stop him but pursuit ended in a crash. chase then continued on foot
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down philadelphia pike and washington street extension, with officers eventually shooting that man. bill o'reilly respond after he is dropped by "fox news" over allegations he sexually harassed woman. long time host released a statement saying in part it is tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims, but that is unfortunate reality many of us in the public eye must live with today. o'reilly's ouster follows multiple sexual harassment claims against him dating back to 2004. >> i think you'd want to look at what the culture of the place is and whether there are individual there hoff taken coup from his bill o'reilly and think it is okay to behave that way. >> earlier this month the new york times reported five women received pay outs from o'reilly or the company totaling close to 13 million-dollar, o'reilly said he wishes quote only the best for "fox news" channel. can't seem to keep track of your pass word, facebook
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wants to help. social media giant unveiled a new way to recover forgotten pass word. tool allows to you your facebook profile to verify your identity. for instance, you may have to recognize photos of facebook friend to log into other accounts. this does in the replace pass word just yet but facebook says it is a step to getting rid of them. >> interesting. when you step outside take a deep breath or don't. new report from the american lung association find that the philadelphia region is in the top 25 cities with the war pollution. and that is in three different categories, none in profit ranks philadelphia region at number 22 for ozone pollution, 11 for year round pollution, and 20 for what they called, short term pollution. that is pollution that spikes and goes away over 24 hours. well, do you know someone who talks a lot about their work outs? you may not realize it but that may motivate to you train harder. >> really. especially when they powe them on social media. i don't know if i believe it.
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researchers looked at data from more than a million people over a five-year period , data included running statistics posted to a social media site. they say for every 10 minutes a person ran that person's friend ran an extra five minutes, and mit professor says knowing running statistics your friend share can cause you to run farther, faster and longer. >> for me i just get tired. >> we should point out rahel is running a martian and she's probably training today on her day off. >> yes, for every minute that she has run i have run exactly this many more minutes. >> pretty much opposite. >> run, rahel, run but in the gym, call it i and jan. >> she's running for all of us knock yourself out, girlfriend >> would you want to run today >> i don't think it will be that bad. there is a couple of showers. they are all scattered most of the day, features more cloud then anything but across central pennsylvania right there at lee in the beginning of the loop there is pretty
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steady rain. this looks like it will come through the rest of the morning, next couple morning we will be dodge willing hit and miss showers out there but rest of the daylight hours at lee don't look that bad. we will show that in a second. we will continue to see a storm system making its development across great lakes , very heavy rain right now but with time we will seal a cold front cross through, coming on friday, meanwhile i will say this much this looks like it is a little overdone initially at 7:00 a.m. may not that be widespread in terms of the rainfall intensity but regardless some showers around for the morning then we will hit lunchtime. we will see breaks for sunshine. today is in fact warmer day. mid 70's, later tonight a couple showers around if not rumble of thunder. so, really is a morning issue unless you plan to be out late tonight that is only time of the day that will mess with you. tomorrow similar idea here, some showers if not thunderstorm in the morning and then otherwise skies should begin to clear with
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time here as our next cold front crosses through. as it does temperatures take another hit. for now 73 degrees for daytime high, generally cloud and sunshine. dropping down to the upper 50 's tonight with scattered showers, primarily late and then we will move it forward. notice what happened, we will definitely start to cool it off here because of again cold front passage. but there is a new system coming our way, as early as saturday afternoon and saturday night and most likely sunday, it is a pretty dreary pattern here with the new system moving in, meisha. good morning, everybody. what are we looking at video of? video mlk drive repairs going on and just a head up, they are supposed to be wrapping upright around 5:00 a.m. closed north bound at art museum and closed southbound at sweet briar drive they are repairing the road, sidewalks around there cleaning drains that sort of the thing. just a head up. closure north bound art museum at southbound sweet briar
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drive but that clears around 5:00 a.m. we have got construction here route one southbound, exiting off oxford valley all lanes are blocked in the southbound direction, exit off oxford valley and reenter on to oxford valley. we were talking about northbound side, talking about southbound side, today, then we have this truck fire in burlington new jersey, the tourist expect to be closed for next four or five hours. that will bring us through the main part of our rush. richard run closed between lane and john galt way. use an alternate route 130 is your best bet around there. we have an accident in blue bell butler pike at stenton avenue, jim and jan, back over to you. well, amtrak commuters whiffle a new option to get their caffeine fix on the way to work. >> what passengers will be able to buy on board select trains when "eyewitness news"
