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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 20, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> reporter: after similar reported incidents last year city partners announce aid volunteer based group, aimed at making this trail safe. that initiative never got off the ground. tonight a woman who said that she was groped exercising on this trail this past weekend is speaking out only to "eyewitness news". once voted best trail in the nation schuylkill river trail is not immune to problems. >> i hate having to always be looking over my shoulder. >> reporter: bridget o'brien a trail user says just after 5:30 saturday afternoon a group of eight to 10 african-american teens on bikes swarmed her exercising on the trail. >> one of the boys who was probably no more than 12 or 13 years old rode up next to me on my roller blade and smacked me on my behind. >> reporter: boys then fled in the direction of the city hall while o'brien filed a report with the special victims unit she's hoping this will not happen to anyone else. >> it is unacceptable and frankly illegal. they need to be stopped.
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>> reporter: o'brien is not alone, similar incidents last year sparked concern, outrage, and efforts to make the trail safer. >> we will be out there helping people. >> reporter: last june "eyewitness news" was there as city partners announced creation of the schuylkill river trail watched a volunteer based community group trained to be eyes and ears of the trail but after multiple meetings. >> there are 12 people that signed up to patrol the trail. really frustrating. >> reporter: that is why it never got off the ground despite support from leaders and police said john lion, founder of the local running organization run 215. >> arm chair quarterback is easy, axis harder. >> reporter: that is challenge kenyatta johnson whose district includes part of the trail is asking the community to take up. >> when people see something, they should say something but come on out and get involve. it is all of our trail. >> reporter: those trail watch never came to fruition city dim prove and increase light ago long the trail, they say they are now working to install remote cameras,
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increased police patrols and they are weighing how to revive this trail watch program. for now, live on the schuylkill river trail i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police in princeton, new jersey need your help identifying a suspect in the groping incident there. authorities say that this person, surveillance video walked up to a woman near moore and spruce street last week, groped her and then ran toward spruce street. suspect is described as 5 feet 5 inches tall with brown hair and brown eyes, anyone with any information is asked to contact police. south philadelphia soccer coach is accused of fathering a child with the 15 year-old girl, authorities say that 39 year-old francisco contreras was arrested yesterday near his home in the 700 block of south street. police believe he paid that girl for sex after she asked him for a job with his cleaning business. contreras was acting director of youth soccer at the playground. parents told "eyewitness news" that they could not believe what happened.
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>> great program, relatively safe, and i'm shocked. >> most disgusting news i have heard in a long time. >> reporter: philadelphia parks and recreation department says in a statement to "eyewitness news" contreras is suspended indefinitely from their organization. he is also charged with statutory sexual assault and other related charges. we're hearing testimony from the mother of three-year old brendan creato who took the stand today in the murder trial of david creato, junior accused of killing their son. our cleve bryan was in the courtroom for today's proceedings. he joins us live from the camden county courthouse where the prosecution and defense laid out their case, cleve? report report good evening, nicole and jessica. well, they have certainly pointed toward david dj creato as having the opportunity and possibly a reason to kill his son, but is there proof that he did it? we heard testimony from first responders as well as victim's mother as the prosecution laid out the case and what they
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believe happened. now, dj creato from haddon township, made a call to 911 back in october 2015 reporting his three-year old son brendan was missing. several months later dj was charged with the murder of brendan, k-9 track the boy's lifeless body to wooded area along cooper river a mile from the dj's apartment. prosecutors say it is unlikely that the little boy wand their far through the dark, and, socks were cleaned. several medical examiners ruled brendan's death an homicide but never an explanation instead of signs for lack of oxygen to his brain. now, thinks dj's ex-girlfriend and brendan's mother. she has never been named a suspect but at one point she was asked to record a conversation with dj, and she says woning in their discussion about their son struck her as odd.
