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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  April 21, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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we're settling up for a weekend of dreary weather. taking a look at storm scan three this noon there is a shower here and there, and skies may even brighten but in the for long. any breaks in the rain today will be temporary so keep that
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umbrella haines. good afternoon i'm jan carabao , rahel solomon has the day off. i'm jim donovan. umbrellas were up and out early today. cbs-3 in north philadelphia where people avoided rain drops and puddles. this is preview of the un settled weather to come. meteorologist katie fehlinger is live in the cbs-3 weather center tracking storms moving in later today, katie. >> we are track a break in the action here, later on today, more wet weather is moving in. i think that the next round that come in should be scattered though guys. that is something, but as we go full screen with storm scan three can notice not completely out of the wood. few speckles of green not all that bad right now. we will see these cloud part for some sunshine. the problem is, again, there is still left over instability to work with toward evening especially. scattered shower or locally gusty thunderstorm is still possible. outside we will go to the live neighborhood network where cloud have continued to just stay, you know, veiled overhead. so it is a gray beginning to the afternoon in kutztown for example. we are at 52 there. cool beginning to the
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afternoon. even though we are seeing some rebound from earlier temperatures this morning, it hasn't been a heck of a lot. we needed cloud to break if we end up in the 70's. we're still calling for that. flirting with 60 in dover. fifty-five, at the airport and also a pair of five's in allentown but we are still expect ago this we will top off in to lower 70's here at best. we went 71 for daytime high a would have average. we will take it. it is not most picturesque afternoon with the late day sure or thunderstorm chance still out there light wind, thankfully but other than some peaks of sunshine it is in the brightest forecast we have ever seen. as i mentioned, thinks an un settled pattern just in general, so later in the broadcast, we will talk more about the next rounds of wet weather that come and when we will get there more importantly, jim. well, police chase on i-95 , end made fatal crash at route 413 exit in bristol. police were attempting to pull over 1999 acura for speeding but 23 year-old driver instead , sped up, leading
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police on a chase. car struck a concrete barrier killing front seat passenger, a 22-year old woman from trenton. driver and two others were being treated for injuries at area hospitals. police diverted drivers off of i-95 overnight traffic was backup for miles, but highway is now reopen, police are investigating whether drugs or alcohol were factors in this crash. a man is fighting for his life after shooting in the city's ogontz section at 11:00 n streets. right now authorities are questioning two men who fled from the scene, possibly throwing guns, from their cars the victim is in critical condition and, get this, a stray bullet went through window of the home and struck a man's bed while he was sleeping. fortunately that man was shaken up but not hurt. crews quickly put out a fire in camden, new jersey today. the to alarm fire broke out 9:30 this morning inside a two story building near mechanic and lewis street. one person was taken to cooper medical center. no word on their injuries or condition at this time, the
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cause of the fire is now under investigation. the fbi in philadelphia police need the public's head to identify a bank robbery suspect. investigators say man seen here tried to rob two philadelphia banks, but only made off with cash from one of those banks. they say on march 13th he entered the bank of america at 18th and allegheny avenue, handed the teller a demand note and threatened to blow up the bank. he ran away empty handed. investigators say april 20th same man walk in the beneficial bank branch in the 1400 block of rhawn street, showed a demand note and got away with undisclosed amount of cash. they say he fled in the black germantown taxi cab, he is described as a black man in his late 30's to early 40's with the goat tea and neck tattoo. if you have any information, call the police. in other news this noon cuba gooding, senior a popular soul singer and father of oscar winner cuba gooding junior, died. cause of the death is under investigation. gooding was found dead in his
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car in los angeles, california l.a. coroner's office says that several bottles of alcohol and drug paraphernalia was found inside the car. gooding was lead singer in the popular 70's group the main ingredient best known for their hit song everybody plays the fool. cuba gooding senior was 72 years old. fans are remembering another music legend, one year ago today that we learn of the sudden death of prince. although his music lives on many still can't believe he is gone, correspondent don champion is outside prince paisley park estate where fans are paying tribute to the music icon. >> reporter: a sea of fans, in purple snake around prince paisley park estate, in minnesota. fans say iconic singer remains an influential in death as he was in life. >> you would have thought a uncle had died, and i was pretty much done for rest of the day. >> reporter: prince rodgers nelson died aid year ago at age 57 from an overdose of the opioid fentanyl.