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time is 4:50. time for a check on business
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news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill, another data breach, this time at a popular hotel chain, what can you tell us about that. >> yeah, that is right, good morning jim and rahel. hackers broke in the commuter system at international hotel group and they stole credit card numbers, expiration dates and security code this happened between september 29th and december 29th 2016. inter continental owns holiday inn, crown plaza among others. not every location was affected. there are about a dozen locations in the philadelphia area that were impacted. >> oh, boy, jim and rahel. i understand cvs is focusing on changing layout of the stores, so what is that all about. >> reporter: yes, say good bye to the candy counterpart of the drugstore. cvs stores are getting a healthy make over. they are devoting a hundred feet of aisle space per store, to natural and nutritious food , cvs hopes to upgrade
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hundreds of stores, by the end of next year. so this is not an easy access i guess they are hoping to grab a candy bar. >> but candy bars are right near the register. >> that is right. >> so they better not move those i have got my reward card. >> reporter: jim, i'm sorry to tell you, but i think that is part of the plan. they want to offer healthier options by register as well. >> i'm writing a letter. i need my hundred thousand dollars bar and my star bursts >> so you have to get some more steps in. >> who calls it a hundred you this dollars bar. >> isn't that what it is called. >> reporter: what is that? >> exactly. >> we will continue this conversation privately. thanks. so check this out, you can now get your dunkin' fix, to get back on the rails, you guys, speaking of the rails on amtrak, the company has announced passengers can buy coffee on board acela express trains and service will be
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offered on amtrak's regional trains later this year. we're told coffee is brought using that same equipment that dunkin' uses at its stores. >> i still think isn't it called hundred thousand dollars bar? >> no. >> things are warming up outside. >> katie, a day maybe in the high 80's. >> we're at lee looking to flirt with 80 degrees in the days ahead here, guys so nice warming trend coming with a trade off, they tend to, we have wet weather we will tell but on the other side but also just how high that thermometer is expect to climb right after the
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welcome back. we're off to an unsettled start depending where you are, walking out the door here this morning. in a very couple isolated showers, that was generally a cloudy start here. you can tell by the city lights reflected on that cloud deck over center city philadelphia here this being taken from our station headquarters facing south, from our spring garden, cbs
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broadcast center location. as we throw current conditions overtop we are at a mild level , 55 degrees, not bad, but you do have a lot of moisture, dew point is getting close to that temperature, that means that it feels, dairy say muggy outside and when we have got moisture to work with we can get rain, that is what we have got, all scattered, primarily to the north of the city but you will find damp roadways. with that said as day progresses we are left with milder condition but still some cloud, very likely little bit of sunshine, as day progresses 73 the spec high for us. seventy-seven on friday. looking to the weekend and temperatures held back on saturday but cloud starting to build. we might see showers late that day or night, and sunday though, pretty damp, dreary with period of rain moving through. >> meisha. >> kind of all over the place, thanks, katie. we are looking at video here m lk drive repairs and mlk drive closed north bound at
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art museum and southbound sweet briar drive until around 5:00 a.m. hopefully clearing here. they are doing repairs to the road, sidewalk and clearing those drains. so again, mlk drive closed north bound art museum, southbound sweet briar drive until around 5:00 a.m. i'm hoping crews are cleaning this up, folks, it will be busy. we are talking about a truck fifer in burlington, new jersey, richard's run closed, your alternate route 130 is your best bet. for those in that neck of the wood. we are talking about another accident in blue bull, butler pike at stenton avenue. sterile i i but still dark. just worth a mention. we have construction on 295 southbound that we will talk about coming up in the next 10 minutes. jim, back over to you. in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" new new addition to sea world a baby orca. we will tell what you makes this so historic. former philadelphia eagles josh huff was arrested last year on a gun charge but we ill get jail time? new details in the case, next.
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burglars targeting celebrities hear from the latest victim fabio, we are back at the top of the
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eye broad daylight beating captured on camera this morning authorities are searching for three men who beat a man unconscious. we will tell you the two items they got away with. live look at center sit friday our cbs-3 studios we could see scattered showers this morning but get ready for a warm end to the week. it is thursday april 20th, good morning i'm jim donovan. aim jan carabao in for


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