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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  April 20, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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♪ tonight -- the "guardians of the galaxy" premiere shuts down hollywood. >> oh, my god, this is unbelievable. >> as the stars form our stage. >> look at you guys. >> from chris an anna's date night prep -- >> you saw that? >> to kurt and goldie's special guests. >> i think our stock is going up right now. >> as vin diesel's kids steel the spotlight. >> i'm having the best time in the world right now. then, beyonce's baby watch. new video of queen bee after dark. >> and -- >> i really want a bike. >> i thought i was going to get a motorbike. >> christian bale three decades after "empire of the sun." >> 30 years, nice. now for april 20th, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight."
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what a night. hundreds of screaming fans packed hollywood boulevard for a premiere that was truly of galactic proportions. >> chris pratt rolled in, and the party started. >> you know, was the most fun, the most adorable, the most everything premiere we've seen in a long time. even the prep was epic, as cameron mathison found out. >> we've been let into all the process from your live tweeting. >> oh, my god. you saw that? >> it took quite a while for me to realize what she was doing it. and then when i finally found out, i was thrilled. >> chris and wife anna faris looked like this on the red carpet, but her live tweets captured the craziness it took to get there. 8:20 a.m., anna in front of the shower. 8:32, chris is back from yoga. 3:17, makeup begins. anna captions this, "now i'm being assaulted." 4:03, shirtless chris shaves.
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and, wait, are those toning undereye patches we see him wearing? 4:27, time for lipstick. then, chris gets his hair done. 5:40, out the door, the caption says "running late. chris blames you guys. seriously." >> i think she's got a future in photojournalism. if you look at the stunning clarity of each photo, a picture is worth a thousand words but these photos are worth several, several hundred. >> now what about jack? has jack seen the movie yet? >> he hasn't seen the movie yet. he's seen the first one. in fact, he's at home right now with his babysitter watching the first one. it's his world. he's growing up in a circus whether he likes it or not. >> another couple we loved at the premiere, kurt russell and goldie hawn. they brought ryder and bingham as their dates. see them running around back there? >> our stock is going up right now. >> and get ready, because you might just see these two couples on the big screen together.
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anna is starring in the remake of kurt and goldie's comedy, "overboard." she's playing kurt's character, any chance of kurt or goldie making an appearance? >> man, like, from your mouth. i don't know. >> work on that. >> i'd love that. >> i can be bought cheaply. throw my number out there. >> depends on the number. >> not me, honey. >> last night's premiere was also a kid-friendly family affair, vin diesel brought his two eldest children. >> the only movie i made they -- except "the pacifier," they weren't born yet, but that they can come see. >> and here they are. how excited are you? >> i'm probably the most excited kid in the world right now. >> that's pretty excited. are you pretty excited too? >> this is a lifetime experience for me. >> it's got to be. look, dad's getting a kick out
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of it. sylvester stallone arrived with his wife and three daughters. the stallone sisters landed their first magazine cover together. so much going on, your daughters are up to such great stuff these days. how proud are you of them, with everything they've built on? >> god must hate me, giving me these daughters. they are giving me hell. is there such a thing as good hell? it's great. they're amazing. >> sly's eldest daughter, sophia, recently revealed that when she was younger she snooped through her dad's phone to snag the phone number of one of his "expendables" co-stars. what did you think of them stealing liam hemsworth's phone number from your phone? >> can you believe that? >> what is up with that? >> how about they dialed it? thank god he didn't pick up. liam hemsworth, can't say i blame her. >> listen, you've got celebrities phone numbers in your phone. use aliases for the big names. >> i do, sometimes. >> come on. >> too many.