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medical examiner ruled it an accident. police are still investigating circumstances surrounding his death but today, fans from all over the world, want to remember his life, and music. >> i'm from holland, bem gum. >> belgium. >> uk. >> reporter: emma pierson traveled to the hometown of minneapolis from ice land. >> just to be around the feeling, energy of prince, and , you know, just the fans and everyone seems positive and happy. >> reporter: all around tributes are being made, last night bridges and buildings were in purple lights. here at paisley park prince fans have been add to go a tribute wall leaving behind messages and memorabilia. fans are expect to party like it is 1999 throughout the weekend, at concerts and dance parties, here and at first ave where scenes from prince iconic movie purple rain were film. don champion for cbs news, minute so the a. the state of arkansas has carried out its first
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execution, in more than a decade. convicted murderer ledeli was given a lethal injection just before midnight, lee was sentenced to death for beating a woman to death with the tire iron back in 1993. he was one of the eight inmates arkansas officials sought to execute before the lethal injection drug expired, on april 30th, u.s. supreme court handed down five-four vote last night rejecting inmates appeal to halt that execution. a jury is still deliberating fate of convicted killer eric frein, the state continues today. he could be put to death for ambush murder of the pennsylvania state police corporal brian dickson outside poconos barracks. trooper alex douglass was critically injured. the trial took place in pike county with you the jury was brought in from chester county because of pretrial publicity. in france, authorities say a man who killed a police officer and wounded three others in paris last night have served time for previous armed assaults on law enforcement. investigating believe the attack on the police was
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captured on this cell phone video they say it appears to show suspect's car next to a police van and then two men with weapons drawn. one officer was killed, two other officers were wounded. woman was also caught in the gunfire. now french media says kareem sophie, carried out the attack , they have searched and sealed his family homey of paris. an american aid worker jailed for three years in egypt is now free. on sunday egyptian courts dismissed all charges after the white house, worked to win her release. craig boswell has details from the white house. >> reporter: president trump invited american aid work tore visit him at the white house today. the 30 year-old was released from egypt after spending three years in jail on charges of child abuse. charges many human rights groups dismissed as bogus. >> presidential-sisi has been very close to me from the first time i met him. >> reporter: president trump met with the egyptian president earlier this month
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at the white house and helped negotiate his release. >> i look forward to working with the president and we have some interesting conversations , going to start, effective immediately. >> reporter: president trump hell repair ties which bee kaine strain during obama administration. friday, secretary of defense, james mattis visited another key middle east alley, israel. >> we sense a great change in the direction of american policy. >> reporter: secretary mattis says iran continues to threaten israel and neighbors with ballistic missiles. >> we're committed to stopping that and doing whatever it takes to pass on peace and freedom to the next generation >> reporter: president trump says iran is in the living up to the spirit of the deal to end its nuclear program, even though the state department says iran is living up to the terms of the deal. craig boswell for cbs news, the white house. well, coming up on "eyewitness news" a intimate discussion on the loss of princess di an. prince william and harry talk to kate, the duchess of cambridge about losing their
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mom and what it was that helped them cope with their grief. and buckingham palace guard line up for a special solute to queen elizabeth, britain's oldest, longest raining monarch why this is just a start of the big party, we will be right
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ninety-first birthday of queen elizabeth, festivities kicked off the desk with birthday song during a changing of the guard ceremony outside of buckingham palace. >> ♪
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>> today's queen actual birthday she celebrated quiet ly inside of the palace. she is scene here at last weeks's ter sunday service. bigger birthday event is traditionally celebrated on june 17th, the anniversary of queen elizabeth coronation when the weather is better, accord together palace. in other royal news prince william and harry are opening up about the painful loss of their mother, princess diana they have had, i'm sorry. >> they sat down with the duchess of cambridge giving most candid comments since their mother died in the car crash nearly 20 years ago. correspondent amber austin wright is in london with more. >> it is a rare candid conversation between siblings, britain's young royals have opened up even further about their own personal struggles, including the death of prince william and harry's mother princess diana. >> incredible in how you have been able to cope really.
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i say that is for your early years. the relationship that you have got is amazing. >> reporter: prince william wife kate spoke about her own adjustment to parenthood. >> with little george, you have no idea what you are really doing no matter how many books you read, nothing can prepare you. >> there is in training, it is just from generations and try to make it, and do what you want to do. >> it has been a unprecedented week of revelations as royals work to raise awareness about mental health. they brought in celebrities like lady gaga, who shared their struggles. >> when you wake up, you are so tired, you are so sad, and you are so full of anxiety, and the shakes that you can barely think, but it was like saying this is a part of me, and that is okay. >> reporter: royals say even a simple conversation could be the first step, toward healing
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>> form of medicine. >> reporter: cbs news, london. >> i really like them. >> just something about that family that i like. >> really interesting to go see there. still ahead on "eyewitness news" we have been waiting months, months to introduce you. >> but today new member of the eyewitness weather team business to arrive, katie? that is right, jan we are outside, about to get our mobile weather watcher the philadelphia welcome it deserves, do you not want to miss it, coming up after the ♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside.
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crave those crazy squares. ♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares.