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>> prosecution believes that dj's motivation for killing his sonnies that he had a young girlfriend he was trying to hold on to but didn't like spending time, with dj's son brand an. the trial will resume next tuesday, there could be thousands of text messages presented to the jury between dj and his girlfriend, live from camden, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a jury in milford township pike county will now decide on the punishment for eric frein. the survival list shot and killed one pennsylvania state trooper and wounded another at blooming grove barracks in 2014. frein could be sentenced to death he was convicted yesterday on all 12 counts. new castle county police identified suspect killed yesterday during a violent confrontation with officers. police fatally shot 21 year-old keith price on the ground of the catholic church in wilmington. authorities say that price, first tried to hit officers with his car as they tried to
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arrest him on a warrant. they say that is encountered led to a brief pursuit and foot chase in which the officers found the suspect hiding in the bushes. >> keith price reappeared and pointed a handgun at the officer. that resulted in the officer, firing their departmentally issued handgun, striking keith price. >> suspect died at the scene, police say two officers who opened fire were placed on paid leave while the incident remains under investigation. delaware county woman wanted for craigs list crime is now in police custody. authorities in tinicum township arrested lar a ashley mountz during a traffic stop on wednesday. investigators were looking for her, in connection to an alleged crime committed in january. she is accused of orchestrat ing an ambush attack on a man she met on craigs list. mountz is currently being held at a correctional facility in glen mills. clock is ticking as archaeologist rushed to save hundreds of remains discovered
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last month in the olde city construction site. as "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt tells us, you can help. >> reporter: this woman believed to be middle-aged, died sometime between 1707 and 1860. just last month crews discover the woman in more than 200 of philadelphia's earliest citizens, at this former burial ground in olde city philadelphia it is now a construction site. >> there are physical representations of our history and there are ancestors and we want to do right by them. >> reporter: ana doty is curator at mudder museum in philadelphia she's overseeing remains until they can be completely analyzed at rutgers university in camden. she gave us an exclusive tour of the operation. >> as you can see this was an individual in an intact coffin but due to the mold situation we had to remove the wood. some underneath here. >> reporter: majority of the remains are inside these storage containers in south philadelphia, where they have been since the dig. ana doty says time is running out and she wants to get bodies out of these south
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philadelphia storage containers as soon as possible >> storage areas where they are located now are not climate controlled and the weather is getting nicer, warmer but we are concerned about the remains. you can see here we have some mold growth. >> reporter: doty and her team are asking for public's help, they need $20,000 to move in and analyze the bodies. they have set up this fund raising site through the mud der museum where they have a 20,000-dollar goal. >> imagine this is a intact coffin filled with dirt and human remains. there are over three or 400- pound, and they are also very delicate. >> reporter: once they reach that goal they can finally learn more about those who walked these streets 300 years ago. >> even five, 10, $15, everything counts. we are hoping that people will find this interesting. >> reporter: david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". count down is on with the nfl draft now just a week away you could say we're on the clock seven days until parkway is pack as teams try to pick the best available players, to build for their future.
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>> chopper three is live, right now over art museum where you can see the draft experience, taking shape, sports director don bell joins us now on the set with the exciting time here. >> one of the more fun expressions there is, on the clock. >> on the clock, that is right >> yeah. >> exciting. >> good stuff. eagles vp of football operations howie roseman has had little vegas set up. he loves to gamble. last season he traded up twice to land carson wentz with the second overall pick but with the nfl draft a week away what will bird do with the 14th selection? today howie and new vp of player personnel joe douglass held court at novacare complex they spoke a lot but could not reveal much. you have to keep poker face intact bureaus man gave us aid peak into the war room. >> all of a sudden, someone just stand up and says we're moving up, we're going. it just doesn't work that way. you have those discussions and draft roomies a lot calmer
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then draft day, you know, so it is just, hey we go through all that now, we have those discussions and some of them are passionate. >> coming up later in sports with joe douglass is looking for in a player, you cannot find this in a stat sheet, that is later on. >> interesting. see new a bit. still to come on "eyewitness news" new at the zoo not one but two exhibits kicking off a season, a sneak peak at the wild additions, kate? we're tracking return of showers and storms to the area , is there one moving in right now and it will turn wet for weekend as well, coming up we will time out showers tonight and also, your weekend time frame, tell you best chance to get outside saturday and