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>> he does. here's something you probably don't know. the hoff has a cameo in the movie. and he sings this theme song. that's pretty cool. now, he told me what it was like to record the track. >> it was heavy. i mean, i walked into the room, i'm like, you're with the big boys now. i just turned it on, i went, i can handle it. >> of course he can. he's the hoff. >> i mean, after all, he did rock a speedo. >> if you can do that, you can do anything. >> great job at the premiere, by the way. great to see those couples. also news tonight about hollywood's most famous exes, brad and angelina, and how are they adapting to their new single life? the latest photo of brad from this week, outside of his los angeles art studio, reveals a slimmer physique. a source items "e.t." the actor has been working out regularly. but after a report that brad is dating, including a rumor he was romancing kate hudson -- >> you must be thrilled that kate's dating brad pitt. are you ready to have brad as a son-in-law? >> "e.t." has learned that brad
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is not dating anyone, but he is spending time with friends. as for angie, "e.t." has learned that she's not dated anyone since the split. and they both seem to be coparenting well. just this month, the couple's six children visited brad's los angeles home, all together for perhaps the first time since their split in september. speaking of kids, it's official now. tennis superstar serena williams is going to be a momma. she set social media on fire yesterday, suggesting on snapchat yesterday that she's 20 weeks pregnant. that means she played and won a championship with a baby on board. does this count as baby's first championship? the tennis legend was already eight weeks along when she won the title down under. serena williams is expecting a little baby, oh. yeah! though, i must admit, i was a little disappointed to find out she was pregnant when she won the australian open, this is not cool, but technically, that's a doubles match. cheating. just going to put it out there.
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>> serena teased the internet yesterday morning with the snapchat captioned 20 weeks, only to delete it hours later. finally, her rep confirmed the happy news. so, who is the guy that won serena's heart? here are three things you need to know about her fiance, alexis ohanian. he's now the executive chairman of reddit, one of the most visited in the u.s. the 33-year-old entrepreneur is worth an estimated $9 million. he and serena met while having lunch in rome. they dated for 15 months before getting engaged in december after he propoeltzed at the same table where they met. no word yet on whether the baby is a boy or a girl. >> but what we do know is that serena will return to tennis in 2018. meanwhile, we're on baby watch with beyonce, who is expecting twins, of course. and the big question is, will the queen make her annual appearance at the met ball, because that's happening a week from monday, and we cannot get
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enough of her baby bump times two. beyonce, there she is, leaving a hollywood nightclub. she smiled and worked those braids, reminiscent of "lemonade "lemonade." inside, we're told bee couldn't stop smiling and didn't seem to mind when a few friends put their hands on her tommy. she's slated to perform at coachella this weekend, but cancelled due to her pregnancy. ♪ i'm a star ♪ i slay >> sbeyonce has mastered the ar of stylishly accentuating her baby bump. after posting this video, the beehive buzzed that the pink flowers may be hinting at twin girls. there's the body hugging green number from oscar weekend. ♪ make it rain now >> and who could forget this year's grammy performance? proudly showing off her feminine form in an ode to motherhood.
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it's just 11 days until the met ball, the oscars of the fashion world. the grammy winner has rocked the red carpet every year since 2011, even after the birth of blue ivy. >> i have such a full life. i feel like now i know the reason why i was born. >> but this year? we asked "vogue" editor-in-chief anna wintour. anna, any word if beyonce is going to make it to the met ball? >> well, i think she has a much more important thing on her mind than the met. >> well said. right? up next -- >> i've never been so angry. >> why kris jenner is lashing out at caitlyn, inside their new feud. >> do you ever have doubts? >> i'm like, what? >> then -- >> he will always be with me. >> how celine is still getting advice from her late his. and is she ready to start dating? plus -- ♪ >> why brad paisley is on an aircraft carrier. and chris btian bale.