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we want to give you a sneak peak of the new way we will be bringing you weather store that is matter. >> meteorologist katie fehlinger is live outside at
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new member of the "eyewitness news" weather team, rolls around the corner. katie. >> that is right, guys. this like you have mentioned a moment ago has been literally months in the making, so i am excited that today is finally upon us that we can give you a sneak peak. we want to introduce you to the new member of the "eyewitness news" weather team and as i'm told, it is driving down the street, as we speak, then, you know you are all familiar with the fact we have eyewitness weather watchers who very diligently report on the weather conditions from every single corner of the region and wait for it, wait for it, slowly, as she comes, rolling down 16th street, coming up on hamilton and let me introduce you to the very brand new, eyewitness mobile weather watcher. look at this thing. ain't she pretty. big hats off to dave ferguson in the front seat there. i cannot tell you too much about this just yet because we will make full debut of the
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mobile weather watcher this coming monday at 6:30 a.m., but, i will tell you this month that there are a the nicest leather smell. ahh, isn't that a beauty. there she go into our loading dock right into the garage, and again, we're going to officially debut this, baby at 6:30 this morning, and we will give you a much better idea of what she can do and show you bells, whistles and let me tell you there are bells and whistles with this very, very impressive vehicle. so excited. can you tell i'm excited to start to get to use this thing but official debut coming up, don't miss it 6:30 a.m. this monday morning but that is just a little sneak peak of what we are looking ahead to. with that, we have some weather to track in the next couple of days. it is looking on the unsettled side, guys. lets go take a look what is happening on storm scan regional zoom right now. we have had steady rain that
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held through earlier in the day for the most part that has begun to clear. we have a thick cloud deck but that sunnies peeking through. we will zoom out to the wider shot and there is heaviest rain back toward oklahoma, kansas area, that low pressure developing on the tail end of this system. now later on today we are going to end up with renewt possibility for shower or thunderstorm. that is where severe weather threat comes in. lowest threat marginal on the proverbial totem pole with the storm prediction center categories but there could be a locally gusty thunderstorm firing up this afternoon or toward evening. now meanwhile as we take you to completely different neck of the wood we will get out to the tropics and we do still have, a named system to talk about. it had been tropical storm arlene at this point though downgraded to post tropical cyclone arlene but what is interesting it is only april, the further north we have ever seen development this early on of a name storm system and
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only second april storm that has been named, since the satellite era began. so pretty big deal we have arlene out there thankfully in threat to land, here in north america certainly let loan anywhere else. lets bring it back stateside and looking at current conditions, walking out the door would i suggest a light jacket. currently in the lower 60's in atlantic city. very light win. barely notice it. but a thick cloud deck. rest of the day as long as these cloud break apart we should maryland rate up to about 71 degrees, but again with a pretty modest win flow all and all. looking ahead to the phillies game tonight we will be mid 60 's for first pitch but again with that possibility of the shower or even a rumble of thunder, maybe gusty storm at that you do have to keep an eye to the sky but i still think they will play. we have a lot of other spring games, penn state, blue/white game coming up, out at state college. we have cherry and white game here in philly at link and if you think there could be an isolated shower but just a lot
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of cloud overhead at the link tomorrow. but lets go one more time to your seven day forecast and give you a sense of how this weekend and early next week shakes out. we have got the system that moves in, guys and it will just hang out for a couple days. temperatures are consistent. tomorrow spotty shower, absolute worse and then we will jump to it sunday best shot for showers goes to the southern half of the region. come monday, we will end up with some showers, and very likely that lead into tuesday as well. it is a pattern for us here moving forward, but eventually , we should start to warm up very nicely, i'm calling for 80's by next mid week. jim and jan it will take a while to get that to that point again but just keep your umbrella at ready for next couple days. >> good advice, thanks, thanks for showing is first look at mobil weather watcher, we cannot wait to see what it can do monday morning. i guess i'll be watching because i'll be here. >> don't you just love that new car smell. >> yes, yes.
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well, just ahead, mrs. robinson is a classic song from the classic movie and we will tell you why the graduate is making news today, stay with us.
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well, coming up later on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 a view of the world that few people have seen. we will take you on a journey to the wilderness of china to
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witness intimate moments with three, fury families, monkeys, panda and leopard, our ukee washington takes us behind the scene of born in china before it opens up, tomorrow. coming up at 5:00. one of the most popular american movies ever made and this weekend it is back in theaters. >> mrs. robinson you are trying to see dues me. >> very risque back in the day fifteen movies theaters in the philadelphia area will show the graduate this sunday and wednesday, 700 theaters across the country will celebrate the movie's 50th anniversary so here's to you mrs. robinson. >> maybe i'll check it out. i loved that movie good movie. >> i have not seen it. >> this weekend is for you. >> well, that is "eyewitness news" at noon i'm jim donovan. i'm jan carabao. for katie and out of us here thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. we are always on line cbs >> stay dry, have a great weekend and the young and the
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