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well, community college of philadelphia student are calling on the school's president, to support fair contracts for workers. >> the group held a demonstration outside of the barnes foundation in center city tonight where ccp president, was talking about innovation and higher education. union workers say they have been working without a contract for the school year and negotiations have stalled. there are two new exhibits at philadelphia zoo. >> as john mcdevitt with our sister station kyw news radio reports, you may find it to be hopping with excitement. >> reporter: kid, like five-year old austin were jumping around more than the eight bread congress grewness their new expanded space, called out back out post. animals, world's largest, nate turf australia were lounging in the sun and munching on
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some food as the mom gets comfortable with their new digs. >> joey. >> joey. >> there is a photo opportunity where you can pre tend to be a joey in a mom kangaroo pouch and visitors were flocking to the other new exhibit, the wings of asia a green in free flight area where guests can explore an outdoor guard when 20 bird. eve is the curator of bird. >> we have golden pheasants, and magpie, spotted doves and all of these bird can spend the year outside if not all of it. >> it is my favorite bird was the one when it has the whitehead. that one right there. >> reporter: one of the cool things about wings of asia you get to feed bird, couple meal worms and just go to town. here you go, buddy. entry to the place is two dollars or free with proper
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membership status. john mcdevitt for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it will be zoo time soon. >> today would have been a great day for the zoo. >> especially when you got there early, cloudy, drizzly and you would be only one there, a sky bridge opened. >> yes. >> and then crowd start rushing in. >> of course. >> beautiful day to day. tomorrow afternoon doesn't look too bad. it could turnout like this but we have some showers and storm chances heading our way right now. then over weekend, it looks like we will be dealing with some rain, drizzle and some cooler temperatures, not a great spring weekend to be outside. it looks good for a while there on saturday but now everything is moving up the time line which i will show you in just a moment. first lets look at storm scan three, i will show you showers and storms converging on the region southwest of harrisburg we have a few hours, between eight and 10:00 when these showers and storms start to roll through. nothing severe as of yet, but any shower, thunderstorm can produce locally heavy
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downpours and strong gusty wind this has lightening witt. you can see lightening flashes there south and west of the state capitol just moving east at a slow clip here right new but will get here later tonight. is there more where that came from? this is first batch coming through and that is coming through around 10 in the city, heading back to the west, actual cold front is all the way back here and that will come through overnight tonight and early morning hours of your friday. behind that will turn noticeably cooler heading in the weekend. nothing cool about right now. comfortable. seventy-five in philadelphia 75 in reading. a east wind has it cooler down the shore. only six in atlantic city airport and 64 in wildwood. behind the front is there our front, st. louis getting showers and storms right now. they will drop from 82 to 74 in the past hour. chilly 50 in minneapolis and only 40 in northern michigan, and here comes the showers and storms for us, followed by that same cool down. so, later tonight nine or 10:00 we will see showers and
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storms rumbling through, overnight shower at anytime, actual cold front starts to pass through tomorrow morning seven or 8:00 a.m. another glummy, dreary day we will wake up to in the delaware valley. tomorrow afternoon we will see sun break out from west to east still cannot rule out pop up shower but trendies toward drying conditions, with the west wind, and tomorrow evening, actually looks nice, mild with sunshine after the sun goes down we have got clear skies, thinks our lull in the action, but it comes mostly overnight tomorrow night into saturday morning. saturday starts out with cloud cover and that is the case through the day, showers hold off until late afternoon but saturday night pockets of heavier rain, 9:00 o'clock saturday night without door plans keep that in mine. this has sped up a bit. sunday morning we have rain all across at year at 9:00 a.m. and keeps coming all day long. it is a soggy stretch, shower or storm early tomorrow morning, saturday's showers moving in midday and then steady rain late in the evening or at night. sunday damp, dreary with light
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rain and drizzle on and off all day long. overnight scattered showers, thunderstorm is possible, tomorrow shower or storm early and then clearing it out in the afternoon, tomorrow afternoon looks okay, saturday morning looks okay for anyone like my family that has t ball , baseball, soccer, wondering if it will be rained out. sunday looks like a lot will be rained out. only in the 50's. rainy day. next week improvement by end of next week we could be back in the 70's with a pretty nice warm up late next week. >> we will take it don's back with more sports. >> good news for outdoor traffic. beyond the stat sheet what the eagles are looking for in the draft. plus what will think of the phillies in say a hundred years? a rare interview with team owner john middleton,
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are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? hey allergs try zyrtec® it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®. we have seen the stage built for draft, talking all bit. it means everybody else in the sports world is talking bit. >> everybody is talking bit.