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>> i promise i won't have another. plus, mother/daughter date night. and demi
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wait a minute. >> i'm eve. >> 17 years after tyra banks played a doll brought to life in the did knee movie "life size," it's official. a sequel is happening. >> five years, four scripts and finally we realized eve needs to grow up. she needs to experience more adult things. i'm alive! >> why do you feel like i'm in a bad horror movie? >> tyra's executive producing "life-size 2" and told us while there's no plans to bring back lindsay lohan for a cameo, she won't rule it out. >> i have to talk to my fellow producers. i think it would be interesting, right, that was my girl back in the day, yeah. >> tyra also told us she'd love to see zendaya in the movie, but the movie won't premiere
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until december 2018 on freedom. it's been a year and a half since celine dion lost her husband, rene, but she turns to him for guidance. ♪ >> celine says she shares a spiritual connection with rene. when asked to sing a new song for "beauty and the beast," she reveals she asked a painting that a fan had done of him if she should do it. she said she got answer, quote, i don't want that to sound like ghostly or anything like that, but emotionally what i got back from that was, "you have nothing to lose." in february she told cameron she and her three boys will always feel his presence. >> when he left, he came inside of all of my kids' hearts and mine and he will always be with me. >> the two wed in montreal in a lavish ceremony in 1994. 26 years her senior, he was her manager from the time she was just 12 years old. he was the only man she ever kissed and she's not ready for
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dating, saying, "now it's definitely too soon for me. it's very difficult for me to see myself with another person." not prepared for a new love, in his final days, celine let rene know their family would go on. >> i said, i got this, i got you. i got me. i got the kids. it's going to be okay. >> in the new interview with "the sun uk," she reveals she spends the night with her 6-year-old twins nelson and eddy to keep them close saying, "i got myself a huge, huge, huge bed and i sleep with my twins." so, imagine when she goes on tour in europe this summer, she's going to be taking the twins along. >> i bet she will. still ahead tonight, it's kris versus caitlin. >> everything she says is all made up. >> their fight over caitlin's new controversial tell-all. >> i'm done. then christian bale, then and now. >> no one ever does what they thought they were going to do. and brad paisley's celebrity drinking buddies. >> my liquor bill was crazy. closed captioning provided
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a proud moment for mama christie brinkley posing with her look-alike daughter sailor. at my gosh, she just keeps getting prettier and prettier. it's that smile of hers. >> it keeps her ageless. i love to see that. another mama who was there last night, demi moore, she's
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appearing on "empire." just like her daughter, rumer. >> fantastic. we may not have anything together on the show. >> we want to see them together. >> let's make this one happen. now, another mother/daughter duo, kendall and kris jenner were all smiles at the event, but at home, that's another story. kris is fuming about her ex's new tell-all. >> i've never been so angry. why does everything have to be that kris is such a -- >> on sunday's "keeping up," kris lashes out over caitlyn jenner's new memoir, "the secrets of my life," which dishes on their nearly 24-year marriage. in published exerts, caitlin in published excerpts, caitlyn claims the sex was "not entirely comfortable" and kris "knew" about the gender identity struggle. >> all throughout the book, kris knew. kris knew even before i made love to her. i'm like, what? everything she says is all made up. >> so, is the kardashian matriarch's way to save face? before her exdeclares war in the
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med media? this extended clip emerges just 48 hours d s before her ex's "2" sitdown with diane sawyer. >> do you ever doubt that you did the right thing? >> it will mark two years since sawyer's first special, watched by more than 20 million, where caitlin also made claims about kris' treatment of the transition. >> the diane sawyer special. it led people to have some misconceptions, specifically about you, what you knew, when you knew. >> back then, she also seemed to try to combat negative attention from caitlin. just three weeks after jenner's interview aired, kris helped launch a special called "about bruce," which made sure to showcase their path together as a happy, romantic couple. >> the reason we did it just to show that other people going through the same thing, what a family might go through. >> our relationship with bruce now -- >> it's great. >> if they were civil back then, now, and maybe -- not so much.