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funny we lot at stage but for the eagles, that stage is at novacare complex will be very important time for them. howie roseman has company new vice-president of player personnel is joe douglass and brings a different kind of system to the table. he had 16 years of scouting experience, and when nfl draft starts next thursday, here's what he is looking for. >> you really trying to gauge how much does a guy love football. what will you get? when he get to this level everybody is talented. is there a prerequisite of talent required for every position. but you know, we are trying to find things thaw cannot really measure. my experience, mind, experience, soul, their will to win. >> mind, spirit, soul. >> um-hmm. >> good stuff. if he is walk toward you, cross the street. if he sits at your table, find another table. phillies need the boy jay bruce at all costs, mets and phillies tonight in the rubber match from queens. now last night bruce, oh, man crushing the phillies. he had two home runs in the
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game, knocked in all five of new york's runs. he had six jacks this year, four of them against fightins. tonight aaron nola pitch's begins noah. phillies owner john middleton was a guest of the morning show on our sister station sports radio 94 wip n a wide ranging interview with angelo cataldi, the usually private middleton talk about what his goals are for fightins. >> i started from the end and work backward and angelo, i hope this doesn't sound silly but to me 100 years from now when people ask, you know, what are the greatest things in the history of baseball, i want one of our phillies team to be in that conversation. >> you are not the only one. senators and bruins and boston it is cold in the arena but fans are in a summer state of mine. beach ball makes its way to the ice, referees didn't want to stop play so naturally, he
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stuffs tonight his shirt. >> it is creative. >> yeah. >> you have to do what you have to do. >> yes. >> all right, don, thank you. >> "cbs evening news" is just minutes away. >> scott pelley joins with us a look ahead, scott? >> hi jessica and nicole great to be with you here in philadelphia here's "cbs evening news" attack in paris, gunman opens fire on the champs-elysees, new cbs news poll, shows vote's travel hits a all time high. bill o'reilly's ouster earns him a multi million-dollar pay out. we will look at the race to save the fastest animal on the planet. all of that just ahead on the "cbs evening news". but first it is one of the most prestigious shows of its kind in the country. >> it is right here in philadelphia, when we come back, the wide ranging items you'll find and where and when you can see them.
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tomorrow. >> but today our camera got a sneak peak at the exhibits, "eyewitness news" at the navy yard on south broad street earlier today. this year antiques and art show, runs for three days, and features colonial through mid century fun, decorative arts, jewelry, furniture and more, nearly 60 exhibitors will be on hand showing what they have >> all right. >> thanks so much for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. "eyewitness news" returns at 10 on our sister station wpsg the cw philly and we will be back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next "cbs evening news" tonight, gunman opens fire on police in france, elizabeth pal inner is on the scene in paris as developments unfold there. plus is there a link between diet soda and dimension, doctor john lepuke has the answer for you, from new york here's scott pelley.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: attack in paris. police officers are shot on the crowded champs-elysees. also tonight, could bill o'reilly's firing mark a tipping point in the handling of workplace harassment? >> we are not going to see employees stand for it anymore. employers are going to have to get it together. >> pelley: our cbs news poll shows sky-high support for legal pot, but some fear a crackdown by the federal government. >> reporter: do you think you or other states will go to court and fight this? >> well, we'll certainly explore every option. >> pelley: and the race is on to save the fastest animals on land. >> reporter: so you are cupid for


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