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>> not talking about it. >> note to caitlyn, i'd be careful making kris jenner upset like that. her book, "the secrets of my life," comes out on tuesday. recognize that future oscar winner? that is 13-year-old christian bale. and since this is throwback thursday, we took him back on a trip down memory lane when we sat down to discuss his new movie, "the promise." >> a promise in your life that you have found really hard to keep? >> that's an interesting one. >> to me, it's chocolate. >> whiskey, promise i won't have another. it's like nectar of the gods. >> this year marks the 30th anniversary of "empire of the sun." >> does it? >> when you broke into the film industry. >> it just sort of makes you so -- you know, what have i done? nobody ever does what they thought they were going to do. >> what did you think you were going to do? >> i thought i was going to get a motorbike and disappear around the world. >> it's interesting that christian would mention that, because even 30 years ago, when he sat down with "e.t." the then
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13-year-old longed for the same thing. >> i really want a bike, a motorbike, but i'm too young for that. i mean, that's the thing i really want. that's the thing i really want. >> in "the promise," christian plays a photojournalist, caught up in a love triangle in the early days of world war i, he said there are parallels between this series and "empire of the sun." >> you mentioned in "empire of the sun," it's actually -- this film made me think of that, because location was shot in spain, where we shot most of "empire of the sun" and the grand scale of it, the locations we got to go to. i haven't experienced that on that level since making "umpire of the sun." >> what do you remember most? >> 30 years, oh, my gosh. >> i know. >> all right, you want to talk about amazing locations, christian bale, brad paisley is giving you a run for your money. he's shooting his new video in a totally epic setting and we were with him.
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♪ all is fair in love and war >> shot on top of an aircraft carrier, the "uss midway," "love and war" is the title track of his new album, his first in three years. >> the message is really -- we can do better. we can do a lot better when it comes to taking care of veterans. and i don't think there's anyone that would disagree with that. >> brad enlisted the help of rock and roll hall of famer and former credence clearwater revival frontman john foggerty, a veteran himself. >> he didn't tell me the idea of the song. he just said, we should get together and write some songs. >> we're sitting there, he looks at me, and he goes, how do we do this? i go, well, you know, and he goes, no, i have never cowritten before. i was like, oh, this is a lot easier. there's two of us. and neither one of us has to be 100%. >> country's king of collaborations is sharing writing credit with some other big names, like mick jagger, and even the late johnny cash.
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>> this is an incredible story about how you got the johnny cash song that's on your album. >> it's bizarre. but his son john carter carsh i a good friend of mine, and he decided to dig up a lot of these songs that were infinished by his father, and he said, if you want to finish this and turn this into a song, i think my dad would approve of that. >> also on the album, two songs with grammy award winner timbaland, who has produced records for beyonce and justin timberlake. >> i think i rocked his world, because he's never experienced the way i record. i have a full whiskey bar. that costs more than the recording session. they drank me out of house and home. >> priorities. >> he and his posse, they were -- this is nuts. my liquor bill was crazy. >> love that brad paisley. well, make sure you check out his facebook page tomorrow, because he's going to debut the
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travel consideration provided by -- nancy kerrigan has won a lot of hearts on "dancing with the stars." but will she win the mirror ball trophy? >> well, here's the thing. nancy is sharing her game plan with us tomorrow. >> bye, everybody. >> nancy kerrigan's "dancing with the stars" rehearsal. >> i'm having a blast. >> and wrestling star john cena's fiance -- >> will you marry me? >> i was like -- me? >> we check out wedding gowns can nicky bella. >> what kind of grass do you want? >> that's tomorrow. ♪ ♪ ♪
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"the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> bill o'reilly is leaving this chair and this network after more than 20 years.
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>> number one, fox news fires o'reilly. but how much money will he walk away with? >> just a few weeks before being fired, bill o'reilly signed a huge, new contract. >> as late night takes the former anchor to task. >> by moral standards, he was a self-righteous landfall of angry garbage. then, the "guardians of the galaxy 2" premiere have the stars singing. ♪ tonight might be my only shot ♪ at number three, jennifer hudson's whitney houston tribute brings down the house. ♪ i want to dance with somebody ♪ >> as hollywood takes tribeca to celebrate clive davis. >> i hate this word legend, but he is a legend. plus, your "insider" bonus. the world's most beautiful dare to go bear face. >> it felt empowering. and -- >> there's no crying in baseball! >> we're taking the field for "a league of their own's" 25th anniversary. >> it was extraordinary to be able to play a sports star.


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